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After last year’s AHS: Roanoke turned out to arguably be the best season in series history, creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that this year’s upcoming theme will be the 2016 U.S. Election – yes, you’re reading that right.

In what’s shaping up to be a pretty brilliant turn of events from the AHS team, the show’s seventh season is tackling what might be its most down-to-earth source of American horror yet. Truly though, what contemporary American controversy was more horrifying than the 2016 election? No matter which side of the aisle you prefer, this has been an especially vicious year that’s resulted in an America that’s not been this fragmented in decades.

In a quote from FX CEO John Landgraf, he says:

“AHS confronts our deepest fears with unmatched suspense and style. Each new installment is a cultural event, hotly anticipated for its theme, imagery, cast, and twists. We thank the creators and their team, the cast and everyone who has continued to make AHS such an extraordinary series.”

Murphy recently went on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to discuss the upcoming season. In their interview, Murphy has neither confirmed nor denied that Donald Trump will be featured as a character in the upcoming season, only saying “maybe.”

There’s almost no doubt in my mind that Murphy would relish the opportunity to portray Trump as a monstrous being, hell-bent on destroying the world – an image of him that many others have adopted either by choice or out of some desperate attempt to comprehend some of his decisions – but there also comes the risk of unleashing the wrath of President Trump himself, who has never taken kindly to portrayals of his behavior in the media and on television shows.

In terms of casting, only series regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have been confirmed, but I’m sure there’s going to be a long list of guest stars that get announced between now and the show’s premiere. There’s no confirmed release date, but fans can expect to get the show in the Fall, as per usual.

It’ll also be interesting to see how Murphy’s American Crime Story – which has already been much more well-received than AHS ever was – will interfere with the production or even the quality of AHS‘ newest batch of episodes.

Until then, we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on all AHS-related news, and be sure to take a look at the video of Ryan Murphy’s official season 7 announcement on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, which you can find below.

can you believe we got to see alex danvers come out multiple times?? in different places and to different reactions??

straights™ always think you only come out once but it actually happens so many times and and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show where we actually got to see a character come out to family and friends and coworkers and i still think supergirl has the best coming out story arc in history of television

And once again i wonder this year : Where’s my second season.I hope “see you NEXT LEVEL” was really an announcement.
Aahhh…i was so hooked since episode 1..i’m weak for relationships which remind me on me and my best friend..but it got even better,since i also love to ship characters.(regardless of gender)
The first episodes where so much fun on tumblr where we were wondering if this is the real deal or the biggest queerbait in history lmao
It’s so nice to see that Victor needs Yuuri just as much as Yuuri needs him..this is the real OTP

Seriously, you guys need to start watching Van Helsing, mostly if you ship Clexa, Hollstein, Wayhaught etc

Not only is full of badass characters, but these badass characters are:

-Vanessa (Van) Helsing [played by the wonderful Kelly Overton], bisexual lead character half human half vampire who happens to look a lot like Natasha Negovanlis

-Susan, Vanessa’s best friend and love interest, also bisexyal, who has history of being abused by violent men but who still manages to look at the world with hope

-Sam, a deaf man who is probably the most badass guy in this show?!! His disability never once is presented as an obstacle

-Doc, a WOC who is super smart and who is paired with the white male of the show

-Mohamad, another super badass POC, a teenager (i think) who saves everyone’s ass several times


-Interesting plot

-Already renewed for Season 2

-Aleks Paunovic is in the main cast (Gustus from The 100)

-Only 13 episode for Season 1, so it’s easy to binge watch
Crunchyroll - The Anime Awards 2016
Welcome to Crunchyroll's inaugural Anime Awards!


YOI has been nominated for 7 of the 14 categories:

BEST CLOSING for You only live once 

BEST OPENING for History Maker 

BEST ANIMATION for no explanation needed just watch ep 1

BEST BOY for our anxiety filled SINamonroll YUUUUUUURI KATSUKI


MOST HEARTWARMING for the holy kiss in EP 7 (they specified THE KISS, not ep 7 as a whole just the kiss)

BEST COUPLE for VICTUURI, scream it from heaven or hell they better win at least this category 

And finally they were nominate for BEST ANIME OF 2016

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I know I´m voting and you?

I really hate how I only see Phichit as the goofy side character/”Captain of the V*ctuuri ship”. Like the dude made literal history for his home country and has a dream and has worked so hard to reach the Grand Prix. He skated to two songs that changed his life+set him on the path to skating. He learned advanced jumps using videos and copying them frame by frame. He’s an amazing skater and I swear to god he better medal again next season.

