the best series to ever exist

fandoms doing their thing
  • naruto fandom: yelling about which female character is the worstest
  • bleach fandom: angrily hissing at themselves and each other and being super salty over really little things
  • one piece fandom: sobbing into a pillow about whatever the hell's going on with sanji
  • fairy tail fandom: alternating between which ship they feel like fighting about and getting angry at cleavage
  • attack on titan fandom: explodes once a month in a burst of glory before immediately forgetting it ever existed
  • steven universe fandom: everything is problematic except what i like
  • jojo's bizarre adventure fandom: spent the last 29 years trying to figure out the plot; still hasn't gotten anywhere
  • yuri!!! on ice fandom: so gay very homosexual much wow
  • gravity falls fandom: slowly sinking into an existential crisis (possibly five existential crises)
  • my hero academia fandom: anxiously quadruple-checking saisai-chan's blog to see if there's anything new
  • yu-gi-oh! fandom: probably still confused about pot of greed??? idk lots of memes about hair
  • puella magi madoka magica fandom: crying about gays
  • ouran high chool host club fandom: pressed up against the window like creepers but no one notices
  • fullmetal alchemist fandom: but is it legal in japan????? no??? how about germany????? how about germany in 1912?????
  • pokémon fandom: still trying to catch 'em all
  • danganronpa fandom: all your faves are dead
  • game of thrones fandom: all your faves are dead or suffering
  • lord of the rings fandom: may or may not have ceased to exist altogether
  • doctor who fandom: hiding from the supernatural and sherlock fandoms
  • supernatural fandom: hiding from the sherlock and doctor who fandoms
  • sherlock fandom: hiding from the doctor who and supernatural fandoms
  • superwholock fandoms: sitting in a dark room, rubbing their hands together, and giggling maniacally
  • harry potter fandom: desperately awaiting the sweet release of death (or the next fantastic beasts movie)
  • hayao miyazaki fandom: anime was a mistake
  • voltron fandom: obsessing over keith, lance, klance, pidge's gender identity, shiro's ptsd, and allura's allura
  • rwby fandom: watching the bumbleby and black sun fans viciously circling each other like angry coyotes
  • dragon ball fandom: very tired at this point
  • abridged fandom: y u no update
  • star vs. the forces of evil fandom: the most passive aggressive ship warring i've ever seen tbh
  • avatar fandom: still bitching about zutara and makkora i guess idk
  • buffy the vampire slayer fandom: peering out from behind trees, probably waiting for the sun to sink
  • avengers fandom: either bickering about tony stark, screaming at sharon carter's existence, or dead inside
  • durarara!! fandom: fuck fascinating characters, development, and story; i want unhealthy gays
  • baccano! fandom: softly sobbing in the distance
  • warrior cats fandom: trying to pretend they never existed to begin with
  • rick riordan fandom: has either read every single thing he's ever written or gave up years ago
  • rave master fandom: sniggering as the fairy tail fandom loses its shit again
  • twilight fandom: rewriting the series so it doesn't suck as much and/or making cactus jokes
  • over the garden wall fandom: listening to "into the unknown" and sobbing
  • discworld fandom: secure in their superior sense of humor but sad because a great man has left us
  • a series of unfortunate events fandom: aggressively glowering at anything related to the movie
  • seven deadly sins fandom: confused af right now
  • vamp! fandom: has the best vampires ever created and fucking knows it
  • seraph of the end fandom: thinks they have the best vampires ever created (and are incorrect bc vamp! exists)
  • his dark materials fandom: making dæmons for themselves, their ocs, and literally anybody
  • star trek fandom: speaking in kling-on or whatever
  • star wars fandom: kylo ren discourse
  • miraculous ladybug fandom: arguing over which of four ships is the best even though they're all the same two people
  • thomas sanders fandom: deeply in love with thomas sanders bc it's really hard not to be
the sanders sides series has some of the best lines ever omg

“time out for thee and time out for thee, focus on issues or focus on me”

“it’s usually your pop who pops in on you”

“boy, what an ass…et to ur personality am i right???”

“logic and i are playing dress up, i found a dollar and anxiety is making us question our existence!!”

“you tried, you failed, let’s go to sleep”

The Data Theory

This theory was originally developed by derekscorner and revised last night. I delve into the theory a little bit myself and came up with something pretty incredible. Again, most of this theory is in credit to derekscorner. All I’ve done is branch it out a little more. You can read the original post along with what I came up with here.

Kingdom Hearts is never entirely clear on how it’s universe works. The only trustworthy information you can get is spoken by characters in cut scenes, usually rather vague and said with symbolism, or it’s hidden somewhere in the “Reports” you recover throughout all of the games.

Because of this, the game can constantly flex it’s rules to bring about more scenarios and fix discrepancies it might have had in the past. But assuming, with the release 1.5+2.5 for the PS4, all of those discrepancies were fixed and the game is official, theories about this game will now become all the more relevant. And sensible.

Most things in Kingdom Hearts can be explained away in a rather convoluted essay. However, there are still select few scenarios that fans can’t seem to tackle because it wouldn’t make sense for how the game’s universe operates. One of these leading scenarios is the issue of bringing the lost Nobodies back into existence. I’m talking about Roxas, Naminé, and Xion.

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Shades of Kim Namjoon

HOI! Back with the Shades of series with Bangtan! Brain Monster knocking on your door here leggo!

What Bangtan thinks he does :

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What soft stans think he does : 

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What hard stans think he does :

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What Shippers think he does :

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What ARMY moms think he does :

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What meme lovers think he does :

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What Namjoon thinks he does :

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What Namjoon actually does T^T :

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Because Kim Namjoon is the Best Leader we could ever ask for. The tough rapper side and the squish-me-like-a-plushie side both exist in the same body ^^; Namjoon Done! 

In this series :

Link to Shades Of Series List

Thank you so much for supporting this series! I had loads of fun making these and hope you all enjoyed it too!

2016: The Return To Anime

I used to watch a lot of anime before, but when I moved away from my friends whom were fellow fans of Japanese animation, I became really bad at taking any initiative to sit down and watch anything new. So my New Years resolution was to simply watch more anime during 2016 (for inspiration and entertainment)! ;D And in order to prove to said friends that I am indeed keeping my promise, as well as to take the opportunity to recommend good shows to others, I will be sharing my progress list and general opinions.

OBS: Some of these shows are not appropriate for an younger audience!! Before viewing, please check out  the recommended age restrictions, genre and potential trigger warnings!  

END OF YEAR UPDATE: 25 shows in total! Not bad at all considering that I maybe watched 2-3 shows the year before. But I still have a lot of series that I want to see, so don´t be surprised if I make a new post for 2017. ;) 

My personal top 3? I would say Death Parade, Re:Zero and Madoka Magica. 


Mushishi (S1) - Not a single cliffhanger in the whole show, so it makes for  perfect bedtime stories for teens/adults. The english dub was really good and the landscape art is 10/10.

Kino No Tabi/Kino´s Journey (S1) - Do not let the simple and cute style fool you! This show contains murder, cannibalism, suicide and war!! And it asks the hard questions in life!! RUN if you do not want to contemplate the meaning of existence!!

