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(6) Ignis' pick-up lines

Noctis: You know, maybe we shouldn’t make a fire at camp tonight. Might give the Imperial Troops a sign of where we’re at.
Prompto: But it’s so cold. :(
Ignis: We can all just sit around Gladio.
Noctis: …
Ignis: He’s…hot enough. 
Gladio: …Ignis?
Ignis: Also, I’ll remind you all I tend to get the coldest spot in the tent. I’m afraid I’ll have to keep Gladio at my side every second tonight.
Gladio:  ಥ‿ಥ Awmanyes

the most amazing, completely mind-blowing thing about zexal is that keyshipping is canon. Astral and Yuma - two boys in Yugioh - are CANON. amazing

  • You: You ship Clarke and Bellamy because you're homophobic!
  • Me, an intellectual: I ship Clarke and Bellamy because they have formed one of the strongest bonds ever created on TV. They rely on and care for each other. When they're together they bring out the best in each other. But sure, call me homophobic for not losing my mind over a chick who left Clarke with no choice but to kill over 300 people.

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Do you know any good ATLA (relatively) long fics? I already know Embers, and a few more (as I have p much gone through the fics with most favourites on FFnet), but I know you're the best at finding hidden gems! Any ship (or no ships) is fine, worldbuilding is much appreciated!

Our Fortunes Together

such selfish prayers

when the world stops spinning

Imagine The Ocean - Book One

The Problem With Zuko

The Dragon-King’s Temple

Rescue Me

Rising Phoenix

Call Me Katto

Ember, Ash, and Kindling

Once Around the Sun

Traitor’s Face

Fall of the Fire Empire

Kyoshi: Swan Song

Fortunate Son

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🌴 for Hermione and Sirius? <3

  • When a sixteen year old girl popped into existence in his bedroom, Sirius freaked out.
  • He had spent sixteen years growing up around magic himself, but girls never really appeared out of thin air and landed on his bed before.
  • She had wild hair and even wilder eyes, eyes that were staring at him with fear and confusion.
  • “Sirius.” She gulped. “Sirius Black.”
  • He didn’t have a chance to ask how she knew his name, because she started pacing back and forth, mumbling to herself and looking at the strange clock she had around her neck.
  • Wait. Sirius had seen that before. He gasped.
  • “Are you…” Sirius took a careful step back. “Are you from the past or the future?”
  • The girl stopped in her tracks to look at him again. 
  • He lip trembled and next thing he knew, her big brown eyes were filled with tears.
  • Sirius got nervous. It was strange enough that a time-traveling girl who, he just realized, was wearing Hogwarts robes, was standing in his family home.
  • But now she was also crying. 
  • He had only comforted a crying girl once, and that was because James had been an idiot to Lily.
  • So Sirius came up to this girl slowly and placed a careful hand on her shoulder.
  • “It’ll be alright,” he said with the softest voice he could manage. “Whatever it is, I’ll help you.”
  • To his inmense surprise, she removed her hands from her face and threw her arms around him, wrapping him in a tight hug.
  • The next few weeks, Sirius spent basically all of his time with her.
  • Her name was Hermione and she was a Gryffindor like him.
  • She had come from the future in some kind of time-turner malfunction and they needed to repair it in order to get her back to her own time.
  • Which proved particularly difficult due to the fact that she was a muggleborn trying to stay hidden in the Black family home.
  • Staying over the summer break with his family was always difficult.
  • But trying to keep Hermione a secret made everything so much harder.
  • And so, so much more fun.
  • It gave him a special thrill to know that he was hiding a muggleborn in his bedroom, right under his parents’ noses.
  • And that she was a girl.
  • Even if Hermione actually slept in the magically enlarged closet.
  • They spent hours together; reading books on repairing magical objects that Sirius would bring from his family’s library.
  • Brewing potions that promised to help fix the magic.
  • Escaping together during the night to get the ingredients for said potions.
  • And sometimes the occasional muggle burger too.
  • He had never enjoyed the hot summer months as much.
  • But it seemed to be drawing to a close.
  • He came back up to his room one night after a horrible, mandatory dinner with his family.
  • Hermione was sitting cross-legged on the floor, putting on the finishing touches to the potion that would restore magical qualities.
  • And she was wearing his Beatles t-shirt.
  • Sirius allowed himself to stare at her for a moment, thinking that she had to be the smartest, loveliest, most wonderful girl he had ever known.
  • She looked up at him with that bright smile of hers. “It’s almost finished.”
  • Sirius sat in front of her. “How do you my name?” 
  • He had noticed she didn’t like to talk about the future, so he had refrained from asking, but if she was leaving soon, he needed to know.
  • Hermione looked uncomfortable for a moment, but then she shrugged. 
  • “There was an edition on The Prophet about the Black Family and I saw you there. It was a picture from your graduation.”
  • “Will I look handsome in the future?” Sirius asked with a cheeky smirk.
  • Hermione bit her lip. “Very.”
  • If there was ever a moment to kiss her, this was it.
  • Leaning over the cauldron that separated them, Sirius brushed his lips against hers and waited for her reaction.
  • Hermione kissed back, strong and vivacious just like her.
  • Sirius could taste secrets, magic, and familiarity.
  • Real familiarity, the one that makes you wonder if you’ve met someone before; the one that sticks to your bones and leaves you warm with memories.
  • Hermione softly broke the kiss, and it took him a second to open his eyes, trying to enjoy the leftover feeling of her lips on him.
  • When he did, he wasn’t very surprised to see she was crying.
  • She avoided his eyes as she removed the time-turner from her neck and gently dipped it in the potion.
  • When she took it out, Sirius held his breath as she finally looked at him.
  • He knew what she was trying to say. 
  • ‘If it works, then this is goodbye.’
  • Sirius wanted to thank her for giving him the best summer of his life, but he couldn’t be sure that words would be enough.
  • So he moved the cauldron aside and hugged her just a tightly as she had hugged him the first time.
  • He kissed her forehead and Hermione turned the time-turner once.
  • He kissed her nose and she turned it over twice.
  • Sirius locked their lips together and it lasted for a while longer that he thought it would.
  • But just as suddenly as Hermione Granger had come; she was gone.

