the best of snooker

I don’t have many pictures of us together, so when I saw this one….I knew it was special. ❤️

Baylee & Joscelyn during Snooker 345C
7/29/17 - WI-IL Agility Group - Spring Grove, IL
Photo by: SuperDog Photos


Here’s our Standard and Jumpers run from the trial this past weekend.

I’d say Standard was our messiest run of the day (zoomies, plus an off course fault). Gatsby also did an early run by during Jumpers. 

Our best run of the day was our Snooker run, which I have yet to upload.

Gatsby was considerably slower during our Jumpers run, most likely due to the heat and because he was tired (agility trial days are loooong days). Still super duper pleased with how well he ran though. 

With this particular qualifying score in Jumpers, we are now in Level 4. 

Oh, and one more thing: the judge for that weekend is a corgi owner. She LOVED Gatsby. She said to me, “so, uh, don’t be surprised if your corgi goes missing at the end of the day because I’m totally taking him home with me.” And during one of our runs, after she said “Good luck!” (she says this to everyone running) she said, “UNLEASH THAT CORGI!” And during one other run, she said, “GO CORGI POWER!” I love her. She’s judging again in July so I’m definitely going to enter us in that one.