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Smarter Than I Look

لم شمل

Still Here



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Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader


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Aaron Hotchner x Reader

My Mess


Spencer Reid x OC

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Wolfstar (Remus Lupin x Sirius Black)

Watching Remus Lupin Parts One and Two

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Watching Remus Lupin Parts Thirteen and Fourteen

Rightful Hands For Power (Alec x Reader)

Request: Could you do something wit Alec being the new head? make it full of fluff please! <3

Word Count: 736

“Thank you” You said to Jace as you gave him a big hug.

“He deserves it there’s nothing to thank me for. I’m just doing the right thing”

You pulled back and smiled at your best friend. Jace was always like an older brother to you, and it what made you guys have a close relationship to day. He was the one you went too when you saw yourself slowing falling for the older lightwood. He always seemed to know exactly what to do.

“Happen to know where he is? I need to see him now for sure” Jace laughed at your eagerness. He stopped you right as you came back from a mission to let you know the wonderful news. Alec Lightwood was now the leader of the New York institute. Jace didn’t want it but he knew who did so as his first official of duty he gave Alec the position instead.

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Imagine Simon having recently had a marvel marathon, and in his state of mind seeing the links between the avengers and his own group of friends...

Originally posted by lovemusiclifexx

“No, but listen-”

“Here we go.” Alec muttered, letting out a sigh as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Clary you’re Captain America, because she’s brave,” He pointed at his best friend. “Alec is Hawkeye, because of the bow and his brooding self.” 

“Of course.” Came a mutter from Alec. 

“Magnus is Thor, because of his powers. Isabelle is Black Widow because ehm.. of her skills.” Simon averted his gaze as he cleared his throat. 

“And Luke is Nick Fury of course, because he’s the one who knows everything we don’t.” 

“And who are you, Simon?” Isabelle shot in. 

“Me?” Simon smiled. “I’m Bruce Banner.” 

“I don’t see it.” Alec looked at him disapprovingly. 

“Because I’m a hidden monster, except I don’t turn green.” Simon mumbled the first part. 

“And who’s your favorite character?” Jace smirked. 

Simon blushed furiously, looking down at his shoes, as a slight chuckle went through the group. 

I changed the request up a bit, because I just didn’t see some of the characters matching here and it was easier writing this into a imagine instead of a one shot, other than that, I hoped you liked it^^

Anonymous said:Could you do one where someone (maybe Simon) compares the shadowhunters to the Avengers by pointing out their similarities and all of them are like “I didn’t even notice?” Clary/Iron Man Jace/Captain America Alec/Hawkeye Simon/Bruce Banner Magnus/Thor Izzy/Black Widow Luke/Nick Fury


I feel very proud of where I came from. I feel very proud of my family, so I own it. I try to be the best version of me that I can be, whether it’s acting or on a personal level. One thing that makes me happy is there are a lot of fans that write to me that live in and outside of the States that say, “I watch TV and can’t relate to anybody, but Isabelle is one of my favorite characters and I’m so happy that you were chosen because I can relate to you.” They can relate because they have the same dreams, or because they’re Latin, or because they’re Middle Eastern, or because of this or that. That’s what keeps me going and motivates me.

 magnus bane, high warlock of brooklyn:

-ragnor fell. ‘my little dear cabbage’
-took in raphael when he turned ‘how you’re like a son to me’ 
-became simon’s sponsor ‘…if I ever found someone in a similar situation, I’d try to make sure they didn’t have to go at it alone’
-is literally saphael’s dad ‘anyone for a martini’
-created a fire-breathin snake for camille, cause extra. ‘my baby’
-portaled to freakin india to loot from his ex, cause he can. ‘of course i recognise it, it’s mine’
-talks about camille being his rock, saving his suicidal depressed self ‘she saved me’
-but acknowledges she’s manipulative and choose his adopted downworlder family instead ‘enjoy idris’
-loves clary like his own daughter: saved her mum, her adopted dad!luke, gave her a memory of his, and great advice ‘biscuit, i’m sorry’
-talked about how his mum took her own life with a keris because she couldn’t accept her own child ‘i was nine years old when my mother realised what my cat eyes meant’
-casually keeping the downworld safe ‘he knows he’s banned from north america, indefinitely’
-senses and is worried that isabelle’s in trouble ‘isabelle, i don’t need magic to know when i’m being lied to’
-is maia’s best tipper ‘never trust a stingy warlock’

please, don’t let me stop you. do add on.

so to all y’all yapping bout how magnus doesn’t have his own storyline/ his own agency. maybe you’re the one defining him by his relationship with alec, cause the showrunners sure ain’t. 

