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CoreyWW Steven Universe Fanfiction Masterpost

Brief notes on my work in general, if you’ve never heard of me before. My handle is CoreyWW. My Steven Universe fanfics tend to be slice-of-life in general, sometimes funny, sometimes very very sad. Almost everything I’ve written is very dialogue heavy and involves a lot of focus on emotional conflict rather than action or anything like that. Though I’ve written a bit of everything, it seems my audience seems to enjoy my comedies the best (so that’s why they’re at the top, haha), but even if comedies are you’re thing, I think you’ll find something you might like in here.

So without further ado, here is a masterpost of everything I’ve written so far, in helpful categories.

(* marked are my personal favorites, in my personal opinions)


I Want to Understand * - After stopping the Cluster, Peridot must face her next challenge: adjusting to life on her new planet and learning about humans that populate it. Knowing just how out of depth Peridot is, Steven enlists Connie’s help in getting Peridot used to humans and acclimated to Beach City.

Considering Peridot has no social skills whatsoever, this goes about as well as you’d expect …

Funny episodic “Peridot in Beach City” adventures about how Peridot changes over time. Diverges from canon after The Answer (Though by coincidence, the premise of story basically makes this “Log Date 7 15 2: The Series”)

The Connie Maheswaran Fanclub (Or: How Connie Became the Most Popular Topic in School After She Pulled a Sword Out of Lion in Front of Literally Everyone) * - Connie finds out that pulling swords out of magical animals in a school hallway with everyone watching can cause people to treat you differently …

A Spinoff/Sequel to the Lion chapter of Xenopology by CompletelyDifferent. A series about Connie dealing with her newfound fame and how it affects her other school friends, Jeff and Peedee, as well as everyone else around her.

Lars Vs. The Smoke Detector - Lars loses a battle of wits against a smoke detector that starts beeping at three in the morning.

The Title of This Story is “Friend Fiction.” It’s Fiction About My Friends - (Editor’s Note: This was submitted under a different account called TheGreatAndLovablePeridot where I basically pretend to be Peridot even in the comments on AO3 for the sake of immersion.)

My name is Peridot and I have decided to write fandom fiction! I discovered you can write “real person fics” so I decided to write stories about individuals I know from my time trapped on this wonderful and horrifying planet! I hope you derive enjoyment from these stories as I feel they are the pinnacle of art and culture in the universe!

“Concert” - A Pearl ficlet taking place after “Last One Out of Beach City.”

Pearl sneaks home after being out all night.

Dramas and Tragedies

Bad Girl Brushstrokes * - Amethyst tells Greg that Vidalia has been acting strange lately and she’s worried. Even though he doesn’t know her that well, Greg tries to talk to Vidalia … and quickly finds out there’s a lot more to this “bad girl” than meets the eye …

Takes place several weeks after the flashback in “We Need to Talk.” In-continuity with “I Want to Understand.”

Why Don’t You Hate Me? *- “Greg woke up in the middle of the night to see Pearl sitting next to him, already glaring when he opened his eyes.

She was holding a sword.”

A pre-canon story about a confrontation between Greg and Pearl that had been a long time coming and ultimately changed how they saw each other.

In the canon-divergent continuity of “I Want to Understand”. Is contradicted in canon by Mr. Greg.

The Grieving Process * - One week ago, Steven was born … and Rose died.

Greg tries his best to care for the newborn Steven despite his grief but, honestly, he feels his pain is nothing compared to how the Gems are feeling in Rose’s absence. Garnet has defused, Pearl has disappeared, and Amethyst … well, nobody seems to even want to SAY what Amethyst is doing …

Can they learn to carry on without Rose … or will they let their loss consume them? A sequel to Bad Girl Brushstrokes and Why Don’t You Hate Me? In the canon-divergent continuity of “I Want to Understand”. Is contradicted in canon by Mr. Greg.

Work Emails - In the course of Yellow Pearl’s work, she has to send a lot of messages via commlink. It’s a necessary part of her job, even if some days are harder than others. It’s routine.

