the best ongoing joke

So I just read the Michaela Light Novels in one sitting earlier today… They were amazing, I have no regrets. But..

Can I just… 

“I will ambush them near the exit and devour them in a highly artistic way.”

Yes. That was an actual line said by Ferid to Crowley.

‘devour them in a highly artistic way’

yes Ferid

you certainly did

But there were so many interesting things brought up, like the actual extent of the vampire’s emotionlessness, Ferid’s plans, what happens when sun gear malfunctions, Crowley’s past of course, much much more of Ferid’s character and the fact that silver really does kill vampires

i feel like “i can’t believe [tv show] ended at [good season]” is one of the best ongoing jokes though

it’s the perfect way to express both your love and disdain for a show