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Hi! I love your blog soooooooo much! I was wondering if you know any good fluffy slow burns? Thanks!

WOW! Thanks for all these requests! I looove slow burn fics, they give me life! Let me know if you think I missed some!

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Slow Burn

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya, Explicit, 197k
A single event changes the course of Yuuri’s life, throwing him into a bitter rivalry with Viktor Nikiforov that spans across his entire skating career. But as the years go on, rivalry and hatred begin to develop into something very different and Yuuri doesn’t seem to be able to stay away, no matter how hard he tries. Hatred and love are two sides of the same coin and even though everything changes, some things are still meant to be. Oh, man, do these boys not communicate their feelings! Seriously one of the best fics I have ever read in ANY fandom. Love this fic so much.

starstruck by shizuoh, Teen, 58k
(in which yuuri is a simple barista, viktor is a famous movie star, and yuri is an 8 year old kid stuck in the middle of it.) SO good!

What Fades On The Ice by KasumiChou, Gen, 54k
Yuuri Katsuki was a living legend in the skating world. A living legend that depended on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety tablets to survive. Viktor Nikiforov was a young ‘up-and-coming’ skater who was determined to convince his idol to coach him after an extremely bad result at his last competition.How will Yuuri survive the hurricane that is Viktor Nikiforov? Very angsty!

Bear Your Soul on the Ice by SassySalchow (diedraechin), Mature, 118k (WIP)
At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan’s next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. The Yakov Feltsman, otherwise known as the coach to rising figure skating star – and Yuuri’s idol – Viktor Nikiforov. AMAZING!

You Can’t Plan for Everything by RivDeV, Explicit, 138k (WIP)
Yuuri forgets that he has a scheduled heat coming up until it’s just a couple weeks away. He scrambles to get everything ready in time, including deciding whether he’ll spend it alone or with someone. Victor only wants to help. A/B/O rec’d to me by my followers!

Tantalus, Reaching by chellethewriter, Teen, 
A retelling of the series that chronicles how a five-time Grand Prix champion might attempt to woo a somewhat oblivious Japanese figure skater.

Nerve Endings by Phyona, Explicit, 51k (WIP)
When Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg, they have to work through Yuuri’s anxiety and Victor’s secrets to find their balance. LOVE!

rekindling by fan_nerd, Mature, 9.1k
Victor stands on Yuuri’s doorstep in the pouring rain with a bouquet of flowers. It’s the middle of the night. The tall man is out of breath, soaking wet, and his eyes are red. Yuuri sighs, letting his ex-boyfriend in like the sympathetic fool that Victor knows he is. “What are you doing here?” He hurries to catch his breath and reply, but his mouth is dry. Victor doesn’t exactly have an answer to that question. I love this so much??? Amazing fic!

not gold like in your dreams by ebenroot, Teen, 49k (WIP)
In which Victor and Yuuri are roommates and Yuuri has a secret. WOW!

matched by bigspoonnoya, Explicit, 52k
Viktor Nikiforov considers himself an excellent matchmaker, but there’s one love life he can’t seem to get right: his own. AMAZIN

and I feel life (for the very first time) by smudgesofink, Teen, 10k
In which Victor helps Yuuri with his skating, but Yuuri helps Victor find himself again.

cover story by fan_nerd, Explicit, 8.2k
Yuuri stares down at the person standing in the doorway. The stranger hisses, “Who do you think you are, anyways?” Quickly, before he can really think about it, Yuuri responds, “I’m Victor’s boyfriend.” It’s a lie, but the words feel good in his mouth, and for some reason, he doesn’t want to take them back. Such a good one shot!

Dancing Daffodils by grayclouds, Mature, 51k (WIP)
“As Love gently wipes away the tears that trail down his cheeks something within Victor quakes, its tremors resonating throughout his entire being like a deafening echo. He is in the arms of a god.” BIG THUMBS UP!

offer me) that Deathless Death by melonbug, Teen, 19k (WIP) **Major character death
It was the curse he and his family were fated to: Death would come for him the moment he turned eighteen, and he could only hope the flimsy wards passed down through the generations would protect him. But Death always won eventually, Death would snatch him up as he had all of his ancestors.But somehow he wasn’t what Yuuri had expected. He was a constant presence in his life, barely there. A vigilant spectator to his burgeoning skating career, a gray haired man with a soft expression who found him again and again, waiting for him to let his guard down, but becoming something more, over time.

Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood, MapleTreeway Explicit, 186k
New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve. And Viktor will be damned if he doesn’t find out just what those secrets are. LOVE this fic!

Until You Return to Me by BatMads, Teen, 113k
Yuuri and Victor are in St. Petersburg together at last, but when Yuuri has difficulty adjusting to the transition and tragedy strikes, it seems as though they may be separated forever. Now they struggle to find their way back to each other when the universe seems to conspire against a happy ending. So angsty omgomg

Everything on Fire by SakanatoAi, Teen, 28k (WIP)
In an alternate universe where the physical closeness between two soulmates is measured by body temperature, Yuuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov have spent their entire lives chasing after fleeting moments of warmth. As they grow older, their actions begin to draw them towards each other in a blind search for their anonymous soulmate, and the eventual release from the relentless cold which will be granted by their union.

The Boyfriend Experience by cryingoverspilledvodka, Explicit, 119k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri is an accomplished escort at 23, operating under the pseudonym Eros, in Detroit. When one of his favourite clients sets him up with none other than world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, the delicate balance between Yuuri’s personal and professional life teeters ever closer towards ruin. Such a great fic!

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui, Teen, 63k (WIP)
In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri. VERY cute!

November’s Secret by LanaBerry, Mature, 23k (WIP)
Overwhelmed with anxiety and his fear of failing, Yuuri faces the issue of if he should continue skating. His best friend, Yuko, proposes a solution - if no one knows it’s you, then it’s less embarrassing, right? Yuuri begins to create a completely new disguise and persona.But it works a little too well.Before he knows it, Yuuri has become the biggest mystery of the skating world and everyone wants to know who he is. Especially Viktor Nikiforov, the idol he’s been loosely basing his new persona on for years. Ahh I love this!

how the mighty fall (in love) by braveten, Teen, 28k
Every Victor Nikiforov fan has three things in common.
1. They have unrealistic expectations for romance.
2. They mark their calendars with the dates of his newest book releases and the premieres of his latest movie adaptations.
3. They either passionately hate or love his greatest rival, a mysterious author whose pseudonym is only two letters: “KY.” Lots of mutual pining!

Aria: Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare by exile_wrath, Teen, 34k (WIP)
The tale of Yuuri Katsuki, who never ages and never dies and has lived frozen in time for centuries, and his attempts to keep his adopted son from killing the new guest. Such an amazing immortal AU!

pas de deux by intertwingular, Gen, 24k (WIP)
in which yuuri, premier dansuer and four time usa international ballet competition gold medalist, ends up teaching yurio ballet, and viktor is just the slightest bit smitten. Very sweet!

fire on ice by indianchai, Teen, 15k (WIP)
Everyone in the world had some sort of affinity with one of the four elements; the proper term was elemental affinity– whether they were best suited with fire, water, earth, or air.All figure skaters were water users. Never in the history of the sport was there professional ice skater that didn’t have water as their elemental affinity. Katsuki Yuri had a well-guarded secret that he can’t have anyone find out about.

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Yo do you have like a rly basic rec list of staple Larry fics? I'm rly new to the fandom and I'm trying to work my way through (the longer the better)

Basic Must Reads for Newbies!

Disclaimer: these are the fics i read when i first started reading fic in 2015. since then, i’ve read 445 fics (excluding the 2 i’m reading right now - and yes, i really do keep track of every fic i’ve ever read - and yes, I really did count them) and these are the fics I recommend you read when starting out. please note that there are hundreds of other fics I would recommend you read, but this list is for specifically what I consider classic, super popular fics within the fandom!

Escapade 146k

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

The Dead of July 117k 

Being an Avenger means continuing to be Captain America and smiling and being honorable for the public and Harry does his best. But it doesn’t give him time to figure out who he is supposed to be once he takes off his uniform and puts the shield to the side. Just being Harry had always involved Louis, and Harry fears he doesn’t know how to exist without him.

or: Harry is Captain America, and Louis’ been dead for 70 years.

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>>>My Favorite Fics<<<

In honor of Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day, this is a fic rec of my personal favorite fan fics in no particular order. Happy reading and thanks to all the writers!

