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“Lightning Bugs and Bolts”

I’ve been trying to capture this timelapse for years. Sometime after I shot my first timelapse of fireflies, I thought it would be great to capture fireflies during a thunderstorm, and ever since I first envisioned the image, I’ve been trying to capture it every time firefly season rolls around. This year I finally got it, and though it’s not quite what I envisioned (more lightning bolts please!) it’s closer than I’ve ever been in the past, and it might be the best I’ll get, but I’ll keep trying to top it. Here’s my previous best attempt (more bugs, less bolts)
I have a handful of images I’ve been trying to improve over the years (which is fun for me because it makes it kind of like a game, and competing with yourself is the most even match you’ll find, which makes it tough, but it also helps you grow)


The Kea New Zealand. by Bernard Spragg. NZ
Via Flickr:
The kea is the only alpine parrot on Earth, and is generally found 600 to 2000m in the South Island from Nelson to Fiordland. Until 1971 a bounty was put on kea beaks and an estimated 150,000 kea were killed. Their numbers have steadily been declining and now there are only a few thousand left. Research of Canterbury University found that kea select more fruiting species, consumed more fruit and dispersed more seeds than all other alpine birds combined. It is believed that kea once inhabited the Chatham Islands and the North Island.



So I guess Sakura con is over. I walked around a bit. I took some pictures. I ate some mod pizza. It was alright.

Here is a small sample of photos I took over the weekend while I mull over what the best ways to upload these photos are.

Like there’s Flickr but finding photos is a pain there, or there’s tumblr, but it limits you to 10 photos a set… Yea I don’t think there’s some go to photo album dump in any official capacity on facebook. I took enough that throwing up photo sets on Tumblr is obnoxious, but not enough that I need some heavy duty album.  So… thoughts?


Fragments of Hanoi | Photo by Peter Stewart at the Your Best Shot 2016 Flickr group. 


Little Pink Flowers ‘Abby’ by Brad Schelton


B&W lines, Liljeholmen, Sweden, 2016, Jack Wallsten


Flickr Hero of the WeekDrops and colors, by Pilar Aguilera 

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2017 Venezia, 57. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte performer Phylida Barlow da angelo aldo filippin
Tramite Flickr:
57. Biennale d'Arte di Venezia Phylida Barlow è nata nel 1944 a Newcastle in Inghilterra. La sua ambiziosa installazione scultorea"folly" abita e trasforma il padiglione britannico. Torreggianti, ingombranti e invadenti, le seducenti sculture dell'artista si impongono e sconvolgono. Quando si incontrano le sue installazioni, è impossibile separare la fisicità del fare dall'atto di vedere. Utilizzando principalmente materiali riciclati e di uso corrente come legno, cartone, cemento, tessuto, gesso e vernice, il suo metodo di produzione rapido e istintivo è visibile nelle sculture stesse.


Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Buongiorno, Bom dia, Guten Tag, 你好 Flickr! Happy Tuesday! Photo by Mark, shared in the Your Best Shot 2015 Group

When it comes to detox diets, we totally get the appeal.

Who’s not drawn to the idea of flushing all the toxins out of our bodies — a sort of spring cleaning of our insides?

And yes, several years back, I even remember trying — if only for a day — the trendy cayenne-pepper liquid cleanse (as seen in this Mindy Kaling clip from The Office) as part of a cleansing/detox diet.

But it turns out, as we’ve reported, the whole idea that you need to go on a special, draconian diet to detox your body really has no scientific backing.

From Detox To Elimination Diets, Skipping Sugar May Be The Best Bet

Photo credit: Farrukh/Flickr


Surf’s up dude! Best beaches for surfers. They’re also nice if you just love the beach life.

Top: Every surfer on the planet has likely heard of Pipeline, just off the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. This legendary reef break is accessible via Banzai Beach in Ehukai Beach Park. Even if you’re not yet ready to join the pros out in the water, it’s a fantastic place to watch experienced surfers.  (Photo: Ana Phelps, Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Middle: Surfers looking for the ultimate right-hand ride dream of hitting Supertubes off the beach at Jeffrey’s Bay, or J Bay, in South Africa. In July, the Billabong Surfing Festival brings in the best surfers in the world.  (Photo: Flickr/Rian (Ree) Saunders)

Bottom: Encinitas, Calif., often ranks among the nation’s top surfing communities. When conditions are right, the right point break at Swami’s Beach makes it well worth a visit.  (Photo: Flickr/Phil Price)


Hello, Hola, Bonjour, Buongiorno, Bom dia, Guten Tag, 你好 Flickr! Happy Sunday! Photo by Cheryl Rose, shared in the Your Best Shot 2015 Group