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Star Trek Asks

1. What planet would you not want to lead an away team on?

2. Favourite first officer?

3. Favourite chief engineer?

4. Favourite Doctor?

5. Starship you’d like to serve on most?

6. Your least favourite episode?

7. Episode you could watch over and over?

8. Best one liner?

9. Who would win in a fight between the captains?

10. When did you become a Star Trek fan?

11. Favourite Star Trek movie?

12. Best Starfleet uniforms?

13. Favourite captain?

14. Spot or Porthos?

15. Worst alien makeup/costume?

16. Best alien makeup/costume?

17. Favourite series?

18. First Star Trek episode or movie you saw ever?

19. Last Star Trek episode or movie you saw?

20. Least favourite character?

21. Favourite character?

22. Do you read Star Trek books? If yes, which ones would you recommend?

23. Best over dramatic Captain Kirk moment?

24. Best guest star?

25. Favourite Jeffrey Combs character?

26. The character you’d follow into battle no questions asked?

27. Which character deserved better?

28. Favourite time travel episode?

29. Favourite holodeck gone wrong episode?

30. Best starship designs?

31. Most cringeworthy moment?

32. Wesley or Jake?

32. Planet you’d want to retire on?

33. Best fight scene?

34. Which Enterprise is the best?

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okay but seeing as you just made me BAWL in the library with your sad jim headcanons, can we please have some happy jim and bones headcanons?

Sorry this took me so long to answer anon!

Here are some happy Jim and Bones headcanons!

Bones, Jim and Bone’s daughter Joanna celebrate every holiday they can together

Bones, Jim and Joanna are often seen as a family by outsiders, with Bones and Jim as her fathers.

Bones, wanting Jim’s birthday to be more about him than his father, starts surprising him with parties and special outings together

Jim acts/pretends to hate these parties but loves that Bones takes the time to make his birthday special

Bones overcomes his aviophobia (fear of flying) so he can be with Jim in space

During their time at the academy, Bones knew Jim would be the craziest but best Captain Starfleet would ever have

If someone who talks bad about Jim ever came into the med bay Bones would make sure their exams/ time there was a painful and horrible experience 

The day Bones brought/snuck Jim onto the Enterprise, was the day Jim knew Bones would always be there for him

Bones and Jim often invaded each other’s space at the academy, that eventually their other roommates got fed up and told them to move in with each other

Bones and Jim often lived together and shared a bed at the academy, this habit carried over when in space which is why Spock will find Bones sleeping in the Captain’s quarters even when Jim is not there 

Jim likes to steal Bones shirts and other clothing to wear

Bones eventually started buying clothes he knew Jim would like as well because he knew Jim would also be wearing them

This was fun. Send me a prompt and I’ll answer with headcanons. :)

Positivity posts for anon ★ 1/10 - Harry Kim

Harry is a BADASS and he is so, so underappreciated by fandom.

He is fucking hardcore, all right? He saves the ship over and over, including nigh-singlehandedly during Killing Game, and it’s such a damn shame that the racism of the showrunners ended up taking away his screentime in the final seasons, and keeping him in what was, in some ways, a very stereotyped role.

But leaving aside all the muckiness that affected so many different elements of the later chapters of Voyager, Harry has…such an interesting, and disturbing, and ultimately triumphant arc over the course of the series. I feel like we don’t talk about the dark and bittersweet and complicated parts of Harry’s development enough, and that’s a shame because his arc is fascinating. He mirrors Janeway’s story in a way; they both begin the adventure eager and hopeful and good–determined to follow the principles and rules of Starfleet, yes, but also just filled with so much raw compassion (think of Harry calming B’Elanna in the Ocampan hosptial; the Tumblr discussion of how he’s using legit trauma/panic-sensitive body language wrecked me). And, like Janeway, through the first few years of the journey, he bonds with his crewmates, rises to the demands of their situation, and becomes a braver, stronger, more capable officer. But then, it all goes downhill; we see them both becoming bitter and worn, in their own ways and for their own reasons.

But Harry is good, down to the core, even when he’s exhausted and disillusioned. And anyone who wants to talk smack on him needs to take note of the fact that in the alternate timeline where it took them twenty-three years to get to the home he so longed for, years filled with loss and, no doubt, further disillusionment with his captain and with Starfleet, he’s one of the only members of the senior staff who is still out there, serving Starfleet as a Captain to the best of his ability. That’s loyalty, and that’s grace, and that’s strength.

