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alive in spite of rising water by brokendrums

Niall clutches for Taylor, the hot skin of her wrist slipping out of his sweaty grip. He calls for her, his throat clogged and rotting. Taylor. His vision swims, something hits his face. It’s dirt. Soil. Damp and musty. Taylor.


Niall wakes with a start. It’s dark and it takes a few moments for his vision to adjust to the dim. He blinks, his eyes filling with tears.

He can smell the smoke and the ash, his throat aching.

Fingers grip his own, rough and dirty and twisting to squeeze some heat into them. Something falls on Niall’s face and he jerks, his aching muscles spasming before he catches himself.

“It’s okay,” comes a voice in the dark and it’s Harry, his voice choked and brittle. He’s sick again, the last lashing of rain doing a number on his throat. “You’re okay.”

Fic Recs - Stranger Things

I finished watching STRANGER THINGS and surprised myself with how much I came to really like the Steve/Nancy/Jonathan OT3.  I fully expected to be ready to kick Steve to the curb, but then he owned up to the shit he did, he stuck around, and the ending was super cute and suddenly I wanted to see the three of them figuring life after the monster out!  Nancy with her being the actual sane one, Steve getting to be both a charmer and a decent guy when given the chance, Jonathan learning to interact with others his own age, I WANT ALL OF IT.

So, here are some of the really cute OT3 fics I liked!
Ducks on the Pond by The Stephanois (ballantine), steve/nancy/jonathan, 5.6k wip
   Steve Harrington knows two things to be true: the St. Louis Cardinals are the best baseball team in the world, and Nancy Wheeler is far too amazing for him to hog all to himself.

darling, you gotta let me know by callunavulgari, steve/nancy/jonathan,NSFW, 6.1k
   Jonathan’s room is messy the same way that Steve’s is. There are dirty socks and shirts and underwear strewn across the floor. Cassette tapes litter the desk like miniature landmines. There’s a notebook open on his bed, a textbook and a pencil beside it. He must have been studying when Steve knocked. Steve’s palms start to sweat. For a moment the only thing he can think of is whether Jonathan uses flash cards too. He opens his mouth and says, “Why’s there still a hole in your wall?”

stranger things than polyamory by trepan, steve/nancy/jonathan, NSFW, 3.5k
   Somebody spray-paints NANCY WHEELER HAS TWO BOYFRIENDS on a wall she walks by on her way back from school in May. There are a couple of other students watching her as she passes. Nancy gives the sign a long look, then smirks at them politely.

i wanna know what love is by jibberjabber599, steve/nancy/jonathan,NSFW, 1.7k
   “Oh my God,” Nancy exclaims, softly enough so they won’t attract any nosy people. “You like Jonathan.”

Tie a Yellow Ribbon by ghostlin, steve/nancy/jonathan, 1k
   It takes Jonathan a while to realise what feels strange.

Jonathan Byers Learning How to Date by tinymacuser1998, steve/nancy/jonathan, NSFW, 5.7k
   He can’t go into the woods comfortably anymore, for reasons he thinks are probably obvious; Steve and Nancy still go.

Beginnings and Ends by hma1313, steve/nancy/jonathan, NSFW, 2.5k
   None of them really expected this, but then again, none of them are complaining either.

this may be my favorite photo ever. I mean. Just look at it. No lucas anywhere. Just the ot3 hugging! The only thing that could make this better is if Smackle and Zay were making out in the backround. I mean. Just imagine a show about the ot3 BEFORE they met lucas. Or a show with the ot3 plus zayadora with NO LUCAS!!! Isn’t that the best thing ever! Man I really don’t like lucas…

Top 10 OTPs

Tagged by @mikoe24~! I had to think about this for a while. I’m the type that kind of ships everyone/everyone if you let me, heh. But thank you for tagging me <3

1. Natsume Yuujinchou - Tanuma/Natsume is my absolute fav, through and through. (Though Tanuma/Natsume/Taki is my OT3. Or one true polyship, if we take it to mean that ;D) The best thing about this pairing is that it’s … just so sweet and caring? Tanuma calls Natsume out when he hides things and Natsume is slowly opening up to him about the world he sees, discovering it’s okay to share parts of it. Even if they’ll never fully understand each other. Natsume doesn’t get mad when Tanuma calls him out either. Because he knows he needs to work on expanding his world, piece by piece. Instead, it’s when Tanuma does something reckless. When Tanuma puts his life at risk to be there for Natsume’s sake. I love their dynamic and the way they cherish each other - and just. The way they look at each other? It’s beautiful and pure.

