the best part was his hands and mask

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Hi! I just found out about your blogs and I totally fell in LOVE! Can I get a hc with RFA+Saeran's reaction to sick and weak MC? I haven't been feeling well this week so that's why I'm requesting this. Please and thank you!

Hope you feel better~ Here’s your headcanons:)


  • He noticed you’ve been sneezing a lot
  • More than when he was in the same room as a cat
  • So he came behind you and felt your forehead
  • You were definitely sick
  • You push him away a lot because you don’t want him to get sick
  • He has rehearsals after all
  • He insists he still wants to take care of you, although he takes precautions and wears a mask
  • He brings everything to you so you don’t have to get up
  • Although, he has a lot of strange remedies as to what cures sickness
  • “Drink this! This is how I get over a cold in a few hours.”
  • All of them taste horrible, and Zen realizes he just recovers quickly
  • It has nothing to do with the mixture vinegar and orange juice he tried to give you
  • He tries to sing to you to relax you, but….
  • “Zen, your voice is lovely, but it’s really not helping this headache.”


  • You had slept in late and you had a bad fever
  • You said you’d take care of it, but he insisted that he take care of you
  • He says he’s got everything under control
  • But as soon as he leaves the room, he’s freaking out
  • He has no idea what medicine to give you, other than pain killers
  • Calls his mom and asks a bunch of questions about OTC meds and recipes that help your sickness
  • Puts in a movie for you while he’s doing errands
  • He also gives you a teddy bear to cuddle while he’s running around
  • Suffocates you in blankets
  • When you push them off, he scolds you and puts them right back on until the fever breaks
  • The only one you don’t push off is his “Lucky LOLOL” blanket
  • Maybe because it smells like him
  • The soup he makes is so good though


  • She’s good at the practical stuff
  • She makes sure you have a doctor’s appointment
  • She picks up your prescription
  • She knows exactly what medicines to give you and when
  • But she’s clueless as to what might make you feel better
  • She’ll try putting on some DVD’s for you, but you still look so miserable
  • Maybe some cough drops to soothe your cough, but what flavor you like
  • So, she overcompensates a lot
  • Ice pops of different flavors, so much tea, and lots of movies, books, and pillows
  • She apologizes and says she feels like she’s doing a horrible job
  • But you assure her you feel so cared for and feeling so much better


  • Your room becomes a mini hospital
  • He makes sure everything is super sanitary and nothing irritates you further
  • Is sad when you have to keep Elizabeth away as part of that, but it’s a sacrifice 
  • Gets the best doctors to get you the best medicines
  • He wears a mask, because he can’t really get sick
  • Actually, he’s slightly paranoid about it
  • He holds your hand and stays by your side
  • But uses hand sanitizer every few minutes just to be sure
  • Thanks, Jumin
  • He reads to you from that storybook on the shelf
  • He even does different voices and gives excessive commentary
  • But it makes you laugh
  • He has a family recipe for some soup that he makes himself
  • You’re adding it to your list of favorite foods, next to his pancakes
  • You recover pretty quickly because of it


  • The RFA was worried that Seven might be the worst care-taker because he lived on his own for so long
  • But he often took care of Saeran who was almost always sick as a kid
  • He knew exactly what to do
  • He got super serious when he realized you had a fever
  • He can’t cook well…so no homemade soup, but canned soup is fine
  • Gives you the right meds and keeps track of it so you don’t have to think about it
  • Actually keeps things clean so you don’t get worse from bacteria, etc.
  • Sends you memes through texts at random points of the day to make you laugh 
  • Nights are always the roughest with a fever, so he stays at your side
  • Makes sure you have those cold packs that are refreshed every few hours
  • Ends up falling asleep on the bedside
  • He really doesn’t know how to stay away from, so you swap places the next week when he gets sick


  • He gets sick a lot
  • So, he understands
  • It’s also why he’s wearing a mask, gloves, and a robe whenever he enters the room
  • He brings you a bag full of medicines to help
  • He makes sure you have everything before leaving you alone to rest
  • He’ll come in and check on you every few hours, but other than he’s in another room
  • You walk out into the living room once and he starts freaking out
  • He’s fumbling for his gloves and mask and distancing himself
  • “I love you, but I don’t love your germs. Please stay away.”
  • You laugh because you know he means well
  • He will constantly text you though
  • “Saeran, why text me when we’re in the same house?”
  • “Why get sick when I can stay healthy in the living room?”
  • He’s more eager for you to get better than you are 

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forest elves and minotaurs

a little something i wrote for @incaseyouart​‘s phan elf au ,, enjoy !!

summary: ((it’s literally just the verbal form of this post here)

words: 1.4k

t/w: none

((it starts a little slow but bare with aha)

Patrolling, as uneventful and inconceivably dull as it was, was probably the most exciting part of Dan’s week.

Which he supposed made his week pretty uneventful and inconceivably dull in itself

Patrolling alone was not particularly interesting at all. Dan had heard enough faeries tell him that their silvery glowing liquid was actually ‘a luminescent forest protection balm’ (instead of what Dan suspected it to be) to last him a few decent lifetimes. And it was just so boring, strolling around one godforsaken area of the forest for hours at a time. That wasn’t what made it interesting, though.

It was more the atmosphere of it all. 

The Darker Forest was the type of place to send shivers cascading down your spine. The breeze crawling through the fog and reaching out at the most unsuspected of moments. Grabbing onto your shoulders, cloaks, your hands, trying to tug you further into it’s depths. 

Dan lived for it. Understandable- it was to be expected of a Dark Elf.
Live in the darkness, and guard the Villages. The boring principles they were all forced to live by. Dan had strayed as far as he possible could from the stereotypes that basically governed them, opting to become a performer and the main storyteller of his village, instead of a guard or night-raiser. Yet, this month, he’d been forced into patrolling instead of performing.

The Council liked to do this sometimes, they didn’t see his storytelling as ‘contributing to their established world’, basically meaning it wasn’t a real job and he needed to pull his weight around the Village. Which he didn’t agree with in the slightest. People went batshit crazy without his stories to brighten up their days, but he guessed he needed somewhere to get his stories from- and if not the Sprite’s villages, the Darker Forest was the prefect place to find them.

Still, this job had nothing on the thrill of entertaining. The Darker Forest creeped him out, plus he was sure all the forest elves, and the river sprites and everyone else hated him for the patrolling and having to interact with everyone he came across. That was okay though, he hated it too. 

Dan stopped moving suddenly. He let out a stale breath, feeling the tree roots behind him slithering under his boots, coiling themselves around his ankles and winding up to his knees.


He needed to move faster. The tree roots around these parts tended to do that if you stood in one spot for too long, Dan figured it had something to do with the faeries ‘luminescent forest protection balm’, doing it’s luminescent forest protecting.

He grabbed at his shoes, tugging the roots from where they had attached themselves to the buckles and trampling on them, breaking into a little jog. He could hear a humming from somewhere nearby, a soft little jingle that made the ominous darkness of the forest seem a little brighter. 

Then it all dimmed again, Dan realising that humming meant people and people meant interaction. Probably a Pixie- it was in their nature to sing and hum and be generally obnoxious. 

Dan moved through the trees as quietly as he could, Pixies tended to overreact and scream when they were surprised- a sequence that often led him into a lot of trouble.

As he drew closer to the sound, he realised it was not a Pixie. It was far too deep in comparison to their strange tinkle and, in Dan’s opinion, far too nice. Something nearby was casting a strange glow now, a greenish light emitting from in front of him, lighting a clear path towards the humming sound. The wind was strengthening and Dan shivered, hiding further into his thick black cloak. The trees blew wildly, leaves raining down from them like raindrops. The sky had begun to darken and the entire forest had that sort of scent like it was about to rain. Dan hated the rain. Too cold and miserable.

He peered through the trees, curious as to see the source of the light.
It definitely was not a Pixie. A boy- a forest elf, sat crouched over a tree. He was sort of strange-looking, dressed all in green, his feet wrapped in leaves and a shawl covered his shoulders, buttoned up with little leaf clasps. 

And he was glowing.

The glow, the greenish one that tinted all the trees and lit up the entire Darker Forest, was coming from this boy, emitting from his hands and face and through the leaves on his feet.

It made Dan stop and stare.

He didn’t quite understand what the boy was doing, he looked to be scavenging around for something at the base of a tree. His hands dug around in the dirt and his cloak shimmered as he moved his head.

