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TheMysteryShack needs more souvenir shirts to sell to suckers!

Here at TheMysteryShack, there’s a lot of tourists looking to part with their money. These simpletons love t-shirts. So we want to make more t-shirts and give them to them. For money, of course! Submit your best Gravity Falls or Steven Universe shirt design for a chance to have it be made into a licensed product and see it sold across the entire web world wide.

Submission Guidelines

1. Attach your design file in .ai (Adobe Illustrator) format or have the .ai file readily available if picked as a winner.
*EDIT: After Checking with the company specifically for shirts, an .ai file is NOT required like with some of their other products. Files accepted include: .ai, .psd, .jpg, .png. Apologies for any added stress or confusion.
2. Attach the sample shirt design used for voting as a jpg file. If you want to be specific, you can choose the specific color you’d want the shirt to be on. You can also further specify certain design elements be certain sizes, i.e. “the design is 6” across the upper chest"
3. No foul language, obsessive violence, gore, etc. These are children’s shows and the companies will have final approval.
4. No Crossovers. Each design picked is submitted to their respective networks.
5. Include your name (or how you wish to be referred to as) when submitting your artwork to receive proper attribution.
6. Artwork should be designed for a surface area of 15" to 19" at 300 DPI. This is considered the printable surface area of a typical t-shirt.

Email to with your submission!


1. Submit whatever you want. It can be well placed stock art or something totally original. Keep in mind that Disney/CN will be approving these so try not to submit anything that you know wouldn’t fly on the show. Subversive designs might sneak by them so put on those thinking caps!
2. You must be the artist for any original art submitted or have written permission from the artist to submit. You can submit stock art with added words or phrases.
3. Entries can be submitted until April 30th, 2017. Entries will be divided based on the show it’s from.
4. Winners will be chose in multiple stages TBD. Polls will be used to narrow down potential candidates. There is no limit to the amount of winners.
5. Open to anyone anywhere in the world.


1. Several winners will be chosen. Each selected winner of a design chosen to be submitted for licensee approval will receive a monetary reward of $100 USD.
2. Winners with designs accepted by Disney and CN and made into a shirt will also receive a commission for each shirt sold for the first 6 months of availability.
3. Winners with shirts approved and produced will also receive one shirt of their design in an adult unisex size of their choosing.
4. All selected design winners will also receive small gift packages containing merchandise from either Gravity Falls or Steven Universe.

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Treat your design as if it’s on a adult small sized shirt when specifying sizing and placement.
2. Submit a design that works as a shirt. This is important! Taking a poster type of artwork and slapping it on a shirt is lazy, even if some big companies in malls do it.
3. Submitting a design does not guarantee your design will be made into a shirt. Being chosen as a winning design does not guarantee your design will be made into a shirt. Disney and Cartoon Network have final say.


pairing: daveed diggs x reader

word count: 2200

warnings: swearing, thoughts of sucide, depression

a/n: i wrote this like two months ago and i havent read over it but i thot i should post something anyway okay so i know this is probably the exact same as like 10 billion fics out there and im sorry for being unoriginal but like… there’s never enough fics to make people who are sad feel better. okay? because i love you and agree with everything he says in the fic and you are wonderful and you’re gonna get through this. i love you all, stay safe, and enjoy!!! <3</p>

Text to Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 3:45 am

i cant do shows this week lin im so sorry

Text from Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 5:53 am

What? What’s going on? Is everything alright, Y/N?

Text to Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 5:55 am

i don’t know. i don’t know. ill text you when i get better. i just… cant right now

Text from Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 6:03 am

Please, just tell me what’s going on. Do you need to go to the hospital?

Text to Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 6:08 am

no i am fine i just wouldn’t be able to do the show justice this week. im so sorry lin i love you and the cast very much and i wouldn’t want to let you down

Text from Lin Miranda Cosgrove, 6:18 am

Okay. We… love you too. So so much. Feel better, Y/N, text me when you feel up to it. See you soon.

For the first time that night, you had finally fallen asleep.

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years & years (2) - m.dl.c x reader // j.a x reader

Summary: junior year sets in motion a chain of events that changes the lives of liberty high students, forever.
Warnings: mentions of a car crash, mentions of suicide, attempted suicide, blood, scars.
A/N: so this turned out longer than i intended so that’s why i ended it where i did. should i continue it or leave it as it is? anyway, this isn’t edited or anything, so i hope it’s okay!

you’re sixteen, and the first party of your junior year is the catalyst for the end of the world as you knew it. a beer run goes wrong when a car doesn’t stop where it’s supposed to, ramming straight into the car you’re travelling in with jeff. around your feet are glass bottles that shatter upon impact, cutting through your cheap canvas runners and digging in to your skin. you don’t feel it, though, because the jolt of the car sends you forward sharply, your forehead meeting the dashboard with a thunk. it knocks you out, for a few minutes, and when you come around, there’s a far worse pain waiting in the seat beside you.

