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Hope Solo, Goalkeeper 

High school

  • Parade Magazine All-American: 1997, 1998
  • Washington State Championship: 1998


  • NSCAA All-American: 2000, 2001, 2002
  • Pac-10 Selection: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002


  • WPS Goalkeeper of the Year: 2009


United States

  • Olympic Gold Medal: 2008, 2012
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion: 2015
    Runner-up: 2011
  • Algarve Cup: 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015
  • Four Nations Tournament: 2006, 2007, 2008
  • CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup: 2006, 2014


  • U.S. Soccer Female Athlete of the Year: 2009
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup Golden Glove: 2011, 2015
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup Bronze ball: 2011
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup All-Star Team: 2011, 2015
  • CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup Golden Glove: 2014
  • CONCACAF Women’s Goalkeeper of the Year: 2015
  • SheBelieves Cup Golden Glove: 2016
  • FIFPro: FIFA FIFPro World XI 2015, 2016
  • IFFHS World’s Women Best Goalkeeper: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
one program per discipline

#4 Pairs | Qing PANG and Jian TONG - The Impossible Dream, 2010 Vancouver FS

I’m not a huge fan of pairs (I hate the death spiral so much for no reason, and for pairs it’s relatively tame). Even though I admit I have not seen a lot, I just know this is one of the best ones out there. Amazing program, inspired performance: truly an olympic moment.

#3 Men | Yuzuru HANYU - Romeo and Juliet, 2012 Worlds FS

This is not his best. Numerous records and medals since this performance proved that. But I still go back to this. He was Romeo, skating to a beautifully choreographed program. Even the fall was timed perfectly to a drop in the music; it’s almost annoying. I know I am an ordinary fan whose opinions hardly matter; so if you would not take my word for it, just consider the fact that this is considered a signature performance even if he had improved leaps and bounds since this debut.

#2 Ice Dance | Tessa VIRTUE and Scott MOIR - Symphony No. 5, 2010 Vancouver FD

Breathtaking is the first word that came to my mind when I first saw this performance. I rewatch it often and every time leaves me feeling the same way. Just go watch it if you haven’t yet, because my words cannot do it justice at all.

#1 Ladies | Mao ASADA - Piano Concerto No. 2, 2014 Sochi FS

It was a beautiful program and I could go on and talk about what makes it objectively great. But I loved this program without knowing any of those technicalities. To put it simply, this performance made me want to follow this sport for real. Seeing it once was enough to convince me to get invested in the journey of Mao Asada; and eventually, other skaters. You won’t be reading an FS post from my FS sideblog if not for Mao, so thank (or blame) her for that.

TL; DR this is all about me and my feelings. more program recommendations here [x]

Narry: Through the Years

Sooo, the other day a Non-Non asked me this:

If you could pick one Narry moment from each year the band has been together, what ones would you choose?

To which, I said:

Hi Non-Non! I have a bit of a problem…limiting myself when it comes to choosing Narry moments. (I tried to do a ‘Top 10’ one time and it turned into ‘Top 100+ and counting’.) Soo can I bargain for like…just favourite moments? I can work with max five from each year? :)

No, I’m really not even kidding or exaggerating when I say it’s next to impossible for me to choose between Narry moments. It’s SO HARD. It’s like, every time I think I’ve got it all figured out I think of something else and then I have rearrange everything. SO, without further ado (and before I can change my mind for the millionth time), here we go:


- Narry Mullingar trip, and how they went from innocent little monkeys:

to [seemingly] naked…monkeys:

- Protective!Niall comforting Harry:

- Proud!Niall hugging bashful!Harry:

- Domestic!Narry doing laundry together:

- Possessive!Harry:


- Niall wants to hold Harry’s hand:

- Harry can’t help himself:

- Harry says Niall looks like a furby:

(and then again in 2012!)

- “Ariiii babes”:

- The day Harry Styles made Narrie hearts melt all over the world:


- Who’s the best kisser? “Niall!”