Dan groaned. It pained him to have to interact with people, but the protocol basically forced him to ask questions to everyone he came across. This was why he hated patrol. 

“Who are you?” He demanded, marching over to the boy. The elf’s head whipped around quicker than a sprite running from trouble- a little too fast. Dan leapt back as the boy let out a squeal, tumbling to the ground. Falling backwards and jerking his head up to avoid landing on it, in a way that Dan could only describe as about as elegant as a giant sitting down too fast (which wasn’t a pretty sight, and Dan could tell you that from experience).

“Ah, sorry, you startled me!” The boy smiled widely, and Dan was almost intimidated by the sheer glow of cheerfulness in his grin, “My name is Phil!”

“Oh, uh sorry about that,” Dan mumbled, smiling back despite the mask that covered the bottom half of his face. “Here,” He offered a hand out to the boy to pull him up, and he took it gratefully. 

“Thank you,” Phil said.

“No problem. What are you doing in this forest anyways?” Dan chuckled, “It can be dangerous… for someone who literally glows.” He added, mumbling the last part under his breath.

“Well, I was trying to find a plant, but then this squirrel chased me! It was so determined? Maybe it knows there are bigger plans for me in this forest,” Phil rambled, Dan trying his best not to laugh.

“A squirrel? Are you actually kidding me?” Dan giggled, pulling his mask down a little, “But aren’t you like… a forest elf? And you’re scared of a little squirrel?”

Phil beamed, “I know- I’m just a bit weird,” He shrugged. This guy was a complete goofball and Dan couldn’t lie, he was a little worried he was going to get himself killed in the Darker Forest.

“Anyway the plant you were looking for… what was it called?” He tried to spark up a conversation, intrigued at the strange elf.

“Oh! It’s called Sanitas Medela. They grow at the bases of trees like this one,” Phil smiled, gesturing to the tall tree they stood under.

“Did you try looking all around?” Dan questioned.

“Ah, no.”

“I’ll be happy to help!” He offered. It beat patrolling any day.

Phil nodded gratefully, “That’d be amazing.”

Dan pulled his mask back up, following Phil as they began to hunt through the trees, Phil stopping to admire a particular leaf every few seconds.

“Look at this one!” He exclaimed, “The patterning is exquisite!” Dan giggled at Phil’s use of ‘exquisite’ to describe a leaf, and he glanced at the tree.

“It’s, uh, nice.” It was really just a leaf. A very average leaf.

“I know! Beautiful.” Phil smiled, plucking it from the tree and shoving it into his bag. “I think we’re nearby a grove of the tree the Sanitas Medela grows under- we should be able to find one there.”

“Perfect!” Dan smiled.

Phil had begun to talk again as they walked, but stopped mid-sentence, “But I don’t think it’s necessary- that’s one there!” Phil yelled excitedly, rushing to grab the small plant. It was a little underwhelming, Dan had to be honest. Basically just a green stick with some red dots at the end. Nothing special.

“That’s so lucky- these are rare,” Phil seemed so content that Dan couldn’t help but beam, “Thanks for your help…uh…”

“Oh, it’s Howell- but you can call me Dan I guess!” He said, pulling the hood of his cloak down and the mask along with it.

“Nice to meet you, Dan!”

“So, uh, what’s the plant for anyways?”

“It’s one of the best for healing the body,” Phil smiled down at it.

“Are you sick?” Dan questioned, feeling sick to his stomach with worry.

“Not me, but my-“ Phil stopped. His ears perked up at a noise from far away. A low growl, followed by the a cracking sound. Branches snapping. “Uh- what’s that,” He whispered nervously, fear forming in his eyes as he stared, scared, at Dan.

They both turned around. The beast stood, snuffling in the shadows, hidden partly by the trees. It’s great bull-like face showed no emotion but anger, and it’s eyes glowed a sinister red.

“Minotaur.” Dan said shortly, his fingers reaching down to grasp his dagger.

[scenario] [request] library

5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” 
32: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” 
41: “You did all this for me?” 

Title: library

Member: seungcheol ft. got7 member cameos 

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1414

Seungcheol hates the school library.

No, not because he’s a bad student, who’d rather party all night and deal with hangovers in the morning. He’s actually a quite diligent student, who balances homework and his social life fairly well.

He hates the school library because with each visit, the cute girl with a pile of books on her table is always with a different guy.

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Head Canon

Damian hates playgrounds because he thinks their foolish ways to exercise (remember this is an Al Ghul we are talking about).

For his birthday, Tim and Alfred got the entire kid population of neighborhood to throw Damian a surprise party at the neighborhood playground. Dick, Jason, and Luke stuffed Damian in a bag while he was sleeping in the Bat Cave (Damian hardly goes anywhere with the Bat fam willingly to non mission events).

Damian is surprised by the amount of kids at the playground, who came to celebrate his birthday. Talia never did this for him back when he was with the League of Assassins. Damian doesn’t admit it, but that was one of his best birthdays ever.

Damian’s favorite part was a gift from a girl in a wheelchair, she handed him a Batman mask, and told him that he should be Batman for his birthday.

Damian went to Bruce that night and demanded​ to be Batman for the night.
Commissioner Gordon has never seen such a short Batman. Gotham’s villains recall seeing much scarier version of Batman, even though he was way shorter.


Request:Can you do a imagine of Y/N and Peter based off of “Issues” by Julia Michaels?? (PS i hope you enjoy the song as much as i did! 💖💖)

Your arms were folded in front of you chest as you sat beside your boyfriend in your English class. Peter was in the dog house and he knew it. You refused to talk to him. Sure, it was probably childish, no it was most definitely childish but you didn’t have anything nice to say to him so you elected to stay silent. You were acutely aware of him though, the longing glances he kept throwing your way. When the bell rang to dismiss you from the class, you left without even a glance his way. He followed after you with a heavy sigh.

“Y/N, come on, babe. I’m sorry,” he said you gave him a look but didn’t respond, “Please just talk to me.”

You continued through the halls going to your locker. You didn’t look at him because you knew if you did you’d succumb to his puppy dog eyes and his smile. No, you had to hold firm. Teenage boys were like puppies, you had to set your limits earlier on otherwise they’d never respect them. As you opened your locker he leaned heavily on the lockers next to yours.

“I didn’t mean to miss our date. Something came up,” he told you and that earned him another glare. He looked so sure that, that was going to fix everything. It almost made you break your silence. You opened your mouth as if to speak then closed it. Peter groaned as you turned back to your locker and grabbed the needed books. You slammed the locker shut and continued to your next class. A class without Peter, and one you shared with a close friend. When it was time to work independently you immediately launched into talking about Peter.

“Michelle, this is the third date he’s missed,” you complained.


“No, but does it matter? Three dates! Three times! And each time I spent an hour doing my hair and my make up, making myself cute as hell only for him to give me a half ass text saying he can’t come! What the hell is he doing?”

“Homework, maybe? He is a mega nerd,” she offered nonchalantly.

“He has his school work planned out to the max, no way he scheduled a date on a study night. And he calls me on study nights! It has to be something spontaneous, like, like someone else!”

“Another girl?”

“It better not be,” you were livid at just the thought. To think that your, usually, sweet nerdy boyfriend was cheating just made you want to punch something. Michelle leaned back in her chair and shrugged.

“Listen, girl, I love the both of you. I’ll talk to him for you, if you want.”

“Please do. I just can not begin to imagine what the hell he’s thinking.”

When you got home you went straight to studying. Studying was simple, you didn’t have to think about Peter, or anything else emotionally exhausting. All you had to do was find the answers to your questions and prepare for the next test. However as you got to a particularly hard question you couldn’t help thinking that Peter would be able to explain it so perfectly. If you just called him he’d probably know the answer… and he’d say something sweet… and ask you about how you were feeling… you know, if you weren’t angry with him at the moment. As you were contemplating texting him there was a knock on the door down stairs.

“Y/N! Peter’s here to see you,” your mom called. Your parents loved Peter. He was a straight A student. He was charming and respectful and there was no way they could hate him. You got out of bed and went to meet him down stairs. Your mom had migrated back to her room probably caught in the grips of some show. You and Peter stood across from each other awkwardly.

“I really am sorry about cancelling yesterday,” he said earnestly.

“Why did you cancel? And don’t just say something came up.”

“I can’t tell you the specifics okay.”

“Why not?” you demanded, trying to keep your voice low.

“Because…. I just can’t okay,” he sighed looking away from you.

