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Given straight to Paul Scholes - what about that! What about that! 

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People made characters parallels between Marinette and Chloe, and I noticed that both of them had similar purses. But now that I've seen your Animal Kwami AU, does that mean that your AU includes Chloe speaking to a bee like Marinette speaking to a ladybug? "Marinette, you look lame speaking alone" "Hey, you always do that too!"

I went to several episodes to check, and Chloe really does have a purse that looks very similar to Marinette’s(it shows up in Dark Cupid for reference)! Wow. Better than that, imagine how they look when they’re talking to their very similar bags concurrently. 

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I think one of the best parts of Hannibal is that the show never defines anyone’s sexuality. No one is labeled as ‘straight’ or 'gay’ (or anything at all, except for Margot) and it allows the characters to be open to, well, anyone and any interpretation. There are no constraints and limits, no labels for the characters to be shoved into, and while sexuality is hardly ever addressed textually it is perseverant throughout the entirety of the series.

I just really appreciate the respectful way Hannibal treats and showcases sexual fluidity naturally in its characters and how same sex relationships are never the punch line to any joke. That every relationship is valid no matter if they’re two women or two men.


waverly earp in season one → purgatory


Sister Julienne, Call The Midwife

Once upon a time I thought I knew what God had in mind for me, but I didn’t. I thought I knew what love was, but I didn’t. Certainty is fleeting. That is why we must have faith.


orphan black meme | eight visually beautiful scenes [4/8]

“We dedicate this performance to our dearly departed Aynsley….”

So I Watched Gintama

I’d heard a lot about this show and how it was so funny. So I actually decided to try it out anD GODDAMMIT I can’t stop and help I’ve fallen in love with these idiots.

Weird jokes, weirder characters and unbelievable 4th wall breaks all combined with deep, meaningful arcs, epic character development and hilarious fan interactions make this show one of the best long running anime series ever. 

Sakata Gintoki - My love for this white haired, sugar loving, perverted asshole cannot be defined in words. I LOVE HIS FACE AND VOICE SO MUCH OH GODS *fans self*. His action scenes are breathtaking and his tragic backstory makes me want to cry. 

Shimura Shinpachi - The only voice of sanity in this fuckfest. Devoted to his sister and works hard to become a samurai. Iconic eyewear and random shrieking aside, Shin-chan brings balance and a simple charm to this world of wackos and I absolutely love him. 

Kagura - Bow down to the Queen of Kabukichou! She’s perfect. She can kickass ass and break your bones and she can be cute and innocent. She’s lazy and childish, strong yet gentle and she’s everything a girl should be.


Hijikata Toushirou - Another voice of sanity albeit, obsessed with mayonnaise. A brilliant strategist and loyal to Kondo, he’s called the “Demon Vice Chief”. Often curses his life but will die or kill for his squad. His love for Mitsuba had me in fucking hysterics. 

Sougo Okita - King of Deadpan and sadist to boot. His constant attempts to kill Kagura I SHIP THEM SO HARD ASDGFHGJHKJL bring hilarity to his otherwise unresponsive character and his skill with the sword and bazooka are deadly.

Kondo Isao - Is it too much to ask for this poor gorilla to be happy? He’s the comic relief for so many jokes…I just want Otae to give him a chance. *cries*  

Katsura Kotaro - “Zura ja nai, Katsura da!” His luscious locks and Elizabeth are the only things keeping him alive imo. His dense attitude leads to some hilarity and as the leader of the Anti Rebellion Faction he’s always at loggerheads with the Shinsengumi.

Other characters

Tsukuyo is the perfect match to Gin and I love her for her strength and fortitude. I adore Otae and Kyuubei for their amazing friendship. I hope Hasegawa has better luck, the poor bastard. Takasugi is a gorgeous motherfucker who’s wickedness comes from his and Gin’s shared tragic past. 

The Yoshiwara in Flames, Shinsengumi Under Attack and Yagyuu arc were probably my favourites.

Special mention: Gintoki’s baby, Otae’s burnt eggs and Okita’s sleep mask. Sacchan’s extreme stalking, Otsu’s censored songs, Sakamoto’s pure laugh, Tama’s robot antics and Yamazki’s badminton racket.

This show is fucking brilliant and yes, THE HYPE IS REAL.