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MORE STUFF about Grace Ryder that I’ve decided.

She’s a cultural anthropologist and huge mythology buff, thinks the best way to understand a people is to understand the stories they have to tell, wants to hear new stories and share humanity’s stories with others - think like the “Darmok on the Ocean” episode of Next Gen which remains like one of the best Trek episodes of all time.

I want her color scheme to revolve around the color turquoise bcs southwestern Chicanx is an aesthetic unto itself.

She is a dog person but being a spacer she couldn’t really have a big dog so she had a tiny Pomeranian. I may or may not decide that she just brought the dog with her on the Andromeda initiative bcs fuck your limited space, the dog only weighs like 8 pounds and she loves him too much to leave him behind.

Also the dog is golden blonde so his name is Huitzilopochtli bcs the sun, but she just calls him Weetzee for short.


happy new year, star trek fandom! let’s say goodbye to 2016, and boldly go into 2017. may you live long and prosper in the new year!


Ages ago I read a fanfic that stuck with me where Worf was raised Jewish and being a very traditional kinda guy, still did some of the rituals he grew up with. Naturally, he’d pass them down to Alexander (and Helena Rozenko strikes me as the kind of lady who would hand knit her grandson a holiday sweater. Actually, she’d probably knit Worf one to… I should draw that XD)

A little late, alas, but happy late Hanukkah anyways!