Dear Cassandra Clare,


I am writing this letter in hopes that you find it and are able to read it. Even if these efforts fail, maybe it will bring inspiration to others.

My name is Kaylee, I’m 15 and in the 10th grade. I started reading your books in middle school, and you’ve been my favorite author ever since. Alec, Jace, Clary, Isabelle, and the rest of the gang became my best friends when I had none. They became as real to me as normal people. Reading was my therapy when my world felt like it was crumbling. When I would pick up one of your books, everything melted away and I was in my own world.

I saw your post that you made about haters and those trying to discount women’s work in the creative field. I can’t count how many times I went “Yes!” while reading it. I am so sorry that parts of the fandom I am in thinks it’s okay to say such nasty things. Even if the lie that has been spreading around that you were going to kill off Alec was true, which I know its not, when did those people decide they were authors of The Mortal Instruments series? Your creation is your creation, not anyone else’s. And even though the series is near and dear to my heart, it is fiction after all. So why is it that people think they have even the remote right to call you things, that aren’t even true, about things that are just make believe? If they don’t like how you make your stories, then that’s their problem. If the haters feel so strongly about it, then they should go and make their own story with their own ending, not try to alter yours. No one should ever be forced to feel guilty, ashamed, or in the slightest that they did something wrong when it comes to creating art. Art is made as enjoyment for the creator.

As I have grown older, I’ve begun to write on my own, wanting to give others the ability to create worlds all their own.  And while the job of the writer is to create a world for others to experience, and while that is also the job of the reader, it is okay for both worlds to be different. Words mean different things to different people.


I’m sorry

Originally posted by jacexclaryxshadowhunters

Request from Anon hey i was wondering if you could write a jace x reader where the reader has been living in the institute and grew up with the lightwoods but she begins to get feelings for jace and no one notices. then clary comes along and izzy, the reader’s best friend, catches on and the reader doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with jace and doesn’t want to tell him, but somehow it comes out and jace is completely shocked. you can choose the outcome as you see fit :) thanks so much!❤️

My blog - here

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Faking It (Grayson) Part 9/10

Summary: Your bestfriend Grayson is attending a relative’s wedding and he needs you to act as his girlfriend. Cue lots of pining from both your sides, smug looks from Ethan and their family pressuring you into marriage and babies.
Word Count: 1,240
Warnings: None.
A/N: I hope you’ll like my decision! I felt like everything was becoming too predictable so I decided to twist it around a bit. Let me know what you thought! 

You remembered the first time you had met the twins. It was during your first year in High School and you were still at that awkward stage where you were growing up and tried to figure out what your thing was. You had tried out for the swim team, the science club and lastly the drama club. For some reason you had felt like it would be cool to try out for the lead in the schools play, so when the time finally came for you to audition, the twins had been sitting in the crowd. Apparently they’d gotten detention and were getting punished by helping out backstage, giving them a perfect view for anyone who stepped up on that tiny stage to audition.

The guy you had auditioned with was a complete dumbass that had tried to initiate a kiss that wasn’t necessary to audition for, going to grab your ass. But you didn’t have any of it. You had grabbed his wrist, twisting it behind his back and wrestled him to the ground. And that was how you caught the attention of the two brothers, never leaving each other’s sides from that day on.

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Okay (Alec x Reader) Imagine

“Are you okay?” Izzy asked you as she sat down next to you on the front stairs of the institute.

“What’s your definition of okay? Because I can wake up tomorrow and still go about my day like nothing ever happened but on the inside I will be torn apart”

“You’re not okay then”

“I’ll never be okay again, I’ve lost him for good” You told her. “He’ll never be mine”

That moment where your world fell apart kept coming back to you over and over again. You didn’t want to remember it but it wasn’t going away. Everything was fine until you heard thoses words, it was all coming back once again.

“I’m getting married” Alec said as he stood in the middle of the room

“You’re what?” You asked looking up from your book you didn’t think you heard him right.

“I’m getting married to Lydia” He told you while your eyes finally met.

“Oh” was all you could say. You didn’t know what to say, here in front of you was the boy you loved telling you that you’ll never be his. You thought he loved you too but you guess you were wrong. You felt tears well up in your eyes, you knew that you had to leave before he saw you cry. You got up from the couch closing your book and slowly making your way passed him.

“Where are you going?” He asked “We’re not done here”

“What else is there Alec?” You asked with you voice breaking. Shit you were going to cry.

“Don’t you want to know why? You are my girlfriend after all”

“Why? Yes please explain to me was my boyfriend is getting married to a girl that is not me.” You said to him while crossing your arms “Oh wait your not my boyfriend anymore so I don’t care” You went to turn to leave but Alec caught your arm.

