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Azusa and the gang find themselves in a new predicament at the hands of Chiasa and her nefarious Yakuza underlings! Meanwhile, Kimmy can drive somehow. Maybe driving laws are different in Canada.



Why Nerve is amazing

1.) it’s all about the dangers of anonymity on the Internet and how that leads to a feeling of invincibility and a disconnection from the repercussions of your actions

2.) the colors gradually become more neon and striking as the main character becomes more daring.


Little Mix have succeeded in creating an album and combines feisty personality and impressionable vocals. Glory Days is a bombastically loud album that’s shows no fear and hides nothing back. It’s upright, confident and quite literally one of the most exciting pop albums of 2016 and perhaps the most exciting girl group record in over a decade
—  HELL YEAH! (Buzzfeed’s album review on Glory Days)

Spoilers ahead… sort of.

“Ugh. Overdramatic, far too emotive, and why is it always raining?”

“SPOILER ALERT!!!! Melodrama Jane marries a boring, condescending dumb head because his eyes fall out.”

“I hated this book. Mostly because I don’t care what types of stone the house was made of and I didn’t really think it was necessary to spend 20 pages discussing it.”

“Bronze’s writing is very detailed, preachy, and racist. Jane ( and all the characters) are ignorant, racist, and arrogant. But what else would you expect of Britains in the 1800s?”

“This is essentially ‘Twilight’ from the nineteenth century - a bunch of wholly undesirable guys who are falling head over heels in love with a girl who is described as “plain” and is downright boring.”

“What the hell is wrong with Jane? And in the end, why the FUCK is she still in love with Mr. Rochester? The guy is clearly psychotic. He keeps his mentally ill wife locked up in the attic while he’s out trying to woe another woman and PROPOSES to her? WHILE HE’S STILL MARRIED TO THE PSYCHO WOMAN?!”

“If you really want to know the story of Jane Eyre just watch Cinderella and strip away the fairy god mother, and all the fun.”

“‘Reader - i wanted to strangle her’…fervid and turgid…warped and twisted - her ability to write well I wouldnt argue, but this novel is preposterous and somewhat unhealthy…like all Bronte novels.”

“‘Jane Eyre’ follows the story of a girl named ‘Jane Eyre,’ who lives in what I guess is the 19th century. Want to know what people do for fun in the 19th century? Not much. Walk around gardens and try to fall in love with men who are 90 years older than them, mostly.”

“To call Jane Eyre a feminist text is to insult women. To call it a feminist novel is to insult literature. And to call Charlotte Bronte a writer is to insult civilization. Might as well call Hitler a humanitarian.”

“To those who recommended this book, I forgive you. I know you meant well.”

we’re only 7 days into 2016 but I can already tell you that Hidden Figures will be the best and most important movie you see all year

These women, strong, educated, independent women- each in their own way- are what we should all aspire to be.

Their ability to ever back down, to stand for what they know is right, what they know is good, propels their story higher than any other I’ve ever known.

Katherine wasn’t afraid to take credit where credit was due.

Dorothy wasn’t afraid to take initiative and stand up for the work she had done.

Mary went through hell and back to make sure she could live her dreams

These women can do it. These women paved the way so you can do it.


Arrival (2016)

Directed by Denis Villeneuve

Cinematography by Bradford Young


My Favorite New (ish) Films of 2016 - If I saw it in 2016 and it was less than five years old, it counts for this list.

1. Bone Tomahawk (2015) - ‘Great performances from a terrific cast highlight this terse, tense, slow burn weird western that explodes into Fulci-esque violence by the end.’

2. Dredd (2012) - ‘It’s briskly paced, constantly tense, features disturbing explosions of gore and a simple but propulsive score. And it’s very engaging on a purely visual level, juxtaposing grimy, dystopian greyness with splashes of vivid day-glo color.’

3. The Duke of Burgundy (2014) - ‘A beautifully rendered, twisty, and compelling relationship drama that examines what happens when one half of a couple has intense fetishistic needs and the other half can’t sustain the enthusiasm for it all… Aesthetically, everything here is simply lovely, from the actresses to the costumes to the furniture to the music. Every artistic detail contributes to the melancholy, autumnal fragility of the piece. It’s a haunting, alluring experience.’

4. Green Room (2015) - ‘An unrelentingly tense and carefully constructed thriller… This one boasts strong characters and world-building, shocking gore, and chillingly business-like and indifferent Nazi baddies. Feels way more relevant and important now than it did even six months ago.’

5. The Hateful Eight (2015) - ‘Every time I see a new Tarantino movie, I think ‘this is his masterpiece,’ and this one continues the trend. Even though the movie riffs heavily on The Thing and spaghetti westerns, it feels like the QT movie least about other movies. I’ve always loved his stuff, but this film feels substantive and challenging and disturbing in a way he hasn’t really achieved before.’

