the best thing from fmab is him!!!

okay but i saw this post pointing out that greed (the second one, greedling) was wearing his suit when we first see him, and speculated that someone must have gone and got it for him because if greed had done it it would have been some of that ridiculous fashion he wears originally

anyways i bet you anything the person they made go out and get it was kimblee. evidence? greed ends up wearing a fuckin suit. like kimblee, who definitely like suits, and likes picking out the best and most expensive ones. hed probably like.  not be asked to do anyone’s shopping ever unless it was this One Specific Thing because envy is like “how do i save my brother from his awful fashion sense” and his solution is “have the best-dressed member of our group go buy him clothes”

Your Fave is Problematic: FMA, actual, serious edition
  • Lack of canon queer characters and relationships. The closest thing we have is Garfiel, who is portrayed as the stereotypical, effeminate gay man
  • Taken further in the Brotherhood 4koma theater, by portraying him as a predator
  • Murky ideologies, at best, about race
  • Dehumanization of the Ishvalans while some members of the military (eg. Mustang, Armstrong) are the heroes of the story
  • In the 2003 anime, female characters are often shoved to the side or fridged for male character development and man pain
  • The views of the oppressed (such as the Ishvalans) are not explored in depth, and instead, we view the genocide from the military’s point of view