“Please understand why please I love you for crying out loud, you just need to say it for me”

“Say what Alec? That I love you too, I can’t wait to see your guys babies” You yelled. What did he want you to say? Alec shook his head and looked at you with pled in his eyes and said

“Just say that it is okay. I just need to hear you say it.”

Okay? you thought how could this ever be okay but you loved him and would do anything for him.

“It’s not okay to married when your with someone else but your now your single so yes Alec its okay to married her. Have a good life” You said right before you left the room.

“You can’t give up” Izzy told you as you laid your head on her shoulder.

“I’m not giving up I’m just letting him be happy”

“You know why he doing this, you know he’ll never be happy”

“I don’t care Izzy his mind is made up and I’m not going to try and change it” You said

“But you love him”

“That’s why I’m letting him get married, he’ll help your guys family become something again.”

“You know you deserve someone amazing for this. Even if it’s not my brother. You deserve to be happy and I’m not just saying this because you are my best friend. You are truly a great person” Izzy told you.

“Stop before you make me cry” You said. “I had enough tears for one day” Izzy smiled at you and asked

“What do you plan on doing now?”

“I’m not sure, I think healing is first and then what happens after that is all up to faith” You told her.

“Sounds good, you know all we want is for you to be happy”

“I know, and I will be just not today”

“I love you, you’re my best friend”

“I love you too Isabelle”

You knew that at the end of the day, if you still had this Lightwood sibling in your life you would be happy. Times like these all you need is a best friend that will help you mend your broken heart.


clizzy au: college roommates

being randomly assigned your roommate is a little scary, but ending up falling for your roommate definitely makes for a best-case scenario.

send me an au!

Day 7: Favorite Gymnasts from your own country

Oh, soooo many! France is spitting out awesome gymnasts all over, which is just dandy.

I have to start with my precious baby, Alisson Lapp, who is just a joy to watch.

So much fun. And she’s getting more and more expressive. She’s also pretty excellent on beam.

Here’s a blast from the past, one of my all-time favourites, Elvire Teza and her crazy innovative beam routine:

She was just as interesting and exciting on bars and floor as well - such a great gymnast.

Loan His is another one I love - a spectacularly beautiful headcase. My dream is for her to actually hit and medal at a major competition, but I’m not holding out much hope.

Actually the best part of that clip is Marine Boyer in the background doing Loan’s bars routine without any bars. #me

Basically the whole of team France is currently pretty spectacular - Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos is a little rock star, Marine Boyer is an angel, Oréane Lechenault’s FX is INCREDIBLE, Alison Lepin is another magical headcasing Catherine wheel, and there are a bunch of incredibly promising juniors on their way up, so the future is pretty rosy.

And they can thank their predecessors for setting up such a great base - Ludivine Furnon, the incredibly wonderful Isabelle Severino, the beautiful poise and class of Pauline Morel (is it just me, or does she look like she could be McKayla Maroney’s sister? They really remind me of each other), our KICKASS OLYMPIC CHAMPION miss Emilie Lepennec, that heartbreaker Youna Dufournet, Marine Brevet who was one of the best team captains I’ve ever seen from any country, etc etc etc… bref. GO TEAM FRANCE!!

I finally watched The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie and… I don’t get why people hate it so much? I mean, sure, it wasn’t Oscar material, but it wasn’t the disaster I expected it to be from what people were telling me either? I mean, it was certainly better than Vampire Academy or Beautiful Creatures - and I say that as someone who fell in love with Dom Sherwood, his Christian Ozera and with the Dragozera pairing thanks to the VA movie.

There was one thing that bugged the hell out of me, though - they completely erased the parabatai bond. In the film, Alec and Jace were only friends and - or “best friends” according to Izzy, but based on Jace’s behavior, I would’ve said passing acquaintances at best. Seriously? 

One thing that I loved? That Isabelle actually called Jace out on his bullshit, his blind obsession with Clary and his willingness to let them all die just so that he could get into the new girl’s pants. I loved that! Way to go, Isabelle!

Drew a lot of Isabelle’s tonight. Maybe I’ll post the rest some other time. I like this messy weird one best I guess, more than the rest at least. She’s goofy & summery though :/ 

Been using manga studio because photoshop is being unruly, and i’ve been messing with these brushes my friend gave me, there’s a section of watercolor ones that are pretty fun, (and frustrating, so it’s been an authentic watercolor experience). 

History (Alec x Reader) Imagine

A/N: Don’t own any of these gifs, credit to the rightful owners.

Alec and Lydia looked at each other waiting for the Silent Brother to continue so they could move on to the next part of the ceremony. Just as they were about to start a bang can into the room along with the white doors flying open. There stood two shadowhunters.