One Punch Man (S1+3OVA) - OK, now I know why this is in 4th place on IMDB´s “Best TV-series” list. The animation is some of the best I have ever seen in an action anime! It is simply stunning to look at and it is fun ride all the way to the out of this world (literally) finale. 

Sakurako-san No Ashimoto Ni Wa Shitai Ga Umatteiru/Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation (S1) - Pretty much like an anime version of the TV-show Bones. I love mysteries where you have to follow clues in order to solve a murder so a second season is strongly desired.

Owari No Seraph/Seraph Of The End (S1+S2+10OVA) - Pretty predictable, but the the bloody fight scenes are fabulous. Needs even more angst thou (…she said even though a bunch of children are butchered in the very first episode….). >:3 

Death Parade (S1) - And there is all the angst!!! Do not watch if you do not like pain in your soul!! Heart cannot be repaired!! AHRUM!! Excuse me. The show is really well written and the artists really knew how to create the perfect atmosphere to tell this dark story.  

Free! (S1+S2+4OVA) - It feels like everyone and their grandmother has seen this show, so of course I fell on the bandwagon. For the first 11 episodes thou I was very neutral to it… But goddammit the first season finale had me sheering, squealing and tearing up!! (Let Rin be happy!!) Sadly only the S2 OVA had me laughing; apart from that episode, the humor was not at all up my alley.

Zankyou No Terror/Terror In Resonance (S1) - I really like the style and the smooth animation in this one. And DANG, THAT ENDING! If you like thrillers that are completely based on reality and science (like Beautiful Bones) then this could be perfect for you.

Wolf’s Rain (S1+4OVA) - I remember trying to watch this when I was like 15, but I never got past episode 3 for some reason. Which is a real shame because I think that I would really, really liked it then. Perfectly angsty and tragic for little wannabe-emo-teen-me. Do you like dark fantasies with pretty people/wolves? Then do not miss out on this one! 

Mahon Shoujo Madoka Magica/Puella Magi Madoka Magica (S1+1 movie) - Oh shit. Oh holy shit. I would never have guessed that this show, this thing that looks so darn innocent and cute in design and summary, would have me in so much emotional turmoil (very much like Steven Universe in that way). But seriously; amoungst all of the animes on this list, this is in my opinion the one with the most captivating story-line, plot development and characters (I simply had to watch all 12 episodes in one sitting). Some people hate the ending, but I think it worked really well (even though all the tears could have clouded my judgement). And if you liked the show, then you MUST watch the movie Rebellion! Also: One of the the best English dubs I have ever heard in my life!! UPDATE: I have now seen everything twice… I cry every times I see Homura on screen. (O_Q)

Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish (S1) - I watched this before when it first came out but I had a hard time remembering anything from it apart from the characters. Glad I gave it a re-watch because it´s super cute and silly; perfect for when you just want to give your feels a break from all the angst and suffering other shows come with (*stares at the one above*). I also highly recommend the live-action movie based on this! :D 

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi/Erased (S1) - This show is both intriguing and stunning! I love how modern animation uses lightning and this show is a good example of that (same goes for Death Parade). Downside: Stress, stress and even more stress!! Please, just let the small children live!!! My heart cannot take this torture!! D,,X But the stress aside, it was all worth it at the end. 

Jigoku Shojo/Hell Girl (S1) - My Golb, the young girls in this look exactly like the characters I would draw at 14-16. X,D The animation is just okay, and it takes a long time before we learn anything worthwhile about the main characters. But what made me watch a whole season (26 ep) was because of the interesting stories in each episode. It was fascinating to see how little/much it was required for people to give up their souls for eternal damnation in return for the death of a person they hated. 

Steins;Gate (S1+1OVA) - It took me a while to get into the story, but by the half way point, when shit got really intense, I was waaay hooked. I usually do not like stories that involve time-traveling because it makes my head hurt, but this (Like Madoka Magica) was really well written. I have very little to fault the show on ((apart from how the harassment of a trans girl is used for comedy in at least 2 episodes…)) and would recommend!

Love Live! School Idol Project (S1+S2+1 movie) - Decided to watch something really cute with sis again and this is what we ended up with. And oh darn it, it is cute alright! Everything is so sugary sweet and lovely, and good music too that you will hum on for weeks. Apart form the occasional funky looking CGI (which actually looks really good in the movie), the animation is top notch. A simple story about a bunch of girls and their lives and friendships when guys are not in the picture.

Makura No Danshi/Pillow Boys (S1) - Finally met up with my anime loving friends and this was one of the things we saw. The episodes in this are very short, all of which are about different types of guys talking to YOU before you go to sleep. It´s… different to say the least. Who was my favourites? Hmmm… I guess the guy from Ep 2, since I recall him the clearest. He also felt like someone who had known me for a while and I appreciated that. WARNING: Ep 10 did give me some extreme rapist vibes! BAD TOUCH!! (O_O)

Koutetsujou No Kabaneri/Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (S1) - If you like bloody action of high quality with humans fighting against superhuman enemies then this is most surely something for you. Many parallels can be pulled to Attack on Titian, but I would never call this a rip-off. All the animation is in the A+ class and there is this wonderful colouring/lighting effect they sometimes use for close ups which makes the characters look absolutely stunning. The level of details on the character designs also stuck out to me (A+ there too).

Shokugeki no Soma / Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma (S1+S2+1OVA) - Also known as food porn. I had never heard of this until Dan and Phil mentioned it in a video and when I understood that it was about food I had to check it out. I love shows/stories that are centered around cooking (Hell´s Kitchen, Master Chef, Kitchen Princess, etc) so I really got hooked on this. Not only is the food animated beautifully, but you learn a lot at the same time. And the absurd (dirty) humor is so redicoulus that I cannot help but laugh.

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu / Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World (S1) - When I first saw posters for this show they never caught my interest. It looked so much like the generic fantasy harem anime that I just ignored it. But then a friend forced me to actually see it and BOY was I wrong. Let me put it this way: Imagine Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni but with a higher budget and set in a fantasy land. So if you enjoy blood, gore and mind games, check this baby out!

Ghost Hunt (S1) - I know that I had seen this anime when it was new, but apparently I never saw the final episodes of the season since I had no idea what was going to happen. But glad that I saw this again! Not the scariest or goriest show out there, but it is fun and entertaining. My favorite part is how all the characters get along even though they have different beliefs and ways of dealing with the unknown. 

Psycho-Pass (S1 + S2 + 1 movie) - Everybody were recommending this show to me and I understand why. There is detective work, blood/gore, and some kick-ass action; just right for me. However, I am not into all the tech porn (you know - when the put so much time and focus on weapons and other technology when they open up, charge, fire, etc. Not my thing!), but it was still a good anime. The only downside was that I felt very little when characters died, which was strange since I usually get attached very easily and morn fictional characters on a regular basis.  

Mayoiga / The Lost Village (S1) - Oh maaan. I was expecting something along the lines of Battle Royale, but this was nothing but a big disappointment. There was so much potential in the first episodes for this to become the next Another or Corpse Party, but nooo. Lack of death aside, I guess it had it´s creepy moments, but the finale was not worth the wait in my opinion. I was actually so upset by the final twist that I sat down and basically created an alternative version of the story. Same basic structure, characters, feel and pitch, but with a more classic psychological horror plot. I would also have put the focus on other characters over the two basic cardboard cutouts (I vote for Valkana and Nanko!).

