the best series to ever exist

fandoms doing their thing
  • naruto fandom: yelling about which female character is the worstest
  • bleach fandom: angrily hissing at themselves and each other and being super salty over really little things
  • one piece fandom: sobbing into a pillow about whatever the hell's going on with sanji
  • fairy tail fandom: alternating between which ship they feel like fighting about and getting angry at cleavage
  • attack on titan fandom: explodes once a month in a burst of glory before immediately forgetting it ever existed
  • steven universe fandom: everything is problematic except what i like
  • jojo's bizarre adventure fandom: spent the last 29 years trying to figure out the plot; still hasn't gotten anywhere
  • yuri!!! on ice fandom: so gay very homosexual much wow
  • gravity falls fandom: slowly sinking into an existential crisis (possibly five existential crises)
  • my hero academia fandom: anxiously quadruple-checking saisai-chan's blog to see if there's anything new
  • yu-gi-oh! fandom: probably still confused about pot of greed??? idk lots of memes about hair
  • puella magi madoka magica fandom: crying about gays
  • ouran high chool host club fandom: pressed up against the window like creepers but no one notices
  • fullmetal alchemist fandom: but is it legal in japan????? no??? how about germany????? how about germany in 1912?????
  • pokémon fandom: still trying to catch 'em all
  • danganronpa fandom: all your faves are dead
  • game of thrones fandom: all your faves are dead or suffering
  • lord of the rings fandom: may or may not have ceased to exist altogether
  • doctor who fandom: hiding from the supernatural and sherlock fandoms
  • supernatural fandom: hiding from the sherlock and doctor who fandoms
  • sherlock fandom: hiding from the doctor who and supernatural fandoms
  • superwholock fandoms: sitting in a dark room, rubbing their hands together, and giggling maniacally
  • harry potter fandom: desperately awaiting the sweet release of death (or the next fantastic beasts movie)
  • hayao miyazaki fandom: anime was a mistake
  • voltron fandom: obsessing over keith, lance, klance, pidge's gender identity, shiro's ptsd, and allura's allura
  • rwby fandom: watching the bumbleby and black sun fans viciously circling each other like angry coyotes
  • dragon ball fandom: very tired at this point
  • abridged fandom: y u no update
  • star vs. the forces of evil fandom: the most passive aggressive ship warring i've ever seen tbh
  • avatar fandom: still bitching about zutara and makkora i guess idk
  • buffy the vampire slayer fandom: peering out from behind trees, probably waiting for the sun to sink
  • avengers fandom: either bickering about tony stark, screaming at sharon carter's existence, or dead inside
  • durarara!! fandom: fuck fascinating characters, development, and story; i want unhealthy gays
  • baccano! fandom: softly sobbing in the distance
  • warrior cats fandom: trying to pretend they never existed to begin with
  • rick riordan fandom: has either read every single thing he's ever written or gave up years ago
  • rave master fandom: sniggering as the fairy tail fandom loses its shit again
  • twilight fandom: rewriting the series so it doesn't suck as much and/or making cactus jokes
  • over the garden wall fandom: listening to "into the unknown" and sobbing
  • discworld fandom: secure in their superior sense of humor but sad because a great man has left us
  • a series of unfortunate events fandom: aggressively glowering at anything related to the movie
  • seven deadly sins fandom: confused af right now
  • vamp! fandom: has the best vampires ever created and fucking knows it
  • seraph of the end fandom: thinks they have the best vampires ever created (and are incorrect bc vamp! exists)
  • his dark materials fandom: making dæmons for themselves, their ocs, and literally anybody
  • star trek fandom: speaking in kling-on or whatever
  • star wars fandom: kylo ren discourse
  • miraculous ladybug fandom: arguing over which of four ships is the best even though they're all the same two people
  • thomas sanders fandom: deeply in love with thomas sanders bc it's really hard not to be
The Data Theory

This theory was originally developed by derekscorner and revised last night. I delve into the theory a little bit myself and came up with something pretty incredible. Again, most of this theory is in credit to derekscorner. All I’ve done is branch it out a little more. You can read the original post along with what I came up with here.

Kingdom Hearts is never entirely clear on how it’s universe works. The only trustworthy information you can get is spoken by characters in cut scenes, usually rather vague and said with symbolism, or it’s hidden somewhere in the “Reports” you recover throughout all of the games.

Because of this, the game can constantly flex it’s rules to bring about more scenarios and fix discrepancies it might have had in the past. But assuming, with the release 1.5+2.5 for the PS4, all of those discrepancies were fixed and the game is official, theories about this game will now become all the more relevant. And sensible.

Most things in Kingdom Hearts can be explained away in a rather convoluted essay. However, there are still select few scenarios that fans can’t seem to tackle because it wouldn’t make sense for how the game’s universe operates. One of these leading scenarios is the issue of bringing the lost Nobodies back into existence. I’m talking about Roxas, Naminé, and Xion.

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Shades of Kim Namjoon

HOI! Back with the Shades of series with Bangtan! Brain Monster knocking on your door here leggo!

What Bangtan thinks he does :

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What soft stans think he does : 

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What hard stans think he does :

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What Shippers think he does :

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What ARMY moms think he does :

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What meme lovers think he does :

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What Namjoon thinks he does :

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What Namjoon actually does T^T :

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Because Kim Namjoon is the Best Leader we could ever ask for. The tough rapper side and the squish-me-like-a-plushie side are both exist in the same body ^^; Namjoon Done! 

