the best stage ever ;;

Your unproblematic fav: Stefán Karl

-Film and stage actor/comedian

-Played the best villain ever, Robbie Rotten (and got awards for it)

-His one man show Thousand Island Dressing was selected by the President of the Leipzig Film Festival in Germany

-The singing gay sheep farmer (Icelandic feature comedy Stella Runs for Office)

-Founder of the reputable nonprofit organisation Rainbow Children

-Amazing singer

-He is fighting pancreatic cancer

-Somehow managed to do a livestream of him singing and dancing

-Wants to name his cat “Pokemon”

-Just so pure?

I love him.


Sandra Ceccarelli as Empress Elisabeth of Austria in The Crown Prince (2006, dir. Robert Dornhelm)


Lost Small World Stage Play ♔ Twoshots


Haikyuu!! stage play - Aobajousai


wakes up in the morning and watches a full 40 min mykki blanco live show

wow can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL Tae is when his eyebrows and forehead are exposed through a snapback and his hair is all sweaty and there’s just this look of pure fun and laughter in his eyes and the most beautiful smile on his face??? 

I’m breathless. (cr.)

anonymous asked:

Hi mama Ashe, my names Sophie and I'm sixteen years old and tomorrow I'm going to my first poetry reading as a young adults finalist. Do you have any tips that can stop nervousness or anxiety for a first time reader in front of an audience ?? Please and thank you !!

Aaah, that’s so exciting!! Congratulations, Sophie! <3
My best advice is to use the fear to your advantage. Let it make you honest. You’re going to feel really vulnerable, but that’s a good thing! That’s the best part about poetry. The walls come down and you get to really make a connection with the audience.

The best advice I’ve ever gotten when it comes to stage fright was about auditions, but it applies here too:
Remember, these people WANT to see you succeed. As intimidating as it can seem, everyone in the audience wants to have a good time; they’re not out to judge you harshly. They’re 100% on your side.

cool MBTI squads

the “we do bad things but somehow never get held accountable for our actions nor do we ever get hurt but fuck do we have a good time” squad: ENTP, ESTP, ESFP

the “beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure” squad: INFJ, ENFP, INFP, INTP, ISFP 

the “fuck you Helen i never want to see you at this PTA meeting or any of my kids soccer games ever again and your brownies taste like shit anyway” squad: ESTJ, ENFJ, ISTJ

the “if i find one paper misplaced on my desk someone will die” squad: INTJ, ENTJ

the “why do i have to choose just one option when i play Fuck Marry Kill why not all three” squad: ESFP, ESTP, ENFP, ISFP 

the “thinks Journey is the best band to ever grace the stage” squad:  ISTJ, ESFJ, ENFJ, ESFP

the “wakes up in the morning wondering who to fight today” squad: ESTP, ENTP, INTJ, ENTJ

the “ Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears” squad: INFP, ESFJ, ISTP

the “*pushes up glasses* *breathes in inhaler* *adjusts bowtie* umm actually” squad: INTP, ENTJ

the “the book was so much better than the movie” squad: ISFJ, INTJ, INFP, ISFP

the “assfuck pretentious cunt dick fuckshitpissbitch jerk” squad: ENTP, ESTP, INTJ, ISTJ

the “most likely to be found guilty of murder” squad: ENFP, ESTP, ISTP

the “most likely to get away with murder” squad: ENTP, ENTJ, INTJ

the “has no friends other than this one squad” squad: INTP, ISFJ, INTJ, ENTJ

the “would genuinely enjoy dubstep remixes of yodeling” squad: ENTP, ESFJ, ESFP, INFP

the “greaser bully from an 80s coming of age movie that takes place in the 50s who carries a knife and chases the 12 year old into the forest” squad: ESTP, ISTP,

the “tumblr sjw who tells people to ‘educate themselves’” squad: ENFJ, ESFJ, ISFJ, ISFP

the “displays qualities strikingly similar to a French pre-revolution Monarch” squad: ENTP, ISTJ, INTJ, ESFP, ENFJ 

Okay, I’m sorry but can someone please explain to me why everyone and their mother has a problem with Sierra Boggess and how present she still is in the Phantom/ALW world? I understand that she gets a lot more publicity and attention than other Christine’s but did anyone ever for a second stop to think that maybe its because she is insanely talented and one of the best Christine’s to ever cross a stage? I do agree that there are plenty other talented actresses out there who deserve the same publicity but I think Sierra’s is rightfully deserved. She is an amazing actress, singer and performer and has brought the character of Christine to reality for so many phans, including myself.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts also complaining about her being present at the 30th anniversary and honestly has everyone forgotten that the theatre that she was supposed to perform in just had a fire and the production had to be postponed? Like she was already in France and it’s not hard to get transportation over to London to be there. 


Lies era bigbang vs Bang Bang Bang era bigbang♡