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tips for high school freshman:

1. i know, i know. this is terrifying. you’re going to be dealing with many huge changes. but change is good. remember that.

2. try not to blend in. i know its easier but you wanna make some friends, right? you probably want to make good relationships with teachers too. stand out. be remembered in the best ways possible.

3. work hard. strive to be the best. stay up late studying, take notes, ask questions, stay after class, do whatever you can to achieve you’re goals. prove to yourself and everyone around you that you are capable of amazing things.

4. participate. speak your thoughts in group discussions. join clubs. play sports. don’t be afraid. you deserve to be noticed and listened to.

5. stay organized. use planners, label everything, color code, make files on your laptop, don’t keep unnecessary tabs open, and make sure you’re not a mess too.

6. try and make friends. i know how difficult its going to be but you’ll need them. talk to the people on your cross country team, talk to the art kids in first period, talk to the weird kid sitting next to you in assembly. just try and make friends. you need people, no matter how much it seems like you don’t. you will not be able to survive this alone.

7. study. make flashcards, copy notes, use quizlet, i dont care just study. your phone can wait an hour or two.

8. make sure your bag is fully stocked. y’know like extra change, deodorant, hand cream, pads, chapstick, etc. you never know what could happen.

9. its okay if you don’t talk to your old friends anymore. you’ll be okay. so will they. but if you ever find yourself needing to talk to someone, don’t hesitate to text them. they will listen.

10. take a warm shower every night. wash your hair twice a week. drink a glass of milk every morning and a glass of water every night. have a cup of tea while studying/doing homework. reward yourself with an episode of your favorite show. self care is important.

11. make sure to read and write daily. prioritize it.

12. don’t be afraid to express yourself. if your school has a strong arts program, use it. paint, sculpt, draw. find inspiration and create.

13. stay focused and don’t stray from your expectations.

14. find ways to stay motivated. decorate your desk, buy cute notebooks, imagine how far you’ll go by doing well in school.

15. mentally make a daily schedule to follow. repetition is comforting. while everything around you is changing faster than you can blink, take comfort in the fact that your morning routine stays the same.

16. school comes first, but try to make time for your friends. both old and new. you deserve to have some fun. but don’t feel bad if you’d rather stay home with a tub of ice-cream and a season of some netflix series.

17. there will be bad days. days when it seems like you can’t get out of bed. days when it seems like stress is the only thing you’re feeling. days when you just want to give up. but you have to fight through it. have a cup of tea. read that old book you love. watch some netflix. take a break. it’ll all be okay.

18. they’ll also be days when you miss your old life with every bone in your body. on these days, text your old friends. maybe schedule to hang out. or maybe look at old pictures and videos and reminece on all the fun times you had together. don’t feel sad for too long. many more joyous memories will be created.

19. time heals everything. when days are gloomy and your heart is a lil heavy, remember that there is nothing that the passage of time cannot fix.

20. try to finish all your homework before dark. open the windows. welcome the fresh air and let the sunlight motivate you.

21. spend time with your family. you only have so much time left with them before college, don’t waste it. put down your phone, and just enjoy their presence. 

22. relativity is everything. i know it seems like one thing is the end of the world, but take a moment to zoom out. you’ll realize that some things are not big as they seem.

23. be fearless. take big steps. this is your time.

—  throughout my freshman year i wrote tips down to help myself. i hope this helps others as well.
Things characters could talk about



Their types

The meaning of life


The best flavor of chap stick

Inappropriate stuff


Plans for the future

Weird dreams they’ve had

Scientific theories

Funny vines

Sponge Bob

Story ideas they really wish they had the motivation and skill to write



The end of the world


What comes after death



Weird people they’ve seen at Walmart

Their MO’s if they became serial killers

The mafia

The best superpower

How much it would suck to be in a coma but able to hear everything yet not move

Sports teams

People they’d die to meet

How they’d die in the zombie apocalypse

How to become a drug dealer

What types of fruit they’d be

Kanye West

Ways to change the world

Pet peeves

Who they’d sell their soul for

The scientifically best way to walk to not get mugged

Dark humor

Knock knock jokes


The compelling urge to throw their phones out an open window


Who’d be the target on their dart board

The probability of dying alone

How sad yet endearing it is to see old couples being cute

Coke vs Pepsi

The worst pain they’ve ever felt


Childhood hopes

How weird Nostalgia and Déjà vu are

Whether hypnosis really works

What if plants had feelings?

