the best of first half of season 3

Shadowhunter 2X10 BEST EPISODE YET <3


1. MALEC SAID I LOVE YOU (proving they just keep getting better and better)

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2. Made Asexual Raphael a canon

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3. THEY END THE CLACE INCEST STORYLINE IN THE FIRST HALF OF S2 (so you know how happy I am cause with the books we didn’t find out till book 3 do you how frustrating it and bad you feel thinking you ship siblings)

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4. Izzy finally came to her senses and kick ass helping her brother

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5. Last but not least Simon Lewis is finally a DAYLIGHTER I have waited for this all season one of my favourite thing from the book come to life

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Now I’m gonna rewatch both season over and over till Monday June 5th for Season 2B to start and then we get Sebastian, the Seelie Queen (Hopefully the Court scene with the Clace kiss), Hopefully we might get to see a little Sizzy (Just a little please) and Lots, lots and lots more Malec.

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The 16 Best Breakthrough TV Performances of 2016

Desmin Borges, “You’re the Worst” 

It’s not that we didn’t take note of Borges’ comedic timing and talent in the first two seasons of “You’re the Worst,” but Season 3 gave him a broader platform than ever, and boy, did he ever own it. Creator Stephen Falk tackled PTSD head on this year, tracking Edgar, Borges’ army veteran, as he struggled to adapt to a new relationship and old trauma. The sobering half-hour dedicated solely to Borges’ story, “Twenty-Two,” was a standout episode, and the series regular more than made up for the absence of his three top-tier co-stars. Borges embodies Edgar with a sense of optimism, openness, and earnestness, all of which are unique to him among the ensemble. He handles the balance within Edgar and between the cast impeccably, but it was his authentic shifts between fear, anger, and innocence that made us see Borges in a whole new light.

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Which season of the Flash do you like the best? What are your five favorite epsiodes so far?? And do you ship Caitlin with anyone? Westallen is the best, btw :)

season 1 and 3 are my two favorite seasons. for me the weakest season, half season of the show has been 2a for obvious reasons that i’m sure any iris stan can list for you in detail. as for my favorite episodes, there’s 1x15 where their first kiss happens, 3x03 when their first date happens, 3x17 duet because i love musicals and idc if it was cheesy also that last song? his proposal like *heart eyes* 2x13 welcome to earth 2 because that was just epic i want to see more earths. 1x01 the pilot because it introduces us to the characters and it’s the start of it all. as for shipping anyone with caitlin no i do not, i enjoyed ronnie and caitlin though in season 1 and i do enjoy her dynamic with cisco but i just don’t like her as a character to even consider shipping her with anyone like the only times she’s ever likable for me are with the two i mentioned above. other than that well i can live without her. 

but i agree WA is the best, it’s life.


all-time favorite characters - #7 Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)

FYI: if the cuddling is the cuddling is the best part, he didn’t do it right.

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. As Neptune High’s obligatory psychotic jackass, Logan doesn’t make the best first impression, yet he rapidly evolved into what is now my longest-lasting TV crush. Funnily enough, I quite disliked him when I first started watching the series, but cut me a break: I started with season 3. Fast forward to my obsessive season 1 and 2 marathons, where I learned better. Logan’s one big bag of cockiness, snark, and all-around douchebaggery. And yet, all it takes is the slightest kindness to turn him into a ball of pathetic, affectionate fluff. Given half a chance, he’ll prove himself as protective, loving, gentle, and heroic as I’ve seen he can be. Ugh, Logan. He’s an idiot. He’s an asshole. He’s a criminal. He’s a gaping wound with damages and insecurities dangerously close to the surface. Most importantly, he’s an incredibly good person - even if he expects the worst from himself. 

A few questions I’ve gotten several times in the past week:

Are you going to continue watching The 100? - I will finish the season to see where it goes (I’m not ready to give up on Clarke or my other faves yet, sorry), but I probably won’t watch live or stream it. I’ll most likely use Couchtuner. I support any efforts to bring attention to the issue of how unfairly we have been treated. But I don’t want anyone to lose their jobs and we can’t really remove Jason since he owns the rights technically sooo. Depending on how it goes, canon (for me) will probably have ended at 3x07 right after Clarke and Lexa start round 2 of sexytimes. I mean I wanna see Lexa in the finale but if it makes me sad (it probably will), that’s only going to reinforce the notion that canon ended at 3x07. So I’m in it til the finale at least, barring something really shitty happening between now and then which honestly does anything not shitty happen anymore? If I wanted to see my faves die or get shit writing, I’d watch Game of Thrones. (Which I do anyway, so why do I have to get it here too?)