Louis is an architecture student who can only think about the future. Harry is a baseball player who can only think about right now. Both are lonely for different reasons. Boybands bring them together.

A fashion AU with a royal twist, where Louis doesn’t need a stylist, Harry’s thrilled to have a real life Barbie doll, and they’re both very wrong about each other.

This is a story about love and the power of forgiveness, and how the hard choices we make define us, and change our lives.

The first time Louis Tomlinson kisses him, Nick is three sheets to the wind, wearing a pirate hat, and so fucking tired of Louis being a complete and utter knobhead that he’s spent the last ten minutes snapping at him. The kiss takes him rather by surprise, all things considered. Or: Nick and Louis don’t like each other, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Lt. Harry Styles, call sign Sparrow, is a prodigy when it comes to flying. The owner of an unrivaled Naval pedigree, being a pilot was always written in the stars for Harry. With his trusty RIO, Lt. Niall Horan, Harry has made an unprecedented ascension in the ranks of the Naval aerial combat elite, and has been recruited to the esteemed Premier Delta flight school, carrying on his family’s legacy. What he finds there are unexpected friendships, perilous challenges, and something beyond what he ever thought possible. Because as his father had always told him, before the great Captain Styles went tragically missing in combat, you don’t fall in love with the sky, you fall in love with what keeps you on the ground.

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“Coronation” Part One

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: angst 

Word Count: 1025

A/N: Here is the first full part! Both taglists are open. Please leave feedback. This is going to break my heart.

Coronation Masterlist

Sokovia was her home. She grew up running through the beautiful landscapes with her siblings. She grew up knowing that one day all the fields and towns would be hers to rule, but of course that came with a price. It was one she was willing and prepared to pay. A loveless marriage was the consequence of being Queen. She always knew that, but it still didn’t make the price any easier.

Since the early age of three she had known her future husband. James Buchanan Barnes was his name. He was the future king of Romania. She would take her thrown before him because her parents were set to stand down from the thrown on her seventeenth birthday. Bucky was set to take the thrown one year after her.

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My Top 10 Merthur Fan fics

This is a list of my favorite fan fics of the merlin x arthur pairing (my OTP) that I’ve read over the past couple of years. I strongly think these stories deserve to be shared as they, and their authors, are amazing. I want to give these authors lots of love as they clearly worked very hard on their stories. I also think the illustrator that is in a few of these stories deserves some love. Kudos to you all, and thank you all for being such talented, hard workers.

And like the cycle of the year we begin again

By: katherynefromphilly, @katherynefromphilly

Rating: Mature

Word count: 200k+


For many long years Merlin waited.
For the other part of his soul, for the other half of his life. He was born to serve Arthur. So that meant he was also born to wait. Even if it took a thousand years. Even if the wait seemed never to end.
Until one day, suddenly, it did.
Set after the Merlin Series 5 Finale “Diamond of the Day”.
Canon Compliant. In Character. Arthur Pendragon Returns
When Arthur stumbles from the Lake of Avalon 1,500 years after his death, he finds a world unlike the one he knew. Faced with the loss of everyone he loved, and the threat of impending prophecy, Arthur must quickly learn what it means to be not just a king, but the Once and Future King. Merlin does all he can to guide him in this journey, even as he struggles to hide his love for his king, and to conquer his fear of losing him again.
Story includes sass, banter, horseplay, and True Love.

Student Prince

By: FayJay

Rating: Mature

Word count: 140k+


A Modern day Merlin AU set at the University of St Andrews, featuring teetotal kick-boxers, secret wizards, magnificent bodyguards of various genders, irate fairies, imprisoned dragons, crumbling Gothic architecture, arrogant princes, adorable engineering students, stolen gold, magical doorways, attempted assassination, drunken students, shaving foam fights, embarrassing mornings after, The Hammer Dance, duty, responsibility, friendship and true love…
This story was inspired by the thought of Prince William of Wales (and indeed the current Max Von Hapsburg) studying at the University of St Andrews; it is also, as the title suggests, at least a little inspired by the operetta ‘The Student Prince’.

Give the Dragon a Chilli

By: supercalvin, @supercalvin

Rating: Mature

Word count: 40k+


Aithusa might have been no bigger than a house cat but she was still a dragon. That meant wings, claws, and her own personal hoard, which in Aithusa’s case included soft pillows, fluffy socks, and much to Merlin’s chagrin, stolen pants. When Merlin found out that his winged ward had stolen a rather considerable pile of clothing for her hoard, he thought that it would be the end of any kind of friendship with his neighbor. But when Merlin met the victim of Aithusa’s burglary, he was pleasantly surprised to find Arthur, a man who had never in his life seen a dragon let alone a burglarizing one, and Cavall, a curious German Shepherd puppy who was quick to befriend the little white dragon. From there, it was only the beginning.

Shadowlord and Pirate King

By: Footloose

Illustrated by: mushroomtale, @mushroomtale-fanart

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 160k+


A fast ship, a good crew, a treasure, a Clan to lead – that’s all Arthur Pendragon has ever wanted. He sits on the Council, he supports his father’s kingship, and he keeps an eye on the Imperial Conglomerate when they come too close to Pirate space.
One day the Conglomerate infiltrates the Clans and poisons the King. Arthur must search for a cure to keep his father alive and the Clans from civil war.

An escape route, a sharp knife, a target, the shadows at his command – that’s all Merlin has ever needed. He fulfills his assignments, he uses the Sterling to sustain his once-royal House in their exile, and wages a private war against the Imperial Conglomerate.
When he learns of an elaborate plot to assassinate him, Merlin does the opposite of what’s expected. He flees onto a Pirate ship.
There’s a saying among the Pirates: that one’s fate is written in the stars. Destiny will always set to rights what has been made wrong.
Arthur and Merlin know that they were meant for the other from the moment they meet. They can feel it from across the galaxies separating them. Nothing can stop them from being together or from fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

A Song From Far Away

By: polomonkey, @thepolomonkey

Illustrated by: mushroomtale, @mushroomtale-fanart

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 70k+


When Arthur is captured by an enemy king intent on conquering Camelot, his future looks bleak. For Cenred commands not only a clutch of sorcerers but a fearsome dragon trained to do battle and wreak destruction.
Then Arthur meets Merlin, a fellow captive whose magic has been bound to Cenred’s will. But can Merlin resist Cenred’s control long enough to help Arthur save Camelot?


By: TheAvalonian

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 80k+


It is the 57th annual Hunger Games, and Merlin Emrys stands at the Reaping ceremony with Guinevere Smith at his side, unable to hear the roar of the crowd over the ringing in his own ears. Because Merlin is about to face his best friend and twenty-two strangers in a fight to the death, where there can only be one victor.
In a twisted game where death seems the only certainty, Merlin will find himself tested in ways no one could have ever predicted - and may even find himself fighting for more than just his own life as he enters into an unlikely alliance with Arthur Pendragon, the Career tribute poised to win it all.
Merlin/Arthur AU, set in the Hunger Games universe.

Emrys Ascending

By: tricksterity

Illustrated by: mushroomtale, @mushroomtale-fanart

Rating: Teen And Up

Word Count: 110k+


In the depths of the Crystal of Neahtid, Merlin sees the resurrection of Lord Voldemort, an event that will tip the balance of the world so far out that only he has the power to intervene and set it right, or stop it from ever happening. For that, he’ll have to pose as a student and attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
The only problem is, he’s been chosen instead of Cedric Diggory as a Triwizard Champion, and there’s a recently reborn Arthur Pendragon in Gryffindor House.

No One Mourns Like the Wicked

By: asilentherald

Rating: Teen And Up

Word Count: 150k+


After witnessing an anti-sorcerer hate crime, Merlin leaves his family in Ealdor for King Uther Pendragon’s capital city of Camelot, looking for safety and answers about his own magic. Instead he gets roped into a musical production of Wicked, a banned play by the King’s decree back during the Great Purge, being put on by none other than Morgana Pendragon. It’s the last thing he should do if he wants to keep a low profile in a city he knows is a powder keg, ready for the Great Purge renewed, but he finds more than enough reasons–Arthur Pendragon, co-star and all-around awkward arse, at least at first, among them–to try, dare I say it, defying gravity.