Guardian angels

how a libra sees the signs


aries: all aries i have ever met have been very passionate, whether it be about their lovers, their opinions or their hobbies, an aries will fight for what they love until death. aries are entertainers, performers  and storytellers. aries love to be the center of attention, more so than leos in my opinion, and are always the loudest people in the room. aries have really big egos and love to compete, but if you beat an aries they’ll be a sore loser about it. you either love an aries or hate an aries. 

taurus: a taurus is a huge flirt in my opinion, but it is very hard for them to settle down. they love to tease and lead on, and often express little emotion. they can come off as kind of cold or disconnected because they’re so laid-back & low-key, but once you get to know them a taurus is a very loyal companion. they are extremely opinionated and stuck in their ways because of how stubborn ( & bull-like ) they are. every taurus i know loves to smoke weed & sleep. a common misconception about a taurus is that they’re lazy and fat, but every taurus i know is beautiful and active. they are also airheads. 

gemini: i personally don’t think gemini is the worst sign at all. gemini’s are often under appreciated in my opinion. i’ve never had an issue with a gemini although they do tend to have “split personalities”. a gemini is very social and charming, but with that comes their gossipy qualities which many people don’t like, but geminis don’t mean any harm by their gossip they just truly love to talk and talk about literally anything. all geminis that i know are also very smart and hardworking, but know how to have a good time. geminis are a lot of fun to be around. 

cancer: cancer’s are big babies. a cancer is a constant victim and they have a complete “why me” mindset. anything that happens to a cancer is the world out to get them. i think that all cancer’s need a reality check. even though they can be whiny brats, cancers are so nice and genuinely care about everyone which is why they get taken advantage of a lot. cancer’s get attached to people very fast. they fall fast and hard.  a cancer will come off as quiet and charming at first, but they will become annoying eventually. personally, i can only take cancers in small doses.  

leo: even though leo are a lot to handle, i always will have a lot of love for leos. leos are often melodramatic and have a mindset that they “too good”, but once you get over how superficial they can be leos are great. a leo can have fun anywhere and is the life of the party. all leos that i know have great senses of humor and are very trustworthy. leos will act like they care about anything but deep down they’re insecure and try very hard to please everyone. often times, they can because of their charisma and radiating energy, but if they can’t they’re extremely hard on themselves. since i’m a libra, i get along well with leo & appreciate them a lot. 

virgo: i think everyone needs at least one virgo in their life. virgo’s give the best advice & are good listeners which makes them such good friends. when a virgo cares about someone they really care about them and will do anything for them.  virgos are all so emotional and sensitive even though they hate to admit it. virgos are obsessed with perfection and often pretend that everything’s okay even though its not just because they don’t want to come off as weak. they also overthink so much that they make themselves crazy. virgos will bottle their emotions and eventually just explode.  

libra: i love being a libra and i love every libra that’s in my life. you can usually spot a libra out of a crowd because they have the best sense of style and love the expensive pleasures of life. they can come off as airheads, but they are actually very smart they’re just so lazy. a libra will be taken advantage of very easily because they try to see the good in everyone and every situation. it takes a lot to get a libra mad, but when they do get mad there is no going back. libras love to talk and socialize, but they do get in trouble a lot because they love to gossip as well. libras have commitment issues too. 

scoprio: i love scorpios. scorpios live up to their reputation of being sex freaks. every scorpio i’ve ever met are very in tune with their sexual needs and not afraid to express their sexual desires. but, scorpios aren’t as dark and twisted as you think. most of the time they’re just sarcastic assholes on the exterior, but once a scorpio opens up they’re actually sensitive and sweet, but it is hard to meet this side of the scorpio because they’re so guarded. one tip to being around scorpios is to not piss them off because they have a hot temper and often do impulsive things without thinking about repercussions. 

sagittarius: sagittarius love to explore and try new things. the sagittarius is extremely adventurous and independent as well. they are often afraid to ask others for help and try to do everything themselves. sagittarius loves sports and  being active. sagittarius is very intimidated by intimate relationships and will often try to avoid them at all costs. a sagittarius has a very big heart and will go out of their way for anyone not just the people they love. they are very straight-forward and will speak the brutal truth which often gets them in trouble, but they don’t mean it to be malicious they do it because they would rather not lie. 