a week in hospital helps the cuts on your ankles and feet scab over and heal, but no amount of time could even begin to touch the edges of the hole in your chest, in the wake of jeff’s death. the paramedics called it immediately upon arriving at the scene, your screams echoing down the street filled with passersby and flashing lights. clay had found the wreck, and you can’t erase the wretched cries he’d let out, begging jeff to hold on. the funeral is, of course, a large affair - it seems almost the entire school turns out to bid farewell to the best baseball player the town had the honour of having. in your black jeans, black shirt, black jacket, all you can focus on is the warmth of mrs. atkin’s hand in yours, gripping it tight. the students stare, pity in their gaze, unsure words of condolences whispered hurriedly as they pass you by. it only makes you feel worse.

back in school, however, another shocking blow lands only days after returning to liberty high’s hallways - hannah baker takes her own life, and leaves behind a world of pain and mystery. as if you couldn’t be more unbalanced, it feels as though the entire world has spun off it’s axis, disturbing the gravity, making it impossible to ground yourself. unlike jeff’s funeral, hannah’s is private, family only. clay is a hollow shell of the boy you grew up knowing, having lost a best friend and his crush in less than a month. when a group of jocks pass you by, clad in varsity jackets exactly like the one hanging in your wardrobe at home, the pressure hits breaking point, and you find yourself sobbing viciously beneath the bleachers outside - with no memory of how you got there. after what could be hours or simply minutes, a strong arm pulls you into a solid, warm chest, cradling you while the sobs wrack your entire body. montgomery de la cruz, a boy you haven’t spoken to in over a year, says nothing, does nothing, except hold you while you cry. for the first time since that awful night, you don’t feel so alone anymore.


after that day under the bleachers, montgomery is sure to check in with you a few times a day. the conversation never stretches beyond quick greetings, but you know that if you need someone, he’ll be there - and that’s what you need. unbeknownst to the both of you, a series of tapes is circulating a group of people you both know, left by hannah before her death. everyone begins to act strange; clay is distant and even more lost than usual, sheri can’t seem to meet your eyes anymore, alex wanders around the hallway like a dark cloud, ominous, foreboding. he purposefully picks fights with montgomery - you don’t know the reason why, nor does montgomery, but alex does. when you try to speak the bleach blond boy, he seems to be just out of your reach, like everything else, these days. even tony, your lifelong best friend is never around. jessica davis takes on the part of hedonist, drinking through school and skipping out on cheer practice. she makes scenes in public with justin and then storms off - and justin is just as far away as everybody else. like the earlier analogy of the world spinning off it’s axis, it screws with the entire system. you’re no longer in each others orbits, all communications systems failing.

the third blow hits you before that same month is up. a text message goes unseen for almost half an hour, and it’s long enough for it to be too late. the message has you sprinting barefoot across town, wearing only pyjama shorts and a tank top, headed for alex standall’s house. the blood reminds you of jeff’s body in the car, and you can barely hold back the screaming long enough to call an ambulance. it’s a long night, sitting in silence side by side with alex’s father. the man’s face is expressionless, but his eyes shine with tears he refuses to let fall. at some point, when the waiting and agonising fear becomes too much, you let your hand land on his. after a few seconds, he responds with a grateful squeeze, blinking hard. your throat is burning from the screaming, raw and painful, your bare feet like blocks of ice on the linoleum floor. the night passes.


it’s a relief to get to school on monday and realise that news of alex’s … indiscretion hasn’t yet made the rounds, but it’s not too long before it reaches the hallways. clay stops you before class to ask if you’re okay.

‘are you?’

his expression tells you all that needs saying, and you’re sure your own does, too. you let him talk to you into meeting at monet’s after school. home is too suffocating - with jeff, and hannah baker, and now alex, your parents have taken to hovering, constantly, around you. it’s sweet, and you appreciate the concern, but it doesn’t help the feeling that you don’t know how to breathe anymore. sitting around a back table with tony and clay is the most normal thing you’ve done in weeks. clay is as nervous and awkward as always, tony providing a steady contrast, confident and sure, but there’s a difference to the two of them you can’t quite explain. skye brings your drinks down; coffee for you and clay, hot chocolate for tony.

‘is it true about alex standall?’ the tattooed barista wants to know. clay spares you a glance, before nodding. skye scoffs and rolls her lined eyes. 'one girl offs herself and the rest follow like dominoes,’ she says, voice dripping with disgust. 'still, we see who the real attention seekers are, right?’

neither clay nor tony answer her; looking at each other, a silent conversation. you, however, look up at the blonde, and, rather quietly, ask her,

'can you shut the fuck up?’

she blinks. 'what? you weren’t even friends with hannah.’ 'no. but i am friends with alex. don’t be so ignorant.’

her eyes flash with indignation. 'i’m being honest, not ignorant.’
'no, you’re being disrespectful.’ underneath the table, your fists clench. 'look, i know that you’re hurting over jeff, so i-’

your head snaps up. you can barely hear yourself talking over the blood rushing through your ears. 'what did you just say?’

clay decides to step in. 'skye, maybe you should just drop it,’ his voice is low. the barista rolls her eyes again, and if she does it one more time-
'i’ll be at the counter if you need anything.’ she leaves. tony leans over to speak to you, but his words fall flat and unheard. standing up abruptly, you reach into your backpack for your wallet.