“What is this matter?” Maryse said angry as she walked down to the two. “We are in the middle of a wedding” You could tell from her face that she was furious but you were here on misson

“The Clave sent us about attack that has happened, You, Robert Lightwood and Lydia Brenwell are needed immediately.” Your cousin Julian told her.

“Can’t it wait! Attacks always happen.” Maryse stated

“But not by Valentine” You said. Maryse looked back at her husband then to a Lydia then back at you two. Her husband started to walk down the aisle towards you guys while Lydia turned to face everyone.

“I’m sorry but we will need to finish this later everyone, as part of The Clave I need to be there. Please you are all welcome to leave “ She told everyone but then you pipe in.

“That won’t happen”

“Why not” Maryse asked.

“The Clave message was to get you three and then keep the others here on watch.” You told her. “So sorry but everyone will stay”

“Who watching them?” Robert asked.

“Y/N will, we need to get going now!” Julian said. The three of them passed you and follow Julian out of the door. You closed the door behind them standing in front of the door guarding it.

 Clary POV

“Who’s the girl?” I asked Izzy. Isabelle seen to be worried about something and just wave my question off as she kept staring at the girl.

“Izzy” I said once again as I shook her shoulder hoping then she would answer. She turned to look at me.

“Sorry I was just thinking about how Alec must be feeling” she said

“Well I don’t say he fine his wedding just got crashed but-“ I went to speak but Izzy cut me off.

“That’s not it. To answer your queston that girl there is Y/N she is Alec’s ex-girlfriend.” I stared at her in shocked. “They didn’t end off well so her coming here isn’t great” Izzy said turning around to walked up to her brother but before she got the chance Alec was already on his way down aisle yelling at the girl.

(Your POV)

“You just had to come ruined my wedding didn’t you Y/N” Alec yelled as he made his way toward you.

“Please, I better things to be at then try and ruined your life” You said. “I’m here for The Clave not you, Get over yourself”

“Get over myself? You just crashed your ex’s wedding”

“Alec would you stop, you have no idea why your parents and wife just ran off. But I do so shut up and leave me alone.” You yelled

“She not my wife yet thanks to someone” He said to you while he rolled his eyes. Well it was nice to see things don’t change Alec still rolled his eyes at everything.

“Please, you don’t even love her it’s arranged marriage” you said crossing your arms not losing your stand. Alec step back in shocked. You weren’t suppose to know that he thought no one was.

“How do you know that?” He asked

“Please I work for The Clave I know everything.” You told him. “Now stand back before I tell everyone your little serect”

“You wouldn’t” Alec said getting closer.

“GUYS DID YOU KNO-“ That’s all you could yell before Alec slapped his hand over your mouth. You did the first thing that came to mind and bited his hand.

“Bitch’” he said as he pulled his hand away from your mouth.

“Nice to see your feeling haven’t changed for me” You said with a smile.You could see Jace and Isabelle walking toward you guys with two other people following behind.

“Nice of you to join the party” You said as they got close.

“Why did they have to leave?” Jace asked you with a confuse look.

‘Thanks for the hello, like Lydia said something for The Clave”

“That something would be the attack you mention.” The redheaded girl said. You figuerd it was that girl Clary that had been causeing trouble here.

“That’s correct young one”

“Who did the attack” Alec asked.

“Like I would tell you”

“Y/N” It was Isabelle that said your name. You looked at her. The girl you used to call your best friend was standng in front of you and you have no idea who she was anymore. The one thing you knew was that you couldn’t lied to her, she always saw right through you.

“Please tell us, for me”

“It was Valentine, but you can’t say anything” You told them all. “I’m here to watch everyone”

“Why?” Jace asked.

“So we won’t get attack obviously” Clary said.

“That’s not it is it Y/N?” Jace questioned

“No it’s not, but that’s the one thing I can’t tell you.” You told them. “So could you all please go calm your friends so I can do my job” They all left to go calm others but Alec stayed behind.

“There’s a trailor here isnt there?” Alec questioned. You thought for a moment should you tell him? After all he is Alec but before you had a chance to speak Alec spoke again. “I’m over 18 remember, I can know these things’

“There’s one, The Clave isn’t sure yet who but they know it’s someone in this room.” You told him as both of your guys eyes scanned the room looking for anything out of the ordinary.

“How did you end up working for them” Alec asked.

“If you mean The Clave I’m not really working for them, we are only doing this mission. They needed people that they could trust and we just happened to be it.” You said. “I’m sorry about ruining your wedding, if I had known I would of said no”

“Yeah I know you would of Y/N. It just made me mad to see you here at my wedding, I always thought if I was going to be married if would have been to you” Alec said not daring to look at you.

