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November Asks
  • Fog: Perfect November weather?
  • Grey: A book that you want to read this November?
  • Thanksgiving: Favourite thanksgiving food?
  • Mittens: Your must have November item?
  • Euphony: Three songs that make you think of November?
  • Photograph: A photograph you took last November?
  • Warmth: Your favourite November outfit?
  • Deer: Favourite November activity?
  • Baking: Favourite thing to bake in November?
  • Poetry: Do you like to write? If so, what do you write?
  • Gingerbread: Favourite type of cookie?
  • Frost: Are you excited for it to snow? Why or why not?
  • Chill: Favourite warm drink?
  • Skating: Do you know how to skate?
  • Cabin: Some things that you associate with November?
  • Forest: What's the best part about November where you live?
  • Lights: Do you put up your christmas lights in November? Or do you wait until December?
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Kitchen/Potion Witch Tip

Part water, part vinegar, and an optional part of lemon juice

Put the mixture into the pot or pan with a stain and let it sit on the stove for about 15 minutes before turning it on to a low heat. Let it warm up before taking the pot or pan off the heat. Scrub the bottom and voila… No longer stained. I’ve done this with several pieces of my cookware and the best part is that this is a natural cleaner. 


The tattoo AU that nobody asked for.

Jane has the most separate tattoos. She’s covered in constellations and stars, and has the planets of the solar system lined down her back. The only real space she has left is on her left thigh, and she’s looking for a new artist since the guy (Erik) who did all her other ones retired. She’s a university lecturer whose students never really believe she’s got all that ink, until warm weather arrives and she turns up in clothes that show most of them off.

Darcy is her assistant and does part time modelling, specifically for tattoo places. Most of the time they just airbrush on the designs so they’re not permanent but she liked the ones from Thor and Loki’s place the best and kept two of them.  And told Jane all about it.

Loki and Thor own the place jointly. They’’re both tattoo artists but Thor enjoys the practical side more than the business side and lets Loki handle most of that. Loki has a talent for intricate imagery but Thor has a gentler bedside manner. A lot of the time people wind up with Loki’s designs inked by his brother. Thor has half sleeves, and a large tattoo of Yggdrasil all the way across his back, so he arguably has the most overall ink. There is a persistent rumour that he also has a goat tattooed on each buttcheek but this remains unconfirmed. Loki has runes, including but not limited to Perthro (secrets) on his right forearm, Kenaz (a torch, illumination) on his left forearm, and Dagaz (the dawn, a breakthrough) on his neck. Their parents don’t really approve of any of it.

Okay, so for any artists out there who can’t think of something to draw, I’ve found that the Bean exercise is a great way to warm up your arting muscles and really get into the groove. Now for those who don’t know the bean exercise is quite simple. 

Step 1) draw two circles close to each other in any configuration. 

Step 2) Start adding humany bits. the great thing about the beans you just drew is that they become a spring board for any number of fun dynamic poses, best part being that you literally just come up with these poses as you draw, no prior thought needed for the most part! :D

Or if you’re like me and you just want to cheer yourself up, you can always use the beans to make fuzzy lil animals. >w<

Prompt: Everlark + “My car broke down in the snow” + one of them taking their hands in theirs and blowing on them to warm them up? (optional; the visual is nice?)


Author’s note: I’m sorry it took a while to get to this. Hope it’s all you were expecting! Happy reading!

Katniss groaned as Prim’s phone went to voicemail. She’d already tried Gale with the same result. The worst part about your best friend and sister dating is never getting in touch when you need them most.

She shivered and looked down at her phone. Since Prim and Gale were her only friends, she didn’t really have anyone else to call. She scrolled through the minimal contact list. They were her co-workers and professors. A couple classmates.

“Peeta Mellark.” Katniss sighed. They’d worked together on a project the previous semester. She thought he was cute and he flirted quite shamelessly. They’d only had fleeting conversations since then. But she felt that if anyone could help her, it would be him. She pressed the button and waited for him to pick up.

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Imagine your Happy’s Old Lady and your daughter from your previous relationship calls him daddy for the first time.

WARNINGS: There are none

You were watching your daughter play on the play ground, laughing as Abel chased her around, Genevieve was the light in your life and you couldn’t ask for a better gift. Genevieve is the daughter from a previous boyfriend who decided he wanted no part of Genevieve, of course you were upset but you weren’t going to force him. Instead you took your little girl who was only one at the time and went to your best friend, Chibs, who helped you get on your feet. Later you ended up meeting Happy when Gen was four, the second he saw her his cold exterior was shattered and it warmed your heart. A year had passed before Happy asked you to be his Old Lady, you didn’t say yes at first instead you went to Gen and explained everything first, seeing how she felt about everything. She quickly agreed saying how much she loved Happy and you went back and gave him the good news and he was well…happy.

“How you doin mommy?” You heard Happy say your eyes going to him as he winked at you, “Hey Hap. Everything okay?” You asked and he nodded his head, “Just wanted to check on my girls.” He said, his eyes going over to Genevieve, a small smile gracing his face as he saw her playing with the small Teller.