In this series :

Thank you so much for supporting this series! I had loads of fun making these and hope you all enjoyed it too!

I swear to god some of y’all are driving me up the walls like

Do you understand that it is okay to enjoy something and still recognize that it has issues?

Like look, I fucking love The Raven Cycle. Amazing books. 20/10. Definitely a favorite series of mine. But they have racist and sexist stuff in them! And that is bad and inexcusable! I’m not going to deny the mistreatment of Henry and basically all the women just because I like the books. 

SJM’s books are problematic. There is no way around it. You are still totally allowed to think they’re the best series ever, the only people who are going to try and stop you are assholes, but you have to acknowledge the flaws! Because they exist! Trying to defend the way SJM treats her minority characters and her lack of diversity does not make you a better fan, it just makes you seem ignorant. 

There is no such thing as a perfect book or a perfect author, and the sooner we realize that and calm down enough to give creators actual constructive criticism, despite our opinion on their content, the better content is going to become overall.

2016: The Return To Anime

I used to watch a lot of anime before, but when I moved away from my friends whom were fellow fans of Japanese animation, I became really bad at taking any initiative to sit down and watch anything new. So my New Years resolution was to simply watch more anime during 2016 (for inspiration and entertainment)! ;D And in order to prove to said friends that I am indeed keeping my promise, as well as to take the opportunity to recommend good shows to others, I will be sharing my progress list and general opinions.

OBS: Some of these shows are not appropriate for an younger audience!! Before viewing, please check out  the recommended age restrictions, genre and potential trigger warnings!  

END OF YEAR UPDATE: 25 shows in total! Not bad at all considering that I maybe watched 2-3 shows the year before. But I still have a lot of series that I want to see, so don´t be surprised if I make a new post for 2017. ;) 

My personal top 3? I would say Death Parade, Re:Zero and Madoka Magica. 


Mushishi (S1) - Not a single cliffhanger in the whole show, so it makes for  perfect bedtime stories for teens/adults. The english dub was really good and the landscape art is 10/10.

Kino No Tabi/Kino´s Journey (S1) - Do not let the simple and cute style fool you! This show contains murder, cannibalism, suicide and war!! And it asks the hard questions in life!! RUN if you do not want to contemplate the meaning of existence!!

One Punch Man (S1+3OVA) - OK, now I know why this is in 4th place on IMDB´s “Best TV-series” list. The animation is some of the best I have ever seen in an action anime! It is simply stunning to look at and it is fun ride all the way to the out of this world (literally) finale. 

Sakurako-san No Ashimoto Ni Wa Shitai Ga Umatteiru/Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation (S1) - Pretty much like an anime version of the TV-show Bones. I love mysteries where you have to follow clues in order to solve a murder so a second season is strongly desired.

Owari No Seraph/Seraph Of The End (S1+S2+10OVA) - Pretty predictable, but the the bloody fight scenes are fabulous. Needs even more angst thou (…she said even though a bunch of children are butchered in the very first episode….). >:3 

Death Parade (S1) - And there is all the angst!!! Do not watch if you do not like pain in your soul!! Heart cannot be repaired!! AHRUM!! Excuse me. The show is really well written and the artists really knew how to create the perfect atmosphere to tell this dark story.  

Free! (S1+S2+4OVA) - It feels like everyone and their grandmother has seen this show, so of course I fell on the bandwagon. For the first 11 episodes thou I was very neutral to it… But goddammit the first season finale had me sheering, squealing and tearing up!! (Let Rin be happy!!) Sadly only the S2 OVA had me laughing; apart from that episode, the humor was not at all up my alley.

Zankyou No Terror/Terror In Resonance (S1) - I really like the style and the smooth animation in this one. And DANG, THAT ENDING! If you like thrillers that are completely based on reality and science (like Beautiful Bones) then this could be perfect for you.

Wolf’s Rain (S1+4OVA) - I remember trying to watch this when I was like 15, but I never got past episode 3 for some reason. Which is a real shame because I think that I would really, really liked it then. Perfectly angsty and tragic for little wannabe-emo-teen-me. Do you like dark fantasies with pretty people/wolves? Then do not miss out on this one! 

Mahon Shoujo Madoka Magica/Puella Magi Madoka Magica (S1+1 movie) - Oh shit. Oh holy shit. I would never have guessed that this show, this thing that looks so darn innocent and cute in design and summary, would have me in so much emotional turmoil (very much like Steven Universe in that way). But seriously; amoungst all of the animes on this list, this is in my opinion the one with the most captivating story-line, plot development and characters (I simply had to watch all 12 episodes in one sitting). Some people hate the ending, but I think it worked really well (even though all the tears could have clouded my judgement). And if you liked the show, then you MUST watch the movie Rebellion! Also: One of the the best English dubs I have ever heard in my life!! UPDATE: I have now seen everything twice… I cry every times I see Homura on screen. (O_Q)

Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish (S1) - I watched this before when it first came out but I had a hard time remembering anything from it apart from the characters. Glad I gave it a re-watch because it´s super cute and silly; perfect for when you just want to give your feels a break from all the angst and suffering other shows come with (*stares at the one above*). I also highly recommend the live-action movie based on this! :D 

Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi/Erased (S1) - This show is both intriguing and stunning! I love how modern animation uses lightning and this show is a good example of that (same goes for Death Parade). Downside: Stress, stress and even more stress!! Please, just let the small children live!!! My heart cannot take this torture!! D,,X But the stress aside, it was all worth it at the end. 