12/11 ▪ Okay studying for finals might be the most stressful time of the school year, but these cat stickers might be the most adorable stationary I’ve had all year. Go get some pretty stationary to make you happy and don’t stress too much, exam season is almost over.

The Official Yuri!!! on Ice Drinking Game!!!

So I decided to fill that void by creating the *first Official YOI Drinking Game  because I was bored and needed something to occupy my time till we get season 2 info! **Guaranteed to get you as shitfaced as Yuuri at the banquet before the first episode is even over!!!

Required Materials:

  1. Season 1 of Yuri!!! on Ice
  2. A safe place to get drunk (pls drink responsibly)
  3. Cups
  4. Shot glasses
  5. Your alcoholic beverage(s) of choice. Best results when your shots are stronger than the drink in your cup but the same drink can be used for both.
  6. At least one other friend to get wasted with you. The more the merrier!
  7. Buckets/Bins just in case things get messy.

*I think this is the first I haven’t seen any yet.

**Warning: This drinking game is not for the faint of heart, stomach or liver. You have been warned. 

The Game:

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Sip when: 

  • ‘Born to make history’ is sung in the theme song. Take a shot if you find yourself singing along at any point. 
  • Victor does something flirty. Take a shot if it’s with Yuuri. 
  • Every time Yuuri is anxious, self conscious or lacks self confidence (basically whenever he’s vulnerable/depressed). 
  • Yurio talks shit/ is angry. 
  • Yakov flips shit/ is angry. 
  • Lilia acts like a bitch. 
  • Stammi Vicino plays. Take a shot if you find yourself singing along at any point. 
  • Katsudon/Pork cutlet bowls are mentioned/ shown (yes this does include when Yurio calls Yuuri pork cutlet bowl). 
  • Someone calls Yuuri pig/piggy.
  • Maccachin does something cute. 
  • Whenever Victor is naked. Take a shot if his bare ass is shown. 
  • Someone says ‘huh’. Take a shot if it’s Yurio. 
  • Someone says 'vkusno’, 'davai’, or 'gamba’. 

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Natsume Sōseki is actually considered as the greatest novelist in modern Japanese history and one of his best known novels is “I Am a Cat”.
Both, Fukuzawa and Odasaku, seem to have a connection to him in Bungou Stray Dogs. Natsume was mentioned by Fukuzawa in the last episode of the first season while talking to Fitzgerald and as we know he is also the man who encouraged Oda to become a writer. In Addition, both characters who met Natsume in the past or know him are shown with the same cat on the shoulder in official art, coincidence? + Dazai calling the cat “sensei” for unknown reasons.
(Let us not ignore the resemblance between the cat on the cover of the book and the cat in Bsd)
I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination~

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History ~ Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: Not sure how I feel about this. So feedback is welcome. Might do a part 2 depending on how well this one does. Let me know if you guys would like to see a part 2 to this imagine. (:

Requested: No

Prompt: You haven’t seen Theo since he was sent to hell and now he’s back but you have a new guy in your life. Yet that won’t stop Theo from winning you back.

Warning: None

[Part 2]


It’s been 6 months since I last saw Theo. 6 months since I was betrayed by the people I considered my friends. 6 months since the love of my life was sentenced to hell. Every since that horrific night, I cut off the pack completely. The only one I still talk to is my best friend Lydia Martin. She’s the one who thought it might be a good idea to find someone new to get my mind of things. Or as she put it, “The only way to get over someone, is to get under someone else.” and so I did. After being completely alone and torturing myself, I decided to find a distraction. Nathan. At first it was just sexual between us, but the more I spent time with him, the more I grew accustomed to him. Although he held nothing to Theo, and often I found myself comparing the two. It’s become a very bad habit of mine.

One particular night, Nathan and I were relaxing on my couch, watching old movies and making out through most of them. Nathan has been trying to ‘talk’ all night, but I knew what he was going to say and I wasn’t ready for it. He was going to tell me he loved me. I felt it coming, I’ve felt it for weeks now. The way he looked at him, kissed me softly, always touching my face ever so gently. They were the same actions Theo displayed, right before he told me that he loved me. Honestly, I didn’t love Nathan at all. I still loved Theo with ever fiber in my being. I know that if he was still here with me then we would still be together, right now in this moment. Unfortunately, he’s not coming back. He’s never coming back. So I keep on pretending. Pretending that I’m falling in love with Nathan, pretending that I’m happy, pretending that one day everything would be back to normal. My life would never be back to normal.

