the best sherlock and watson ever to exist

John never was a dummy, he is smarter than he looks

In Leinster Garden, we got in a single scene the entire summary of John and Mary’s relationship.

Remember, a disguise is always a self-portrait but how others perceive it also says a lot about how they see you.

And I get a feeling that we were given a glimpse of the ending and what is exactly going on in the real world.

Tell me, do you remember when John was becoming Sherlock Holmes?

It was a long time ago, I know, but once upon a time, there was a man called John Watson. And this man one day met Sherlock Holmes.

He was deeply fascinated by him, he was without a doubt the most extraordinary man he’s has ever met. That wasn’t to say he was stupid, no.

He was only an army doctor, murders weren’t quite yet his division.

But he tried.

Boy did he try.

Sometimes his mistakes were just plainly embarrassing.

Sometimes he was just wrong and his deductions lead nowhere.

But he’s always managed to pull through.

Because he is learning.

There is a reason why John Waston is the best conductor of light that exists. He might not get everything on the first try, but his thinking always leads Sherlock to the right path. They are on the same wavelength.

And there is also a good reason why some foes mistook him for his friend.

JOHN: I’m not actually… (Still delirious) I’m not Sherlock Holmes.

THE OPERA SINGER (Smiles, she doesn’t believe him): Forgive me if I do not take your word for it.

(She made a strong case, didn’t she?)

Remember when John Watson was becoming Sherlock Holmes?

How he assumed it was Sherlock Holmes she needed and yet took the case instead? Remember when Mary had no other choice than to become his Watson?

HOLMES: You are not coming.

WATSON: Then you are not going.

JOHN: You can’t come (…)

MARY: You can’t go (…)

Remember that Mr Holmes thought Mary was the sane one and at the same time implied he thought John was the extraordinary one?

Don’t forget that John Watson is smarter than he looks. Don’t you dare forget he’s pretty damn smart. He’s more than just a puppy to trot behind Sherlock Holmes. No matter what Mary may think, this is only the image he sells to the public.

WATSON: Listen, I’m happy to play the fool, for you. I will run along like some halfwit, if that’s what you need.

The dummy isn’t who he is. It is what she saw (a fairly obvious trick) but it never was what he was. He wasn’t playing the idiot, he was being Sherlock Holmes.

Because, no matter what Mary may believe, if Sherlock can learn to become more like John, the reverse is also true. John Watson can be Sherlock Holmes when he needs to.

And he can wear the coat and fool her.

John Watson can perfectly be the Sherlock Holmes to her Moriarty. There never was any dummy, he was just taking Sherlock’s place while he was away.

And Mary never noticed that until it was too late.

Three Seconds of Thought

Just a short plotbunny ficlet I’d been ignoring until I mentioned this to @sorrowsflower, at which point it burst forth fully formed like Athena from the head of Zeus.

As soon as he walks into the room, he knows the coffin is not for the Woman. The signs are too obvious, the coffin itself too modest, too sparse, too comfortable with death. He knew it was for Molly Hooper within seconds, and his mind was already halfway to figuring out what Eurus would have wanted with Molly before his sister began speaking.

What he had not predicted, however, was John’s response.

“Irene Adler.”

Sherlock’s stomach did not sink at the two words. To say that his stomach sank would have been too ordinary, too imprecise. Words could not change his biology, could not make his stomach drop, could not make his heart sink. Those were emotional responses ascribed to bodily functions.

No, Sherlock Holmes’ heart did not sink at the familiar name, his stomach did not drop at the realization that Eurus now knew the name. No, his body did not react, but his mind did, raced through scenarios based on the placement of the microphones in the room, on the volume of John’s voice. The lack of reaction from his sister.

The odds that Eurus Holmes now knew of the continued existence of Irene Adler were very very high.

For a single second, Sherlock Holmes contemplated murdering his best friend for the slip. For a single split second he admitted he could get away with it, but instead resolved to never let anything of the Woman or the result of his holiday with said Woman during his death slip to John Watson ever again.

Because while Sherlock was fully confident the Woman could defend herself (though whether she could defend herself in ignorance from the third Holmes was questionable), there was unfortunately more than the Woman herself at stake when it came to an unthinking slip of John Watson’s tongue.

There was also the Adler-Holmes to consider.