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2. Ao no Exorcist - Rin/Izumo. I fell in love with this pairing and I’m not giving it up. Nope. I like the fact that they can tease each other, and yet still relate to each other more than any other.

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3. Beyond the Boundary - Akihito/Mirai. Ahhhh, what can I say about this pairing? It gets me in the feels every. single. time. Two lonely people finding each other and coming together in this world??? Sign. Me. UP.

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4. Danganronpa - Sakura/Aoi. I am in love with their love. Aoi’s reaction to what happens to Sakura was well-played and definitely despair inducing. The thing is, she pulls herself together for Sakura’s sake at the end of the game? And that’s just. It really makes me want to cry. THEY CARED SO MUCH FOR EACH OTHER, WHY.

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5. Tokyo Ghoul - Hideyoshi/Kaneki. Ahahaha, I’m gonna pretend the ending didn’t happen. Forever. Sunshine child is still alive somewhere. You cannot fool me.

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6. The World Ends With You - Joshua/Neku. Three words: “Good luck, Neku~!”

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7. Final Fantasy 7 - Genesis/Cloud. This is a prime example of how an excellent writer can sway you into something you didn’t think you would ever ship. I mean, yeah, Genesis is completely my kind of character. The type I like best. But to ship him with Cloud??? How would that work, you ask? Well, let me send you over to Beloved and you will see why. Tbh, I read The Fifth Act, the masterpiece of a time travel fic Sinnatious wrote, and that’s where I originally started thinking: oh hey, Genesis and his interaction with Cloud is kind of lovely, is that pairing a thing? Then I checked, and lo and behold, Sinnatious wrote over 90,000 words FOR THEM. And it was a thing of beauty. Prose is spot on. I am a sucker for Genesis the way Sinnatious writes him (I melt while reading anything with him in it).

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8. Yuri on Ice - Victor/Yuri. I think this one is pretty obvious, haha. I really adore the way their relationship was portrayed. I did not think I would get this invested in something I thought was going to be another generic sports anime show. But here I am and I adore this show, this pairing. I don’t know how to put it into words how much I care for these two silly lovebirds.

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9. Tower of God - Baam/Koon, because as much I love Androssi … I love Koon more. 

“When you think about it, life itself may not have any real meaning, you know? Is being obsessed with breathing & blood flowing through your body really living? In order to find meaning for me being born & living, don’t I have to find something more important than that? If something comes up where I have to put my life on the line to go with it, what meaning would the rest of my life have if I were to miss that? Right now I feel like the end of the world will come if Baam isn’t here." 

My heart. It literally hurts when I think about their relationship and how much things have changed. I want them to be happy. I want them to climb the tower together and just. be. happy.

10. Madoka Magica - Sayaka/Kyoko. IT COULD HAVE BEEN CUTE. What. What even with this show. I can’t.

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I stayed away from Servamp pairings because I am all over the place with those, lol.

I tag @choc0bunnyqueen, @xfrozentiime, @judalbelike and anyone who hasn’t done this yet =) 

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Character meme: Iris West

  • General Opinion:  REMOVE | Dislike | Eh | Okay | Like | Love | WOULD FOLLOW INTO HELL
  • Best Trait: Everything about her is her best trait but no, I love that she’s so empathetic, and caring. She cares about everyone and she’s the light in the world man. She’s an overall beautiful person. There isn’t one best trait about Iris West, okay?
  • Worst Trait: Does she have one?
  • OTPs: Barry Allen/Iris West a.k.a. Westallen a.k.a the purest ship alive
  • OT3s/OTNs:  There is no one other than Barry Allen for her. 
  • BroTPs: Iris/Barry, Iris/Cisco, Iris/Wally, Iris/Linda, 
  • Characters I wish they’d interact with more: Cisco, Wally, and Linda
  • Characters they should stay away from: Caitlin…


amemenojaku  asked:


  • General Opinion:  REMOVE | Dislike | Eh | Okay | Like | Love | WOULD FOLLOW INTO HELL | Wonderful granddaughter whose existence I cherish every day of my life
  • Best Trait: talented and prideful/chuuni, but also surprisingly girly
  • Worst Trait: arrogance/know-it-all attitude (but when she gets shown up, she learns from it, which is a good trait!)
  • OTPs:
  • OT3s/OTNs:
  • BroTPs: mokou, rinnosuke, kasen
  • Characters I wish they’d interact with more: in the human village, i want to see how keine, akyuu, and kosuzu treat her 
    • as a teenager, 
    • as an outside world human, and 
    • as a human with knowledge from the outside world.
  • yukari probably has some interesting thoughts about her, so thats another one.
  • a yuri-enthused shoujo-ai-loving sumireko who tries to play matchmaker with her many friend-acquaintances would be hilarious.
  • Characters they should stay away from

westhallen  asked:

barry allen

  • General Opinion:  REMOVE | Dislike | Eh | Okay | Like | Love | WOULD FOLLOW INTO HELL
  • Best Trait: he’s a hopeless romantic and he’s also super dorky
  • Worst Trait: he tends to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders and he tends to spiral out of control when it comes to saving people he cares about but he’s trying his best and i love him
  • OTPs: westallen
  • OT3s/OTNs: n/a
  • BroTPs: barrisco, olivarry (i loved their dynamic in s1), superflash (okay but theyre adorable goofy friends)
  • Characters I wish they’d interact with more: cisco, wally, joe
  • Characters they should stay away from: literally any version of wells and julian 

send me a character!

hufflebee  asked:


Send me a character and I’ll say…

  • General Opinion:  REMOVE | Dislike | Eh | Okay | Like | Love | WOULD FOLLOW INTO HELL
  • Best Trait: he’s the world’s most selfless person and always tries to help everyone
  • Worst Trait: i can’t read suddenly i don’t know (aka it doesn’t exist)
  • OTPs: malec
  • OT3s/OTNs: magnus/ragnor/catarina, magnus/raphael/simon for OT3 for OTNs clearly banecourt
  • BroTPs: magnus/raphael, magnus/jace, magnus/luke, magnus/simon, magnus/izzy, magnus/clary, magnus/catarina, magnus/ragnus
  • Characters I wish they’d interact with more: LUKE, simon, maia, izzy, jace
  • Characters they should stay away from: asmodeus, camille
OTP/OT3 Asks

Send me a pairing, and I’ll tell you:

Who sings loudly and off-key in the shower, and who joins in from the other room?

Who’s the Slytherin, and who’s the Hufflepuff? (Bonus: who is the Gryffindor?)

Who snorts when they laugh and who thinks it’s the most beautiful sound in the world?

Who is grumpy when teased, and who kisses them to make it better?

Who can’t cook to save their life?

Who always finds the best presents?

Who wakes the other up to look at the stars?

Who would knit a scarf to give the other(s) because they noticed them shiver?

Who buys things on a whim and who makes them return it?

Who is the big spoon?

One headcanon:

How I feel about this ship:

maggyfall  asked:

Neku from TWEWY?

General Opinion: REMOVE | Dislike | Eh | Okay | Like | Love | WOULD FOLLOW INTO HELL 👍
Best Trait: His sarcasm and character development .
Worst Trait: His fashion sense. Dude, seriously, what is with that collar?
OTPs: Neku x Shiki, Neku x Joshua, Neku x Beat, Neku x Shopkeepers, etc…
OT3s/OTNs: Neku x Shiki x Joshua x Beat
BroTPs: Neku x Beat, Neku x Shiki, Neku x Joshua, whether it’s be platonically or romantically
Characters I wish they’d interact with more: None that I can think of.
Characters they should stay away from: Probably Sho. Dude tried to kill him with math. That’s just evil. And probably Joshua, for that matter.

Klaroline fanfictions rec!

Wildest Dreams :: Caroline Forbes was living two lives. There was the one with her family and friends where she was just a simple student, and there was the one where she was an escort. Everything was simple, she met with her rich clients and earned money to pay for college. But her life changed the day she met her new client to her list. What happens when Klaus Mikaelson becomes more than a client?

The Little Blonde Salvatore  :: AU/AH. The Salvatore’s and Mikaelson’s are rival Mafia families. Caroline has lived a sheltered life protected from the dangerous world her family live in, until one weekend in New York with her best friend changes her whole life. For better or for worse.

The Mikaelsons :: Just a few years after turning into a vampire Caroline is transitioning again. What is she becoming now? Only one family knows the answer… SMUT, serious lemons, Klaroline OTP, and a bunch of Caroline crackships like Carlijah and Koroline for some OT3 sexy goodness as well. Pre-The Originals, AU from season 4 of TVD.