Pianos are made for Falling

By: Fishwrites

Rating: Teen And Up

Word Count: 100k+


Arthur is a world class violinist, trapped in Sydney, Australia, by his fear of flying. In the wake of a mediocre concert, vicious critics and with barely a month to go before his next (hopefully reputation-saving) recital, Arthur is almost at breaking point. When his accompanist, Morgana, breaks her wrist in a car accident, Arthur is more or less doomed. And the story begins, when the Maestro at the conservatoire, Gaius Stresemann, recommends his protege Merlin Emrys to step in. Merlin, who plays by ear, as he pleases and really just wants to be a kindergarten teacher.
Well. The story really starts six months previously when Arthur passes out drunk outside Merlin’s shoe-box apartment.

The Heart You Call Home

By: alby_mangroves

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 16k+


Yet another autumn wanes and Merlin is tired. He wishes he could sleep through it, cover himself in leaves and hibernate until the world crumbles to dust, and he with it, the point of anything long since gone. And then, he finds a book whose author writes stories he doesn’t remember are his own.

My comments are under the cut 😊

And like the cycle of the year we begin again

Comments: This is my favorite Merthur fan fiction of all time!!! It relieved my grieving of the Merlin finale by giving me the series 6 I’ve been longing for. Merlin and Arthur are written incredibly well and in character. The banter between them flows beautifully. I love the original characters, especially Eleanor. It has both angst and fluff. It made me sob, and laugh, and smile. When the slow burn between our two main characters ends it’s such an immense relief and rush of emotion. I followed this story as each chapter was being updated and I just remember the anticipation of each chapter coming out, especially when chapters ended on cliffhangers. I can go on for ages about this, but I think I will end it here. This story is just pure beauty, honestly.

Student Prince

Comments: I love this! Not long after joining the fandom did I discover that many people had read and enjoyed this fic immensely. It is hilarious and adorable and great. Merlin and Arthur’s relationship develops in a very similar way to the canon, from disliking each other, to becoming best friends, and then falling in love. I love the modern twist on the canon. It is engaging and comedic and should be read by many.

Give the Dragon a Chilli

Comments: This story is freaking adorable and made me want a pet dragon. As both a dog person and dragon lover this fic made me weak. I love the world that was created so that it intertwines dragons, magic and the modern world. The angst written in the story is suspenseful. I fell in love with Merlin and Arthur’s pets, Aithusa and Cavall, right away. As well, on a personal note, when Freya’s character was introduced and has an incurable illness and goes to physical therapy, I felt very connected to her due to my own chronic condition and happy that I was being represented in a way. All in all, loved it. The whole thing is a pure cinnamon roll and a great read.

Shadowlord and Pirate King

Comments: Adventurous, engaging, and edgy. This story is a great blend of adventure, science fiction, and fantasy. I love the entire world that the author builds: Pirate space, the House of Shadows, and the White Legion. The artwork is stunningly beautiful and brings this story to life. This story is very engaging, full of adventure and romance, and there is never a dull moment. Love it!

A Song From Far Away

Comments: This made me cry many times over. I’ve read a variety of this author’s fics, and like this one they are often very sorrowful and intense but end on a lighthearted note. The mistreatment of Merlin is ghastly but makes it so much sweeter when Arthur comes along to help and love him. I wanted to kill Cenred throughout the entire thing for what he does to Merlin. The story is magical and very captivating, and the artwork is enchanting and wonderful (which isn’t much of a surprise since @mushroomtale-fanart did it and is incredibly talented).


Comments: Merlin meets the Hunger Games! This was the first ever Merthur fanfic I read that hooked me into reading fan fiction. After reading and thoroughly enjoying the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, imagine my delight when I stumble across this. This story is great and does justice to both the Hunger Games universe and BBC Merlin. I love how the author writes the characters and keeps the readers starving for more. Each twist is stirring, and every character is interesting. It holds a special place in my heart.

Emrys Ascending

Comments: It’s a Harry Potter crossover, so obviously it’s amazing. But out of all the Harry Potter crossovers I’ve read, this one is my favorite. I love the fact that the author is able to intertwine Merlin with the Harry Potter universe so well. Merlin being a Hufflepuff, while not being canonical to what J.K Rowling said, is something I love (which may or may not be because I am a Hufflepuff as well). I also agree that Merlin has the characteristics of every Hogwarts house as said in this story. The fact that Merlin becomes a sort of mentor for Harry is really cool. This is an adventurous ride and sticks as closely to the plot of The Goblet of Fire as possible, while changing things up for Merlin. My favorite part of this fic is that Merlin and Arthur are able to reunite in such a heartwarming way, and of course the artwork.

No One Mourns Like the Wicked

Comments:  “No one mourns the wicked! Wicked! Wicked!” This story is very fun and got me loving the Wicked soundtrack, since I sadly could never get tickets. It’s comedic, magical, and has a great way tying the play in with the reality surrounding the characters. I love how it has many funny moments and yet deals with big issues. Whimsical, witty, and wicked.

Pianos are made for Falling

Comments: Poetry and love in music. I love pianist Merlin and his little budgies. I had a heart attack whenever his illness acted up though! Every time Merlin and Arthur fight I just want to tell Arthur about Merlin’s illness. The music of their duets flies off the page as you read it. It’s spectacular.

The Heart You Call Home

Comments: A heart-warming reincarnation fic with Arthur as a writer. You can feel Merlin’s longing and pain in the beginning as he’s waiting for Arthur to return. It’s quite emotional when they finally find each other. Also, the addition of Arthur’s dog Drake is adorable. This is emotional and stupendous.

anonymous asked:

Hi! :) hope you're having a good day. What's, in your opinion, the top ten fics you've read? Sorry if you've done this before 🙈

Ok, sorry I took so long to get back to you, but this is actually a REALLY hard question to answer for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because I don’t think I can actually narrow it down to 10! There are so many wonderful fics in this fandom. 

Ok, so I think a bunch of my favorites are classics, and most people have read them. I’m going to give you a list of those. But I’d like to start with a list of possibly lesser known fics that I love as well, OK? I did my best, but couldn’t narrow it down to just 10 each!

Top 11 Fics That Maybe You Haven’t Read

our little corner of the world by brownheadedstranger

AU. Louis is stuck in his mom’s diner for the summer. Harry is the line cook with a pickup truck.

the moon made me think of you by anabsolution

harry works at a decrepit motel. louis stops by for a stay. set in the 90s.

Whether Clouds or Clear Skies by @onewasturning

“You, young Harold, are a baker among curry houses and vintage clothing stores,” Louis says, and it forces a bark of surprised laughter out of Harry.

“I’m a— sorry, what?”

“Harry,” Louis says, “last night I had an experience bordering on profound.”

“You’re making it sound like you did something sexual with my muffin,” Harry says.

Or, Louis gets into the habit of stealing baked goods while Harry’s busy keeping tabs on the weather.

six feet beneath the moon by starseas

AU. takes place over one night. harry and louis meet at a going away party.

how i imagined us by eliane

“I think about how lucky I am. The whole time, I just keep thinking about how incredibly lucky I am. “

“Because you’re kissing me?”

“Because I’m kissing you and you’re…” Louis stops. Then continues, quietly, “Because you’re the love of my life, Haz.”

New York is one of Harry’s favourites.

[Sometimes reality is shitty and Louis plays Scheherazade.]

language or the kiss by @a-writerwrites

“I’ve heard about you, Louis.”

Louis just looked back at him, hands on his small hips, foot tapping out an angry beat on the hardwood floor, a verse just under his tongue, waiting to spill out. “Yeah? What have you heard?”

Harry slowly stood up, his long lean body feline as he came forward, slowly closing the two feet between them. “Yeah…I’ve heard about you.” Harry whispered, so close Louis could smell his cologne, something spicy and fruity, soft and wild. “You’re the one.”

Louis looked up at him; unfortunately he had to look up. The fucker had about three to four inches on him. “The one what?” His eyes flickered from Harry’s intent stare to his wet obscene lips. Louis wasn’t proud. But his dick may have twitched a little. Just a little.

“You’re the one to beat.”

OR the one where Louis’ the best at everything until Harry comes along and makes him think twice. About everything.

so here we are. by @sweariwouldnt

Louis isn’t sure if they’re keeping on or giving up.

heroes of the orange skies by queenmcgonagall

Louis likes bathroom walls and Sharpies, Harry likes metal, Zayn likes Liam and Liam likes Zayn, Niall is wise, and they all go to the zoo.

