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‘same goes for you’ (scott mccall one-shot)

Prompt: Alpha Scott has met his Luna: his strong-willed, rebellious best friend Saga. He’s been acting wierd ever since they found out, and she’s tired of it. She offers to stay with other members of the pack, and Scott has something to say about that.


Pairing: Scott McCall x Saga (Reader)

Warnings: making out, swearing, (kinda)cheating

A/N: So I chose Saga as the name of the reader for my Teen Wolf writing. Saga is the Norse goddess of History & Poetry, which I thought was super cool. I don’t know if I want to make her a werewolf or any supernatural being in this piece of writing, but we’ll see. Thank you all for waiting, and I hope you enjoy it! PLS GIVE ME FEEDBACK. I NEED IT. Also, in this piece, Derek & Isaac both have their own places and Saga & Scott live together. Thank you again.

Ever since this whole Alpha-Luna thing happened, Scott has been acting wierd. He avoids me at all costs, and it hurts. He’s my best friend, damn it. I mean I’ve had a small crush on him for a while now, but I’m a little confused. He and I have both dated others that we thought were our one true love. I mean we all thought he and Allison were mates. It was odd for a hunter and a wolf to be mates, but it wasn’t unheard of. And I, well I could’ve sworn Isaac was my mate. We were all wrong.

Scott wanted to see me, so I make my way downstairs and over to him. He’s standing in the living room, his broad shoulders and defined back facing me. Of course, his werewolf hearing gave me away and he turned to look at me. I stand there, arms crossed over my chest as I wait for him to speak.

“So…?” He shifts awkwardly from one foot to to other.

“Yes, Scott?” I raise an eyebrow at him and his eyes widen.


“Scott if this whole Alpha-Luna thing is bothering you, spit it out. Stop making things awkward, please. I feel like I’m losing my best friend and I hate it,” I let out a frustrated sigh as Scott’s brows furrow in confusion. “If I’m making things awkward at all for you, I’ll go stay with Isaac or even Derek–”

“No. Absolutely not, Saga,” Scott’s eyes darken as he interrupts me.

“Excuse me? What do you mean no?”

“I mean, you can’t stay with them. You’re staying with me and that’s final.” Scott makes it a point to lock the door and I look at him incredulously.

“What the actual fuck, Scott?” I close my eyes and rub my temples, not seeing the way Scott’s eyes raked over me.

“You know damn well that you can’t stay with them. I promised your parents I’d take care of you, damn it. I’m not letting you leave.”

“Honestly, Scott?” My eyes open and an emotionless chuckle leaves my mouth as I glare at Scott. “I’d probably be more safe with them than with you at this point.”

“What the hell does that mean, Saga? Have I done something to compromise your safety?” He throws his hands in the air, raising his voice with every word.

“You haven’t done much to ensure my safety either Scott! You avoid me all the damn time, you can’t keep eye contact with me, you barely acknowledge my presence Scott!”

“I don’t know how to deal with this, damn it! I wasn’t told this shit would happen!”

“You act like I have all the knowledge in the world about this! I know half of what you know, if that. You don’t see me avoiding people because I don’t know how to deal with the obstacles in my life!” I push past him and reach for the doorknob. “I’m going to go stay with Isaac.”

“Like hell you are!” Scott spins me around, pinning me against the door and holding my wrists over my head. “You are not staying with Isaac.”

“AT LEAST TELL ME WHY SCOTT! BE HONEST. WHY CAN’T I STAY WITH ISAAC? I WOULD BE PERFECTLY SAFE WITH HIM!” I yell in his face as his eyes grow yellow. I sigh and my eyes soften as I begin whispering to him. “You were fine when he and I dated, Scott. What’s the issue now? Isaac has always put my safety ahead of his. I just need you to figure things out.”

“That’s the thing, Saga,” Scott clenches his jaw and looks away. “You two dated, past tense. He’s still in love with you. He’s in love with his Luna, my Luna.”

Scott whispered the last part, hoping I wouldn’t hear it, but my ears perked up as he let out those last two words.

“Your Luna?” I whisper and tug my wrists away from his grasp. “What’s really bothering you? Tell me, please. I want to help.”

“Please stay with me,” he looks back at me with sad eyes.

“I’ll stay, Scott, but I need you to talk to me,” I reach up and rub his jaw, smiling when he closes his eyes and leans into my touch.

“I will.” Scott opens his eyes and takes a step back. He grabs my hand and leads us to the couch.

I hesitantly lean against him, scared that I’d push him back. But he wraps his arm around my shoulder and I nestle against his side.

“Why didn’t you want me to go to Isaac or Derek’s house?” I wrap my arms around him and try to ignore his racing heart.

“Have you not seen the way they look at you?” Scott whispers and I look up at him in slight confusion. He looks down at me and chuckles softly. “They lust after you. Isaac is still head over heels for you. Derek craves you, and it sucks.”

“Why does it suck?” I rest my head in the crook of his neck and his pulse races yet again, tempting me to kiss his neck.

