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Summer Lovin’ (Mark Smut)

Author: Admin Honey 🍯
Pairing: Got7 Mark Tuan x Reader
Rating: 🥀💍💋
Warning: 18+, contains adult content.
Word Count: 2,817
Summary: Mark gets jealous. You get it on.
Request: Can I have an angst/smut where mark from got7 has feelings for his best friend but has a girlfriend already. Then one night mark confesses to her but she refuses because mark has a girlfriend. But mark doesn’t take no for an answer. Thank you! You change any aspect of it if you’d like.

A/N: I changed it a lil bit, hope you don’t mind too much. Prepare yourself… Honestly. This is the longest thing I’ve ever written.

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Could you make a Gaston one where he protects the reader then falls for her

Pairing: Gaston x Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: loads of fluff 

A/N: hey love! I really hope this is what you were hoping for and that you enjoy this little piece of fluff <33


Walking through the woods in the middle of the night might not have been your best idea.

It’s not like you had planned it, though.

You were supposed to be back home hours ago, but decided to watch the sunset on your favorite hill (some people had favorite shoes, you had your favorite hill. You were something special for sure). You loved the peace and quiet it conveyed  and so rarely got to see it these days. Those were the few hours you had for yourself and were able to think about a lot of things. Or not think about anything for once.

But if you didn’t get out of these woods fast enough, you might not have the chance again.

You hugged your arms tighter around your body and carried yourself a little faster.

You kept hearing noises. Or thought you heard them. It frightened you.

You grew up in a little and mostly peaceful village, protected by everyone.. this wasn’t something you were used to. You’d like to say that you could take care of yourself and that you were brave, but being out here on your own.. well let’s just say right now you really wished someone else was with you.

You stopped dead in your tracks when you heard growling behind you. And then next to you. And then suddenly, from all around you.

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TalesFromRetail: Don't do drugs, kids.

Hey everyone, I have another story for you from $offsalestore. Just a quick note, we are not exactly in the best part of town, so we have seen a lot of things left in our store such as empty beer cans, bags of drugs, empty bottles of cough syrup, etc. So, it’s no secret that we get plenty of people shopping when they’re not in the best state of mind.

On this particular night, we were closing up when we had a lady come into the store. It happens, so we just hope she is quick. However, she is the only one in the store, and we can’t do certain parts of our closing routine while customers are still in the store, so we are all keeping an eye on her just to see when she leaves.

Right in front of us, she decides to grab the largest purse she can find, and stuff it with everything and anything she can get her hands on WHILE WE ARE ARE CLEARLY WATCHING. As one would assume, my manager called mall security and they all waited at the doors for her to make her way over. As she approached, my manager pointer her towards the tills, hoping she would make the correct move, see security and either pay for or leave her items behind. Neither happened. She shoved my manager out of the way, and threw herself out the door, right into the arms of mall security. As they were taking her away, she kept screaming “I’M SORRY, I DIDN’T MEAN TO STEAL, LET ME PAY FOR MY STUFF! I DIDN’T MEAN TO! I’M SORRY! LET ME PAY!”. Yeah, sure.

We continued closing, and when we left the mall, we saw security on our way out. He informed us that it was no wonder she thought that was a good idea, since she was high off of cocaine and morphine.

Gotta love working closing shifts.


Don’t wait for love. Become every exotic specimen of love you ever imagined. Grow and expand into all the gorgeous visions you hoped would say, “You are beautiful.” Exude all the vapors and winsome winds of love. Let them infest your mind and levitate as sprites about you. You are all your imaginings. You deserve warm kisses on cool nights and the best 45s on the record player. The last dance is always, undeniably just for you.❤😘💜

Birthday Girl

“You’re not feeling well.”


“You should go tell your guest you’re not feeling well, tell them it would be best for them to leave.”

“I should.”

The night was far from it’s beginning, and far from it’s end but, already Avery was ready for it to be over. Lying to all of her guests at her own party was awful hostessing but, for what Harry was promising, she was very ready to throw her manners out of the window.