“Is it… is there someone else,” you asked hesitantly, afraid to ask the question, more afraid for his answer. Logically, you knew you wouldn’t believe him if he just said no, but you also didn’t want him to say yes.

“What? No. I’m just going through some things, and other stuff got in the way.”

You narrowed your eyes at Peter, trying to silently convey that you were still upset, if not more upset than before, “Listen, don’t play with me. I know… I know I have issues, and I know I can be over zealous, and jealous… but I need you…so badly. And it hurts for you to just blow me off and not give me a reason why.” you explained looking down at your feet. Peter took your hand from where it was worrying the hem of you shirt.

“I’m not blowing you off… I just can’t tell you. I’ve got my own issues that I have to work out and I can’t bring you into it.”

“Peter, I love you. I want to help you in anyway I can, but I can’t help if you won’t tell me what’s up. I won’t judge you. If you don’t judge me for my problems how can I judge you for yours.”

“It’s not something that simple.” he said softly. You felt tears start welling up in your eyes, and they were products of both frustration and hurt. He pulled you into a hug.

“No, don’t cry. Please don’t do that.”

“I love you… but you’re losing me Peter. I can’t take you just cancelling our plans without so much as a good explanation,” you explained as you pushed away from him. He took in a deep breath and you noticed that he looked glassy eyed.

“I… I see your point of view. I’d be suspicious too.” he looked up at the ceiling obviously thinking, “I cancelled because there was a robbery on fifth, and I had to stop it.”

“… What?”

“The little corner store on fifth it was getting robbed at gun point and I had to stop it.”

“Peter, you can’t be serious!”

“Sh! It’s fine, trust me it wasn’t even that dangerous.”

“You said gun point… you’re fucking with me aren’t you? Peter, if you can’t just tell me the truth then-”

He unzipped her jacket to reveal the suit you knew well from media coverage. Everybody was talking about the masked hero sweeping through Queens.

“… Sooo you’re cosplaying as Spiderman,” you said slowly.

“No, I am Spiderman. I only cancelled our dates so I could save people.”

“Peter, this is a really shitty excuse.”

In an instant a web shot out of his sleeve and connected to a book on the table. The book came flying into his hand and then you believed him. Your face was blank with shock.

“Babe, I only told you because I can’t lose you either… You’re probably the best part of my life right now… baby say something.”

“Oh my god, I’m dating Spiderman,” you whispered.

“…Yes you are. Does that mean we’re good?” he asked tentatively.

“Are you crazy, Peter? What you’re doing is dangerous anything could happen, you idiot,” you hissed at him. He smiled in return and grabbed you in a tight hug.

“You’re worrying about me again, it means you’ve forgiven me,” he said happily.

“And swinging from buildings, what if you miss? Then you’ll just plummet to the ground and your untimely death!”

Peter gathered you up in a hug and kissed your forehead, “I never miss.”

“Oh god, why didn’t it occur to me, every that you missed corresponds with something Spiderman has done. It fits perfectly.”

“I’ll make it up to you, I promise,” he said letting you go and holding you at an arm’s length. He pressed a quick peck to your lips after looking over his shoulder to be sure your mom wasn’t there.

“You’d better, Parker,” you smiled. He grinned back at you, “Oh hey I had a biology question, do you have a minute to stay and help me out.”

“If you were talking to me in biology I probably could have helped you then,” he teased.

“Don’t get smart,” you rebuked, but smiled all the same. It sucked being mad at Peter.

~Mod Lillian (Yeah that was a pretty good song. Thank you for your request.)

Properly Acquainted

AKA Will and Hannibal flirt and shamelessly dry-hump in a Halloween store. I’m… almost sorry for this?

This is the first of my giveaway fics, for @captainwingdings, who placed second and requested a fic based on a dream they had:

Young Will encounters Med student Hannibal at a halloween store. I had a dream last night where Will (age 20 in this) was visiting family (or his cousins, just pretend he has them) during Halloween time, and he goes with his little cousins (like age 17 or so, so not that little) to a massive Halloween store. Cue slightly older (Med student?) Hannibal. Because what better time to kill some pigs than when everyone is setting out gory decorations? So basically Hannibal takes a liking to Will and kinda follows him around the shop because Will knows all these bloody facts and keeps telling his cousins. Hannibal is automatically smitten, of course, and goes out of his way to talk to Will and press his body up against his in the tiny aisles.

I took some liberties with plot, but hopefully the spirit of the dream is still there!

Also on Ao3 here.

“I want that big axe! I bet you could cut someone’s hand off with an axe like that!”

Will found himself at the local party outlet, babysitting his niece Abigail for the afternoon. Halloween was coming up, and Uncle Will, a criminal justice student at the local community college, was the ideal choice to help pick out the most gruesome costume.

“Well, um. The axe would be a particularly bad choice for any kind of close-range combat.”

“Close… what?”

“Look, you want to be a scary killer, right?”

“Well yeah. Duh.”

“So, you need an effective weapon. The axe isn’t going to do you much good in a fight. You’re really only going to want it for hacking at things from about arm’s length.”

They were currently in an aisle full of plastic fake weapons, the kind you could carry around spattered with fake blood and spook out all the little kids in the neighborhood – every ten-year-old’s dream.

“Yeah but it’s so BIG! I want that one.”

“How about you try the Bowie knife, that’ll be the most effective.”

“But a knife isn’t as scary as an axe.” 

“But it’s… look, if it were up to me, I’d rather fight someone who had an axe than a Bowie knife. You can see an axe coming and get out of the way pretty quickly. A knife sneaks up on you. And look at the curve on the end – that’s gonna rip out all your guts.”

“Yeah, but the axe is like… so big. I want the axe.” Her well-honed pout gave her the air of a mistreated Bassett Hound, a face that she knew from years of experience was Uncle Will’s kryptonite.

“… fine. We’ll get the axe. But you have to let me mix your fake blood for you, the stuff they sell at these stores doesn’t even congeal right.”

“Uncle Will, you’re so weird.”

“Do you want this costume to be accurate or not?”

“I want to be scary.”

“Accurate is scarier than anything you could come up with, I promise you.”

“Pardon me for overhearing, but I’d have to recommend the butcher knife over the Bowie, if we’re talking close combat. Specifically the Japanese yanagi ba, traditionally used for sashimi.”

“Excuse me?” Will noticed for the first time the man standing to their left in the aisle, perusing a set of generic teen-murder-movie hockey masks. The tall, gorgeous, very well dressed, mysteriously-accented man to their left. Will realized he was gawking and snapped his mouth shut, hoping the man hadn’t noticed.

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Fix You- Time

Themes: Rain// Time// Phonecall// Song

Note: And now back with the second chapter~ I would also like to thank Ate Donia (hey!hi!hello!) for taking time to beta-read all the chapters for this~ *insert confetti here* seriously, thank you~ :D <3

Pairing: Jaehyun / Y/N / Taeyong

Originally posted by shutupxiumin

“How long have you been crying for him, Y/N?” Ten asked as he accompanied his best friend outside the dancing studio where Taeyong currently was at. It was in a secluded area of their university, away from the prying eyes, providing privacy for those who would use it.

Y/N gave no response as her eyes were glued on Taeyong’s dancing form, not paying Ten some attention, who grew slightly annoyed yet worried for her.

As Ten observed, not even the walls could separate her from him. He realized Y/N would always look for Taeyong.

Seeing Taeyong—with beads of sweat running down his face, chest heaving from exertion—warmed her heart. He was perfecting another dance routine which she knew he had been practicing for weeks, long before they broke up.

Seeing him again saddened her too, as it reminded her of how she won’t be by his side anymore when he finally realizes his dreams as an idol in Korea.

A warm hand touched her cheek, wiping away the tears she didn’t notice were falling again.

“Y/N, are you ever gonna stop?” Ten asked.

When she finally faced her best friend, pity was all she could see in his eyes. She already knew how pathetic she looked. She didn’t need to be reminded of it again and again. But as long as it was for Taeyong, Y/N would gladly be the fool.

“I don’t think I ever will, Ten,” she replied and saw Ten frown at her answer.

He said nothing more, though, and stayed silently by her side until Taeyong finally emerged out of the dancing studio.

Taeyong looked surprised to see the two of them. He gave Ten a brief nod before turning his gaze to Y/N.

As soon as their eyes met, it seemed like time stopped and only the two of them existed in that instance.