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - Bougyakusareta Tamashii No Jukyou (5OVA) - I had seen this before when it first came out, but since I am still in a Halloween mood I decided to give it a re-watch. Totally one of those shows that I cannot look away from (not only because I need the subs, but you know what I mean). Spooky details all over the place blended with intestines and body horror. I may not be a big fan of the Elfen Lied-wannabe character designs, but I would totally watch it a third time when I once again forget the ending. I was so shocked that all I could do was to stare at the screen while the credits passed by. 

Mira Nikki / The Future Diary (S1) - That moment you like the premise and concept of a show, but dislike the main characters. Damn that moment. It could be that the English dub makes the protagonists seem more douchey than what they actually are in the oringal Japanese version, or it´s just that they are both written poorly (IMO). But I like the background characters and there is some genuine tension throughout the show, so I watched it all.

Yuri!!! On ICE (S1) - I had been looking forward to this since the first trailer, so it was really really hard for me to wait until all episodes had aired before I had a marathon. But gah! It was worth it! There are no cliffhangers no, but the show just makes you feel so warm and fluffy that you want to see more right away. It is a sports anime, but the characters and relationships are so well developed that I would say to give it a chance even if sports isn’t for you. You will still fall in love with everybody and you just want them all to win gold and be happy!!

PS: Oh dear brother of mine, if you are reading this, be prepared for an anime night next time we meet. You and Jorge will love this! ;D


Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name (movie) - Hands down one of the best MOVIES I have seen this year. Well made, a story that pulls you in, heart-wrenching and beautiful music. This is totally up there amongst Wolf Children and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and I will definitely be showing this to all my friends, no matter if they are into anime or not. 

Season 7 Episode 6 - Spoilers

I don’t care what anyone says. Game of Thrones/Asoiaf is the best series to ever exist. Jon x Danerys is also one of the most fucking wonderful couples to exist, ever. They’re just so…. SO… GOOD.

I tagged this post appropriately so your tumblr savior should block it if you don’t like spoilers. BUT ONCE AGAIN… SPOILERS AHEAD SCROLL FAR, FAR AWAY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ.

You guys I’m shook. So happy. I need to shout it out and talk to someone, lol. My Jonerys heart is like… So warm and fuzzy right now. 

Let’s see where to begin… First, Tyrion mentions that all the people Dany has mentioned are people who’ve fallen for her and confirms to her that yes indeed Jon loves her. 

Jon says that Danerys is the only one that can save them. 

When Tyrion tells Dany to stay and she says she’s not doing nothing again and Drogon roars like “Ya Mom! You tell em! Let’s go save daddy <3″

Jon watching Daenerys and Drogon kick ass.

Later he finally calls her a cute nickname Dany and to me that shows his affection and bond with her; which then turns into MY QUEEN. This sounds more like him calling her his personal queen, like a proposal or some romantic thing because she asks how will his people accept her and he says that they will come to love her like he did. They both know it, they know they love one another and they’re finding it hard to breathe.

Jon– the way he and Dany look at one another when she flies in on her dragons.

The way Dany and Jon both look at Viserion as he falls down in battle.

When Jon tells Dany the people who swore allegiance to him will come to see her for the wonderful woman she is and that she is deserving of it.

The way Jon and Dany look at one another as they reach their hands out for one another. 

Dany’s face when Jon doesn’t take her hand because he has to protect her and Drogon from oncoming wights.

Dany’s face when she watches Jon fight the wights alone.

The way Jon pushes himself in front of everyone, including Tormund so he can get a front seat view of his lady Daenerys and his baby Drogon. 

The way Jon is so fucking happy and ecstatic to see her and the dragons.

Dany’s reaction when Jon falls into the lake.

When Jon realizes the Night King is going to attack Drogon and he protects Dany and Drogon telling them to leave NOW. He even sacrifices himself so they can escape.

The way Jon gets super pissed when her precious Viserion dies, because he knows how much it will hurt her. I’ve never seen him this mad at the white walkers and wights before. This is the maddest I’ve seen Jon besides the The Battle of The Bastards. He honestly goes papa mode and sacrifices all for her. Honestly going all on his own and beginning to fight them. I think he was headed for the Night King (which is saying a lot since he’s going on his OWN to get revenge for HER), he was so fucking angry. It’s cute as well because it also means Jon has grown fond of the dragons. They have a great mama and papa :) imagine how Jon and Dany would be with a real kid.

The look Jon gives and how he’s extremely apologetic.

The way Dany refuses his apology because she doesn’t blame him at all.

The look Jon gives when he wakes up and is happy to know the first thing he sees is Dany. 

The look Dany gives Jon when he wakes up.

Did I mention Dany sees Jon’s scars?

Danerys sits by Jon’s beside for presumably days.

Daenerys is the first thing he sees when he wakes up, and he grabs her and says sorry :)

The way she looks at his chest and realizes what really happened.

How they fucking hold hands multiple times and how Jon doesn’t want to let go of her hand.

Both of their heavy and un-even breathing around one another.

When Jon finally gets some rest but then opens up his eyes after she leaves to think about her.

The longing stare Jon gives Dany because he doesn’t want to let go of her hand.

The sad look Jon gives when he has to let go of her hand.

The way both of them look at their entwined hands.

How Dany tenderly rubs his hand.

How they look at one another.

Dany’s ice queen clothing~ Jon’s ice queen :D

How they both promise to give themselves to one another, her loyalty to him and his to her, and that they’ll destroy the white walkers and wights together.

Dany standing on the edge of the mountain waiting for Jon to return.

Dany being there when they bring Jon in to save him.

Jon being shirtless with Dany around ;)


^ Honestly, they’re my only ship I’ve ever had in my whole life that is LITERALLY sailing. Canon wise, in my heart wise, and what’s the most amusing is realistically they’re sailing too.

Kit and Emilia CAN act. Haters, you’re soooo wrong. Jon and Dany make the cutest ship ever (fuck all the others in my fandoms.. I don’t even care about my other ships anymore, lololol.) and I only wished Kit and Emilia were dating in real life too. Don’t worry, I love Rose! <3 though I wish I could marry Kit and or Jon Snow, so bad. x)


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I swear to god some of y’all are driving me up the walls like

Do you understand that it is okay to enjoy something and still recognize that it has issues?

Like look, I fucking love The Raven Cycle. Amazing books. 20/10. Definitely a favorite series of mine. But they have racist and sexist stuff in them! And that is bad and inexcusable! I’m not going to deny the mistreatment of Henry and basically all the women just because I like the books. 

SJM’s books are problematic. There is no way around it. You are still totally allowed to think they’re the best series ever, the only people who are going to try and stop you are assholes, but you have to acknowledge the flaws! Because they exist! Trying to defend the way SJM treats her minority characters and her lack of diversity does not make you a better fan, it just makes you seem ignorant. 

There is no such thing as a perfect book or a perfect author, and the sooner we realize that and calm down enough to give creators actual constructive criticism, despite our opinion on their content, the better content is going to become overall.


I wish I could convey to everyone how my best friend/ Tangled storyboard artist @banannerbread was Varian before Varian even ever existed.