And finally, it’s the seven-years-into-the-journey Harry and Captain Janeway who, in tandem, grab hold of their compassion and original convictions, and convince the bitter, traumatized Admiral Janeway to return to the principles with which they started. 

Harry is so important and he just fucking personifies the themes of Voyager–the idea that we will endure horrific things, and they will change us, but we still can choose to live by our principles and do, as Harry puts it, “something we all believe in.”

Starfleet’s Chosen One (collab)

Jim, Bones

Summary: Jim makes a mistake and starts overthinking everything and Bones is there to help him through it.

A/N: This is the result of me having started this fic 500 years ago and then throwing it at @thatkourtnichik for her to finish/continue it. We hope you like it!

Words: 1 566

If there was one thing Jim despised it was to be humiliated. Having led the sort of life he’d led, and being the son of the man who’d saved so many people, had resulted in people expecting more from him than he’d been willing to give in his younger years, and that had in turn led to people being disappointed. Each headshake had brought Jim so much shame that it was one of the few things that terrified him nowadays. To be publicly humiliated because he wasn’t good enough.

His fear sometimes resulted in him becoming too embarrassed to function at small yet significant mistakes, and that was how his week started; by him mistaking a peaceful being for something bigger and more dangerous, and thus marching his landing party onto a planet that was neither threatening them nor in need of their assistance. Jim stormed out of the bridge almost as soon as they’d beamed back onto the ship, and Bones eventually found him where he was pacing around in his quarters, which was a neater way of saying hiding in his room.

“I fucked up,” he said before Bones could even open his mouth. “I know that. Please spare me the lecture.”

Bones blinked once, twice, and said, “Why would I lecture you?”

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Ok but after Krall and Yorktown, and after the Enterprise is finally back in space where she belongs, it’s like someone turned the lights on for Jim.

He hadn’t realised how much he had been hiding from himself until he saw the bursts of colours from the stars and nebulae they passed, until he was surrounded by his crew’s happy, excited faces, until the gold of his shirt finally looked like gold again, instead of just another shirt for another day.

But it wasn’t just those things Jim took a second glance at, it was Bones.

And God, he didn’t realise just how blind he’d been until he finally saw Bones.

He probably shouldn’t have been staring, no, he definitely shouldn’t have been staring; a crewman was bleeding out on the table after an away mission gone wrong, but he was safe in Bones’ medbay now so Jim isn’t feeling too guilty about stopping like a slack-jawed idiot.

Bones was tired, shouting, and covered in bodily fluids that Jim didn’t want to even try to identify, but fuck. He was the most beautiful thing Jim’s ever seen.

“What are you looking at? Don’t you go have to be obnoxious on the bridge like a good captain?” Bones snapped at him when he finally realised Jim was still there, but Jim didn’t take it too personally, if you wanted the best treatment, you saw Bones. If you wanted decent bedside manner, you saw literally anyone other than Bones.

“You’re beautiful.” It just slipped out of his mouth, rather loudly by the looks he got from the nurses, but Jim didn’t care.

“What? Oh for the love of– Jim we had the damn discussion about telling me when you hit your head.” Bones hands the crewman off to the nurse waiting at his side, who spares Jim a quick nod and a smile before turning to her patient, and the next thing in his vision is Bones’ angry face. “What did you do? Bang your head off a low cave roof again? For such a smart guy you can be pretty dumb. Concussions are dangerous, Jim. Even for Starfleet Captains.”

“I didn’t hurt my head, Bones. You’re just- You’re beautiful.” Jim knows he’s got a stupid smile on his face, and from the way Bones’ is scanning his head it’s obvious he does sound like someone that banged their head in a cave, but he doesn’t mind so much. He can finally see. “I didn’t notice before, but I do now, and you’re the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

Bones stops trying to scan him, instead just squinting his eyes at Jim with a peculiar expression on his face.

It takes a good few minutes before Bones seems to come to a conclusion, and that conclusion appears to be dragging a hand across his face and sighing loudly.

“You’re the best Captain Starfleet has to offer, and it’s taken you nearly a decade to realise you like me. We’re doomed.”

“Wait you knew?” Jim is confused, and from the way Bones sighs, it’s apparent he’s the only one. “How could you know if I didn’t?”

“Because I like you too, you damn space cowboy. Now get out my medbay, you’re an embarrassment and I don’t want to be seen with you.”

And just like that, he’s being spun around and shoved into the corridor, where Nyota is waiting for him.

“Captain, you’re needed on the bridge. What’s with your face?”

Jim was pretty sure the crew was meant to actually respect their Captain, but that was an argument for another day. “Did you know I liked Bones?”