Coup de Foudre by angelwarm

Harry moves to the front door accompanied by insistent lightning flashes. He acknowledges it could also be a murderer on the other side and that he will likely be dead in five minutes.

It should stop him. It doesn’t.

Harry decides not to waste another second and calls through to the other side, “Just a second.” He turns the key in the latch and opens it and—everything around him drops away in one long cloud coming into another cloud.

Taste of a Poison Paradise by objectlesson / @horsegirlharry

Louis notices Harry’s mouth right away.

Take My Breath Away by @realitybetterthanfiction

There is a prestigious school in the British Royal Navy classified as Premier Delta - or as it is known by its flyers, 1D. These select pilots are an elite set of Naval lieutenants who are trained in the skill of aggressive aerial combat. They are instruments of war, trained in times of peace. They are dogfighters, relentless and fearless in their mission to protect their beloved country. From their lofty vantage, they are always watching, waiting, and ready to lay it all on the line.

Lt. Harry Styles, call sign Sparrow, is a prodigy when it comes to flying. The owner of an unrivaled Naval pedigree, being a pilot was always written in the stars for Harry. With his trusty RIO, Lt. Niall Horan, Harry has made an unprecedented ascension in the ranks of the Naval aerial combat elite, and has been recruited to the esteemed Premier Delta flight school, carrying on his family’s legacy. What he finds there are unexpected friendships, perilous challenges, and something beyond what he ever thought possible. Because as his father had always told him, before the great Captain Styles went tragically missing in combat, you don’t fall in love with the sky, you fall in love with what keeps you on the ground.

I’ll list the “classics” under the cut

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Pairing: Prince!Poe Dameron X Princess!Reader

Prompt: Part of The Galactic Fanatic AU Challenge, Royalty AU.

Warnings: None unless you count being overly cheesy.

A/N: Branching out from my usual fandom of writing to bring you this! Feedback would be wonderful. And yes I added a Princess and the Pauper reference, so sue me.

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“Remember Y/N, no nagging, bragging, sweating, fretting, slipping, tripping, slurping, burping, twittering or frittering allowed,” your mother rattled off the list of rules. She rushed about your room, directing the maids and checking her appearance in the mirror every three seconds.

“I know mother,” you frown. “I haven’t tripped in a year.” You cast a glance at your mother in the mirror. She looked at you, amused.

“Did you already forget what happened when you sprinted into the dining room last week and quite literally rammed into the chef?” She reminded you.

Your cheeks heated up. “I meant publicly. And it was your fault for taunting me with food for the whole day. Royal portrait sitting is the worst.” You cross your arms. It didn’t help that you were constantly working off the food you just ate, from studying to outdoor activities, going to meetings, dealing with daily royal matters, foreign disputes, the list went on. Just thinking about it made you feel exhausted.

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I. and when you kiss me, i am happy enough to die

Maven avoids tapping his fork against his plate.

It was a habit of his. The chink, chink, chink was grating on most people’s ears but strangely calming to him. The sounds of metal had always been fairly appealing to him, smooth and ringing. Lucky for him. Tomorrow Evangeline Samos, with her coy smile and easy metalbending, will probably be announced Cal’s consort, and then he would never be without the sounds of metal again.

Well. Until he was king. Even then, that is debatable. Evangeline is a strong possibility for marriage, after all, her family is powerful and influential enough to be very worth marrying into. He lifts his hand to tap his fork against his plate again, then thinks better of it and starts carefully cutting into the sirloin laid out in front of him.

Maven glances to his father.

Drunk, probably. Or at least halfway there. Elara Mother casts him a scrutinizing look when he calls for more water. She knows what he’s doing, but he knows that in the end it doesn’t really matter.

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“Coronation” Part Sixteen

Summary: She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: Fluff, nightmares

Word Count: 1024

A/N: I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. 

Coronation Series

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Y/N woke up in her soft bed. Fresh sheets were lain about the bed. Her body was on fire. Her wrists were wrapped in bandages and her scars were covered with a white liquid, probably something Doctor Cho prescribed.

Y/N’s head was propped up by a mountain of pillows. The soft silk pillowcases felt cold on her skin, it was refreshing. She tried to sit up, but a shooting pain went through her whole body. A low groan passed through her lips when she flopped back down.

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Rebel, Saimdang, and the romanticization of class and nobility in sageuks

At this point, it’s actually a little sad that Saimdang: Light’s Diary and Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People are airing at the same time. Mind you, it’s not because one is easily one of the most hyped sageuks in years and isn’t performing well, while the other seems to have just been thrown out there as an afterthought and is pulling in good ratings, as well as better critical and popular response, it’s the content and themes. Personally speaking, I spent almost 2 years impatiently waiting for Saimdang, and was pretty sure it was going to be the best sageuk of the year when it did come out, something that I thought would hold true after watching the first two episodes. In contrast, Rebel was barely on my radar, and on my “watch now” list instead of “watch if people say good things while it airs” primarily because I liked Hwang Jin-Young’s previous sageuk (and only previous writing credit aside from a special) King’s Daughter Soo Baek Hyang. Halfway through their runs,Saimdang was moved to “I really like it but it could be better” status (with a lot of anger for how SBS execs screwed the show and LYA over, and now they’re taking their screwups out on the show, but I’m not going to dwell on that today) while Rebel has become the sageuk I just can’t see another sageuk surpassing it for a while. (Particularly since they all seem to at least partly center around the tropes and worldview that Rebel critiques.)

This requires some background. Saimdang and Dae Jang Geum, aka, one of the most iconic sageuks ever that also served to help solidify Lee Young Ae’s iconic status, take place at roughly the same time. This is something SBS is very aware of, and while it doesn’t have the endless DJG references we probably would have had if the show had aired on MBC, it very much tried t rely on DJG nostalgia to sell the show, and the sageuk plotline in Saimdang has much more in common with sageuks of a dozen years ago in terms of characterization, tone and pacing than anything from this decade. Unfortunately, people came for Lee Young Ae in a sageuk from this decade, not the first half of the last decade.

Now the ACTUAL background begins DJG is largely known in western fandom for helping in to make sageuks far more female-centric, and for helping to establish the basic formula that most of the popular and/or commercially successful “long and stuffy” sageuks have sageuks have followed since. The rest of this is partially hearsay, as I’m going by what others have told me about pre-DJG sageuks, as DJF is the second oldest I’ve seen. The oldest is Damo, a show that is less iconic than DJG, and that essentially created the formula for the genre that we consider to be fusion sageuks. (Depending on who you ask, DJG and it’s predecessor, Heo Joon, are also fusion sageuks, but they’re an entirely different kind of fusion sageuks and Damo and its successors.) Like DJG, Damo centered around a female lead in a plot that would typically feature a male lead. Both shows are also known for taking the focus away from the throneroom. DJG is still a palace intrigue drama, while Damo steps away from the palace completely, focusing instead on police officers investigating a rebellion, though it does check in with the palace intrigue. But in stepping away from the throneroom and inner palace intrigues, both did something most sageuks avoided: they tackled the issue of class. Both shows featured a heroine of noble birth-Chae Ok, the heroine of Damo was a young noblewoman who became a slave as a child after her father was accused of treason, while Jang Geum’s parents both went into hiding as commoners before she was born, though for different reasons. From what I’ve been told, prior to these two, the main audience for sageuks was middle aged men, and because of this, the focus was almost exclusively on war and palace politics, usually featuring, well, middleaged men. Then, in 2003, there was suddenly a spurt of several successful series featuring female leads. They certainly weren’t the first to do so, it just worked out so that there was a concentration of several at once. Part of what made DJG and Damo stand out was that they were meant to appeal to a wider audience, had higher production values, sweeping (and very different) romances, and broader plots (I mean it wasn’t JUST “maybe our ratings will go up if we try to appeal to women,” but that was certainly a part of it). But they also stood out because the positioning of their heroines-one being made a slave and the other growing up as a commoner-meant that these stories weren’t only about the nobility. The servant class in the city featured heavily in DJG, while rural commoners and their perspective of civil unrest and the nobility featured heavily in Damo. Of course, ultimately, both heroines and their love interests WERE of the nobility, but the door to including the perspectives of other classes was open, and most sageuks since then have taken advantage of that door being open.