How about FTWD/Elyza Lex/Lexark - Take a cursory glance through my blog and you’ll see I’m 100% aboard the Lexark ship because it is OURS and it can’t be taken away. Plus it’s a reincarnation of Clexa, so how could I not love it? I actually watched FTWD before all this because even though I don’t watch TWD, I was intrigued by the premise and also Alycia lol. Mercedes Mason (Ofelia) is also a treat and she likes Oficia which is AWESOME but I mean be careful or they might get shot.

Any other ship/character/show recommendations that I might like because of Lexa/Clexa/The 100? - I’ve been recommending The Shannara Chronicles lately and I stand by that. Eretria is an A+ queer character that is very well written and complex and the writers are very adamant about giving her a female love interest if they get a season 2. (Seriously if you wanna campaign for a show, campaign to get TSC a second season!) If you watch it, you’ll end up shipping Princess Rover and I am right there with ya buddies. Hopefully Amberle will be back in a second season because the producers said they weren’t entirely intentional with the Princess Rover stuff but they adore that it’s taken off the way it has and they wanna do something with it. Even if Princess Rover doesn’t become romantically canon, their dynamic and friendship in and of itself is important. Plus Poppy and Ivana are lovely! 
Also watch All For One on KindaTV. It’s by the same people who do Carmilla and it’s a modern, gender-swapped, queer adaptation of The Three Musketeers. We have Carmilla season 3 coming out this summer, apparently Person of Interest is good and the new season should be out soon. (I’m gonna give it a watch soon.) Also Orphan Black is about to start back up. So yeah! :)

If you stop watching The 100, will there still be Clexa/The 100 stuff on your blog? - Yes, everything up until the point which I decided to stop watching. I still love the first 2 and a half seasons. Clarke and Lexa are still 2 of the best characters I’ve ever come across and Clexa is one of the best ships. I can’t and won’t forget that. My interests do change over time like anyone’s, but Clexa will always have a place here on my blog. Lexark too, lbr. Like even if I quit The 100, Clexa/Lexark can always be found here. I’m gonna make an effort to post more Princess Rover, Star Wars, Marvel, and DC stuff because I have a lot more HAPPY feelings about those things at this point in time and that’s good for everyone. I mean Daredevil season 2 will be out soon and Batman v Superman (FEATURING WONDER WOMAN YAAAASSS!) and of course Game of Thrones which is my very problematic fave. I’m sorry I can’t quit it lol.

Jason’s Periscope Q&A

I haven’t seen a recording up yet so, here’s most of the series-relevant questions from Jason’s Q&A, in case you missed it:

When does season 3 start? 

Does that mean when does it air? We’re not quite sure. Midseason could be anywhere from January to March. I’m hoping on the earlier side.

Will Clarke meet any normal humans on her journey?

Hm. Define “normal.” They’re all normal. 

Is Alycia coming back?

God, I hope so. She’s awesome.

Is there a Bellarke future? 

Um. Or suture. 

Do other writers like Bellarke or not? 

You guys. We love Bellarke. There’s no…This misunderstanding between me and Bellarke, I have to say. We totally see the chemistry between those two actors, who I adore. 

Can you tell us anything about Luna? 

Well, Lauren Muir, who has been my sister for two years and is now the writer’s assistant expert on Luna. (pans camera to Lauren) Tell us about Luna.

Lauren: Well, Luna is my favorite character that we’ve yet to meet, and if you cross your fingers and keep tweeting about it, maybe we can meet her soon.

(camera back on Jason) 

Luna’s a badass leader of the, uh, Water People, who we haven’t quite met yet.

The rest is under the cut. It gets pretty long.

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Hey so I was wanting to start watching RvB but tbh idk if I should skip the first few seasons and go straight to season 4 or 5??? or watch all of them??


Oh man, you have definitely come to the right person (maybe) for this. 