But one day Yellow Pearl got a message from another Pearl that threw her routine out the window …

Takes place in the same divergent alternate continuity as “I Want to Understand”

Wolfsbane - Based on the Occult AU comic by Crystalwitches.

On the night of the full moon, Amethyst insists on taking certain … precautions. Peridot knows its the smart thing to do, but that doesn’t mean she has to like it.

Have You Seen the News? * - When Steven finds out about some recent news stories that have greatly upset Jeff and Peedee, Steven tries to figure out what he can do to fix things … only to realize what little control he has over the world. After he feels his most helpless, he gets some advice that gives him the strength to go on and figure out what he can do to help …

A very non-canon chapter of The Connie Maheswaran Fanclub.

Baby Names - Steven and Connie are married with a baby girl on the way. Steven struggles to come up with a name, not helped by the fact the Gems are pushing to call the baby “Rose” which Steven feels … complicated … about. In the midst of that, he ends up getting advice from the last Gem he ever would have expected.

Breaking Point - A “What If?” story based on the Bismuth episode. What if the Gems found out Bismuth attacked Rose ahead of time so the forge fight with Steven never happened … and most importantly, how angry would Pearl be about the whole thing?

Bismuth finds out exactly how angry during an argument after she’s placed in a holding cell …

Phone Call at Two in the Morning - Connie gets a call from Steven at two in the morning …

A very short ficlet taking place after “Bismuth”.

I Don’t Blame You - Rose Quartz hides Bismuth’s bubble away, heavy with regret. It wasn’t Bismuth’s fault what had happened …It was hers.

On Your Feet, Soldier - During the Rebellion, a Ruby with a Gem instead of a left eye meets a Jasper. It becomes the defining moment of her life.

I’m Sorry, I Just Can’t - Priyanka hasn’t been the same since Doug and Connie’s tragic accident. Pearl strikes up an unlikely friendship with her that seems to help …

Until one day when Priyanka doesn’t show up for tea, forcing Pearl to go check on her …

Based on the fanfic Incredible by FourFaces.

Closing Alone * - “Lars, can you do me a favor and close up by yourself tonight?” Sadie said about thirty minutes before closing time at the Big Donut. “I want to go home and change before my date tonight.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” Lars leaned on the front counter by the register, half-listening as he idly browsed online with his phone. A second later, he registered what Sadie had said and his eyes went wide. “Wait, what?”

[A conversation between Lars and Sadie as Sadie is leaving to go on a date with someone who isn’t Lars. To say this conversation goes poorly is an understatement.]


The Maheswarans: The Early Days - “Doug was at a party during his senior year when he met her.”

Stories from when Doug and Priyanka were dating.

How to Talk to Pearls at Parties - Inspired by CompletelyDifferent’s Little Rebellions fanfic (with permission).

A light grey pearl is at a boring party for elites when she’s approached by a purple pearl who seems oddly familiar. The pearl knows its dangerous to talk in public … but it wasn’t as if anyone was paying attention to them …

The Bard’s Song * - Connie is having a boring day doing chores on the outskirts of her village when she meets a young bard with curly dark hair …

A Connverse-filled prequel of Swordtheguy’s “Adventuring Band of the Crystal Gems” fantasy AU.


Renegade - “There had been twenty of them when they first saw the Pearl. She looked harmless at first. It should have been easy.

Twenty Quartzes.

Now there was only one.”

One-Shot Collections

“You Know What’d Be Cool? A Story About This …” (Or: Steven Universe Prompt Fills and Requests) - A collection of Steven Universe one-shots written as requests or prompt fills.

If you would like to put in a request or prompt for future installments, either post it as a comment on this fic or send an ask on my tumblr. The only restrictions are no NSFW requests and no requests shipping minors with adult characters; anything else is fair game.

Maternal Moments - A series of one-shots involving the Gems (and others) in moments of being maternal. In other words, lots of family feels and fluff.


If I Don’t Think About the Problem, It Doesn’t Exist (with airamcg) - Pearl opened up text messages and sent one to her. She started typing:

I’m feeling really overwhelmed. I’m not sure what to do. I’m trying to get myself together.

Pearl hesitated before she sent a second one.

I miss you.

