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“Dorm Love Affair” (V College AU) Part 2 of 2

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Part 1

Title: Dorm Love Affair

Featuring: V (BTS) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: Mature. Smutty smut.

Summary: Kim Taehyung is trouble, but you can’t stay away, and maybe he doesn’t want you to.

Note: Thank you to everyone who read/reblogged/liked part 1! I had a  lot of fun with this and hope you enjoy part 2 just as much :)

Taehyung (2:05PM): you mad at me or something?

You wanted to say a lot of things, but you thought it best to keep ignoring him. Texts came sporadically throughout the rest of the day

Taehyung (4:11PM): no seriously, whats up?

Taehyung (7:09PM): is this about the other night?

Taehyung(12:16AM): cmon, talk to me

Taehyung (1:51AM): I had a really good time, and I thought you did too?

Finally, you couldn’t stand it anymore. How could he be this dense?

You (1:52AM): Really?? Is that why you kicked me out of your room like tomorrows garbage?

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More MacexPonds please! What happens when Mace realizes he was pregnant with pups in theforcegives? Your previous works are amazing! Sometimes it leaves me wanting more, but I know you always give your best to each one. Good job!

Resting his head on his knees, Mace rubbed his temples as he took a deep breath. “Apologies friends… I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.” He managed to quietly murmur out for the rest of the council to hear.

A careful hand touched his knee and Mace slowly looked up from his knees to peer tiredly at Obi-Wan in front of him on his knees with the bucket Mace had just thrown up in set aside. “Mace no, you’re ill, none of us are going to blame you for that.” The redhead murmured while squeezing his knee soothingly as the rest of the council quietly chimed in with their agreement.

Shuffling a bit, Mace gave a slight smile before giving the bucket a bemused glance. “It was lucky you had a bucket behind your chair. Did you have a premonition?” He blinked.

Obi-Wan’s face flustered a bit at that and he shook his head. “No. My morning sickness has gotten worse and I… well I found it best to keep the bucket since we spend such time here.” He cleared his throat a bit with a slight flush crawling up his neck despite his smile as he rested his free hand on the swell of his stomach.

Obi-Wan had not hidden his condition once he’d gotten pregnant, the null turned omega being quite honest with the rest of them as he feared for his unborn child should he go on active missions and Mace was quite understanding at that.

Obi-Wan had rotten luck, him being maimed in some manner was almost always guarantied. Beside, he was not the only council member to be pregnant, Depa and Kit had followed only a week later in confessing to being confirmed pregnant too though they weren’t showing signs that obviously since their morning sickness seemed to be manageable.

His explanation made sense too and Mace gave an absent nod before settling his head back on his knees with a low grunt.

For a few seconds he just breathed before he lifted his head slowly to stare at the bucket with heavy realization and shock, then at Obi-Wan before growling quietly. “I am going to kill Ponds.” He got out, wishing his voice didn’t come out sounding ever so slightly hysteric even as Obi-Wan’s eyes widened in realization too.


“Congratulation Master Windu, it seems you’re carrying twins.” Che hummed, staring at the ultrasound holo with Ponds and Mace. “Seem healthy too from what I can tell but we’ll give you a throughout scan once you reach the four month mark to make sure.” She gave him a smirk before removing the scanner and settling down on the tool tray before she headed over to the terminals to log Mace new information.

Ponds gently took the others hands and rubbed them. “Breathe Mace.” He murmured softly, a bit of alpha command in the voice. “I know we didn’t plan for this but we’ll manage.” The commander leaned in and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “I know we will.”

Mace jaw worked for a few moments before he nodded shakily, taking a deep breath as he loosened one hand from Ponds to pull his tunic back into place. “…You’re going to be here for all of it, right?” He murmured, wishing his voice didn’t come out sounding so small.

There was so many things he’d been certain of.

So many things in life he had known his place in as a Jedi even if he had moments of uncertainty and doubt like everyone did.

But this?

No, he was as uncertain about the role as a carrier and parent as he had been on his role as omega and mate and he would need Ponds help.

He would willingly admit that he needed his mate for this.

Ponds smiled softly and stroked his cheek. “Of course Mace. There’s no place in the galaxy I’d be other then here with you and our kits.” He slid his free hand down to the others covered stomach. “I promise you that I will be here for every step of uncertainty and discovery.” He leaned in to tap their foreheads together in a vode trust greeting.

Mace pressed back, taking a deep breath. “…Good.” He smiled slightly, relaxing.

Just my two pennies’ worth on the nominations… I’m a little surprised that Luca wasn’t nominated for Best Director. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the season goes but it’s a shame to kick things off without a nomination for him. I’m also pretty surprised that Armie was nominated and not Michael Stuhlbarg but awards season is long and there’s still time for everyone to get their moment - fingers crossed. Either way, this is a great start for the film overall - especially for Timothée and Armie! It’s gonna get exciting…

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You're so lucky! :/ My best friend is 5'0 and I sometimes rest my arm on her shoulder. It pisses her off immensely. Her theory says that short people are more likely to be evil because they're closer to hell. XD

Oi, careful. XD We’ll get murdered if some people got offended by that, though I find it entertainingly cute when some short people are angry because they remind me of a cute angry puppy…and yes, I find myself weird about that, too. LMAO

SHINee had the most variety of suits in the history of kpop

i mean they go from classic

to wedding suits

to formal suits

to even ugly suits with crazy colors

and the 70s gosh those 70s feels

let’s not forget this one

and oh god this

and those god damn velvet and leather suits

bottom line is SHINee saved those looks and no one can argue with me


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