Many (I want to say “most” but it kind of hovers in middle ground, I think) will have the protagonist spend part of their life as either a commoner or a poor noble. The protagonist of noble birth who lives as a commoner comes in 2 main varieties: they were born in secret in one way or another, and only find out they have noble (or royal) blood much later in life, after establishing themselves one way or another, or they live as a noble or royal as a child, but are forced to live as commoners or slaves for many of their formative ears before reclaiming their true status. On a similar note, protagonists who actually are commoners with no noble or royal blood are considered exceptional. They’re special, they’re…NOT LIKE OTHER COMMONERS. But there’s also the flipside. The flipside is that all the corrupt and scheming politicians, the cruel masters are treated as individuals. Their social status may have contributed to their corruption an cruelty, but only in that the individual would have been that way anyway, they just happen to have more power, and they re many good and kind masters, and well meaning politicians, That the class system itself was a problem, that there was a social order that told people they were inherently better than others by birth, was not a consideration. 

Shows have tackled this mindset over the years (Maids and Chuno come to mind for sageuks I’ve seen that try to push the standard approach, re: class, a bit), but none have fully committed to taking it on until now. Except that Saimdang is not the show that did so. Saimdang takes the same approach as it’s predecessor-and most sageuks in between-of romanticizing the nobility while also tackling the plights of the lower classes. But what was revolutionary 14 years ago is not revolutionary now. And then we have Rebel. One of the very first things Rebel does is completely obliterate any idea that Gil Dong has noble blood, in a flashforward at the beginning where King Yeonsangun confronts Gil Dong.

Yeonsangun: “I will ask you clearly. Answer me honestly. I heard you are a descendant of the demolished royal family of Goryeo. Is that right? I heard your anger comes from having a father of the noble class and a mother who is a maid. Is this correct? Then what is it? Who on earth are you?” (Gil Dong is shaking his head in amused contempt throughout this.)

Gil Dong: “I am not a descendant of the royal family from Goryeo. Nor am I a son of a minister, or from a poor noble family. I am only a son of my father. My father, a servant over generations, Amogae.”

Yeonsangun: *outraged, disbelieving laughter* “That’s impossible. It’s impossible that someone like you could’ve been born to such a lowly man.”

Gil Dong: “You were born to the master of this country. How did you turn out to be such a lowly man?”

Ok, first of all, THE BURN THERE, GIL DONG! THE BURN. I can only assume that the camera pans out and away so fast after that so that we don’t see Yeonsangun burst into flames from that one.

HOWEVER, while we didn’t know it when the episode aired 3 months ago, this scene is essential to the world view of Rebel. Because ever “noble” sageuk origin was just shot down, and the idea of the “special” commoner isn’t far behind it. And Yeonsangun NEEDS Gil Dong to have that origin. His worldview cannot allow for a “common” person to have more sway than him. Gil Dong doesn’t simply violate his person worldview, his very existence violates the established social order and divine superiority of birth, something that we come to full force for Yeonsangun at the beginning of the latest episode, and something that is beginning to consume him.

Of course, Rebel relies in part of a prophecy of a “mighty child” (Gil Dong) a child born with superhuman strength and healing powers, destined both to become a general and to suffer great losses if he does not control himself. However, it is not Gil Dong’s power that makes him special, it what he does with it. Gil Dong’s power is not what makes him special or what makes him a hero, but it is part of what makes him able to DO something. The “Mighty Child” is born of necessity, not because some random kid won the genetic lottery. (The “Mighty Child” status is also considered to be a curse, not a blessing.) We’re also given a second mighty Child as a counterbalance, and the second mighty child-of equally low birth and with possibly an even more tragic background-flounders because he can’t even manage to properly misuse his powers, much less achieve the Mighty Child’s destiny. I’ve said plenty about my feelings re: The Mighty Child(ren) in previous tumblr posts and will probably make even more posts focused on that aspect in the future, so I won’t dwell on that now.

Moving on from The Mighty Child: Rebel takes the stance that the class system isn’t simply a case of advantage and disadvantage with good ad bad people, but rather, the class system itself is an ideology, and that ideology is the enemy. It isn’t that there are bad apples (and remember, the point of the whole “bad apple” thing is that if there’s a bad apple among your apples, you need to just toss them all and get new apples, not that you just take out the one bad apple and assume all the others that came from the same place are perfect just because you can’t see their problems on the outside) it is that there cannot be good and there is no justice in a system that holds that one group of people is inherently superior to another, and you cannot expect the people who benefit from that system to help find justice in it. When Gil Dong’s father, Amogae, kills his master, Lord Jo to avenge his murdered wife, the widowed Lady Jo only hates Amogae in part because of her murdered husband. What she truly hates Amogae for, the reason she wants him destroyed, the crime she can never forgive, is that Amogae is an abomination that has violated the natural order.

THAT is the true villain of Rebel. The class system itself, the social order that tells one person that they are inherently superior to another by birth, that the higher your class is, the more the world exists to serve you, is the villain, and Lady Jo, her allies, and Yeonsangun are the manifestations of a corrupt and unjust system. This is something that we and the characters grow slowly more and more aware of, until it’s brutally driven home in episodes 21 and 22, and all illusions and any semblance of romanticizing nobility or royalty are ripped away and ruthlessly destroyed in the most devastating fashion. (Not to mention graphically violent, particularly for network TV standards.) Hwajung touched on this idea a bit with it’s ultimate assessment that it is impossible to be a good person and to be king, no matter how much you might want to both, and so there needs to be an opposing force to keep the king in check, but it does not more than touch on the idea, and very much has the typical sageuk romanticization of nobility and royalty.

In the most recent episode, Gil Dong has an exchange with the shaman who pops up every now and then about why oppressed people don’t fight back, and this is her analysis:

Shaman: “They are scared because they don’t know what it is like. All of them…have neither fought nor been victorious in anything in their entire lives. They are only used to running away, losing, and being cheated. They don’t know what it means to fight, or to win.”

She goes on to tell Gil Dong and his men that they can stand up and want to take on the king (the ultimate manifestation of the corruption of the class system) because they have been fighting. Their life experiences have given them the worldview that things can change. She started the speech and I was bracing myself for a NOT LIKE OTHER COMMONERS speech, and instead I got “dude their life experiences royally suck and tell them they can’t expect anything good.” There are only two things that set Gil Dong apart from other commoners: His strength, and the fact that his father was an “abomination” who violated the divinely designated social order. The latter, the rejection of class and the ideology that accompanies it, is the more important of the two, while the former is part of what gives him the ability to do something about it.

It’s from this approach and viewpoint-that the class system is an ideology, and that consuming ideology is the true villain-is the focal point for the many other themes of the show, most notably the conjunction of nature and nurture, the difference between the law and justice, and the endless complementary and opposing mirroring of characters against each other. Everything springs from that.

So, going back to the first sentence. over on SBS, Saimdang is ably doing the same thing Dae Jang Geum did 14 years ago without updating itself for the modern audience (with SBS execs sulking because they somehow managed to make a guaranteed cash cow not be a cash cow and punishing the show and LYA for it-it’s going to be a while before I’m over this) or attempting to expand on the ideas in DJG, while being set in largely the same time period as DJG, with the same core political event (Jungjong’s political coup and overthrowing of Yeonsangun) providing much of the political background impetus for the show. Mean while, over on MBC, the same station that DJG aired on 14 years ago, Rebel is airing on different nights but mostly over the same time period as Saimdang, is set one generation before Saimdang and will most like end with the same political coup, or with the beginnings of it taking root, and is critiquing and deconstructing the approaches to class that Saimdang takes while taking a progressive and revolutionary-for-sageuks stance on class, nobility, and royalty.

It will be interesting to watch this years sageuks after this. All the ones that are coming out look to be focused on royalty and palace conflict, and Rebel’s success has been largely word-of-mouth, a lot of which has been about hit’s approach to class and the fact that none of the protagonists, possibly excepting Eom (who isn’t from a common family, but is from a pretty low ranked noble one), are from the noble class. So. pretty much, all the upcoming sageuks are relying on things that this one is achieving acclaim for rejecting. If nothing else, I’ll be an adjustment for fans of Rebel to go back to “normal” sageuks.

Note: I understand that Six Flying Dragons does tackle similar ideas, but (a) I haven’t seen it yet and (B) it DOES end with the main character becoming the first king of Joseon, so obviously it doesn’t commit itself to the degree that Rebel does.

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"It would be funny if Bertolt stays on Reiner’s side, even in death" hey this is actually interesting. What i noticed is that all of the shifters who passed down the powers of their respective titans share same traits or end up doing same things. Just like how Marcel sacrificed himself for Reiner so did Ymir (well for RB in her case) and Porko also has this bluntness similiar to her and he doesnt trust all the bullshit. Grisha,Kruger & Eren also had the same goals. Theres def something to it.

