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TheMysteryShack needs more souvenir shirts to sell to suckers!

Here at TheMysteryShack, there’s a lot of tourists looking to part with their money. These simpletons love t-shirts. So we want to make more t-shirts and give them to them. For money, of course! Submit your best Gravity Falls or Steven Universe shirt design for a chance to have it be made into a licensed product and see it sold across the entire web world wide.

Submission Guidelines

1. Attach your design file in .ai (Adobe Illustrator) format or have the .ai file readily available if picked as a winner.
*EDIT: After Checking with the company specifically for shirts, an .ai file is NOT required like with some of their other products. Files accepted include: .ai, .psd, .jpg, .png. Apologies for any added stress or confusion.
2. Attach the sample shirt design used for voting as a jpg file. If you want to be specific, you can choose the specific color you’d want the shirt to be on. You can also further specify certain design elements be certain sizes, i.e. “the design is 6” across the upper chest"
3. No foul language, obsessive violence, gore, etc. These are children’s shows and the companies will have final approval.
4. No Crossovers. Each design picked is submitted to their respective networks.
5. Include your name (or how you wish to be referred to as) when submitting your artwork to receive proper attribution.
6. Artwork should be designed for a surface area of 15" to 19" at 300 DPI. This is considered the printable surface area of a typical t-shirt.

Email to with your submission!


1. Submit whatever you want. It can be well placed stock art or something totally original. Keep in mind that Disney/CN will be approving these so try not to submit anything that you know wouldn’t fly on the show. Subversive designs might sneak by them so put on those thinking caps!
2. You must be the artist for any original art submitted or have written permission from the artist to submit. You can submit stock art with added words or phrases.
3. Entries can be submitted until April 30th, 2017. Entries will be divided based on the show it’s from.
4. Winners will be chose in multiple stages TBD. Polls will be used to narrow down potential candidates. There is no limit to the amount of winners.
5. Open to anyone anywhere in the world.


1. Several winners will be chosen. Each selected winner of a design chosen to be submitted for licensee approval will receive a monetary reward of $100 USD.
2. Winners with designs accepted by Disney and CN and made into a shirt will also receive a commission for each shirt sold for the first 6 months of availability.
3. Winners with shirts approved and produced will also receive one shirt of their design in an adult unisex size of their choosing.
4. All selected design winners will also receive small gift packages containing merchandise from either Gravity Falls or Steven Universe.

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Treat your design as if it’s on a adult small sized shirt when specifying sizing and placement.
2. Submit a design that works as a shirt. This is important! Taking a poster type of artwork and slapping it on a shirt is lazy, even if some big companies in malls do it.
3. Submitting a design does not guarantee your design will be made into a shirt. Being chosen as a winning design does not guarantee your design will be made into a shirt. Disney and Cartoon Network have final say.


such an angel !!! she’s so sweet n lovely, i’m so glad to have met her !!

I fell off my bed earlier and was too lazy to get up, so while I was zoned out I started thinking about AkaKen and this happened


  • Akaashi doesn’t know a lot about video games, but he’ll listen to Kenma explain and talk about his favourites for hours, since he really adores watching him get passionate about things.
  • He likes watching Kenma play video games too. Kenma’s always changing his sitting position when he plays, so he can go from sitting between Akaashi’s legs with his back to his chest to lounging across his entire body.
  • Kenma naturally has a lower body temperature, so he likes clinging to Akaashi and leeching warmth off him when it’s cold.
  • He also greatly enjoys sticking his cold hands up Akaashi’s shirt.
  • Both of them just like cuddling in general, really. Akaashi is the world’s best pillow.
  • Akaashi is quick to notice whenever Kenma starts to get uncomfortable in social situations. He doesn’t immediately intervene, sometimes Kenma needs a little push to start things, but as soon as Akaashi notices it won’t turn out okay for him, he finds a way to get them both out of there.
  • Kenma isn’t big on PDA, so not many people see him and Akaashi doing anything outside of holding hands or the occassional peck on the cheek. But in private, they have long, sweet makeout sessions full of soft kisses, giggles, and forehead touches.
  • Akaashi’s the one who makes breakfast since Kenma’s never awake early enough. The two always cook dinner together, though. Kenma isn’t that confident in his cooking skills, but Akaashi’s patient enough to teach him.
  • Kenma developed a crush first, during a training camp. He didn’t know what to do with what he felt, and went to Kuroo for help. Kuroo had to actively fight back a grin, he couldn’t just laugh at his friend’s struggles. Bokuto, however, had no such restrictions.
  • The Earth’s Greatest Wingmen™ spent the rest of the camp trying to get them together. Kenma was always too nervous to initiate proper conversations with Akaashi himself, and Akaashi was too polite to push Kenma into doing something that made him anxious. They considered it a victory when Akaashi admitted (not to Kenma) that he thought Kenma was cute.

i don’t understand how lesbianism is so highly sexualized i honestly don’t because you can ask ANY woman who’s ever been in a lesbian relationship that it’s rarely ever all sexual. the best parts of your relationship might be the sex, sure, but it’s also the slow goodbye kisses when you don’t want her to leave, it’s sitting by your favorite frozen yogurt stand wearing her shirt, it’s spending hours together and only feeling like minutes have passed. being a queer woman and getting to fall for another woman is a beautiful, severely underrated feeling that can knock the breath out of you and make you feel like you can take on the entire world at the same time. our love is not a fucking porn category.

Text Message for Her.