Taeyong looked just like Y/N remembered him during their break-up and the time before that. He was still the same straight-out-of-the-magazine perfect kind of guy. Not even the way his hair stuck to the sides of his face from sweat or the way his breaths came out ragged could take away from his handsome looks.

‘Of course, he still would be, silly,’ she thought.

She smiled as she took in his form. Taeyong tried his best to wipe his sweat away. His chest rose and fell, struggling to even out his breathing.

Even so, to her, he looked flawless. She felt tears gather on the corners of her eyes again as the memories of what happened two weeks prior flooded her mind.

‘No.’ Y/N shook her head, composing herself before approaching him.

“Tae!” She put on her best smile to mask the pain she was feeling that moment. On her hands were a bottle of water and homemade sandwich. “Thought you’d be practicing and end late.”

She examined his face and noticed the confused expression. A pang of hurt made its way to her chest, yet she kept her smile on. Cheering herself on so she won’t falter.

“So I brought you this,” Y/N continued, handing him the items.

“Thanks,” Taeyong said, looking a bit unsure. Behind him were his friends who were also part of the dance club. Y/N could tell they were listening in to the conversation.

Taeyong’s eyes roamed around and met Ten’s. Something passed between them before Ten shrugged. The former directed his attention back to her.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?”

She was sure Taeyong didn’t mean to phrase it that way; at least, that was what she liked to think. Yet, the words still hurt. It felt like he was driving her away.

“I-I just wanted…”

Taeyong sighed and shook his head. “You don’t have to, okay, Y/N? I’m fine.”

He smiled at her and even so, she could feel the same pity Ten showed her behind that smile.

“Take care.”

That was what he last said before walking past her, followed by his other friends who only offered her small smiles. Y/N, through hanging around a couple of times in the dancing studio, became friends with a few of them. However, things had changed, and she could not even say a few words or even return their smiles.

Ten clicked his tongue before walking up to her to wipe away the tears that had fallen from her eyes yet again. “Told you so. You really should let him–”

Y/N cut him off with a hug. Ten just sighed. “Just cry on me–”

Someone cleared their throat and both of them looked to see who it was.

Y/N realized it was her ‘ice cream man’ who introduced himself as Jaehyun.

“What are you doing here, ice cream boy?” she asked, a bit annoyed to have her little ’dramatic scene’ interrupted.

Jaehyun only smiled, showing off his deep set of dimples.

‘There it is again,’ Y/N thought. She didn’t want to admit it but Jaehyun’s dimples might have earned a spot in her heart. Those were not enough, however, or as she kept repeating in her head ever since she met him.

“Ice cream boy?” Ten asked. His voice was laced with confusion. “He’s from—“

“What now?” Y/N cut Ten off as she was growing impatient at Jaehyun’s silence.

Yet, instead of a reply, he only held out his palm and said, “Didn’t I say that I’ll try to fix you?”

“Y/N?” Ten’s voice had a note of warning now.

She bit her lower lip as she contemplated what she just heard. Her gaze went from Jaehyun’s outstretched hand to Ten’s look of confusion and worry. Y/N was suddenly gripped with the odd urge to laugh as a result of the funny look on her best friend’s face.

Ten was right. It was time to let Taeyong go. Two weeks had already passed, yet here she was, still crying. There needed to be liberation, and there was Jaehyun who looked eager to provide her just that.

Y/N needed to decide now. All that was left to do was accept Jaehyun’s invitation or the adventure would be forever lost.

Moving away from Ten, she said, “I’m sorry, Ten, but I got to do this.”

“Wait, Y/N!”

She reached out for Jaehyun’s hand.  As soon as their fingers connected, he smiled at her acceptance.

Together, they ran.

The wind felt good even as it whipped her hair in different directions. The sea was calming even as it crashed into the shore. The sun was picturesque even as it set from the sky.

Everything was washed in hues of yellows, oranges, and pinks.

Y/N took a deep breath, filling her lungs with fresh air. It seemed like a lifetime ago since she laid her eyes on the vast sea.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” Jaehyun asked as he stood beside her.

She could only nod.

“You know, you could always scream your frustrations out to the sea,” he said. “The waves will listen yet drown it anyway.”

“How cheesy.” Y/N crinkled her nose in disgust, making Jaehyun laugh out loud.

“We aren’t in a romantic movie, Jaehyun.”

“But we are in a romantic setting so it still works.” He then jokingly wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive way. “Come on, Y/N. I know you like the idea too.”

She only rolled her eyes because she actually did think about doing exactly just that.

Taeyong! I hope you’re happy now seeing me cry now!” Y/N laughed at what she just said because she didn’t mean it. “I hope you achieve your dreams, Tae!

Her words were picking up pace now, all in a breathless stream. “I’ll miss you! But no one’s gonna be there when it rains! Or when I want cuddles! Or when I want to see bubbles! Or especially when there would be cockroaches!

“I’m going to…” Her voice dropped to a whisper. She even forced down a sob she didn’t notice she was holding. “I’ll miss you.”

“Oh, Y/N.” Jaehyun sighed as he moved closer to hug her.

They both didn’t know for how long they stayed like that until Y/N realized how inappropriate it already was. She met the guy just two weeks ago and here she was, hugging him!

Her cheeks felt warm as she broke away from his embrace. She couldn’t even meet his eyes. So she gazed at the sea instead and let the view calm her erratic heart.

“I guess that’s how people are, huh?” Y/N spoke after a while. Her tear-stained eyes, now gone dry, were still trained on the sea, now getting dark as light slowly left the horizon.

Jaehyun didn’t speak up. He waited for Y/N to continue what she had to say.

“They’ll say, ‘I’ll always be there for you.’ And that is true for the most part,” she went on. “But you never know if tomorrow or the day after, they’ll be gone. And suddenly, you’re left alone.”

Once again, her eyes filled with tears which spilled down her cheeks. Jaehyun was quick, however, to wipe them away.

“You’re used to it anyway, right?” Jaehyun teased, in an effort to make her laugh.

The corners of her lips pulled into a smile as Y/N hit his shoulder lightly.

“You’ll never let me have my moment ever, will you?”

Jaehyun laughed before answering, “Never.”

She just rolled her eyes.

“Because I will always choose to see you smile.”

Her eyes grew wide and she snapped her head towards Jaehyun who merely smiled, showing his perfect set of teeth.

When he dropped his smile, however, it was then that Y/N knew the conversation shifted to something more serious.

“But Y/N, they’re them and I’m me,” he said. “And I promise you I’m staying. No matter what. Till the end.”

For a moment, she almost believed his words. Yet, they were too good to be true. So she shook her head.

“No, Jaehyun.”

He brought his eyebrows together in confusion. She stared right through his eyes.

“Don’t tell me that. Because I might get used to you being by my side and I wouldn’t know what to do when you go.”

“You’re not gonna lose me.”

Y/N rolled her eyes, choosing to ignore what Jaehyun just said. Her eyes then widened when she realized something she almost forgot.

Fumbling in her purse, she produced her smartphone and held it out for Jaehyun. “Type in your number so I can call you when I need you.”

Jaehyun deadpanned at her. “What am I? Your slave?”

Nonetheless, a smirk crossed his lips as he typed in his digits. Y/N took her phone back and saved Jaehyun’s number.

“You know, Y/N,” Jaehyun began as Y/N was still busy with her phone. She only hummed in reply. “Once I promised to never leave you till the end, I’ll never leave you.”

Her mouth hung open. Jaehyun winked at her, making her feel flushed at his words of promise.

“Trust me on that.”

Note: Feel free to leave your thoughts in my askbox! Till the next update~

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Integrity – Part 2

Part 1 - Part 3

Pairing: EXO Chanyeol / Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2,393

A/N here’s part 2, I hope you all enjoy it and part 3 should be on the way soon. I haven’t really edited it that much bc its really really late an my hands are aching idk why - maybe the amount of writing i’ve done from revising, but yeah… if you see any errors let me know <3



1.      the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

2.      the state of being whole and undivided.

The day Chanyeol had become engaged was grim, and today was only forecast to be even grimmer. Despite your suffering, the sun had decided to beam brightly, painting the landscape in a golden wash of light, allowing them to have the perfect wedding.

You wanted to rain on their parade.

Over the short months following their engagement, Chanyeol and Ara had selected a large, grand manor house as the location. It was huge, two-storeys high with windows lined accurately along the front wall. Four pillars stood proudly in the middle, encompassing the inviting and large wooden door in the centre. It reminded you of the White House itself, surrounded by neatly cut bushes and a flag atop the middle of the building. Behind was a beautiful garden, outstanding Chanyeol’s by far, which had a large, ceramic bandstand where the ceremony was to take place. The bandstand was white also, and the roof was spherical, held together by more pillars standing proudly in the ground. It was magnificent.

