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Neck Deep proved why they’re this year’s BEST LIVE BAND and tore up our 2016 #APMAS stage - the whole crowd was singing along 👍🎶  (📷 : Lily P. McLaughlin)



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Random Access Memories

Daft Punk have promised that they’ll be releasing their own remixes of the songs on their latest album, Random Access Memories.
But Darkside a.k.a. Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington– have beaten them to the punch, remixing RAM in its entirety, and riding roughshod over its smooth patina.

Listen below.

Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” has been called many things (electronic dance music’s savior, EDM’s demise, pure funk, completely derivative), but a soothing indie song it is not. Shoe-gazers looking to stay “up all night to get lucky,” however, can find solace in Daughter’s new cover, a breathy, minimalist take that sounds like one of best xx songs never recorded.

Listen below.

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"We're really punk rock"

Win a VMA for Best Lyrics Video.. pretty punk rock

Featured on the cover of Alt Press Magazine… hella punk rock

Performed a kick ass rock show and melted faces at the iTunes Festival in London… punk rock x8000

Plays with kittens…. so punk rock I don’t even know if theyre punk rock anymore because it hurts my heart too much

I don’t know whats more punk rock than kittens…