'c'mon, don’t go,’ clay pleads, tony noting the shake in your hands as you fumble for a few dollar bills. 'i can pay,’ the boy offers, concerned. you shake your head, dropping the notes on the counter. 'i’ll see you in school tomorrow,’ you mutter, gripping your bag in both hands and rushing out of café as fast as you could. speed-walking down the street, you breathe in and out slow, trying to calm your pounding heart, and the rage like a fire burning through your veins. skye’s words echo in your head - attention-seekers, attention-seekers - blinded by your emotion, you collide with a hard body, the two of you snapping 'watch it!’ in unison.

it’s montgomery, and when he sees it’s you, the tense set of his broad shoulders relax. 'oh, hey. are you okay?’ as his eyes search your face, you find yourself breaking. stepping closer to him, in an effort to keep your voice at a normal volume, you admit, 'i get it now. i get you now. i never understood… you’ve been so angry, for so long, and i never got it. but… but i get it now. i’m so mad, monty. i’m so mad, all the time, and i - i don’t want to - i can’t - i don’t know what to do.’

his entire face softens, his features kinder than you’ve ever seen them. after taking a moment to register your words, he swallows, and then reaches for your elbow.

'come with me.’


as he begins to urge you forward, all he says is, 'just come with me.’ so you do. you follow where he leads, his hand an anchor to reality. as you walk with him to god-knows-where, you realise there’s only one thing you’re certain of.

montgomery de la cruz could walk you off the edge of the earth, and you’d follow, without hesitation.

Promise - Namjoon

Warnings: mentions of cheating, implications of sex

Request: “Hi~ if it’s no trouble, could I request a Drabble? numbers 74,142 and 175 with namjoon please! you can choose whether it’s fluff or angst :) I also wanted to say I love your writing so much! Keep it up”

74. “Your eyes are red… were you crying?”
142. “I figured you shouldn’t be alone.”
175. “I can see it on your face.”

Word Count: 1156

Genre: Fluff

•·.··.·• •·.··.·•

You were broken. After walking in on your boyfriend - now ex - practically devouring your best friend, Irene, who you thought you could have trusted, you came to the conclusion that every relationship you would have, romantic or platonic, would simply end in misery and betrayal. It was almost as if all of your past boyfriends just wanted you for your body. You didn’t know if you could trust anyone anymore. You began to think that your closest friends would eventually betray you, even though you knew deep down inside that they would stay by you.

And of course, you knew Kim Namjoon would always be with you.

Limbs sprawled and dried tears, you lay on your bed in trepidation of what your future was to be. You couldn’t help but think that all hope for you was lost, and that you would never love anybody again. The thought of seeing Jumin pinning Irene to the wall, lips connected and faces flushed - you almost felt sick to your stomach.

That image of Jumin and Irene only made the pain in your chest grow, and urged you to let out the tears you’ve been holding back for sleepless nights. You held your knees to your chest and sobbed into the sheets beneath you, not caring if the entire world heard you at that moment. You had the right to be upset, especially after seeing Jumin grinding his hips against your friend, his left hand riding up her shirt while his right hand slid down beneath-

Your thoughts were cut off by the sound of your cell phone blaring beside your ear, the familiar ringtone letting you know that your best friend, Namjoon, was trying to reach you, but you didn’t want to talk to him. You didn’t want to talk to anyone. He didn’t even know about what you were going through, but all he knew is that you weren’t showing up to school, and that meant something definitely wasn’t right with you, since you had never missed a day of school - until now.

The constant ringing of your phone drove on for at least half an hour, bringing you to the point where you angrily grabbed your phone and shut it off, tossing it to the other side of your bedroom, sighing in relief of the silence. Unfortunately, you forgot about how persistent Namjoon was, so when you heard someone banging on your front door, you groaned and ignored them, hoping that they would leave soon. You knew it was Namjoon, but that pushed you ever further to ignore him.

“Y/N! I know you’re in there!” You heard him yell, the pounding on the door growing louder by the second. Suddenly, you heard your front door slam shut, and that’s when you remembered that you had given Namjoon a key to your house only a few weeks ago. He was already halfway down the hall when you jolted up and ran to your door, attempting to lock it, but he was too quick and opened the door before your hand could even touch the doorknob.

“Go away,” You said before trying to push him out, but he quickly grabbed your wrists and embraced you, moving his hands to your head and pulling you closer to his body.

“I was so worried,” He mumbled into your hair.

“Joonie, please, just go.”

He slightly pulled away in confusion at your words, his hands softly cupping your cheeks and his forehead pressed against yours.

“Your eyes are red… were you crying?” He asked, concern written all over his face. You couldn’t stand to see his pained expression, so you slowly nodded then looked down.

“J-Jumin-” You managed to gasp out, but you immediately choked on your own tears as Namjoon pulled you closer, hugging you tighter than he had ever before. You felt your knees buckle, and Namjoon slowly fell to the ground with you, the overwhelming silence taking over the sullen mood surrounding you. “Why did you come, Namjoon?”

