the best quote tbh

  • Taehyung: *Sprains ankle*
  • Doctor: Does it hurt when you put pressure on it?
  • Taehyung: Let me check
  • Taehyung: *To ankle* c'mon dude it's just one cigarette

Coursers - great at shooting things! …not so great with children

odin sphere █║│♛

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“It’s so… quiet now… The sound of battle… seems so far away.”
“…Do I see tears in your eyes?”
”I won’t let you be alone for long. I shall be by your side soon enough.”
”I will face him!”
”This battle is over. Any more deaths will just be a waste.“
"Do you understand how much we sacrificed here!? If it was all for some hunk of scrap iron, it is a disgrace to the dead!”
“If you play dumb, your head will fly.”
“How can you willingly choose to walk the path to your own death…?“
"Hurry, run away! If you still wish to live, go!”
“You’re trembling… Do you regret your actions?”
“I want to see you smile… To see you happy…“
"There is no reason for you to remain loyal to a king who has abandoned you.”
”You are not an object. …And I will not allow anyone to treat you thus. Never.”
“I… I can’t make it… I can’t go on…”
“If you do not want your life extinguished, get out of my sight!”
“You were worried… about me?”
“Losing (name) to you is more painful than death itself.”
“If I can be by your side, I will endure any hardship.”
“You are a shining star that lit my way as I roamed the darkened earth…”
“My love will shine like the stars, forever.“

”I thought you would have learned to be responsible, but you are still immature.”
“If you saw my body, your very soul would tremble, and your blood would freeze.”
“Please, go… Let me rest.”
”My love, I shall speed towards you, quick as the wind.”
“All I feel now is resentment and hatred… I have lost any compassion I once had.”
“This is the land of the dead. Once you taste death, you will appreciate it.”
“Your short life is a dream. Death shall awaken you.”
“To be treated so by my own father…”
“Privileged and naive morons like yourself make me furious!”
“You should be killed while you are still blinded by love!”
“The sight of the nefarious sword you hold makes my blood boil with fury!”
“Do not waste your breath pleading with me!
"I am sure you’ve realized by now that escape is impossible.”
“The ring has been returned to its rightful owner.”
“If you defy me, I may simply kill the girl right here.”
“If you have the power, then save my tormented soul.”
“My death is near… Let us go together!”
“No matter what you appear to be, you still the same person. My love shall not change.”

“You mustn’t be eager to go to war without even knowing why we are fighting.”  
“You must not look down; raise your head high and survey the path ahead.“
"Are you showing compassion to a creature that threatened you?”
“You must act now; otherwise, you cannot turn back.”
”You must take the lead, or no one will follow.“
”I can’t put my lips on a slimy, poisonous frog…”
"You have come… I’ve been waiting for you.”
“You have nerve, child… To show me the very weapon that killed my friend.”
“We are surely being tricked.”
“You need to understand that not everybody is bent on serving or protecting you.”
“Fool! How dare you defy me!?”
“Be careful… I could still poison you…”
“I deeply regret having kept you alive.”
“A coward’s eyes always see more of an enemy than there are present.”
“Such a disgrace… that a child like you should attempt to strike me.”

“Not even those who see the future can keep from carrying out their fates.”
”Why were you holding back? I was open several times…“
I suggests you do not concern yourself with this. …It won’t do you any good.”
“I deeply regret handing you that sword…”
“The pride that keeps you so fearless will be the thing that leads to your death.“
"Who are you!? Speak, or I’ll crush your head until your name falls out!”
“You must demonstrate the overwhelming power of that sword.”
“Kill many, and make no mistakes…”
“Can you just stand by and let this nation sink into civil war!?”
“The troops are in shambles… What should we do?”
“…What exactly am I to you!?”
“…To have lived an empty life like there was no point in being born…That is what I fear most…”
“Let me show you that naivete has no place in battle!”
“Yes… I killed a lizard. And I shall kill another!”
“Go to sleep… for eternity!”
"Do you say you mean to destroy the world!?”
“From now on, I act on my own… For you…”

“He is a prince; we are but vagabonds. Your love amounts to nothing.”
“Death cannot be avoided… But fate can be redirected.”
“Please do not interfere with my slumber.”
“What do you hope to gain…?”
“Your rudeness continues… Tearing you limb from limb will not be punishment enough.”
“Do not think you will die peacefully.”
“Is this the beginning of the end of the world?”
“I would rather fight death than wait for my cursed destiny to take me!”
“I’m relieved that you’re all right…”
“The wind here is tainted with selfishness.”
“What is wrong, my child? You tremble.”
“It seems I may need to use the whip to bring you back to your senses…”
“Heroes wait for a dramatic entrance.”
“I’ll draw them away and buy you some time.”
“You don’t seem to understand that my friend’s death pains me terribly…”
“I could crush your bones and drink your blood, but it would bring me no peace.”
“I’m surrounded… I can’t escape…”
“Take one more step and I shall run you through.”
“I could be even more beautiful if I rouged my face with your blood.”
"I will pay for my sins with my life.”
“Two humans survive the end of the world…Only two will be spared…”

“I can’t bear it… Like a wolf, my hunger eats away at my very core…”
“Dream of devouring all.”
“The time to seize the world has arrived.”
“‘Tis quiet… I no longer hear battle…”
“They’re coming… Hurry!”
“Could trying to fight this even be considered a battle?”
“I wish I could see you one last time…“
"I’ll send you back to Hell.”
“'Tis the end… This is Hell’s new home.”
“You liar… You said we’d meet again…”
“Look away from me! …I am insane enough…”
“I’m so proud of you. I can leave with confidence.“
“We’ll meet at world’s end…”
"Good, you’re alive…”
“I think I overdid it…”
“Are we the only ones who survived this…?”
“We’re witnessing a miracle.”

No, you don’t understand. You can’t even begin to understand. Because if you did, you wouldn’t have said the things you said.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
Oh, you mean my pilot’s license? That’s out back in the Cessna. Or perhaps you’re referring to my license to kill. Revoked. Trouble at the Kazakhstan border. I could give you the details but then I’d have to kill you, which I can’t do because my license to kill has been revoked.
—  Charlie Bradbury