“She’ll get there Hap.” You said grabbing his hand so he would sit down beside you, “I don’t think she likes me.” Happy sighed as he sat next to you and you kissed his cheek, “Don’t say that baby, Genevieve loves you.” Happy looked at you searching your eyes for the lie that didn’t exist and nodded as he looked back to Genevieve.

“Ya know she’s got a crush on him.” You chuckled and Happy tensed and his jaw clenched, “She’s six.” He growled and you laughed, “He likes her too, I think they’ll be cute together…when they’re older of course.”

“Hell no. Nothing good comes to being a Teller.” He rasped and you nodded your head slowly, you were about to speak when a little body came running over to Happy. “Daddy! Push me on the swings please! Please!” She cheered and you immediately smiled like a mad woman, your hands going to cover your mouth in shoke, “Oh my god.” You whispered.

“What?” Happy asked Genevieve in a whisper, his usual blank face was shocked but filled with joy, “Ugh daddy I need help going on the swings, Chibs is helping Abel but I don’t have someone to push me. So please please please push me!” She begged as her hands clasped together a pout on her lips making her look adorable.

“Of course baby girl.” Happy smiled as he tossed her in the air making her laugh and squeal, “God I love you.” He said as he pressed a kiss to her forehead, “I love you too daddy.” She smiled and Happy grinned, “Say it again.”

“I LOVE YOU DADDY!” Genevieve yelled in a loud sing song tone, all the other Sons heard what she finally said and cheered, giving Happy pats on the back in congratulations.

Happy looked over at you as he pushed your six year old on the swings, ‘I love you.’ you mouthed and he winked making your body flutter with butterflies. “Damn I love that man.” You chuckled to yourself.  


Dragons Wall Dust

This is a mix to help protect while doing workings or to put up walls after things have been booted out. It’s not meant to be long lasting and frankly, if you have pets should be cleaned up quickly or not left on the floor. It’s also worked well as a floor sweep. 

Things you will need!

  • 1 heat safe jar
  • 1 part egg shell powdered
  • 1 part salt
  • 1 part Rosemary
  • 1 Part of each Red and Black pepper

Crush and mix together, the bottle. 

The heat safe container is used because always find this works best when warmed slightly before each use. Then either sprinkle where desired to form a wall of sorts or put into your hand and blow about your space before sweeping up. 

Please edit the herbs used as suits you best, more so if you happen to work with dragons and they have suggestions better for your path. This is not the full list for my own dust but the base of it. However, on its own this base mix does lovely work. 

And yes, it will actually work for keeping dragons out. YMMV of course but it’s worked for me to keep out the uninvited. Think of the heating and blowing the dust about as breathing your own fire. 

Not, Not Together: 10k Imagine

The sun slowly started to set leaving the skies in shades of deep colors. The translation from day to night was absolutely beautiful even during a zombie apocalypse. The group has agreed on setting up camp for the night to rest. A camp fire was started as a last hope in staying warm in the night. Just as the sun left us so did the warmth. Everyone crowded around the fire with false hope of keeping warm. Fires weren’t the best. The closest part of your body to the fire seemed as if was burning and the rest was freezing.

I slid in next to 10k as he sat leaning against the truck. Tonight everyone seemed in a haze. I subconsciously moved closer to 10k when I felt the wind pick up. He didn’t move away. He just sat there letting me push up against his side.

Doc started to go on about some crazy stories making the group laugh, making this feel normal again. The topics changed from home life to worst job experiences to awkward first loves.

10k seemed to shift beside me before his arm went around me. I had to bite my lip to hold back my smile. It was a subtle move but it made my heart race.

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Chanyeol wakes up first.
He picks his clothes up from the floor and slips into them quietly so that you don’t wake up.
As he buttons his pants, he looks back at you and smiles at how small you look in his shirt, laying there in the huge bed  and how your lips are slightly parted-how the blanket slowly rises and falls with your breathing and the way strands of hair messily adorn your sleeping face.
He walks over to the window, rubbing the lower part of his back. He may have overdone it last night, but all he could think about was the way it felt to be tangled together with you, closer than ever before.

All he could think about was how this was the best decision he’s ever made; you were the best decision. 

He slides his hands in between the curtain fabric and parts them to look outside.

The warm light sneaks in, across the floor, onto the bed until it reaches your face. It wakes you up, but instead of opening your eyes, you extend your hand out in front of you. Feeling the absence of his warmth, you blink awake lazily and find him standing by the window. His tall broad figure looming in front of the light as you rub your eyes.
Your cheeks flush when you remember last night and find yourself in his shirt. You can still feel him on your lips, his hands against your thighs, in your hair, his arms around your waist; the taste of his tongue against yours. Dominant yet, gentle.
You look down at your hand, smiling at the polished silver ring sitting snugly around your finger and all you can think about is how this was the best decision you’ve ever made.