“I figured you shouldn’t be alone,” He whispered, running his fingers through your hair as you quietly sobbed into his shirt. “Eunhee told me about him and Irene. I’m so sorry, Y/N. You don’t deserve this. You don’t.”

Minutes passed as you lay in his arms, but you managed to gather yourself and look up at Namjoon, who mumbled to himself as he wiped away your tears with his thumbs. You stayed like this for a while, your cheeks held by his soft hands, gazes averted as silence fell over the room.

“Y/N…” Namjoon spoke, slightly lifting your head to allow your eyes to meet with his.

“You love me, don’t you?” You said abruptly, causing Namjoon’s mouth to stay agape as he stared at you, wondering if you had really just asked him such a thing.

“I-I… well I-I wouldn’t say-” He began to stutter, but you cut him off by leaning forward and pressing your lips to his. He froze in shock, but slowly melted into the kiss, bringing his arms to hook around the back of your neck. You disconnected your lips with his, yet still stayed in close proximity to his reddened face.

“I can see it on your face. You love me.”

Namjoon sighed and shifted his gaze down to the carpet, deciding to spill his secrets to you.

“I do. I love you, Y/N.” You almost flinched at his words, but you knew ultimately that he wasn’t like your previous boyfriends. Namjoon was kind. He was understanding. He was gentle. He knew you better than your own family. He was your family. He had always stuck with you through the rough times. He had cared about you, and he would always care about you. You trusted him with your life, and now you were just realizing that the answer was in front of you all along? After so many years of scattered thoughts and conflicted emotions, you finally knew he was the one.

“Namjoon, can you teach me how to love again?” You asked, almost desperate for a positive answer from him. Surprisingly, instead of an answer, he kissed you softly, cupping your cheeks as you simply melted at his touch. He pulled away with a gentle smile on his face, showcasing his dimples, one of your many favorite features of him.

“As long as you promise to stay by me,” He said, and you quickly nodded before quickly pecking his lips.

“I promise.”

•·.··.·• •·.··.·•

lmao this was so shit I’m so sorry

BTS Gif Game Prologue
  • If you don’t like who you get, too bad. Lol, jk, if you wanna redo, go for it. (But that’s like cheating, and no one likes cheaters.)
  • If you get the same person twice, redo the last one.
  • Enjoy.

Your Brother - You and your brother had become a lot closer over the past year. He always took care of you, even before your parents’ divorce. He had a shit childhood, and he didn’t want you to be brought up like him, so he took it upon himself to take care of you, since your dad was gone and your mom worked most of the day. She wasn’t a bad mother by any means, she was very passionate about you two, she just rarely had the time to show it, but she didn’t have to, because he always would.

Your Brother’s Best Friend - Because your brother was always taking care of you, he never showed his weak side. This is where he came in. Whenever your brother needed him, he was there. The same week the divorce happened, he walked across town at 2:47 AM with a backpack full of snacks because your brother sent him a text asking if he could talk. Now, he had a car, and was always more than willing to drop everything for the two of you. His parents were practically your second family, and he considered the two of you siblings.

Your Brother’s Asshole Friend - Another a close friend of your brother, he was less willing to drop everything, but that wasn’t what bothered you. What bothered you, was the way he acted around you. He didn’t necessarily “bully” you, but he was an asshole- No, he was the whole ass. He’d get drinks for everyone but you, and would ignore you most of the time you spoke, but when someone messed with you, he was on them like white on rice.

Yin and Yang - Trouble comes in pairs, and these two were no exception. “Brothers from another mother”, as they put it. They were inseparable, but they were complete opposites, balancing each other out. One would always be getting them into trouble, and the other would always be getting them out of it. “Yin” was a messy trouble maker with bad grades and the hottest clothes, “Yang” was an A+ book worm who wore thick framed glasses to school and always had his shirt tucked in. The one thing they did have in common? They were your best friends in the entire world. (Choose Two, First One is Yin, Second is Yang)

Your Flirty Friend - Pretty self explanatory, this boy is constantly making moves on you. You have been with the same group of friends for so long that his actions are seen more as general affection for you than actual flirting, but flirty all the same. The two of you do a lot of skin ship together, from hugs and putting your arms around each other’s shoulders, to laying your head on his lap while playing video games or holding his hand just because it feels nice.

Your Stalker Friend - Most people would find his… Talents, to be creepy, but you were fascinated. He was practically a real life Izaya Orihara. He had the upper hand on EVERYBODY. There wasn’t a single person in the school he didn’t have dirt on, and boy did he use that to his advantage. He was incredibly brilliant; his father was a lawyer and his mother was a the owner of several corporations overseas, and they raised him to be a chip off the old block. When he wouldn’t persuade someone, he would confuse them with his vocabulary and philosophy, including you.

My JIB8 photo op with Jared.

I was wearing my ‘I AM Enough’ shirt and as I walked up to Jared, he took a look at my shirt and told me he loved it <3

My head looks ridiculouslessly small in this picture compared to Jared’s but, in my defence, he squeezed me so hard that my face got pressed into his chest (not complaining about that the slightest!). I completely agree with the people who say that Jared gives the best hugs! Also, I didn’t realize until I picked up the picture that Jared had closed his eyes too.

