the best part is that they obviously spent some cash on that sign

Noir Nocturne Part 1 Chapter 13 Of Things Past and the Future

Claire studied the menu she had taken from the rack in front of her. What hadn’t she had in the six weeks she’d been in Scotland that she missed the most? She thought back, or was it forwards, to 1945 Britain and rationing and decided it was quantity of selection over quality, in the main, that had been lacking then. This did not take into account the dreadful food she had consumed during WWII at the Front that seemed to make regular appearances in her dreams as good, old-fashioned nightmare fodder.

Highlander food of the 18th Century was a mixed bag. Hearty, plentiful at Leoch, but consisting mainly of meat of some sort and bannocks with ale on the road. The tamale was filling, so she wasn’t that hungry, but felt she ought to order something as an example to the men.

The waitress at the counter, who was named Marie, according to her name tag, took her time about approaching them. Claire saw her eyes widen at the sight of Jamie and knew a moment of sharp jealousy that surprised her. She really needed to address her feelings about him, and soon.

“What can I get you folks?” Marie said in an American Southern accent, whilst chewing gum and reserving her smiles for the men. She was blonde, thin, but well proportioned. She wore a white starched cap along with a bright orange uniform and entirely too much makeup. Bit of a garish attention hound, Claire sniffed to herself.

“I believe I’ll have the oatmeal, hot tea with cream and the fresh fruit bowl please. My Husband would like that as well as the steak and eggs. Steak rare, eggs over medium, hash browns and whole wheat toast, don’t spare the butter please.” Claire ordered, with just enough emphasis on the Husband, as well as a hand on his arm, so as not to be misunderstood.

Jamie, oblivious to Marie’s appreciation, raised a brow in Claire’s direction and said “Thank you Sassenach. That should be fine.” He tried, but failed utterly, not to grin at the possessive touch,as he looked at it and her from under his brows with a pink hue creeping up his cheeks.

“I’ll ha’e what he’s having” was said three times down the line of stools.

“Well, Scotsmen! My word, but that accent is something.” Marie cooed while placing cups, saucers, teabags, spoons and small metal pitchers of hot water in one and cream in the other in front of them all. She served Claire last. “Haven’t seen you all in here before, I would have remembered such good-looking fellas.”

“Aye, you would lass.” Angus stated while trying to figure out what to do with the teabag. Claire saw Marie pat his hand and make the tea for him. I’ll have to explain tipping to them next, she thought and sighed.

It really was something of a burden feeling responsible for them. It left her no time to think about anything else of importance. She needed to consider what she knew about events from this part of the world pre-war. It was niggling at her brain that there had to be a benefit to it that would aide them all in some way. There was also the fact that she knew WWII was coming. Should she find a way to warn her Uncle Lamb? What about England and the world in general?

The United States wouldn’t even enter the War until December 1941 with Pearl Harbor. It was making her deeply disturbed to even think about the possibility of changing the future. What if whatever she did changed events for the worse? She could not risk that, but so many lives could be saved….

She felt panic rising in her chest and her hands suddenly went numb. She couldn’t catch her breath. There was pressure too, as if a weight had suddenly landed in her lap and was crushing her. She stood quickly and excused herself, heading for the washroom at the far end of the diner.


Murtagh saw Claire go and leaned into Jamie “Somethings troubling her lad. Mebbe ye should follow?” he nodded in the direction she went. Jamie went after her, after frowning and looking around for her. He’d obviously been too engrossed in his new surroundings to notice her small signs of distress. Could be as he just didna know her well enough yet, but Murtagh knew a bad reaction when he saw it, and was a wee bit disappointed that Jamie hadn’t caught it. The lad was usually verra perceptive. He’d have to have words with him about it.

“Did the Priest tell ye about the work then?” He asked Dougal on his right as the food started to arrive. He hadn’t been impressed with the tamale. Too spicy for his liking. This was more the thing he decided as he took in the sight of the steak.