All-Nighters Are Overrated

Description: Sam x reader fluff with a little Dean x reader friendship. The reader wakes up cuddled next to Sam and is left in an awkward situation.
Words: 2,673
Warnings: Maybe a swear word but does that even count!?
Author’s Note: It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! Been promising to do this for a couple weeks but it’s all ready to go now! Thank you @cestladoulerexquise for being my fabulous beta, missed you, hun!

Late nights were always going to be a part of the job description, just the same as a surgeon would see blood - although when you came to think about it, you saw your fair share of that too. Before you even opened your eyes, you could feel that your head was muzzy and pounding. Waking up didn’t seem like the best option when warm and cosy with the blanket pulled up to right under your chin. You actually contemplated going straight back to sleep again, before remembering that you hadn’t finished off the research last night. Damn.

With a small grimace you prised your eyes open, and blinking to clear them, you decided you should probably check the time. You remembered looking at the clock at 2am, or was it 3am? You hoped you’d had at least 4 hours sleep but you weren’t betting on it. As you went to shuffle about to find your phone, that was when you truly woke up, suddenly becoming aware of an arm wound around your waist.

You swallowed hard and racked you brains for the last thing you could remember. There hadn’t been alcohol, nothing like that, in fact you knew you’d been sitting on the bed with Sam gathering data for the hunt. Chances were you’d both just drifted off. He probably hadn’t even realised either and it left you in an awkward situation.

You weren’t sure whether to stay still and pretend you were asleep to prevent the mutual embarrassment; that seemed a reasonable option even if it just meant delaying the inevitable. It was possible you could try to sneak away without waking him. He obviously hadn’t woken up yet so you might be able to pretend this closeness hadn’t happened. Either that, or just attempt to wake him up anyway and see what happens. It wouldn’t be embarrassing, you were just close friends and hunting buddies, that’s all…

So why were you still thinking about it rather than doing something already?

Truthfully, you knew exactly why. The nervous flip in your stomach was enough to tell you that. You’d wished for this more times than you could count. Admittedly under different circumstances, but the feel of his hand lightly resting on your stomach, rough fingers touching where your shirt had ridden up in your sleep. That was all very real. And it made your decision for you. Was it your most honest idea? No. Was it comforting to close your eyes and nestle back further into his chest? Absolutely no question. So that was what you did. You pushed yourself back, relishing in the feeling of his arm readjusting around your waist, pulling you in tighter as he sensed your movement.

Just for a few minutes you could pretend. You could pretend he viewed you as more than a friend and harboured even half of the feelings you did towards him.

It was at that point of settling back down, as you concentrated on making your breathing sound as if you were dozing that it changed. You felt it as he leaned forward and pressed a light kiss into your hair, tucking himself back in further with a contented sigh. Only that gesture made your eyes shoot open. You two may be close, but that? That was a line you two had never crossed. Not that you wouldn’t want him to but…

“Sam, are you awake?” You said barely above a whisper. You could feel your heart hammering but what was more alarming was how you felt his muscles instantly tense and his breathing catch. Not something a sleeping person did.

Oh God.

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A Dream Apart

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Kyouhaba

Summary:  Spicy, musky, muted, potent. The scent was intoxicating, and Yahaba found himself relaxing further before slowly opening his eyes, peeking at his human pillow. His eyes widened in shock, and his heart hammered in his chest a mile a minute.

A/N: needed to get this out of my system. @nairuru drew this amazing thing and I couldn’t resist. 

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Headcanon Game


A/N: Lee is such a pure hearted character and we should all aspire to be like this bean.


When in love, Lee has absolutely no reservations. He will buy you flowers, take you out to dinner. He once tried to serenade you, but he doesn’t have the best singing voice. Despite being so excited about you, and being enthusiastic about any developments in your relationship, he is a very private person. Your relationship and the details of it, for the most part, stay between the two of you exclusively. Once he’s committed to a romantic relationship, his partner would have to be the one to end the affair. He’s never one to give up.


Lee is polite and warm with most people, but he actually doesn’t see someone as a friend until this person has proved themselves to be trustworthy, loyal, and dedicated. Once you are friends, he instantly becomes one of your best friends, and you know you are friends when he asks you to spar with him. He is great to be around when you’re in a good mood, but he can only help so much when you’re having a bad day. He will always strive just to make you happier, and so it’s difficult for him to share your silence and accept that you just need to be sad for a little while.


He’s the most fun Dad ever. Gai made sure that he would be. Before they could walk, he had his children enrolled in different activities to get them active and social. If he had a more relaxed, or lazier id, he would struggle to bond with them in the beginning, but he would have lots of stories to tell his kids and would get them engaged in that way. This might lead to his kids being writers later on- if they weren’t athletes, that is. Despite his lack of understanding a calm, nonathletic child, he would learn about their craft and motivate them to pursue their own craft. He is super encouraging, and would be at all of the recitals, shows, games, and concerts that his kids had even the most minor role in.  