“I always did too” You told him. If had been so long since you last saw him all you wanted to do was fall into his arms but you knew you couldn’t do that anymore. It ending badly with Alec a lot of anger and hate but in this moment it seem to all fade away.

“I wish I could hate you.” Alec whisper.

“I wish I could hate you too” you said. What happened next was unexpected you both turned and hugged each other. How did two people that love each other become such strangers to one another. In that moment all you could think was a thank you to The Clave because maybe things would be alright even with this war ongoing.

You remind me of... something

Pairing: York/Carolina
Word count: 1,213
Prompt: @lostlegendaerie always encourages me to spread the Yorkalina love
Summary: Modern AU. York is trying desperately to be poetic, but Carolina eludes categorization.

York had spent many years being derisively called poet by North and did his level best to live up to the infamy. The actual poems came few and far between, and stayed hidden in a journal with a notice to burn it all when he died, but poetry was about more than that. It was a lifestyle, and naturally he had to drag Carolina into things.

Of course he would fall in love with a woman who defied categorization.

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A sleepy Alec is a handsy Alec

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec x Reader

Request: Could you do a Alec Lightwood imagine of being his girlfriend and (Izzys best friend and parabati) and the two of them are being all cute and cuddly at the end of the day since they’re tired and haven’t seen each other all day which leads to some making out but Jace and Izzy come in needing relationship help?? Like just make it a fluffy. 

Summery: A fluffy make out session with a sleepy Alec Lightwood

Warnings: -

Words: 1.723

A/N: An Alec Lightwood make out session with a following relationship advice giving for Isabelle and Jace had been requested but I only focused on the cuddly parts because the characters simply wanted it that way :p Hope you don’t mind ,love !Also, I know Alec is gay but let’s imagine he was bi and Magnus didn’t interest him. Malec shipper til the end but it isn’t called an imagine for no reason.
Also this is set AFTER Clary joined the gang and she and Jace are dating already. And it’s mostly TV show focused so no spoilers here.
Enjoy !Also sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language lol. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x) and

Read it on ArchiveOfOurOwn (x)

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*gif not mine*

‘’ You get the beeeeest of both worlds…’’, sang Isabelle Lightwood while combing through her thick hair and distracting you terribly. She hopped off your desk walking over to the huge dresser in your room rummaging around in the underwear section.
With a frustrated sigh you shoved your math book off the table deciding to leave it to someone else to find the damn ‘x’ .
‘’Stop quoting Hannah Montana and being a creep! What the hell are you doing anyways?’’

Your life had changed dramatically almost 6 months ago when you saved the Lightwood siblings from a mass demon attack. Alec had already been unconscious when his sister got encircled by almost 9 demons , desperately trying to find a way out but fully knowing that she stood no chance. It had ended with Alec waking up to Y/E/C eyes and a cool hand against his cheek that wasn’t his sisters. You had instantly felt the connection to both the siblings and apparently it had been mutual. Alec had never been so confused when he realized that he didn’t know you when he knew every Shadowhunter in New York. Hesitant to tell the truth, that you were being raised by warlocks, you tried to come up with some cover story that Isabelle saw right threw but didn’t call you out on. She only smiled, nudged Alec and took your hand before declaring that you had some badass moves you needed to teach her. You hadn’t exactly planned on telling anybody about your family circumstances when they brought you to the Institute not even the siblings even thought you felt like you could trust them. But you had been raised with the knowledge that Shadowhunters didn’t particularly like the downworlders. But exactly those were your family. A warlock community had taken you in after finding you lost in the streets as a toddler. They hadn’t cared that you were one of the ‘enemies’ and raised you as one of their own without forgetting your true nature, supporting your training as a Shadowhunter. Maybe you owed your tolerance towards any kind of downworlders ,whether it may be vampires or werewolves, your cross-cultured education. But you were also loyal, keeping quiet about your heritage until Magnus Bane personally appeared in the institute looking for you. He was the head of your circle and one of your favorite uncles . He was also the one negotiating with Alec who, surprisingly was the head of the institute, for you to be allowed to stay and receive proper training. Alec had agreed , Izzy became your best friend and parabatai und Alec…well he became so much more.

