the best show i've ever seen

can we talk about how the wayhaught kisses in the finale were my favorite ever in the entire show? don’t get me wrong, i do love that they are two hot ladies who bone each other. but these kisses were the normal, everyday kisses of people in a stable, loving relationship. that shit is real life. it is the most refreshing thing in the world to see two ladies loving each other so purely and realistically.

As a gay man, im honestly almost relieved that Class has such a small fandom. Like, im sad that I don’t get to talk to as many people about it as I would in a big fandom, but I’m so, so glad this fandom is small enough to not be a casually homophobic playground. I’m so glad that I don’t have to scroll through tags and see endless posts fetishizing my mere existence. I’m so glad I don’t have to watch characters who are like me be turned into the sexual fantasy playthings of straight women.

Look into the sky, children. Do you see those two lines of stars? That is N and G; riding in their eternal chariot, the Pessima LX, locked in an endless race with the Seat of Darkness. They are flanked on either side by two loyal companions, OVO the Godhammer, and Ball, Man’s Best Friend. We must never forget their sacrifice– for when they stop, time itself will end, and the universe will be devoured by the Void. But until then, they watch over us, keeping us safe. That is why on this night we light the candles, eat the chips of the sun, and recline our seats to tell their story.
—  AnotherWesley [link]

waverly earp in season one → purgatory

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I don't know if it'd help, but Cas's dying smile in 12x12 pretty much looks like Cas's pained smile when he was with Crowley and was asked by Dean if he was still working with crowley. Cas is so going to be so irked now that Crowley saved him :p

Working with Crowley: confirmed to be as terrible as a slow rotting death via poisoned spear.


And yes Cas’s “oh god Crowley just saved me AGAIN what the FUCK do I now OWE him oh god please say “never mention it again” oh god he’s GONE do I have to be NICE to him now what the FUCK just happened” face is one of his best so far on the entire show, while he’s lying there on that sofa just… ruing everything.


I drew these before the final season started airing… Don’t know if I will find the time/energy to finish them before it wraps up and destroys me, so here are a bunch of rough Black Sails doodles! Man, I will miss this show…!

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I've been awake for more than 33 hours and I can't sleep after seeing Requiem... I can't stop hearing Mikey's voice and seeing his face when he says "Papa..." and I can't fall asleep...

This show…..this show fucking… is the best cartoon i have ever seen in ages.

Just that finale, those emotions… 

I mean, look at these faces.

Showing so many emotions, and actually hearing these boys, cry, legit sob, this just out does every finale we ever had. And you know what, I hope that season 5 finale, everything can end, happy. For once. These poor kids deserve it.

Seeing as the turtles are now ORPHANS. Yep. They are. and supposedly Leo is supposed to be the eldest and the father of his brothers… HES ONLY SIXTEEN! That cuts deeper than any blade Shredder pitches.

Props to Casey and April though. They tried. Whats strange is, this right here is my favorite scene, the whole emotional stuff that people are crying over, is my definite favorite scene. but yes, his “papa” is haunting, and better then what he said in the Korean version. No language can take place of the English!

HIGHLY SUSPECT             Sentence Starters
  • "I don't want to be in my skin..."
  • "I feel like I'm ready to blow..."
  • "The truth is that I can't breathe, and I can't feel and I can't move..."
  • "I'm starting to think that maybe there is no God..."
  • "When you're up against the world, it shows..."
  • "Well I'm out here drowning and surrounded by an ocean of emotion..."
  • "This can't be real..."
  • "Baby, I'm broken..."
  • "Feels like you just keep on pullin' me down..."
  • "Will it ever be the same again...?"
  • "Tell me what's worse than this...?"
  • "You are the one that I used to love..."
  • "I've seen better days..."
  • "I've seen your best and worst..."
  • "At your worst, you're still the best..."
  • "At my best, I am the worst..."
  • "What's worse is all the coke..."
  • "The ice that numbs my throat, if only for the night..."
  • "It's just a fact cause I am here to win this fight..."
  • "Hey, I'm feeling OK, it's good..."
  • "Lately I been feeling so strange..."
  • "I'd be better off dead..."
  • "It's been getting harder to sleep..."
  • "But I'm still here, so..."
  • "Why don't you pour me another one..."
  • "I'm so cold again..."
  • "My patience is wearing thin..."
  • "I feel like death is coming soon..."
  • "All I wanna do is fuckin' sleep..."