Lee likes meditating. Despite training his body 98% of the time, he believes in strengthening his spirit as well. Because of this practise, he has a huge chakra reserve, which is where his endless stamina comes from, as he’s not utilizing it for ninjutsu or genjutsu. His chakra reserve rivals Sasuke’s. Lee dislikes disloyalty. Even if an outsider left their own clan to join the Konoha Shinobi, he would have an eye on them at all times. If they were willing to abandon another clan, what should lead him to believe they wouldn’t abandon his? Lee will forgive a lot of things, but loyalty and trustworthiness is important to him, and his opinion of those who toy with those concepts isn’t the greatest.

A Lightened Soul

So, I thought everyone needed a little something to ease the heartbreak of the latest episode. So, here you go! Also big thanks to @gotham-ruaidh for chatting with me about this story and helping me shape it. She’s the best. 

Part 1,2,3,4,5

Drifting to consciousness from a deep, restful sleep, I felt as though someone painting my body. Little strokes, delicate and precise, as if the artist was determined to make this work his masterpiece. The paint was warm and comforting on my skin, smooth yet textured. Small licks on my stomach, swirls on my inner thighs.

The bristles started to tickle me and I dreamily reached down to shoo the paintbrush away and was met with a mass of fur. I sat up a little, startled into awareness.

Bonny blue eyes met my shocked ones as they gleamed with mischief in between my thighs. Jamie hummed against me and I fell back onto my pillow, gasping. He chuckled and then focused back on his early morning task.

“Ohhhh,” I sighed a few minutes later while catching my breath and lazily stroking the soft thatch of red hair resting on my stomach.

He glanced up at me with the look of a proud man who had satisfied his woman. “Aye?”

“Aye,” I chuckled and turned my head into the cool side of the pillow, suddenly shy. His head popped up next to mine and he nuzzled my neck, dragging his lips across my throat, causing me to shiver.

“Don’t hide, mo nighean donn,” he whispered as he ran his hands up and down my thighs, lightly. “You’re so beautiful.”

Managing to flip back around, red cheeks in all, I saw his sincerity and love. Love that’s made me brave.

“If you say so,” I kissed his reddened lips. “Now, do you want some actual breakfast?”

“What are the two cell types that do not have any nuclei?”

“Red blood cells and…… blood platelets!”

Jamie ducked and kissed my tummy in reward, as was his usual practice when I got an answer right. When I got one wrong, he tended to bite. When he first saw my huge stacks of flashcards I needed to memorize, he determined that he had to find a way to make it more enjoyable for me. And for him.

“What GI problem can cause metabolic acidosis?”

“Bicarbonate wasting!”

“And that’s the last one of this section.”

I braced myself as he lurched at me and flung his body on top of mine, squashing me in the most delightful way into the carpet rug underneath us. He nuzzled my ear and then stuck his tongue inside.

“Ekkk,” I yelled as he continued his playful assault. “Let me go!”

But even as I voiced that exclamation, my legs wrapped around his, hugging him closer to me until there was no space between us.

“Never,” he laughed and pinned me to the ground. His hands bringing both of my own together and above my head. His solid, warm body atop mine, holding me right where he wanted, under his spell.

“Never,” he whispered as he lowered his face to mine, noses brushing softly. His eyes as tender as a summer night. I grabbed his face and pulled his mouth to mine. Our lips met roughly and his grip tightened on my hands.

The loud shrill of his cell on the table broke us apart. Jamie glanced at the phone and then back at me under him, panting and squirming.

“Ignore it,” he mumbled against my lips. I giggled and shook my hands from his grasp and straddled him while yanking off his sweatshirt I had been wearing.

His hooded eyes turned to slants as he rubbed my thighs, licking his lips as he gazed at my almost naked form. His hands reached up and brushed my breasts, taking special heed to avoid the most sensitive parts.

I wiggled in dismay causing him to gasp from the friction. I picked up his hands with mine and moved them to squeeze my breasts.

“Are you sure this is ok?”

“Yes,” I breathily whispered as his fingers brushed my nipples, moving in firm circles.

He let out a shaky breath and one of his hands slithered down my body and rested on the edge of my underwear. His index finger dipped underneath in question.

I smiled down at him and leaned to kiss him in answer, but almost toppled over at the sound of the loud ring of his cell again.

He let his head drop against the carpet in frustration. I laughed and got up off him and walked to the table to get his phone.

“Here better get it before…,” I wiggled my eyebrows in suggestion. He smiled at me coyly from the floor before hopping up and tossing me the sweatshirt.

“Better put this on, mo nighean donn. I canna be talking to someone clearly when yon lovely breasts are exposed.”

I kissed him on the cheek before pulling the garment over my head. Deciding to fix us some snacks, I moved over to the fridge as Jamie answered the intruder.

“What? Why are ye in…fine. Aye!”

I glanced over my shoulder to see Jamie pacing by the window, clutching the phone hard in left his hand and tapping his right against his leg.

I pulled out some biscuits and began filling my kettle for tea.

Jamie growled something in Gaelic on the phone before angrily hanging up. I set the tin down and walked over to him cautiously, coming up behind him and wrapping my arms around his middle.


Some of the tension in his body began to ease at my touch. He sighed heavily as I kissed in between his shoulder blades.

