the best of something corporate

Watch the Sky
Something Corporate

I’m lost at sea
The radio is jammed; I bet they won’t find me
I swear it’s for the best, and then your frequency
Is pulling me in closer ‘til I’m home

And I’ve been up for days
I finally lost my mind and then I lost my way
I’m blistered but I’m better
And I’m home

This is like my number one Carlos the Scientist song.

sumthingeasy  asked:

I just read your post about how the book almost never happened, and I'm so GRATEFUL to you for taking charge of the printing/distribution at the end. I was especially awed by the fact that you decided to fund everything from your own personal finances. I'm now deeply curious... what is so unattractive about crowd-funding fests (kickstarter, etc) that made it preferable to risk your own money for the printing, rather than reach out for help from the community? Less risk somehow? Efficiency?

I’m going to share this with everyone, since I’ve found there’s not really a lot of “why to NOT do a Kickstarter” on the web these days. Everyone seems to think it’s an obvious easy answer for funding a project like this but I found it quite the opposite; it’s much more complicated than it seems, particularly if you are not a financial minded person (like myself).

Cut for very tl;dr post…

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Seriously, Galaxia’s casual lack of fuck-giving is fantastic.

My 50 Essential Pop-Punk Songs/Bands

A friend sent me an article yesterday dissecting the Pop-Punk Era which ruled over the 00’s. As these were my formative years (ages 9-19), I found myself in love with this scene and the crazily-punctuated, colorful-t-shirted bands that made it special. These fifty bands (and the single songs I’ve chosen to represent them, based on how much they mean to me personally) soundtracked my teenage years. It was a hard list to make, as I tried to keep it strictly pop-punk (thus, excluding the more post-hardcore/metalcore bands I was also into at the time). Let me know who you think I forgot.

Presented in alphabetical order by band:

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