Time for the Bert-related questions!

What I was insinuating when I wrote this tweet was ghost!Bertolt influencing Armin’s brain when he sees Reiner, as a twisted up version of “I’ll always back you up, no matter what.”.

When it comes to the succession of powers, while there’s similarities between the owners of the jaw, in the end, it only result of Ymir being inadvertently caught in the warriors’ mess. Meanwhile, Kruger passing his titan to Grisha was legitimate and that’s the main reason why they had a lengthy conversation on the dock’s wall.  The same thing happened with the Colossal. Bertolt was chosen by the Marlean army because of his talents but Armin was chosen because Eren and Mikasa wanted it.

Do you think Bertolt could be half Ackerman? He was said to be the strongest warrior by Reiner and even got the Colossal Titan (which i assume must be pretty hard to control, its body is steaming hot and 60m tall you probably need to be very flexible skill wise), was said to be highly talented and had no problem with Mikasa and he was also very devoted to Reiner. Isayama is also purposely leaving us in dark about him and his past,he’s still the most mysterious out of the three!

If Bertolt can become a titan, he can’t be an Ackerman. Every Ackerman had an awakening moment in which they develop supernatural strength and become quick-witted, while attacking their life to a certain person. While Bertolt’s link with Reiner is strong, Reiner doesn’t work as his life-battery and he never had the sparkle allowing him to best everybody else in any domain.

There’s still a chance for Bertolt’s family to be important since it’s the only family whose whereabouts were unknown. Annie’s father was overbearing and stupid but deep down he cared about his daughter. Her mother’s status is unknown. Reiner had a mom he wanted to please when he was young while his Marlean dad abandoned him. Zeke’s parents were an idiotic angry man and a royal mother. The other parents look common: the Galliards, Pieck’s dad, etc… That being said the Hoovers could be a bunch of random people who had a talented son for marksmanship, a family of soldiers or guards, etc…

Do you think Bertolt was really just a “background” character as majority say? I always see a lot of disrespect for his character, people say he really wasnt strong because he was beaten by someone who had only few months of experience in the SCs and that his character development was halted or never or Annie’s/Bertolt level ….lots of people disregard him as the CT now too unfortunately, i really dont know if Isayama made the best choice because his character is just getting shat on now ://

I feel like people think Bertolt doesn’t have any personal goals or motivations on his own or that he was always used as Reiner’s extension while being not very impressive and he should deserve much more screentime. Others are saying “Now that we’re in Marley’s arc it’s a bit too late for me to feel sorry for him”.

I feel like the general fandom is divided in two camps: the ones who love Annie but despise Bertolt and Reiner and the others who love Reiner and Bertolt but hate Annie. Recently I’ve learned the existence of a third camp: the ones who love Reiner but hate or are indifferent to the other two because Reiner is the most relevant. The factors here are mostly 1) Bias, 2) How they are willing to mooch their faves and 3) Panel focus.

So far I’ve always thought Annie was kind of overrated compared to Bertolt. When you think about it, she has the major focus for an arc and wasn’t heard ever since. Meanwhile, Bertolt was shown alongside Reiner and has shown so far compassion and forgiveness (he brushed away Armin’s low blows), as well as the desire to end everyone’s suffering. The reason why he didn’t stand out is because his arc is tied to Reiner’s and his own background wasn’t shown unlike the other two. Furthermore, even Zeke, a character who was introduced much later, had a background.

That being said, he’s far from being as irrelevant as Sasha and Connie. Now that Reiner can be considered as a main character, that upgrades Bertolt’s character by a fair margin, considering he was the one who stood at Reiner’s side unconditionally. It’s funny when people said he was useless as a CT because he still gave the rest of the SL a hard time before his pity for Armin took over. Meanwhile they’re all praising the birth of a new CT because they think Armin became twice as deadly because he’s intelligent, forgetting a shifter power isn’t an addition. 

I’m really hoping we’ll get more dirt on Bertolt through those flashbacks or that we’ll get closure with his character. Because if Bertolt is a background character at this point, so is Mikasa.

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Do you have any CS fic recs you might please share?

Oh man, I’m bad at fic recs, mostly because I start fics but then I don’t have time to actually finish them, so I can really only give recs based on what I’ve read so far.  I also have a bad habit of reccing incomplete fics which I know some people don’t like, but I’ll definitely rec you some favorites that I’ve read (or at least started but not finished) in the past.

Beyond the Horizon by @alexandralyman: When Princess Emma’s ship is captured by the Jolly Roger and Captain Killian Jones, she offers herself as a hostage for ransom if he will let the ship and the other passengers go. With Emma, Killian remembers the honour he once held dear, and Emma catches glimpses of the gentleman Killian had been. Against all odds, the pirate and the princess begin to fall for each other.
Seriously cannot recommend this one enough.  It’s an amazing Captain Duckling fic.  If you haven’t read this one, then what are you doing with your life??  I mean, I remember when exactly I started reading this fic (fourth period, first semester of my senior year of high school).  That’s how good it is.  Do yourself a favor and read it!!

Separate Lives by @lenfaz: Set after 3x20 “Kansas”. After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision.
This is a really great fic that I read quite some time ago.  If you’re into canon divergence then I highly recommend it.  It’s got all the slowburn and angst as canon Captain Swan, and it’s just so damn good.  Seriously love this fic.

The Lost Boys by @niniadepapa: He’s the charming, out of control frontman of one of the most successful bands in the world. She’s a hard-working rising actress. Sometimes it’s hard to find out what’s real and what’s make-believe when fame’s in the game.
This one was one of the first CS fanfics I ever read.  A classic CS fake dating AU, and very, very good.  I’m a total sucker for musician!Killian fics too, so if you like that kind of thing, you’ll love this.

Half of My Heart by @caishakalianah: Captain Swan, College AU. Emma and Neal are high school sweethearts headed straight for the fairy-tale books, taking David and Mary Margaret along with them. Killian Jones has enjoyed the group’s three years in college, but as they enter senior year Emma begins complicating his once-simple life. “…that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”
This fic kills me!!!  OMG, I love it so much.  I love college AUs, and the characterization of all the characters is fantastic (especially Neal, which I know sounds weird, but god does this fic make you want to punch him!!).  Lots of pining and angst in this fic too, and it’s complete, which is a bonus!!  This is a great fic, and totally underrated IMO.  I really think more people should read it.

We Own Tonight by @totheendoftheworldortime: The King and Queen of Arendelle are dead, lost at sea. Princess Emma of Misthaven wishes to attend her friend Elsa’s coronation. Her parents agree on one condition: she accepts a bodyguard for the duration of her stay in the foreign kingdom. Their choice? Lieutenant Killian Jones, of the Royal Navy.
Really, really great Lieutenant Duckling fic!!  I actually recommended this one to my roommate (who is not in fandom) and it’s one of two CS fanfics I’ve ever recommended to her that she’s actually finished.  She’s very picky about her reading material, so I’m not sure if that tells you anything about how great this fic is, but just know it’s amazing and you should read it :)

These are some of my all time favs.  I tried to cover all my bases and recommend mostly complete fics, so if you haven’t read any of these then give them a go!  If you’ve happened to have read them all though, then let me know and I’ll see if I can rec you some more :)

Meant To Meet

So, with a terrible delay, I wrote a thing for @captainceranna. Guys, her Children of the Champions is one of the most interesting things we have in this fandom about a future after Inquisition! And, her amazing art make everything even more charming! Everytime I read and see something about this universe, I’m deeply happy.
Thank you for letting me play with your OCs, I hope you’re going to like this, dear!