My friend. My poor, innocent, happy friend. Prepare to buckle down cause I’ve got A LOT to tell you.

It really depends on what you like when watching a show. There are generally 4 places you can start watching RvB: season 1, season 6, season 9, and season 11. Each of these starts an arc in the RvB storyline (1-5: The Blood Gulch Chronicles, 6-8: The Recollection Trilogy, 9-10: Project Freelancer, and 11-13: The Chorus Trilogy). Do realize that the later into the show you start the watching, you won’t understand a lot of past references or some things may confuse you.

If you like dumb humor and ridiculous (and REALLY dumb) situations, definitely watch seasons 1-5. Don’t question anything too hard during most of these seasons, it’s just all humor and laughs, honestly (I say this, but I still cry at the end of season 5).

If you aren’t sure, I’d watch the first season just to get a feel for it (plus, the opening lines to RvB are iconic). If you end up liking it, then definitely watch 1-5. It may get a bit boring/confusing/too much in the middle, but overall its worth it (to me, of course). And if you do decide to watch it and get confused, hit me up. I’ll gladly explain what happens to you.

If you end up not liking it or you’re more into serious stuff, the next best place to jump into RvB is season 6. This is where the dramatic storyline/plot comes in. It still has a lot of comedy (season 6 is personally my favorite season), but it also introduces the beginning to a super amazing/serious plot. 

The next place to jump in is season 9, which might be a good place for you considering you’re a RWBY fan. The lead animator in seasons 9 and 10 (and 8!) was Monty, so you’ll see a lot of his style in the many, many fight scenes. However, if you just start at season 9, it’s gonna be pretty confusing and you won’t have a lot of idea on what’s going on, but it’s also super sad and you’ll probably cry.

Finally, the last place to start watching is season 11. 11 is a lot of return to the Blood Gulch style humor, but 12 and 13 really pick it back up. Season 11 also introduces a new lead writer for the first time ever (it’s Miles Luna, voice of Jaune Arc and co-writer of RWBY), so it’s a bit different. Season 13 really brings it’s game, culminating in one of the best endings I’ve ever seen. I still cry when listening to the music that plays in that scene.

If you’re watching and you think you’ll be in RvB for the long run, there’s some important stuff in the latter half of the first 5 seasons that become relevant again in the 12th and 13th seasons, so if you skip it, it might be a good idea to go back.

And if you end up REALLY liking RvB, I have the order to everything RvB canon to make watching it easier for you:

season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4, out of mind, season 5, recovery one, season 6 trailer, season 6, relocated, season 7 trailer, season 7, season 8, season 9 trailer (not canon/inaccurate, but really cool, so I included it), season 9, MIA, where there’s a will there’s a wall, season 10, season 11, 4 s12 journal entries (RT site sponsor cut), season 12 trailer, season 12, season 13 trailer, season 13

All the seasons are on Netflix, too. I’ve linked all the stuff from the RvB/RT YouTube channel because I’m awesome like that (except for the sponsor cut stuff).

So recap/tl;dr: Think about what you want when watching shows and go from there. 1-5 is super lighthearted and funny. 6-8 gets more serious but still is funny. 9-10 will be confusing but also have amazing action scenes and tear out your heart. 11-13 is funny but then gets serious as fuck. Pick what you think will suit you best and start. If you end up liking it, try watching all of it from the beginning. And then cry after you finish season 13 and wonder what you do with your life.

Green Arrow – 4x01 – Episode Review

New season, now review format! The review will still focus on Olicity (best scene, important lines, etc…) but will also revolve around the meaningful moments of the episode (key scenes, important relationship…).

Let start this season with an episode that set up the entire first half of the season. We will come back to this oh-so-important scene at the end of the review – keeping the best for last – but if you can’t wait to read it, fast forward to the bottom!


Yes, Olicity is back and Oliver and Felicity are happier than ever. Let’s forget the angsty love of Season 3. Season 4 is about happiness, stability, comfort, trust and love.

Their faces speak for themselves. Everything is smile, touches, hugs, kisses. Oliver and Felicity learned to be a couple during these 5 months. A happy, balanced, honest couple.