“Aye, should’na be anything that leads to trouble I reckon.” Dougal said as he took up the bowl of oatmeal to smell it. “Ah! Finally.”

Only Angus spent the next several minutes doing any talking, and that was all to the woman who served them, Murtagh noted. He and Dougal were too busy eating to care about whatever he was saying. Jamie and Claire returned shortly after he started on the rest of his meal. They didn’t say anything though, just sat and concentrated on their food as well.

He was beginning to feel as if he could handle this day. The car, the boarding house, Mrs. Bartlett, the clothes, the talk with the Father on the telephone, the walk to the diner all had the effect of making him seem more solid in his bones. The dreamlike quality that had persisted since he awoke yesterday evening in this strange land was fading bit by bit.

It was somewhat exciting to see all the changes time had made. Everything was so big, bright and noisy though. The level of racket in the diner alone was enough to make his ears ring with it. Everyone around them spoke loudly and quickly. He saw several of them reading newspapers while eating and even that rustling was too much on top of the singsong behind the counter.

It wasn’t like the great halls he’d been in. All the sound seemed concentrated on top of him in this much smaller area. There was nowhere for it to go he realized.

“I can barely hear myself think.” He said to Jamie when the meal was over.

“I ken. Tis strange. It seems as if they all ha’e hearing problems in here. I canna understand half of what they say either e’en though I think it is English.” He replied in the Ghalidgh.

Happy to switch back to his native tongue he answered, “Is she alright then?” while watching as the woman put small bits of paper with writing in front of each of them. It was the bill for the meal.

“I do not know Godfather. She wouldna’ tell me what the trouble was, only that she felt overwhelmed all of a sudden like and had to wash her hands and face. I didna’ press her for more as it was no the right place for it. I just waited for her to come back out.” Jamie continued in the old language, keeping his voice down so the others wouldn’t hear.

“Aye well, she’s likely to be worrit o’er all this. Go easy lad. She’ll need seeing to as much as us. Only I dinna think she’ll allow for much of it. She’s strong and smart though, she’ll do.” He stood and picked up the bill by his plate.

“Where’s this cashier then Mistress?” he asked Claire.

“Oh, there is a cash register over there by the door. Just use one of the dollars I gave you to pay. There will be change and you leave a tip from it for the Waitress Marie where you were sitting.”



Dougal, whose reactions were much the same as Murtagh’s, although he couldn’t know it, paid his bill and waited for the others by the door. He was anxious to get to the employment center the Priest had told him about.

Father McDaniel had told him to just relax and listen to the men he encountered while going about his day. He had assured him that no one would take particular notice of them if they didn’t talk much or make their presence known in obvious ways. That meant no fighting, pushing, or horseplay he gathered. Just pay serious attention to the details taking shape around them was his best advice.

He knew himself to be a man of action. He needed work if he was going to survive this with his mind intact. It really didn’t matter so much what it was as long as it was doing something that made him feel in control again. He hated being dependent upon anyone, always had. It was not in his nature to follow.

Claire pointed out the center, which was across the street and up the road from the diner. There was a long line of mostly men leading to the door. Several of them appeared shabbily dressed and had a hungry look about them. Something downtrodden about their countenances Dougal thought. He was used to summing up men quickly. This lot looked defeated.

“Why are there so many of them Claire?” he asked her when they all got in line at the end of the que.

“It’s the Depression Dougal. Many hundreds of thousands of people will be out of work before it’s all said and done here. Although we have been very fortunate to have Father McDaniel pave the way for us, we will be lucky to keep working at a steady rate in the near future. I can only hope that we make more good connections in the days to come or we will be hard pressed indeed.”

“Well, we’ll take what comes Lass. Tell me, while we wait, if ye would, what has become of Scotland? I fear that I willna’ like what ye have to say on the subject, but I must know.”

Claire bit her lip and huddled them all closer together in the line by pulling on each of their sleeves.

