the best show you're not watching

The best show that you’ve missed out on watching

Of all of the TV shows and seasons that I’ve ever watched I can honestly say I’ve never seen better than The Leftovers season 2. 


The writing, the acting, the slowly evolving story. The fact that you’re not spoon fed anything and that you have to think about the possibilities. Not just for the characters and the plot in fiction but how it could translate into reality. 

Every single episode was a winner. There was no filler, no throw away episodes, a random one of that really didn’t mean anything. Everything in each episode mattered, every episode built in some way on the other, every episode was incredibly crafted and was unpredictable. 

Every single one.

I’ve never had a show that I’ve watched and loved that I can say that about. Not Buffy. Not Lost. Not DS9.  Not even my beloved Defiance or my once loved Game of Thrones. 

Sadly this seems like it might be it for The Leftovers. The rating weren’t the best and too many people gave up after a fantastic season 1. Luckily they didn’t leave us with a cliffhanger so if this the end it was a good one. 

Man I’m gonna miss this show.


‘You’re just a goddamn tool for their disposal. And that’s all. Nothing more. Nothing more. Department chews you up, spits you out. And look at me. I’m just a horse out to pasture. And you will be, too, you dumb fucker. I almost ate my gun for dinner. Tasted like shit. I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe.’

Southland 5.06 - Bleed Out

seriously bojack horseman has hit me so deep. it hasn’t even been a week and it has skyrocketed up my list of favorite shows. i feel like i’ve been hit by a truck. so much of it is relateable and painful and raw and real

also i’m legitimately crying over todd chavez he is everything to me


a city sorrow built | southland (by wordcreatement)