[A doubleshot based on Yellow Pearl’s character from the fic “Something about Roommates and Girlfriends” by TheLillie. Possibly canon.]

Just A Normal Coffee Shop (with airamcg, CompletelyDifferent, and FourFaces) - It’s just a normal Monday at the coffee shop. Lapis is bored. Peridot is having endless struggles with the wi-fi. And Steven is super nervous for his date with Connie. He feels like he’s forgotten something— something very important…

Nah, it’s probably just nerves, after all.

Weekend at Laramie’s (with BarracudaHeart) - Ronaldo learned two things in the wake of the disaster that was his mother’s funeral: 1. Don’t let relatives walk all over you. And 2. Never EVER go drinking with your childhood friend the night before.

Lars’s Journal (with BarracudaHeart) - “I kinda thought writing a journal would help me feel better, like … getting all this bad crap out of me. But reading it now, it just seems like every day gets worse and worse.”

Lover’s Spat (with Swordtheguy) * - Even though it had only been two short years, Connie and Steven had grown so close they seemed inseparable.

But sometimes, secrets are kept, feelings are hurt, and even those who seem inseparable can end up fighting.

anonymous asked:

Do you think FL and the lab are trully happy together? Maybe he ticks some of the boxes that you didn't. Something just seems off and I figured you know best after spending almost a decade together.

He is a rebound hookup. When she finds someone she prefers she will jump ship to him. FL has never been single for longer than a day in the last 11 years Ive known her. 

FL would rather be in a rebound relationship that spend time by herself learning about herself. 

That is just my opinion as the person who knows her best on the planet as Ive spent more 1 on 1 time with her than anyone else ever has and most likely ever will. 

The reason I was no longer interested in staying in the relationship was she was never honest with me about her actions and feelings. I don’t want perfection, I want someone who is real and not afraid to really say what they honestly feel and why. 

She also cares too much what the public think and Im the complete opposite like that the last few years. 

I defo wasnt perfect. Looking back I can see where I could have been heaps better but looking how she tried to fuck me over so hard financially and community wise these last 7 months makes me have less regret about the mistakes I made. 

As for Robin, he is just broke AF, horny and trying to make a $ on social media but failing epically. If you are with someone so well known and you only making $30 a month then you really are a leech ESPECIALLY if the person you are with is also diving fast towards rock bottom social media wise. Good on him for trying though but his ego thought he knows what it takes on social media but his lack of willingness to learn is his downfall. 

Why meeting someone online isn’t weird at all:
  • Our generation grew up with technology and the internet 
  • Since we all grew up with technology, we know all about internet safety.
  • If you’re going to meet in person, you’re going to sure as hell confirm their identity before you do so because you’re not an idiot
  • We aren’t naive enough to believe out of billions of people on the planet, our soulmate or even best friend is going to live next door. 
  • Joining blogging communities involves socialization 
  • Gaming online with thousands of people? You’re bound to click with someone
  • Everyone is connected through the interwebs 
  • It’s easier to find someone you relate to online compared to in person 
  • Not everyone is trying to catfish or abduct you

the thing is, somebody cares. i know your best friend seems really busy all the time and is shit at texting but she still loves you and she talks to you more than she talks to anyone else and you’re the only breath of calm she has on this planet. the boy in your science class loves seeing what music you’re listening to on your headphones - he has the same taste and wishes he had the nerve to ask you about it. your english teacher loves the insight you have on your papers. somebody cares. the person who lives down the street from you notices when you are sick because they don’t see you stomping your way to the schoolbus - it’s how they know it’s time to get their breakfast ready. somebody is looking for you at the party, even if they don’t know they’re really looking for you - but when you don’t show up, some part of them is disappointed. somebody is looking for you in the library, in the spot where you eat lunch, in front of that one step you always seem to trip on. i know your parents are a complicated mess and there’s drama between your friends and your love life is sort of shaped like a constant question and everybody seems all caught up in their own lives and their own happiness and nobody really notices: but somebody always does. every face in your dreams is someone you have met, and that means that you are in a million’s stranger’s heads. they see you when they go to bed. and somebody cares. somebody still thinks about you even though you were just a person with a nice outfit or good eyeliner or a great smile or because you were having one of those moments that are so charmingly human in nature or because they regret not asking if you needed help when you fell or because they wonder what you were thinking about or drawing or writing or just because you’re alive, and that makes you fascinating. somebody cares. when you were on break from work and saw a dog hanging his head out of the car and suddenly broke into a smile: there was a girl in the back of that car, and I was her, and I still think about you, and i hope you get more chances to smile like that. and there is you, sitting here reading this, and by some small extension, meeting me, and i am telling you, I care. somebody always does. i promise. i promise. you are loved.

