the best of the night

voltron at a restaurant (things my stepsiblings said while out at dinner)


pidge: i BET you 40 bucks i can run through the mall and hit every store by the time we get a seat

shiro: wha- why would you do that

pidge: a kid’s gotta make money somehow


hunk, laying on the floor: im so hungry,, i’m gonna DIE so i’m not hungry anymore


lance: oh keeEeithhh~

keith: do you WANT me to smack you


pidge: *ungodly screech* *throws napkin across the table and hits lances water, knocking it over*

lance: ahH-

shiro: pigd- damMIT NOT AGAIN

hunk: *uncontrollable laughing*


keith: *sucking on a lemon* i feel no pain *bites off entire slice, throwing empty peel onto table*

Thank Yous - Movie Night - Part One

Movie Night Part One - The ‘Drive In’ Dilemma

Honestly the response to this story blew me away!!!

I had so much fun writing this prompt and was so so happy when you guys enjoyed reading it just as much.

I have fallen in love with writing AUs and am so eager to share more of this story with you. Since there are so many (and I still need to write my responses to comments on Ao3 and move house) I would like to say a BIG thank you to you all who commented, liked and re-blogged. Honestly you guys really do make my day every time I see a new note.


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I rode my bike to the forest last week and I got lost for a while! It was amazing :’) also this is last week’s spread! (I’m actually spending most of the time doing nothing but watching movies haha)


Human versions of Mae and Bea, two nerds in love

Looks like I actually did art for once (weird) still working on that voltron piece tho  I loved this game, and I loved Bea so much that I had to draw these two

tbh I always imagined Bea with tattoo sleeves and Mae constantly covered in small injuries because CRIMES 

Bonus + Germ:

^ from here


kate mckinnon + live action film credits