Jigoku Shojo/Hell Girl (S1) - My Golb, the young girls in this look exactly like the characters I would draw at 14-16. X,D The animation is just okay, and it takes a long time before we learn anything worthwhile about the main characters. But what made me watch a whole season (26 ep) was because of the interesting stories in each episode. It was fascinating to see how little/much it was required for people to give up their souls for eternal damnation in return for the death of a person they hated. 

Steins;Gate (S1+1OVA) - It took me a while to get into the story, but by the half way point, when shit got really intense, I was waaay hooked. I usually do not like stories that involve time-traveling because it makes my head hurt, but this (Like Madoka Magica) was really well written. I have very little to fault the show on ((apart from how the harassment of a trans girl is used for comedy in at least 2 episodes…)) and would recommend!

Love Live! School Idol Project (S1+S2+1 movie) - Decided to watch something really cute with sis again and this is what we ended up with. And oh darn it, it is cute alright! Everything is so sugary sweet and lovely, and good music too that you will hum on for weeks. Apart form the occasional funky looking CGI (which actually looks really good in the movie), the animation is top notch. A simple story about a bunch of girls and their lives and friendships when guys are not in the picture.

Makura No Danshi/Pillow Boys (S1) - Finally met up with my anime loving friends and this was one of the things we saw. The episodes in this are very short, all of which are about different types of guys talking to YOU before you go to sleep. It´s… different to say the least. Who was my favourites? Hmmm… I guess the guy from Ep 2, since I recall him the clearest. He also felt like someone who had known me for a while and I appreciated that. WARNING: Ep 10 did give me some extreme rapist vibes! BAD TOUCH!! (O_O)

Koutetsujou No Kabaneri/Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (S1) - If you like bloody action of high quality with humans fighting against superhuman enemies then this is most surely something for you. Many parallels can be pulled to Attack on Titian, but I would never call this a rip-off. All the animation is in the A+ class and there is this wonderful colouring/lighting effect they sometimes use for close ups which makes the characters look absolutely stunning. The level of details on the character designs also stuck out to me (A+ there too).

Shokugeki no Soma / Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma (S1+S2+1OVA) - Also known as food porn. I had never heard of this until Dan and Phil mentioned it in a video and when I understood that it was about food I had to check it out. I love shows/stories that are centered around cooking (Hell´s Kitchen, Master Chef, Kitchen Princess, etc) so I really got hooked on this. Not only is the food animated beautifully, but you learn a lot at the same time. And the absurd (dirty) humor is so redicoulus that I cannot help but laugh.

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu / Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World (S1) - When I first saw posters for this show they never caught my interest. It looked so much like the generic fantasy harem anime that I just ignored it. But then a friend forced me to actually see it and BOY was I wrong. Let me put it this way: Imagine Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni but with a higher budget and set in a fantasy land. So if you enjoy blood, gore and mind games, check this baby out!

Ghost Hunt (S1) - I know that I had seen this anime when it was new, but apparently I never saw the final episodes of the season since I had no idea what was going to happen. But glad that I saw this again! Not the scariest or goriest show out there, but it is fun and entertaining. My favorite part is how all the characters get along even though they have different beliefs and ways of dealing with the unknown. 

Psycho-Pass (S1 + S2 + 1 movie) - Everybody were recommending this show to me and I understand why. There is detective work, blood/gore, and some kick-ass action; just right for me. However, I am not into all the tech porn (you know - when the put so much time and focus on weapons and other technology when they open up, charge, fire, etc. Not my thing!), but it was still a good anime. The only downside was that I felt very little when characters died, which was strange since I usually get attached very easily and morn fictional characters on a regular basis.  

Mayoiga / The Lost Village (S1) - Oh maaan. I was expecting something along the lines of Battle Royale, but this was nothing but a big disappointment. There was so much potential in the first episodes for this to become the next Another or Corpse Party, but nooo. Lack of death aside, I guess it had it´s creepy moments, but the finale was not worth the wait in my opinion. I was actually so upset by the final twist that I sat down and basically created an alternative version of the story. Same basic structure, characters, feel and pitch, but with a more classic psychological horror plot. I would also have put the focus on other characters over the two basic cardboard cutouts (I vote for Valkana and Nanko!).

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls - Bougyakusareta Tamashii No Jukyou (5OVA) - I had seen this before when it first came out, but since I am still in a Halloween mood I decided to give it a re-watch. Totally one of those shows that I cannot look away from (not only because I need the subs, but you know what I mean). Spooky details all over the place blended with intestines and body horror. I may not be a big fan of the Elfen Lied-wannabe character designs, but I would totally watch it a third time when I once again forget the ending. I was so shocked that all I could do was to stare at the screen while the credits passed by. 

Mira Nikki / The Future Diary (S1) - That moment you like the premise and concept of a show, but dislike the main characters. Damn that moment. It could be that the English dub makes the protagonists seem more douchey than what they actually are in the oringal Japanese version, or it´s just that they are both written poorly (IMO). But I like the background characters and there is some genuine tension throughout the show, so I watched it all.

