the best of first half of season 3

Shadowhunter 2X10 BEST EPISODE YET <3


1. MALEC SAID I LOVE YOU (proving they just keep getting better and better)

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2. Made Asexual Raphael a canon

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3. THEY END THE CLACE INCEST STORYLINE IN THE FIRST HALF OF S2 (so you know how happy I am cause with the books we didn’t find out till book 3 do you how frustrating it and bad you feel thinking you ship siblings)

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4. Izzy finally came to her senses and kick ass helping her brother

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5. Last but not least Simon Lewis is finally a DAYLIGHTER I have waited for this all season one of my favourite thing from the book come to life

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Now I’m gonna rewatch both season over and over till Monday June 5th for Season 2B to start and then we get Sebastian, the Seelie Queen (Hopefully the Court scene with the Clace kiss), Hopefully we might get to see a little Sizzy (Just a little please) and Lots, lots and lots more Malec.

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Soooo, how was Battle for Mewni? There was sadly no sign of Tom to be found, and the 1st hour was a tad slow, but the 2nd half made up for it! And the best part is that everything was resolved in the end, so no one (except the crew, of course) knows how the rest of season 3 is going to play out! I like being surprised…. most of the time, anyway.

Oh, Marco. You wanted danger? You GOT danger. 

Art © The Blood Moon Commission

Star Vs The Forces of Evil © @daronnefcy & Disney

Keith is a Quarter Galra

Okay, so I saw a post somewhere many months ago that first implanted the idea of Keith being a quarter Galra instead of half as per what is generally accepted among the fandom. Unfortunately, I do not remember who originally suggested this.
I believe season three has produced enough evidence that we can conclude that Keith may be more human than Galra.
The best evidence of this is Lotor and his team, which are criticized as being “half-breeds” in the first episode. In Lotor we can see, visually, evidence of his Altean heritage. Namely, in his luxuriously long white hair, his ears, his facial structure, and blue eyes. Now for his team: all of them look vaguely Galra, but have distinctively different features. Ezor, for example, looks very different, along with Narti and Acxa.
Now back to Keith. We know his dad is human, so that’s half. But Keith visually looks totally human, it is only in other ways (blade if marmora, “you fight like a Galra” etc) we see that he isn’t fully human. So, if all the other half-breeds we’ve seen so far look like they’re mixed, is it safe to say that Keith is a quarter Galra and his mom is mixed half and half? I think so.
Looking at you, Acxa, following all the tumblr theories that you’re Keith’s mom. (but doesn’t she look like she could be half human?)
(And if you want me to go deeper into “Acxa is Keith’s mom” theory then I could go on about how she might be a sleeper agent for the blade of marmora since someone left the blade with Keith as a kid but that’s for another post)
I’m not saying he isn’t half Galra, I’m just more inclined to believe the genetics on this because if he is half, then where is the Galra appearing???
Correct me, add anything if you wish.

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is magi still popular ? a lot of people say that the series is dead and so its fandom. I understand the series didn't have a season 3 anime for along time but is magi is still relevant ?

TL;DR Yes, Magi is a very popular and relevant series that, while not what it used to be, has continued to sell well throughout the years.

The long answer: Since I’m not sure if I’m qualified to answer this question, I’m going to be objective and base my answer solely on sales. According to Oricon, during the first half of 2017 Magi was the 12th best selling manga in Japan (and Shogakukan‘s 2nd best selling title, the first one being the eternal Meitantei Conan).

Magi’s popularity has significantly dwindled in the past years, but considering how hundreds of manga are published each month, how can the 12th out of hundreds not be relevant? Not to mention that during 2016 it was in the 20th slot, so it has escalated quite a bit in the past months, also managing to have a bigger sales number vs 1H2016 while most series have dropped.

So again, is it relevant? Most definitely yes.

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I haven't seen this addressed a whole lot, so I though I would ask my favorite blogger! I was wondering what you think of Dean and alcohol. Do you see him as an alcoholic?

Hi! Thank you so much!

Well, let me *ahem* try to keep this concise. If anyone else wants to add, please do, I’m sure there are so many excellent past meta posts about Dean x alcohol!

I think Dean has many issues, most of course stemming from his upbringing. Main ones being toxic masculinity, being Sam’s parent, a repressed and pretty aggressive childhood and the associated coping mechanisms.