Let’s celebrate Summer together!

Life Is Strange

so me and my boyfriend are playing Life Is Strange on his PS4 and I mentioned it being kind of popular lesbian stuff and he just looked at me all confused like: whaat what lesbian there are none… wait you mean Chloe and Max… they are friends..umm but they are cute…ummmmmm I don’t know Kate.

*3 hours later*

Chloe: If you’re hardcore then kiss me Max 
choice one: Kiss Chloe                      
choice two: don’t kiss Chloe

me: ooooh yeeesss finally
boyfriend looks at me grinning while I laugh and try to steal the controller from him: ooooooooookaaay you were right *he himself hits option one* 

both: awwwwwwwwwww 

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I noticed you mentioned that you're invested in Klance because it has the best opportunity to be steered towards canon. But what are the thoughts on Kallura? That has some better development in terms of character growth and developing a bond between. So could that necessarily be canon?

Warning! If you really like Kallura, you may not want to read what I’m about to say. I don’t have an actual problem with the ship itself, and I would never dream of hating on anyone who ships it, but I’ve been asked a question and I will answer it honestly. 

If I’m answering this objectively, I see far less development in Kallura than Klance. Klance fights, yes, but they have history and emotional involvement. Kallura has a bit of that, but it happened very suddenly and then was resolved very quickly. If a romance was to be formed between Keith and Allura, their conflict should have been stretched out to cause drama (like the continuing Klance conflict), but they resolved their differences very neatly (too neatly, in my opinion). Which tells me that Kallura was not the main aim, not romantically. The Keith-is-Galra conflict seemed like an excuse to develop Keith and Allura’s relationship in general (as well as Allura’s character, mainly), but it wasn’t a romantic lead-in, not with how it was structured. Also, it was… fairly awkward all around. And when Allura was captured that one time, Keith was actively, like, “let’s maybe not rescue her.” Like, even if they have a working friendship because of their situation, they don’t have much chemistry. A romance between them would seem forced, at least as it stands now. 

Now, my views on Kallura personally (which are a bit more bitter and ranty, so get ready).  

Kallura actively makes me uncomfortable, if I’m being totally honest. It doesn’t have anything to do with the characters themselves, really, but the implications behind the ship. Keith is the hotheaded hero and Allura is the princess. While she is perfectly capable of handling herself, this relationship is so entirely reductive and overdone that the thought of seeing something as diverse and interesting as Voltron plagued by such a relationship actually makes me upset. It’s so stereotypical–especially if Keith becomes leader (which I also hope doesn’t happen). It’s part of the reason why Shallura seems so plausible–because it’s the same potential “leader character falls for princess, etc, etc, etc.” Like, I don’t mind Shallura because it seemed like an obvious option from the beginning due to this same/similar trope (which meant I accepted it from the beginning), but, like I’ve said before, I won’t be butthurt if it doesn’t happen–I’m not emotionally invested because it’s so predictable. And I view Kallura the same way, because–to be frank–if the writers are going the way of Kallura, they’re probably going the way of Keith being the leader too and that’s a story that’s been told so many times before. Kallura is a romance that’s been played out over and over and over and over again. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the bad boy and the princess. To the point where it nauseates me thinking about it. 

