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Ritual to cleanse yourself of 2016's bullshit

1) clean your home/room. Take out your trash, change your sheets, open a window, vacuum etc. Throw away reminders of bad shit from this past year.
2) take a hot shower. While washing your hair/body, envision the soap bubbles drawing negativity out and washing it down the drain
3) put on clean clothes. They’re wrapping you in warmth and peace and comfort. Preferably these will be your favorite comfy clothes.
4) cleanse your space using the method you think works best. I like sage but my preferred method is banging a pot with a wooden spoon and yelling obscenities such as

“Get outta here
2016 get fucked
Take your negative crap with you
You really really sucked”
or something to that effect.

5) get some restful sleep. Welcome that new year with fresh eyes.

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Moon Water Cleansing and Self Love Spell


Moon charged water (I used rainwater, but any kind that speaks to you works.)



Rose Quartz (tumbled would be best)

Incense (sage worked great for me, but rose would work well too)

Relaxing mood music (always helps)

Before you get started, make sure that your water is safe for use. Since I collected rainwater I used a filter to get rid of the nasty things I could see, then boiled it at a rolling boil for a couple minutes to get the nasty things I couldn’t see. Oh, and let it cool before use, this is supposed to be relaxing, not painful.

Set the music, light the incense, and sit and meditate as the water cools. The water already has a silvery energy from the moon, so swirl your intent to cleanse negative energy in with it. Set the rose quartz in the water (after it has cooled considerably) and mediate on how pinkish positive, self-loving energy from the rose quartz is infusing in with the silvery energy. When the water is cool enough, take the rose quartz out and fold it in with the washcloth, and dip the washcloth in the water. 

Start with your third eye, scrubbing off the gunk around it so that you can see more clearly. Wash your face, envisioning any negative energy being eaten away by the silvery energy, then being replaced by the loving pink energy. Then start to wash your body, giving extra attention to any areas that you feel negatively towards. Use the loving energy of the rose quartz to replace those negative feelings, and visualize you being happy in your body. 

After you’ve washed yourself, but before patting dry, envision the energy from the water on your still damp skin shining bright around you, as if your whole aura is glowing. Feel it burning off any last traces of negativity, and those voids being filled by the pink and silver loving and healing energies. 

Ground if you feel it necessary, and treat yourself to a cup of relaxing tea, or something else that makes you feel happy. 



Both of us were constantly boxed in by others’ expectations. It didn’t matter that people expected everything of me and nothing of him. We were still the same, both of us constantly trying to break out of the lines that others had defined for us and be our own person. Adrian Ivashkov — flippant, vampire party boy — was more like me than anyone else knew. 

The signs as the people I know
  • Aries: Eric my baby// Loud af. FOOD ADDICTION. Thinks he is so funny. Amazing. Puts people before himself. Selfless. Knows where he stands on most things. Sings loudly in hallways. Fun loving and admirable by the people he just met. Impulsive when making decisions. Crosses his eyes a lot. A Teaser. The sweetest guys ever. Basically Aries people are amazing.
  • Taurus: Jay// funny AF. Sarcastic. Is always joking and make people around her laugh. Loyal. ARTISTIC. Queen of selfies. Sociable in an awkward way. Laid back, amazing at giving advices. Burps a lot. Hates when it when people are being pushy.
  • Gemini: Sage my best friend// Emotional. Thoughtful. Very hardworking. SO CARING. Talkative and prone to have ups and down roll coaster of emotions. Family-oriented. ADORABLE. She loves talking to new people. Great at making new friends. Is so nice BUT don't get into her dark side.. Will cut you down. Always know what to say to make you feel better. Ugh Gemini people are just wonderful
  • Cancer: Katelynn// loving. Caring. Moody. Loves to be good at everything she does. Hardworking. Looks innocent but will murder you when pissed. Headstrong. Helpful. Loves ice cream. LOVES TO HUG HER FRIENDS. Queen of sass. Loves children.
  • Leo: Zac// Selfless. Quiet in front strangers but is a whole another person with his friends. He looks serious but I swear he is the funniest shit ever. Self-assured. Very generous. Loves being in the center of attention. Smiles a lot. Aggressive AF. Spoils his gf. Loves music. So fashionable. Impulsive he can't keep a thought to himself you'll find him saying everything on his mind.
  • Virgo: Andre// he is a damn Gamer. Book lover. VERY SMART. Gets perfect grades. Talkative. Dynamic. Foodie. Very thoughtful. Looks so innocent but I swear he is a satan. Honest and direct. Won't participate anything related to physical activity.
  • Libra: Andrea// independent. So classy. Loves shopping make up. STYLISH. So caring. Sociable. Popular in her college. Smiles a lot. Flirty and funny. Intelligent. Loves taking care of the others. Dances randomly.
  • Scorpio: Sam// is the funniest guys on this earth. Sarcastic af. So damn smart. Swears a lot. ARTIST. Eats every and anything I swear. COFFEE ADDICTION. God of editing photos. SEXY. Stares at asses. Always make people laugh when they are down no matter what. Knows what to say he is really great at starting conversations. CLUMSY. Movie freak and a gamer by the heart.
  • Sagittarius: Tessa:: Short. ADORABLE (but she'll hit you if you called her one)) laughs a lot. Headstrong. Doesn't give a shit about people's opinion. Shouts a lot. LaZY ASS. Couchpotato and love calling people by nicknames. Loves punching people's arm. Says the wrong things in the wrong times. Adventurous and ready for anything. Funny and fun loving.
  • Capricorn: Martin:// deadly caring. Hides his feelings v well. farts a lot. Laughs LOUDLY. Shows off in front of ladies. Goofball. Smart at math. Laughs at dirty jokes. Helps people. Obsessed over his car. Hates wasting money. Is very awkward when meeting people for the first time. Jumps from topic to another topic pretty fast. Really keen and focused at working ,always crack a lame jokes.
  • Aquarius: Katie:// Chill. So sassy. She loves to dress randomly. Perfectionistic. Loves pets. Has no problem beating someone's up for being jerk-ass. Very active on social media. Talks about odd topics. Everyone thinks she is down to earth and amazing. LOVES READING.
  • Pisces: Andrew// Talkative. HE IS THE SWEETEST. Doodles a lot. Hates conflicts. Sleeps over 13 hours. Cutest shit alive. Giggles a lot. Such a Geek watches anime, shows, you'll find in cinemas. Social butterfly. Avoids conformations. Always make sure if everything is alright. Dreamy. Forgets to replay most of the times. Posts a lot pictures on ig. People tend to like him by the first time they meet him.