Alcoholism is a coping mechanism, same as sex, fast food and general sublimation. Dean and sex is generally a way for him to have closeness with someone more than the actual sex, it’s a comfort. I mean of course he likes sex, but the comfort thing is a big factor, especially when you look at the reasons WHY he has sex every single time… There is a recurring theme of repression of his feelings and emotional turmoil every single time he has sex in the show. Sex is generally seen as a bad sign for Dean’s mental health. I mean even just his go to reaction knowing it might be his last night on earth is to have sex… he’s said it more than once, so… yeah.

Why sex? Because it dulls the emotions, it takes your mind off things while it lasts, in the same way that alcohol does.

So, the alcohol. For me it is a learned coping mechanism from John, as he has stated before, was a drunk and also a “shell” of himself, so not perhaps the best role model… but it was all Dean had apart from Bobby a little later, who was also a drunk.

We do see Dean sink into a kind of alcoholism, particularly during season 7 for example. Most of the time his drinking is associated with “darkness” and bad moments, similarly to sex, with of course Demon!Dean being the most obvious alcohol and sex wise:

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Then of course the pretty textually alcoholic first half of season 7 but also of course we see a lot of Dean drinking in season 3 in the period before he goes to Hell and in season 4 after he comes back and is not coping well with the memories of it and the associated self hatred.

However since season 11 especially for me, he has mostly replaced alcohol with coffee, though of course some very emotional moments will still have him reaching for the bottle, for example drinking in 11x23 when he thinks the world is ending, like when he lost Mary and Cas in season 12. In 12x19 for example there is an empty bottle of whiskey on his desk, but we don’t see him actually drinking it or going deep into alcoholism as we may have done in the past.

So, I don’t actually see Dean as an alcoholic or even really as a recovering alcoholic, but more that he uses alcohol as a coping mechanism on occasion and sometimes he verges very closely on being an alcoholic, but given that he seems to give it up with relative ease each time, I wouldn’t myself class him as an actual alcoholic, but that is just my opinion and I don’t really have any authority at all on this subject having never been there myself. 

Also of course alcohol is sometimes often associated with good things in the show too, with a familial feel. 

Generally I see whiskey as the “bad” omen, often associated with their emotional distress and beer as a relatively “good” omen, often associated with family.

Sam never really had such the same issue, but I do still see the liquor/beer divide with him too.

Even Cas is part of the family with this now, well, he did learn from the best.

He gets drunk on liquor when his faith in his Father is shaken and asks the boys “how do you manage it?”

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He is shown to be a part of the family with beer:

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Season 13 and Cas and Mary’s loss will be an interesting one to see how he copes now that his previous repression and sublimation seems to have been addressed in 12x12 and we now should see him actually coping rather than using these coping mechanisms as he has in the past… 

I’m also very interested to see how the sex part goes as after 12x11′s “its like it never happened” and 12x18′s pretty blatant “this isn’t actually what he was looking for, he was settling” subtext, the next step should be for me that he actually rejects or doesn’t take an open opportunity given to him.

Let’s see! 

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Right now the Antis are boiling of rage^^It's so pleasurable! After all, they mocked us for years, claiming klaroline was a dead/non existant ship and that we were crazy and delusional! It's funny considering it's it the same said dead ship today who allows JP to have a 5th season and making the buzz!! Now who are the delusional ones?lol! You know the proverb: Who laughs last laughs the best<3

Honestly the anti’s as lovely as their salt is, don’t even rank on my list of people I’m glad to stick it to. Like half the cast/crew comes first. 

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What is your opinion of season 3? The actual show, not the fandom's reactions. :)

Honestly, it’s mixed. We got half a season and it shows. Badly. There were less giant robot fights (why did Lotor attack with a lameass fighter? You’re trying to sell toys, right? Shouldn’t he use some sort of Galra mobile armor?) Keith doing everything in the first three episodes to do his best impression of freaking Daniel from Voltron Force and seriously testing the desire I have to see his journey reach its satisfying conclusion, Lance’s so called selflessness contrasted with his usual antics of being an un-likable chucklefuck, and Hunk being well…The Fat Guy. (Original Hunk loved food but was also a combat expert that helped teach Allura judo).

Oh yeah, and they didn’t even change the opening. Where the hell is my Mecha Anime Opening?