“Aye”, he sighed and turned around in my arms. He cupped my face tenderly in both of his hands. “That was my Godfather, Murtagh. Mind when I told ye about him? He’s in London right now, at my flat actually and it must be serious if he took the train down.”

I furrowed my brows as this comment, most Scots I knew came down on the train.

“He’s, um, quite patriotic. Not to fond of merry old England,” he responded off my look.

“I see.” I tightened my grip on his middle. “So are we in a torrid love affair? The Scot and the Sassenach?”

That brought a smile to his face. “Nay, he’ll like ye fine.”

He leaned down and kissed my nose. “But perhaps ye can just smile nice and pretty, yeah?”

I stood on my tip toes and kissed his in return. “I’ll use my best charms. When will I be meeting him?”

He glanced at the digital clock on my nightstand. “About 20 minutes if ye please. I told him I would meet him alone at the bar, but,” he hugged me tighter to him. “I havena seen him since I ran from Scotland after my father’s death last year.”

I rubbed soothing circles on his back as his tone grew somber. “If you want me there, I’ll be there.”

He buried his face in my neck, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine. “I’d like that verra much, Claire.” He kissed the side of my neck gently in thanks. He leaned back and and took a deep breath.

“Well, Murtagh can be quite blunt, but he’s been there for me since I was a wee laddie.”

“Quite blunt?”

“Aye, sound familiar?” He ducked as I threw a pillow at his head.

The tension in the air was palpable as the three of us sat in a booth in a tucked away in the corner of the pub that Jamie worked. Jamie and I sat on one side of the booth and his irate Godfather across from us.

Murtagh had been not quite what I had expected. A strong, sturdy looking man with a wild beard and piercing brown eyes. Those eyes were currently shooting daggers at his Godson and occasionally me.

“I thought ye said we’d be alone.”

Jamie glared at him in disapproval. “She’s sitting right here, ye daftie. And I told ye, whatever ye want to say to me, ye can say in front of her. She’s…she’s mine.”

His eyes grew softer as he looked at me. “And I’m hers.”

My heart lifted and I leaned over to kiss him, forgetting my surroundings as Murtagh mumbled under his breath in Gaelic.

A loud cough broke us apart a few seconds later. I ducked my head, cheeks flaring red. Jamie turned back to the older man in anger once more.

“I ken you’re not happy with me, so say what’s on yer mind and be done with it.”

“Aye, I will.” Murtagh put his clenched fits on the table and his face turned an angry red.

“It’s time to stop running, lad and come home. Ye’ve been avoiding it all since yer father died and left yer poor sister to run everything.”

Jamie ducked his head at the last comment. The stinging reminder of his broken relationship with his only real family left besides the irate man across from him.

I gripped his hand under the table, wordlessly giving him strength.

“I-I ken that I-

“No! Ye don’t ken! Ye were not there, Jamie! Christ, ye didna even attend his funeral and did ye know that Jenny is wed now?!”

Murtagh slammed his fist on the table, causing the beer in his mug to overflow and the few other customers watching football to glance at our table.

Jamie swallowed hard and leaned forward, a red surge peeking from the collar of his shirt and his hand griped mine so hard, I thought it would break.

He opened his mouth and then closed it. Murtagh stared at him wordlessly, waiting for the explosion he expected, most likely. And then suddenly, Jamie collapsed back against the booth, letting all the air out of his body, sagging into himself. And before he closed his eyes, I thought I saw a shimmer of unshed tears.

“Aye,” he whispered softly. “Aye, yer right. I’m a coward and I ran. I ran. And I’m sorry.”

He abruptly got up from the table and I moved to follow, but he shook his head slightly. I hesitated and then let him go outside for a moment alone. I sighed and turned towards Murtagh, furious.

“Do you know how guilty he feels? He blames himself for everything. It eats at him and you yelling at him about it isn’t helping.”

The man simply stared at me, face impassive, not letting one ounce of emotion show through his thick exterior.

“He’s told me about you and I know he loves and respects you. What he needs right now is your support, not your judgment.”

He took a large swig from his mug as he glanced down.

I picked up my purse and jacket. “Now, I’m going out there to comfort him because I love him and when and if he comes back, you will help him, not yell.”

I tossed a few pounds on the table and walked out.

There was a chill outside even though the sun was out and I wrapped my coat tight around me, looking for red hair. I spotted him sitting on a bench a few blocks down through the maze of people, shoulders slumped with his head in his hands. I walked over, ignoring the stares coming from inside the pub.

“Are you ok?”

Jamie sighed and moved over on the bench for me to squeeze next to him.

“Aye, he had every right to those words. I just dinna want to hear them.”

He smiled ruefully. “Truth be told, I missed his grisly face.”

I rubbed his shoulder, lightly. “Then, maybe you should go back in and talk to him.”

He nodded slightly, then lifted his head to gently kiss me on the forehead. “Thank you for being here.”


He groaned as he got up from the bench and looked back to the pub.

I got up as well and hugged him briefly. “Go. I’ll be back at the flat when you’re done.”

He kissed my hand in farewell. “It’s a date milady.”

