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Since his last show had practically been a humiliating fiasco bringing him a total of twenty simoleons in ticket revenue, with three quarters of the audience leaving before the last act, Desmond decided to go back to what he knew best – tasteless cabaret performances. His guest star and cash magnet from the earlier days, singer/songwriter Rivka the Rabbit, was currently busy touring mental health facilities and prestigious kindergartens, which meant that Desmond had no choice but to prepare and perform the program by himself. For the next three months, his plan was to entertain the public with such never-fading musical pearls as “What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor“, “My Heart Will Go On“, the Love Boat theme and “I am Sailing“.

Sinuary Day One: Exhibition

(AKA “I do the best I can to fill seven days at least. Guest star: waterfall HC, hot slow burn and Reluctant!Apprentice/Cocky!Master.
LAST WARNING: English is not my first language but I’m a delicate stubborn lady so I want to try again an then again to write in a decent English someday. Maybe.
A sort of.)



Its roaring music becomes so vast, so immense to fill her senses. Popping out the bushes, Rey must stop her steps. A short pebble beach laying  quite upon a little lake with a waterfall. The river takes its course after few meters, drawing a little bight of clear water: seeing the great presence of moist air and distant roars, this pool seems to be the first of other similar hollows nearby.

Nothing hide the sky; it’s an outstanding vision, brightening, impressive. So easy to feel crushed on the sensation. So it Rey: tiny, small, in front of the nature’ s tremendous breath and the continuing discover of its generosity after t years of taste its cruel bite of dust and sand.

The sudden, low, deep sound of a laugh burst in her stomach: a laugh impossibile to shut out, ready to born to celebrate with an unbridled trill the beauty she is witnessing.
The only reason push her to stay silent is a light dimple that breaks the water’s perfect surface. Rey starts do watch it, puzzled and worried.

Something is emerging from the lake.


It starts with a head covered with thick, shiny black hair. The head is following by a first glimpse of pale skin, kissing by the brutal sun in this clear morning. After the pale skin, there it comes a broad back, marked with many white scars, now completely exposed by his nudity. And after the skin, the muscular back, the terrible beauty of these scars here they comes a pair narrows hips and-

Luckily -or its opposite?- the swimmer shows his backside to her. He stops his emergence, showing himself until his waist. He lifts his hands to pull out his front some black curls, revealing his bulging ears.


At last detail, Rey’s stomach flips up  tightening  in a boiling knot of warm. The swollen spasm runs along her tense lower abdomen, ready to melt fast in a earning dampness between her legs. Her thigs shut immediately, trying to suffocate this strange, new sensation. Instead of vanish her urgent, sudden needing increases, leaving her head light and fuzzy.

Kylo shakes his head, his eyes shut. One by one, every muscles of his back follow his neck movement with a slow, powerful twist. Seeing a such vitality in his naked body strokes a deep shock along Rey’s  trembling spine. 

She forget to keep close their Bond, gasping to hearing his dusk voice echoing in her whole being.

Do you like what you see, my apprentice?

The worried scream in her consciousness in response to his temptation turns out dull, weak: like a childish lie.

Go away.

Rey knows she can do this.

She must do this.

Hissing a desperate, muffled curse against herself and her wicked fantasies, Rey bites her lower lip. Her whole body refuses to answer to her command.

Rey. Don’t fight your feelings.

All she can do is free her frustrating shout and close the Bond. All she can do is turn her back and run away from him and his lascivious exhibition.

She does nothing.

I know it, Master.

Taking a deep breath, Rey opens her eyes, walking on the pebbles beach.

Her bare foot touches the cold water.

I feel it too.


Gavin’s Top Ten Films of 2014

Here it is, my favorite films of 2014! This year surprised me, it’s been a great year for challenging and engaging material that spans both genre and technique. I tend to be very open in my tastes, which runs the gamut from indie to blockbuster, but this year’s list came down to stories that more personally affected me emotionally and sometimes spiritually. To make a long story short (too late!), let’s get on with the show:

10. Starred Up

Starred Up works in such a simple and effective manner: what happens when a a second generation violent criminal gets locked up in the same system with the father that neglected him? Is it nature that causes his violent swings? Is it the lack of nurture? Violent, dark, occasionally vulgar, and very real. One of the best character studies of the year.