capricorn: capricorns are complete know-it-alls and tryhards. they have to be the best at everything and will die trying to be the best all the time. capricorns constantly have a stick up their asses about everything and are complete fun-suckers. capricorns are extremely work oriented and live by “all work no play” to its fullest extent. due to this capricorns are extremely smart and successful which is good because it makes up for their lack of a personality. all capricorns are extremely pessimistic and complain about everything making them extremely hard to be around. 

aquarius: anyone who is an aquarius is so artsy. aquarius are really cool, but in a detached and weird way. aquarians are so imaginative and creative which is why all of the aquarius i know are into theater and the arts because they have a knack for it. when you first meet an aquarius they’re usually painfully awkward because they’re really introverted. aquarians are super unreliable and unpredictable which is why you shouldn’t depend on them for something important. they have a hard time opening up to people because of how detached they are which is why it’s hard to have an emotional/romantic relationship with them. 

pisces: by far the worst sign in my opinion. every pisces i know is completely crazy – they are manipulative, compulsive liars, and emotionally unstable. pisces also think that the world is out to get them and they can never own up to things that they did. they will do anything to avoid taking blame in anything actually. pisces take everything too seriously and will cry at the drop of a dime. they cannot take any criticism at all because they think that they are always right and refuse to see things from any other perspective. if something isn’t exactly how a pisces wants it they want nothing to do with it. 


Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko | Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 (2017 Junior Worlds)

Motherhood inspired Sydney Leroux to join anthem protest

The former Seattle Reign forward wants to set a good example for her son.

Former Seattle Reign FC player Sydney Leroux is playing for more than herself now. She’s playing for all her FC Kansas City and U.S. teammates, for the fans who follow her career, and most importantly, her son Cassius. “My entire life is that baby,” Leroux told Excelle Sports earlier this year. “Before he was born, soccer was everything in my entire life. If I was in a hole, it was an awful hole. If I was doing well, it was the best. But now I have my son, and no matter what, it’s always the best.” Leroux was thinking of Cassius on Sunday evening in the moments before Kansas City stepped onto the field at Memorial Stadium. As many of her teammates walked out for introductions, Leroux remained in the locker room — sitting out during the flag and national anthem ceremony to push for racial equality and speak out against police brutality.

She was joined by Reign FC’s Elli Reed, Megan Rapinoe, Madalyn Schiffel, Lauren Barnes and Diana Matheson, and FCKC starters Yael Averbuch, Desiree Scott, and Becky Sauerbrunn, the current U.S. Women’s National Team captain. After the match, Leroux reflected on her decision to join Rapinoe and her peers in sitting out during the anthem. “I have a baby and I want him to look up to me and be proud of who I am and what I stand for,” Leroux said, while also praising the women who joined her. “I think that speaks volumes to have other people who aren’t necessarily women of color to come and say, ‘No, something needs to change.’ I’m so honored to play with people like that.” For Leroux, taking a stand is more important than the volumes of people reached by her actions. “I remember someone saying something about Pinoe when she knelt about, ‘Oh, well you did it in front of 23 people in comparison to the NFL players doing it in front of thousands and on TV.’ And I think that what’s important is, for me in my heart, that’s the right thing to do.” It helps to have a supportive coach in Vlatko Andonovski as well, who said after the match, “I support my players with their individual decisions in any way possible — regardless of what it is. I support the players who stepped out for the national anthem and I support the ones who stayed in the locker room.” Leroux walked off the field assisting on FC Kansas City’s lone goal, which was all her team needed to leave Memorial Stadium with a win. But showing her son — who giggled as he was passed around by the team after the match — what his mom stands for will likely be the more memorable action for Leroux this evening.


TES Table Yuzu created in junior high school for his goals in the World Championships. On the right in pencil markings are the + GOE marks he wished to receive (he wasn’t playing around with that 3A lol) and StSq levels he wanted. Everything is neatly organized and carefully written. This does a lot to reflect his determined mentality and love for the sport as an athlete in my opinion.

Historical Figures...high school au

This is really stupid but I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Please indulge me.

George Washington: That one teacher whom everyone respects and no one really wants to get on his bad side because holy hell he’s scary. Hamilton tries his hardest to be the teachers’ pet, but everyone knows that Lafayette is his favorite. He just wants to retire.

