the best of prison break

just so we’re all clear michael scofield is the most special amazing beautiful selfless caring angel who did nothing wrong ever in his life and deserves the entire universe on a silver platter and i would do a life sentence for him and his happiness

Prison Break: Resurrection set the gold standard for TV show revivals

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-previously deceased character is resurrected and gets the happy ending he deserves, complete with his devote brother, love of his life, and son

-our ship sets sail again with little damage done to the devotion or beauty of the relationship we fell for all those years ago

-our hero triumphs over the bad guy using brawns and brain and looks dead sexy doing it, even after all of this time 

-our heroine makes up for the extreme lapse in judgement (come on, if she didn’t have this, she wouldn’t have been with Michael Scofield in the first place) which led to the plot of this revival by proving herself as feisty, brave and resourceful as ever

-somehow that curly headed dude who played the nice guy on a gazillion TV shows ended up being a formidable adversary, seriously who knew

-we end the series with most of our protagonists alive, well, and victorious

-except for the show’s former villain, who is set to destroy our newest one. We may go back to that someday, but we don’t need to. The show ended with the promise of a future prison break, but if it never happens, that’s okay, too. The cliffhanger that every other revival ends in, even the supposedly lighthearted one revolving around a bunch of chatty New England girls and their romantic interests, isn’t present here. And that’s a good thing.

This revival did what 24 (both the initial revival and this year’s Where The Hell Are Jack and Chloe version) and Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life couldn’t: it reunited us with all of the members of the original cast (that were still alive, at least) and gave us something true to the spirit of the show, with a true sense of closure and a gaze off into the sunset for everyone who deserved it.

Here’s to you, Micheal Scofield and company.

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A lot of people on my dash seem confused;

T-bag is not a good person, he’s a good character!

There’s a difference.

And when I say I understand his character, I’m not saying he’s not a piece of shit who deserves shit to happen to him! I’m saying he’s a great antagonist doing reasonable actions based on his character and/or development.