- Narry making kissy faces:

- Niall stroking Harry’s cheek:

- Flying Start; Clingy!Niall:

- Pt. 2 (because I honest to goodness couldn’t choose and this is one of the moments that had me):

- Narry talking about the time Harry got the Irish pummeled into him:


- “You have the best face.”

- “I’m in love with you, and all Niall’s little things.”

- Miami!Narry:

(Narry getting off the boat together; Niall wearing Harry’s shoes and carrying his own…)

- 1D Day!Narry:

- Ballroom dancing/falling:


- The moment ‘You & I’ became a Narry song too:

- Aria Awards:

- “I’d do Niall.”:

- Niall offering his nuts up for Harry:

- “That was for you!”


- Cake pop!Narry:

- “We are the champions!”:

- “Yes, pet?”:

- “Everything we do!”:


- Mistletoe kiss:


Awards won


2013 Favorite Pop/Rock Album

2013 Favorite Pop/Rock Group


2012, 2013 Best International Artist


2012 Pop International

BBC Radio 1

2012 Best British Album

2012 Best British Music act

2012 Best British Single

2013 Best British group

2013 Best British single


2012 Best Album

2012 Best Group

2013 Best Group

2013 Best Fans

2013 Best Pop Song


2013 Top Group

2013 New Artist of the Year

2013 Top Pop Artist

2013 Breakthrough

Bravo Otto

2013 Super Band Pop/Rock


2012 British Single of the Year

2013 BRIT’S Global Success

2014 BRIT’S Global Success

2014 Best British Music Video


2012 Best Book

2012 Best Cover

2012 Best Video

2012 International Band

2012 International Hit

2013 Best Real Couple (Zerrie)

2013 International Band 

2013 International Cat (Liam)

2013 Years Fan Club


Fragrance of the Year: Consumers choice.

