the best space aunt and uncle

A/N : Been working on this for the last few days. A bit of a long one. Hope you enjoy :) <3 xx

[Y/N] knocked twice on the Parker’s door, backing up against the adjacent wall, she waited to be let in. [Y/N] knew that she was extremely early but also knew that Peter wouldn’t mind. Knowing them, it was probably a good thing that she had arrived a few hours earlier than they had originally planned because this science project was not going to get started until really late tonight if not at all. She could just tell. In all honesty, the two of them shouldn’t ever be allowed to be partners for anything school related. It always ended the same. The two would lounge around on his bed or in her basement, listening to music, exchanging their unrealistic life goals, eating enough Chinese takeout and pizza to end world hunger. And hours before the project was due, the two would scramble, stay up all night, trying to glue and cut their way into some bullshit work that always ended up in a B-. 

The door opened, revealing Aunt May smiling bright. “Hey, kiddo.” She moved aside, allowing the teenage girl she’s known for years into the apartment. Aunt May adored [Y/N] and there was a big part of her that hoped that Peter would see what kind of girl he had right in front of his eyes. Anytime she tried to mention the topic of whether or not Peter liked [Y/N] more than just a friend, he’d freak out and change the subject, forcing May to drop it altogether until next time. 

“Hey, Aunt May.” [Y/N] said casually. She had been calling May, Aunt, for years now even though she wasn’t actually her aunt. It had began as an accident when Peter was helplessly trying to get her attention at a football game back in middle school. [Y/N] had climbed halfway up the fence and shouted Aunt May so loud that the entire game paused. And ever since then, it kind of stuck. 

Closing the door behind them, she moseyed on back to the kitchen where she was finishing up the dishes. “Planning on staying for dinner?” May asked, flickering a look towards the [hair color]. She had been prepping a slow cooker meal all morning. 

Grinning, she took a seat at the breakfast table, “Depends on what you made.” 

Chuckling, May shook her head and whipped a half wet towel in [Y/N]’s direction. “Have you ever turned down my cooking?” She placed a hand on her chest as if she was insulted and betrayed. “Have I ever cooked you a meal that was unsatisfactory.” 

Squealing loudly when the towel was inches from her shoulder, she laughed out. “You know I’ll always stay for dinner, Aunt May.” Resting her chin on her hand that lay flat on the table, she sighed. “Especially now more than ever.” 

May frowned, “Still that bad?” 

Groaning, she ran both hands through her hair. “Yes. I just wish they’d just agree on everything and get divorced already.” Her fingers toyed with the mess of pens that were no doubt from Peter’s backpack. “It’s frustrating and then when they do sit down and divvy things up, they fight over who’s going to take me.”

May kept her frown on her face. She hated that [Y/N] was in this kind of battle. Turning around, she popped open a container that had all sorts of baked treats inside. Sliding them over, she leaned against the counter. “Who would you choose?” 

“Neither.” [Y/N] said as she bit into an oatmeal raisin cookie. Groaning with her mouth full, she looked at May and half smiled. “How about I just move in with you and Peter.” 

May chuckled, “You know that door,” pointing towards the front door, “is always open to you, kiddo. Always.” Putting the lid back on the container, she firmly stated. “Always.” 

[Y/N] was about to respond with gratitude but was interrupted by Peter stumbling out of his bedroom. He wore a stupid, tired grin on his face while his hair looked like it had been through hell and back in his sleep

“Morning, sunshine.” [Y/N] spoke with humor in her words. Glancing down at her watch, she snickered. “It’s only half past noon.” 

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Tyler is going to be an uncle (again!)

I’m so excited for Maddy and Will! They just announced that they’ll be having a baby in December. 

This is really exciting and joyful news. HOWEVER, please keep in mind that Maddy and Will (and any of their family) have their own private lives, and the clique should do their best not to annoy or harass them in an effort to get more information. No one besides Tyler and Josh asked to be famous, and even then, the fact that Tyler and Jenna are going to be an aunt and an uncle again is part of their own private lives.