Case and point:
- has a laboratory in her basement for science (sculpting, welding, sewing, slime-making, mold-making)
- befriended two raccoons at her last apartment that wouldn’t leave afterwards
- freckles
- asked me to dye a green streak in her hair before she ever even saw Varian
- accident-prone
- pulled a piece of scrap metal out of her boot in front of me two days ago
- has (at least) two chemical burns at present

These poses aren’t even from reference. These photos are interchangeable. Hilarious.

My Favorite Series In Order:

Sailor Moon:

I love the entire Sailor Moon franchise.  Yes, it’s mostly a nostalgia thing, but I can’t help but to love it.  The manga is a classic, and the 90′s anime, while being long and cheesy, is still something that to this day I will watch.  Usagi is a relatable character, and every senshi is enjoyable and unique to the show.  While the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal were pretty terrible, the third season completely makes up for all of the faults in it thus far.  Plus, SeiUsa and HaruMichi are life.  

Assassination Classroom:

Assassination Classroom is a fantastic series.  This is a series where you grow with every character.  This series is a roller coaster of emotions.  It has some of the most incredible moments I’ve ever scene in anime, as well as some of the most heartbreaking.  The ending to this show mentally destroyed me, and is the only series to this day that will make me break down every single time no matter how many times I’ve seen it, both subbed or dubbed.  It teaches so many life lessons, and is a must watch/read for everyone. The first season closing is not only my favorite closing, but one of my favorite songs, that to this day, I still listen to. Also, KarmAgisa is life.  

Kuroko no Basket:

Alright, I love this anime. I love the characters, I love the manga, I love the voice actors, I love the fan arts, I love the fanfictions.  I love absolutely everything.  The story is intense, and it hooks you from the start.  If you like sports anime, this one is a must watch.  Also, AkaKuro and Kuroko x GoM my favorite <3 

Tokyo Ghoul:

I’m very connected with this series.  I’ve been following this series religiously every week for years, so of course it’s one of my favorites.  Now, the anime is very disappointing, and the second season doesn’t exist, but I will still love it, especially since the last few chapters of Re have been fucking phenomenal. The opening for the first season is easily one of my favorite songs ever created. Also, I need Re animated like now.  It deserves it.  Actually, I need Part One redone as well.  Can we just reboot the entire anime series?


I love this series.  Like Tokyo Ghoul, I’m very invested in the manga.  Manga wise, I love the art style, and the story arcs; and once again like Tokyo Ghoul, the second season also does not exist.  The story is very well written, although this most recent arc is dragging a bit (but that’s normal for different series).  Ciel is such a little bastard, and it’s wonderful to read.  It’s a dark series that won’t get a happy ending, and that’s part of what hooks me to it. 

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt:

This anime is fucking gold.  It is hilarious, and soo fucking inappropriate.  It’s by far my favorite comedy.  It’s art style is so unique and it has the best dubbing ever created.  The dub is by far better than the sub.  It also has the biggest cliffhanger ending, and fucking NEEDS a season two desperately.  

Ouran High School Host Club:

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I love this series so much.  This is another one of those series where I love every aspect about it, from the anime to the manga to the dubbing and subbing and even the Live Action T.V. Show and Movie.  It’s my favorite romantic comedy and always the first one I recommend to people looking for a shoujo.  Every character is unique in their own way and the story is really adorable.  I love the manga where you see so much development from everyone.  Also, Hikaru and Kaoru deserve Haruhi, and I don’t care what anyone says.  

No Game No Life:

Shiro is adorable as fuck.  As a gamer, this show relates so much to me.  It’s an amazing fantasy, and the story is perfect.  The animation is beautiful, and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.  Sora and Shiro are cute together and their interactions make the show that much better. I need my second season.   Side Note:  Jibril is best girl.  

Shokugeki no Soma:

Food Porn.  Of course I’d love it.  This is once again another series where I’m invested in the manga, so of course I’d love the series.  I read the series weekly, and the most recent arc is making me fall further in love with the series.  The manga is a great read, and you actually learn a lot about cooking through the series, whether it’s the manga or the anime.  The food orgasms are hilarious, and the animation for this show is amazing.  I would kill for a season three of this show this year.  


I will always have a soft spot for this series.  It was the first anime that really got me hooked to sports anime.  I love it.  Yes, it’s a bit dramatic at times, but being an ex-swimmer/lifeguard, I find this series so relatable, making me love it even more.  Also, the fan service is definitely a positive.  I love the Japanese voices, and the OP and ED’s for both seasons.  The movie prequel they did was also amazing.  The animation is gorgeous, but that’s to be expected from Kyoto Animation.  

So yeah, those are my top ten series!  Thoughts?

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Do you have a favorite LP from sbfp?

oooooofa doofa thats a hard one cuz theres a LOT of really good ones

but if i had the proverbial Gun To My Head, i’d say my favorite one off lp is The Ring: Terror’s Realm, and my favorite lp series is Silent Hill 3

The Ring wins best one off cuz its got like the strongest opening ever (“WHERE DID THE BODY GO?!” “SHUTTUP!!” and the brief but celebrated return of WHU HAPPUN?) and just knowing that its an actual game that actually exists has haunted me more than any other shitstorm

Silent Hill 3 wins best series cuz it got the reverence that was also given to the SH2 lp, but a little more goofy and fun, especially with all the “I studied the blade” jokes and the “look at this scientist” moment and of course “YOU SAID HE WAS SLOW”

plus im just happy that matt finally got to play a good Silent Hill game lmao


Sarah Dollard on Twitter: Back of the program for tonight. Is this the best PCap/12 photo ever taken?? VERY LIKELY #doctorwho 

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said, “Oh, Peter!” in a sad yet happy sort of way. The sad being I don’t want to see him leave, the happy that he’s not only the Doctor and carried the show with so much wit, charm, and gravitas, but that he, Peter Capaldi, simply exists. ♥

SMT Tumblr Icons Guide
  • YHVH icon: mainline smt fan, always plays on hard, debates lore with anyone who will give them the time of day, all their text posts should have readmores but they never use them
  • YHVH meme icon: posts anything and everything, never takes anything seriously, loves strange journey
  • persona 3 icon: loves the persona series for the plot
  • persona 4 icon: loves the persona series for the waifus
  • persona 5 icon: loves the persona series and is probably gay
  • persona 1 or 2 icon: loves persona 1 and 2 and will not stop making content about them, WILL single-handedly force Atlus to remember that the first two Personas exist
  • nocturne icon: a force of chaotic energy who almost never interacts with anyone but posts the best fanart
  • demon icon: cool person who just wants to have fun
  • jack frost icon: asshole, but the lovable kind, posts shitty meme humor
  • raidou icon: the kindest motherfucker you'll ever meet
  • dds icon: hides in their room constantly and doesn't come out until all their food has run out, was a fan of digimon as a kid
  • devil survivor icon: loves anime and aesthetics
  • adachi smiling like an asshole icon: either a snarky bastard who doesn't care what anyone else says or someone you should run 3000 miles in the other direction from
  • flynn icon: has never done anything wrong in their life and is confused about the internet sometimes
Are you bored with traditional "slenderverse" horror?

Tired of seeing kids in masks running around with binary videos?
Sick of seeing the same skinny man standing still all the time?

Well shit boi, I got a series just for you!

Sit your ass right up and grab a drink because we gonna talk about a little series called SOURSALT.

