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Soriku Fic Recs

Part two! Adding onto my original post (which will [eventually] be edited to feature these now), here’s some solid pieces I’ve stumbled across lately. Once again, not into sexual content, so nothing is exclusively about such matters. Bolded works are those you damn well oughta look through.

Have a good read!

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fic recs

just throwing together some fics i’ve really enjoyed reading lately. 

A Thought and a Shadow - (Roxas/Axel, Roxas/Riku, Riku/Sora) Roxas never wanted to be the hero.

A Most Wanton Nighttime Encounter - (Riku/Sora) In which Riku and Sora are the best roommates ever, and Roxas is an occasional midnight house guest. There is med school. There is Sora as a grade school teacher. There is Roxas, who mostly just likes stealing their oreos and tea. There is also the sexy.

we stole our new lives - (Riku/Sora, Roxas/Riku; sequel to A Most Wanton Nighttime Encounter) He isn’t bored. He’s happy. It’s been three months since Sora kissed him for the first time and he loves all of it. He’s content to live his life on this island, with this boy he’s been in love with since he was young. But when Kairi calls, her voice terrified and pleading, he’s the first to pick up everything and go to her. He gives Sora just enough time to call in a substitute for the last three weeks before summer vacation, and he shoves everything into the gummi ship and takes off.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying - (Zexion/Demyx, Terra/Ventus, Riku/Sora, Axel/Roxas) After a slightly traumatising encounter, Demyx fears his gaydar to be broken. So he comes up with a new way of identifying gay people. By selling perfume.

Sand in My Pants (But I’d Rather It Be Riku) - (Roxas/Riku) Roxas moves to Destiny Islands to live with his cousin, Sora, and hates all the sand and also that guy named Riku. Except he kind of doesn’t really hate Riku. He kind of really likes him.

My Kind of Guy - (Roxas/Sora) Roxas Strife is a complete nobody. Too bad he’s fallen hard for Sora Leonhart, the biggest somebody at Twilight High.

riku is simultaneously the best and worst teacher ever because

on the one hand he has trouble articulating some of the combat instincts and things he learned by trial and error and gets frustrated trying to explain it

but on the other hand he encourages Lea and Kairi to sneak attack each other at all hours of the day and keeps score for them