After the picture was taken, Jared grabbed my hands and squeezed them, and I somehow managed to stutter out that he was my favorite person in the entire world. Jared responded with “You’re MY favorite person“ and then thanked me and told me that I rock. At that point, I had begun to turn my back on him to grab my bag and head out of the room, but then I felt Jared touching my shoulder. He said: “Hey“ and I turned to look at him, and Jared looked me in the eyes and repeated his thank you. That really touched me - that he wanted to make sure I’d heard him and knew how much my words meant to him.

Jared Padalecki is beautiful <3


because f*ck you, connor! (and your eyebrows!)

wes gibbins would be a father who:

  • was so tall baby gibbins-castillo would be able to see the entire world from his shoulders, and don’t even talk to me about how he would help them place the star on the christmas tree!
  • gives you a piece of cookie dough when mom isn’t looking
  • says: “of course i’ll make a fort with you!”
  • reads bedtime stories every night
  • has an apron that says: ‘AMAZING CHEF, AMAZING FATHER’
  • tells his kid that the colors have no gender
  • lets his kid wear his flannel shirts that are at least 12 sizes too big for them
  • has a seat for the back of his bike, in which his child can sit
  • makes the best pancakes on a saturday morning 
  • does his daughter’s hair 
  • gives perfect hugs and piggy-back rides

based off of @bambocomicx amazing version of Heather Chandler with red hair, go follow them!

Heather Chandler looked down at the shirt her girlfriend just gave her. She looked up to meet the bright smile and eager eyes of Veronica Sawyer. Heather looked at the shirt once more before letting out a deep sigh.

The shirt was black and read Red Hair Don’t Care in a dark red font.

“I literally dyed my hair three days ago, where did you even find this on such short notice?” The (now) red-head questioned.

Veronica simply smiled as she responded, “I looked it up on Amazon and got two-day shipping. I got a matching shirt as well! I thought we could like, wear them and have it be a cute couple thing.”

The brunette held up another black shirt, but it read Messy Hair Don’t Care in a blue font. Veronica shot a wide smile at her girlfriend who just looked at the brunette’s frizzy hair and sighed.

“I can’t believe you, you’re such a dork. Also if you think I’m wearing this in public, you’re wrong,” Heather said as she watched the other girls face fall.

Veronica sighed as she simply took the shirt in Heather’s hand back.

“If you didn’t like it, you could’ve just told me,” she said with a frown.

Heather saw as Veronica’s eyes grew dark and she felt her heart clench. The redhead hated having a soul. She ripped the shirt she had on off and took the other shirt back and put it on. She tucked it into her shorts and glared at the shorter girl.

“Well? What’re you waiting for, put on your shirt, we’re going out right now and we’re showing the world how fucking cute we are,” Heather commanded as she cocked a hip out.

Veronica’s eyes lit up once more and quickly put the shirt on and tucked it into her skirt. She hugged Heather and smiled as she let her go.

“Best. Girlfriend. Ever. C’mon let’s go show the world our cute shirts, everyone’s gonna be so jealous because we’re so amazing.” Veronica grabbed Heather’s hand and dragged her out of the redhead’s own room.

Heather and Veronica ended up simply walking around the small town for around two hours, holding hands the entire time. Sometimes they would get compliments and Heather could feel Veronica practically perk up and squeeze the redhead’s hand in excitement.

Heather regretted saying she wouldn’t wear the shirt in public when this was the reaction she got out of her Ronnie. The brunette linked arms with the redhead and laid her head on her shoulder.

“I told you we’d be cute,” Veronica said with a smile as they walked back to Heather’s house.

“Yeah, well of course we are. It’s us, when the hell are we not cute?” Heather replied as she flipped her hair.

Veronica let out a deep laugh and snuggled closer to Heather and hummed an agreement. This is what their relationship was, and neither would change it for all the riches in the world.

Realize -- Chapter Twenty-Seven “Broken Hearts Club

Tom HiddlestonxReader

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain…Who needs boys??  here we go Chapter Twenty-Seven!


@greeneyedgirls4 @kianya-loves


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I Said No

Requested by anonymous: Your Shawns girlfriend and get really tipsy and try to sleep with him and he being the amazing boyfriend he is doesn’t want to cause your drunk.

Shawn asked you to come to the after party for an award ceremony he was attending and you obviously, said yes.

It wasn’t all the time that you could actually attend something like this with Shawn since sometimes the award shows were too far away and other commitments got in the way of you going. So, it was a nice surprise when you were actually able to go.

Shawn had spent a lot of time getting ready before the award show, wanting to make sure that he looked okay.

You reassured him multiple times, that “no, babe, your hair doesn’t look weird,” or “your tie looks fine, what are you talking about? You didn’t even tie it, I did!,” or a “no, babe, I swear if your fly is down I will tell you, but it’s not and if it was, you couldn’t even tell.”

It was weird to see him so worried about his appearance like this. Caroline, Shawn’s outfit designer said that he needs some encouragement sometimes, but other times he’ll look in the mirror and be completely pleased with what he saw.

This was not one of those times. You can admit, you’ve had the same thoughts as you were dressed in an olive green halter top dress fitted with a skater skirt and some black high strappy heels.