Alexander Hamilton: President of the debate club and the oratory club. Was a member of the chess club until James Madison kept beating him. Constantly doing menial tasks for Mr. Washington. Hates Thomas Jefferson with a passion, but only because everyone thinks Jefferson is a better writer than he is (which may or may not be true.) Everyone wants to date him until they realize how insufferable he is. Voted most attractive 4 years in a row.

Aaron Burr: Hamilton’s friend, but only outside of the debate club. In debate club they are bitter enemies. Takes women’s history as an elective. Mr. Washington utterly despises him. Jefferson utterly despises him. Madison is..indifferent to him. He tries his best. Constantly dealing with the consequences of Hamilton being unable to  shut his damn mouth.

Ben Franklin: Wins the science fair every damn year. Has about 7 different girlfriends at once and is always skipping classes to…do…things…with them. Not the most attractive but hot damn he’s always somehow getting laid. Really close with all of the foreign exchange students. Too close. Really wanted the school mascot to be the turkey.

The Marquis de Lafayette: The French Foreign exchange student who everybody LOVES. Seriously, they all think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. The only one who can make Mr. Washington smile. He isn’t very fluent in English so he really doesn’t understand why everyone is so close to him all the time but he really enjoys having so many friends.

John Adams: Eternally pissed off at something or someone. Student body President although no one really understands how he won the election. Constantly arguing with Hamilton over how the student government should be run, even though they basically have the same ideas. Manic-depressive and spends all his free time in the library getting yelled at by the librarian for being too loud. People make fun of him behind his back but he pretends not to notice. Jefferson’s boyfriend.

Thomas Jefferson: That one weird kid that no one really hates but no one really talks to either. Spends all his time in the library, pretending to pay attention to Adams’ ranting. He’s an incredible writer but tends to have panic attacks when he needs to speak out loud. Is reading all the time. Reads in class. Reads during gym. Reads in the bathroom. Has no fashion sense at all. Brings macaroni and cheese for lunch every damn day. Sometimes brings his pet mockingbird to school. Never leaves his best friend, James Madison’s side.

James Madison: Best friends with Thomas Jefferson. Is out sick all the time, but is somehow still at the top of all of his classes. Very very small, but never bullied because he spends most of his time camping out in the library with Jefferson and Adams. He and Adams don’t really like each other much, but put up with each other out of their mutual care for Jefferson. Used to be friends with Hamilton but they don’t really talk anymore. Spends all of his lunch money on ice cream. Literally the smartest kid in school, which really pisses Hamilton off.

Richard Henry Lee: That one kid who’s always late or running in the halls but none of the teachers can really get mad at him because he’s so damn sweet. Excited about literally everything. Isn’t very smart, but he tries his best. He’s on every single sports team and is constantly doing parkour to get to classes. Very depressed but very good at hiding it. Everyone’s friend, no one’s best friend. Once ate everything in the vending machine on a dare.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko: The other foreign exchange student that no one remembers. No one can pronounce his name. Always building complicated stuff in shop class.

Here’s the fics I read (and like) during May! (it’s a very long fic rec, fair warning)

☾  Blind Date With A Book  , by  thepsychicclam:      Stiles thought the Blind Date With a Book trend was a great way to drum up business for his small bookshop. He definitely thought it was a great idea after the hot guy kept returning and buying more blind dates with books.Derek didn’t know how he kept getting set up on blind dates by his family, or why he kept going on them. The highlight of his night was when the date was over and he could go to the little bookshop in town and buy something to read for the rest of the night. He wanted to read, not date. (30k, M)

☾  Deputy Derek Hale, Alpha  , by  eldeeDeputy Derek Hale has recently become an alpha, and that changes things for him.  Now that he’s back after a leave of absence, he’s hoping to get what he and Stiles had almost-started back on track. The thing is, it seems Stiles is going through some changes of his own and Derek’s not sure how he fits. (12k, E)

☾  Deep Down in His Blood , by wangler  :   “Do you want me to get you wet?” Derek asks, low now, like a growl. (4k, E)

☾  If We Could Match , by  InTheArmsofaThief : As Stiles waits behind the camera during an interview, he thinks he should maybe quit.  Because, in all honesty, despite the charming smile the actor is pulling out for EW, Derek Hale is kind of a jerk. (23k, E)