You ever been bored with your best friend and thought, “man i sure wish we could be pretending to hunt ghosts.” or perhaps “wowee, i sure wish i was covered in shit and yelling into a camera right now!”

Well that’s exactly what we did!

“Soursalt” is a mystery. We don’t know what it is and we don’t ask. It just exists and that’s ok! It starts out with a few creepy videos introducing us to some cocksniffer named Madman Re but then the videos start to talk about dreams and whether or not uploader is dreaming.
Then before you know it some idiot is rambling about ghosts and idiot #2 is pissing into a lake.
This series is definitely worth the view. I honestly can not stress it enough. I can see it getting big, like big big. Large slenderseries sized big.
The best part; it’s not a slenderseries.
It’s *original* :O

Part 1 section 1:

i guarantee you will not be disappointed please reblog and share with your friends to spread the amazingness thank u ❤️

Hey guys I just want to remind you that, while I was in middle school, a friend and I wrote a 255 page fanfic about the FellowShip of the Ring playing basketball at rivendell

IM NOT PUTTING THIS UNDER THE CUT BECAUSE YOU ALL NEED TO SEE THIS SHITSTORM half these lines are shit half of them are iconic but the whole thing is memorable

and let me tell you something

  • they only actually play basketball for like 2 pages
  • i hate basketball and don’t know any of the rules
  • “aragorn” and “boromir” were shortened to “argon” and “boron” while “legolas” was shortened to “lassy” to save typing time as we did this on middle school level mobile devices
  • for some reason faramir was there
  • oh yeah it inexplicably becomes a downtown abbey crossover fic for like ten pages beause my friend put that in there

(frodo check ur PRIVLAGE)

(thorin is there for one line??? inexplicably???)


this reminds me too much of my immortal

oh, and it was part of a three-volume series (the other one is over a thousand pages)

@vampiraptor check this shit out

Second Chances || 01 (A)

A run-in with your ex causes you to rethink everything. 

Word Count: 4.8k
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, Smut, College!AU
A/N: Thanks so much to the lovely @seoulscapes for beta-ing my first fic! This series will have about eleven chapters to it and will be updated as time goes on. Feedback is always appreciated! Enjoy the first chapter of my “Second Chances” series!

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boyfriend jeongguk;