Shawn had told you that you looked too gorgeous for the rest of the world to see, so you didn’t fret too much, but it seemed as if Shawn needed the most encouragement out of you two.

“Shawn, you need to calm down and accept the way you look, otherwise we’ll be late.” You sigh, looking at the clock and fixing your silver bracelet on your left wrist. You look up, grabbing Shawn by the lapels of his suit jacket and forcing him to look at you. “You look so hot, you know? You really don’t have to worry anymore than maybe a ‘oh, is a hair out of place?’ Really babe, quit fretting, you’re very handsome.” You tell him, kissing his cheek lightly to avoid getting your lip product on his skin.

“You’re right.” He smiles, slipping his hand around your waist. “We better get going.”

As you two arrive, you can see a red carpet in front of a wall holding multiple logos and the name of the even on the front. You took a deep breath as you see how many photographers are shouting at other celebrities to look their way.

“You’ll be fine, just follow my lead.” Shawn smiles and leads you out onto the carpet, flashing lights practically blinding you. Photographers are shouting “to your left, to your right, right here!” It does overwhelm you, but Shawn is holding onto you the whole time, making you less intimidated.

“Can we get some of Shawn alone, please?” A few shout and Shawn leans his mouth down towards your ear.

“Go wait by Andy, I’ll only be a minute, I promise.” He kisses your cheek quickly as you walk towards Andrew who smiles at you.

Once Shawn was done, he walks back towards you and takes hold of your hand, John and Andrew following the both of you.

You get to your seats, Shawn’s hand never leaving your right knee that you crossed over your left leg.

Shawn left with an award - you had no doubt, so you all left feeling happy and content with the way things turned out.

Once you got to the after party, you immediately searched for a glass of champagne - being near all of these celebrities made you super nervous and you knew what would take the edge of of things - alcohol, obviously.

Shawn didn’t have anything to drink, not really feeling it. All the more reason for you to, right? Not exactly.

Your first glass turned into your fifth, and as you reached for your sixth, Shawn took the glass from your hand and placed it on a nearby table.

“Shawwwwwwwwwwwn,” you dragged out, slumping against him as he got close to you. “Whyyyyy did you take myy drink awayyy?” You frowned, feeling betrayed that your boyfriend would do such a cruel thing to you.

“Baby, you’re cut off; you’ve had enough for one night.” Shawn explains to you, smiling and nodding curtly at someone who said hi passing by.

“But, I’m not even drunkkk,” you slurred, putting your arms around Shawn and swaying.

Well, you swayed a little too much and almost through Shawn off balance, almost causing you two to crash into the center table.

“No, Y/N, you’re more than drunk.” Shawn said seriously. “John!”

John walked over to you two as you nestled your head in between the crook of Shawn’s neck and shoulder.

“Can you please go find some water for Y/N, please?”

John simply nodded and walked away, on a mission to find some water.

In your drunken state, you couldn’t help but notice how incredibly hot your boyfriend looked in all black. Well, you in your drunken state and in any state, really.

Your hands made their way to Shawn’s shirt buttons, trying to undress him and Shawn shoved your hands away, becoming a little squirmy.

“Shawwwwn, you look s-soo hot tonight, we should do it. Like right now, in front of everyone hereeee!” You said a little loudly, causing Shawn to put a hand over your mouth to keep you quiet.

“Y/N, we’re not going to do that.” Shawn said, irritated.

However, your hands found their way to his button and zipper on his pants - trying to get them undone.

“But, I love when we have sex, Shawwwn, you’re so goodddd at i-it.” You hiccup, smiling.

“Okay, we’re not having sex Y/N, not now and especially when you’re in this state.” He says, looking around and holding your hands in place so you wouldn’t try to unbutton anything else.

“You don’t want to have sex with me?” Tears arise in your eyes and Shawn audibly sighs very loudly.

“Y/N, I didn’t say that. I just don’t want to have sex with you right now.”

Your tears immediately vanish. “Oh, I get it, you’re shy to do it in front of everyonnne. I get it, it’s okayy, babyyy. You’re very good lookinggg.”

“Yeah, Y/N, that’s exactly it.”

John comes back with some water and you can hear Shawn tell him that they need to leave and all John does is nod, escorting you two out of the after party.

Andrew is found five minutes later, the four of you getting in the car together.

“What’s going on?” Andrew asks and Shawn points at you who has become increasingly sleepy.

“She’s had too much to drink, I’m taking her home.”

Andrew doesn’t say anything else, just nods in understanding.

John drops you two off at your home, Shawn carrying you inside as you rest comfortably against his chest.

He sets you down on your bed, disappearing for a minute, but returning with a glass of water and some advil that he knows you’ll be needing tomorrow morning.

“Shawnn, are we going to have sex now?” You say sleepily, but still very intoxicated.

He sits on the bed next to you, bringing your feet over to his lap so he can take your shoes off.

He doesn’t answer you about your question, but instead helps you sit up. His hands delicately glide across the back of your neck to untie your dress.

“So, you do want to have sexxx.” You say cheekily and he shakes his head, going to your drawers to pick out a random t-shirt.