☾  The Awkward and Sometimes Painful Life of of Genim Hale by BlueRunawayMoon  : Stiles is a writer of gay erotica whose work, according to his Editor (one miss Lydia Martin) has gotten dull and boring. Lydia suggest’s that Stiles try to LIVE a little, gain some new juicy experiences that he can write about and bring the heat up again. Only problem is Stiles is a bit on the dorky side and not good with ‘living a little’. After a whole slew of embarrassing situations brought on by his best(sometimes!) friend Scott, he’s given some wise advice and decides to take a tropical paradise vacation. All’s going good and well, and he’s got a major crush on his super hot tour guide Danny. Yet it seem’s like he can’t stop bumping into Derek, who, as annoying and brooding as he seem’s, also makes it quite clear he WANTS Stiles. As in…wants wants. With the two being brought together almost by fate, Stiles discover’s that Derek is more than he seems….WAY more. (113k, E)

☾  Riding the Lightning, by  VendelinStiles finds himself on the doorstep to his home in Beacon Hills, not remembering how he got here or why he’s barefoot. As it turns out, he was abducted a couple of weeks earlier from a college party and bears the same marks on his body as victims of a serial killer his dad just can’t seem to get a hold of. So there he is, with no memories of what happened, the last couple of weeks like a blank line in his mind and knowing all too well that he’s the best shot they have at catching this guy. As a key witness and in acute, assumed danger, he finds himself under surveillance 24/7 and more often than not, his dad’s best Deputy: Derek Hale, is sitting at his kitchen table. (23k, E)

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IKON as students

Kim Jiwon- Bobby

-Aomine Daichi

-plays basketball

- the ace of the team

-likes to skip classes. Constantly

- ask you for your homework

-then asks you for help when exams are coming

- looks like a player(he kinda is when he is in the mood)

-likes to have girls around(but loves basketball more than girls)

-looks bad. Well, not bad, but first years  never disrespect him.

- has kinda average grades. Not the best student. But he is not stupid either.Actually  he smart aff.

-good at english MURICA!!

- lowkey hates school. But he likes studying for some classes when he is actually realllllyy interested (Hisotry? Philosophy? He makes me believe that is pretty curios and wants to understand the world better)

-writes? why not.

- plays the guitar, drums, even some piano, good at swimming too.

-pretty skilled at everything actually. Every sport. Well. He doesn’t like the climbing wall but that’s ok.

-also LOUD . When he laughs at least.

-quiet in general when he doesn’t have people to hang out with.

-best friend with B.i and also Jinhwan.

-one day got into detention because the teachers didn’t like his new eyebrow piercing. Also that’s where he met June and Mino, probably.

-just imagine him playing basket ball one day, with a loose shirt or something and his teammates noticing his tattoo on the back, and everyone goes like GENERAL PANICKKKKK “FUCK DUDE IS THAT A TATTOoOO?????? CAN YOU SHOW US????” “ siiiickkkk” “did it hurt??” and Bobby thinking at what would happen if they would find the actual meaning behind his tattoo. (meanwhile, Jinhwan in a corner with his back against the wall, smoking and his 6 tattoos under his nice presentable clothes watching the scene AMIRIGHT????)

-  people think he is in a gang and rumors spread about him being a bully( actually helps kids and old people cross the road)

-hid dad is a painter. wants to lowkey draw like him

-friends with everyone. easy to talk to(after you approach him.)

-you find out that he is a dork not a Kingka

-actually church boy

Kim Hanbin- known as B.i.


- not during basket ball games tho

- the leader of the basketball team

has a weak spot for Bobby (because it’s his friend, so he doesn’t yell at him that often, but when he gets mad. RUN)

- sleeps in class because apparently he doesn’t sleep at night.

- bad at answering questions during class but he gets a lot of good marks from tests

- lil genius.

-his parents seem rich. He doesn’t mind it tho.  He acts like a normal student. Even tho his clothes are really nice and his mom likes to dress him up before leaving their house. But at the end of the day, he likes to sweat with Bobby, playing basketball in a park or something.

-listens to music a lil bit too much. likes to space out when he has his headphones on

- looks rude when you first see him.

-talks shit with everyone. Good with little kids.

-actually cinnamon roll. Bigger Dork than Bobby

Kim Donghyuk

-president of the student’s council, editor at the school’s newspaper, volunteers for everything.

-GENIUS. Teachers love him.

-nice aFff. Respect all the rules. Students always come to find him when there is a problem and he just helps each of them. He is so nice that likes to do the tasks that nobody wants.

-he is nice 

-always smiling

-olimpyc at various subjects.

-has his future already planned.