The news of the new baby is amazing, but the clique needs to remember that the announcement was most likely for family and friends of the Brett’s, and not for us to enjoy. Keep your space and always ask yourself, “is this something that I, a stranger to Maddy and Will, should be emotionally involved with?” 

Of course, I’m not saying be happy! It’s great news! Just be aware of the Brett’s privacy and your online courtesy towards them.

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I just realized that if Kylo and Hux were to have a child image the extended family? Aunt Phasma and the Knights of Ren getting renamed to the Uncles of Ren.

I think I can honestly say that I’ve never thought about the extended family of Hux’s and Kylo’s baby!!

Phasma as the cool and daring Aunt, always buying amazing gifts and tells the best stories with real sound effects and makes shadow shapes on the wall to aid her narrative

Mitaka as the quite uncle, whose main rule is ‘never buy a gift that’s smaller than the baby’ so always buys huge gifts which the baby loves but Kylo & Hux are running out of space! he gives the best hugs and is really patient with the baby and is first to offer to babysit if the parents need some time to themselves

The Knights of Ren are very very protective, more so than they need to be but both Kylo and Hux appreciate their loyalty to them. The baby is scared of them at first because of their masks and their stance but they’re around almost all the time so the baby gets used to them! They talk to rituals to perform around the baby to make sure she will always good health and strength but Hux is wary and won’t allow it, Kylo understands

OH! And the Knights literally need all of them to help babysit because they can’t cope with it on their own! Kylo and Hux come home to find their quarters a mess and the Knights sleeping in the most ridiculous places whilst the baby sleeps peacefully in her cot in the centre of them, one of the Knights remaining awake by her side!

Space Familia

I love my entire space family!!! Lets all work hard to support our space Mom Voltron-Messenger!!


@Voltron-Messenger ****Space mom*** aka BEST MOM EVER

Smooth anon- **Space mamá **

Aunts- Uncles- Grandparents- funny weird fam members

(5 aunts) (2 grannies)

Anon- **Space Granny**

toujours-moony - Granny/ Crazy dog lady

Anon- **Vodka auntie**

Anon- ** Vodka auntie #2**

Anon- **Space gay aunt nobody ever mention**

anon- Space gay cat aunt

@theoretical-artist- **Cool Aunt who brings gifts**

(2 uncles)

@crystalgemrecuits- **Drunk Uncle***

halfways-to-hell - Gay anime legs goth uncle 

(8 Family friends/neighbors)

midnight-in-space - crazy old relative.. we’re never sure if we’re related to them (they have) weird European accent 

anon- **Jack Frost**

Anon- **Slutty single person**

@shit-tron​ - **Family friend who isn’t related to anybody, but we all love you!**

Tiny anon- **One guy who just shows up at family reunions**

anon- **Person who’s always holding a baby**

anon (who asked about Pidge)

space–weeb - neighbor who writes smutty fanfics 

(4 Cousins)

Anon- gay cousin

Anon- Soda Cousin

princessdawnauroreon - Space Gay Cousin (because we cant live without one)

eightbluetrafficlights - Socially awkward cousin who always has a book at fam reunions.

forrestwyrm - Fun cousin

(34 Kidets)

Dirt minded anon- **Space magic wolf / Older sister**

galratrash – Second oldest middle child


volmeter anon- Space big sis whos always tired and grumpy and hiding in a corner watching anime but secretly loves all the kidets to pieces -voltmeter anon