And in that moment, standing in the middle of the city, I knew our bond was something made of steel and iron forged together. Nothing could ever break us. I just didn’t know how soon that bond would be tested.  

Continued here

A part of Hide knew Kaneki probably wasn’t going to come back on his own. He had always been the type to shoulder everything himself regardless of how everyone around him felt about it. This meant there was no way he would ever let Hide help him, to try and protect his best friend from danger but also from the truth. A small, ugly part of Hide despised that.

Kaneki had no idea Hide knew the truth about what happened to his friend, but Hide knew. He knew and he ached as Kaneki became more and more withdrawn around him while he seemed to be accepted into the folds of Anteiku and thrive there. Now he had left Anteiku and not even Touka was sure of where he was, from what Hide could tell. Everything was just a huge mess and Hide couldn’t do anything about it. That was what hurt the most.

A rueful smile crossed over his face as he stared out of Anteiku’s window, watching the rain splatter against the pavement and the glass. Things had been much simpler only a few months ago. Hide might have actually been able to help his friend then, when their only problems were human ones. Now, Hide was basically useless.

“Here you go,” Touka said, bringing over Hide’s coffee. She didn’t bother with her fake work smile in front of him. There was some sort of mutual understanding between them now that Kaneki was gone, and Hide’s smile was mournful but genuine when he thanked her.

“Part of me hopes he’s going to just waltz in and apologize for being gone so long,” Hide admits out loud, staring into the coffee like the steam rising off of it will show him what he wants to know. Touka sits across from him at the table, a sad smile of her own present.

“He’s too damn noble for that. He’s going to keep on doing what he feels is necessary even it means he has to suffer. All for the sake of ‘protecting us’ or some bullshit like that,” Touka sighed, propping her elbows up on the table and dropping her chin into her hands.

“He always used to think that it would be better if he got hurt instead of others. He never said it out loud, but it was something I picked up on. Now I’m not so sure what he’s trying to do anymore,” Hide sighed, frowning at his coffee.

“You and me both,” Touka snorted, turning her gaze out at the rain. “It doesn’t matter how strong he’s gotten; he’s still an idiot for not letting anyone else help him,” she huffed, glaring at nothing in particular.

“I wish there was something I could do to help, but I think anything ghoul related is a little out of my calibre,” Hide chuckled, scratching his cheek with his index finger. Touka whipped her head to face him, eyes wide in alarm. Hide just gave a small, defeated smile.

“I’ve known for a long time about him,” Hide confessed, taking a sip of his coffee before putting it down again. “It wasn’t hard to figure out, though I didn’t really believe it at first. It doesn’t matter to me though, he’s still the lonely bookworm I’ve always known even if he can’t have burgers with me anymore.”

Touka seemed unsure how to process the information, just quietly staring at Hide as she tried to think of something to say. Hide sipped at his coffee, letting her think of a response. The rain still fell against the windows, the dull pitter-patter filling the silence of the shop.

“Not many people would keep quiet after finding out their best friend was turned into a ghoul,” Touka said after a moment, and Hide only laughed, little humor in the sound.

“I’m not most people, Touka-chan. I joined the CCG to find him, y'know,” Hide added with a lopsided smile. “I can’t do much for him but be there whenever he needs a friend, though I can’t really even do that much when he’s not around for me to be a friend,” Hide sighed, bringing his cup up to his lips.

“He’s lucky you’re not most people,” Touka murmured, casting her gaze out the window again. A frown crossed her face when she spotted something, quickly morphing into shock as she jumped out of her chair.

“No way,” Touka breathed, her eyes wide as she stared out the window of Anteiku. Hide followed her gaze to where a head of white hair was down the street, gazing up into the shop. It took Hide a moment to realize why Touka had gasped at the stranger, and as soon as it hit him he was bolting out the door.

“Hide!” Touka called after him, but he didn’t care how hard it was raining. He took the steps down as fast as he could, nearly stumbling as he sprinted his way up the street. Kaneki was there, soaking wet and staring in disbelief, frozen to the spot as Hide ran up to him, stopping a few meters apart.

“Hide…” Kaneki said, dumbfounded and barely audible over the heavy rainfall. Hide bent over, hands on his knees as he caught his breath, and grinned up at his best friend.

“Kaneki,” Hide replied, still winded but finally getting in enough air he was able to talk properly. He straightened himself before approaching Kaneki, who still was rooted to the spot.

“Why are you…?” Kaneki frowned, white eyebrows coming together, and Hide waved a hand dismissively, cocking his head with a smile.

“Ever since I found out the truth it’s been impossible to get ahold of you y'know,” Hide chided, trying to suppress the aching feeling crawling up his chest at the horrified look that came over Kaneki.

“W-What?” Kaneki asked, taking a step back. Hide felt his sad smile crawling over his face, stepping forward until there was hardly any distance between them.

“I know. I’ve known for a while,” Hide murmurs, holding Kaneki’s gaze with his own. Kaneki has never looked as small as he has then, soaked to the bone and so uncertain. Hide smiles at his hesitance, letting his gaze roam over his friend.