-has always a camera and it’s ready to take pictures or film some stuff for the newspaper or for the end of the year.

-lowkey a hoe for dancing. But he likes to keep that secret. Likes to sneak out of his room when his mom can’t see him, thinking that he is doing his homework , so that he can go underground and have some dancing battles with some dudes.

-did I even mention something about him in shorts, doing sports? ?


-well, he was actually considered the biggest nerd.  Was wearing glasses and had a bowl cut, that mad his head look like a coconut, and then, after one summer break, BOOM. He came back with like 7 earring and his glasses were gone.

Song Yunhyeong

-the secretary at the Student’s Council

- the president’s best friend

-his shadow.

-always nice. Smiles. Wants to help everybody and look cute

-he thinks he is younger than his age. Liar

- teachers love him

-the other studens are always nice to him, trying to become friends, because they know his family has a restaurant, and that his food is the best. Like. He comes with his lunch and people would pay money for that. Actually he thought about starting some black market for his food, but Donghyuk won’t let me do that.

-probably works in the library too. Or at the Red Cross.

-he doesn’t really know what to do with his future. He thought about becoming a model? Actor? Singer? A cook?

-loves cooking.

-he is the one that organizes every time the proms and every other thing that involves drinks and food.

-a genteleman. Girls love talking to him.

-also smart. Struggles with his English, but Donghyuk helps him with that.

-also can’t say no and every time when someone gets in trouble he comes and saved them (probably that’s why Bobby and June now like him too)

-pretty much an introvert so he is not good at speaking in front of too many people.

-also tutors a lot of people, especially June and Chanuu.

Jung Chanwoo

- tall aff

- first year

- doesn’t look like that. Girls talk about him. Even the older ones.

- the nephew of the principal. Which means, SATANWOOO

-rich. Well he has a car that drops him by the school almost every day. And the latest version of Iphone and other gadgets.

- actually a gamer. That’s why.

-doesn’t pay attentio to classes. Also, doesn’t really try to make new friends because he likes his games enough.

-gamer boy. Bobby and B.i keep on trying to make him join their basket ball team.

-teachers leave him alone just because he is THE nephew

-he looks like an introvert, just because he doesn’t want to be loud and start the conversation, but once you get him fired up, he is the evil.

-his parents are also some important people in the school, because they keep on making donations or stuff like that

-probably knows B.i because they rich.

-Song Yunhyeong’s cousin

-he doesn’t like that connection but Yunhyeong keeps on spending time with him during lunch aaand that’s how the TWIN CONCEPT started.  Also the others are making fun of him because of that, so he hates Yunhyeong even more.

Koo Junhoe

-the hoe

- bitch. He wakes up every morning at like  5 just to do his hair and make sure that it’s nice and on point

-not even a day will pass without his hair being fixed

-also fixes his hair everywhere. Every time

-he is also late because of that. Also he likes to sleep without hearing his alarm in the morning.

- neat clothes. likes to dress up. and impress

- has a fanclub

-fuck boy #1

- actually a second year. When he first came he said that he will be the fuckboy #1 in the school. Then he met bobby, who was considered already the BOMB ins the school and they had a fight (lol kidding, but June got a little bit scared of him)

-doesn’t like to study

- bad at math

- actually even worse at literature

-even tho he likes to talk a looooot

- looks kinda stupid when you first look at him, but if you start talking to him you ll find yourself in some deep as shit conversation where he asks you how do fish breath under water like dude, what are you smokin’??

-LOUD( in bed)

-if there is some sort of competition, rank, that involves showing off, he is all in.

- looks rude af

-more rude than B.i

-girls like him

-he is into noonas ( OFC THIS LIL SHIET)

- actually a mama boy

Kim Jinhwan

- senior. Younger girls come to him to ask for help, because he is soft.


-also pretty smart. Has some good memory and also works on instincts.

-friends with Bobby and B.I since middle school. Tripple KIM

- thinks he is good at sports

- he is not

-well, sometimes he has his good days.

-actually he is good at gymnastics, because he is smol. But because of that he is always so proud of himself when he scores at basket ball. His teammates never trust him.

- short aff

-but evil. Not evil like, I m going to find you, and kill you, but evil like, hi, nice to meet you, I’ll make sure that your life becomes hell for the next 4 years if you treat me shitty.

- kids keep on mistaking him for a first year

-June did that and Jinhwan was so offended that he didn’t speak to him again.

