the best of the best vol.i

Moments of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (MAY HAVE SPOILERS)

-Drax’s infectious laughter through the whole movie.

-Additionally Drax’s continuous ineptitude for social interaction, especially with Mantis.

-Gamora truly becoming Space Mum and suffering the whole time.

-The entire family dynamics within the team and the fact romance was vaguely alluded to, but wasn’t more important over family unlike most other hero movies.

-Kraglin being the Best Boy!!! The purest character in the movie who deserves only good.

-Groot being brilliant comedic relief, but ultimately also being a 3D character who pulls through in the end.


-Nebula having the best redemption arc and the saddest reasoning behind it all.

-#Let Gamora and Nebula hug more 2k17.

-Also someone give Rocket more hugs because he suffers too much. Real revelation of his character and his scene with Yondu fuCK!!

-Yondu = true dad and hero of the movie.


-Movie should be renamed “The Incredibly Shitty and Horrendous Time in Peter Quill’s Life”. Let him rest.

-The unabashed hints and references dropped. Every five seconds they references someone and it was amazing.

-The soundtrack once more!

-The reference they did to the first movie where Groot freezes while dancing when Drax sees him.

-Groot. That’s it. He was amazing.

-Mantis and Drax’s incredibly weird but endearing platonic relationship that I hope stays platonic forever because it’s too good.

-Someone must tell Mantis she’s beautiful every day this girl needs it.

-Teach Mantis to smile and love herself !!!

-Big Sister Gamora must take Mantis under her wing and teach her not to take shit from anyone.

-Dad Peter at the end with Groot. Takes after his dad Yondu. Next he’ll threaten to eat Groot.

-The inappropriately times jokes.

There’s so much more good parts to this movie but I’ve rambled on too long already. It must be watched!!

I saw Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 last friday and it was amazing!!!!! forever dying about all the colors and stupid jokes and overall ridiculousness that would never work in any other movie but looks stunning in GotG! I love Mantis she’s the #1 Bae and i can’t wait to see how she will be in Vol. 3 when Drax teaches her his weird second hand humor and sass!

Also look! i did an almost monochromatic color scheme! (first time ever??)

Gwyndolin: If I touch someone, I can feel their feelings. *puts her hand over Ornstein’s hand* You feel…love.

Ornstein: Yes, I suppose so. I feel that general, unselfish love for everyone-

Gwyndolin: No! Romantic, sexual love-

Ornstein: No, no-

Gwyndolin: For him! *points to Artorias*

Ornstein: No!

Gough: *bursts out laughing* SHE JUST TOLD EVERYONE YOUR DEEPEST, DARKEST SECRET! *continues laughing*

Ornstein: Come, now, I think you’re overreacting a bit.

Gough: *still laughing* YOU MUST BE SO EMBARRASSED!

i love how ruki was so unsatisfied with this part of guren during the 2009, listened to it 3 times  and decided to change it.


now in the new version he brought it back to how it was originally 

do u get this  ? every time he performed this song he probably thought “damn fuck shit shit i should have kept it as is i dont like it”

he has been wanting to change that part for 8 years

and now he did 

*slow clap*

edit: srry this sure is confusing XD. to clear it up a bit if you listen to the recorded old version of guren at 3:11 and to the new version of guren at 3:17 you will notice the difference in lyrics XD

Uruha’s Blog ー TRACES VOL.2 

Today it was finally released. 
I think, there are people who have listened to it already; this time we approached the making of this work with the goal of creating something that people wouldn’t think of as…merely a best-of. It wasn’t just about dragging out songs from the past but about the feeling of wanting to once again make them something valuable and worth doing and by putting all of these feelings and thoughts into it, we created this best-of album.
This time, it’s an album on which we could freely approach all the things we wanted to do, so it turned out to become this extremely pure album regarding the amount of information we wanted to convey, or more precisely, the intentions of the members are very pure which I’m very proud of.
Of course music is what we do so comparing past and present works and deciding which is better than the other is in itself meaningless. What’s important is that you can enjoy the existing songs once again regardless of merit, and for that, I do believe, we handled our past work very delicately in respect of the new techniques and arrangements that aren’t in the old versions or the changes that we made sure were within an acceptable range.
I’m proud that through TRACES VOL.2 I’ve been able to contribute to making these past GazettE songs shine once more. 