The bride was due to arrive in 30 minutes. A slow trail of early guests were taking their seats under the large bandstand, while friends and family were rushing around to add to the finishing touches.

You wore a light, pearly pink bridesmaid dress. It was strapless, with a heart shaped seam on the chest, far below your collarbones. It hugged your waist while softly extending outwards as it fell from your hips but stopped just above the knee. A fine layer of netting lay atop the petticoat. Although you may have not originally picked it out for yourself, you had to admit it looked rather appealing. It was the dress that Ara had chosen for her bridesmaids – you being one of course. It had both hurt you and made you feel honoured when Ara had sat you down and asked you to be one of her bridesmaids.

After Baekhyun had been so fond of the braid that Ara had done for you at Chanyeol’s garden party, he’d suggested you wore it to the wedding, so you did. Delicate strands of hair waved and framed your face, and while you felt pretty for the day, the spite and jealousy within you contrasted significantly.

You made yourself find something to do in an attempt to ease your nerves, so you began straightening the bows of material that were tied around the pillars of the bandstand. Your hands were shaking slightly, stomach twisting in knots as you tried to contain your feelings inside you. A false smile was masked on your face as you co-operated with the other bridesmaids.  

You spotted Baekhyun coming towards you, your eyes lingering on him as it suddenly occurred to you how good he looked. Baekhyun had been invited as Chanyeol’s best man. He looked smart in a fully black tuxedo with a white shirt underneath, and a sleek dark red tie. His hair was parted so that most of his forehead was visible. He was catching glances from a couple of the bridesmaids. He half jogged up the steps into the bandsrand, where you stopped fiddling with the bow on the pillar.

“Y/N! You look, well, you look beau –“ he began.

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Laws Of Bygones- Chapter 3

Heylo guys! Have the next chapter and let me know your feedback please!


“What do you mean hostage?” Pepper demanded as Happy took a sharp right, narrowly missing a parked bike, “And where’s Tony?”

“It’s Rumiko, Pepper,” Rhodey’s voice sounded tense in the background of a speeding car’s tyres, “Obviously Tony’s going right into the mess.”

“Of course,” Pepper sighed on a frustrated breath, flicking her hand to signal Happy, “I’ll get there as soon as I can. But Rhodey…”

“I know, I know,” Rhodey replied over the phone and Pepper knew that his nerves were frazzled too, “He’s risking too much. But he’d do the same for us and we’d do the same for him.”

“One day this’ll get us all killed,” Pepper huffed on an exasperated laugh as she cocked her gun in one hand.

“Should have known before we became merchants of death, boss,” Rhodey quipped and Pepper rolled her eyes before flipping the phone shut.

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anonymous asked:

A HC where RFA+V+Saeran invite MC to a mask party (the party where all people wear mask) but they come separately so MC doesn't know how their S/o looks like. How will they greet your MC and ask them to dance? (I'm a slut for Zen Phantom of the Opera style)

tbh same

Mini fanfic warning!

(This ended up being so long so i didnt write Jaehee or Yoosung. ;_; I’ll add them in the future~)



As soon as MC had stepped inside the ballroom, she felt as if she was taken into a whole other world.

The masked-faces surrounding her were all not familiar, and she could not see a face she recognized.


The white headed man was easy to spot in a crowd. His long hair shined in the dim light of the room.

He knew this would happen, so he had prepared for it very well. His soulmate was not by his side, and all he could think of was having her roleplay with him a little.

He had his hair tied and covered by the dark red cloak he wore over his fancy dark suit. His mask had covered half of his face and he could not take that smug smirk off his face.

He saw her, entering the room, she looked fascinating in her blood red dress, her hair tied up cleanly and her mask trimmed with black lace.

He waited for her in the shadows, his red eyes glowing, he called for her name and she turned to look in the direction she had heard her voice, faintly called.

She saw him, her hands gripped her dress as she ran up to him, only for him to step back into the darkness.

She had followed him, running through the crowds, her hands raising her dress up, as she followed him into an alley.

He waited for her, his back resting on the dead end of the alley. He had let his hood off his head, his arms crossed.

He smirked as soon as he saw MC drop her dress down onto the ground, panting as she slowly walked towards him. “Zen?” She said between heavy breaths.

Zen approached her and placed his hand under her chin. “Hello there.” He purred, resting his forehead on her’s. “I would love to ask you for a dance, but it seems that my inner beast tells me to have you dance with me until the night ends.”

Zen lowered his head a little more and the two had begun their night with a passionate yet steamy kiss.


Jumin did not like staying in the shadows. He was surrounded by the guests he had invited to the party.

He was giving fake smiles here and talking business there.

The moment he had seen her step inside, he walked away with no goodbye or farewell to send. It was impolite but he had more inappropriate thoughts on his head, as he saw that tight dress.

That tight mermaid dress, that gripped on her hips and curves. As much as she looked good, he hated that dress .

He wanted no one to see her curves other than him, and he wanted to be the one to grip on those killer hips she has.

He went into the shadows, walking quickly towards her- but soon he stopped. He saw her wandering around, looking for something- for someone.

He waited and waited, and soon enough, she stepped into an empty corridor. He followed her, like her shadow.

She, on the other hand, was freaking out, as the faded sound footsteps she heard was getting stronger. More over, each time she passed by the lights, they closed.

It didn’t take long until she had reached what she expected, a dead end.

Jumin took a few more steps forward and wrapped his arm around her waist.

She almost screamed if it wasnt for him turning her around and crashing his lips on hers.

“You are as magnificent as ever, I think we might have to leave early tonight, but that will not be until we dance..”


(This is really short ohmygod)

He danced, a soft smile on his face as his mask hid his charming face.

He moved, from the woman he was dancing with to another. He stole each and every heart he danced with.

His small conversations and silly jokes broke the ice easily, his smile was enough to make even men idolize him.

Then he saw her, he felt the need, he wanted to dance with her, he tried to get close to her, skipping many beautiful women who wanted to take that last dance he had to offer before his mission was over.

Everytime he got close to her, she seemed too far for him to reach.

She had already left the dance floor and headed out to the backyard of the Home the Masquerade was hosted in.

He followed her, like a child following his mother, he started running, just to reach her faster-

But he stopped.

He has so many others to dance with, yet he is desperate to share his beautiful evening with her.

Then she stopped, turned around and to look behind her, smiling at him as she took her mask off.

“Defender of Justice and the Seven Kingdoms, 707.”

Luciel took a deep breath, as he laughed. He didn’t expect the woman he fell in love with online to be the same woman who enchanted him.

He approached her, with no hesitation, he softly pecked her lips, she pulled him into an actual deep kiss, their lips moved together in a heated dance. (Ironic I know)

It felt short as the two moved away from eachother. Luciel smiled, a legit real smile, as he looked in the eyes of the woman in front of him.

“God 707 commands you to share a dance with him under the moonlight!”

“Like a soap opera?”

“Like a soap opera!”


(After surgery because lol.)

He stood, back resting on the wall behind him. He was surrounded by a small crowd compared to what was around him when the night started.

He was basically one of the hosts of the party, he had to participate in entertaining the guests as he failed doing that for a long time.

He laughed as he continued to speak about each painting displayed in this victorian-themed castle.

“Now that you have your vision, Will you be photographing soon?” A woman in the crowd asked, “I would love to see your magnificent photographs. I’m sure that I will buy one.”

Jihyun laughed, as he ran a hand through his obvious blue hair. “I’m looking for something, Something that inspires me to take pictures once more.”

It wasn’t long before the crowd was gone and before another one could come, V covered his hair with the spare cloak Zen gave him.

He said it was for disguise, and it seemed to be working well.

Jihyun had his camera in hand, it wasn’t the usual professional camera, Just a simple one with high quality pictures.

He wandered the top floor, his eyes roaming around, looking for his next masterpiece.

He headed downstairs, and Jihyun thought that he never made a choice this good.

Her night sky-colored dress was the most enchanting thing V had ever seen, but what put it’s beauty to shame, was that the woman wearing it had the beauty of a goddess.

He didn’t know who she was, but she looked heavily familiar, a faded face in Jihyun’s memory.

V walked towards her, and asked her to head upstairs, telling her that one of the hosts was taking the names of the guests.