  • okay so this is a new thing i’m trying to do aka a new bulletpoint series called for me, for you
  • bc i have too many ideas and not enough motivation to write full-blown oneshots
  • so let’s get right into this with the best concept to ever exist in the whole wide world: boyfriend jeongguk
  • ok so in this au he’s still an idol 
  • we all know how soft and sweet and lovely the bab is 
  • so when he first meets you at a fansign he’s all kind and he holds hands with you and does the shake hand thingy it’s super adorable your teeth will hURT
  • jeonggukie’s so nice and he makes you laugh while you give him the gifts you bought for him and he’s swooning and squeezing your hands tighter when you give him like this handmade iron man bracelet 
  • ugh my heart
  • but straight after the fanmeet nothing special happened other than the spontaneous combustion of your heart 
  • the second time you meet it’s an absolute twist of fate 
  • like the last thing you were planning to do in your peking duck stained sweatpants (((i love peking duck esp from restaurant pm if anyone lives in montreal and likes chinese food you know what i’m talking abt))) and messy morning hair and stinky breath @ a convenience store at crack of dawn o’clock
  • is jeon jeongguk
  • he’s wearing SUCH SOFT CLOTHES like he’s wearing his trademark red beanie and his hair is falling on his forehead, big black doe eyes sparkling and makeup-free face so,,, so,,,, fluffy and like he’s in his big baby blue jumper and sweats
  • so like you bump into each other and bc bubbie loves making ramen in the store it falls all over you
  • and shit it’s so hot
  • like… smoking hot flavoured water + mushy noodles = burnt skin and a wide-eyed scared baby boy who stutters and tries to wipe it down with his sweater paws but !!! it’s not working lmao 
  • it’s only when you take your jumper off to reveal your spaghetti tank top in cold april that jeongguk realizes “omg hey i remember you ironman bracelet fan omg shit do you hate me”
  • and you have to just be like “no!!!!!!!! ofc not omg i love you- i mean it’s ok!! it’s not your fault i wasn’t looking either!!” 
  • jeongguk wouldn’t believe you 100% bc he did have his hand deep in his ramen bowl 
  • but at least now his cheeks aren’t burning as much so he takes off his jumper and manages to tackle you into it after you decline x 1000 
  • “fine you wear my jumper and i’ll wear your tank top over my shirt?” 
  • “b YE” 
  • insert jeongguk wiggling his eyebrows while you giggle
  • he insists to pay for your snacks and you threaten that you don’t care how beautiful and in love you are with his face, you will put your icey ice cream down the nape of his shirt
  • so you pay for him and yourself :-D
  • kind of regret it later when he walks you to your really crappy flat and the heat works for about 2.3 minutes after he comes inside before it.. just stops
  • so when jeongguk sees you eyeing your bed and realizes you have deep eyebags under your eyes from exhaustion, he tells you to hold onto his jumper instead of cleaning it and giving it back right away
  • but you’re obviously like ???? i can’t let mr eon eongguk walk in the cold in just a v neck and your tank top around his neck like a little black scarf
  • but gukkie is a softie and he’s like
  • “well why don’t you just give me your number and when you wash it…. you can like… aksfksjd”
  • “i can askfjskfks” 
  • “yeah that” 
  • and he giggles you know that FUCKING ADORABLE giggle he did when miri high-fived him in that last run episode you know that giggle omg i love him
  • anyway
  • it takes you about two days to muster up the courage to wash guk’s jumper that smelled just like him and another day to call him and actually talk to him
  • i don’t think jeonggukie’s the kind of person who just immediately jumps into the dating bandwagon 
  • like he seems like the type of gy to want to be friends first before making 100% sure he likes you and wants to be in an exclusive relationship 
  • so it would take a few months of friendship with little baby, get to know him and pass that fan-idol stage into friend who’s in love with you stage 
  • he introduces you to rest of the babs the same night he asks you out aka christmas because baby is soft and busy and likes to take his time with things that matter a lot to him 
  • jeonggukie gives you directions and calls you three times on your way over and one time while you’re literally in front of his apartment complex just to make sure the building door buzzer let you in correctly 
  • when he opens the door he’s like flubbering bc omg you look really pretty with your cheeks red after walking in the cold 
  • but he keeps that inside and ushers you in all warm and cuddly looking in this big red reindeer sweater and he looks down at you in a way that makes his cheeks kind of bubble over and you just wanna reach up and kiss them
  • :”)
  • everyone is so nice and welcoming and literally 3 minutes after you take off your coat and your boots jin hands you this huge ass bowl of his chocolate marshmallows but jeongguk in the back is giving you wide eyes and shaking his head no and you splutter out a polite thank you and cuddle it to your chest before trying to force feed it to kookie
  • btw he doesn’t speak to you for 5 minutes after but only 5 because he’s really fond of you that mushy brat
  • taehyung and jimin beat jeongguk before he can sit next to you on the couch and they start asking all sorts of questions like
  • “so where are you from?”
  • “ok but you don’t look like a big meat person do you like meat?”
  • “omg taehyung you don’t just ask someone if they like meat”
  • “you’re right she most probably does she’s with jungkook and he has a big-”
  • “have you ever suffered from *squints eyes* g-gastro intesssstinal - hey is that a dog keychain omg do you like dogs?? ”
  • yoongi is actually a cheerleader
  • i mean he was tough at first just to make sure you’re worthy and fit to be with his favourite child but then you show him pictures of your dog and you tell him about this pet store that lets you collage pics of you and your dog on keychains 
  • and you know when you get that man thinking about dogs and holly he is smitten
  • so the second jimin moves his leg by 0.00002 cm yoongi is pushing him off the couch like “ooooh kookie don’t you want to come sit here??? next to hyung and y/n??? ✺◟( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)◞✺”
  • i love lenny faces esp this ^ one
  • anyway pt 2
  • so while jin is quote slaving in the kitchen unquote jeongguk comes to sit next to you and a comedy show is playing and you start talking really quietly together
  • you shiver a little and jeongguk is about to get up to get you a blanket but you gather your courage with both hands because you are a strong woman and you kind of sort of grab his beautiful arm before he can get up and just yank him down and put your head on his shoulder
  • and you pray and hope this isn’t too out of nowhere and he won’t reject you in front of all of his friends
  • but guk just blushes up a storm bc !!!!! wow he has the biggest crush on you
  • the best girl he knows
  • and now you’re here, warm and cuddling him and he can’t help but smile and put his arm around you 
  • your face just kind of melts into his shoulder-neck area and holy God in heaven jeongguk smells so good and his skin is so silky you really want to kiss him there but you’re scared namjoon might pop up from the back of the couch and lecture you
  • after dinner (which was an Absolute Mess don’t ever let vmin near mashed potatoes) hoseok suggests to watch a film all together and all the boys bring out blankets and pillows and the bean bags from taehyung’s room
  • which you and jeongguk sat on together and it’s just so nice because you don’t need to actually say anything for him to understand that you like him 
  • and vice versa like it’s just so comfortable 
  • like you’re drowning in this bean bag with the man you love and his arm is around you and you lowkey have yours over his waist and he has his chin on your head
  • honestly at this point you’re not even watching the film you’re just gazing at him fondly when he’s not looking 
  • it’s getting pretty late as the film nears its’ end you just kind of tap jeongguk’s chest and tell him you should probably get to your place by now
  • his face falls and you feel bad bc you hate seeing him sad 
  • he says he wants to drive you back but it’s not just late for you and he can’t call the driver so he just looks at you with his big puppy dog eyes as you’re getting into your coat but he can’t really do anything 
  • and just as you’re slipping on your boots he feels like he can’t hold it in anymore and then you’re slipping on your beanie and fuck you look even cuter than normal so he makes sure no one’s looking
  • before he cups your cheeks and you’re surprised and he doesn’t even know when the fuck he got so brave before he pecks your lips for half a second
  • and you’re just !!!!!!!!!!!
  • and he’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • which makes you  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • but you’re smiling and looking at him like he’s made of stars and fuck if he’s going to let you walk out before he kisses you again
  • you beat him to it
  • about 8 times 
  • before he asks you out with your body between him and the door and the guys are throwing pillows at his back
  • if you thought jeongguk was a nerdy baby when you were just friends
  • oh boy oh boy 
  • anime nights is an actual occurrence i’m sorry but whenever jeongguk has a friday or saturday off you best believe his is marching his way to your place with food and he expects a) netflix in bed with 17 blankets or b) a blanket fort in the living room 
  • i don’t think he’s big on pda unless you’re somewhere private with people he trusts otherwise the most you’re getting out of bubbie is hand holding and an arm around you
  • jeongguk’s kisses are like
  • the personification of heaven on earth
  • it really depends on his mood like when he’s happy his kisses are silly and teasing
  • he plays with your hair, bites your lips, pinches your hips, giggles against you and telling you unrelated jokes until you’re laughing and he has his head in your neck
  • if he’s horny he kisses you either real snow or real fast and rough. he starts out at a calm pace, hands up your shirt, tongue stroking every cm of your mouth like a paintbrush on a canvas, and it gets faster the second one of you moans. he pushes his hips against you a little and starts getting ~~~~ wild ~~~~
  • i’ll mark when it gets nsfw a little later but for now it’s nothing explicit
  • jeongguk is definitely an avid cuddler 
  • and you don’t have to be on a bed for him to koala you
  • he prefers cuddling at night though, when you’re fresh out of the shower and smell like heaven and he gets to throw his arms over you, chest to your back and just press kisses to your skin
  • when he’s exceptionally tired he’ll just flop on top of you, his head on the swells of your breasts, your hands playing with his hair and the nape of his neck, sometimes slowly massaging his shoulders
  • speaking of massages
  • jeongguk is weak for them
  • when he’s aching from dance practices ((although you threaten to cold cock hoseok with your uni textbooks if he doesn’t ease up on him)) you offer to give him a massage
  • he takes a long hot shower and when he walks into your bedroom, you have little candles around but not the scented ones bc baby is sensitive and you’re wearing one of his shirts and you straddle his back, lotion him up and work your magic
  • sometimes he falls asleep
  • sometimes he doesn’t ;)))))
  • ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)━☆゚.*・。゚ sprinkles nsfw alerts bc it’s about to get smutty here
  • first things first jeongguk is a switch
  • prefers dom but will sub if you ask nice enough
  • when he doesn’t fall asleep while you massage his back and the feeling of your bare thighs around his back gets too much
  • jeongguk just flips you over and kisses your neck, all the way up to your earlobe and just softly sucks on it, licking it, biting it, kissing it
  • he’s a real fucking tease too
  • sometimes he just kisses and licks and bites without actually doing anything until you beg for him
  • he thinks you don’t know but you literally feel his smirk on your skin 
  • you don’t mind though because when you don’t beg and start talking back to him he gets extra rough 
  • jeongguk loves challenges
  • “hey kookie i bet you can’t make me come in less than 8 minutes”
  • oh boy 
  • safeword is probably something ridiculous like nochu milk or that youtuber guy with the overwatch videos he’s obsessed with 
  • jeongguk hates when you bring up that one time he was drilling into you a little too hard and you said the youtuber’s name for the safeword and jeongguk literally came
  • he will keep denying it until his last breath
  • update: the youtuber is called yulmu appa make of that what you will 
  • i don’t see jeongguk to be really into giving head
  • because he’s sensitive to smells and pussies aren’t exactly dew kissed flowers 
  • but i 110% think he’s big on fingering
  • not so much in public to the dismay of smut writers like he would never in public unless he’s in a state of deadly boredom/horniness 
  • like at the dinner table???/ your families or friends are right there wtf??? and there’s food??/ just keep it in your pants for a few hours damn
  • but when it’s in private you better work out your legs bc you will need that strength
  • jeongguk’s excitement for adventure and trying out new stuff definitely translates in the bedroom too
  • like one day you come back home and find jeongguk spread out on your yoga mat with his ipad next to him showing a drawing of pretty gymnastic positions
  • and he’s like !!! look babe i bet this feels really good
  • and you’re just there “jeongguk,,, i can barely do 10 squats how do you want my legs to go there”
  • but he’s too cute to deny 
  • long story short you don’t speak to him for 4 days because showing up at a hospital half-naked with a bag of frozen peas to your lady parts is not on your bucket list thank you very fucking much
  • refuses to put anything up his ass
  • he’s really competitive and gets jealous easily so threesomes are a no-no for him
  • likes riling you up when you’re busy and he’s in a sub mood he’s such a little shit
  • ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)━☆゚.*・。゚ end of the smutty section 
  • whenever you’re sad and need cheering up worry not because jeongguk has a photo album on his phone with disgustingly cute pictures of you two together like this one pic of your sock-clad feet touching when you were cuddling and this other one of you cuddling him during anime night and you’re half asleep and he’s rubbing his nose on your cheek
  • so if you’re feeling down and jeongguk’s not near he sends you some of the pics of his folder
  • he’s not the best with words, he prefers actions because he sucks at explaining his feelings but he tries his best with you since he loves you so much
  • the first time he drops the l bomb is at your apartment 
  • he had a long day and he was so tired but he wanted 
  • he had a long day and he was so tired but he wanted to see you 
  • so you invited him over to sleep and when he walks into your flat he can’t find you anywhere
  • jeongguk gasps a little bit when he sees the lego avengers on the floor leading to the bathroom
  • and you made him a pretty bath with his favourite bath bombs you got cookies and milk and seaweed and he almost cries a little when he sees you he just lunges at you with hugs before you strip him and make him sit down in the hot water
  • and literally just as jeongguk’s about to say his neck hurts, you roll up a towel and put it behind his head
  • little shit pretends like he needs your help to get up but he legit just pulls you down and you topple over with your clothes in the tub
  • you’re yelling and hitting his chest playfully while he laughs and his whole body shakes
  • honestly you don’t even care anymore because he’s so gorgeous when he’s happy and he makes your heart bloom
  • so you just spread bubbles over his neck and kiss him i really want to fucking be with jeongguk
  • ok bye this is like over 3k words BYE 