“The Rebellion failed. Scotland is still a part of Great Britain, a very important part, but still allied with England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. King James across the waters, never returned, nor any of his progeny. The Clan system was destroyed after the battle of Culloden Moor and Protestantism pretty much took over the combined countries. The current King is George V. He renamed the dynasty the House of Windsor during WWI. He is descended from George II but it’s a bit complicated all the way around. If anyone were to ask you all if you fought in the Great War, say yes, for a Scottish Regiment and leave it at that, except for you Jamie. You’re too young. Veterans are important, the world over, so we will have to do some research on it in case it becomes an issue. My war doesn’t start until 1939…” She had been nearly whispering while telling them all this and stopped cold there.

Not one of them knew how to respond to this news he saw. It wasn’t conceivable at any rate. He would have to find out more, and determine whether or no she was lying on his own. It felt like she must be, but, why would she?

“You’ll be explaining that further, but no right now. We need to concentrate on this aye?” He said giving her his most fearsome look possible. She appeared ill somehow and no wonder. If It was true it was heartbreaking. Disgusting to his very marrow.

“You’re right Dougal. I’m so sorry.” Claire said with tears starting in her eyes. Something was definitely wrong with her. He felt flummoxed by it. She was no weakling whatever else she may or may not be. He never could stand a woman’s tears, unless he caused them, and never expected to see them from her.

“Just leave it go.” He said turning away from her and facing the door and the stranger’s back in front of him. The line was beginning to move.


anonymous asked:

Hi! Big fan of you cfau fic! Was just wondering if you have any detailed descriptions of the clexa apartment? How many bedrooms, which kids share rooms, if they have bunkbeds, which room was originally the nursery, do they share a backyard/pool/common area with the rest of the building, how big is Lexa's office, does Clarke have her own studio inside the apartment.. from what I can imagine, it seems massive and hella expensive? Thank you for your time ❤

Hey! Sorry that I didn’t have a chance to reply to this yesterday. Yes, I obviously know exactly what this apartment looks like. I actually have a pretty clear layout of it in my head, but seeing as I can’t draw and I’m not an architect who can do it digitally either then pictures will have to do. 

I’m approaching this as I would if I was having this conversation with my production designer, set dresser, art director, and prop master for one of my films. I’m going to pull up references with the caveat that each individually aren’t exactly The Look, but if you take pieces from all of them and add a few original touches then you can kind of figure out what these sets are like in my head.


The apartment is fairly big. 6 bedrooms (1 master bedroom, 4 for the kids, and the other one is Lexa’s office) and there is a back room/laundry room thing by the kitchen that Clarke also uses as her home studio. That one is not huge, but it does the job. If she has bigger commissions for paintings or the rare sculpting/installations she does, then she has tons of artist connections and friends that let her use their bigger studio spaces as needed. 

  • How can they afford this in New York? 

Clarke’s family has never been Rich, but they’ve always been well off. On top of that, Clarke was the person named in Jake’s life insurance policy and his sole heir. All of that was in a trust until she was 21. Lexa was already around by that time and if there is someone who is stingy and good with money it’s Lexa Woods. Lexa, being the perennially responsible one, insisted Clarke was careful with that cash. They got a professional to manage that money and do some investments for them. They live in New York after all and no city has a surplus of finance guys like NYC. They never touched any of the money and on top of that saved for like five years before they decided to become homeowners. Between all the money/assets Clarke inherited, plus Jake’s life insurance, plus their savings, plus the fact that Clarke makes GOOD money working at the gallery not only selling her own stuff but being Dante’s main art dealer, they were in a pretty comfortable place when it came down to actually buying an apartment. Knowing that Clarke also sells a considerable amount of pieces through commissions for the private clients she has, Lexa sort of gave in when Clarke insisted they splurge and get a really fucking nice place. They were buying. It was their forever home, so why not go all out? That was Clarke’s sell. 

