the best start

On their very first night at Beacon, the early risers could see Nora and Ren cuddling in their sleep.

When Jaune and Pyrrha notice Nora and Ren sharing a bed the first few days, they end up asking them about it, since other than that there are no signs of them possibly dating.

Nora blushes and rambles something about staying warm and not being able to sleep without holding something. 

Ren calmly tells them that sharing a bed sort of became a habit out of necessity, since their bedding options often were bad.

After living in the dorm room for several months they got used to having a bed to themselves. (Nora voice, “there’s so much space here, wow!”)

When they left with Ruby during winter they got right back into their old habit. During the cold nights where they were forced to sleep outside, this caused Ruby and Jaune to add their sleeping bags, all 4 of them snuggled together warmly next to the fire.

At inns they usually had a bed each, but when they had to make do with two beds, Ruby was surprised that Nora held her just as closely as she had held Ren in the past. They even found the boys cuddling in their bed in the morning, which Jaune insisted had “happened in their sleep.” Nora teases him, saying he doesn’t have to be ashamed to admit that he wanted one of Ren’s amazing hugs.

listen: blazko is implied to be jewish, which means his kids are jewish, and pregnant anya blowing up nazis with a grenade means those little jewish babies are inadvertently blowing up nazis even before they’re born and I think that’s beautiful


‘I have lived a life. My only regret is that you didn’t get to live yours.’
But Steve’s regret is that he didn’t get to live his with her.


Isak + laughing through the years

A small drawing to celebrate that first September 1st journey 🚂✨


A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, the first studio album by band Panic! At the Disco, was released September 27, 2005.


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no I have never heard of the date tech volleyball club I swear I do not know who they are


Henrik talking about the connection between him and Tarjei

First time we meet the boys
  • Eddie: So there’s like this church full of jews, right, and Stan has to take like this super jewy test…
  • Bill: But how’s it work?
  • Eddie: They slice the tip of his dick off.
  • Richie: Then Stan will have nothing left!
  • Eddie: That’s true.
  • Stan: Hey, you guys!
  • Bill: Hey Stan, what happens at the Bar mitzvah anyways? Ed says they slice the tip of you d-d-dick off.
  • Richie: Yeah man, I think the rabbi’s gonna pull down your pants, turn to the crowd and say “Where’s the beef”?
  • Stan: At the Bar mitzvah, I read from the Torah and then I make a speech and suddenly, I become a man.
  • Richie: I can think of funner ways to become a man.
  • Stan: More fun, you mean.