Yuri!!! On ICE (S1) - I had been looking forward to this since the first trailer, so it was really really hard for me to wait until all episodes had aired before I had a marathon. But gah! It was worth it! There are no cliffhangers no, but the show just makes you feel so warm and fluffy that you want to see more right away. It is a sports anime, but the characters and relationships are so well developed that I would say to give it a chance even if sports isn’t for you. You will still fall in love with everybody and you just want them all to win gold and be happy!!

PS: Oh dear brother of mine, if you are reading this, be prepared for an anime night next time we meet. You and Jorge will love this! ;D


Kimi No Na Wa / Your Name (movie) - Hands down one of the best MOVIES I have seen this year. Well made, a story that pulls you in, heart-wrenching and beautiful music. This is totally up there amongst Wolf Children and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and I will definitely be showing this to all my friends, no matter if they are into anime or not. 


Sarah Dollard on Twitter: Back of the program for tonight. Is this the best PCap/12 photo ever taken?? VERY LIKELY #doctorwho 

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said, “Oh, Peter!” in a sad yet happy sort of way. The sad being I don’t want to see him leave, the happy that he’s not only the Doctor and carried the show with so much wit, charm, and gravitas, but that he, Peter Capaldi, simply exists. ♥

Confession: I love the Dragon Age series. Despite its problems (and honestly is there ever anything without problems) it is the only game I’ve played that I want to keep playing. The choices and storylines make it so interesting to keep coming back to. But the best part are the companions. They are friends and lovers to parts of me that exist only while playing. They inspire me to write about their lives and even though some of my OC’s are not nice people I love them all. Maker bless Bioware.

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My Favorite Series In Order:

Sailor Moon:

I love the entire Sailor Moon franchise.  Yes, it’s mostly a nostalgia thing, but I can’t help but to love it.  The manga is a classic, and the 90′s anime, while being long and cheesy, is still something that to this day I will watch.  Usagi is a relatable character, and every senshi is enjoyable and unique to the show.  While the first two seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal were pretty terrible, the third season completely makes up for all of the faults in it thus far.  Plus, SeiUsa and HaruMichi are life.  

Assassination Classroom:

Assassination Classroom is a fantastic series.  This is a series where you grow with every character.  This series is a roller coaster of emotions.  It has some of the most incredible moments I’ve ever scene in anime, as well as some of the most heartbreaking.  The ending to this show mentally destroyed me, and is the only series to this day that will make me break down every single time no matter how many times I’ve seen it, both subbed or dubbed.  It teaches so many life lessons, and is a must watch/read for everyone. The first season closing is not only my favorite closing, but one of my favorite songs, that to this day, I still listen to. Also, KarmAgisa is life.  

Kuroko no Basket:

Alright, I love this anime. I love the characters, I love the manga, I love the voice actors, I love the fan arts, I love the fanfictions.  I love absolutely everything.  The story is intense, and it hooks you from the start.  If you like sports anime, this one is a must watch.  Also, AkaKuro and Kuroko x GoM my favorite <3 

Tokyo Ghoul:

I’m very connected with this series.  I’ve been following this series religiously every week for years, so of course it’s one of my favorites.  Now, the anime is very disappointing, and the second season doesn’t exist, but I will still love it, especially since the last few chapters of Re have been fucking phenomenal. The opening for the first season is easily one of my favorite songs ever created. Also, I need Re animated like now.  It deserves it.  Actually, I need Part One redone as well.  Can we just reboot the entire anime series?


I love this series.  Like Tokyo Ghoul, I’m very invested in the manga.  Manga wise, I love the art style, and the story arcs; and once again like Tokyo Ghoul, the second season also does not exist.  The story is very well written, although this most recent arc is dragging a bit (but that’s normal for different series).  Ciel is such a little bastard, and it’s wonderful to read.  It’s a dark series that won’t get a happy ending, and that’s part of what hooks me to it. 

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt:

This anime is fucking gold.  It is hilarious, and soo fucking inappropriate.  It’s by far my favorite comedy.  It’s art style is so unique and it has the best dubbing ever created.  The dub is by far better than the sub.  It also has the biggest cliffhanger ending, and fucking NEEDS a season two desperately.  

Ouran High School Host Club:

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I love this series so much.  This is another one of those series where I love every aspect about it, from the anime to the manga to the dubbing and subbing and even the Live Action T.V. Show and Movie.  It’s my favorite romantic comedy and always the first one I recommend to people looking for a shoujo.  Every character is unique in their own way and the story is really adorable.  I love the manga where you see so much development from everyone.  Also, Hikaru and Kaoru deserve Haruhi, and I don’t care what anyone says.  

No Game No Life:

Shiro is adorable as fuck.  As a gamer, this show relates so much to me.  It’s an amazing fantasy, and the story is perfect.  The animation is beautiful, and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.  Sora and Shiro are cute together and their interactions make the show that much better. I need my second season.   Side Note:  Jibril is best girl.  

Shokugeki no Soma:

Food Porn.  Of course I’d love it.  This is once again another series where I’m invested in the manga, so of course I’d love the series.  I read the series weekly, and the most recent arc is making me fall further in love with the series.  The manga is a great read, and you actually learn a lot about cooking through the series, whether it’s the manga or the anime.  The food orgasms are hilarious, and the animation for this show is amazing.  I would kill for a season three of this show this year.  