every time the media tries to navigate the complicated system of relationships in hollywood they always get it WRONG. like taylor dated harry and harry made out with kendall on a yatch (among several other places) but kendall was never friends with taylor. she’s friends with taylor’s friend gigi who dated joe who taylor and demi also dated. and demi was childhood friends with selena until she became best friends with taylor, so demi hates taylor and shaded her (and essentially every person in this planet) mulitple times. and selena dated joe’s brother nick, who is good friends with demi and also dated miley, who was demi’s best friend and never liked selena, probably they both dated nick. but miley’s smoking weed and engaged to liam, so she’s kind of irrelevant to the social circle now… as is a guy who’s name is also taylor, who both selena and taylor, who are best friends, dated. but more importantly, selena also had a thing with niall, who is in a band with harry and was interested in demi. niall also had a thing (SEX) with ellie, meanwhile ellie was  seeing ed, who wrote a very defamatory song about the incident. and ellie remains friends with taylor even though taylor is best friends with ed, who’s also friends with harry and wrote songs for justin, who’s selena’s ex. and justin also had a thing with kendall and kendall’s friend hailey. hailey is also friends with gigi who is now dating zayn who was in harry’s band and selena said she was open to dating but never did. and gigi’s ex cody is also friends with justin. zayn also feuded with taylor’s ex calvin, who is friends with ellie. and both gigi and taylor are friends with cara who selena may or may not have dated. but cara definitely dated harry, who again is taylor’s ex. and now selena has a thing with abel, who dated gigi’s sister bella, but bella was never really friends with selena or taylor. they were just in the same social circles…. is that so hard to get????

one of my favourite things about Liam is that he loves to indulge fans by wearing whatever ridiculous things that we throw on stage

for example look at this happy bub being a cowboy. hes just so happy and content being his childhood fave

then we have liam being his other fave Mr, yes-I-am-the-real-batman Payne

then i dont even remember this but liam became the sun?? and a flower?? At The SAME TiME??!!!??!??!







everyone who meets harry falls in love with him and talks about how nice and genuine he is and he takes the time even when he’s busy to have a conversation and make them feel special and i just. literally every person that meets him has only good things to say about him and idk what the point of this post was but harry styles is the best person on the planet the end


Marks and Rec: Misc #380

(Captain Brofist, he’s our hero! :D I picked out the planeteers from the characters in Legend of the Brofist. Seemed appropriate, haha.) (Dialogue from Captain Planet.)

In my opinion, the best relationships occur when your synastry activates or emphasizes dormant natal energies between the two of you. It doesn’t matter if you’re friends, family, or romantically involved – if they have a placement that stirs something in you that you didn’t think you had, your relationship will be inexplicably fruitful (in the sense that you’ll grow as a person).

Here’s what I mean:
- They have a personal planet in a sign that’s intercepted in your chart
- Their planets make multiple tight aspects to an intercepted planet of yours
- Their personal planet or chart angle falls into one of your vacant houses
- They have planets in a quadrant or hemisphere of yours that’s empty
- Their planets conjunct or trine a planet that’s retrograde in your chart
- Their chart angles aspect a planet you have in a cadent house
- Their dominant planet makes a tight major aspect to your weakest planet
- They have personal planets or a chart angle in your weakest sign

It’s especially important when the chart ruler gets involved. If you have your chart ruler in someone’s intercepted sign? That’s amazing


I decided to take a week out of Dinovember and devote it to extinct non-dinosaur critters! Dinosaurs are amazing but there have been so many weird non-dinos that have also lived on this planet! So I highlighted 7 of my favorite other reptiles that lived before the K-T Extinction.