30 Day RWBY Challenge: Day 5: Favorite team


“Sun Wukong and his team are certainly a force to be reckoned with, and although he’ll be representing the Mistral Academy of Haven, I’m sure his friends his friends and family back in Vacuo will be cheering him along!”

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What about a workout routine for pre-everything trans girls?

Hi there! So this one is a little tougher because a masculine body is usually though of as more muscular. I would recommend a lot of aerobic exercises- running, swimming, as well as exercises like jumping jacks to get a flat stomach without building to much upper body muscle. You could also try doing pec exercises, which would increase chest size, but most exercises that work pecs also work shoulders which means the same problem. Lunges, calf raises, and other leg exercises are also good things to do. Hope this helps!

All the best,

I’m just so fucking lost. He doesn’t love me back, and I know I should move on. But half of me wants to stay because maybe loving him is safer than loving anybody else. I don’t know what to do anymore. He acts so funny and nice and he’s just so fit for me. I’m with him and I’m on top of the world. It feels like I’m flying but it all crashes when I realize that I’m just his best friend. And that’s it. No feelings. Not even a little. He doesn’t fucking love me and and he even said it and yet my idiot of a heart still has a little hope he does. Everyone says listen to your heart, that it’ll always end up right. But my heart is stupid to believe that he could love me. I don’t know if it’s his actions or his words or the way he looks at me with his ocean eyes. I can’t make him love me. And he never will. Why can’t my damn heart just understand that?
—  m.a \ 11:56 pm

Protection Bottle Spell

Cast a circle. Burn some protection or sun incense, or a smudge stick. Take each ingredient and place it in the bottle, while verbalizing what each ingredient is meant to represent. (You could also replace any of these items with an ingredient that empowers your intent.) I’m not going to post the spell I wrote for myself because it is personal, but here is what each item generally means:

  • Moss slowly devours evergreens, taking out even the most resilient opponents. It represents the gradual, creeping karmic revenge and retribution that will consume anyone who wishes you harm.
  • Tar water is a powerful protection elixir that keeps every entity out of your home. You can make this with any pine sap. I used Pinyon sap because it’s my favorite evergreen here in California. 
  • The incense is sun incense I consecrated at high noon on Litha. It represents bright light and cleansing, as sunlight is the best disinfectant. 
  • Sage is a traditional herb used for smudging and cleansing an area.
  • Citrine replaces all ill intent with luck.
  • Thistle spines are meant to impale all negative energy/entities, or anything else you’d like to banish from your home.

Add a piece of your hair to mark the bottle as yours. Seal it with wax or glue. Place it near your front door where it won’t be disturbed, or bury it in a potted plant nearby. Smudge your house with the windows open afterwards to allow anything residual to escape.

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I'm so confused and I hate it. I've used he/him pronouns for bout two years publicly, and much longer with a few close friends. But lately I've been thinking and you know… maybe I don't want to go on T, maybe I don't want top surgery, maybe I want to go by they/them, maybe I want to go by my birthname. But I know I'd want to at least change the spelling of my name. I'm not comfortable with myself anymore and I hate it.

Hey, this is totally normal and ok! Gender can be a fluid and changing thing, and sometimes coming to terms with who you really are can take a while. My suggestion would be ask a couple of close friends to shift to they/them pronouns for a while and see how you like it. If you don’t, no harm done. Hope this helps!

All the best,