the best of luck in 2014 girls


Team Captain Shang Chunsong leads TC in winter training upgrades

Exciting news are coming from Team China after a long winter training period.  We are seeing upgrades all over; better vaults, more difficult tumbling passes, improved dismounts… things are finally looking good again after the departure of the 2008-2012 squad.  But same as always, upgrades only count when performed in competition.  Best of luck girls!

(Video: Shang Chunsong 3.5 twist on floor via Che Li’s Weishi)

I would like to make it known that I will not be watching the Olympics held in Sochi Russia. I am deeply sorry to the athletes who trained so hard, not just over the past four years but for the better part of their lives to compete. I know there are people who will watch in support of those athletes and I can not and will not judge their decision to do so. But for me personally there are times when the bigger picture takes precedence. This is one of those times. It is my unequivocal belief that basic human rights and equality for ALL is paramount. Gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual and queer individuals must be granted these rights and must never be told not to speak of who they are, must never be silenced, ignored, abused, attacked, alienated and treated like second class people. It is not okay. So for these reasons, I will not give ratings to any network that airs the Olympics and I will not support Russia’s offences to basic human rights. I wish to make it clear that I have many Russian friends and family who are in complete support for human rights for all. My heart goes out to all Russian citizens who are as disgusted by the positions of their leadership as I am and are potentially being unfairly judged in all of this. I wish all of the athletes no matter their race, gender or sexual preference the very best of luck this year.
With love and hope,
Zoie xo.
—  Zoie Palmer on why she’s boycotting Sochi 2014


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[INFO] 14/12/12 Billboard chose BEAST's 'Good Luck' as The Best K-pop Song of 2014!

1. Beast - “Good Luck”

From big band to EDM to ‘80s synth-pop, some of the best K-pop songs of the year came from honing in on and perfecting a particular concept. But by pulling fresh music inspirations while still retaining their band’s signature energy, Beast truly nailed it with this lovelorn breakup track that spans 360 degrees of entertainment and emotions.

Emotional piano lines and heartfelt croons evolve into fierce kiss-off lyrics over fizzy electronic production. Meanwhile, ominous cellos, sneering violins and other orchestral elements creep in before they’re trounced by throbbing EDM and trap beats as the guys showcase their singing, belting and rapping skills. There isn’t much more you could ask – or that could fit – in this meticulously put-together tour de force.

Crafted by member Junhyung and his longtime collaborator Kim Taejoo, “Good Luck” feels like the singer/rapper is truly at a point where he understands how to make his band’s dynamics shine while pushing himself to create bigger and better productions, undoubtedly a trend that will continue as Beast moves into the second half of their first decade together stronger than ever.

Full list – The 20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2014:

1. Beast - “Good Luck”
2. Seo Taiji & IU - “Sogyeokdong”
3. G-Dragon & Taeyang - “Good Boy”
4. TVXQ! - “Something”
5. San E & Raina - “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”
6. Nell - “Four Times Around the Sun”
7. INFINITE - “Back”
8. Hyolyn & JooYoung - “Erase”
9. Dynamic Duo & DJ Premier - “Animal”
10. SISTAR - “Touch My Body”
11. MC the Max - “Wind That Blows”
12. Orange Caramel - “Catallena”
13. Loco Featuring Jay Park - “Thinking 'Bout You”
14. 15& - “Can’t Hide It”
15. Park Hyo Shin - “Wild Flower”
16. Girl’s Day - “Something”
17. B1A4 - “Lonely”
18. Girls’ Generation - “Mr.Mr.”
19. Akdong Musician - “200%”
20. Apink - “Luv”

Click >>here<< to read the full article.


Found two AMAZING (those colooours (ノ≧∀≦)ノ) artists at Anime North ‘14, best part was these girls were huge JJBA fans!  6-heures​’s part 3 print is hanging in the bedroom, and shingalas​’ mini prints are above the computers.  Seriously, though.  Their business cards were Jojo.

(Please don’t make fun of Jojo’s missing elbow, he came out the box like that, and no luck with the distributor (he wasn’t used either) nor manufacturer…)