He gets you out of your dress, somehow, and pulls the shirt over your head.

“No, we’re going to sleep.” He says, taking off whatever he needs to feel comfortable and get under the covers with you.

“Together?” You ask as you nestle against him, your eyes closing.

His fingers brush through your hair lightly as he presses a kiss to your forehead.

“No, just sleeping.”

And then you were out like a light.

When you wake up, all that remains with your memory is the enormous headache in your skull.

“Feeling better?” Shawn asks, coming out of your bathroom.

His voice pierces your eardrums and you wince, putting your finger to your lips in an attempt to tell him to be quiet.

Reaching for the advil and water, you simply want to go back to sleep.

It was a full three hours before your headache had vanished.

Shawn sat in bed with you, not saying anything, just laying next to you and doing things on his phone.

“You know, you were extremely amusing last night.” Shawn speaks for the first time in a while.

You wince, thinking about the horrible things you could’ve done last night.

“You just kept saying how you wanted to sleep with me and tried to unbutton my shirt and pants and things.” He chuckles, finding it funny now.

“God, Shawn, I’m so sorry.” You say, completely embarrassed.

“I would be happy to sleep with you, Y/N.” Shawn laughs. “Just not when I don’t know if you’re okay with it and when you’re not going to remember the next morning.”

Shawn was a blessing and probably the best guy in the entire world.

“I love you.” You tell him.

“I love you too.”


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Sorry this was super long, but I had fun writing this! Please be careful while drinking guys, you have no idea what could happen!

For Kaity.

Originally posted by becausepine

For @kaitymccoy123, after a rough day. I love you to bits, dear, and I think they lost out, not you. I hope this is decent (banged it out on lunch break, posting quickly. Probably riddled with errors). Also, it’s incredibly difficult to find a good AOS Scotty gif.

“I didn’t get it.”

“Ya what?” Monty’s nose crinkles in a way that you would normally find adorable. As it is, the entire world seems dampened by the bitter disappointment that snakes through your chest, and your answering smile is hollow.

“The job. I didn’t get it.” Despite your best efforts, you feel your voice hitch a little on the words. 

“The rat bastards,” he spits, dropping his spanner and pulling you into his arms, heedless of the fact that you’re in the E deck corridor for all to see. You smush your nose into the mesh fabric of his red shirt and let him hold you tight. 

“Shh, shh, shh, shh,” he murmurs, more an instinctive litany of comfort than actual shushing. He rocks you gently back and forth, threading agile fingers through your dark hair. His skin smells of bay rum aftershave and something vaguely singed, and it crosses your mind to ask him, later, how the refit is coming. He presses his lips to your temple and sighs heavily through his nose. “The silly sods don’t know a good thing when they’ve got it.”

His words send hot tears prickling at the corners of your eyes. Silly as it is, to cry feels a little like defeat, like one last punch in the gut. You pull back, biting at your lip and swiping your face in frustration. 

Monty catches your hands in his. “My heart,” he says softly, reaching to thumb away the tear-tracks that stain your cheeks. “I know what I’ve got right here.” His eyes are dark as he stares at you for a long moment, as if memorizing your features. You can see, suddenly, that he shares your heartbreak. He clasps his fingers around the nape of your neck, planting a gentle kiss on your forehead and fluttering his eyes closed. “I have the very best thing, Kaity. I have you.”

Bonus, because I just can’t resist.

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Friendly Meddling

Summary/Request from @hiitsmecharlie: (Y/N) works at WWE, but she can easily pass by unnoticed at the job (not all the famous type etc). She’s really shy, but once you know her really cute and funny. She likes Seth from the moment she laid eyes on him and so does he, but neither of them actually believes the other may be interested so neither does anything to actually get to know each other. Does it makes sense? Make it cuteeee and flufly

FYI- GO READ HER FICS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY. She’s an epic writer and a really amazing person.

Warnings: My usual swearing and fluff. Also, long fic.

Word count: 4,500+

Bonus: There is a The Princess Bride reference hidden in here…

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h-enrywinter  asked:

"actually... I just miss you" for the prompt thing (#andreil but is Andrew that tell this to Neil 🍝)

okkkk i accidentally turned this into long distance andreil because i’m trash… also partly inspired by me, lying on the floor, melting into a puddle because heatwave (aka satan saying ‘fuck brexit’)

  • ok so sports teams occasionally go abroad for training. to hot countries. for some form of exotic fucking torture or smth.
  • and because of this they had to miss their weekly skype session
  • (they say it’s not scheduled but… it totally is)
  • and andrew felt #emotions about missing it
  • that weren’t anger
  • though he’d never admit it

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such an angel !!! she’s so sweet n lovely, i’m so glad to have met her !!

Castle on the Hill: A Stiles Stilinski Imagine

So this is based on my new favourite song, Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran. Hope you guys like it, and I’m also taking headcanons now so feel free to request them x 

When I was six years old I broke my leg
I was running from my brother and his friends
And tasted the sweet perfume of the mountain grass as I rolled down

Y/N’s brother liked to tease her when she was younger, that’s one of the many things Stiles remembered about her. He remembered the day she came running, well, limping, to his door, tears streaming down her face. His mother was alive then, and he remembered her calling him to come and comfort his best friend while she drove them to the hospital. He remembered holding her hand in the back of the car, and then being the first to write something stupid on her cast on the way home. 