He ran upstairs, turning around to see her, as she slowly made her way up the long brown staircase.


Her dress showed her cleaveage, her hand on the stair’s rail, her hair tied up neatly, her eyes gleaming, her other hand holding her dress up so she could move. Her mask covered her face, and she looked magnificent

V swore to himself that this was the best photo he took in a while. He took the cloak’s hood off along with his mask.

The woman giggled a little, taking her own mask off. “Ji.” She said, in the voice V can never forget.

“MC..” Jihyun gasped a little before laughing. “Would you mind sharing a dance with me, and after that a glass of wine?”

“I would love to dance, but why the wine part? If you dont mind me asking. Although I would still like an answer, even if you did mind.” She smiled as V laughed once more.

“You are my new inspiration.” He smiled as he took her hand, kissing it as he lead her downstairs.


Eyes scanning the whole room, legs as if they were walking on their own, he had his hands in his pockets, the right side of his face covered by his black mask.

He looked elegant and neat, as much as he hated to admit it.

Saeran was almost stand-sleeping, if that was a thing. He was waiting for his orders, when to move.

But then he saw it, her navy blue dress tailing behind her, Her eyes gleaming with confidence

He recognized her, she was the toy that started everything. He smirked, as he called her name.

Her head turned towards his side, she saw white hair, green eyes.

She smiled as she walked towards him. He took the hand she raised and kissed it, looking at her, his lips turned up, smirking as he parted away from her hand.

He let go of her and walked away from her, walking to wherever.

MC stood there for a second but then walked after him, following him like a lost kitten in the middle of nowhere.

He turned to look at her, his eyes darkening as he felt himself need.

He needed to touch her, kiss her, have her. His feelings could not be put into words. She was enchanting, and he can’t help himself.

He took her hand, pushing her towards him as he placed his hand on her waist, looking down at her.

He admired the way she blushed and turned her head away, exposing her neck to him.

He planted his face into the crook of her neck and whispered, “Let me enjoy every inch of you, as we dance tonight.”

Let’s just say, he forgot why he originally came to this Masquerade.

okay so if you assume that in this being-tempted-by-evil wonder woman fantasy, she has arranged her hunks by bangability (and why wouldn’t she), do you think they’re in ascending or descending order? i’m assuming ascending, but you’d think she’d want the most bangable hunk to be closest to her throne. but i can’t conceive of a world where wonder woman considers aquaman to be the most bangable dude in the league. honestly even the fact that he is in fourth comes as some surprise to me. she hasn’t even replaced his axe hand with something useful, like a bottle opener. i feel like if you told aquaman about this he’d be really flattered just to have shown up. but the best part is that i’m p sure she’s officially trying to bang nemesis at this point, and regardless of what order this lineup is in, he is not in first. i’m pretty sure he’s in third. she literally just started dating the dude but if batman suggested he’d be dtf she’d drop nemesis like a hot potato. even in diana’s darkest fantasies bruce won’t take his fucking mask off and he looks like he just realized he forgot to set his tivo. diana cannot imagine anything hotter than dudes in scalemail armwarmers. that is her true dark secret.

Hello, I Love You

Hi there! Really happy that the last headcanon I wrote was well-received ^^ Here’s another one, requested by the lovely @themissimmortal :3 Hope you like it!

“Hmmmm, headcanons about Cor trying to impress his s/o to get their attention“

Tagging: @ohgodsnowwhat @itshaejinju @stunninglyignis @blindbae @insomniacapples


* His S/O here is someone who entered the Crownsguard at the same time as he did.

* The steamy concept of “Leonheart” is not mine. It belongs to Moosh ^^ I just played with it a little

- I don’t own FFXV, or the songs “Hello, I Love You” by the Doors (title above) and “Pony” by Ginuwine (the song being danced to).

- This is a bit NSFW at the end.

- Cor, even in his younger days, received a lot of attention from men and women alike.

- Apart from gaining his title as “The Immortal” after undertaking the Trial of Gilgamesh, the fact that he was the youngest ever to become the King’s bodyguard and that he played a major part in Regis’s journey to Accordo during the peak of the war pretty much put the fiery young man into the spotlight. 

- Certain circles, however, simply knew him as mysteriously masked Leonheart, one of the best male strippers in the Red Light District.

- He didn’t particularly enjoy the attention, though (and still doesn’t).

- As someone who graduated in the same batch of Crownsguard as he did, his S/O had pretty much seen all he had to offer as a fighter.

- She had witnessed the evolution of his fighting style first-hand (which left her sore for days on end as he grew stronger) and vice versa.

- Nothing really surprised her anymore when the two would be dispatched for missions together, even as he tried to show her a new technique he had devised during his training.

- What she didn’t know about was of his past as “Leonheart”. He never displayed any tricks of the trade he learned for her during their love-making, wanting to forget about that part of his past as soon as possible.

- The two had been living together for quite some time…if you can really call it ‘living’, that is.

- Both were high-ranking officials in the Citadel, Cor as the Marshal of the Crownsguard and his S/O as one of their lead commanders and strategists.

- Cor and his S/O tended to bring work back with them: he with training regiments and data profiles of the new batches of Crownsguard, and she with maps of Lucis and various compilations of intel from clashes with the Nifs.

- This literally left little to no time for romance, mostly because they were simply too busy or too exhausted to try. Romantic endeavors had been reduced to quick hugs and kisses in between breaks.

- There was a rare moment, however, when Cor and his S/O had little to no work to be done for the day. Both were sent home early at the behest of King Regis.

- The Marshal, since he wasn’t feeling tired for the first time in what felt like forever, allowed himself to give in to any primal urges he had with regards to his S/O.

-  She, however, took the day to read more books on military strategy and daemons. The Empire’s activity was worrying as of late.

- Cor’s S/O wasn’t responding to any of his advances, sadly. She kept shooing him away so she could focus on her reading.

- While her sense of duty was one of the things he admired most about her (especially since it was a trait they both shared), The Marshal wasn’t having any of that today.

- To get her attention, he does the one thing he swore he’d never let his S/O find out about.

- He pushes away the coffee table in the middle (much to the annoyance of his S/O since her reading materials are there) and turns on the stereo in their living room to near full blast before planting himself in front of her, doing little stretches since he hadn’t done this in years.

- Before she can get a word of protest out, The Immortal begins to dance along with the beat, his hypnotically erotic moves putting her in a trance.

- The strip tease that follows + the lap dance he gives her is what ultimately does his S/O in.

- The two make love right then and there, multiple times over.

- When both are too exhausted to move, he tells her of his days as Leonheart. After the explanation, his S/O slyly says: “Well, consider me impressed. You certainly know how to get a girl’s attention.”

Hope you enjoyed this!

Decoded (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 4~

Originally posted by 5secondsofwolf


The music played in the background of my room as I laid atop of my bed, text book wide open in attempt to study or more like distract myself. My phone began to go off and I only lifted it to notice Mark calling. Rolling my eyes, I tossed it away from me, letting it continue ringing, not bothering to even answer or give an explanation.

After having been assured by Stiles, multiple times that he was fine, I decided to go and apologize to Mark, but to no surprise, he was busy talking and flirting away with a couple of girls that had been standing by at the lacrosse try-outs. They were giving him compliments about his skills, stating that it wasn’t fair of Scott to just knock him out the way he did and that Stiles deserved what he got. At that point, my anger built up and I left, not bothering to even say a word to him. My phone began to go off after a couple of seconds of silence, but again, I ignored it.

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One Last Dance

Bones invites one lucky girl out on to the dance floor and their undeniable attraction carries them behind closed doors.

Warnings: unprotected sex. an overwhelming sexy doctor ;)


The delicate curves of the black mask coiled over her cheekbones and met the sharp points of her eyeliner. The gleam dancing down from the stars mingled with the torchlight cast from the perimeter of the dance floor casting a fantastic glow on her classmates. An ancient tradition, one some students of the Academy scoffed at, but she would have not missed this evening to celebrate their graduation for all of space. Four years had been spent with her nose pressed so close to study materials, she feared it would be permanently indented and her eyes crossed to show for her hard work.

Instead, she found herself clad in an elegant satin dress that wrapped around her body like a second skin, flaring only where it met her knees and angling up just slightly towards the front to display the glass heels adorning her feet. It was a far cry from the uniform blue she donned daily.

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Untitled Steve/Tony 1/1

Identity porn, post-break-up
Steve has regrets. Tony is out of his depth. 