A Series of Firsts :: There’s a first time for everything. (AU/AH)

Love me twice  :: Kyra has the perfect parents, they are beautiful and strong and they both love her so much that she couldn’t possibly choose between them, the problem is that mommy and daddy aren’t married and live in different houses. She was the result of a steamy night but if it’s up to her, Kyra will not rest until she sees Klaus and Caroline as a real couple. AH/AU meme

Stars Cant Shine Without Darkness  :: Caroline Forbes is a bubbly and bright, charasmatic pain in Klaus Mikaelsons ass. She pops up everywhere he goes, work, home, the gym… There really is no escaping her. He really wouldnt mind that much, but he thinks hes going insane… Because… Well… Shes dead. Klaroline supernatural AU.

A home for Caroline  :: Caroline lost everything, except her golden heart. Klaus is a rich, selfish man, who thinks he has it all. One night their worlds will collide. A story about struggle, love and art. AH Klaroline.

Sweet child of mine  :: An untouched tumbler of bourbon, a heart that hasn’t beat in a thousand years and nothing to do but wait. Caroline is fighting, Klaus is frozen like stone- the discontented wail of a newborn child pierces the grey morning and there’s no rulebook for this kind of thing. Klaroline; set post season 4.

Just Another Face in the Crowd  ::  Caroline’s fresh start in New York City has not gone according to plan. Thankfully she has an interview at Mikaelson’s Auction House. Klaus is the director of security for his family’s business. What will happen when a woman desperate to keep secrets and a man determined to find the truth behind the lies meet? AH/AU.

Within These Hallowed Halls  :: In freshman year, Caroline Forbes had her whole life planned out. But that all changes the day Liz dies, and her life is turned upside down. Her dad is back in the picture, and sending her to boarding school. In California. So never-been-out-of-Virginia-emotionally-unstable Caroline uproots her life, along the way meeting the devilishly handsome, but total jackass Klaus Mikaelson.

Paradise-Circus :: Klaus takes Caroline on a trip, but he’s the one to see the world.

His Bride :: AU. She is a wolf princess. He is the Original Hybrid. A contract based marriage it is. For her it isn’t easy to embrace her new life and that too with someone like him. Can the wolf girl be able to wrap her man around finger?

On The Corner of St Ann and Bourbon :: His new life in New Orleans is by no means problem free; Klaus has got witches to deal with, a King to de-throne and a baby on the way. But Caroline’s got problems too, and she needs Klaus’s help.

Rent me your hand :: Caroline Forbes, a desperate drama major, meet Niklaus Mikaelson, a painter and womanizer in the need of a fake fiancee. He asks her to play that role and to break his heart by leaving him at the altar. Depressed, his family won’t use the word ‘marriage’ ever again. That’s what he thought when he hired the blonde tornado. But that’s not what happened.

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me! :: Caroline Forbes is a strong and confident woman, who is not afraid to show what she desired. But that night, what she desired was to get laid. So she did. She chose a stranger, who turns out to be her new boss.

I Will Always Find You :: Nine hundred years ago, Klaus met his true love, Caroline, and promised no matter what, he would always find her. Seven hundred years later, he is determined to keep his promise. Rated M for sexual content.

Lovers of the Past :: Like the pharaohs of the time, their love has only been marked down by an inscription on a tomb wall, which signified their importance, their love, and their curse. Now, two archaeologists are about to discover that love can transcend time, especially when they are forced to relieve an event they don’t remember from a time they never lived in, or have they?

Okay I can admit it now, LEVERAGE IS THE BEST FUCKING SHOW ON EARTH. It has the best character development I have ever seen for all five of them. It has an almost canon asexual character. It has an almost canon ot3. And the best thing, the whole point of this show is to destroy old white rich men who thinks they rule the world. (Sometimes the men are women. Sometimes the olds are young. Sometimes the whites are black. But they all kill and/or destroy innocent people)

Lapis/Peridot/Amethyst, aka. a dorito sandwich!

There’s no reason why Lapidot and Amedot shippers should argue. Why have a shipping war when we can have a glorious ot3? Why deny Peridot the best of both worlds?

I mean, just look at Peri. She’s a walking magnet for a three-way relationship. Even her head is a TRIANGLE.

If Lapis/Peri/Amethyst becomes a thing, I hope the ship is called dorito sandwich.

nyeh :3c

I would just like to thank John Boyega, Daisy Ridley and Oscar Isaac for singlehandedly converting this die-hard, lifelong Trekker into unrepentant Star Wars trash

Well done, good job team, thank you for dragging me into your glorious world of OT3 found family feels