Niall had warned her of Harry, he told her just how persuading Harry could be. She was a strong women, but at first meet, Harry had already held a power over her. He was captivating and intriguing and instead of focusing on her birthday festivities with the rest of her friends and family, she was busy on trying to figure who this mysterious green eyed, skinny-jean clad, headscarf bearing guy was. 

It took some time but, eventually, she did figure out Harry. And now she was pressed against a wall with his hips locking her in place. His hand cupped her cheek as he pulled away from her lips with a subtly smacking noise, looking down into her eyes, his holding nothing but amusement.

Her cheeks were flushed, and she was panting slightly. There was no way she would be able to walk back out into the part without everyone knowing exactly what she had gone off to do. Granted, she could play her appearance off as a part of her “sickness” but the thought of everyone knowing what he done to her, what he was planning on doing to her, made him throb in his tight jeans. 

He pecked her nose affectionately, before pulling away, “Go on then.”

She took a deep breath to compose herself, running a finger over her swollen lips and smiling. The butterflies floating in her stomach and not stopped fluttering since Harry had pulled her down the hallway, and what he proceeded to do once they were hidden from sight had turned her legs to jelly, but she pushed off from the wall and walked back out into her living room where her abundant birthday party guests were mingling amongst themselves. 

I took a while to figure out what exactly her plan of action would be, and even longer to enact upon it but, she worked diligently her incentive being the very attractive male waiting to wreck her once everyone was gone. With her best cough, she went around letting everyone know of her sudden “illness” and slowly but surely, her guest - with wishes for her to get better - began to leave.

“Feel better, Ave.” Niall said as he pulled away from their hug. She nodded thankfully, mumbling her thanks. As he was the last guest, Avery watched him gather his things patiently, before seeing him out the door. 

Just as he walked through the threshold and out into the cool night air, he turned back to Avery. With his eyebrows furrowed he asked, “Have you seen Harry? He didn’t tell me he was leaving.”

Avery pouted out her bottom lip and shrugged her shoulders, “I haven’t seen him. He had to have left.”

Niall kept his frown, but nodded nevertheless. “Alright well, goodnight then. Happy Birthday again.”

Avery smiled, “Thank you. Goodnight.”

She shut the door softly, listening for the quite click to make sure it was closed all the way before reaching down to lock it. The butterflies in her stomach were growing more and more intense but, her anticipation and excitement was growing along with it. Avery was not one to do anything this spontaneous. But, she was older know, and ready to try new things. She figured this would be the best way to start. 

No matter how she wanted to change with her new age, she could not deny the chemistry she felt between her and Harry. Sex was something that required feelings and without them, she would not participate in it. Though the feelings she felt with Harry were nothing strong nor major, they were still there.

She felt as if she were floating as she walked through her apartment. When she noticed he had ventured from the hallway, she turned the corner to get to her bedroom where the door was slightly ajar. 

Apprehensively, she pushed open the door and peaked inside. The room was quiet, the only noise coming from the quiet hum of her air conditioner and for a moment she feared Harry had slipped away while she was busy ridding her house guests. But, when she stepped further inside she saw him, back facing her, messing with something in his hands.

She tip-toed in, shutting the door behind her. “Hello.” She spoke quietly, almost afraid to interrupt the silence that had settled in the room. She took her lip between her teeth as she admired how broad his back was and deliciously satisfying it would be to have her nails dug into it. 

He peered over her shoulder and Avery saw a dimple indent his cheek. “Hello.” he replied casually. One foot at a time, he turned around to face her.

Avery stifled a gasp when she noticed what was in his hands.

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my biggest hope/dream is for when the map is finished, for the SSO team to add the Winter Rider’s map and just. keep it as is(with needed updates and added stuff)

like. Keep the waterfall and lake and rivers and building just.. update and make prettier and add new things? keep the stables and.. yeah. Especially the mountain. it is my biggest SSO dream to be able to spend a night on that mountain with my best SSO friends during winter(so snow will be everywhere and it will be just like the original game lol). You have no idea how bad my heart yearns for this.