To the point where Oliver is ready to make Felicity his wife. He is ready to give her his heart for the rest of his days. He is willing to make their happiness last for their entire life. This is how happy he is, this is how happy they are.

And no matter what the circumstances are – their happiness remains intact. Moving in Star City won’t change their feelings for each other, it will only straighten the bond between them.

Even if this bond may take a few more months to materialize through an engagement…


These two scenes are pivotal to understand Felicity and Oliver’s relationship. One defined what their relationship was about during these 5 months. The other set one what it will be moving forward.

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The relationship between Clarke and Lexa was such a slow burn, Lexa had so much respect, admiration and love for Clarke. Lexa was a well written three-dimensional character in a position of power, and a lesbian, unheard of.

For the first time in my life I was excited about a canon lesbian ship, I allowed myself to hope and believe in equal representation.

I now feel foolish that I was excited, that I allowed myself to be excited for episode 3x07.

I replayed the kiss scene and the love scene several times because I was so happy, I was on an emotional high. The whole first half of season 3 had been leading to this moment. The acting, especially by Alycia Debnam Carey was impeccable & raw with emotion. It is one of the best, if not the best lesbian kiss scenes I have ever seen.

Lexa’s death occurring immediately after Clexa consummated their love feels intentionally gut wrenching, it feels like it was purposefully meant to cause trauma & pain. It sends a message that our love is unnatural and that there are violent consequences for our misconduct.

I feel violated, betrayed.

When Lexa was shot I felt actual physical pain in my chest. It was triggering, I am struggling.

When I was 17 my girlfriend died in a car accident, I grieved for a long time, it was years before I was able to function again, I am not the same person I was before, it changed me.

I am fortunate to live in Canada and yet still I am afraid, I am afraid to be myself.

I am afraid for my future I am afraid I might get attacked or even killed for something as small as walking down the street holding my wife’s hand, or of being passed over for a job because of my sexual orientation.

The entrenched culture of fear and the longing for lesbian representation, good representation in the media is not something you can understand if you are heterosexual. We look to the media for validation & acceptance, but instead we are repeatedly told that we do not deserve happiness.

Our love is portrayed as doomed and tragic.

Lexa gave me hope and she was so violently taken away, I’m not okay.  

Representation matters.

Hello oncers!!

The awards are back!!!!

Yes we are back! Last year we reward the best (and not so best) Once Upon A Time 4a, now it is the turn of the second half of the season which we believe was the best.

The dynamic is the same, we will have two rounds the first round we will select the top 3 or more if there was a tie and the second round will get the winner of each round.
The categories are the same except we added a new category.Absolutely everyone is welcome in these awards we have no favoritism. If someone cheats we will know, it is not necessary to make drama.

The first round begins today June 5 and ends on June 26
The second round begins July 3 and ends on July 17

  • Favorite Actress (x)
  • Favorite Actor (x)
  • Best Supporting Actress (x)
  • Best Supporting Actor (x)
  • Favorite Quote (x)
  • Favorite Episode (x)
  • Favorite Scene (x)
  • Least Favorite Episode (x)
  • Favorite Hero (x)
  • Favorite Villain (x)
  • Favorite Family (x)
  • Ultimate Character (x)
  • Least Favorite Character (x)
  • Favorite Ship (x)

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Dear Stelena Fandom ❤️

I recently looked at Julie Plec’s Twitter and read her responses to the fans. The conclusion I found out about stelena is that eventually and in the right way, if Nina stayed, they would have been endgame. Julie was always pro stelena because at the end of the day they were pure to each other and brought the best out of each other. As much as I hate her, Julie isn’t an idiot, we have to remember that she wrote the first 3 seasons (the good seasons) as well with the smarter half Kevin Williams. I just think that based on the timing which Nina declared she’s actually leaving, Julie just didn’t have time to bring the story to a full 360 so instead she’s bringing it to a 180. Even though I would rather rip my eyes out then watch yet again another cheap delena scene I think that the finale of season six is going to be Elena leaving and saying good bye to both of them equally. I know that her last scene is with Damon cause at the end it’s all bullshit fanservice, but I have hope that Julie won’t disappoint us stelena fans.
However if Julie is smart and well educated she will leave a cliff hanger for Stefan and her relationship, leaving them to reunite in the series finale.
My message to the all my fellow stelena fans is that I know your all heart broken,I know you guys cry randomly, but please remember when Julie decides to rip our hearts out again, that the vampire diaries is just a show and it’s not real. It’s frustrating I know but it has no meaning and it’s just actors trying to make money while idiots like us are addicted to it all. If things don’t go the way we want it to just remember that the real tvd ended 4x01.
I love you all and it’s been a good while but at this point I think I lost all hope but it will be ok. We will all be ok. ❤️💛❤️💛