The stuff with Bizarro Altea, Lotor and his harem of generals (Ty Lee, The Heavy, Tali Zorah, and Talia Al Guhl) was all pretty good. Shiro seems far more interesting now that he’s not the leader, and the plot threads concerning Zarkon and Haggar are very interesting.

But as it stands it feels like the payoff is missing.

I think season 3 of Shadowhunters is going to be the best yet. The first half of the season is said to be based on City of Fallen Angels which for me is where the books picked up. That was where the books started to have multiple povs and focus on things outside of Clary and Jace. I mean I know the show is already following multiple stories but there is a lot more to pull from in the later books. We have new friendships developing, new villains. It has great potential. I have growing faith in the shadowhunters writers room. Plus the actors are so dedicated. Also the Sizzy potential excites me.

The 16 Best Breakthrough TV Performances of 2016

Desmin Borges, “You’re the Worst” 

It’s not that we didn’t take note of Borges’ comedic timing and talent in the first two seasons of “You’re the Worst,” but Season 3 gave him a broader platform than ever, and boy, did he ever own it. Creator Stephen Falk tackled PTSD head on this year, tracking Edgar, Borges’ army veteran, as he struggled to adapt to a new relationship and old trauma. The sobering half-hour dedicated solely to Borges’ story, “Twenty-Two,” was a standout episode, and the series regular more than made up for the absence of his three top-tier co-stars. Borges embodies Edgar with a sense of optimism, openness, and earnestness, all of which are unique to him among the ensemble. He handles the balance within Edgar and between the cast impeccably, but it was his authentic shifts between fear, anger, and innocence that made us see Borges in a whole new light.

ok i haven’t actually rewatched riverdale since it aired (other than a few scenes here and there, for fic-writing purposes) and i have SO MANY THOUGHTS now that i just binged all the way thru episode 7:

- WHOA sexual tension much w/ that cheryl & betty scene where cheryl’s putting makeup on betty in her room? at least until she calls her a cow lolol oh cheryl

- veronica is the actual best in the first half of the season

- i love how delighted kevin gets every time cheryl/veronica/etc does something super extra. yay for more kevin in s2!

- do i hate polly because of bad writing or bad acting? or both? still can’t tell

- i appreciate the actress playing penelope blossom way more this time around - like goddamn that woman gets the most ridiculous lines but she sells em

- the whole betty/veronica/chuck thing in episode 3 is truly bizarre. betty’s mental illness expresses itself either as a) putting on a wig and almost murdering someone in a hot tub; or b) digging her nails into her palms. ok. i’m sure that’s in the dsm-5 somewhere

- betty & jughead DOES sort of come up out of nowhere. i feel like they could have thrown in a few more longing looks or random touches from jughead along the way before he kisses her. but whatever that’s what fanfic is for

- val is so sweet and adorable. why is she wasting her time with archie!?!?!?

- josie’s face when veronica complains the cops took her yacht away LOL

- episode 5 is ok in general, the jason blossom funeral stuff is pretty fun, but jesus the archie/football/music plotline in that episode has got to be rock bottom for this show

- the fuck is going on with josie’s dad? he comes in, acts like a dick, leaves. what is the point?

- i covet hermione’s blue jumpsuit in the scene where she forges veronica’s signature

- the covergirl close-ups are just as bad as i remembered

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I guess I'll join the ship band. 26, 5'3", short hair( like Half-sack season 1 short). I knit, crochet, leaning to sew, my line of work is cooking, but I've been told I'm a better baker. Can and will bake all day if i have everything I need. Hate large crowds, don't really drink or smoke. Just kinda stay home if I'm not at work

I’m gonna give you two ships because the person I think you’d be best with is also someone that I don’t normally ship people with. So for your first ship: Bobby! You’re into the calm and simple things. Knitting, Crocheting, and cooking. The two of your would bond sharing recipes but then you’d end up sharing meals together, and eventually you’d fall for each other.

But because not many people enjoy being shipped with Bobby….

I also ship you with Chibs!
I feel like Chibs can appreciate a woman who is into art, and even more a woman that will keep him (and his brothers) fed. He loves muffins. Also, I don’t see him as the type of guy that likes his lady to be involved in club business so he’d prefer that you stayed at home anyway, and although he does drink and smoke, he’d appreciate the fact that you didn’t.

