the best that never was

A 1 year anniversary selfie!  :L I really need to thank @thatsthat24, @thejoanglebook and @tallykat3 for making the Sanders Sides such an amazing series, and bringing together such a wonderful community!  💛 

(This was my first attempt at digital art, and I think it killed me.)

“Just spill the truth, dumbass.”

i rewatched some of s9 earlier and what really fucks me up is that the three-on-one fight dropped YORK on the leaderboard

okay, tex will be number one. that makes sense. but the leaderboard only had six places and york was BOTTOM of that list. york who has always been number two, only behind carolina; york who has never successfully opened a lock in the field (as an infiltration specialist!) BUT is good enough to make up for it anyway! york is brave and smart and honorable and getting shot drops HIM on the leaderboard

not maine, who threw the grenade. not wyoming, who was also using live ammo. neither of them listened to a word he said the entire fight, they abandoned their team just as surely as he did, and okay so he shouldn’t have tried to help tex since he was fighting her– but she helped him!

but no, the director GAVE them live ammo as a dare– go ahead, try and kill her. if they’d succeeded, he would have to try again anyway, to “get her right”. and they failed, obviously, because she’s tex. he set this stupid experiment up not caring if the very best of them got injured or killed out because maine and wyoming couldn’t contain their stupid pride

if that doesn’t make it clear that the leaderboard is not a reflection of ability alone, nothing does

Ok but that scene of Jaime leaving King’s Landing was literally beautiful, not just because we’ve been waiting for it for so long, but because the music, the scenery, Nikolaj’s acting, the snow, the way he covered the gold hand (the Lannister gold. He is now just Ser Jaime. It doesn’t matter he is a Lannister.)

Suddenly the air around me feels so much purer

guess who tried digital art for the first time

Edit: this is now available as a sticker/ other things on redbubble!!! If u wanna support that would be greatly appreciated!!

Crystal Golem: Oh, which one of you’s Merle? Oh yeah, you, short one.

[He swings at Merle and misses]

Crystal Golem: Oh man, that’s embarrassing. You’re lying perfectly still. I’m usually better than this, I apologize, I’ve got performance anxiety.


I feel like I’m standing in the middle of a crowded room, screaming at the top of my lungs,
       and no one even looks up.
                                                                             Titanic, November 18, 1997

you’ll find love when you stop looking for it in the most unexpected places. you need to stop looking for love and let it look for you instead. believe me as soon as you give up, you’ll find it on a metro ride, 500ml of alcohol down, at 4 pm on a cold thursday where you least expect to find it.
—  january