09. Obvious Child

A smart reclamation of the romantic comedy, Gillian Robespierre’s directorial debut is a strong, honest look at romance in the 21st century. Plus, there’s not too many romcoms out there about abortion. Jenny Slate shines as the lead, and I’ve always been a sucker for Gaby Hoffmann. My only complaint about the film is probably the stand-up portions, but come on, standup’s hard man. 

08. Only Lovers Left Alive

It’s hard to think of an adult, non-horror themed, vampire film in this post Twilight world. Vampires feel tired. Only Lovers Left Alive attempts to fix that, and frankly, it’s nice to see a genre film take itself seriously and attempt to avoid convention. Only Lovers Left Alive is a meditation on life, the long and short of it, depression, and dealing with love and loss. It is gorgeously rendered, and yeah, some of it feels like beautiful people laying about listening to a great soundtrack, but are you saying your life’s not like that?

07. The Babadook 

Speaking of depression, The Babadook, the breakout first film by Jennifer Kent, is as equally scary as it is sad. Horror is a genre that often gets overlooked because of its reliance on convention, but The Babadook sets itself apart by playing with a different emotional base than most of its contemporaries: grief. It’s rare to find such an emotionally complex haunter that keeps you guessing what it’s truly about. Smart visual effects and an incredible turn by both leads help sell the terror, but the emotional core comes straight from the well crafted script. Perhaps it’s a film about a family torn apart by the festering wound caused by the loss of a loved one, or perhaps, it’s something more. One thing is for sure though, once you let it in, you can’t get rid of The Babadook

06. Jodorowsky’s Dune

Jodorowsky’s Dune is quite thewell crafted documentary that’s almost like peeking into an alternate dimension. What would have happened if one of the world’s most experimental voices had adapted a big budget space opera like Dune? We’ll never know, but it’s fun to muse during the running time of the film about what could have been. Jodorowsky himself is such a bombastic character, he’s worth the price of admission alone (however, he’s still a little too big for his britches in terms of the impact he may or may not have had, and this doc is pretty enamored with him, which doesn’t always allow for the completest of pictures). If you’ve ever had a dream, worked so hard to get somewhere, and watched it fall apart right in front of your eyes, this film’s for you. 

05. Blue Ruin

This movie shocked me to the core. Jeremy Saulnier’s follow up to Murder Party, (an under-seen gem in my book) just works on so many levels. Blue Ruin is a revenge film, but one that plays like real life. No one sets out to be a killer, and in a world where we see people get their just desserts in films all the time, it’s nice to see a movie that really wants you to realized that taking a life is a traumatic and terrifying thing. Blue Ruin is filled with funny, awkward, and down right traumatic moments that manage to make you cringe and laugh at the same time. It’s not an easy film, but I kind of like not being talked down to. 

04. Calvary

Calvary is a masterclass on so many levels. From excellent film making, to an incredibly wry and witty script, to the top notch acting (oh man, Brendan Gleeson, you’re a worldwide treasure), everything just clicks. Calvary is as much a film about faith in a higher power as it is about faith in people. It’s perhaps not the easiest film for everyone, and it presents a lot of complex ideas about religion, humanity, sex, violence, prejudice, duty, and our existence in the here and now, all wrapped up in the story of a good man who’s been given a week to live. Still, it’ll manage to make you laugh, maybe shed a tear (strangely enough, not me, and I’m a big baby), and stick with you for days afterwards. 

03. Ida

And here’s another film that muses both on faith and duty: Ida, the story of a orphan girl about to take her holy vows as a nun, who reconnects to her past through a long lost aunt, discovers she’s Jewish, and sets out to find the grave of her parents who were killed during World War II. Ida is remarkably gorgeous, looking like a lost Bergman film, with a soul that’s as heavy as the subject matter. Agata Trzebuchowska is stunning as Ida, and she carries an immense presence for a role with such little dialog. However, the real star is Agata Kulesza, Ida’s aunt Wanda, who carries a special lightness about her buried under years of guilt and bitterness. I wish all movies were as beautiful as Ida, visually and spiritually.