But apparently Magnus’ deal with Alec didn’t exclude High School, meaning your pile of unwritten essays and homework was higher than the tower of clothes on your bed that was currently being expanded by Izzy .
‘’You’re basically Hannah Montana, Y/N. Mundane by day and hunter at night. Aha!’’
With your hands on your hips you watched as Izzy held up black lacy underwear, grinning triumphantly.
‘’I knew Alec bought these for you. I saw them before he wrapped it but he didn’t want to admit it. ‘’ She kept on wagging with your underwear giggling like a freshmen being winked at by a senior. And you blushed like one.
‘’God why are you so annoying? Put them back!’’
But Isabelle didn’t even think about that instead she eyed you closely.
‘’Have you two finally done it?’’
You groaned loudly while picking up a discarded jeans and throwing it at her head choosing to ignore her.
You changed into more comfier clothes meaning black leggings and a soft T-Shirt from Alec before brushing out your hair and ignoring your parabatais starring.
‘’Oh c’mon ! I’m your parabatai, best friend and the sister of your boyfriend there’s probably a law stating you have to tell me every dirty detail!’’
You chuckled checking your phone quickly before turning around to Isabelle.
‘’You’re his sister, exactly ! You really wanna hear these things about your brother?’’, you dared raising an eyebrow and laughing about her grimacing.
‘’No we haven, though. And now if you excuse me, I’ll go find your brother. He’s my favorite of you two.’’
While leaving your room you heard Izzy calling ‘’ I swear you two will die of sexual frustration !’’ You’ve never closed a door that fast.

You knew you would find him in his room after a long day. You two hadn’t seen each other the whole day due to a calling from Idris claiming Alec needed to come for some serious business making you incredible desperate for some intimacy. It wasn’t like you two were all cuddly in public but at least you would receive a forehead kiss here and there and some longing and loving glances. Not today.
So when you saw him laying on his bed with some sweat pants on , dozing ,you couldn’t help yourself but jump on his bed and right on top of him, straddling his hips and smiling down on him.
‘’Hey you’re back ! How was Idris? ‘’
He popped open one eye, slowly grinning before wrapping his hand around your waist lazily.
‘’Hmmm was fine. Missed you though.’’, his voice was low and sleepy while his hands snuck under your, no his, T-Shirt to stroke the soft skin of your hips.
‘’No talking about business?’’, you mused while bending forward to rest your forehead against his.
He shook his head as an answer lifting up his face a little, asking for a kiss. You kissed him softly, enjoying the feeling of comfort and intimacy that you always felt around him. He seemed to be waking up when you bit him softly, running your tongue over his under lip to soothe the pain before deepening the kiss and sighing happily.
‘’Missed you the whole day.’’, you murmured when he lost focus on the kiss because he slid his calloused hands over your back making you involuntarily arch into his hands and pressing yourself closer to him , enjoying the feeling of his naked torso under your hands before you hid your face in the crook of his neck . Tiny kisses were being placed on his neck while he shifted the shirt you had on further up your body creating skin contact. You nibbled at the skin right under his ear that you knew made him moan, and he didn’t disappoint.
‘’Don’t you dare give me a hickey, Y/N ! ’’
You chuckled as you ran your hands through his hair coming up to press a kiss on his soft lips.
‘’Why not? Maybe Lydia would stop trying to get you to agree to the engagement your parents have set up for you.’’ You couldn’t keep yourself from sounding annoyed and a little jealous while remembering how his parents basically had ignored your existence by proposing that Alec should marry that other woman. At least Izzy and Alec’s parabatai Jace had proofed to be reliable when they loudly protested.
You knew that Alec didn’t even think about this possible engagement for a minute and the fact that he had shouted in anger ‘’ If I marry it’s going to be Y/N and completely my choice !’’ at his parents filled you with satisfaction. But still…
‘’Hmmm.’’, he hummed before grabbing and turning you around in a heartbeat, towering over you.
‘’That goes for you as well. Don’t think I haven’t noticed how that warlock boy keeps on throwing figuratively daggers at me every time we visit your family.’’ Well, he had a point there.
His lips found your neck and you closed your eyes enjoying the feel of his breath against your skin making goose bumps erupt all over you body. When he noticed he chuckled lowly sliding one palm over your stomach , taking the shirt with him until it rested right under your breasts.
‘’They won’t take me serious if they see me with a hickey.’’, you murmured still with eyes closed, able to feel his smile against your neck.
‘’You’re lucky because I know places they won’t notice.’’
When did his voice turn so husky ?
He pressed a last kiss on your neck before kissing his way down your shoulder and dragging his
T-Shirt on your body a little down your arms to expose your cleavage.
‘’This is a really good place.’’, he whispered against your skin before pressing a kiss against the swell of one of your breasts. You bit your lip, feeling your pulse increasing.
‘’What if I want to draw a rune there just like Izzy?’’, you dared to challenge curious about what he would do. Him shifting and pulling the shirt over your head was not something you expected. But you didn’t mind at all, silently thanking your morning self for putting on a cute lacy bra.
He pressed his lips on the skin right next to the bra cups, softly biting it making you moan.
He moved a little downwards stroking over the skin right under your breast. ‘’Or this.’’
He looked up at you and the sleepy overlay combined with his dark eyes was so incredible sexy you had to keep from twitching.
‘’But this spot is pretty great as well.’’, Alec murmured while dragging his lips down your stomach before pressing a kiss on your hip bones.
You could no longer contain a moan and grabbed him by the hair pulling him upwards.
‘’Sounds pretty great.’’, you agreed breathlessly before kissing him deeply enjoying the low growl of Alec as he nestled his hips against yours looking for any kind of friction.
‘’Are you always this needy when you’re sleepy?’’ you mocked him lovingly keeping the playful banter alive. You pushed against his shoulder forcing him on his back before straddling his hips and following the contours of his abs with your fingers. His eyes drank in your half naked form, lingering on your bra clad breasts before he sat up. You felt his hands rubbing your thighs but you were way too focused on the intense look he was giving you.
‘’I’m always needy for you , love.’’
A soft kiss.
A tender smile.
And Jace bursting through the door with a frustrated ‘’Don’t you hate women too? Oh!’’
‘’Not mine.’’ ,Alec replied before wrapping the blanket around your form and listening to a pacing Jace complaining about something Clary had misunderstood.