I will always have a soft spot for this series.  It was the first anime that really got me hooked to sports anime.  I love it.  Yes, it’s a bit dramatic at times, but being an ex-swimmer/lifeguard, I find this series so relatable, making me love it even more.  Also, the fan service is definitely a positive.  I love the Japanese voices, and the OP and ED’s for both seasons.  The movie prequel they did was also amazing.  The animation is gorgeous, but that’s to be expected from Kyoto Animation.  

So yeah, those are my top ten series!  Thoughts?

ATLA/LOK fans: Comprehensive, full of understanding, and eager to share their works and love for this series. Praising both gorgeous animation and complex culture existing in that universe. Enjoyed together character growth and fresh storyline development with each memorable season. Both shows could be considered cult media in many ways, and will always be kept in many hearts as probably the best cartoons made by Nickelodeon ever.

VLD fans: Aggressive comments and harsh opinions about fictional pairings, calling some of them pedophilic (?); don’t even discuss plot or world settings as a whole. Most of them just enjoy making feel other fans sad and like to criticize both voice actors and the producers. With harsh discourses no one cares about, and ignorant opinions. Even if the show is actually enjoyable, this fandom mostly sucks now, BIG time.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I had a question I hope you can answer. I really love the costumes on Anne of the Thousand Days, I think they are some of the most beautiful tudor costumes ever, but why are they barely reused? I have checked your blog and I see they are almost never reused, especially not in more modern films or series. They would have been beautiful on like the Tudors of Wolfhall, but why did they not appear?

I must admit that the costumes from Anne of the Thousand Days are amongst some of my favorite costumes ever. They were designed by Margaret Furse and won her an Academy Award for best costume design in 1969. The film is what initially piqued my interested in both costumes and history. It is not a stretch at all to say that this blog would not exist had I not found Anne of the Thousand Days on Turner Classic Movies late one Saturday night.

However, I would say that quite a few of the costumes from the film have been reused over the years, most notably in Elizabeth R and Mary, Queen of Scots. A few costumes even made it into The Tudors (Anne’s purple gown, one of her elaborate French Hoods, and a gown worn by Princess Mary). You can find some of the other reused items from the film here, here, here, here, here, here and here. There are also several others off the top of my head that I haven’t posted to the site yet.

Why haven’t we found more? Why weren’t they used more extensively in The Tudors or Wolf Hall?  Well, the answer is that they were created in 1969.  By the time The Tudors came on the scene, they would have been almost forty years old. Costume houses do their best to keep each piece in good condition, but there really is only so much that can be done.  Some costumes make it that long – some don’t. Also, in many instances, sleeves or a petticoat from the film may have been made over or placed onto a new gown, often making spotting these earlier pieces far more challenging than if they remained completely intact.

I did read somewhere that a dress from Anne of the Thousand Days was reused in Wolf Hall, but I am no longer able to find the article, as it was about Angels Costumier’s recent costume exhibit which had to close down unexpectedly. When that happened, many articles and information went with it. If I correctly recall, it was either Katharine of Aragon’s brown velvet gown or Anne’s yellow gown, though I have yet to find either myself in Wolf Hall.  If anyone does – please do send it in. They are there, they’re just on background characters.

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favorite rilaya fics?? i need stuff to read!!

you have come to the right place my friend

crawl home to her by BerryliciousCheerio

vampire au, has killed me and brought me back a couple hundre times

tell my love to wreck it all by BerryliciousCheerio


more than just a dream by BerryliciousCheerio

i sort of requested this so i’m obligated to rec it but it’s really good it’s a robin hood au and????? perfection, the cutest thing ever

tips and tricks by emilyrambles

this is the cutest thing ever it’s just ,,,, girls in love

ms believer by khalasaar

listen to me, this the saddest rilaya series in existence, i don’t even care if you don’t cry when reading things you will cry with this it’s fuckingoiengeoigneoige, read the trigger warnings

diamonds are a girl’s best friend by khalasaar

i proofread this it’s super cute i’m in love with it

in two days by khalasaar

i keep reccing her stuff but d00d it’s amazing this is another series that i’ve fallen in love with

valentine: to you, from the square root of negative one by khalasaar

this is the smartest plot i’ve ever read, like hands-down the most thought out developed plot i have seen in my entire life, if you’re a math person you’d know what this is

love song to a generation by kwritten

this is by far and away my favorite futurefic, the dynamic between them is perfectly written and it’s just so nice and warm and maya is my daughter 

Domestic Drabbles - 7: The Hufflepuff Who Lived

Welcome back to another round of Domestic Drabbles :D Time for part 7! I needed something ridiculously cheesy and cute since part 6 left us all in an emotional mess (mostly me though).
I’m actually not 100% on Penny being a Ravenclaw. (I really can’t decide) But it worked out best for this fic.

Anyway, shoutout to the amazing @baz-n-simon for being the best beta, support, and friend EVER!

And to @eroticgropefest, whose drabble series originally inspired my series (:


Simon is obsessed with quizzes, and not the educational kind, or else he may have done better in school. No, it’s the useless quizzes he seems to love so much. The sorting kind: “What kind of bird are you?” “What would be your superpower?” “Pick a taco and we’ll tell you at what age you’ll get married.” (Incidentally, that one said he was already married, but I’m not suspicious.) It’s all totally useless knowledge. Bunce says that useless knowledge doesn’t exist, but she’s not dating Simon Snow. And she’s not the one being begged to take them all after he’s done.

