the best thing i have ever done for english class

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kellie multiples of 5

5. If they could hang out with one famous person in 18th century American History, who would they want to hang out with?
mary wollstonecraft (1759) was an english womens rights activist and writer she is most known for her work a vindiction of rights she worked as a translator t

10. What’s their best stat?
i….. actually dont have her character sheet open and i dont wanna find it HFBSNZN im gonna guess and say con or int

15. Most despicable thing they have ever done?
voted for herself on during the 3rd grade class president election

20. Are they religious? If so, what god or gods do they serve?
she very reluctantly serves liosûne. its a complicated relationship

25. Favorite animal?

30. Would they smooch a ghost?
would you

Day 61:
The changes in temperature here have gotten me a little sick. Its really strange because in that mornings it feels like it’s about 40 degrees but by 2 o'clock it feels like 80 in the sun. It’s so hard to dress for the weather here!
Today in class I received the grade for one of the essays I wrote and we hand write a lot here because printing is a pain in that butt. My professor gave me a 10 (100%) but then made it a 9 (~93%) because of my bad handwriting. I guess some things never change…it was funny though and mildly annoying because nobody can ever read her writing during class when she writes on the board. Later this afternoon I went out for coffee with Amy and got some work done for a presentation I have tomorrow. Then, I headed off to teach the new professor, Maria, English. I like her the best out of all of them! She’s so sweet and her daughter is too. Her daughter likes to talk lot! Shes only 10 but she’s very mature so we had a lot of fun. We played I spy and Simon says with her and her mom. Her mom even offered to speak with me in Spanish after the English lessons because shes so nice and  said she just loves teaching. I’m so glad the other professor, Rocio, introduced me to her. She really made a lot of connections for me with my Intercambio and now Maria!