I’ve seen you in two different ways. I’ve seen you in your worst, and I’ve seen you at your best. I’ve heard you laugh, I’ve seen you smile, I’ve seen you bored, and I’ve seen you sad. I’ve watched you cry, and been there for you when you were upset. I loved you at your worst, and I loved you at your best. I’ve seen you all dressed, and in a dress. I’ve also seen you in your sweats and sometimes just a tee shirt. I think you’re the most gorgeous girl in the entire world no matter what you’re wearing. You look amazing in a dress, and you still look astounding in your sweats. I loved you at your worst, and I loved you in your best. With make-up on I think you’re gorgeous, and without make-up you still look pretty damn beautiful. I’ve been there when you told me you loved me, and I’ve been here when you were screaming “Fuck you.” I’ve been here when I was sober, and I’ve been here when I was high. At both conditions you were still the only thing on my mind. I’ve been here a long time, and I want to be here for you even longer. Because I love you at your worst, and I love you at your best.


Mr. Fluffyplush from @sonoci / @sonocomics’s Xenoblade Chronicles parody comic, Xenoblade Comicals! If you’ve beaten Xenoblade and still haven’t read this, I highly recommend you do. I tried to get him as accurate as I could to how he is in the comics as well as for colors I did my best there as well. Its a little inaccurate but oh well I worked extremely hard on him, over 8 hours spent bringing this plush to the real world. The entire thing was hand sewn, and I used materials that i found in my drawers. For the fabrics, I used 2 socks, 2 old T shirts, a Santa hat, and a spirit hood. I used 2 buttons I found lying around, and just for good measure considering that Fiora and Reyn made him when they were very young, I used black thread the entire time making him. It was really fun making Mr. Fluffyplush a reality though!

Also no one probably cares but from this day forward I’m calling him Mr. Fluffypants

Is That My Shirt? - Captain Steve Rogers Edition

Steve was your best friend in the entire world. You were practically always hanging around the Avenger’s compound even thought you weren’t an Avenger. One night you and some of the guys, namely Tony, Rhodey and Sam, had had a couple of drinks at the billionaire’s expense. You’d just come back from the city when Tony had the brilliant idea to go swimming. Of course none of you had swimsuits or trunks, but the guys all jumped in the pool with their clothes on. You shrugged, following their lead, 

Two hours later, you were a shivering mess who only then realized they had no spare clothes. With chilled feet, you padded your way through the compound’s carpeted halls hoping your bestie was still awake. When he didn’t answer his door, you let yourself in. Even better! Steve didn’t seem to be in his room at all.

You sneaked into his tshirt drawer for something dry. You quickly peeled all of your wet garments off, glad to be rid of them. You barely had enough time to slip the tshirt over your heard before Steve stepped out of his bathroom.

[Y/n]? What in the world are you…is that my shirt?” You bit your lip in embarrassment. You’d been caught red handed. You could barely muster up the courage to look at him. Then you spotted a familiar towel wrapped around his waist. 

“What the crap Rogers!” You threw a wet sock at him. “That’s my Captain America towel!” 

Bernie Sanders comes off as everyone’s nice grandpa who would ask his grandchildren to explain the entire back story of the video game they’re playing and have really strong feelings about income inequality and the proper way to make a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich.

Donald Trump comes off as everyone’s creepy grandpa who would tell you you look like a slut if you ask him if you look nice, say sexual things to his grandchildren’s teenage friends, yell racial slurs whenever someone cut him off in traffic, and then wear a “worlds best grandpa” t-shirt.


“Why are we doing this again?” Dean groans from outside the dressing room.

You sigh, slipping your shirt over your head and unbuttoning your jeans. “Because,” you begin, stepping into the dress you’re trying on, “my best friend in the entire world is getting married and I need something to wear to the rehearsal dinner.”

“Yeah,” Dean agrees. “But why am I here?”

You pull the curtain back a couple of inches and peek out at him, stifling a laugh at how out of place he looks among the lacy furniture and pink wall paint. “Because you’re my boyfriend and you love me. Now come help me with the zipper.”

Dean rolls his eyes.

You glare at him. “Hey. If you don’t cooperate, you’re not getting any of the pie I made last night.”

He pouts, grumbling as he gets to his feet. “Even pie isn’t worth this much trouble,” he mutters. But he stops dead when he sees you fully, jaw dropping just a touch.

“What do you think?” you ask, looking his reflection in the eyes as you look in the mirror.

He looks you up and down, grinning as he starts to nod slowly. He steps up behind you, pressing his chest against your back as his arms loop around your waist.

“I changed my mind,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to your shoulder. “Definitely worth it.”

You smile, leaning your head back against his shoulder. “Dean, you’re supposed to be zipping the dress up,” you remind him.

“Mhm.” His hand smooths along your shoulder.

Dean,” you protest feebly, feeling his lips on your neck. “We have to-”

“Buy the dress,” he cuts you off, slanting his mouth over yours. “I want to take you home.”


Hey everyone!!!!! So in less than two weeks I get to see my favourite person in the entire world do everything that she loves before my eyes in Vancouver with my best friend, aka my mama!! I finally finished my posters and I’m sooooooo happy with how they turned out!! We had our shirts custom made and I think we are rocking the neon!!!! I wanted to show you all my outfits/posters because I’m soooo excited and soooo proud with how everything came out!!! So if any of you see me and wanna say hi (this goes for you too, taylorswift 😏) please do!!!! I’ll be the one flipping my hair in section D7, Row D1 seats 7/8!!!!! I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait!!!!!!!