I took a few of them at first, of course, just to humor Snow. It seemed trivial at the time. But after finding out that I’m a pigeon, and that my superpower is invisibility (and the countless vampire jokes that ensued shortly afterwards), and that I’m apparently never getting married because I’m not a fan of tacos, I had to put my foot down. But apparently, that means nothing because a laptop is being shoved in my face.

“No way, Snow.”

“But, Baz, we have to know!”

“We already know.”

“Not officially!”

Bunce walks in and gives us a questioning glare as I yank the laptop out of Snow’s hands and sit it down on the coffee table.

“What don’t we know officially?” She asks, sitting down on the end of the sofa. Then she glances between us. “You two aren’t flirting, are you?”

I roll my eyes. Snow makes a grab for the laptop, but I swipe it up from the table and walk away from the couch.

“We don’t know Baz’s Hogwarts house,” he says. He huffs and crosses his arm, glaring at me and then at the laptop in my hands. I almost smile at him. Because he’s pouting.

I slide the laptop onto the bookshelf and turn to him. “I’ve already told you, Snow. I’m not taking anymore of your quizzes.”

Bunce’s eyes widen. “You don’t know your Hogwart’s house, Basilton?”

I raise an eyebrow at her and give her a disappointed look. “Not you too, Bunce.”

“Penny is a Ravenclaw,” Snow says, nodding towards her. Bunce nods in return and sips her tea. “And I’m a Hufflepuff.”

“Of course you’re a Hufflepuff, Snow,” I say.

He rolls his eyes. “But we don’t know your house, Baz.”

“Of course we do,” I say. I run my hand cooly through my hair and smirk at him. “We all know I’m a Slytherin.”

Snow doesn’t react to this. “Not officially,” he says, and he points to the laptop. “You have to take the quiz.”

Bunce snorts. “I don’t buy that for a second, Baz. You may exude Slytherin on the outside, but you’re just as bad as Simon. I think” —she locks her eyes with mine— “that you’re a Hufflepuff.”  

Snow starts laughing, but I just frown. “I’m not a Hufflepuff, Bunce. That’s absurd.”

She shrugs and sips her tea again. “You’ll never know unless you take the quiz.”

Snow giggles a bit more, then smiles at me. Crowley, I think. I never win. Because the evening sun is setting, and the light is filtering through the windows. And Simon’s face is glowing. And he’s smiling so wide. And I hate him for it. Because that smile makes me weak. It makes me want to say yes. It makes me want to agree. It makes me want to do whatever it takes just to keep him smiling.

I roll my eyes and sigh. “Fine, Simon,” I say, grabbing the laptop from the shelf. I ignore Bunce’s questioning stare as I walk back over to the couch and hand the laptop to Snow. “I’ll take your stupid quiz.”

Snow takes the laptop happily and opens it as I sit down beside him. As he types away at it, I run my fingers through his hair, watching as the light reflects off of each curl. He swishes his ridiculous tail over at me and winds it around my arm. Bunce scoffs at this, then gets up and walks toward the kitchen.

“Ready,” Snow says, then hands me the laptop. He leans against me and puts his head on my shoulder.

I read through the questions carefully and probably spend too long on each one. But maybe I’m dragging this out on purpose. Because Simon smells wonderful. Like cinnamon and citrus and a scent that I can never quite seem to describe. And his tail is still wrapped around my arm, and his thumb is moving against my leg.

When I select my answer to a certain question, Snow looks up at me with a questioning eyebrow raise.

“White?” he asks.

“What’s wrong with white?”

“You’re a vampire, Baz.”


“Your last name is Pitch.”

“What’s your point, Snow?”

He doesn’t say anything and puts his head back on my shoulder.

I read through the next few questions, then hesitate on clicking the ‘Find Out Your Results’ button.

“The moment of truth,” Snow says, sitting up and staring intently at the screen.

I roll my eyes and frown, then click on the button. We wait a few seconds (of course, Snow has the slowest laptop in existence), and then the page loads, and I immediately slam the laptop shut.

Snow is laughing. He’s doubled over and laughing. Too much and too hard.

“Shut up, Snow,” I say. I nudge him in the side, but he’s laughing too much to care.

Bunce walks back into the room, and I glare at her. She looks over at Snow, then smiles.

“Ah, yes” she says, grinning slyly. “Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, the Hufflepuff who lived.”

I roll my eyes. “Fuck off, Bunce.”

Snow unwinds his tail from my arm, then gets up and shuffles quickly to his room.

“I told you so,” Bunce snarks.

“I don’t want to hear it,” I say, pinching the bridge of my nose. I just want to spell this laptop away from me.

Snow then comes out of his room, leans over the back of the couch, and drapes an obnoxiously large yellow and black-striped scarf around my neck.

“There, Baz,” he says, leaning over more to kiss me on my cheek. “We can be in Hufflepuff together.”

My cheek feels warm, tingly, almost like a burn, but I just scoff at him.

“I don’t want this bloody scarf, Snow,” I say as I try to push it off. But then I inhale, and the scarf smells like him. Like cinnamon and citrus and that scent that I can never quite seem to describe. But it’s the one that I know so well. And as it leaves my nose, I breathe it all in again.

