the best ongoing joke

Hello friends, In a group chat i came up with the cursed character of peenywise, he comes out every 27 years to eat children’s dicks off but leaves them alive, since then the character had become an ongoing joke, but peenywise is trying his best and is sorry his only form of a sustainable life is by eating kids dicks. I drew him. enjoy fuckers.

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I really really adore the idea, tone, and style of Everlasting Party! Do you by any chance have any fanfic recommendations to share from other writers?

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Gosshhh thank you >///< I do have a few recommendations! 

@kirachama - loads of 707 fanfics, as well as several Unknown ones and some of the other characters. 1/3 reasons I’m Unknown trash. Also a lovely person to talk to :) Warning: frequent 707 name and/or route spoilers.

@sakurucha - 2/3 reasons I’m Unknown trash. I’m not sure how she manages to write him so fluffy at times but it’s wonderful to read :) Warning: frequent 707 route spoilers.

@cannibalisticskittles - 3/3 reasons I’m Unknown trash >_< Plus a fun person to talk to!

@officallytheduchess - She’s got fics for many of the characters, with varying amounts of spoilers (which she mentions beforehand). All good reads as well!

i feel like “i can’t believe [tv show] ended at [good season]” is one of the best ongoing jokes though

it’s the perfect way to express both your love and disdain for a show