-June keeps on following him now.

-knows how to speak with the teachers and sweat talk them. That’s why he looks like the favourite.

-a role model student. Never caused problems. Likes to be praise by the teachers. He is a lil attention whore, not gonna lie. Probably that’s why he starts enjoying June’s company. They look alike

- lil shit

-says he is also good at foreign languages

- well Japanese and Chinese. but not Engliish!!!! ( sorry)

-complains a little bit too much saying that he is the hyung so he must be respected (Chanuu doesn’t give a fokkk)

-actually smokes during breaks when nobody sees him

The Kuroshitsuji characters as college people:
  • Ciel Phantomhive: Probably the genius who is rumoured to be the youngest student entering uni
  • Sebastian Michaelis: That hot af professor who you never want to miss classes with. As a student I bet he'd be the good looking heartthrob kind of guy who was not interested in any of the attention given to him
  • Balrdroy, MeyRin & Finnian: That monster trio who would always cause trouble everywhere and always get detention by Professor Michaelis
  • Elizabeth Midford: Most likely Karen Smith from "Mean Girls" who would always be interested in other people's lives and ALWAYS wear pink on Wednesdays
  • Alois Trancy: It's safe to assume he'd belong to many fandoms and be that one guy who's always clingy af, desperately seeking for attention and even go to extremes to get it like the attention whore he is
  • Claude Faustus: He'd easily be that secretive, silent and weird af professor who would avoid contact with each and every student except for those he considered special. As a student, although he'd seem calm and collected on the outside, he'd probably be a huge geek who has merch of every fictional character that has ever held his interest and having anime marathons every night
  • Undertaker: That creepy old headmaster who laughs at every little thing and everybody is scared to be alone with (maybe not the girls though *wink*)
  • Grell Suitcliff: I can't imagine Grell as a professor, but as a student she'd definitely be the Regina George from "Mean Girls" aka a total diva from head to toe. She'd often Argue with Elizabeth Midford about whether they should wear pink or red on Wednesdays
  • William T. Spears: Boring ass professor who makes every lecture a pain. Prob the professor who no student would like (A/N: except for me William, you're awesome!). As a student, I bet he'd be that huge nerd who's always first on class and always hands assignments at the given time. Hates overtime though
  • Ronald Knox: We all know that one guy who's always pumped up and flirty with every living thing that is female. Well, I guess that would be Knox-y for you. But as a professor, he'd be that very young one who's always close to his students and always tries to solve their problems with the weirdest ways
  • Madame Red: Probably the motherly type of professor who's always there for her students and doesn't get mad when assignments don't get handed on time. As a student she'd be mostly the gossip queen of the campus who would know about everyone and everything happening inside and outside of the dorms
  • Prince Soma & Edward Midford: Most likely those rich spoiled kids who always come to uni with their own sports cars and attract many girls even though this doesn't interest them. They are also probably best friends
  • Agni: He'd probably be that nice coach of a certain club who's always tending to his students needs and is loved by everybody. As a student he'd still be the guy who tends to everyone and also be the one who'd make the best of friends of you get to know him #RIPAgni
Hogwarts Houses on Play Day/Sports Day

for @meghobson14

Gryffindor: gets REALLY into the spirit of it, has a cheer for their team, actually tries their best and genuinely enjoys themself, usually

Slytherin: insanely competitive, and pushes their team to do their best. They’ve been known to get into fights with the judges when they don’t think they lost fairly

Ravenclaw: worried about losing their group as they move from activity to activity, enjoys the spirit of everything but doesn’t try very hard

Hufflepuff: bonds pretty quickly with their team, and is the definition of a good sport. Good at cheering up their team if they lose

Mixed | Their Female Best Friend Constantly Wins Against Them In Sporting Events *Jungkook (BTS), Jackson (Got7), Wonho (Monsta X)

Anonymous said:

Hey there, can you do a reaction where (individual reaction) Jackson (got7), Jungkook (bts) and Wonho (Monsta X) react to their female best friend constantly winning against them in sport events? Thanks in advance! ✨

I don’t think he would be as concerned when it came to his female best friend constantly beating him in sporting events. He does have a black belt in Taekwondo and he did play handball…HOWEVER…his competitive side comes out more when it comes to trying beat the rest of BTS.

It’s not that he wouldn’t care that his female friend beat him at sports (like it was insignificant or something) he would be happy that his best friend was so good at sports…and find it even better when his members underestimated her and challenged her to something.