Kaneki had definitely changed, and not just his white hair either. His face seemed to be more angular, more mature. He had gained quite a bit of muscle too from what Hide could tell, especially through the wet outfit clinging to his frame. This wasn’t the same boy Hide had known for most of his life, but that same Kaneki was still there too, behind all of this new strength.

“Jeez, look at that hair. You don’t blend in very well do you?” Hide teased, reaching out to brush some wet strands away from Kaneki’s eyes. There was humor returning to Kaneki’s expression, a small upwards curve of his lips and softening of his expression. There was the Kaneki Hide knew.

“…It’s good to see you, Hide,” Kaneki murmured, his eyes shimmering as he met his friend’s gaze again. He hesitated before reaching out, cupping Hide’s cheek in one hand. Hide placed his own hand on top of Kaneki’s, turning his face into the touch. The visible warmth in Kaneki’s gaze was enough to make everything worth it.

Nothing else mattered to Hide after Kaneki closed the distance. It didn’t matter that he was absolutely soaked and would most definitely get sick. It didn’t matter that he didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around Kaneki’s neck and pull him closer. It didn’t matter that Touka was probably still watching them, or that they were out where anyone else could see.

The only thing that mattered was Kaneki’s lips moving with his, and the knowledge that he wasn’t going anywhere for a while. Everything else could come later.

I just love the moon. He’s the cosmic embodiment of who I wish to be with. He’s always there smiling at me. Well not that you aren’t, but your smile makes me nervous. And then I look up at him and he tells me everything is alright. He spreads a warm blanket of endless understanding while I mourn about how much I want you and how guilty I feel for getting these thoughts. It’s him I look up at when I’m hurting because of your unintentional conversations. I talk to him when the tears are overflowing. You see, I can’t talk to you, because you never know what to do. He does. He glows in my stead and send me his light.
—  and the best part is he’s always there. i think that’s why i love him in fact; because he is the exact opposite of you (inspired by this) // .a.c.
Stormy afternoon

@anastasiagorbunova1977 here you g ! I did my best for the diry part, but it doesn’t end up with smut (cause, well dirty and smut are different aren’t they ?) any way let me know what you thought about it !

 I was bored out of my mind on that rainy afternoon. I didn’t have work today, so I slept until midday, and then had a late brunch in front of the big windows, watching the thunderstorm that was roaring outside. I loved stormy day when I was home, I could be lazy and warm, enjoying the show with a hot chocolate and a blancket.

 But there was something bugging me. Lex was definitely ignoring me. Well, I already knew when I woke up alone in bed that today wouldn’t be my lucky day. But being the hopeless optimist I was, I though that maybe I would be able to convince him to spend time with me instead of staying inclosed in that damn office.

 I never met his father, but was nevertheless hating him because of that damn room.

 Anyway, after my brunch, I joined him in his office, and asked him if he wanted to go watch the thunder with me, but he just… mutter absentmindedly :

“Someone’s trying to concentrate here.”

 That was enough to vexe me, and I left after violently slamming the door. Okay, I wasn’t very mature but hell, I don’t care !

 I decided to go sulk in the kitchen, because there was always someone there. The cooks were nice, and sometime I would have the luck to taste a new recipe and watch them work. But I was still angry at Lex, and regretting that my first day off in a while would end up wasted like that.

“Come on girl.” I muttered. “You’re a grown up right ! You want him to pay you attention? Make him.”

 With this new resolve in mind, I made a plan. An Evil plan. There were a few thing I knew my favorite red hair couldn’t resist, and the hell get me if it didn’t work ! I get to the bedroom, and borrow one of his shirt, putting it with nothing else but a panties. Then I messed with my hair to make it look like I just woke up from a crazy night and headed for the damn office.

 I didn’t knock at the door and entered quietly, taking the time to look at him a few seconds to note his concentrated face, the tension in his shoulder, and the mess on the desk that were telling me he definitaly needed a break. Lucky him he got me. He didn’t even realize I was here, and I smiled evily. I closed the door silently, and then locked it, grinning at the loud Clic of the lock that made Lex raise his head with a frown.

 He sended me the I’m busy look, but I couldn’t have care less.

“Come on, take a break Lex.” I said, before adding with a praying look: “Please?

 One of his soft spot was that he rarely resisted when I begged – I wasn’t doing it often just to keep that weaknesse effective. And as a matter of fact, his bright blue eyes soften a little, and he made an effort to give me a little attention – probably to explain me that this was an important work that needed his full attention, or something like that.

 That was when he noted my clothes – or rather his clothes – and a light turned on in his eyes. I felt his look slipping through my naked legs to my neckline. He swallowed heavily, and tried to clear his throat.

“Y/N… I’m really need to finish that work.”

 Like I said.

“Five minutes. Just give me five minutes and I’ll leave you alone, okay?”

 I blinked my eyes a few time with a shy smile, and knew I had win when he sighed.

“Five minutes, no more.”


 I scampered happily to him, and started to massage lightly his shoulder from behind his armchair.