“It reminds me that I can’t actually have you,” he whispers, resting my chin on top of my head. “I mean how does someone turn down Isaac’s puppy eyes? Or Derek’s playfulness that’s only directed towards you? I’ve literally got nothing on them.”

“Scott,” I whisper and look up, slightly pulling away from his tight embrace.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” He whispers and slowly sits up, removing himself from me. “I should probably get to–”

“Shut up,” I sit up and grab his face between my hands, kissing him like the way I wanted to, the way I needed. I straddle his lap and move my hands to the back of his neck. I remove my lips from his and whisper breathlessly. “Shut up and kiss me.”

Scott immediately obliges, his hands moving to my lower back as I push him back against the seat. His mouth finds mine and our lips move sloppily, desperately against each other. His hands move lower and grab my ass, causing me to yelp into the kiss. He smirks against my lips, easily sliding his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues battle for dominance, Scott’s winning as he growls into my mouth. I moan and tug his hair, slowly grinding my hips against his.

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“W-wait,” Scott pulls away, his gold eyes glistening as he fights to regain some composure. “If we do this, our bond will be complete. You can’t be with anyone else, ever.”

“Same goes for you,” my eyes never leave his lips as he speaks.

“Look at me, Saga. Please. I need to know that you want this as much as I do,” he whispers desperately and I look up at him, my fingers tracing over his features.

“Scott, I want this. I want–” Scott’s phone beeps repeatedly and I groan softly. It’s on the side table, so we can’t ignore it. “It’s probably someone from the pack. I’ll check it and be right back,” I whisper and kiss him gently before making my way to the table.

“It’s Kira,” I smile and pick up Scott’s phone, his eyes widening as I look down at the texts to see if it was important at all. Suddenly, my throat dries up as I see some of the texts she sent.

“Saga, I can explain. Please let me ex–” Scott stands, knowing what I saw before I could say anything.

“No, Scott. It’s fine,” I look up and give him a tight-lipped smile, my eyes glazing over with all the unshed tears. “You might want to go pick up your boxers and stuff from Kira’s place. I’m gonna head out.”

I hand him his phone and run out the door, ignoring Scott’s pleas. I couldn’t deal with him at this point.

In these days there is a local con, Cavacon, and  two days ago I went there as one of my favorite character from a book, Nynaeve al’Meara from The Wheel of Time saga (BEST story ever told)!

Dress by me (blue and white for obvious reasons :p) and Lan’s ring by Badali Jewelry. Hope to take some good photos soon!

this is the magnus bane defense squad wanna join 

Social Media IS real life

I was kind of reluctant to jump on the whole “Social Media is not real” bandwagon, but since I feel like I have something to add to the whole Essena O’neil saga, here goes:

The best decision I have ever made was going vegan. Period. And I have taken lots of major decisions in my life, from moving to a foreign country, to enrolling in uni, to getting married and, most recently, going into yoga teacher training. No other step I have ever made was so rewarding, so eye-opening and enlightening.

Why did I do it? You guessed it - social media. I stumbled upon @freeleebananagirl at one point, initially just wanted to be fit and healthy like her and then recongnized that the whole veganism thing was way bigger than me. It was about billions upon billions of animals that die every year because of the livestock industry.

Every day, heaps of people on social media stumble upon the vegan message like I did and decide to change their habits for the better. It has become a massive movement and it is changing the planet.

There are tons of other issues aside from veganism. I hardly think the Black Lives Matter movement would have raised so much awareness, has it not been for brave individuals who used social media to speak up, spread the message and even share private footage of police brutality.

Only a fraction of the mainstream media would have informed us about police brutality and hardly any mainstream media promotes veganism as a way of life, not to mention that no other platform has spread the shocking images from behind the walls of slaughterhouses the way social media has.

In this sense: SOCIAL MEDIA IS REAL LIFE. Police brutality is real life. So is discrimination, speciasism, environmental destruction and animal cruelty. And without social media - good luck spreading these messages on Fox News!

Are skinny girls with tiny waists, photoshopped faces and unattainable glitzy lives “real life”? No. And unfortunately they do fool a lot of young girls. And I dare say, the initial idea behind social media might have been to distract the masses with such meaningless bullshit. But for every spoiled brat modelling clothes on Instagram, there is at least one person with a meaningful message who would otherwise have no voice. For that one person, social media is a small hack into the system.

The smart thing to do is not leaving social media. It is to stay on social media and play by the rules to promote important messages. Essena might be really big right now. But that is because social media AND mainstream media are talking about her. In a few weeks, who knows, if anyone will still care?

I genuinely like Essena and I understand her frustration. But I am equally frustrated thinking of what an impact she could have had on many people’s lives, promoting veganism and mindfullness on social media. She would have been a real game changer.

Thank you for the past 5 years… they’re so far the best of our very short lives and will continue to be forever. Thanks to the Twilight cast for giving the characters justice and really nail each scene. We’ll miss you and we’ll keep on waiting for one of you to BITE US or IMPRINT ON US!!!

Disclaimer: pic’s not mine!!!