6. High-Rise (2015) - ‘…equally cartoonish, surreal, horrifying, and colorful…  undercurrents of eerie, stylish menace help to create what is overall a rather bewitching experience.’

7. Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) - ‘Oscar Isaac is terrific in the title role and the script communicates so much so deftly, allowing us to know Llewyn deeply without ever getting bogged down in exposition. It’s quietly moving and subtly humorous throughout, with lovely music and a great period NYC feel that doesn’t overplay the typical bohemian signifiers.’

8. The Invitation (2015) - ‘one of those movies where you know something terrible is about to happen and anxiety builds and builds until things finally hit the tipping point. The Invitation is an intense, weirdly moving, and physically chilling experience.’

9. The Neon Demon (2016) -  ‘It’s draped in neon and synth music and moves at a crawl before erupting into witchery, cannibalism, and necrophilia in the final act. The movie is more than a bit ridiculous and full of itself, but so is all good artsploitation.’

10. Queen of Earth (2015) - ‘A chilling and subtly stylish examination of grief, privilege, depression, and most interestingly, the way in which friendships can become toxic and competitive over time.’

11. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016) - ‘The script takes a sharp look at the Afghan conflict and the complicated sexual politics of the situation, with men and women on both sides of the East/West divide coming under scrutiny. It’s also about what people do to cope with living under extreme conditions, and it’s raunchy, exciting and ultimately rather moving experience on the whole.’

12. The Witch (2015)  - ‘a beautifully shot and superbly acted piece of historical horror… I also like the way the script characterizes religious zealotry as it’s own sort of prison. A gripping and authentic recreation of primitive American folklore.’

👬📚 Favorite M/M Historical and/or Fantasy Romance Reads of 2016

Not necessarily published in 2016, but instead, read by me in 2016. 


series: Captive Prince, Prince’s Gambit, Kings Rising
by C.S. Pacat

I could rave about C.S. Pacat’s prose for days and days on end. Her writing is just truly so breathtaking and compelling and her world building is so very immersive. I was hooked from the first chapter on. This never happened to me before. C.S. Pacat got me back into reading original fiction again (as opposed to reading fanfiction), but almost a year later I still haven’t found anything comparable to the CAPTIVE PRINCE series. My book hangover from this series is still going on, and if I could read new stories about Laurent of Vere forever, I would. It is my hope the YA Pacat is now writing will give me a character to obsess over the amount I obsess(ed) over Laurent. I’m not that fond of YA in general, so if she will achieve this, she’ll have my adoration forever. (JK, she already has that.)


stand-alone within a series
by Cat Sebastian

I just simply adored this read. Cat Sebastian’s writing is so good, and so well-flowing, I just always wanted to read on. The characters were both likeable and their actions and reactions understandable, which is always a thing I appreciate. The class differences between them didn’t end up being as big of an issue as I expected them to be but that didn’t take away from the story at all, or rather added to it. What I found interesting in this was that both MCs were totally enough to keep me entertained, and the rest of the cast, while interesting characters, were not really needed to push the story forward.


stand-alone / free read
by Eli Easton

I still can’t believe I got to read this one for free. It’s just so, so good. I am a sucker for historical romance that isn’t set within the Victorian era. This one is set in the Middle Ages, in England. It follows a knight seeking to free his sister from her abusive husband, and a Lord’s son who joins his journey out of more than one reason. I would’ve loved to read more stories like this one by the author, but unfortunately there were no more Historicals to be found in her catalogue. I will forgive her for it, but only because she left these characters off in such a great place. A true HEA in times where homosexuality could have gotten you killed, that is something not everyone is able to write. Eli Easton did it though.


stand-alone within a series
by Megan Derr

I was so grateful for Derr’s world-building here. I had been looking for another universe to be pulled in by, and I got my wish fulfilled by THKGT. I rooted for the pairing to get their shit together, which is definitely a thing I need in my romance. If I can’t root for them, why do I read a romance novel in the first place, right? I also loved the side characters who were joining the main characters’ journey in this, and as someone who likes a well-employed “misunderstandings through miscommunication” trope establishing conflict between love interests, (and dislikes when it’s handled irrationally, when you’re just screaming at the characters to friggin’ talk already because this is ridiculous!!), as well as as a sucker of arranged marriage between reluctant parties, as someone who wants to root for a good-hearted character to be recognized like they deserve to be, this turned out to be a great read. 