@brandnewfashion posted some snippets about Steve breaking up with Tony and then coming to his friend Iron Man to talk it out and god help me this happened.


The universe hated him. Tony had suspected it for years, and here was his proof.

Once, the sight of Captain America walking toward him, his hair tousled and spiky with sweat and a beer in each hand had been the highlight of Tony’s fucking day. Now it was a punishment – karmic vengeance for Tony’s sins.

He’d never hated his secret identity more than now, having to be the supportive friend while Steve hashed out his break-up with his faithless, worthless lover, Tony Stark.

That was unfair, he reminded himself. Steve knew Iron Man and Tony were friends, he didn’t trash Tony to Iron Man’s face, he just… he told the truth. It wasn’t Steve’s fault that the truth ripped Tony’s heart out every time.

The stupid chest plate was three-quarters charged. Ten more minutes and he could have made his escape.

“Hey, Cap,” he greeted. He didn’t get up from his place on the window seat, just nodded his head at his teammate as Steve approached.

Steve handed him a beer – with a straw already in because he really was a damned considerate friend – and lowered himself down beside Tony with a tired grunt. “I was afraid you’d already left.”

“Without my beer?” Tony raised his bottle to Cap in a teasing salute and tried to ignore the pain in his chest, the wistful yearning that Steve could have wanted Tony to stay, that he could have wanted to spend time with Tony like this.

Ah well. He took a long sip of his beer and breathed past the pain. Iron Man had always been the best part of him. Tony Stark was only ever the mistake.

“I screwed up, Shellhead.” Steve braced his arms on his knees, stared down at the floor, his beer hanging limply in one hand, untouched. “I don’t know what to do.”

Tony paused, the battle running through his mind moment-by-moment. “What are you talking about, Cap? You ran a clean mission, just like always.”

“No, not that, not – this isn’t about the Avengers.” Steve dragged in a deep breath. “It’s Tony, it’s – how I handled things with him when I left.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, Cap.” Tony kept the mask aimed toward Cap but forced his eyes to focus on the wall over Cap’s shoulder. “Look, if you think you were harsh on the guy or whatever no one’s gonna hold it against you. Breakups are emotional, it happens.”

“I was cruel.” Steve’s voice was barely a whisper and wavered on the last syllable. Tony closed his eyes for a moment and refused to think about it. Refused to acknowledge the way his heart fluttered in his chest with hope. No. Steve was too kind, that was all. He regretted the way things ended but – but that wasn’t the same as regretting that they ended.

“You’re not cruel,” Tony said finally.

“You weren’t there, you don’t-” Steve took a deep breath. “You don’t know what I said to him. I said – I said some pretty terrible things, Shellhead. I accused him of lying to me. I told him he was a disappointment, that I should never have expected any better from him.” He rolled the beer between both hands and dragged in another shaky breath.

“Not very diplomatic,” Tony said. “But nothing that wasn’t true. Stark’s probably well aware that he’s not exactly relationship material.” He set his own beer down as his stomach roiled. “Look, you’re better off without him anyway.”

“Don’t.” Steve’s voice was low and hoarse. “Don’t say that. It’s bad enough I did.”

“The break-up wasn’t your fault.”

Steve sat up abruptly. “Wasn’t it? He was trying – I could tell he was trying. And I could tell he was floundering but instead of helping him I just stood there, expecting him to know what I wanted and them blaming him when he didn’t meet my expectations.”

“Relationships come with expectations, Cap.”

“Relationships come with compromises,” Steve spit the word out like it tasted bad. “I knew – I knew he was struggling. I knew he wasn’t sure how to make it work and I just – I let him hang himself. Over and over again. And then I blamed him for choking.”

Tony felt strangely light-headed. He had to resist the urge to check his pulse. The chest plate was almost fully charged, he was fine. “I think you’re probably being too hard on yourself.”

“I love him.” Steve ran both hands over his face. “I love him and I really made a mess of things, Shellhead. I don’t know what to do.”

“What do you want to do?” Tony asked carefully.

“I want to rewind time and punch my past self in the teeth,” Steve said. His voice was shaking but there was an edge of anger there that had been missing. “I want to be half the partner I thought I was. I want to find the part of me that took some sick satisfaction in letting Tony down and cut it out with a knife.” He slammed his beer down on the end table hard enough that Tony was half expecting it to shatter. “I want to make it right, but I know I can’t.”

“Okay. Well, if you did let Stark down – and literally no one in the world is saying you did, Cap – but if you did, then he’s the one who has to decide if you can make it right.”

Steve slumped like a puppet with its strings cut. “I know.”

“For what it’s worth, I think you’re wrong.” Tony clapped a hand on Steve’s shoulder, mindful of the armor. It feels weird to say that – so much of their relationship has been built around the idea of Steve as the just leader, the brilliant commander, the trustworthy confidant. Tony had disagreed with Cap before but he couldn’t remember ever flat-out telling the man he was wrong to his face before. “But if you want Stark back he’d be an idiot not to have you.”

“I want him back,” Steve said thickly. Tony turned his head so he wouldn’t have to see the best man he’d ever known cry over Tony Stark.

“He’s high-maintenance,” Tony said. “He’s going to let you down again.”

“Not as much as I’ve let myself down.” Steve reached up and covered Tony’s hand with his, squeezing the gauntlet slightly. Tony couldn’t feel it through the metal, but he could imagine the strength of that grip. “You’re a good friend.”

Tony closed his eyes. “Not as good as you, Cap.”

The Phantom of the Opera

Request: A really cool imagine would be one based on “The Phantom of the Opera” and the reader is Christine and Pan and Newt are the Phantom and Raoul…

Warnings: AU, long!!!

Note: I love you because Phantom is one of my favorite musicals, and I might have squealed reading this request! Also, this is going to be based off the 2004 Movie because I just watched it haha

The year was 1870, France. You had gotten a place in a Broadway production at the famous Opéra Populaire. You were a chorus girl, no one special. Just a background character. But still, you were glad to be on the stage, dancing and singing. 

As the lead soprano in the opera, Carlotta, rehearsed before the night’s performance, the backdrop collapsed out of nowhere. Being the prima donna Carlotta was, she blew things out of proportion. You heard multiple whispers from backstage about the incident being caused by the ‘Phantom’ that haunted the Opera House. You’d heard many rumors about him, yet you still knew so little.

“I refuse to continue!” Carlotta shouted, walking off. The newest owners, Firmin and André, panicked. No one could hit Carlotta’s notes. No one was as gifted or talented as her. Except for you.

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sawyer/juliet time!

