the best of pitch perfect

huge film rec list
  • films about teenagers and coming of age: ghost world, a bronx tale, the breakfast club, girl interrupted, perks of being a wallflower, blue is the warmest color, rushmore, the last picture show, the virgin suicides, submarine, stand by me.
  • films about running away from home to find yourself: frances ha, spirited away, moonrise kingdom, 127 hours.
  • films about transgression, nihilism, and altering reality: fight club, american psycho, donnie darko, naked, the matrix, the piano teacher, martyrs.
  • films about finding your passion: kiki’s delivery service, american beauty, reality bites, school of rock, harold and maude.
  • films about drugs and existentialism: requiem for a dream, enter the void, trainspotting, spun, fear and loathing in las vegas, the trip, christiane f. 
  • films about deconstructing the manic pixie dream girl trope: scott pilgrim vs. the world, amelie, fucking amal, paper towns, shame, annie hall.,  500 days of summer.
  • films about punk rock: sid and nancy, we are the best!, jubilee, rock n roll high school, suburbia, the runaways, rocky horror picture show, ladies and gentlemen the fabulous stains. 
  • films about lesbians: fucking amal, bound, saving face, blue is the warmest color, heavenly creatures, the kids are all right, high art
  • films about unconventional love: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, adventureland, silver linings playbook, amelie, lars and the real girl, when harry met sally, lost in translation.
  • films about art & artists: the antics roadshow, ai weiwei: never sorry, fame high, just like being there, woodmans, who the fuck Is jackson pollock, jean-michel basquiat: the radiant child, my kid could paint that, mona lisa smile
  • films about girl best friends: thelma & louise, spring breakers, thirteen, pitch perfect, dreamgirls, mystic pizza, the last days of disco, frances ha

message me for any requests!

Voltron Season 5 leaks

Keith your gay is showing

And the only other valid alternative would be

Who did this
Which one of you did this

These edits are getting out of hand, I swear


My friend is crazy but I still love him

please watch if you want your mind blown and/or fried C:

From ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’

Jessica: I really should go

Ashley: Oh Jessica, don’t go just yet! Wait…you are Jessica?

Jessica: Yes, for the last time I’m Jessica.

Ashley: I’m Ashley…

Jessica: You’re Ashley.


I’m not a Sendrick shipper. Personally I think the whole idea of shipping real people is weird. BUT. I do adore the friendship that Anna Kendrick & Brittany Snow have (along with the other Bella’s cast obvs).

Like, they’ve blates had their own hardships in life. Hollywood is a crappy bubble to be in at times (believe me, I’ve been there, I’ve seen things, I know how awful it can be once you delve beyond its ‘perfect aesthetic’). 

Kendrick and Snow have both been in the industry since they were kids. They’ve both undoubtedly battled with their own demons physically and mentally (who hasn’t eh?). But I love that they have found each other and the rest of the PP cast and are together part of such a tight, supportive little family. Because support and close friendships in the crazy Hollywood limelight is so important. 

Plus for 6 months of the year they’re the same age. I mean, that’s nice <3

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Just because you are making me very sexually confused does not mean that you are intimidating!

Britt Snow has admitted her thing is making Spotify Playlists for people.

I live my life happy in the knowledge that she’s probably made a playlist or two for Kendrick.

And that there was bound to be some Ke$ha in there just for Lol’s

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