Keep in mind though that Clarke and Lexa have always had starkly different approaches to money. Lexa grew up poor and logically she’s very careful with it. Lexa’s not like a cheapass, but she’s very measured and pragmatic about managing money and finances. Typical Lexa. Lexa is also a public servant. She isn’t getting rich out of working in the DAs office. Lexa could go work at any of the private firms that try to reel her in constantly and make as much as what Clarke makes (if not more), but Lexa loves what she does where she does it so she pays no mind to the fact that Clarke’s checks put hers to serious shame. Clarke can make as much as Lexa does in a year if she has a good couple of months worth of sales commissions at the gallery. Easily. It actually happens more than anyone would think. Because of how she grew up and because she knows she’s in a very comfortable place at the gallery and her career in general, Clarke sometimes borders on reckless when it comes to spending. Just another way in which Clarke and Lexa balance each other out. 

So yeah, it took a lot of convincing, but they had the money to put a really nice amount up front which meant the mortgage wasn’t going to be outrageous. Lexa also made Clarke promise that if there were some good sales of her work throughout the year it was all going to the mortgage just so they could pay it off sooner and get it off their plate. Clarke agreed and they started looking for places in the best parts of Manhattan. They found one they both fell in love with and they bought it. They didn’t move into the new place until Anya was around eleven months old. The apartment was paid off around the same time Costia left for college, meaning they kept to their plan and got done with that in less than half of the 30 years their mortgage was for. 


The apartment has the typical Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen areas plus Lexa’s office. 

Lexa really couldn’t care less about furniture or what pillow goes with what couch so Clarke obviously takes point on all the styling/interior design/decoration of the place. She only really has two parameters: not too many colors because Lexa really is a fan of simplicity and to not make Lexa cry with the number of zeroes on things. More than once Lexa has been known to utter “That chair cost HOW MUCH?!!!” to which Clarke usually has a “Don’t worry. The designer is a friend. He’ll give it to us for half.” reply all ready to be fired. And Lexa has an aneurysm because “Half is still more than I make in a month, Clarke!”. Sometimes it takes a little smooth talking (and by that I mean Clarke asking while they’re having sex) but Clarke always gets the things she wants. 

Clarke tends to keep the furniture and the walls pretty neutral. Where the bursts of color come in is in the art she picks for the apartment. The walls are covered with really strikingly vibrant pieces that make every room rich and feel thoroughly alive.

Here are some references for what I see the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and Lexa’s office looking like:



Like I said, Lexa is a fan of minimal and clean. In the chapter where Clarke wakes up in her bedroom after they have sex for the first time I believe I described Lexa’s bedroom as “monochromatic” and that is so accurate for Lexa. She’s a fan of white, black, greys, and browns. Unless Clarke is the one who buys her something, Lexa would stick to wearing those colors exclusively. That translates pretty clearly to the decor around the house, but specially their bedroom. Clarke knew she could go crazy anywhere else, but she would give Lexa the simple black and white bedroom. 

There may be a pop of color with a piece of art or a new duvet or something, but overall, Clarke keeps it pretty sleek and minimal.


Clarke spends A LOT of time making sure each of the kids gets the room they want. They all have some sort of mural or intricate wall design that Clarke spent hours doing specifically for them. 

    • Costia

Costia’s room is all about music. It has a lot of personality even though it doesn’t have a lot of color except for the collage wall that her and Clarke put together. Being Lexa’s mini me as she is, Costia is really into greys and whites and black. She doesn’t necessarily stick to them when it comes to her wardrobe, but her room has always been fairly muted in regards to furniture, bed dressings, and general decor. 

    • Anya

Anya is OBSESSED with neon. To like a crazy and absurd degree. She’s also an Aesthetic Hoe so her room is probably the most unique one. They let her put neon signs all over her room and Clarke painted a mural with glowing UV paint on her walls so during the daytime or if the blinds are open her walls look plain and white, but once the lights go off they turn into this crazy ridiculous thing and Anya adores every bit of it. Needless to say, the sun doesn’t shine much in that room because she keeps those blinds closed as often as possible.

    • Jake

Jake’s room was about baseball. They got him a custom made bed frame and custom made furniture to fit the theme. His is probably the room that had the most external influences because everyone got stuff that was already made for their furniture but Jake’s was unique. All Clarke did there was the mural. 