scarlett-nighten - Lil sis with questionable intentions 


Jealous anon- Space beast girl 


anon- **Shy space sibling**  



anaphylacticrock- Good middle child

























Caesar Paris Diaz (also known as THE PRINCE OF THE UNDERWORLD)
– is the only child of Tom the demon and Marco Diaz (he prefers being called Paris). Paris was born in 2034 as a Pisces on March 17th.He lives with both his parents as well as other family members (grandparents) in Echo Creek. He’s male hybrid (demon/human) like his dad Tom, has fire abilities. In his youth he accidentally put a lot of things on fire, it didn’t do damage but it still freak out his parents (they were worried he would hurt himself) but he got control over his powers quickly. He enjoys using magic and fighting from his father (Judo/Karate/Taekwondo) which leads to lots of fighting with monsters and he is currently also learning Kendo (sometimes he and Lilith like to swordfight), but mostly he doesn’t want to cuz he doesn’t want to scare of people more then he already does. His relationship with his fathers is pretty good. He respect and loves both, and his dads knowing that he’s a teenager so they give him space but they are always there for him when he needs them. His father is a Therapist and Psychologist (he works in a hospital) and his dad is the ruler of The Underworld along his brethren (Parises uncles). Paris has an aunt (Star) who has two daughters, one is the same age as Paris the other is five years old. His relationship to Star isn’t the best considering that she used to date his dad, and he kind of doesn’t like that her daughter is trying to destroy the friendship between Edgar and Lilith and himself because she’s jealous that hangs out with both of them more then herself(but he likes the youngest Butterfly). But he mostly ignores them and acts nice cuz both her dads like his aunt Star. He loves his grandparents, cuz he grew up with them and whenever his parents have to work they were always babysitting him, even now as a teenagers it no different but he has just as much freedom as his father had when he was a kid. He doesn’t have any romantic feelings for anyone at the moment nor does he think he’ll ever have such feelings for anyone. His best friend is CERBERUS who is a hybrid and whose breed is specifically born to gourds the doors/portals between forbidden dimensions. He got him when he was a baby, his parents tried to get rid of Cerberus because they thought that he was too dangerous for their son, but an accident occurred in which Paris almost got hurt and Cerberus saved him and punished those who intended to do him harm, so his dads saw that Cerberus loved him so they decided to keep him. He is loyal but lazy, he likes to sleep whenever he can a eats a ton but keeps Paris safe and happy. (Paris loves his little buddy :D)
He is smart and cunning, sometimes he can be bad tempered but he doesn’t lose control like his dad did when he was young. Due to her being a prince, he is well behaved but speaks his mind in a determent strong voice. He’s a smug son of a demon and if he wants he could charm the pants of anyone, but there’s a catch, this guy is a nerd. He likes computers and everything that has to do with chemistry, technology and biology, he’s embarrassed that people call him a nerd and a geek (the guy likes comics), but he isn’t ashamed being smart. He doesn’t have a tick but more an obsession with his phone.
He attends school with his friends at Cheshire Academy located in the fifth and seventh reality (it changes in seasons), which educates princesses, wizards and other paranormal creatures and humans in both human and magical subjects …. He speaks seven other languages and his favorite subject is math. He has the characteristics of her dad (Marco) but really really mad he’s like Tom. He’s serious when it comes to his plans and is more of a leader then a follower. He’s affectionate (likes to give hugs to friends and family members) and he likes to tell jokes even if other people don’t get them. He likes dancing and cooking .
His favorite foods are his grandmothers nachos (he learned how to make them form her) :D but his least favorite foods are pickles. His favorite color is green. He enjoys listening to rock and his favorite band is Panic! At the disco. He likes to read Black Holes and Baby Universes by Stephen Hawking.  Summer is his preferred season. When he and his friends are hanging out together, Paris likes to go places like Thessaloniki, Greece and Mexico City, Mexico. He loves his cellphone.


if they make another Star Trek television show

how about Molly O'Brien as captain??

that girl was born on the Enterprise & grew up on a space station that was at the forefront of a war (plus her time on Bajor, a former war zone not too long ago), she’s already got more experience at age 8 than some Starfleet officers!

Plus her dad is one of the best mechanics known to Starfleet, her mother is a brilliant botanist, and she’s probably got so many “aunts & uncles” throughout the Federation who love to dump knowledge onto her.