I was so lost in my train of thought that I barley noticed Nathan had paused the movie and was now looking at me. I looked up at him with a blush creeping upon my cheeks. “What is it?” “Nothing, you’re just so beautiful.” I felt the heat rise to my cheeks as I smiled at him. “Y/N there is something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” Alright here it goes. I should just let it happen, get this over with. I looked at Nathan. “Okay, what is it?” “Y/N over the past couple months, I’ve gotten to know you and quite frankly I’ve fallen for you. Hard. I love you Y/N.” Before I even have a chance to respond, the doorbell rang. I jumped off the couch and looked at Nathan. “Um. Give me just a second and then we can finish this.” I turned around and headed straight for the source of the ringing doorbell, looking though the peephole I saw Scott, Liam, Lydia, and some guy whose back was facing me. I rolled my eyes and opened the door. “What can I do for you?” I set my glare on Scott as he looked up at me. “Um well Liam decided he wanted to make decisions on his own tonight and so we have someone who wants to see you” Just then the boy who was looking out into the darkness, turned around and I swear in the moment I didn’t see anyone else around me. All I could see was his face and the way he smiled at me. Those eyes that I’ve missed so much, looking at me, begging me to come towards him. “Theo.” It come out barley above a whisper but I know he heard it because his face lit up like a thousand light bulbs. “yea baby. Its me.” I smiled and ran straight into his arms, holding him so tight, afraid that if I let go I would realize its only a dream. I inhaled deeply and his scent is something that I’ve missed the most about him the past 6 months. After a few weeks, his scent slowly started to disappear from everything I owned. I looked at him as he held me in his arms. “I’ve missed you so much.” “I’ve missed you too princess, but I’m here now and I’m never leaving you again. I promise” All I wanted to do was kiss him until my lips fell off but before I could, I heard someone clear his throat from behind us. I slowly turned around and saw Nathan standing in the doorway, looking severely pissed off. “Nathan.” I felt Theo look down at me and then back up. “Who is he?” “I’m her boyfriend, who the hell are you.” I could feel the tension and high testosterone circling around us. “Nathan, this is Theo. He is the guy I told you about. Theo this is Nathan, my new boyfriend.” Nathan grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. An act of showing his dominance toward Theo. As I looked at Theo, I could see all this emotion flooding in his eyes. First, pain. I saw it right away, but within seconds it was masked by anger and then something flashed in his eyes and it was so familiar. It was a looked I’ve seen so many times. Conniving Theo. With that look came his oh so signature smirk and 3 words that made my breathe hitch. “Not for long.” and with that, he turned and retreated into the darkness, Scott, Lydia, and Liam following closely behind.    

honestly god fucking bless Mike Stamford cause if it weren’t for him our two broken sons would never have met and we wouldn’t have the best love story in tv history

Yuri on Ice Ending Analysis

So I think it’s safe to say we all were nervous for the last episode of YOI, but I think we ended with the best and most satisfying outcome. So it started with Victor being angry with Yuri and then Yuri not doing so well in the Finals. This is already stressful. Yet, before Yuri goes to skate, Yuri and Victor have a moment I saw as very important. Victor tried to put on a happy coach face but Yuri instead redirected the pep talk to confront the decisions they would have to face head on and I think as a whole this showed a lot about both their characters. Look at Victor, who doesn’t know exactly how to be a coach, but what does he know how to do? Preform. So he puts on a happy face to try to pump up the audience, being Yuri. But then Yuri has an opportunity to show not only Victor, but also us- that their relationship isn’t just the professional one. That they aren’t just skater and coach but people who have to actually talk about their feelings. The next part Id like to point out is the speech Yuri does on the ice. It was an AMAZING use of this dialogue. We were conditioned to remember this dialogue from episode 1 yet the way Yuri says it now puts such a different meaning to it all that makes his journey look that much bigger. Once he finally finishes, he also says he doesn’t want to go to Victors kiss. Just thought I’d point that out for the the people who say it was just a hug a few episodes back. When the results for the Finals come in, yeah I was heartbreaking to know he lost by that little, but I think it really was the best way to go. Besides avoiding an obvious ending of Yuri winning, it showed we wouldn’t be seeing the last of Yurio. That yurio wouldn’t be a one arc competitor, but a friendly rival. And how Yuri took this was SO important. This is the first time Yuri is up there, he beat his hero’s record, and it gave him something to still shoot for. And the whole conversation with Victor was perfect as we got to have our cake and eat it too. Victor IS going back to his own career, but still working with Yuri, and it shows how healthy their relationship is as it doesn’t depend on Victor pouring 100% into being Yuris coach. And finally, the figure skating dance together was such a satisfying wrap up as it used another aspect we were conditioned to remember through the show. These two have been through a lot together, and seeing them finally be able to have that moment was fantastic. Yuri on Ice was spectacular and I can’t wait to see what’s to come. Thanks for reading!

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