02. The Guest

This is the one that’ll probably leave most people scratching their heads, but if you know me, this movie was practically made for me. This 1980’s-esque psudeo-horror-action flick is the perfect popcorn muncher. Charged by fantastic performances from Dan Stevens and relative newcomer Maika Monroe, this sharply plotted thriller grabs you from the get go, and never really lets you go till the credits roll. The look of the film is gorgeous, saturated with enough neons to make 80’s Michael Mann blush, and don’t get me started on that intense synth-laden score. More than anything, this reminds me of the films I’d watch Saturday afternoons with my dad as a kid, and that couldn’t make me happier. 

01. Under the Skin

From happy, to outright traumatized, I couldn’t shake Under the Skin for weeks after I saw it. I’ve heard this film called everything from masterpiece to misanthropic, and I can’t really disagree with either analysis. I think that’s the beauty of this film though, yes there is a heavy divisiveness too it, but that’s what makes it work as a piece of art. You’re going to see in it what you want, and somehow, through it all, I saw some hope. Glazer will always have an ostentatious quality to his films, but it works in his favor, especially here in this small movie that plays much larger than it actually is. Mica Levi’s score is a haunting spectical, sure to be an instant classic. And let’s not forget Scarlett Johansson, who gives one of the best performances of her career here. It’s not an easy task to play someone so far removed, journeying through both humanity’s strengths and major flaws. It’s a daring, beautiful, angry, occasionally hopeful and completely unnerving piece of work that I loved every second of. 

Fix BBC Sherlock in Series 5 by Borrowing from “Broken” (House S6E1)

My dream for BBC Sherlock S5? Do what House M.D. did to kick off its 6th season…get ‘em some professional help! I don’t think they need a mental hospital, but I’d like to see Sherlock and John go to residential treatment for a month or so (the first episode) in order to work through their issues and build a solid foundation for their recovery. They begin to process their trauma. They learn healthy communication and coping skills. They have individual, couples, family, and group therapy…plus fun stuff like art therapy! Music therapy! Dance therapy! PET therapy! Also YOGA…I’d like to see John begin practicing yoga as a way of managing his stress/anger issues/shoulder pain (plus Martin Freeman would look really hot doing yoga… @geek-royalty ).

And BEST OF ALL, their rehab roommates are played by special guest stars Hugh Laurie and Lin-Manuel Miranda!

They might not be playing Gregory House and Alvie (although that could be fun…), but wouldn’t it be great to see these guys moping on benches…

playing silly forehead games…

talking about their feelings…

and sharing some cuddles?

Robert Sean Leonard could get in on this, too (@6x10wilson)…Maybe he’s the cool, no-bullshit, tough yet SENSITIVE male therapist who finally gets John to open up about his feelings for Sherlock (imagine him delivering the line “who you really are MATTERS.”)

edgeysans  asked:

¯\_(ツ)_/¯: do you have any tumblr friends? if so, who are they? ;);););)

Nice try, Edgey. If you were trying to make me confess how gay I am..

It worked.

SO YOU FUCKS. I won’t go into super detail to preserve the meme but know that these people are in my life daily if I can help it and more or less give me the conviction I need to carry on. Keep being creative and upbeat/ect. If you’re not here don’t take it personally. These guys are just THOSE FRIENDS. You know who those people are in your life. You seemingly can’t live without them.

@ask-thehuman / @ask-thecopycat  The Emi bae, best dumplings 10/10

@underveils UT the Memelord 2: Electric Boogaloo

@edgeysans Guest starring Edgey as Dwane the Rock Johnson

@ijourikae Literal Evil Mastermind who lives in the side of a mountain

@thevoidcrawler / @ask-the-erased Actual Babadook Shia Labeouf.

@navejar Cinnamon roll who may actually accidentally shoot you intentionally.

@derptician / @ask-theroyalderp Circle Warlock and candidate for actual ASGORE level puns. Could probably outrun the Flash.

Oh, and these people are also pretty cool, I GUESS. Special mentions for being neat in general and keeping up with me even in slow times.