    • Roa

Roa’s room is worthy of a kid with her imagination. It’s bright and colorful and fun. It’s also about her favorite thing in the world: The Lion King. Clarke paints murals on each wall AND on the furniture to make every single thing in there jungle themed. 

    • Aden

Jake’s room eventually turns into Aden’s nursery. Clarke keeps it pretty simple yet classy blue and grey for the little dude. 

I think that should cover all of it??? Hopefully I touched on all the info you requested and that this helps picture the living spaces better! We spend a lot of the story here after all. :)

It’s been about six months since I had bed bugs.

God that’s actually one of the scariest things for me to write or publish on the internet because for some reason it feels even more shameful and like you will judge me than anything about my weight.  (Which I guess is an eating disorder win, right?!)

And I realized, as everyone is panicking about bedbugs on Facebook and on the news right now, that potentially it wouldn’t be bad practice in honesty and using this blog that I rarely use anymore to help someone out there feel less alone, less ashamed, and less freaked out.

I got bed bugs. I spent a lot of money, but I survived. They’re gone (I am kind of superstitious so saying that feels like I am just asking them to come back but I’m going to write it anyway) and I can sleep again.

The Discovery:

I lived with a roommate in South Philadelphia and we moved to a beautifully newly renovated bi-level apartment in March.  It was pretty and there was a cool blue wall on the staircase (there still is, the apartment still exists) and we were pretty thrilled to be in a bigger, lighter place.

In May, my roommate started breaking out in what we thought were hives. She gets anxiety hives, and work was stressful, so we just chalked it up to that. She sent me and my mom pictures of her bumps and saw a doctor and we just assumed hives. I wasn’t having any reaction to anything, so it wasn’t much of a worry.

In June, when I was in California, Roommate called and told me she’d found a bug and it was a bed bug. Turns out they’re pretty easy to see, she found a live bug crawling on the bed and began calling exterminators. She found the Best in Philadelphia exterminator, and it would be 1200 dollars to heat-treat the whole apartment. I was in a wedding, so I tried not to think about it. We treated the apartment. I basically moved out to my boyfriend’s. I washed all our clothes in hot hot water. Skirts were shorter, shorts were a little tight, but hey, it was summer. We thought everything was fine.

Then, perhaps from Boyfriend’s job (in-home therapist) or from something I brought over, in August I was changing our sheets before a weekend in New York and saw a bug. And then I checked the corner of the bed, and there they were, those tell-tale little black dots. Like thin sharpie marks on our bed. And I panicked. And sobbed. And called the same exterminator who worked on the other apartment.

Bleh just writing about it is terrifying. So onto the next part of this entry. I obviously still have some bug PTSD (Excuse me while I start to feel itchy). 

What to look for:

Not all bugs are bed bugs. Since the bed bug debacle, I have found a handful of bugs in/around my bed that I panic, send photos to my great exterminator, and are just normal house bugs. So make sure you identify it. Keep the bug in a plastic bag, tightly shut and call an exterminator and have them look at it.  Check your bed when you change your sheets (I check weekly).  Look for tiny black dots that smear a little when you touch them. They really look like sharpies. They like to stay on the seams of the bed or in the corners, but also check your mattress top for any blood stains. We found them early, a 3/10 infestation, and were able to fix it. 

What to do:

Don’t do what I did. I freaked the fuck out. I sobbed and cried and rocked back and forth and read 18 hours of bed bug websites in the days after we found them. I would recommend not doing that. It did not help.

DO call the best exterminator. If you live in a city, there will be a bunch of exterminators who are good at bed bug extermination now. And do what they tell you. Bed bugs are sneaky little fuckers, and it’s worth spending the money to do the most effective treatment insteado   using pesticides that won’t actually kill them and then you’ve wasted 300 some dollars and still have a bug problem. Don’t touch things, because bed bugs seem to have a way of knowing that you are going after them and if you alert them they could hide somewhere else and you have a bigger problem. Call a professional. It is worth the money.

