the best scence


“The Many Faces Of Sherlock Holmes” (1985), presented by Christopher Lee

This is such a feast. If you not have watched it yet, do it. It not only gives you an overview of the many adaptations (movies, TV production, audio play and stage) but although proves again how much time changes: here, they celebrate Ruthbone/Bruce- production as the best ACD adaptation.

Includes scences from “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes”, “The Seven-Percent-Solution”, “Young Sherlock Holmes”, and, of course, the Ruthbone/Bruce- movies. Especially, if you happen to be a fan of modern adaptations such as “BBC SHERLOCK”, “NEW RUSSIAN HOLMES” or, to some extent, “ELEMENTARY”, you can find many many references.


This is hilarious! One of the best scences of Scream Queens so far. LOL

“Shondell why you got a knife in your throat?!” 
*Stops screaming to push Shondell’s body out of the car* 

I just can’t stop laughing watching these scene. 

But the good part that I and most of the people would do the same thing she did if you saw a body next to you.