Oh this part is so Epic!!
Peter’s mother: take my hand.
Peter/ Starlord: Mom.
Gamora: TAKE MY HAND! !

Ronan: You’re mortals! how?
Peter/ Starlord: you said it yourself bitch: we’re The Guardians of the Galaxy!!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Spoilers, obviously.

Guardians of the Galaxy continues to be the best of the marvel lineup in many categories.  The action was well paced, well choreographed; the dialogue was snappy, cackle-loudly-funny.  But the best part?

Oh my god, these weirdos, they…will actually talk about their feelings?

No no no, none of this angsty repressive bs like the rest of the mcu superheroes.

Yondu? Yondu is Peter’s dad.  100%.  The guy raised him, protected him, gave his life for him.  So his dad.  And…both of them acknowledged it out loud.  Amazing.  I love it.  I love it I love it I love it I love it give me more please.

Gamora and Nebula? Have a real fucked up relationship, but…they talked about it.  Out loud.  After beating the shit out of each other, and saving each other’s lives multiple times.  

They are a family, a family that loves each other, that will forgive each other.

And I think it’d kinda cool.  And sweet.  It’s a breath of fresh air in this universe.

My favorite parts:

The Watchers cameo + Stan Lee cameo– but, um, crying over this part because (i didn’t catch this at first but then I thought about it and it was like OH FUCK because) the watchers, okay, they almost never interfere in anything; theirs is to simply watch, observe, know, all of the most crucial moments in Marvel history.  In their first bit, they’re sitting around Stan Lee, listening to him tell stories.  Watching him.  But in the second bit? They’re walking away from him.  And do you know what he says? I’m crying over fucking Stan Lee guys, because as they’re walking away from him, he says “But wait! I’ve still got more stories to tell!”  When you get it, please come find me and cry with me over this.

Also, the second, the very second Ego says that he’s the one who put a tumor in Peter’s mom’s head, Peter pulls out his pistols and starts shooting the shit out of him.  Zero hesitation.  Just blam! instant swiss god.

Also also, I love how they were all baby groot’s parents.  Peter tells him to put his seatbelt on, Gamora waves to him, they all try to protect him, and at the end they all pass him around ‘cause he wants to be held by all of them and he FALLS ASLEEP ON DRAX’S SHOULDER OH MY GOD.

So…yeah.  I really liked this movie, and I wouldn’t mind if Marvel decided to make another one.

ilvermorny headcanons

ok but imagine

- ilvermorny professors with ridiculous bostonian accents
- ilvermorny professors with thick southern accents
- or midwestern accents
- or native american… or mexican… or canadian
- southern students explaining sweet iced tea to their yankee classmates
- the red sox/yankees rivalry being even stronger and deeper than inter-house rivalries
- baseball is a BIG deal at ilvermorny (it’s massachusetts, I mean c'mon)
- mexican, native american, and french-canadian teachers and students slipping into their native languages whenever they get excited or angry
- heated arguments over politics between the horned serpents and the thunderbirds, but the wampuses and pukwudgies being the most inclined to party loyalty
- mexican, native american, and canadian students introducing the american students to foods/festivals/traditions/clothing/stories/etc. of their cultures
- cranberry pies and cobblers for desert literally every day
- grumpy pukwudgies everywhere, complaining but never leaving
- actual pukwudgies showing obvious bias toward pukwudgie students
- wampuses being hands-down the best dancers and turning out the most ballerinas and choreographers
- the little old southern lady, who teaches charms, bringing lemonade, sweet tea, and cookies to class everyday
- the red sox curse being ACTUAL dark magic
- the patriots’ LUCK is owed to overenthusiastic wizard/witch fans who can’t help themselves
- this pisses off the students invested in the nfl who aren’t patriots fans (which is most of them)
- southern students bringing college football fanaticism to ilvermorny
- “ROOOOLLLLL TIDE, Y'ALL” “GO VOLS” “LISTEN HERE, MAN, I SAID ROLL TIDE” “IF YOU CUSS AT ME AGAIN LIKE THAT, I’LL-” “BOYS! if I hear another of these arguments again you will both be taking it to detention. hotty toddy, by the way.”
- pukwudgies being killer at potions
- thunderbirds excelling at DADA
- wampuses are the BEST at transfiguration
- horned serpents slaying at divination and arithmancy
- the amount of no-maj positivity is unreal and beautiful
- the best feasts literally ever (sorry, hogwarts)
- I N D E P E N D E N C E D A Y
- wow independence day is so off the chain
-illegal fireworks everywhere
- red solo cups littering the grounds
- the horned serpents smuggled the alcohol
- the manchester joke got very serious whenever that was big
- seriously, you didn’t want to try it on a thunderbird. jinxed in a second