Laneda Rutherford X Kieran 

The first time Laneda kisses him, she has the advantage of the surprise. And Kieran gently pushes her away, ignoring her frown and -that was definetely harder - his desire to throw his supposed good sense outside the windows and kiss her back, instead. Slowly. Deeper.
“Why?” the young woman inquires, crossing her arms in a way that reminds him her father, as he had often seen Commander Cullen doing in Skyhold, years ago.
“Because it’s wrong.”
For her. For their mission to save the world.
Kieran mouth twitches in a sour amusement. People has started to call their rundown group the Children of the Champions. And they truly are. A bunch of children determined to step away from their parents’ shadows. The children of the Hero of Ferelden, the Champion, the Inquisitor. Children barely aware of the implications of their mission. The nickname does not apply to him, the son of an unknown witch of the Wilds. He doubts he has ever been a child in the tradtional meaning of the word. But the others? They still are, even if they can’t see it, even if their ages tell him differently. They’re children who picked a path not fully understanding the implications and the dangers. If someone has told him he was going to join them, Kieran would have laughed.He had no wishes to be stuck babysitting them, but then Lea appeared, tousled, angry and willing to let her royal life behind. He wasn’t selfish enough to turn his back on his own sister. Well, a half sister who doesn’t even know they have the same father. But it doesn’t matter, as long she’s there, he will.
How can he explain all of this to Laneda? Tell her that she - and all the others - weren’t supposed to be there, with him? That his mother has trained him for hunting and stopping the Dread Wolf alone? 
He’s a hunter, neither a companion or a hero. His world is different from hers. Darker. Colder. A place the sun doesn’t reach for kissing her golden curls. A place where her laughter risks to disappear. She deserves better.
“I’m too old, Laneda.”

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I made a post and people thought it was a good idea so here you go… 242 captain swan fics to help with the end of the hiatus.

Stories are all placed into the two following categories:

  • alternate universe  
  • canon / canon divergence

(they are also divided into multichapter and one shots for better reference).

Under the cut because this is absolutely massive.

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Give Chaol a Break 2K17

(Quick shoutout to @illyriantremors for expressing her opinions about Chaol to me and making me think about all of this! <3)

All right. Here’s something I feel like you don’t see too often on Tumblr, especially since all of our attention tends to be on Rowan and Aelin, or just on the ACOTAR series in general. But y’all. We need to take a second to talk about Chaol Westfall. My disclaimer here is that I am someone who never particularly liked Chaol, never really supported Chaolaena (I was Dorilaena ALL THE WAY), BUT. I have recently read Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight for a second time, and my opinions have…changed, somewhat.

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Things I have been reading 2016 review...

I know that 2016 has been a bit of a shit year, we have lost some remarkable people, seen some ridiculous events which never should have happened and felt quite a lot of fear BUT we have also had huge outpourings of love, examples of amazing athletic ability and some fabulous creative people have given us some fantastic fic so here is my 2016 round up for you featuring some of my favourite fics of 2016.

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10 Amazing Writers You Should Go Follow:

There are so many wonderfully talented writers out there who have helped and inspired me this year so here are just 10 of them (it was really hard to just put 10) but really these 10 and everyone who has made it onto my rec list this year is well worth a follow so go check out…











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Dean: I Fucking Knew It –  @dancingalone21 Confused Dean is adorable and I love the relationship between him and Sam in this one. Fantastically written.

Sam: The T-Shirt - @lipstickandwhiskey I am totally into Sam fluff at the moment and this is brilliant.

Cas: Enough@willowing-love  A little bit of Cas that may break your heart.

Gabe: Buy One Get One Free @murdochinthetardis If ever Gabe needed to possess someone then I totally volunteer for that.  A beautifully written Gabriel who is swiftly becoming my angel of choice (Just don’t let Cas know)

Lucifer: Confusion and Awkwardness - @sdavid09  So now I have a thing for Lucifer, or more of a thing for Lucifer. This is so beautifully written and cute.

Crowley: Magic Crowley - @kittenofdoomage Take Crowley, take Magic Mike, put them together and this awesomeness is what you get.

Balthazar: Interrupting Fate - @wayward-mirage  There should be more Balthazar, this is fantastic but may break your heart.


Until Eternity - @faith-in-dean I was never really one for Benny but this series is so adorable you can’t help but love him. 

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - @impalapossible  This series is amazing and I am currently a puddle of tears on the floor waiting for the next bit.  Teen! Dean is really well written and I have never wanted to punch John more than I have reading this.

Fresh Start -  @like-a-bag-of-potatoes  This is a fantastic little series and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

A Little Too Late Series – Gabriel x Reader @lucifersagents  A wonderful little series that has me checking my notifications for the next update.

Choosing You – Dean x Reader @writingbeautifulmen This series is fantastic.  Dean is brilliantly written and the roller-coaster of emotions it sends you on is just awesome.

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Steve: Tinder Gone Wrong - @mangosoldier  A little bit of Steve that will brighten up your day.

Bucky: Hair Ties - @buckyssinbin This made me fall a little bit more in love with Bucky.  

Sam:Impressions - @beccaanne814-blog  Sam Wilson is such a smoothy and there should be more of these because this was so on point.

Tony: Almost - @mellifluous-melodramas The characterization of Tony in this one is just gorgeous.

T’Challa:Long Overdue - @softcorehippos this is so lovely and I just melted a little reading it.

Scott:  Shake Your Head Yes - @bovaria   I didn’t realise I was missing Scott Lang fic in my life until I read this.  I dare you to read this and not have a bit of a crush on Scott after.

Pietro: Turning The Tables - @hymnofthevalkyries This is brilliant, I do love a bit of Mr Maximoff.


The Lonely Tree – Steve x Reader @sarahwroteathing Steve is so sweet in this one and I love the whole concept of this series.

For Your Convenience –  @brighterlights AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! This entire series is just so cute and sweet and oh man this is exactly how I would be in this situation! Fabulous, just fabulous.

Friends Like Ours Series –  @brighterlights I can’t even begin to describe how much I adore this series! Go read it right now!

Are We There Yet - @mangosoldier . I have no words to describe how much I am loving this little series.  A road trip with Steve, Sam and Bucky! This is funny and sweet and just beautiful.

Postcards@sebbytrash This series is so sweet and beautifully written.

My Type - @romanovoff   I love this little series about which of the Avengers the reader would go for.  Each part is just so funny and cute and each character is really well observed.

Alternate “You”niverse@marvelandassociates I found this little gem, binge read it until the early hours of the morning and am now craving the next part.  A great concept and so well written.

By Royal Decree - @bovaria Bucky is being a dick, Steve is being amazing, this totally has me torn.

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Star Trek:

Kirk: We are, aren’t we?@castielohcastiel This made me melt.  All the characters in this were written so perfectly, definitely one of my favourites.

Bones: Echos on the Enterprise - @bkwrm523  Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.  I do have a thing for Bones right now and in this one he is filthy.

Scotty: Jaylah and Jim Pushing You and Scotty Together - @youre-on-a-starship  For all you Scotty girls out there this is just sooooo fluffy!! Everytime I read this it makes me grin. 


Ribbons – @kilismaiden . I’m not generally a Kirk girl but this little series has me hooked.  I love how she writes him and the story is super sweet.

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Other Fandoms and Fics:

Decode - @vintagevalentinexx  - After binge reading the story so far I may be a little bit in love with Mycroft Holmes. Fantastic characterisation and gripping story, please go read this, it is worth it.

Amends -  @mywritingsblog  Seb x reader AND Tom Hiddleston x reader.  I am soooooo addicted to this little gem of a series!! Tom or Seb? Seb or Tom? Choices choices.

Sunscreen – Richard Speight Jr x Reader - @wayward-mirage This lovely little bit of fluffiness is well worth a read.

Complete and Total Idiot - @wayward-mirage  writes THE BEST Rich fics and I invite you all into my fluffy little pillow fort to drown in the pit that is my Richard Speight Jr obsession.

I’ve been reading longer fic again lately (for about the past month or so) and I’m finally at the point where I’ve finished them and can start writing recs for them, which I’ve been eager to do because there are honestly some absolutely gorgeous fics in this fandom that might seem daunting for the length, but are so, so worth it. I’ll add in some shorter fics as well, to keep the set managable, but you guys. Please read some of these longer ones with me, I have feelingsabout lengthy stories that achieve the things they set out to do and needed all that time to tell the careful story they were telling! STARS IN MY EYES for these fics, honestly.