guys, the other night i was talking to my dad about the new flash trailer since he watches the show, and i was saying that i hope season 3 is going to be better than season 2 since the first half of s2 was…….. lacking to say the least. and he agreed, the first half of season 2 was not great. and i said to him “it’s because they didn’t use iris!! like the BEST episode all season was ‘the runaway dinosaur’ because kevin smith utilized iris!!!” and he agreed so much with me!! like he was saying all this stuff about how iris is so important to the show, and not just as barry’s love interest, and he was talking about how she’s such a great character and how he loves her!!! point is, iris west is so important to the show, not just in the westallen storyline and the writers need to use her more (plus i love my dad and his love of strong ladies)

fierce-flame  asked:

the scary thing is this whole time j believed she wouldn't die because marketing and her being central to lighter Oliver, but her contract was only for 3 seasons and Marc said they extended hers. maybe for only half a season?

Okay, let’s me phrase this simply. Felicity is not going to die. She isn’t. 

First, Felicity is the female lead and Oliver’s way to the light. Without her, there’s no Arrow journey. She is essential to Oliver and therefore to the show.

Second, having Felicity being in danger in the mid-season finale and potentially severely injured at the end of 4.09 is her best chance NOT TO BE the one dying. The writers won’t pull the same card twice in a season. 

Third, if she was to die now, the timeline wouldn’t make sense. The season premiere and the funeral are 6 months apart. The season premiere and the mid season finale are only 3 months apart. 

And for all the other reasons are listed in here.

Felicity is not the one in the grave - Trust me. The writers may have made a mistake last night but they won’t make that one. 

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I'm scared reading dailies bc they are filming episode 10 now and it's only about arkers, do you think the grounders story ( and with lexa possibly dead) is over already? don't seems to be too soon? (guessing by episode 6 and 7, jason tweet aboy weeping) I was hoping more deep to that culture, bc I find it so interesting.

Okay, we all KNOW that Jason likes to play with our emotions. Keeping the ‘Lexa is going to die’ panic alive distracts us from really thinking about other scenarios that involve her living. MY best guess is that Lincoln is the one that is being killed. He is a fan favorite and his death would impact the audience greatly. And who doesn’t love Ricky?! 

I think that the first part of the season will be about grounders, the middle will be more about the AI portion, THEN it will all mix together at the end. THAT is why I think Alycia will be back to film the last part of the season when all world emerge, and she isn’t filming at the moment. Part of the season 3 synopsis is:

“Unfortunately, their new found sense of normalcy will be short-lived, and their lives will be changed forever, as threats both old and new test their loyalties, push them past their limits, and make them question what it truly means to be human. First, they fought to survive. Then, they fought for their friends. Now, they will fight for the human race.”

Also, during an interview, I think it was at Comic Con, Jason mentioned that all of the story lines start off being separate then converge near the end. 

Just because Alycia’s not filming doesn’t mean Lexa’s dead. Lexa was very much ALIVE and wasn’t in Coup de Grace. She wasn’t physically in the episode but she was referenced to. 

2x11: Coup De Grace

Abby: The Grounders listen to you.
Clarke: Lexa told them too.

Clarke: What is that?
Octavia: Clarke, you and Lexa were the targets.
Indra: We have to warn the Commander

Also, it is important to think about WHO the show is focused around…The Hundred. Lexa will most likely only be in the show as long as she is in the same space as Clarke or another Sky Person. Jason made a tweet about ‘Clarphy’ so my best guess is that Clarke is separated from Lexa at this point. If the separation is due to Lexa’s death idk. Clarke may have left Lexa in Polis to go back home, she has been gone for 3 months.     

