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The 16 Best Breakthrough TV Performances of 2016

Desmin Borges, “You’re the Worst” 

It’s not that we didn’t take note of Borges’ comedic timing and talent in the first two seasons of “You’re the Worst,” but Season 3 gave him a broader platform than ever, and boy, did he ever own it. Creator Stephen Falk tackled PTSD head on this year, tracking Edgar, Borges’ army veteran, as he struggled to adapt to a new relationship and old trauma. The sobering half-hour dedicated solely to Borges’ story, “Twenty-Two,” was a standout episode, and the series regular more than made up for the absence of his three top-tier co-stars. Borges embodies Edgar with a sense of optimism, openness, and earnestness, all of which are unique to him among the ensemble. He handles the balance within Edgar and between the cast impeccably, but it was his authentic shifts between fear, anger, and innocence that made us see Borges in a whole new light.

Green Arrow – 4x01 – Episode Review

New season, now review format! The review will still focus on Olicity (best scene, important lines, etc…) but will also revolve around the meaningful moments of the episode (key scenes, important relationship…).

Let start this season with an episode that set up the entire first half of the season. We will come back to this oh-so-important scene at the end of the review – keeping the best for last – but if you can’t wait to read it, fast forward to the bottom!


Yes, Olicity is back and Oliver and Felicity are happier than ever. Let’s forget the angsty love of Season 3. Season 4 is about happiness, stability, comfort, trust and love.

Their faces speak for themselves. Everything is smile, touches, hugs, kisses. Oliver and Felicity learned to be a couple during these 5 months. A happy, balanced, honest couple.

To the point where Oliver is ready to make Felicity his wife. He is ready to give her his heart for the rest of his days. He is willing to make their happiness last for their entire life. This is how happy he is, this is how happy they are.

And no matter what the circumstances are – their happiness remains intact. Moving in Star City won’t change their feelings for each other, it will only straighten the bond between them.

Even if this bond may take a few more months to materialize through an engagement…


These two scenes are pivotal to understand Felicity and Oliver’s relationship. One defined what their relationship was about during these 5 months. The other set one what it will be moving forward.

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The writing for these two (FitzSimmons) continues to be one of the strongest, best-supported stories of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and I continue to marvel at how mature some of their reactions tend to be. Despite knowing better, television has conditioned me to believe that emotional arcs have to be filled with drama and drawn out, but this season they’ve come so far and there’s no need to drag out parts of their story. Hopefully this new beginning will only lead to more of the same, emotional storytelling that colored the first half of Season 3.

The relationship between Clarke and Lexa was such a slow burn, Lexa had so much respect, admiration and love for Clarke. Lexa was a well written three-dimensional character in a position of power, and a lesbian, unheard of.

For the first time in my life I was excited about a canon lesbian ship, I allowed myself to hope and believe in equal representation.

I now feel foolish that I was excited, that I allowed myself to be excited for episode 3x07.

I replayed the kiss scene and the love scene several times because I was so happy, I was on an emotional high. The whole first half of season 3 had been leading to this moment. The acting, especially by Alycia Debnam Carey was impeccable & raw with emotion. It is one of the best, if not the best lesbian kiss scenes I have ever seen.

Lexa’s death occurring immediately after Clexa consummated their love feels intentionally gut wrenching, it feels like it was purposefully meant to cause trauma & pain. It sends a message that our love is unnatural and that there are violent consequences for our misconduct.

I feel violated, betrayed.

When Lexa was shot I felt actual physical pain in my chest. It was triggering, I am struggling.

When I was 17 my girlfriend died in a car accident, I grieved for a long time, it was years before I was able to function again, I am not the same person I was before, it changed me.

I am fortunate to live in Canada and yet still I am afraid, I am afraid to be myself.

I am afraid for my future I am afraid I might get attacked or even killed for something as small as walking down the street holding my wife’s hand, or of being passed over for a job because of my sexual orientation.

The entrenched culture of fear and the longing for lesbian representation, good representation in the media is not something you can understand if you are heterosexual. We look to the media for validation & acceptance, but instead we are repeatedly told that we do not deserve happiness.

Our love is portrayed as doomed and tragic.

Lexa gave me hope and she was so violently taken away, I’m not okay.  

Representation matters.

HIMYM finale thoughts

Well congrats Gossip Girl, you’re no longer the absolute worst finale of all times. Man this finale was such a mess.

  • First Robin and Barney - we fucking have a whole season about Robin and Barney’s wedding, we have the best build up to it, to just what? Not end up together? What the hell is this bullshit? 
  • Robin and Ted - So after for the past 3 years Robin’s been saying to Ted how she DOESN’T see him like that anymore, how she doesn’t love him like that, they just miraculously happened to end up together? When it was against all logic?
  • The mother - so Ted finally finds his other half - the woman that meets all his requirments on his ‘perfect woman’ wish list, and they decide to kill her off? Just like that? All nine seasons go to shit? Ted deserved his happy ending and no one will ever convince me it’s Robin.
  • Barney - and the total destruction of his character. A baby? Really, a freaking baby? Wow, so Barney couldn’t commit to the woman he absolutely loved, he couldn’t put up with her travels (when we all know Barney loves trips), but he can take care of a baby? Yeah, right.