“Damn, how can you stressed your body so much!” I complained. “You’re so tensed, it’s insane!”

 Seriously, the muscles in his sohulder were hard like wood ! He was going to get hurt someday. For all aswer, Lex sighed with contentment, leaning on the back of his chair while closing his eyes. I kept massaging his shoulder for a while – definitely more than five minutes – and feared that he had fallen asleep – which wasn’t my purpose at all. But when I stopped moving my hand to check it, he took my wrist tightly and pulled me on his lap with a grunt.

“You’re a sly one ain’t you?”  He whispered at my ears.

 I shivered, and grinned widely.

“I don’t see what you’re talking about.” I denied.

“God you really can’t lie. Don’t smile if you want someone to actually believe you when you’re lying!”

 My smile got wider, I knew he found quite exasperating that I coulnd’t help but smile when telling lies. He rolled his eyes and kissed my lips almost violently, like if he wanted to devour them for not being able to lie.

“I can’t help it.” I laughed when he left my lips to shower the line of my jaw with light kisses. “I just feel so proud of me when I trick someone, that I need some glory for it.”

 I shivered even more when his hand started to caress my tigh eagerly, slipping ot reach my lower belly, and I sliped my hand in his hair with delight.

“Y/N, my dear. You are hopeless.” Lex smiled, shoving his face in my breast.

“Can’t deny it.”

 I slidded lightly my finger alongside his back.

“But I did what was need to get your attention away from that damn office.”

“In which you brightly succeed, I have to admit.” He conceded.

 I cupped his face in my hands and nibbled his lips before whispering:

“Then lets get to your room.”

“Your negotiation skills are improving amazingly, Y/N.”

“That’s only the beginnings.”

“Wouldn’t miss the next step then. Lets go.”

Don’t think about the day Sherlock woke up from an unplanned, slightly disorienting midday nap, aching, blurry dreams of warm lips and fingers in his hair replaced with an empty flat and a stark epiphany carved into his heart: This is it. Hopeless, unrequited love is now my lot in life. 

He saw how he was doomed to pine, eternally, for his best friend, and even more than that, he saw that the worst part of it all, the worst most beautiful part of it all, was this: as painful as it was, as horrendously sharp and deep this hopeless pointless love pierced his soul, Sherlock wouldn’t give back the knowledge of it, not for anything, not even for the blissful empty peace of the before, of the three-plus decades of his life before he knew the exquisite agony of love. 

He would never–could never–go back to not being in love, because loving John Watson this way, desperately, pathetically, from afar…if it’s all he can have, well, then he will take it, won’t he, because it’s still something, it’s still his, his to cradle and hold and keep in his heart, and loving John from afar, from the secret space in his heart, is still better than not loving John at all.

Cold Bedsheets Part 2

(You asked I got it)

I stood up abandoning my cold bed sheets and put some warm clothing on. After getting ready for the day I walked into camp, ready to confront Pan about last night. “Hey Y/N.” Felix said when he saw me. Me and Felix had become best friends in our time together in Neverland. “Hey Feefee.” “Ew I told you not to call me that.” I laughed at him. “Have you seen Pan around?” I asked curiosity taking hold of me. “I s-” “Y/N!” My voice was called harshly. Me and Felix spun around to see Pan. “Hey Pan, what can I do for you?” I asked. “Your chores I don’t need you slacking off just because you’re a girl, you’re on chopping wood.” He said while shoving an axe in my arms. He stormed off. “While someone’s had a bad morning.” Felix said. I huffed and went to go chop wood.

After a long day, my arms where sore and my hands were bleeding. I practically fell on Felix from exhaustion when I saw him, and everyone else gathered around the fire. “Wow Y/N are you okay? Jack I think you need to wrap up her hands.” Felix said as he helped me walk over to Jack. Jack took me to his med station on began to clean and wrap up my hands. “Have you eaten or drunk anything today?” He asked me. I shook my head and he sighed. “I’ll be right back.”

As I waited I heard him talking to Pan. “No she hasn’t eaten or drank anything at all today, don’t work her so hard jeez did you even give her a break at all.” No he didn’t actually. “Whatever just make sure she’s fine…please.” I heard footsteps and Jack, Felix and Pan entered. Jack handed me some water and food and I thanked him. After I had finished eating Felix sat next to me. “Feeling any better princess?” I groaned and lied down. Almost instantly I had fallen asleep.

The next morning I was still sore but Jack gave me some enchanted water and I was all fine. My hands where still cut up but I was alright. I went outside to find everyone gone and already doing their jobs. “Hey.” I heard someone say. I spun around to see Pan. I gave him a pointed look and he sighed. He grabbed my hand and lead me to his thinking tree. After we where both sitting on a branch he told me, “Y/N I’m in love with you and that scares me. I don’t want to do this, but I think I must.” “Do what? What are you talking about we can figure this out you’re not the only one with feelings here.” He looked down and I felt something grab my waist. “Peter what are you doing?” I asked shakily. He looked at me, tears filling his eyes. “Shadow, take her away.”