Check the captions for more info on these critters.

dignity, exaltation, detriment, and fall for personal planets in the houses

a sign in dignity is the “best/easiest” placement for it to be in, exaltation is the “second best”, detriment is the “second worst”, and fall is the “worst/most difficult”. 


sun is in dignity when placed in the 5th house, exaltation when placed in the 1st house, detriment in the 11th house, and fall in the 7th house. the sun is a childlike planet, striving to make itself happy and create an ego through fun, creativity, and self-esteem. 

these three are met when placed in the 5th and 1st house, as they allow the sun to have a dynamic ability to lead, as well as be self-expressive and knowing what they want for themselves. the 11th and 7th houses are concerned with relationships between people to create an ego, therefore weakening self-expression and strengthening dependence. 


moon is in dignity in the 4th house, exaltation in the 2nd house, detriment in the 10th house, and fall in the 8th house. the moon is the core that helps shape the ego as it’s affected by upbringing and environment, directly related to the mother and the childhood, therefore creating strong emotional ties. 

in the 4th and 2nd houses, the mother is seen as a strong presence in the family or even the most important family member. upbringing is typically more comfortable with strong bonds between the child and the mother (also depending on the sign, IC, and aspects of course). the moon is not meant to be involved in business related events or projected to the public of the 10th house, nor is it a safe position for it when it’s met with the dark and intuitive nature of the 8th house.


venus is in dignity in the 2nd and 7th houses, exaltation in the 12th house, detriment in the 8th and 1st house, and fall in the 6th house. venus is meant to be a very carefree and delicate part of our persona, a very loving, generous, and works off of the relationship between oneself and their relationships with others, as well as a passion for the beautiful.

therefore, in the 2nd and 7th houses, venus is comfortable when it is met with materialistic beauty and possessions, as well as a need for partnership and commitment, gaining energy through the acceptance of others. in the 12th house, venus brings compassion, sensitivity, and understanding. venus is uncomfortable in the 8th and 6th houses, where it starts to get somewhat obsessive, controlling, mysterious, picky, serious, and critical. 


mars is in dignity in the 1st and 8th houses, exalted in the 10th house, detriment in the 7th and 2nd houses, and fall in the 4th house. mars has the need to explore the taboo, to get mysterious, sexual, powerful, and aggressive to stabilize the ego, which directly connects to the 1st house, and share the same identifications as the 8th house does. these traits can also help with success and business, correlating with the 10th house. it is too self-connected to work well in the 7th house and does not care for beauty or femininity like the 2nd house. mystery, unequal power, and aggression in the household, which is mars in the 4th, is obviously a downside.

Mon el

Mon el deserves more it breaks my heart to see all this hate for him I mean he’s an alien who is trying his best to live a “normal life” on a new planet he made mistakes? Yes and he’ll probably make a lot more of those on his journey. He’s learning from Kara that helping people is actually really great and he’s learning about love. He had his planet destroyed everyone he knew died he’s in a completely different world of course he’s gonna make mistakes and do things his way that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person he’s trying. If it was James or Lena I’m sure this “fans” would understand because it’s all about how Mon el on the show is bad because your ship isn’t happening right? Well here it is I’m sorry but don’t say is because he’s on the show because one of the best things that ever happened this season was Chris Wood joining the cast (and Chris is a puppy who doesn’t deserve all this hate he never did anything to you he’s just doing his job and I’m sure he’s really sad about this crappy comments about his character)

times even bech naesheim looked at his boyfriend and thought wow he is the best person in the world, in this entire planet, and i love him so much i might throw up,

