the best song i swear


MAAN/NMTD Comparisons Pt. 20



don’t need apologies; know that you are worthy
[ i will love you unconditionally ]

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hey Rae!!! you should do a joshler playlist on spotify to go with the josh and ty ones

loads of cute best friend songs coming up!

those boys are soulmates i swear. 💕


its gonna be called joshler - “he’s the love of my life!”

you can see me adding songs now. ⭐️

Hungry Eyes Part 3

So this is my first fic on here! I used to write a few wayyy back when I was on livejournal. Anyway, I’ve been reading some really amazing SPN fics lately, and it inspired me. I started writing and couldn’t stop, so there will be at least 3 chapters. Be gentle, let me know what you think and even send me suggestions to what I could improve or whatever. Enjoy :)

Synopsis: Reader is in love with Dean. They have a moment, but after the reader is injured on hunt, Dean is angry and won’t reveal his true feelings. Reader leaves. Plenty of angst, bit of fluff. // Part 1 | Part 2

Pairing: Dean x reader, Sam is reader’s best friend

Word count: 1572

Warnings: Swearing

Songs: (I love incorporating songs throughout fics. I think it makes the reading experience bettter!)

Alone // Heart
Chances Are // Bob Seger
The Break-Up Song // Greg Kihn Band

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1. Last Movie You Watched: Rogue one. And it was damn awesome!
2. Last Song You Listened To: ❤ GUN IN MY HAND ❤ by Dorothy and it’s the best song in existence, I swear. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
3. If You Could Be Anywhere Right Now Where Would It Be: The beach. In a warm country, 100%. The snow is pretty but it’s so damn cold…
4. You Time Travel To: EVERYWHERE. I would use that time travel machine until it breaks. I want to know everything there is to know.
5. Fictional Character You Would Hang Out With: Uffffff. Way too many to be honest. I really can’t pick one. Well, maybe Stiles Stilinski cause he is a fluff ball filled with sarcasm and I am kinda too and it would be hilarious. 

I tag @purrple-skies and @magnutshelvingunit


great song to listen to and/or sing when doing elemental magick.

it’s in a playlist when you click on it, i swear best songs ever they’ve helped me out so much


“Another version of myself I think I found, at last
And I can’t always hide away
Curse indulgence and despise the fame
There’s a world out there and it’s calling my name
And it’s calling yours, girl it’s calling yours too”

Tame Impala - Yes I’m Changing