And I think that maybe Hufflepuff isn’t so bad.

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Any expectations for the new Star Trek series?

If you want to make an educated guess on what a “modern” Star Trek show would probably look like in the age of streaming, the model would be Season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise, which was all about the search for the Xindi in the Delphic Expanse, and was the first time Trek had a series in the post-Sopranos TV era. 

Enterprise year 3 is particularly relevant because it’s a good model of the kind of storytelling that Trek will probably use going forward, where there’s an expectation of arcs, series through-lines, and seasons are viewed as distinct stories in and of themselves.

It was a season long arc that had recurring mysteries and characters, and it was really compelling television. The season told “stories within stories,” but it had a single central mystery and through line. In short, the season starts when a mysterious attack by a totally unknown alien race killed millions on earth, and the Enterprise is sent into a spooky “Bermuda Triangle” region of space to find the mystery aliens responsible before they attack again and wipe out the human race. The Delphic Expanse, the setting of the 3rd season, had weird spacial anomalies that made it dangerous, as well as mysterious 2001-style alien spheres of unknown origin. The season was defined by isolation, and it was an endurance challenge; since the Enterprise couldn’t go to a starbase, the Enterprise was a beat to hell wreck by the end of the year.

The quest wasn’t just to find and stop the Xindi aliens, but to understand what was going on, see if a peaceful resolution could be achieved.

I have to admit…I’m a big Star Trek fan, and I sometimes forget this show even happened. Every time I’m reminded Enterprise existed, I think…”oh yeah.” This series rents as much space in my head as Spielberg’s “Earth-2.” I think I’m not alone. By the time of the third season, people had tuned out, which is a shame because just like with TNG, that’s when Enterprise got good

A friend of mine even argued that Season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise was the best year of Star Trek ever made. I’m not sure I would go that far, but it’s absolutely worth a second look if you haven’t seen it since it was on, and I don’t think it gets enough credit as a risky move, for being the first place Star Trek used this kind of storytelling. 

I’m not sure if this answers your question, but there’s always more to be gained from reflection than anticipation.

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Did a lesbian ever piss in your cornflakes or something.

….y’all are for real still on this dumbass kick where you think I, a WLW, am a lesbophobe because I don’t like one (1) WLW ship or one (1) White Lesbian Character?

Y’all are really sitting over here still acting like anyone who has a reason to dislike one (1) WLW ship or one (1) White Lesbian Character is a lesbophobe?

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) just don’t see myself really represented by that ship (because being a WLWOC is a multifaceted experience that it seems most Cl/xas struggle to grasp)

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it features two white women who are huge white saviors.  

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it relies heavily on the idea that POC can not help/govern/save ourselves and so need divine guidance from white people to lead us in the right direction. 

 It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it features one woman who wears foundation about 18 shades too dark for her skin and a bindi and another who, when in Polis, suddenly got a magic tan that was also 18 shades too dark for her skin?

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom regularly attacks every single last POC on this show (from Bob Morley to Jarod Joseph to Chris Larkin)

It can’t be that I (A Bisexual Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom is full of a bunch of white feminists who truly believe that a wlw ship featuring two, standard attractive white women is somehow more important rep than an interracial ship featuring a Filipino man and a bisexual woman. 

It can’t be that I (A Bisexual Black Woman Suffering From Depression and Suicidal Inclinations) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom has sent me messages that run the gauntlet, including:

1. You should kill yourself.

2. Your son is going to grow up to be a criminal (I guess because he’s black?)
3. Your mother should have aborted you.

4. You’re a monkey. 

5. You can’t be bisexual, you don’t ship Cl/xa.

and so on and so forth.

It can’t be that I (A Black Bisexual Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom has raged about L/xa’s death for over a year, but when Poussey died all of a sudden a lot of y’all voices were going on and on about how her death served the plot and was necessary and well done (even though Poussey was a lesbian, played by an ACTUAL lesbian).

It can’t be that I (A Black Bisexual Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom has decided that ADC and Eliza Taylor are somehow the best gay icons that have ever existed, period, even though they are both straight women, they are both relatively silent on LGBTQA issues and for the most part neither of them have done anything to raise awareness for us outside of playing a character on TV. 

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because it’s fandom attacked Ricky Whittle when he was frustrated by his lack of screentime even though he, as a series regular, arguably should have been shown a lot more in Season 3, but when his character died he suddenly became a chess pawn in your crusade against the CW, until he asked people to continue watching to support his friends and y’all immediately turned on him. 

It can’t be that I (A Black Woman) don’t like the ship because of it’s fandom is full of racists. 

It can’t be that I (A Human Being) don’t like the ship because its fandom is full of bullies. 

I mean wow, imagine thinking that hating one (1) ship must mean you hate all WLW. 

Guess that means I hate myself and my best friend and Tierney and basically….75% of the Bellarke Fandom. 

Let’s just be honest and say what this is actually about for y’all:

 In White dominated wlw spaces White women expect all wlw to know and love every so-called, “lesbian icon,” who is also a white woman. Y’all expect every wlw to go through the same White experience as if White is the default race, when the experience that WLWOC face coming to terms with their sexuality is nothing like what White WLW experience. So excuse the fuck out of me for not finding representation in your one (1) WLW ship and your one (1) White Lesbian Character.  