  • one time, they’re at even’s place, isak’s on his standard position on the kitchentop counter and even has one hand on either side of him. they’re supposed to be cooking for kosegruppa but in the middle of mixing in ingredients, isak got bored of watching him and tugged him in for a kiss. once they break apart, even takes a good long look at isak - and the light is streaming into the window which makes his eyes look golden, and his snapback is just slightly off-kilter and there’s a light around his curls that makes it look like he’s got a halo, and isak’s looking at him with bright eyes and the smallest smile, and even feels something twist in stomach and. he has to. he can’t stop himself from leaning over and kissing isak again. slow. sweet. then he buries him in playful kisses, from his cheek to the base of his throat to his nose and forehead. anywhere he can reach, which makes isak laugh and push him away and complain. 
  • drinking beer and slightly tipsy in isak’s living room, they’re alone for once on a friday night and there’s this peace to it. something that makes everything feel a little giddy and a little better. and they’re watching something stupid on the tv and even keeps making fun of it just because it makes isak laugh, and at one point even looks at isak and makes a spectacularly stupid joke. and isak just fucking loses it. maybe its the alcohol or maybe isak has a worse sense of humor than even thought but every time isak tries to recover, he gets hit by another fit of giggles. and even’s only laughing because its funny to see isak like this, and he has this smile on his face and part of him wants isak to shut up, to say oh my god isak it wasn’t even that funny, and another part of him never wants this to end.
  • on top of isak’s covers with the weight of isak’s hand on his neck and his warm breath and hair brushing against even’s face, maybe a little bit too close for true comfort but close is good. close is better. he likes feeling isak, warm and alive and humming, against him. and isak, in a quiet voice, muses about parallel universes or whatever he happens to be interested in that day, and even is just endlessly fascinated by the way that his mind works and how he thinks and the series of miracles that make up isak valtersen. and he feels so overwhelming by this affection and warmth for him that the only thing he can do is look into isak’s eyes and hope that he understands how much he means to him. rest his hands on him and pull him closer and pray that isak can read in between the lines. rub a thumb across his cheek and wonder if isak knows that every motion, every act of affection, contains something so deep and wonderful that even can’t put it into words.
things i imagine when i’m trying to fall asleep

I live on the Blanket Planet.  The entire planet surface is covered with many layers of soft pink fleece blankets.  Some are loose on one or two ends, so you can slip underneath to sleep.

The Blanket Planet has no native plants or animals, but it does have humans, descendants of settlers who landed long ago.  They do not have much in the way of technology, because the planet provides for all their needs.  In places a pink liquid seeps to the surface and pools; this liquid has all the nutrients and water a person needs to live.  Near the pools there are holes that go far down into the blanket layers, where waste can be tidily disposed of.  (Are the food seeps and the waste holes connected, deep underground, by some kind of microbial food chain?  Best not to think about it.)  Bands of people gather around the nutrient pools and live quiet, cozy lives, wanting for nothing, spending their days resting or playing on the warm blanket landscape.

I am an astronaut.  I have been sent out into Earth orbit with only my mattress as life support.  This is not as bad as it sounds; my mattress provides perfect life support.  Tiny fibers in the mattress, too fine to cause any pain, slip through my skin and attach to my surface capillaries, and gain access to my bloodstream.

The mattress balances my blood chemistry perfectly.  I do not need to breathe, because it removes carbon dioxide and adds oxygen.  I do not need to eat, because it infuses me with nutrients; I do not need to go to the bathroom, because it removes all wastes.  It warms and cools me as needed.  (As far as radiation and vacuum hazards, it, um, let’s say there’s a forcefield?)

I float in space, and watch the world turn underneath me, mattress at my back.

I am a different kind of astronaut.  I have been tasked with a long-range, long-shot mission: to find a new habitable planet.  I am part of a new kind of space mission, Operation Grapeshot.  Thousands of volunteers were loaded into tiny single-person capsules and fired out into space in many different directions, toward any possibly useful exoplanet.  We understand that most of us will not make it.  Most of us will die in space, millennia from any potential landing site; many more will find their landing site uninhabitable. But we volunteered because there is a chance, however slim, to be pioneers.

In the meantime, the capsule is comfortable.  It is small, the living space barely enough to turn around in, but well-stocked with food and entertainment.  I can watch any movie ever made, listen to any music ever recorded, as I fly through the void to my uncertain destination.  Or I can simply rest, and savor the luxury of truly free time.

Eventually I will land.  Not today, not tomorrow, but it will happen.  And I will step out onto a surface of soft, pink fleece blankets.