Like, come on, how awesome would a brilliant young WoC captain be who’s got a legacy in the Star Trek universe and kicks ass be??

Molly O'Brien for captain 2k15 anybody?

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On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is Luke x Mara?


Consider arguments for this rating:

- the “"I’m gonna assassinate you” turned begrudging allies turned best friends forever turned Super Married" trope (over the course of a timeline that makes sense character wise and gives them space to progress their relationship organically)

- unbelievable amounts of snark

- mutually supportive and trusting


- also the multiple Luke and Mara Friendship Quests of Awesome (through jungles, space ships, and caves alike)

- metaphorical friendship bracelets out the wazoo

- the “we’ve already chosen her as our aunt uncle luke you have no say in this” trope

- alternately the “oops my niece and nephews have claimed you as their own I have no say in this so we’d better go on a date eh” trope

- THE MOST BADASS COUPLE except they’re both also semi losers Luke moreso than Mara probably but still

- they balance each other out and work through their issues together and heal both independently and interdependently

- “don’t get shot at while I’m gone, Skywalker” “stay safe, Jade”

- the “we’re about to die in a collapsing cave and I deliver a fumbling and awkward attempt at a proposal at the most INOPPORTUNE moment ever and you decide you’re not gonna make it easy for me based solely on the inconvenient timing of my proposal but also because you get off on teasing me and just answer the goddamn question Jade will you marry me or not” trope

- hot chocolate

- have I mentioned Super Amazingly BADASS

- continuous exercise of “let’s see who can save the other’s ass more often I’m up by three points loser better step up your rescuing game”


I really like this ship okay

The House That Built Me

Songfic based on “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert

Summary: After his dads pass away, Dillon Lester-Howell returns to his childhood home where his parents lived all his life, right before he plans to sell it.

Genre: fluffy angst, songfic

Warnings: mentioned character deaths, bad writing (as usual)

Word count: 1.6k

A/N: Some people enjoyed my first fic, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” I just love songfics. normally I hate country music but this song holds a special place in my heart, reasons unknown as I’ve lived in the same house my whole life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This one if from Dil’s perspective I just thought that would be an interesting spin. (Also Dad=Dan and Papa=Phil) I may or may not have cried a great deal writing this. Enjoy kiddos!

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a/n- This one was SO hard to write because in my own little Rinn universe, Finn and Rae have two boys! I hope this is alright! (I got the feels from a post about wet Finn playing bartender with pool water *drools*)

Finn knew boys. He understood them and how their minds worked as he had once been a young boy, so when his rowdy sons played Cowboys and Indians, he got why they beat the hell out of each other. He also understood why they thought bugs and worms from the garden were acceptable gifts for their mum (Rae did not, but she managed to keep a smile every time they gave her one).

His little pumpkin was another story.

She was a tiny little thing, delicate in a way that had made Finn so scared to hold her when she was born (but he did because he was desperate to feel her tiny little heartbeat against his chest, especially when she was sick). While the boys piled on Finn at every given chance, she held on to her mummy’s leg and smiled shyly at Finn until he scooped her up, shrieking as he tickled her.

The little pumpkin came shuffling into the living room where Finn was helping the boys put together a train set, a pink crown set haphazardly to the side of her head, hugging the bear Finn had bought her last week (he was deliriously happy that she so thoroughly loved something he picked out just for her all by himself).

“Where’s mummy?” She asked, moving closer despite her brothers’ protests of You’ll ruin everything, Tix!

Finn hoists her over the mess and into his lap. “At your Gran’s.”

She fingering the necklace he’s worn since he was 15 and Finn is always so shocked at how much she looks like Rae. “Will you have tea with me then?”

“You want tea?”

She shakes her head and slips off his lap, taking his hand. There’s a moment of pause when Finn has to separate the boys a bit (“Jere hit me!” “I did not! Dad kicked you!” “HE DID NOT!”) and he tells them to behave as the little pumpking leads him up the stairs to her room. She’s got her stuffed animals all in hats and her clothes sitting properly at her little table with tiny place setting before them.