“I warned you she was good, but you didn’t listen…”

Originally posted by kullawliet

Let’s face it, he’d be your number one hype man and part of him would be running around cheering for you even though you won against him cause “HELL YES! THAT’S MY GIRL! THAT’S MY BEST FRIEND RIGHT THERE! LOOK AT HER KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES!”

On the other hand, you winning against him all the time would completely bring out his competitive side and he would do everything he could to try and beat you, even if it was only just one time in his life…just so he could say “You remember that time I kicked your ass at-”

“Yes Jackson…I remember…for the four hundredth and eighty-seventh time…I remember…”

Originally posted by jypnior

At first his female best friend constantly beating him at sporting events probably wouldn’t bother him. You went to the gym with him all the time (even if it was just to use the treadmill) and you worked really hard and all that worked obviously paid off whenever you two competed against each other.

However, after a while (and some teasing from the guys) he would start trying to find something…anything…that he could beat you at. Even if it were the punching bag arcade game.

“Look at that score, Y/N…there is no way you can beat that score…I am winning this time!”

*You punch the bag and your score beats his* “Either the machine has a glitch or you lost…sorry Hoseok…”

Originally posted by monbebeici

xxBTS-Masterlistxx xxGot7-Masterlistxx xxMonstaX-Masterlistxx

btob as school friends
  • eunkwang: sits across from you in class. has the best jokes/always bounces off your jokes. you both get in trouble so much you get moved away from each other but that doesn't stop you
  • minhyuk: a friend of a friend who just invites himself everywhere (to sit at your lunch table, getting ice cream after classes, wait, why is he eating dinner with your parents?)
  • changsub: your lab partner who knows exactly how to do the project but would rather see how many different colors he can make before it explodes, and the teacher still gives you both A's
  • hyunsik: the friend who is always the most excited when you ace that test/finish that art piece/get the biggest piece of cake at lunch. the general best friend/hype man
  • peniel: the friend that you walk the track with during gym instead of playing team sports. you have the best long talks and only jog after getting shouted at
  • ilhoon: puts off as a trouble maker but will not hesitate to drop everything to cram with you in the library the period before a test. your mom's favorite of your friends
  • sungjae: has the locker next to you, sometimes brings you snacks in the morning, the baby of the friend group but actually the coolest
From The Moment You Wake Up // Performance Unit

Based on a Soulmate AU where within a year of the younger half of a pairing turning 18, soulmates will switch bodies with one another. They have 24 hours in their soulmate’s life before being returned to their own. While in their soulmate’s body, a person is inhibited from mentioning their other life. They also cannot contact themselves in any way, however, people have figured out methods around this rule.

Seventeen’s Performance Unit (Hip Hop // Vocal)

Part 1 // Part 2

Warnings: Blood Mention (Dino)

-by Admin Bee

A/N: Thank you for the lovely messages we received in anticipation for the Performance Unit! Thanks to a few requesters, Part 2 will be coming out next week so stay tuned. Please keep submitting requests, as we’d love to know what you guys want to read! Sidenote: More physical disability recognition in fanfiction (!!), Pepperoni is inspired by a real dog, and I love Lee Chan but if you were expecting Dino fluff than ohhh boi

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anonymous asked:

If someone is new to the hockey world but wants to get into the sport (fan-wise), how would you suggest doing so?

oh my gosh I don’t know… it was loooong time ago when I started with hockey… I would say don’t ever try to pick a team, it’s best when a team picks you and don’t try to get to know the NHL and rules and team from tumblr posts and reblogs. better read stuff on your own on hockey sites, even on wiki. not that tumblr doesn’t know about hockey, it’s just that other sites help you to know NHL in general, what I think is the best– to know a bit about everything, every team

Horned Serpents

•are usually HUGE procrastinators
•if they’re not, they are the literal definition of a geek
•no offense
•but really
•like to party bc why not
•parties at Ilvermorny are LIT ASF
•always get the best grades at the end of the day
•I mean, we ARE the “smart” house
•are always tutoring students from other houses
•also tutor the younger Horned Serpents so that they can be the best
•date people from other houses because horned serpent x horned serpent is too much crazy
•no one can actually handle that
•are also bomb at sports
•bomb at everything bc we the best tbh
•I’m just a student in Horned Serpent so don’t judge the head canon ok