It’s not a matter of developement between them–I hope they do develop a better relationship–but as is, development could justify any romantic relationship in the show because every relationship between all the characters are so underdeveloped. But Kallura is the easy way because it’s a story that’s been told time and time again. Keith is the bad boy with the sketchy genes that make him somehow inferior, while Allura is the pure, morally correct princess type that initially disapproves of him. 

I do not want to see this romance again. Honestly, if it goes the way of Kallura, I’ll likely stop watching. I’ve seen it too many times. And I think it would be a royal waste of the potential this story has. They have such a diverse cast and such dynamic characters. I want to see something new and fresh. Yes, I am invested in Klance because I want to see these boys who hate one another become friends and realize they have feelings for one another, because it’s a story we see in fic, but that is never followed through within mainstream media. Kallura does nothing progressive and, in my opinion, is more hurtful to a narrative that is trying to bring in diversity than it is helpful. Keith and Lance have chemistry–be it antagonistic or not–and I want to see that followed through on for once. I don’t want to suffer the same disappointment I did in, say, the new Star Trek movies where the perfect relationship–Kirk and Spock–was set aside for some heteronormative trash that hurt both the characters involved (mostly Uhura). It is canon–as said by the original creator–that Kirk and Spock share a relationship strong enough to be physical, if that was the “style” of the time, yet that chemistry and potential was completely ignored. 

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of these heteronormative relationships with no chemistry cropping up into spaces that are perfectly viable for other relationships. I’m tired of writers being unable to see the potential because of some stupid societal expectation that everything needs to be cis and straight. 

I don’t care if Kallura was a thing in the original show or not, VLD is new and totally different and like they took a chance in making Pidge a girl/struggling with her gender identity, I want to see that trend continue. I want to see this diverse cast become even more diverse. I want it to be a thing that the lions chose these different, faulted people and that all of them represent different ideas and they can still be heroes and role models

If Keith does become leader, can you imagine how progressive him being gay would be? A gay, none-white leader and main character? Like, yes please!

The narrative doesn’t have room for Kallura without overshadowing other potential LGBT romances. So I don’t want it. I don’t want to watch another show fall into a boring, been there, done that love story when I could get a love story–albeit in the background–that is something progressive and fresh, at least to mainstream media.  

Kallura would ruin the show for me in so, so many ways and the idea of it happening literally pains me. I’d rather have no canon relationships than Kallura. 

And if you ship it, that’s fine. I’m happy you can enjoy it. But I really, really can’t no matter how I try. I’ve been trying to love every ship in Voltron, but I just… can’t with this one. 

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azzedine (+ nicole kidman) - je pense que tu es le seul à avoir rencontré à la fois mélenchon et nicole kidman en moins de deux jours donc je vais te poser quelques questions : qui a été le plus sympa entre mélenchon et kidman ? - oh 50/50 (…) - qui a la plus grosse langue de bois ? - oh… pareil.

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KEITH MY BEAUTIFUL BOY ❤ YOU DRAW HIM WONDERFULLY You're the first person to really get me shipping Klance 👌 I guess I always shipped it but you and your art brought it out and I can't thank you enough for that?? Hahahaha thank you very much! (Oh and one more thing! I hope you have a wonderful day/week/month/year etc! I may not know what you look like but you have a beautiful personality! ❤ I wish you all the best!)

I’m 10 followers away from my goal, if I hit that, I will do a special special! (Lol… special special…)
Y'all better get ready, it has something to do with the number three and food/drinks!!!

Filthy NaruSaku Day here on fineillsignup

So my opinion is that the best way to respond to hate on a ship is:

1. to create new content for that ship
2. to leave nice comments on fic writers and artists for that ship
3. reblog that ship

So because of this lovely piece of garbage:

I hereby declare the rest of today to be FILTHY NARUSAKU DAY on my blog. And for the folks playing along at home, I don’t actually even ship NS… I prefer NH. *sad trombone*

Any truly filthy NS will be reblogged onto my naughty side blog @fineilikesmut which Tumblr never lets me tag.

If it’s your NOTP…… scroll, blacklist, unfollow, whatever. Just keep your nasty opinions to yourself on non-discourse posts mmkay?