Nyota sighs, scarily not unlike Bones, and turns to head to the turbolift. “He finally told you? Thank God. Now can we go to the bridge?”

“Nyota, I am very, very confused.”

“You have date nights every Thursday, Captain. I don’t know how you didn’t know, but you and McCoy are a thing. You have been for a while.”

So they stand there quietly in the turbolift for a few seconds, before the grin creeps back onto his face. Bones likes him. The man more beautiful than all the planets and stars Jim’s ever seen likes him.


Sisko Is The Best: The Only One to Defeat Q

Benjamin Sisko was the best captain in Starfleet history before he was even a Captain, because Captaincy Rule 1 is “Not waiting for the PADD-pushers in Command to approve something you know needs doing.” The most epically understated proof is how he utterly defeated Q. And to explain why we need to see how the other captains lost.

Picard lost. Picard lost hard and always. Picard’s entire existence was bracketed by Q from a first Encounter at Farpoint to the end of Time’s Arrow. He never escaped. He was only ever a player in Q’s games, or rather a game that Q played. We’ve already established the Q Continuum could watch whatever and whenever they went, and when Q got bored he’d come prod Picard until he got moralistic. But human notions are so far below the level of Q that Picard’s powerful speeches must have come across as cute cat videos, each getting infinitillion-plus-i views on QTube. Picard never stopped reacting so Q never stopped bullying him.

Janeway, for all her strengths, was even worse. Multiple Q chased (one of) the only Starfleet vessels in the entire Delta quadrant. Which only made it more tragic that they never fully punched through the desperately weakened fourth wall with a QPool episode allowing him to talk to the camera. Here he didn’t just dominate the vessel whenever he wanted, his appearances disrupted his own Q continuum as well, before coming back a third time with a teenage boy character. Because those always work so well on Star Trek. Once again a Starfleet captain is so much at his call and beck that she has to consider it serious tactical win when she convinces him not to have a child with her. (Which is ugh in more ways than I have time to list here, but that’s the fault of the writers instead of the characters.  As if a Q couldn’t create a kid with someone just because they had a few inches of French trouser-sausage.)

But Sisko? Sisko had enough of that asshole before he ever arrived. Q appeared on DS9 once, uno, wa’, tud, a haon, (1), and never omnipotented their airlocks again entirely thanks to Sisko’s genius.  Which is beautifully understated. On the surface it looks like Q was all about the Vash, and Sisko a sighingly annoyed subplot. But Q still went straight for the commander, just as he always does. The key comes in one line early on:

KIRA: What’s Q?
SISKO: A powerful and extremely unpredictable entity. I was at a Starfleet briefing on him two years ago.

Starfleet knows about the Q. Starfleet holds briefings about him as a threat to the Federation, like the Borg or Doomsday Weapons, and anyone even half-competently on the command track has to have spent a few nights wondering what they’d do should Q come into view. Sisko has passionately kicked the ass of everything from every planet, quadrant, or trans-dimensional energy plane that has ever crossed him. So why does he only sigh like a schoolteacher at Q’s antics?

Because that’s how to kick Q-ass.

Sisko has thought about this. Sisko has read past reports. Sisko has learned from Picard’s mistakes (because Picard-as-enemy was a HUGE part of early Sisko’s personality before the end of Emissary), and he absolutely refuses to indulge Q at any emotional level more extreme than “annoyed at a malfunctioning replicator” to make sure he stays “boring” in the bully’s mind. He asks for help, he ignores Q after not getting it, even when he thumps Q – one of the most satisfying Star Trek moments in existence, by the way – it’s only because that’s the most predictable and least interesting response to Q.

Q: You hit me! Picard never hit me.
SISKO: I’m not Picard.
Q: Indeed not. You’re much easier to provoke. How fortunate for me.

You can see Q decide Sisko’s not worth the bother. He only talks directly to Sisko once more, ever, and it’s to tell him exactly where the problem is. He’s given up. He’s bored. He’s leaving. He disappears out of Sisko’s life in a flash of light, and the final score is Q-nil.

Because Sisko wins.

And even though it was the galaxy’s first full-contact feint, pretending to be unimaginative in order to creatively dispose of an all-powerful threat, let’s enjoy those punches again.

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[I think many people miss the point when it comes to Janeway. She did made some poor decisions and wasn’t always the best at respecting her crew. But I think the point of her was she wasn’t ‘the best of the best’ like Kirk or Picard. She was an average Starfleet captain and had 'greatness’ thrust upon her when Voyager was tossed into the Delta Quadrant. And she had to deal with it despite being poorly equipped to in many ways. And she did-she got them home.]