Confession: I love the Dragon Age series. Despite its problems (and honestly is there ever anything without problems) it is the only game I’ve played that I want to keep playing. The choices and storylines make it so interesting to keep coming back to. But the best part are the companions. They are friends and lovers to parts of me that exist only while playing. They inspire me to write about their lives and even though some of my OC’s are not nice people I love them all. Maker bless Bioware.

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Hello, I had a question I hope you can answer. I really love the costumes on Anne of the Thousand Days, I think they are some of the most beautiful tudor costumes ever, but why are they barely reused? I have checked your blog and I see they are almost never reused, especially not in more modern films or series. They would have been beautiful on like the Tudors of Wolfhall, but why did they not appear?

I must admit that the costumes from Anne of the Thousand Days are amongst some of my favorite costumes ever. They were designed by Margaret Furse and won her an Academy Award for best costume design in 1969. The film is what initially piqued my interested in both costumes and history. It is not a stretch at all to say that this blog would not exist had I not found Anne of the Thousand Days on Turner Classic Movies late one Saturday night.

However, I would say that quite a few of the costumes from the film have been reused over the years, most notably in Elizabeth R and Mary, Queen of Scots. A few costumes even made it into The Tudors (Anne’s purple gown, one of her elaborate French Hoods, and a gown worn by Princess Mary). You can find some of the other reused items from the film here, here, here, here, here, here and here. There are also several others off the top of my head that I haven’t posted to the site yet.

Why haven’t we found more? Why weren’t they used more extensively in The Tudors or Wolf Hall?  Well, the answer is that they were created in 1969.  By the time The Tudors came on the scene, they would have been almost forty years old. Costume houses do their best to keep each piece in good condition, but there really is only so much that can be done.  Some costumes make it that long – some don’t. Also, in many instances, sleeves or a petticoat from the film may have been made over or placed onto a new gown, often making spotting these earlier pieces far more challenging than if they remained completely intact.

I did read somewhere that a dress from Anne of the Thousand Days was reused in Wolf Hall, but I am no longer able to find the article, as it was about Angels Costumier’s recent costume exhibit which had to close down unexpectedly. When that happened, many articles and information went with it. If I correctly recall, it was either Katharine of Aragon’s brown velvet gown or Anne’s yellow gown, though I have yet to find either myself in Wolf Hall.  If anyone does – please do send it in. They are there, they’re just on background characters.

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Spiritual/Yokai anime you may never have known about

I totally did not keep up with my plans to do a series of movie/anime recommendations. So sorry. Medical issues distracted me. But I have a lull day today, so here is a list of little known anime dealing with the spiritual or ‘demonic’ that you may not have heard about.

Rules of selection:

- An animation style that is compatible with the sometimes disturbing or spooky narrative.

- I’m sticking with the creep factor for the most part, so there wont be much comic relief. And if the show isn’t out-and-out ‘creepy’, it will at least be contemplative and serious about it’s own story.

- ‘Spiritual’ is a deliberate and broad genre title, because even though I aimed for stories that dealt with yokai and traditional Shinto lore, there isn’t much of a selection. So I did my best with some good ol’ mysteries that have the air of the supernatural. 

Alright, here we go.

Red Data Girl

Red Data Girl is a beautifully animated show that follows the troubles of Izumiko Suzuhara, a girl fated to be the final, heavily protected vessel of the entity known as the Himegami. The show mostly follows the burgeoning friendship (and maybe romance) between Izumiko and her reluctant bodyguard Miyuki, along with the shadowed idea of a hierarchy of exorcists that go to this one upscale school and vie for political power. The supernatural themes showcased in this anime are relatively unique, to the point of being a little hard to follow if you look away for a moment, so don’t do that. But all of the characters are relatable, and the annoying ones get a back bone pretty quick.

Red Data Girl is an adaptation of a novel series by Noriko Ogiwara. It has been adapted into a manga as well. If you like this, I would urge you to seek out the English translation of Noriko’s other novel Dragon Sword and Wind Child (and it’s sequel). It is exquisite. Red Data Girl is comparably low-key, as Red Data Girl focuses on what happens to a 21st century school girl, and DSandWC is a high fantasy based on Japanese mythology.

Total of 12 episodes

Based on a light novel (series)

Overall rating: A

English Dub: excellent

Manga adaptation: yes

Psychic Detective Yakumo

It seems to me that despite being an excellent supernatural show with enjoyable characters and fascinating plot-twists, Psychic Detective Yakumo was somehow eclipsed in the west where shows like Ghost Hunt and Ergo Proxy and what not managed to get more publicity (those are good shows too, if you are interested). 

Reserved college student Yakumo Saitou was born with a red left eye that allows him to see ghosts and spirits. He uses it with the belief that if he can communicate with them and resolve any issue they may have, then the ghost or spirit can move on to the afterlife. A fellow college student named Haruka Ozawa appears one day, asking him for help to save her friend, who she believes is being possessed by a spirit. He reluctantly accepts and afterwards gets involved in other supernatural related mysteries with her helping him.


Based on a novel (series)

13 episodes

No Dub

Manga adaptation: yes

Mōryō no Hako

If you start this show and are put off by the bizarre story telling that surrounds the two high school girls at the center of this murder mystery, try not to be. After the first two episodes, once the story really picks up steam, it isn’t quite such an uncomfortable or bizarre watch. 