Months later I finally was in the mood to read the sequel THE PIRATE OF FATHOMS DEEP which pulled me right back in to this ‘verse and added a couple of characters to the line up that I really really enjoyed. I like Megan Derr’s writing in this series, and I think a flavor of angstiness in her characters always adds to my overall enjoyment of her words. (A thing I definitely missed in some of her “fluffier” works.) I’m definitely looking forward to more parts in this series!


stand-alone / free read
by Jesse Hajicek

This story was a free read online and I probably wouldn’t have given this a read wasn’t it reviewed with such adoring on Goodreads, so I said “eff it” and read this on my tablet in the browser. I did not regret it. The characters and the world building was enthralling, and the journey had ups and downs (so many downs) and you always had something to worry about while wanting the main characters to have a break to finally make sweet, sweet love. But circumstances weren’t always very profitable for that. (Like, never, in fact.) I don’t know what more to say. This was an enjoyable read all over. It was a love story and a journey with (many, many) obstacles to overcome all in one.


by Sam Argent

I read this a while ago, but I do remember I enjoyed this a lot. I think it was the first book I read after putting down Pacat’s KINGS RISING, and I was looking for a character that I could root for. With Sebastian, Sam Argent managed that. While I had an inkling what the mystery surrounding him was all the way through reading, this did not make me be bored by the story. I remember thinking this was less of a romance and more of a family tale, and I did like this fact about FAMILY OF LIES. I enjoyed the family going-ons more than the main pairing.


by Marcus Atley

Usually I’m more a fan of epic fantasy, but this urban fantasy/paranormal romance was a good read for me as well. The main characters were the cliché misunderstood, bulky grump, and the take-no-shit “twink” being underestimated and ignored, having to prove himself. Overall it was a bit trope-y, and I wouldn’t expect too much from it, but sometimes you need a read that is simple and still enjoyable, and that was that. 

M/M reads from other genres that I enjoyed: 

OFF BASE by Annabeth Albert (Contemporary Military Romance) 
DARK SOUL I & II by Aleksandr Voinov (Dark Mafia Romance)
TIMEKEEPER by Tara Sim (Steampunk YA Romance)
THE RAVEN CYCLE by Maggie Stiefvater (series, Paranormal YA)
BORROWING TROUBLE by Kade Boehme (Contemporary Romance)
SUPERIOR by Jessica Lack (short story, Superhero Romance)

My BEST posts of 2016

My BEST posts of 2016

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It’s been one hell of a year guys! I can’t thank you enough for all the support I’ve had,especially when I comes to my knight comic, which is by far and away the most popular thing I have ever posted online, ever. Your response to what was originally just a cheesy joke in scruffy comic form has been amazing and I hope you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plans to turn Lock’s adventures into a full comic in the future! That’s a long way off though and in the meantime I hope you enjoy what I create in 2017, I have a lot of ideas and am super keen to learn and improve <3

Thoughts on episode 12x12 (SPN)

Okay, this is the third time I’m doing this (it’s gonna be a thing, I think)… Sorry again! I just need to write my thoughts down… I promise I’ll keep it short this time! But after this episode, I just can’t, I just can’t go to bed like that x)

  • FIRST OF ALL, DESTIEL. It’s officially canon. I don’t care what they say, it’s REAL. And it’s happening. I mean, we have : 

- As always Cas saying “you’re my family” but also an actual “I LOVE YOU”. HE ACTUALLY SAID THE WORDS. I REPEAT HE ACTUALLY SAID THE WORDS. And the fact he needed to clarify “I love all of you” right after shows that the first “I love you” was meant for Dean! Also the camera is directly pointing at Dean at that moment and it’s for a GOOD REASON, guys. They wanted us to understand (like if we wouldn’t have guessed it anyway, you know). They wanted to make it clear and obvious. Well done. 

- Dean saying “let’s go home”. I MEAN. WHAT EVEN? ? ? 

- Mary officially recognizing Cas as her son (in laws???) : “One of my boys almost died”. She’s aware of the love between Dean and Cas. SHE KNOWS. She fucking knows what’s going on. And so do we! 

  • THEN, LUCIFER IS BACK. LUCI♥ PLAYED BY MARK. Is this my birthday? ? ? Like I can’t believe it’s happening.I loved Mark and even if it doesn’t make any sense, I don’t care. I’m just so fucking happy.
  • THE COLT IS BACK. THAT FUCKING GUN WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. But, like, how? Why did Crowley have the colt in the first place? What the actual fuck? WE NEED ANSWERS. Btw, Crowley rules!
  • Poor Mary. I know she’s keeping secrets and she shouldn’t cause we all know how that’s gonna end, but I still love her so much and I’m quite sad to see all that hatred against her. Like, she had her reasons. She feels like she’s doing the right thing. In her mind, she’s saving people.  Look, Mary is a lot of things but damn, she’s not stupid. She knows she can’t trust the british men of letters. But she feels like by working with them she’ll do more than just solving one case every two weeks. You can say whatever the hell you want about the british men of letters, they have weapons and money and they can provide things she can’t get by herself. You think they’re using her? No, bitch, she’s using them. And she knows that. In my opinion, Mary is still a badass.
  • And Sammy… I think people forget to talk about Sam. He was so funny at the beginning only caring about the wifi! XD #le I loved how he’s still checking on Mary to see if she’s holding on. What a cutie.