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To get us through our first hiatus, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best fanfiction I’ve read about our darling warlock and brave shadowhunter. I hope it helps you through the immortality angst that is about to ensue. Welcome to Hell. 

A few notes from the compiler: 

Is compiler even a word??

Yes, my name is actually Lydia Isabelle, I was born for this fandom I stg 

Excuse my editing skills, this is literally the first one I’ve made myself

Feel free to send me an ask if you want some more recommendations, there is so much good Malec fanfiction out there, we are truly #blessed

Nothing below this paragraph is owned by me, tumblr user @lovelylydiaisabelle

In your wildest dreams by theleftboobgrabber (0.6k) Rating: General Audiences

Magnus portals himself into the future and gets some hope 

you never cease to amaze me by shrill_fangirl_screaming (3k) Rating: Teen

You are cordially invited to the union of Alexander Gideon Lightwood and Lydia Charlotte Branwell.
Please don’t let my brother do this to himself -Izzy.

Or, The Great Kiss of 1x12 from Magnus’s POV.

Say hey if you’re gay by Laslus (2,4k) Rating: Teen

Maryse shows up unexpected at Magnus’.

Based on Tumblr post “Why does no one tell me if we have people over, I just walked downstairs wearing a ‘say hey if youre gay’ T-shirt and batman boxers. We had 8 people over.”

hold on to me by punkmichael (4k) Rating: General Audiences

“What happened?” Alec asks, and he very suddenly notices the three huge tears in the fabric over Magnus’ torso. The shirt isn’t being held together by much and this at least allows him to tear it off swiftly, finding gauges made clearly by claws. “Is this the worst of it? Are you hurt anywhere else?”

“I think I may have sprained my ankle” Magnus answers thoughtfully. “And my pride. But that’s the main source of the problem, I imagine”

Original High by tricksterity (2,5k) Rating: M

The summary was very long here but basically Alec gets frisky in the club one night when the group encounters a target, and Izzy isn’t exactly his type, if you know what I mean. 

Heavy Fire by tricksterity (2,5k) Rating: M

AKA the sequel to Original High where Alec finds out Izzy had filmed the entire encounter and sent it to Magnus (and Magnus takes out his revenge)

What are we? by punkbean (63k) Rating: Explicit

Alec Lightwood is sick of being the family disappointment. When his father tells him that they have an upcoming family get-together, he decides that the best way to impress people will be to have a boyfriend. Now he just has to find somebody willing to pretend with him.

(Or as I like to call it, the mandatory fake relationship AU every fandom needs)

we’re good, we’re solid, we’re gold by punkmichael (2,6k) Rating: General Audiences

Magnus lowers himself to be level with Alec and he kisses him, fierce and sure and euphoric. Alec feels Magnus’ soft black hair sift through his fingers like silk and Magnus traces patterns across the expanse of Alec’s back, mapping out runes over his shirt where he knows they’re scarred into his pale skin, eventually just tracing the new rune over and over like a promise.

Or, a rune comes to Clary in a dream. She knows exactly who it’s meant for

falling ‘cause my hearts stopped beating by toreadthestars (1,9k) Not rated

‘Dad, there’s a glittery man sleeping on the steps outside!’

{Re-take on the wedding scene, Alec is all set to go through with the wedding but when Max runs in saying there’s someone unconscious outside and Robert comes back with a bloody Magnus, can Alec save him and himself?}

All Bussiness by heymacareyna (4,5k) Rating: Teen

“Idris Electronics, this is Alec with tech support. What can I do to assist you?”