There are so many awesome GOTG artworks, that I don’t feel quite confident about mine. Though it took really much effort from me and I have to admit that it’s one of my best drawings (according to the likes on instagram, lol) So I’m gonna share it here anyway. Here’s my hero and the best Space Dad of the Galaxy - Yondu! <3
Highway To Hell - MeganBStrange - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/?
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Additional Tags: Time Travel Fix-It, do over AU, Yondu is best trash space dad, galaxies most tryingest dad, Yondu does his best to do it right in the worst way possible, Crew as Family, Yondu tries to do it all on his own, Yondu learns to ask for help, Helpful Ravagers, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Ego isn’t a dad he’s a megalamaniac and needs to be put down, Yondu aint gonna put up with shit
Series: Part 1 of A Bad Man’s Second Chance

Yondu dies in the arms of the son, and wakes up with a second chance.

Yondu’s gonna try and do better this time, but lets face it he’s still gonna fuck it up. It’s the thought that counts.


I need to hug this baby sm

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Since the start of this game, I had undoubtedly spent more time with her than anyone else, yet she remained an enigma to me. I wasn’t honestly sure why she kept working with me. There were so few times I felt I truly understood exactly what she was thinking, I could count them on my fingers.

But for whatever reason, I had never felt that sensation—that suspicious “Who are you really? ” question—about her, not even once. She always existed in a neutral state at my side, angry, sulking, laughing.

She wasn’t acting out a temporary disguise of herself here. Whether her body was a digital avatar or not, she was herself. Asuna could be more natural with herself than anyone, not because she was a newcomer to MMOs, but because she possessed a firm sense of self.

When I first found her in the labyrinth tower, she was empty eyed and nearly suicidal in her abandon. Now she had found a reason to fight, gained knowledge and skill, and had worked her way to being one of the very best players in the game.

Could I change like that, too?


Kirito; Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 4: Scherzo of Deep Night; Reki Kawahara

(in which Kirito admitted how much he admires Asuna even in their early times in SAO)


Cassis and Guren [ Traces Vol.2 ]

Thanks @missverypink for the help !
Before I get any possible complaints…
Those songs have been revealed during RajiGaze.
I am not the owner of the video ^^

Track 5 - Iwa-chan pillow talk
Track 5 - Iwa-chan pillow talk

Normally before I post a track, I listen to it before uploading it. I guess sleepy Iwa-chan is so relaxing that I fell asleep! Hopefully he has the same effect on you guys too! And now I give you track 5!

[SFW (Couple of kisses! <3) ]  Please use headphones for the best possible experience! And b/c kisses. You don’t want anyone accidentally hearing it.

Haikyuu Character: Iwaizumi Hajime

Drama CD: Shūkan soine CD shirīzu vol. 05

Producer: Black Butterfly

VA:  Hiroyuki Yoshino

Dont repost plz.