Life was so much easier then.

I was younger then,
Take me back to when…
I found my heart and broke it here

Stiles would never forget Y/N’s first heartbreak. It was like her entire world had shattered into a million pieces. He remembered sitting on the grass with her, not caring that she was crying all over his new shirt, or that it was getting dark. All he cared about was making sure she was okay. 

“It’s his loss.”

“It’ll get better.”

“You’ve still got me.”

I love you.”

Of course, he never said the last one out loud. That wouldn’t be until much later. The night of the winter formal. Y/N would be wearing her favourite dress, her date would have ditched her, and she would have ended up in the arms of her best friend. Then, when they were dancing together, he would have whispered it to her. She would have stared at him in shock, before kissing him like he’d dreamed about so many times before. 

“I love you too, Stiles.”

I’m on my way
Driving at 90 down those country lanes
Singing to “Tiny Dancer”

Stiles remembered that her favourite thing in the world was road trips. He remembered the one they took on their one year anniversary. They flew down the road in the powder-blue jeep that they both treated like it was their child, the radio blaring. He remembered looking at Y/N as she belted out the lyrics to whatever song was playing, not caring that she got them wrong, admiring the way the wind blew through her hair, the way the light reflected in her eyes. 


“Nothing, you’re just amazing.”

She smiled, the blush rising to her cheeks. Stiles pulled over, before grabbing her cheeks to pull her in for a kiss. He loved how their lips melded together, like they were made for each other.

He pulled away, his thumb stroking her cheek as they placed their foreheads against each other. 

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too, Stilinski.”

And I miss the way
You make me feel,
And it’s real
We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill

Stiles remembered everything there was to know about Y/N Y/L/N. He remembered her birthday, her favourite books, the way she’d tuck her hair behind her ear whenever he complimented her, and the way she used to snuggle into him as they watched the sunset over his house whenever they could. 

That was what he thought about every time he went to visit her at the hospital. All the good memories. He would sit there, his hand in hers and tell her stories. Stories of all the amazing times they had spent together, and stories of what he had planned for their future. A house with a white picket fence and an apple tree, a dog, maybe a cat too, two kids, a boy and a girl, running around the garden, while their very happily married parents watched on.

“Alright son, visiting hours are over,” the nurse said over his shoulder. 

“Right, okay,” Stiles stood up from his seat, reluctantly removing his hand from Y/N’s. He looked at girl he loved, sleeping as she had been for the past nine months, and not for the first time, he realised how much he truly missed her. 

He placed a feather-light kiss on her forehead, not caring that she wouldn’t feel it. 

“See you tomorrow, Y/N. I love you.”

anonymous asked:

*slides you a twenty dollar bill* Valdangelo headcannons

Hi friend! Thanks for the cash (let’s pretend it won’t all go towards Starbucks)

- Leo and Nico finding comfort in each other, because they know how it feels to be the odd one out

- Leo and Nico being each other’s family because theirs are just so broken

- Leo pulling Nico out of his shell, making him smile, making him belly laugh, making him joke around, making him happy

- Nico pranking Leo and getting away with it because the way his eyes shine while he giggles is Leo’s favorite thing in the entire world

- Nico hitting a growth spurt and shooting up past six foot. Now he has to lean down to kiss Leo. Leo standing on his tiptoes to kiss back

- Leo running up and kissing Nico’s cheek while he’s talking to people before running away. At first people thought Nico would send skeletons after him, but his face lights up instead

- Nico’s hugs are the best. He’s warm and completely envelopes Leo in his arms; Leo can’t help but feel completely safe for once

- Leo getting him a shirt that says Leo’s Fan Club Founder

- Nico loves his crazy hair. It’s super soft and he runs his fingers through it. Leo turns into putty

- Sometimes Leo hides Nico’s razors so he has stubble

- Sword practice ending in lying on the ground, laughing

- Leo nearly fainting at how cute Nico is with the kids during his shift of arts and craft

- Nico softly singing along at the campfires in Italian as he leans into Leo

- Leo and Nico going to the beach. They start a bonfire and Leo sings in Spanish while he plays the guitar. Nico falling hopelessly in love with him

- Nico and Leo thinking the other is their entire world, wondering how they were so lucky to have each other

They’re so cute together! Thank you

Mod Isabel

i don’t understand how lesbianism is so highly sexualized i honestly don’t because you can ask ANY woman who’s ever been in a lesbian relationship that it’s rarely ever all sexual. the best parts of your relationship might be the sex, sure, but it’s also the slow goodbye kisses when you don’t want her to leave, it’s sitting by your favorite frozen yogurt stand wearing her shirt, it’s spending hours together and only feeling like minutes have passed. being a queer woman and getting to fall for another woman is a beautiful, severely underrated feeling that can knock the breath out of you and make you feel like you can take on the entire world at the same time. our love is not a fucking porn category.