Spock and Leonard telling each other’s stories of growing up.
Recounting daring adventures in climbing trees/hills, and fun activities in school (mostly Leonard)
Telling tall tales of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Where they thought their future would go.
Leonard laying on the floor with his head on Spock’s lap, reaching up into the air playfully and smiling before saying “in every future I imagined, I never thought I would join Starfleet”
And Spock can see that. Leonard makes his feelings for space clear every day of his life
But then Leonard continues “never thought I would be as good as my mom, with all those fears I have”
And Spock raises and eyebrow. Leonard doesn’t talk about his parents much, so he doesn’t know what they did for a living, but this is an interesting twist
He asks if she was in medical, hence why Leonard became a doctor
He chuckled and says ‘no, I got my love for medical from my dad. Mom was a captain of her own ship"
And Spock is really intrigued now
They continue talking for the rest of the night, never falling asleep, while Spock reminds himself to look into this

When he checks Leonard’s file the next morning he sees his parents names
His father, who’s file says he was a doctor on earth
And his mother, a highly decorated captain of her own ship
And now he wonders how Leonard’s mother would feel, knowing he did join Starfleet and that his best friend is a Captain and always getting pointers from Leonard.

He thinks she’d be one proud mom

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Are you serious about the objectification and sexism you speak of in your description? How?

Things that absolutely fucking astound me: the fact that people take the time to write us asks like this one but can’t look at the about page or the FAQ to see if maybe, just maybe, this has been adressed at some point.

But nah, dude, honestly? That’s totally just something we said to seem cool and to be friends with the SJ community. Serious? Pfft. Why would we be seriously frustrated over the fact that one Shepard’s body changed significantly with every game to give them larger breasts, a slimmer waist, and curvier hips? That one Shepard needed years of intense fan support to be allowed on the cover and in marketing? That one Shepard’s default face was disregarded and remade because that face was not ~attractive~ enough to be marketable, and that this Shepard was not only given a new face but also makeup and a wonderful chance to be voted on based on appearance.

Why would anyone think anything negative of a designer’s choice to put two old, feared, respected asari warriors, a Matriarch and a Justicar, in skin-tight armour and give them cleavage for days?

Or be upset when a woman who proves herself to be intelligent, lethal, supportive, loyal, and who is largely the reason for Shepard breathing again gets called a bitch, a slut, a whore because of the way she dresses? Why would we be upset over the fact that throughout ME2, the camera lingers on her ass, making us look at her in a way that is so blatantly objectifying that some people (not us though, obviously) wonder what the hell the person who claimed that Jacob was treated in the same manner was on because some people would like an ounce or two. (That shit clearly warps reality in the most spectacular way. Actually, if I find some, I’ll share it with our followers and maybe we can get on board with the supposed fact that Janeway not being widely considered one of the best Starfleet captains by the ST fandom totally doesn’t have anything to do with her being a woman.)

Or, I don’t know, the fact that one Shepard, Kaidan, and Anderson are allowed to grow old with the things they’ve lived through beautifully visible on their faces while the other Shepard, Ashley, and Kahlee are smooth-skinned, makeup-wearing, young-looking, designed to fit a societal ideal for beauty?

Why would people have objections that the species where everyone appears female and can bear children is the one most commonly dressed in revealing clothing along with human women? That the asari and the human women are the ones we see dancing for our entertainment in clubs? I mean, I know I said I’m not really serious about this but come to think of it, it’s almost like that’s a choice made to appeal to people who are attracted to that kind of body, rather than attempt to show a diverse galaxy with lots of different species who might be physically appealing to someone other than a human!! WEIRD.

: |

I could go on for days, honestly, but I’m sure I’ll have reason to revisit this issue again since this is not the first anon unable to search for information themselves, and I’m absolutely positive it will not be the last. Besides, I haven’t have breakfast yet and I need nutrition to further fuel my anger.

Note: I’m not condemning anyone for wearing makeup (I mean…) or revealing clothing (I am all for cleavages and short skirts and tight fits, as my wardrobe would show) but they can be and have been really fucking terrible design choices, especially in the cases of Ashley, Kaidan, and default Shepard (not that either of them shouldn’t be able to wear makeup and revealing clothing of course, of course, but I think you know what I’m saying here). I’d like to spend even more time talking about this but this post is already a mile long so I’ll save it for another day.

Seriously though, anon, “are you serious about the objectification and sexism” come on what kind of fucking question is that.

- C