Demand Honours 

2011 Best Fans 

2011 Best group

2011 Best Guest

2011 Best Song

2011 Best Video

Japan Gold Disc 

2013 New Artist of the Year

2014 Artist of the Year

2014 Album of the Year

2014 One of the Best 3 Albums in Western Music


2012 Best Newcomer-International

2013 Best Group

2013 Best Pop

2014 Best Band International

Los Premios 

2012 Best New Artist

2012 Best International Artist

2012 Best New International Artist

2013 Best Album

2013 Best Group


2012 Artist of the Year

2012 Best New Act

2012 best UK & Ireland Act 

2012 Best New Artist

2012 Best Pop Video

2012 Most Share Worthy Video

2012 International Artist

2012 Biggest Fans 

2013 Best Song of the Summer

2013 Best Band

2013 Best Fans

2013 Best Look (Harry)

2013 Best Northern European Act 

2013 Best Pop

2013 Best UK & Ireland Act

2013 Hottest Summer Superstar

2014 Best Band


2013 Favorite International Video


2013 Foreign Import of the Year


2012 International Group (Argentina)

2012 Favorite Song (Argentina)

2012 Favorite International Artist (Brazil)

2012 Favorite Song (Mexico)

2012 International Artist (Mexico)

2012 Favorite Band (UK)

2012 Favorite Band (UK)

2013 Favorite International Song (Argentina)

2013 Favorite Music Act (Australia) 

2013 Favorite Song (Australia)

2013 Favorite Song (Mexico)

2013 Favorite Band (UK)

2014 Favorite Song (Australia)

2014 Favorite Music Group (Australia)

2014 Favorite Band (UK)

2014 Favorite Fan Family 


2013 International Group of the year

2014 Video of the Year

2014 International Group of the Year

Peoples Choice 

2013 Favorite Album

2013 Favorite Song

2014 Favorite Band

Pure Beauty

2013 Best Female Fragrance

Radio Disney 

2013 Fiercest Fans

2013 Best Music Group

Social Star 

2013 Most Popular Music Group

2013 Most Popular Artist  in West Europe 

2013 Most Popular Artist In UK

2013 Most Popular British Musicians


2012 Breakout Group

2012 Love Song

2012 Music Star Group

2013 Music Group

2013 Love Song 

2013 Single - Group

2013 Summer Tour


2012 Most Popular Artist in Telehit 

2012 Best International Pop Group

2012 Song of the Public

2013 Boyband of the Year

2013 Most Popular Video on Telehit

Sun Bizarre Readers

2011 Best Pop

2011 Shagger of the year

2012 Best Pop

UK Music Video 

2012 People’s Choice

We Love Pop

2012 Best Group in Pop

World Music Awards

2014 World’s Best Selling Group 

2014 World’s Best Selling British Act

2014 World’s Best Selling Recording Act 

2014 World’s Best Selling Pop Act

Youth Rock 

2011 Breakout Group of the Year

2011 Best Breakthough 

2011 Best Group 

2011 Best Video 

2012 Best Group

4Music Video Honours 

2011 Best Breakthrough

2011 Best Group

2011 Best Video

2012 Best Group

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anonymous asked:

You've previously talked about how real life-or-death fights are generally very short and that the maximum amount of moves you should use when writing are low. Eight, I think? But does the same apply for swordfights, or do they generally last longer?

Eight is the maximum limit in hand to hand because: physical exhaustion. It’s best to think of a hand to hand fight like a sprint, there’s no allowed time for recovery, you’re going at each other 100% hard and every second you waste brings you closer to losing. Unlike sparring matches or boxing rounds, there is no timer and no guarantee about what’s going to happen after. If you’re in a bad situation (and if you’re fighting you already are) then the energy you’re expending on your opponent is energy you won’t have to escape even if you do manage to win.

The battery on your body doesn’t automatically reset.

For an example, think about any sports practice or, if you don’t do sports, any gym class with a teacher who is always on your case. (Maybe has forced you to run the dreaded mile). Think about how wiped and tired you felt after a really hard practice. Now, imagine having to run for your life when you feel like you can barely stand.

Unless you’re holding out for reinforcements, time is never on your side.

Now, we created weapons to make killing easier and to limit the physical drain. The guard with a sword or a spear allows for a moment to rest and breathe while defending against an assailant, while attacking with the weapon allows for easy, fast killing blows. Try to remember that weapons weren’t invented to make combat harder, they were created to make killing quicker and less taxing on the body. Swords make it easier for a combatant to fight for a prolonged period of time. However, it is with the assumption that said combatant will be facing more than one opponent during that time.

The best way to gauge how long a fight would take in a real world format is to look at real world fencers: whether it’s ARMA, also this historical fencing, German school of Fencing, Italian/French school with foils (Olympics, best in the world in 2012), or Kendo. Don’t think about how long the matches last, but the scoring and how often the buzzers sound. Most often with the scoring, each time the buzzer sounds signals a killing blow. That is how fast the fight would last. With some of these, especially Italian School Fencing, you have fencers who have been training since they were tots and will provide a decent study (for both men and women) of what you’d get in a historical period with someone trained from a young age.

The character’s goal may not be to kill their opponent, but to debilitate them so that they cannot keep fighting. Either way, it is usually over pretty quickly.



Everyone’s Second Team: Why Atletico Madrid Deserve Our Support

By Caleb Cousens

This year we have been lucky enough to witness a season of special moments thanks to the exploits of Atletico Madrid and Liverpool FC. Neither team were taken seriously at the start of the season, yet both have rocketed to the top of their respective domestic leagues playing their own unique brands of football. I will let someone else wax eloquent about Brendan Rogers and the Anfield faithful, for now let’s head to the Estadio Vicente Calderon.

This is the year of the underdog, and as such, it’s not a bad time to get behind Diego Simeone’s swashbuckling side that has been kicking ass and taking names. Atleti have shattered the illusion of La Liga’s duopoly, beginning with a Copa del Rey at the end of last season that set the tone for what would come. It was the first time that the lesser known Madrid side had beaten the big white machine in 25 matches spanning 14 years. They started this season as they finished, by beating Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, and have proceeded to remain undefeated against Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in La Liga this entire year.

In the Champions League their success seems even less likely. Atletico Madrid have one of the smallest squads in Europe, but have managed to thrive both domestically and in Europe, beating the crème of the crop from Russia, Portugal, Italy and Spain on their way to the Semi-Finals.

That said, why should you support Atletico Madrid?

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