I have nothing good to say about this finale - NOTHING. It was bad and I want an apology. I want an apology from the people who totally ruined my favorite show in 40 minutes. I hope Bays and Thomas see how fans absolutely hated the finale and APOLOGISE.

I’m just gonna pretend HIMYM ended with the last episode.

Hello oncers!!

The awards are back!!!!

Yes we are back! Last year we reward the best (and not so best) Once Upon A Time 4a, now it is the turn of the second half of the season which we believe was the best.

The dynamic is the same, we will have two rounds the first round we will select the top 3 or more if there was a tie and the second round will get the winner of each round.
The categories are the same except we added a new category.Absolutely everyone is welcome in these awards we have no favoritism. If someone cheats we will know, it is not necessary to make drama.

The first round begins today June 5 and ends on June 26
The second round begins July 3 and ends on July 17

  • Favorite Actress (x)
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  • Best Supporting Actress (x)
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  • Ultimate Character (x)
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  • Favorite Ship (x)

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Dear Stelena Fandom ❤️

I recently looked at Julie Plec’s Twitter and read her responses to the fans. The conclusion I found out about stelena is that eventually and in the right way, if Nina stayed, they would have been endgame. Julie was always pro stelena because at the end of the day they were pure to each other and brought the best out of each other. As much as I hate her, Julie isn’t an idiot, we have to remember that she wrote the first 3 seasons (the good seasons) as well with the smarter half Kevin Williams. I just think that based on the timing which Nina declared she’s actually leaving, Julie just didn’t have time to bring the story to a full 360 so instead she’s bringing it to a 180. Even though I would rather rip my eyes out then watch yet again another cheap delena scene I think that the finale of season six is going to be Elena leaving and saying good bye to both of them equally. I know that her last scene is with Damon cause at the end it’s all bullshit fanservice, but I have hope that Julie won’t disappoint us stelena fans.
However if Julie is smart and well educated she will leave a cliff hanger for Stefan and her relationship, leaving them to reunite in the series finale.
My message to the all my fellow stelena fans is that I know your all heart broken,I know you guys cry randomly, but please remember when Julie decides to rip our hearts out again, that the vampire diaries is just a show and it’s not real. It’s frustrating I know but it has no meaning and it’s just actors trying to make money while idiots like us are addicted to it all. If things don’t go the way we want it to just remember that the real tvd ended 4x01.
I love you all and it’s been a good while but at this point I think I lost all hope but it will be ok. We will all be ok. ❤️💛❤️💛

Zidane concludes his first half season as Real Madrid coach | May 12, 2016

Zinedine Zidane named Real Madrid new manager on January 4, and since then he has won 20 games (out of 25), drew 3 and lost 2 games in total. (69 goals for, 18 against and 11 cleans sheets).

La Liga (1 game left)
- 16 wins
- 2 draws
- 1 loss (vs Atlético)
*These numbers make Real Madrid the best team in the competition since Zidane’s arrival.
Final game: vs Deportivo, May 14, 5pm CEST

UEFA Champions League (1 game left)
- 4 wins
- 1 draw
- 1 loss (vs Wolfsburg)
Final: vs Atlético, May 28, 8:45pm CEST


If you don’t like Stalia - fine, but don’t come up with stupid excuses (in our tag) like:

1.“Stalia is abusive”
-she hit him the first time they met because she was angry at him plus she wasn’t in her best place at that point (they were in a freaking mental hospital)

2.“Malia ruined Stydia”
-um I’m sorry, but did you miss the first 3 seasons where Lydia didn’t show any romantic feelings for Stiles?!?! 

3.“Stalia is too rushed & unrealistic”
-They had 2 months to know each other AND they are teenagers, what do u expect ? There are many ships in the show that were “rushed” but nobody had a problem  with it, but when it comes to Stalia it’s not normal.

4.“Stiles still loves Lydia and he wouldn’t just move on …”
-He had waited literally half of his life for her at that point, Lydia wasn’t paying any attention to him untill season 2 … she was with other boys while Stiles wasn’t in any relationship… He HAD to move on eventually …like C'MON why Aiden wasn’t a problem, but Malia suddenly is?

5.“Stiles is annoyed by Malia” (I facepalm every time I see this)





Your hate is absolutely unnecessary !
Can’t you just enjoy these two idiots?

(the gorgeous gifs aren’t mineee)


all-time favorite characters - #7 Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)

FYI: if the cuddling is the cuddling is the best part, he didn’t do it right.