@ask-sans @sneakyfont @alphys-the-scientist @loving-goatmom  @rcdacted @spiderspeaks

Pretty sure the rest of you know who you are. Especially if we’re mutuals. I’d like to consider us friends at least or the potential of friendship being there. Literally the only thing keeping me from trying to juggle so much is me being lazy or ‘busy.’ rofl

i just really want a newsies au where katherine and davey are a really cute vlogger duo?? some of their videos are educational and how-tos and stuff and they do a lot of challenges and best friend tags and a few covers (they both sing and davey plays piano and ukulele like a pro. katherine sometimes whips out a kazoo.)

katherine’s really good at pinteresty things and does a lot of social justice vlogs and davey likes giving really fun history lessons with puppets

and they’re not like super famous but they have their own little following and specs is their most dedicated fan

their most popular videos include:

  • their cover of anyone else but you by the moldy peaches (feat. katherine’s sick kazoo solo)
  • their cover of it takes two from into the woods (davey’s on ukulele for this one and it’s SO CUTE)
  • two videos where they do each other’s makeup. davey actually does a decent job until the eyeliner.
  • davey attempting to give katherine a ukulele lesson
  • a really helpful video about studying for finals (sarah and jack guest star as best and worst examples. be a sarah!! DO NOT BE A JACK.)
  • davey’s summary of the american revolution. with puppets.

Groot #2

Jeff Loveness (w) • Brian Kesinger (a)

• STRANDED, and without anyone who can understand what’s coming out of his mouth, it’s Groot vs The Cosmos in a trek to get his best friend back!
• Featuring a special guest star who’s REALLY OUTTA THIS WORLD!
• Groot may look intimidating, but, trust us, he’s all bark!

Cover by Declan Shalvey


It’s all for Alycia, Eliza, Clarke, and Lexa <3

1) Zimbio Best Couple - Clexa 

2) EOnline Top TV Couple - Clexa

3) AfterEllen Best Actress in a Queer Role - Alycia (Lexa)

4) Female Breakout Star - Alycia (Lexa, Alicia)

5) Best Drama Actress - Eliza (Clarke) 

6) Best Fight Scene - Lexa vs. Roan

7) Best Kiss *AGAIN* - Clexa

8) Best Fandom - Clexa 

9) Sexiest Moment - Clexa Making Love 

10) Throw Out Your TV Moment - Lexa’s Death

11) Best Guest Star *AGAIN* - Alycia (Lexa)

12) Most Heartbreaking Goodbye - Clexa

13) RadioTimes SciFi / Fantasy - Alycia (Lexa)

#WeDidThat :) 

anonymous asked:

okay so I don't want to put all my faith into rumors and such....but it's kind of non-officially confirmed that ginny and josh are leaving, right? like, we should have no hope for snowing?

Well, all we know is that they aren’t in negotiations to renew their current contracts.  I think it’s entirely possible they could be downgraded to guest stars as a best case scenario, but it’s also possible that they might be done.  Hope for the best, expect the worst.  That’s my motto.

Things I’d love to see in SPN season 12

(in no particular order)

Cas in every episode would be, like, the best thing ever.

Mark S.’s dad to be a guest star.

An episode where they go to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.

They find the freaking Colt.




Give Sam a dog. Maybe a magic talking dog that can help them with hunts.

(feel free to add to the wish list)

E!Online TV Scoop Awards

Go tweet the following tweets to nominate Eliza, Alycia, Clexa, Lexa and the Clexa fandom for the E!Online TV Scoop Awards!

I nominate Eliza Taylor @MisElizaJane for Best Drama Actress #TVScoopAwards @eonlineTV

I nominate Alycia Debnam-Carey @DebnamCarey for Female Breakout Star #TVScoopAwards @eonlineTV

I nominate Alycia Debnam-Carey @DebnamCarey for Best Guest Star #TVScoopAwards @eonlineTV

I nominate #Clexa sex scene for Sexiest Moment #TVScoopAwards @eonlineTV

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I nominate #Clexa fandom for Best Fandom #TVScoopAwards @eonlineTV