Our exterminator was voted Best in Philly for bed bug extermination. They were extremely kind, unlike the large name companies I spoke with. And they did a multiple approach treatment: they did the heat treatment (basically they heated our entire apartment to 140-150 degrees for 8 hours, and every 15 minutes came in with these steam guns and steamed the shit out of the bed, corners, dressers, everywhere) and they also put pesticide in the walls so if any smart bed bugs went into the walls to avoid the heat, they’d die anyway.

What does the treatment entail?

Take everything out of the apartment that could melt. Take everything off the walls and push all furniture etc. 2 feet away from the walls. De-clutter (the boyfriend is crazy clean so that wasn’t a huge issue), take electric sockets off if possible, remove all animals for many days. Take all important valuables out. Bring all luggage out and open to be treated. Stay out of the house all day. 

So on a Tuesday morning in the end of August, the bed bug killers came. We signed our life away, I handed most of my savings to the exterminator in cash (1,200 dollars). When I came back, it was 106 degrees inside and the apartment looked like it had been ransacked. Our neighbors were pretty curious, their walls were hot from our treatment. We said it was just termites. Everything was turned over, pulled out of drawers, pushed around from steamers and whatever else they did. One picture frame was broken, but small price to pay for bug-free-ness, I think.  That night, we spent a few hours putting things back in order.  I didn’t want to, in case we had to have ANOTHER TREATMENT because that one didn’t work.  Boyfriend said that aws not reasonable. I found a cockroach hiding under a bag and flipped out, but the exterminator called me and was very kind and eventually I calmed down a little bit because he was confident they got them all and also, I have klonipin because i have an anxiety disorder.

In those three days, I took 14 klonipin. I usually take 1.5 per day. On the bug-finding day, I took 10. And was STILL panicking. Thank god for on-call psychiatrists. 

The exterminator assured me we could keep our mattress.You pay the expensive money so that you don’t have to get a new mattress. But the room and the mattress were haunted to me now and there was no way I could do it. They don’t really tell you about the psychological PANIC that can accompany these critters. I had trouble going into our bedroom. We slept on an air mattress on the floor in the living room (I wouldn’t sleep on the couch because I had read too much about bed bugs and heard that they are attracted to your breath and I didn’t want them on the couch) for a week. I cleaned everything in the bedroom with bleach and vacuumed everything, standing in the room and crying and cleaning. Panicking. Anxiety and bugs and the internet are a pretty terrible combination.

So then we decided to just throw out the bed. It was labor day weekend, and there were sales, and I couldn’t get it together, so we thought we should just start fresh. So although I was panicky that we would transfer some surviving bed bugs from the bed onto our carpet (although they were all gone), we took the bed outside, I wrote DO NOT TAKE and drew a bug on it, and in a week or so it was gone. We went to a department store and bought a new mattress. I asked a lot of questions to the sale’s man about how they assure there will be no bed bugs on the mattress, especially since they deliver and pick up mattresses. He assured me the mattresses are wrapped in plastic and not opened from the warehouse to our apartment and the boyfriend reminded me things would be fine and I signed up for my first credit card and we bought a mattress.

And we also invested in a bed-bug cover that we put on the second the mattress was unwrapped.  It keeps the bugs in? Or something? And shows their poop and stuff if you have them again, so they can’t get into the mattress. It was 50 dollars, my mother purchased it for us. I also got pillow covers. They’re itchy, but worth it, I think.

Also, we washed everything. I washed all of our clothes in burning hot water and through the dryer on super hot for an hour. Everything. Did things get ruined? Yes. Is it worth it for peace of mind? I think so. It sucks now because I can’t tell if my jeans are tight because I gained holiday weight or if they are tight from being washed in burning hot water and in the dryer for 2 hours for the first time ever. My nutritionist says I should just buy new jeans, so I think I’ll do that eventually.