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tdi: best because of nostalgia mainly, but also because it had a unique simplicity to it no other season will ever have again

tda: really good. the episodes from courtneys return up until owen returns are consistently some of the highest the series has been at. but the first half drags on and feels like a different season.

tdwt: really really really good and really fun to rewatch because 1) songs  2) creative challenges and 3) tyler

tdri: bad compared to the first three, but a godsend compared to tdas. it had meh-ish episodes scattered around a generally boring season.

tdas: well, the production crew have acknowledged how awful this season was, and have began reaching out to the fans for what we’d like to see and how to improve the future of the show. so that definitely says something about this abomination, doesn’t it?

tdpi: seemed spectacular after all-stars, but rewatching it made me realize it’s really nothing special. it’s good and had great episodes for the most part!, but it was definitely overhyped in the fandom. which was expected.

50 Best Songs of 2014 (Thus Far)

From garage rock to “trash pop” to experimental hip-hop, emo, and synth-wave, too many great albums and EPs were released in the first half of 2014 to not make a playlist out of them. Here’s our favorite tracks of the year thus far.

50 Best Songs of 2014
1. Cloud Nothings - “I’m Not Part of Me”

2. Sylvan Esso - “Hey Mami”
3. Future Islands - “Seasons (Waiting On You)”
4. Jamie xx - “Girl”
5. Dub Thompson - “Dograces”
6. The Hotelier - “Your Deep Rest”
7. La Dispute - “Hudsonville, MI 1956”
8. Conor Oberst - “Time Forgot”
9. Skrillex - “All Is Fair In Love And Brostep”
10. St. Vincent - “Birth In Reverse”
11. Swans - “A Little God In My Hands”
12. clipping - “Body & Blood”
13. Saintseneca - “Blood Bath”
14. Modern Baseball - “Rock Bottom”
15. Joyce Manor - “Catalina Fight Song”
16. Eagulls - “Nerve Endings”
17. Lana Del Rey - “Brooklyn Baby”
18. Tweens - “Be Mean”
19. W.C. Lindsay - “Little Ghost”
20. Lily Allen - “Sheezus”
21. Only Real - “Cadillac Girl”
22. Fucked Up - “Sun Glass”
23. MØ - “Fire Rides”
24. The Hundred Acre Woods - “City Lights”
25. Perfect Pussy - “Interference Fits”
26. Speedy Ortiz - “American Horror”
27. Jack White - “Lazaretto”
28. Tycho - “Awake”
29. Mac Demarco - “Salad Days”
30. Nothing - “Dig”
31. You Blew It! - “House Address”
32. Weatherbox - “Bring Us The Head of Weatherbox”
33. The Orwells - “Who Needs You”
34. Tigers Jaw - “Hum”
35. Parquet Courts - “Sunbathing Animal”
36. Iggy Azalea feat Charli XCX - “Fancy”
37. The Menzingers - “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore”
38. Donovan Wolfington - “Sleeping”
39. Seahaven - “Silhouette (Latin Skin)”
40. PUP - “Dark Days”
41. Sorority Noise - “Rory Shield”
42. Tiny Moving Parts - “Swimming Lessons”
43. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - “Crushin’”
44. Frankie Cosmos - “School”
45. tUnE-yArDs - “Water Fountain”
46. Manchester Orchestra - “The Ocean”
47. Die Antwoord - “Happy Go Sucky Fucky”
48. Osoosooso - “Neighbors”
49. Cayetana - “Hot Dad Calendar”
50. OhBree - “Death by Broomstick”


all-time favorite characters - #7 Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)

FYI: if the cuddling is the cuddling is the best part, he didn’t do it right.

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. As Neptune High’s obligatory psychotic jackass, Logan doesn’t make the best first impression, yet he rapidly evolved into what is now my longest-lasting TV crush. Funnily enough, I quite disliked him when I first started watching the series, but cut me a break: I started with season 3. Fast forward to my obsessive season 1 and 2 marathons, where I learned better. Logan’s one big bag of cockiness, snark, and all-around douchebaggery. And yet, all it takes is the slightest kindness to turn him into a ball of pathetic, affectionate fluff. Given half a chance, he’ll prove himself as protective, loving, gentle, and heroic as I’ve seen he can be. Ugh, Logan. He’s an idiot. He’s an asshole. He’s a criminal. He’s a gaping wound with damages and insecurities dangerously close to the surface. Most importantly, he’s an incredibly good person - even if he expects the worst from himself.