The story brings together a war traumatized cop, a strange novelist, an eccentric detective and a brilliant bookstore owner/Onmyōji (esoteric priest) who are involved to various degrees with a prolific and incomprehensible dismemberment case. 

Based on a novel (series)


14 episodes

No Dub

Manga adaptation: yes

The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms is a great coming of age adventure story that takes place in a world of Asian myth and heroic empires. The lead female protagonist Yoko has probably the best character arc I’ve ever seen in an anime. This show also has some of the greatest quotes for anybody ever that’s looking for some inspiration. 

Give it a watch if you like swords and sorcery, because this is a beautified Japanese version of that classic trope. It’s more fantasy than it is supernatural since all the mythical creatures exist physically, but I’ll break some of my original parameters with this list just so I can spread the word about this under-loved anime.


Based on a light novel (series)

45 episodes

Good dub, but original is better

Manga adaptation: no

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

Moribito, like The Twelve Kingdoms, is a fantasy adventure, but unlike the aforementioned tale, the supernatural goings-on in this story are strictly limited to their own world and rules.

Balsa, spear wielder and bodyguard, is a wandering warrior who has vowed to atone for eight deaths in her past by saving an equivalent number of lives. On her journey, she saves Prince Chagum, and is tasked with becoming his bodyguard. His own father, the emperor, has ordered his assassination. The two begin a perilous journey to ensure the survival of the prince. Balsa’s complicated past begins to come to light and they uncover Chagum’s mysterious connection to a legendary water spirit with the power to destroy the kingdom. 

Great characters and a fascinating mythos. Also, it is one of those rare anime that showcase middle aged persons as the main characters.


Based on novel (duology)

26 episodes 

Great dub

Manga adaptation: yes


Mokke is a beautiful slice of life series in a similar vein as Natsume Yuujinchou and Mushishi. It follows the sisters Shizuru and Mizuki, the older of which possesses supernatural sight and the younger of which is easily possessed by all manner of strange and mysterious yokai. 

The sisters are very cute and enduring and their encounters are often very touching and deep. It is a manga original, and I would recommend the manga over the anime because I think it does a better job of showing the growth and seriousness of it’s characters.

A+ (for the manga)

No dub

24 episodes and 2 OVAs

Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon

I’m willing to bet most of you have never even heard of this one. It’s from the late 1990′s and centers on a sweet and usually quiet young man who solves murders with his trusty Bunraku puppet, Ukon. It’s actually very enthralling and unique. Though it is more horror than supernatural, the ambiguous nature of Ukon provides this anime with a safe position on the list.

Really it is very good. I’d recommend it to anyone who thought they’d exhausted all of the good mystery anime out there.


26 episodes

Manga original with a light novel adaptation. As per usual I prefer the manga.

No dub

Witch Hunter Robin

Witch Hunter Robin is a little remembered gem from the early 2000′s. It follows a young witch named Robin who is tasked with hunting down her fellow witches, being led to believe that many of them have gone mad due to their power. The relationships between characters are subtle, but meaningful. Most, if not all characters are likeable. It has a steampunk/gothic flavor to it, and the cases Robin and the gang solve are unique unto themselves and generally sorrowful. It is sort of episodic, but the individual cases eventually help to weave a clear picture of the linear plot line.

Unlike the aforementioned shows, Witch Hunter Robin is an anime exclusive series with no novelised origin or manga adaptation. It’s a great one for all of us that love a little paganism in our animation. It’s one of those Japanese originals that did it’s non-Japanese myth material justice.


There is a total of 26 episodes.

English dub: Excellent

Dantalian no Shoka

Dantalian no Shoka is an episodic anime. There really isn’t an over arching plot, aside from the rules of the story which are as follows: At some point in the past (as in thousands of years ago) a few young girls were somehow turned into mystical vessels that, when ‘unlocked’ by their keykeeper, can be used to retrieve phantom tomes (huge ass alchemical texts) in order to counteract the supernatural crimes that seem to abound in this post-WWI English setting. So aside from the weird sprinkle of near loli-ness that is the ‘opening of the vessel’ (young girl) and retrieval of the books, this story is pretty enjoyable. Huey is Dalian’s Keykeeper. Dalian is the ‘Dark Reading Princess’/gateway to the mystic library of Dantalian. They have a pleasant relationship, the poetry that is read in nearly every episode is great, the animation is good and the crimes that we see them solve are very fairy tale-esque. That is important, guys. You might be put off by the non-sense that is half the show, unless you accept before hand that you are watching a straight up fairy tale. But for me, I love that shit. And the characters are all really sweet. The crimes we see can be a bit disturbing at times, but the soft animation sort of takes away the true brutality of it.

This too, is based on a light novel series, and there is a manga as well. So if you want more once you finish the anime, you might step on over to a scanlated version of the manga and check out what other troubles our lovely leads find themselves in.

Romance is questionable in this one, but there is genuine love of some sort and since you can find any anime that gives you lolicons, I’m glad this one leaves that alone in favor of the show’s more unique aspects.

One 12 episode season + one OVA


No Dub

Bonus: This one has my favourite opening song in any anime ever :)

Wolf’s Rain

It’s hard to say how Wolf’s Rain really fits into this list. There aren’t any yokai, unless you consider the wolves themselves to be that, and the setting is about as un-Japanese as one can take it. But Wolf’s Rain is a fantastic anime, rich in myth-like lore and vibrating with desolation and the strong bonds that can be forged in the hopelessness that accompanies it. 

Every character in Wolf’s Rain is likable and interesting and the story has a satisfactory conclusion despite the sadness in getting there. Watch it for the beauty, the intelligence and for the music. And skip episodes 15-18 as they are completely useless recaps. 


30 episodes, the last 4 of which are considered to be OVAs

Terrific dub

Though this is an anime original it has a questionable manga adaptation which I do not like.

Mermaid forest

This little gem is a work of horror by the very same author as Inuyasha and Ranma ½. Though there isn’t much ‘spiritual’ about this show, the themes and atmosphere create the same appeal. 

Yuta and Mana are travelling companions, forever searching for a cure to their immortal condition which was brought on by the consumption of mermaid’s flesh. Along the way the two meet many tragic characters whose pursuit for or misuse of mermaid’s flesh has turned them into monsters. We also get several flashbacks to the time before Yuta met Mana and was travelling alone.

I prefer the manga original called Mermaid Saga, but the anime is good and the English dub is well done. There were a couple older OVAs before the creation of the 13 episode Mermaid Forest anime, but I think the latter is the most well done.  


Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Okay, I know I said the shows would be creepy, and this totally is! It is hilarious but if you really think about all that goes on in this series it is black humor to the max.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu follows the daily exploits of Hoozuki, King Enma’s second in command, as he troubleshoots the many issues that occur in Japanese hell. (So, yeah, plenty of yokai and ogres and what-have-you)…

Oh, god, is it funny. The show is set up episodically with two distinct stories about ten minutes apiece in each 24 minute long episode. There are 13 episodes and four OVAs and no dub. (And a second season on the way! AH!)

You may need to have a greater understanding of Japanese custom and lore to totally appreciate and pick up on the hilarity that lurks in every second of this show, but even without that knowledge, i’m sure it is worth trying out.

The original manga and the anime adaptation are exactly the same, so I’d recommend the show since it’s fun to watch comedy in action.




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