“I want to have a tea party with you, Daddy.”

Finn know nothing about little girl’s tea parties. Were there rules? A dress code? Rae didn’t leave him instructions on this one. But her sweet little face is peering up at him, mouth drawn in a frown like she’s afraid he’s about to say no. “Er, alright. What do I need to do?”

She hands him a little tea pot with owls on the side. “Can you get tea?”

“Like… real tea?”

She looks at him as if he’s the dumbest creature alive and he shifts under the obvious judgement of his four year old. “Mummy gets it from the tap.”

Of course. He takes the tea pot from her. “I’ll be right back.”

He shouldn’t be nervous, but he is. It’s only his daughter and a tea pot of water but it’s a big deal because in a few years she’ll probably hate him when he tells her she can’t see some guy (he clutches the edge of the counter and his chest. What if she dates some like Chop?) so he better enjoy this now.

He fills her little tea pot with a fizzy drink and arranges a few biscuits on a plate (the boys come snooping about that time and hug his legs until he gives them both one… they argue all the way back to the living room about how got the bigger one) and sneaks past her room to pull on a blazer, hoping he looks dashing enough to impress his four year old.

She’s delighted and smiles at him over her tea cup, the same way Rae does when he says something particularly sweet in the morning. The stuffed animals are left forgotten as she tells him about her kittens (they’re fine but Porky doesn’t want to wear the bow tie she made him) and how Uncle Archie let her feed the ducks at the park and her favorite color (it’s yellow) and her how she plans to be a ballerina baby doctor in space when she’s all grown up (Finn figure he better start padding her Uni fund now). She tells him about her dance class and how soft the grass is at Uncle Chop and Aunt Izzy’s house and how much she loves her bear and him and why was he crying?

When Rae gets home, the train set will be rolling (and for the moment, the boys aren’t hitting each other). The little pumpkin has her arms wrapped around Finn’s neck, telling him all about her best friend Catie and he’s so enthralled he doesn’t realize Rae’s hom until she kisses his cheek.

“How was it then?”

Rae rolls her eyes. “Still grossly in love, they are. Have a nice day?”

Before he can respond, the little pumpkin tightens her grip on his neck and exclaims, “It was great! Mummy, I have the best Daddy in the world!”

Rae thinks Finn’s answering smile could put the sun to shame.

Incest Coffee - A Ficlet

Okay, so romanovareindeer requested a thing, and nopantsparade introduced me to a thing, so… this just ended up happening. Yes, I turned the incest coffee commercial into a ficlet. Enjoy.

Disclaimer - I know next to nothing about Folgers, and I’ve never consumed their product in my life. I just felt like slotting some free advertisement in there for them. I’m kind that way.


Elsa got out of the taxi, swinging her backpack over one shoulder as she walked up to her charming, sizable family home. It was cold out, snow covering the quaint suburb, however she neglected warm clothing in favour of something more comfortable. She was glad to be back in a cool climate after the heat of West Africa, and the cold didn’t bother her anyway.

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Good deed for the day

At the end of last year my uncle died. My aunt, being the strong woman she is, tries her best to keep busy. But just the emptiness of space and time is a hurt and pain I know all too well. She comes to work on a Random weekday to have lunch with me. 

As we talk and she tells me she just needs to get out the house a light bulb goes off in my head.

I tell her if she wants I can just give her my membership pass. I mean its not like I use it. Honestly I don’t know why we get one. My ID gets me in whenever I want. It’s a fake park tbh.

Her face lights up.

She loves this place. So I give her my card… Fast forward 3months to now. She been coming every week. Most times got even telling me she’s here! LoL. Its so cute. She’s learning animal names and even regular words. She used to call the rhinos horn a hook nose…lol 

She called me tonight to just tell me how much she loves me and how much my membership pass is helping. AANNNDDD that she just realized that my pass gets 2kids in as well. Now she’s going to start bring some less privileged kids too