Interrupted Journeys 9: Bitter Paths by ellisk, thranduil & legolas & ocs, 71.8k
   As we look back on the journey of our life, certain moments stand out as ones that defined the course of that journey. These are the incidents that defined the lives of Thranduil Oropherion and Legolas Thranduilion throughout the Third and Fourth Ages.
The River by Indigo Bunting, legolas & sam & aragorn & frodo & gandalf & gimli & boromir & merry & pippin & ocs, 143.5k
   The Fellowship must cross a river before it can enter the land of Hollin. When disaster strikes, Sam and Legolas find themselves trapped between the river, a party of malicious strangers, and each other. A story about friendship and sacrifice.
The Silmarillion Rewrite by Jenavira, EVERYONE from the silmarillion, 61.6k wip
   The Silmarillion / Translated from the Elvish by Professor J.R.R. Tolkien / Translated from Professor Tolkien’s Handwriting by Christopher Tolkien / Translated Lovingly from the Tokienish by jenavira
calling as he used to call, faint and far away by Mira_Jade, beren/luthien & thranduil & melian & thingol & emeldir & thingol & others, 21.1k wip
   Whilst in Menegroth for the approaching birth of their son, Lúthien takes it upon herself to confront a demon still shadowing her husband’s heart - whether or not Beren approves or wants of her aid.
To Learn a King by Jedi Sapphire, thranduil & legolas, 3.7k
   The new King of Dale visits the stronghold of the Elven-king and learns how diplomatic relations are maintained.
Out of Storms Comes Strength for Tomorrow by ilfirin_estel, thranduil & legolas & tauriel/kili, movie-based, 7.5k
   After the Battle, Tauriel decides to leave Mirkwood.
The Makings of A King by TolkienScribe, thranduil & galion & oropher, 2.5k
   Galion, the King’s butler watches Thranduil transform from a Prince to a King.
When Trees Are Bare by Jael (erynlasgalen1949), thranduil/oc & legolas & gandalf, 5.6k
   Mirkwood lies in the grip of winter, and a long awaited event brings Thranduil joy and sorrow.
Into the East by Karri, thranduil & legolas, 1.3k
   Little Legolas wants to know how they came to the Greenwood.
For Pity’s Sake by Zimraphel, thranduil & gollum & mirkwood elves, 2.4k
   The Mirkwood sentries assigned to guard Gollum take pity on him, with disastrous results.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Something To Live For: Ask Policy Change

So…as you know (see post below) I just hit over 3K followers which is AMAZING!!!! 

When I started this blog I promised I would answer every single ask. I just felt it was important. You are taking the time out of your day to look at my blog and send me your thoughts. You deserve the respect of a response.

This was completely manageable when Something To Live For was…well…smaller. I also started the blog during summer hiatus when, honestly, there wasn’t a whole lot going on. So it was much easier to respond in a reasonable time frame.

I NEVER in my wildest dreams EVER expected my blog to grow to this size. As a result I receive a lot of asks…which I LOVE…dearly. I love hearing from all of you and your thoughts & questions.

However, I am simply not able to keep up with the volume of asks I receive. I’ve been trying to manage it a couple different ways. I tried shutting down asks for a week to give myself a chance to catch up. When I flipped the switch back on…within 48 hours I had over 300 asks. 

I’m not complaining….really. Quite honestly, I’m stunned people even want to hear what I think. It's unbelievably humbling. However, I just feel AWFUL for not getting back to people in a reasonable amount of time. It’s rude.

To be honest, I’ve been blogging almost every night, all night long just trying to catch up. I’m not sleeping. This isn’t your fault. That’s mine. I’m a grown ass woman and I make my own decisions but my husband has grown concerned and he’s right. I tend to think I’m Superwoman which is why I married this man…he’s up my ass about taking care of myself and I need him to be. Also he’s becoming a royal pain and it’ll just make my life easier if I listen to him. I also have a full time job now and a child that still requires parenting, a husband who can be as much work as the child at times, a house which is not going to clean itself (and honest to God does laundry ever end?) and a dog. Quite frankly the dog is one of my favorite things in the world right now because he just wants a kiss in the morning and then he lays by my feet all day.  

The other outcome of my all night blogging is…I’m not watching TV anymore. Which is sort of the point of the blog. HA! I’m waaay behind on shows. It’s also my time with my husband and I need to give that time to him. I am fond of him.

Finally, given the volume of asks I’ve had to focus on those instead of metas and fanfictions. From feedback I’ve been receiving, my metas seem to be what people enjoy the most so I’d like to refocus on those.

Basically…something has to give. Since the blog is bigger, I need to manage it better.

I have to change my policy on asks. I simply will not be able to respond to each one. I feel terrible for doing this, but I don’t think I have a choice anymore. 

I’m also prioritizing the asks.  I was going in order of oldest to newest, but that’s stopping. 

If you have a Tumblr account and especially if you are one of my followers - you get top priority. To be honest, these are the asks I feel the worst about. You guys are my friends and I’m just not responding in a timely manner. It’s rude and unacceptable to me. I value friendship and I hate feeling like a bad friend.

Anonymous asks. I love you guys. Truly. I love my Anons. They come up with some of the best questions. I am NOT turning off my Anon asks. I just don’t want to. However, I will be picking and choosing which Anon questions I answer from now on. If you don’t see a response within a week, I have chosen not to answer.

That doesn’t mean I won’t answer your question another way. I am writing a weekly episode review for Arrow. I will always have it posted by Friday at the latest. If it’s going to be any later than that…I will make an announcement. 

Also, I have an Ask page (see navigation bar). It’s entirely possible someone else asked the same question and I simply answered theirs. I tag each question #asks, so if you go to the page and click through it, you might find what you are looking for.

This policy is for when Arrow is airing new episodes. My weekly reviews take a long time to write, because well…I’m crazy and I’ve got tons to say about every episode. However, during hiatus I will probably have more free time to answer more questions. I will probably have the occasional Ask Bonanaza, but I’ll make an announcement if that’s going to happen.

I am also buying a laptop. Sadly, we do not have one so when I am blogging I’m upstairs in the office. It forces me to choose between the blog and watching TV with my husband. Now, I’m a very intelligent woman and perfectly capable of multitasking. If I have a laptop I can blog AND watch shows AND talk with my husband. So, I’m sure I’ll be able to answer questions faster once we purchase one (we’re waiting until Black Friday because we’re cheap bastards).

***No blogging during Arrow or The Flash. They require my full attention. I reserve the right to apply that to TVD if it gets complicated again. Just an FYI.

I know asks & submissions are one of the things people enjoy about this blog and I’m so sorry to do this. Hopefully with the changes it will improve everyone’s enjoyment of the blog.

Sorry for the long explanation. This is really important to me and I’ve been agonizing over the decision. I just wanted to be sure everyone knows my reasons. Thanks for your understanding.

SnK Crossroads Breakdown

I’m going to put most of this under a Read More because I’ve been getting so many questions and want to address as many as possible in one go. I’m going to be discussing speculations regarding the Coordinate, The Basement, Observations about Armin’s Sacrifice, and probably not enough coffee or alcohol to get us through it all. Buckle up. It’s gonna be long and I’m digging deep.

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Hi folks! 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the book club’s read-along for the final round of Prompts in Panem. Several of you have asked for a compiled masterlist until the official list becomes available on PiP’s archive, so I took the liberty of cobbling one together for you.

Thanks to all the readers who passed along feedback, kudos, comments, and reviews during the read-along. Every word of encouragement and support matters to the people who have written and shared their stories. If you’d like to send any additional reviews my way, please do! I’d love to post more. 

And many, many thanks to all the authors in our fandom who put their hearts and souls into writing these stories. They’ve inspired smiles and tears, countless ASDFGHJKLs and OMFGs and RUDEs and YASSSSSSSSSSes. They’ve pushed boundaries, made us swoon, and brought us together to lament or laugh. They’ve given us fluff and angst and smut; they’ve melded genres, smashed them, bent them, or chucked them out the damn window. They’ve crossed over universes and delved into what ifs and why nots and how comes. All totally for free- out of love of the craft, the fandom, and, of course, our OTP. I think we can all agree it was a phenomenal note for PiP to go out on. 

And last but not least, thanks to the marvelous Jessa (aka @peetaspenis) for graciously hosting the party. PiP was a party that brought people together from around the world and made friends and comrades and colleagues out of the motliest, most beautiful crew I could imagine. If it weren’t for PiP I wouldn’t be writing again (and that’s either a blessing or curse, depending which way you look at it ;p). I know that’s true for so many of us. 

I hope you guys will stick with the book club. A revamped reading list for the first part of February is going out this afternoon. It will include a blend of old and new, PiPs and WIPs, drabbles and one shots, and who-the-hell-knows-whats. But it’s all Everlark, and it’s gonna be fun a ride. 



The complete list is under the cut. All errors and mistakes are mine. I’ve done my best to update author user names and such, but you know how it is. Lotsa moving pieces. Hey, I tried. <3

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