(Or as I like to call it, the mundane!AU we all secretly love) 

broken and i’m barely breathing by toreadthestars (4,6k) Not rated

'Magnus heaved, breath stuttering and heart beat slowing. Is this it? He thinks, really it? He tries to form words, tries to do something but all he manages are a few broken whines. Alec, his mind screams, Alec? He reaches a trembling hand to the cracked mobile a few feet away, a few too many feet away.’

{Magnus is hurt, struggling to breathe and cannot see even a sliver of hope for his survival - he calls Alec, hoping for help or atleast time to say his goodbyes. Alec’s reaction is expected, heart break and a bit of yelling but he is unwilling to let Magnus go without a fight.}

THEN THE TIME FOR BEING SAD IS OVER by theleftboobgrabber (6,9k) Rating: Teen

(or 6 times Alec fails to propose)

All told, Alec had tried to propose to Magnus in six different occasions since his lunch with Clary. It’s not that Alec was bad at it, per say. It’s just that Magnus was just too good at distracting him. That, and the rest of the world didn’t stop trying to kill him.

Texts from Last Night by kuro1neko2kun (0,5k) Rating: Teen

(915): I told you I was good to drive

(1-915): dumbass I drove… you sat in the passengers seat and steered with a paper plate

lets jump ahead to the moment of epiphany by leopoldthebloom (4.1k) Rating: General Audiences

He thinks: fuck this, fuck them, fuck all of them.

He hears Lydia’s voice in his head, a mirror of her earlier words: you deserve to be happy.

He thinks: I want this, I want this, I want this. I am allowed to have what I want.

Those Aren’t Bruises by lunalovespudding3 (1,2k) Rating: Teen

Alec comes to training one day with some marks that definitely aren’t bruises. Malec; moderate to strong T.

Out of Character by Cumberbatch Critter (2,7k) Rating: Teen

“… The city… was devastated and… there was a lake of blood… I saw you… reflected in it… and you were drowning…” He raised his head, looking blearily up towards Alec. “I think it’s a trap… and I can’t lose you… Alexander.”

Magnus has a dream. One of those dreams. When he comes to, all he can focus on is getting to Alec.

Dark Horse by neonnex (21,4k) Rating: Teen

As cliché as it sounds, timing truly can be everything. What if Alec hadn’t had a chance to propose to Lydia yet? What if Isabelle figured out what was going on much sooner and was the one to try and help Hodge when the Institute was breached? What if Hodge was knocked out and she was left alone to fend off the Forsaken? What if she took a crushing blow that left her unable to fight back and Magnus was the one who ended up saving her life? And not just once, but yet again when they realize that Isabelle has been poisoned and needs his magical expertise in order to save her?

Timing can be everything, and yet somehow, things are still just as complicated for Alec.

This is Why by Cumberbatch Critter (1,7k) Rating: Teen

This is why Magnus doesn’t accompany Alec into battle. He can’t stand seeing his boyfriend - his mortal boyfriend - putting himself in so much danger.

Or, if Magnus were to put it bluntly:
This is why we can’t have nice things. Or nice dates.

Thanks For The Memories (Even Though They Weren’t So Great by bythelightofthenight (8.9k) Rating: Teen

“I don’t understand why you can’t just tell me.”
“Because they’re right about one thing”, Isabelle’s eyes were sad when they met his. “Knowledge is a big part of being powerful. Without memory of the Angel’s blood there’s nothing left but a mundane.”

Alec loses his memory in an accident and everyone keeps being annoyingly vague with him when he tries to get his memories back.

Step Onto My Balcony by Lecrit (46,6k) Rating: Mature

Alec did not smoke. He hated smoking. He hated everything about it, from the smell to the taste. Yet, there he was, at ten in the evening, buying cigarettes at the grocery shop down the road for the only purpose of having an excuse to hang on his balcony and talk to his very handsome and very taken neighbor. Alec felt really stupid right now.

Letters from Nowhere by Rena (33,4k) Rating: Teen

A mysterious letter at the front door, with no indication who might have sent it. And if Alec wants to find that person, he has to solve the puzzle laid-out for him…

I hope this will tide you over for a little while at least :)

/ Lydia Isabelle


I feel very proud of where I came from. I feel very proud of my family, so I own it. I try to be the best version of me that I can be, whether it’s acting or on a personal level. One thing that makes me happy is there are a lot of fans that write to me that live in and outside of the States that say, “I watch TV and can’t relate to anybody, but Isabelle is one of my favorite characters and I’m so happy that you were chosen because I can relate to you.” They can relate because they have the same dreams, or because they’re Latin, or because they’re Middle Eastern, or because of this or that. That’s what keeps me going and motivates me.