Me a known lesbophobe, just….reblogging and supporting all of these lesbians:

Camren & Serie’s Couples

I don’t know if you guys think the same as me… but when I watch some series I always can see some little Camren things on these couples.

Monica & Chandler (Friends)

They are best friends and in the middle of the way discover an incredible chemistry between them. They become lovers and companions. Both are funny and the partnership between them is notable. One of my best couples ever!

Ross & Rachel (Friends)

Ross has a crush on Rachel since college. They disagree for a while, but after the reunion happens, the chemistry between them is always very visible. They spend some time together but they broke up because of some incompatibilities. The chemistry between them exists even while they are not together. Rachel will always be Ross’s. Ross will always be Rachel’s.

Carrie & Big (Sex And The City)

Carrie falls in love with Big almost at first sight. It is not difficult to realize as soon as they were made for each other. Carrie is too afraid to get involved, but she finds herself more and more in love. Big, after a divorce, also becomes difficult to get involved again. They live conflicts in every season of the show, but whoever watched the series (and the movies) already knows how it ends … Carrie & Big Forever!

Blair & Chuck (Gossip Girl)

My favorite couple!!!! Blair and Chuck start out as friends, but over the course of the series, they discover a hot, crazy, passionate, confused, dangerous and slightly toxic connection. It’s a relationship full of ups and downs. Anyone can see that they were made for each other, but the conflicts make this couple very difficult. Chemistry 100%!!!!

Elena & Damon (The Vampire Diaries)

Elena meets Stefan first and lives a love-hate relationship with his younger brother, Damon. In the course of the show, Elena and Damon discover a hallucinatory and a toxic passion. A very intense relationship between them begins. So much drama involved!!!!

Ted & Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

Robin is Ted’s first big love, they get to date during some time, but Robin has trouble to getting involved and they break up the relationship. Ted can never forget Robin completely and he lives dreaming about the day that maybe this relationship can work … until … :)

Marshall & Lilly (How I Met Your Mother)

The perfect couple!!! Have known each other since college. They are silly, funny, partners, best friends and cute. They complete each other. They are very supportive of one another. You look and see that there is no Lily without Marshall or Marshall without Lily. The world would work wrong if they did not stay together.

Olivia & Fitz (Scandal)

Olivia helps Fitz to reach the presidency of the United States and they end up falling in love and living a hidden story and madly in love. They are meant to be, but they can’t be together.

Piper & Alex (Orange Is The New Black)

Piper and Alex know each other before they are arrested at Litchfield Penitentiary. They are completely and madly in love, but they are toxic to each other and always engage in problems that make it impossible for them to be together. Chemistry is inevitable when they are close!!!

Camren (Fifth Harmony)

I don’t know about u…. but I can see a little bit of Camren in every couple that was listed here.

Enjoy! :) (Sorry about some spoilers.)

voltron positivity day


This was going to be exceptionally more eloquent, but, ummm…that didn’t happen. So please have a humble praise-dump to some of the best and blessed people in this fandom.

@ashinan - for being amazing, duh. Also for getting me into this fandom, my gateway Andy ;) there for me through thick and thin. Also a solid writer and blogger and a very good giver of hugs. Ghost of a King got me into this fandom. Her Uliro slays me. The end.
@mumblefox – a stellar human being with one of the wittiest senses of humor and wordplay I’ve ever met. I never know what she’s going to do or say next and it is the Best. Also a solid writer and blogger and a good giver of hugs and giggles. Her Across, Around, and Upside Down series flat-out got me started on sheith. Then she wrote An Inevitable Orbit and completely, utterly ended me. Guh.
@bosstoaster – similarly a voltron gateway, her smol helped inspire my smol to exist :’). She’s also a great friend and solid resource too. you’ve probably heard of her, she is quite prolific and amazing. She writes killer fics pretty often. [have you voted for her sequel-milestone yet]
@velkynkarma – rounding out the thinktank! solid writer and fantastic person. I’m in awe of not only her attention to detail, but all the new material she can pull out of the same old episodes we’ve all watched a million times - things I’ve never even thought of - and then expand upon them so eloquently. Routine Maintenance is my go-to rec for her, but she also writes killer Hunk and Keith, and the best - and only - Slav in this fandom at the moment. She’s just got a handle on everyone (and I have it on good authority there’s SO much more coming).
@gitwrecked - how could I do a friends-post without you?! beyond being an AMAZING artist, git is a WONDERFUL person and human bean. I’m so utterly delighted we’re friends and I can scream at you about Ulaz and so many other things :’) she is the reason for some of my uliro fic at the moment, both posted and in the wings; oftentimes she entirely motivates me to keep going. Also her art’s just. amazing. Shiro in a blanket burrito? smol Shiro? This Uliro? just. end me already. how are you so good.

Awesome Other Fantastic Human Beans - I talk to you maybe a little less, but you all still rock my socks and I hope everyone who follows me follows you. <3


with a special shout-out also to @kickingshoes and @svedverite, both of whom have art that slays me on a regular basis ❤

There’s so many more of you than I have time to gush about ❤ I have some pretty dedicated anons too – handbell anon, don’t-like-onions anon, and another one or two of you who don’t have names but I know you’re there :) Not to mention my most common rebloggers, likers, stalkers – I see and appreciate all of you. Thanks for making this fandom, and this little corner of my fandom experience, so very great.