  • first meeting was electric! she tasered him i mean
  • second meeting she offers him water! but she’s also his captor
  • “why’d she call you james” !!!!!!!
  • (and he never calls her anything other than juliet. 100% sure sawyer’s read shakespeare and the irony is not lost on him either)
  • she kills danny, who has been beating up sawyer for six straight episodes
  • and right after, right after that scene, kate is having her teary “don’t stay” walkie talk with jack. AND SAWYER AND JULIET ARE RIGHT THERE watching. awkward fucking quad
  • sawyer and juliet on a suicide mission TO EARN COOL POINTS
  • “karma”
  • they are literally in better places in the next life. it worked
  • (IT WORKED uggggggh)
  • they spend a whole season on opposite sides, doing the same thing: helping who they can, and end up on the same beach.
  • with rum
  • look at that scene right before the light comes - the bottle is halfway done
  • yea they’re drunk in the beginning of season 5
  • they’re also never apart in season 5. like ever.
  • and juliet does this thing where she touches him to calm him down. she does it once every episode
  • best part though is: FLAMING ARROWS. the way it’s staged! so a lot o people are dying. very dangerous. daniel who loves charlotte goes back for her when she falls to reemphasize that he goes back bc he cares. a flaming arrow lands on the tree INCHES from sawyer’s face
  • he sees juliet, WHO FUCKING STOPS to help people of course never mind there are FLAMING ARROWS EVERYWHERE
  • and he has this bit right before he goes back for her where he’s frustrated. like, he GETS IT. but he doesn’t want her to die
  • plus he has to REASSURE her that this is the right choice bc she almost goes back
  • this is the guy who almost tortured her with sayid, who was her prisoner. they’ve literally seen each other kill people point blank no remorse. 
  • then when he steps on a branch and they’re just about to be killed again
  • this is very important people. SAWYER. sarcastic ass extraordinaire! thinks juliet burke is a wiseass.
  • “james. juliet. nice to see you”
  • he also beats up the guy that was going to holding juliet down. three hard as shit punches.
  • “let her go”
  • sawyer and juliet are literally not friends. have never been friends
  • LET HER GO. in the action genre this is called i love you
  • when they’re in richard’s camp in 5X03 in the last flash, Sawyer reassures her AGAIN
  • they WORK together just BECAUSE.
  • sawyer sees kate. it’s sad and heartbreaking and romantic. locke, who has been with him from the crash and on, who has witnessed the real sawyer die, who is a close enough friend to sawyer, asks him about it
  • sawyer’s like nope i ain’t tellin
  • BUT HE TELLS JULIET while they’re rowing that canoe just randomly because SHE NOTICES HE’S OFF SOMEHOW
  • “I saw kate. she was delivering claire’s baby’
  • “that was too months ago”
  • SHOTS FIRED bc time travel and lost. they survive 
  • (sawyer takes HER paddle and SHE takes the rifle to shoot, it could have easily been the other way around but nOPE)
  • they land and SHE CONTINUES THE CONVERSATION bc sawyer is just sad and more than wanting to know, this is just what juliet does. she listens. sawyer talks to her. tells her the truth about this women he loved and had to leave. and she understands!
  • “juliet” ( i am obsessed with lost’s refusal to have sawyer call her anything other than her name. like do you think sawyer wondered if she had a romeo? more sobbing)
  • There’s this another little moment when charlotte falls and they’re huddling around her. sawyer just gives her the gun and she takes it and sets it down. it’s two seconds. they don’t even look at each other. and he just passes it to her and she takes it and IT’S WONDERFUL
  • then HER nose starts bleeding again. but she’s not worried about that because HIS nose starts bleeding
  • “you just had to say something” 
  • is the present time line. it’s sawyer being the leader. it’s sawyer making choices for the group. it’s his plan that gets them all to safety
  • except
  • not really?
  • right after “absolutely” sawyer hears a gun shot and looks down to see if he’s been shot
  • And the next shot is a soft focus shot that goes into focus. juliet’s face is obscured and then clear. SHE SAVED HIM.
  • this whole plan works because juliet backs sawyer up. 
  • miles complains first. SAWYER’S RIGHT! aka JULIET NEVER USES THE NAME SAWYER. she understands that they see him as Sawyer and they respond to Sawyer, 
  • next is daniel to raise opposition, when they hear amy
  • juliet doesn’t just back him up she REASSURES HIM that she will
  • And RIGHT THERE, right after she does
  • HE NODS AT HER. like, thanks for backing me up. go and look at his face. it’s such a great nod. it’s almost questioning like, wow did you really back me up? 
  • this! this is the moment they became friends
  • sawyer ACKNOWLEDGES that she’s a big part of why all this shit is working. he does it by masking that he needs her with flirting
  • i don’t even think he realized he was flirting. i think he just realized he liked her. AND HE NEEDS HER. he needs her for peace of mind, he needs her as his right hand. he needs her because he’d rather talk to her than to miles and jin! he wants her around to talk!
  • AND JULIET’S IS INTO THIS DORK. this is a woman who’s seen herself as “the other woman” and as the second choice and second best, who doesn’t believe in being happy in love, who’s every relationship has ended horribly. AND SHE PUTS HER FAITH IN SAWYER
  • just because
  • and then other stuff happened right?

Title: Invincible (fem! reader x Matt Murdock) 

Summary: Bad ass reader is about to be killed, when the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen swoops in to save the day. 

Warnings: violence and slight cursing 

Word Count: 1600

A/N: I probably could have gone ON AND ON in this story. I loved writing this one. Like a lot. I HOPE YOU ALL LIKE IT I WORKED REALLY HARD ON IT:)

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Phantom of the Opera Restaged National Tour Review

Here it is folks, my complete review of the “new” re-staged US national tour.  Below the cut you’re going to find a scene-by-scene review as well as overall impressions, observations, and opinions regarding this new staging.  My old school phan cohort, @inkedalchemy​ attended this performance with me and we were honestly trying to stay as open minded and neutral as possible regarding a new look to the classic show.  In general, there were things that we liked, and could see worked into the original production.  We also saw things we did not care for at all.  But despite that, we’ve compiled a thorough review for you all to read and consider.

But before I get started, I will emphasize the fact that this is NOT a game of “WTF do you know,” nor do I wish to start another internet flame fest between those who prefer the new tour and those who prefer the original production.  Let’s all be adults, let’s all be civil, let’s all respect each others’ opinions.  Those who felt I was unfairly judging the new tour before told me I could not have an opinion on it without seeing it in person…well, I went and paid money and did that.  While there were aspects I enjoyed, my overall impression of the production did not change.

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Top 5 - Twilight of the Apprentice

for @jedifest16 Top Picks challenge

The s2 finale of Star Wars: Rebels was *the* Star Wars event of the year for me, the catalyst that sent me hurtling back into a fandom that I had distanced myself from for a long time. This episode single-handedly rekindled my love for Star Wars at a very dark time when I’d thought I had lost it forever.

Nothing can ever capture the tumult of emotion and the intensity of feeling I experienced while watching the now-iconic confrontation between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader. My heart exploded; my soul ascended. The moment Ahsoka slices open Vader’s mask is etched upon my memory forevermore: Vader, brought to his knees, and the voice of Anakin Skywalker, calling out the name of his beloved former apprentice.

Nothing can replicate it, and nothing can ever compare to it. But these five incredible fanworks sure come close. 

1. Over Now by dyingsighs

Hands-down, this is the TotA fan art I reblogged more than any other this year. This piece makes me feel things I didn’t even know it was possible to feel. Even now, all these months later, all I have to do is look at it and I want to burst into tears. The lump in my throat forms as soon as I read the words “And there he was: the man beneath the mask, the flesh within the machine. Anakin, my master, you shall be avenged.”  Just typing it out makes have to stifle a sob. Because this is such an incredibly important but often overlooked element of Ahsoka and Vader’s encounter – the fact that, all these years later, here in the midst of the Dark Times, in the depths of the Dark Side itself, Ahsoka Tano is declaring that she will avenge Anakin Skywalker. That Anakin Skywalker was, and still is, worth avenging.

2. Torn by lledra-fanstuffs

Another gorgeous and heart-wrenching piece that captures the overwhelming emotion of this episode. The composition is simple, yet incredibly moving. It feels almost like a look into Ahsoka immediately after her encounter with Vader. She stands in the darkness, clutching the shining Convor to her chest, a symbol so reminiscent of the Daughter of the Mortis arc—and of the moment when Anakin, via the Daughter and the power of the Force, brought Ahsoka back to life. And at her back, is a figure shrouded in almost complete Darkness, save for the hand that reaches out from the shadows and rests upon her shoulder. The pose is that of a master, reassuring his apprentice of a job well done.  It is ambiguous whether it is Anakin’s hand, or Vader’s. Perhaps it is the part of him that is still Anakin, reaching out from the Darkness to thank her, for trying to free him. And for choosing to remain with him, in his prison, no matter what he might say. 

3. Vader’s Mask in Twilight of the Apprentice by ncfan-1

Much has been written on this ep, but this is the meta that best captures my own thoughts and feelings on the significance of Ahsoka breaking into Vader’s mask. Far too many seem to interpret their entire encounter as something wholly angsty or tragic, but the OP manages to convey everything that I had felt while watching, and more. I often feel as though I hold a much less negative view of this entire episode, its symbolism and meaning, and on its eventual intended outcome than a large portion of the fandom, so it is lovely to know I’m not entirely alone. :) 

4. Time by theredsoxfan18

A fan vid that retells the tale of Ahsoka and Anakin/Vader in a devastatingly beautiful way. Somehow I manage to hold myself together most of the way through….until the part that says “and many possibly futures”, where I completely lose it. 

5. Ahsoka Tano by Darren Tan

Here, I leave you with a rare positive depiction of the Vader and Ahsoka encounter. I like to call it, ‘The Force Strikes Back’. It’s just such a beautiful interpretation of the moment when Ahsoka runs up behind Vader, just before she is about to slice open his mask. What I love is how it shows us the scene from his point of view. With the Convor flying behind her, she leaps through the air toward him, and he turns just a little too late (you can see the edge of his red blade just at the bottom of the composition). Ahsoka is coming for you, buddy. There is no escape. She is going to break into the prison made for the ‘Jedi who had lost his way’, and there she will stay, whether you will it or no.