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What's the best sex scene from Cali?

For me, the best sex scene from Cali is the one from the kiss I reblogged last night.  It’s by no means graphic, there’s not a lot of skin, but the making out is super hot and if you watch the episode, it comes from this ridiculous place of emotion that, if you’ve ever been separated from someone you love to the end of your soul and back, for whatever reason, and something tragic crashes you back together… yeah.  It’s that kind of scene, and I thought both David and Natasha brought it home.

Favorite sex scene is a whole different story.  Hell-a Woman is fucking HILARIOUS, even though the sex is… well minimal and other bodily fluids make an appearance.  When he hate-fucks Chloe in Vaginatown, that’s probably, I would say… my favorite “fucking” scene, because it, too, is hilarious.  And that’s one of the few scenes where you see Hank put in some actual work.  End of S4 E6 and beginning of S4 E7 is pretty hot if you’re down with goofy yet incredibly charismatic men, but it’s not hot in like, a holy shit that was graphic and hot kinda way, it’s hot in, “Hmm… I can picture getting fingered like that, and that’s kinda hot” sort of way.  

The thing to remember about Californication, particularly with Hank in general, is that it’s a love story as much as it is anything else, and most of the series is spent with Hank wallowing in a “sea of pointless pussy,” which, for the most part, the show attempts to portray, thus there are very few scenes where he’s putting a ton of effort into the fucking.  

The sexiest parts of Cali are when Hank is making out with a woman he particularly likes, most often Karen but not always, and when Hank is busy doing what he does best, which, namely, is fight his ass off for his family.  For all his flaws, Hank will always go to blows for those he cares about, including Mia, and that’s what makes him sexy, beyond being hot as a fox.  


Amazing scene from episode 89.

Context: Upon finding out that Taryon hasn’t bothered to learn the names of most of his new traveling companions, Pike recruits Tary’s mechanical assistant Doty to immediately sketch some portraits. Of course, Doty takes the request very literally and decides to sketch everyone while they’re in bed. Many of them are not in bed alone.

everyone has that one character in a show they watch where during every ep they’re usually just waiting for that specific character’s scenes to come on and enjoy everything about them from the way they talk to the way they walk and smile whenever that person comes onscreen. a scene without that character in it feels like it’s just missing something and in your eyes they’re the best thing about the show and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them ever

  • Peter: [watching Steve lose to Red Skull] Oh, fiddlesticks.
  • Wade: Okay, hey, I know this is a tense situation, but I promised Cap to make sure you watched your fucking language.