Stay off of the websites. Seriously, do it. Be vigilant, obviously,  and vacuum and check your bed, but the websites don’t help. I took sleeping pills for about a month and a half and checked the bed obsessively. My therapist and I worked on slowly checking less. I got down to once a week. Now I only check every month, when I make the boyfriend lift the mattress and I check every corner of the bed. I am sleeping without pills through the night. I put a pillow in the corner where the bugs were (they were on my side of the bed) still, but sometimes I forget to now. Unfortunately, boyfriend and I don’t show bites. But we had his parents visit us, and they do, and slept on our bed, bite-free. That was helpful.

We didn’t tell anyone, other than my close friends, because it’s so embarrassing and shameful and scary and anxiety provoking. But I kind of wish we had, because I don’t know who else has suffered and I now am a bed bug expert. I know what they look like and I know how to treat them.

I realize my survival method is dependent on income. We spent $1200 on treatment, $50 on clothes washing, $1100 on a new mattress, around $150 buying new things that I threw out (pillows, pillow covers, etc.). So total, we spent around $2500 total. And then if you include my therapy, which I was going to anyway but went to more, that was another 300 some dollars to make sure I got through the weeks without losing my shit. (And I still did). If you don’t have money, there are lots of ways to deal with them without spending your savings on it, at least the websites say so, but this is what worked for us.

So it’s been about six months, and we are bug free. I am sleeping again. I did make us change hotels in Vegas, buying a new hotel room on the plane with the wifi after realizing I hadn’t googled bed bugs in Vegas and there were a few alerts of them in the hotel that a friend had booked. Luggage does not go on beds ever anymore. Sometimes I have momentary PANIC when I’m in a public place (like this weekend when we were in the movie theatre watching Anchorman 2) but then I realize that even if, worst case scenario, it happened again? I know how to treat it. And it seems like it’s just something that is growing. So be careful, but don’t lose your mind. I survived them. You can too.

TITLE: Breakout


AUTHOR: kayleighhalliday2203

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki as a bartender, openly flirting with you.

RATING: Teen for now, will change as chapters are written

NOTES/WARNINGS: None for this chapter…I think

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

“Oh come on,” Eloise complained, stomping her foot for dramatic effect, “I wanna see.”
“Excuse me,” you protested, “But it’s my birthday and I don’t want to go into where I work.”  Eloise flipped her long blond hair over her shoulder.
“But I want to meet Tall, Dark and Sexy,” she said, pouting slightly. You rolled your eyes. Telling her about Loki had definitely been a bad idea. Eloise was a man-eater, plain and simple and you didn’t dare introduce them. Eloise would chew him up and spit him out, just like she did with every other guy she laid eyes on. Slowly, the other girls began to voice their agreement with Eloise. They all wanted to see him. You’d been babbling about Loki to them since you’d met him. He’d been kind, always making sure you were okay (there had been no repeats of your first meeting), even flirting a little. Sometimes you worked together, sometimes you finished as he started his shift. But any chance he got, he seemed to go out of his way to brush up against you, his hands grazing your hips. It had sparked hot, fuzzy feelings on your skin (and between your legs). His beautiful green eyes always crinkled when he smiled, a smile that made your legs to jelly. He flirted constantly, sometimes trailing his fingers down your bare arms. He filled your every waking thought and had even appeared in a few dreams recently. It was a little frightening actually. It was like he was taking over your life.

“C’mon, Alex,” said Josie, another of your friends, “Please, can we just take a quick look at him?” You groaned.
“Fine!” you gave in, throwing your hands in the air. The girls whooped and headed towards the front doors of Breakout. You followed. So far, for your twenty-fifth birthday, you’d been into three bars, all of them Eloise’s choice. They’d convinced you to come out when all you wanted to do was stay in and daydream about Loki. It would have been perfect to invite him over too. Your mom was out of town and you had the whole house to yourself. You followed the girls through the door. The bar was packed. Mac was storming around behind the bar, almost sending two of the bartenders flying. But there was no sign of Loki.

Keep reading