In conclusion, I believe that the first half of the season will be very heavy on the Grounder/ Arker story lines. Lexa will probably appear at the end of episode 2 but for sure be in episode 3….I think the grounder story line will peak around mid season then it will shift to the more AI story line. THEN near the end of the season all of the worlds converge, that is when Lexa will reappear. 

But Alycia starts filming again for FTWD? My reply would be that AMC is very good at contract negotiations, and we can’t base Lexa living or dying on Alycia filming or not. We don’t know her contract. Also, remember that Alycia may not film anymore, but Lexa may still be alive. Lexa can be alive in the story but not be on screen - just like in Coup De Grace. 

I hope this made sense, but we can’t base Lexa living or dying off if Alycia is filming or not. :) 

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I love your metas so much... can you help me understand something? Why, back in season 3, did Emma constantly push Hook away? She always had a snarky remark to say to him like the quote, "Let me guess.... with you?" And why was she so focused on going back to NY so much? Please give me some insight.

Thank you so much! And I’m so sorry for the very late reply. I’m flattered you came to me to answer that very long and complex (not complicated, though) question! I’ll try to answer the best I can and it’s going to be really, really long. This post doesn’t feature my best GIF work at all, but I was more concerned with the text so I hope that makes it up for the sometimes unattractive gifs.

I will focus more on 3B, because that’s when Emma’s walls were full back on (as was her snark), but I think in order to understand Emma’s actions during the second half of season 3, we need to look at how 3A ended. More under the cut.

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1. I am Swen

Hey all, I’m Suzanna, 22 yr old recent graduate. I’m currently at work and should not be doing this, but that’s been the story of the last few months of my life to be honest. I love politics the way that a lot of people love sports, and am hoping to do some campaign work. I used to enjoy writing fiction, but years of research papers and theory has sort of dampened my creativity. I want to spend the summer getting back into the swing of that. I’ve always got music on and I really like bong rips. My biggest fear for myself but also secret ambition is to soulfully karaoke Aaron Carter’s “Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It) for a large crowd. Otherwise, I’m pretty chill just hanging out, drinking a few beers, bugging my girlfriend about OUAT. 

2. I love Swan Queen

I don’t really ship anything else, this was a giant accident as it is. When I was like 15, I watched the show “South of Nowhere” (any of you who are my age, remember this?) and shipped the two main characters with my whole heart. That pretty much exhausted me for the next 6 years. I like Hollstein from Carmilla, Bo and Lauren from Lost Girl and a few other ships, but I can’t even imagine caring about another fictional couple as much as I do about Swan Queen. Cause this shit is ridiculous. 

ALRIGHT, so. Last summer I started watching OUAT casually with some co-workers - it was on Netflix. It started out as me making lewd comments about “the uptight mayor queen hybrid” and “feisty goldilocks”, as I had noticed the obvious season 1 tension. Soon enough, I couldn’t help but note the awesome potential storyline that is Swan Queen. That’s when the trouble started, because I love me some good character development and a slow-burn pairing. Oh if only i had know how damn slow the burn would really be. I’ll admit, I wasn’t fully committed until Regina gave Emma the memories.

I can’t put my finer on the exact moment the madness began. Like, when I started gawking at gif sets for 15 minutes straight, or when I began to check this tag in the middle of the night. All I know is that one day I found myself slightly crazed, muttering away about these two soul mates in complete solitude. I’d like to believe I hit a low in my shipping when I drank too much due to jitters and fell asleep watching fan vids a HALF HOUR before the season 4 finale. And didn’t wake up. For 5 hours. 

3. I love SWEN

  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t resist the fandom at first. It wasn’t just you, Swen. It was the concept of fangirl-ing as a whole. It was my cynical attitude about the show itself. Now, however, I can honestly say that the best part of this show is this community. For me, a large part of that is everyone’s reactions to the shit that goes down in this ship. Whenever I fell like I’m starting to lose my grip on reality, I can come on this site and see a metric fuck ton of likeminded people who are irrationally emotional for the same reasons. That is meaningful, people.

For real though, this show wouldn’t be anywhere as much fun for me without everyone’s hilarious input. A lot of credit goes to the amazing Swen writers and artists who create so much. Those of you who just post “rambles” though - you guys are hilarious! That totally counts! Hell, it’s all I’ve got to contribute.