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. As Neptune High’s obligatory psychotic jackass, Logan doesn’t make the best first impression, yet he rapidly evolved into what is now my longest-lasting TV crush. Funnily enough, I quite disliked him when I first started watching the series, but cut me a break: I started with season 3. Fast forward to my obsessive season 1 and 2 marathons, where I learned better. Logan’s one big bag of cockiness, snark, and all-around douchebaggery. And yet, all it takes is the slightest kindness to turn him into a ball of pathetic, affectionate fluff. Given half a chance, he’ll prove himself as protective, loving, gentle, and heroic as I’ve seen he can be. Ugh, Logan. He’s an idiot. He’s an asshole. He’s a criminal. He’s a gaping wound with damages and insecurities dangerously close to the surface. Most importantly, he’s an incredibly good person - even if he expects the worst from himself. 


I want to take a second to talk to you about Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Especially a trilogy of episodes that cast the entire series and the prequel trilogy into a new light in the best way. “Overlords,” “Altar of Mortis,” and “Ghosts of Mortis,” episodes 15-17 of season 3, mark an incredibly important moment in the evolution of this series. While the second half of season 3 as a whole feels like a kind of soft reboot (with the newly designed characters and increased quality of animation) in tone and quality, these episodes tie in to the films in a way that the rest of the series has either been unwilling or uninterested in doing.

Everything about this series of episodes is ramped up. The animation is the first time the series has really looked visually compelling. The character animation and acting is slick and natural. The voice work, particularly from Matt Lanter, seems a cut above previous outings. And Sam Witwer as The Son provides some great work (That at times sounds more like Palpatine than this show’s Palpatine…He proved he was a great sound alike in Force Unleashed…but I digress.)

What these episodes so importantly do is cast some real light onto who Anakin is as a person and the complexities of his fall to the Dark Side. There are certain things Lucas is trying to say about Anakin in the films that don’t quite get fleshed out to their fullest–and one thing that I’ve really wanted from this series that it hasn’t delivered too much on is an exploration of those character traits. Lucas throughout the prequels tries to show us that Anakin is terrified of not being in control. He has this power that he doesn’t fully understand and can’t fully utilize–and he feels that he should be able to solve all of his and the galaxy’s problems. His attachments–more importantly, his fear of losing his attachments, as Yoda warns over and over, haunt him–and this is what ultimately leads him to his destiny as Darth Vader.

The guilt over the loss of his mother and the slaughter of the Sand People is again brought up here in a way that really exemplifies Anakin’s greatest character weakness. He is unwilling to move on and forgive himself for the death of Shmi. He is unwilling to truly address his anger or come to terms with what he has done. Instead, he wishes he could control the past, wishes he could change it. He is terrified of failure–“I failed as a Jedi and I failed you,” he tells the fake Shmi. 

His attachment to Padme also comes across as unhealthy here. “The only love I feel in my heart…is haunted by what would happen should I let go.” “I have a met her. She’s everything to me.” Anakin’s fear–the fear that ultimately leads him to fall into the spell of Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith, stems from the way Anakin is incapable of relinquishing control. Of letting the messiness of life happen.

This is the first time in the series Anakin really seems like the same character as he was in the films. The insecurities and character flaws are highlighted profoundly in these moments.  Lanter even channels the raw squeaky voiced self-involved (self-absorption is so important to the character) whine of Hayden Christensen’s performance. And in these moments–where the character is at his weakest–it actually works well. I am sure the series’ intention as far as Anakin is concerned is to display the heroism of the character that we didn’t get to see in the films, but I itch to see more of the signs of what is to come. Yes he is impulsive and unorthodox, but so far there hasn’t been that much that really sells that this man becomes the scourge of the galaxy. Nothing that does it compellingly, at least. But here we finally really see it. The small things boiling below the surface that haunt him, that inform his actions.

What these episodes do best is highlight THE thing that brings Anakin toward becoming Darth Vader. Control. His fear of losing it, and his desire to use his power to make things the way he wishes them to be. He can’t change his mother’s fate now, but he can decide the fate of the galaxy, he can decide Padme’s fate–or so he believes, at the least.

For a moment we see Anakin become Darth Vader. And it isn’t to simply save Padme. It’s to…well, prevent himself from becoming Darth Vader. He has to control the future, because he can’t control the past.

This interchange speaks volumes to who Vader is in those early moments of Revenge of the Sith and echo themes present in the novelization of that film.

The Son: Join me and together we will destroy this emperor you see in your visions and we shall end war, corruption and suffering throughout the galaxy.

Anakin Skywalker: Will we bring peace?

The Son: Of course.

In the novelization of Revenge of the Sith, which in some ways exceeds the film, we gain insight into Anakin’s motivations: his plan is to overthrow Palpatine, and to bring about…peace. Peace and order–under his command, as he sees it must be. We see throughout The Clone Wars and the prequels that he has little patience for bureaucracy and politics or Jedi rules. He sees point A and point B, and he chooses to go straight from one to the next. If he could simply control it… There would be no death. He wouldn’t lose Padme. He wouldn’t have lost his mother.

Vader is born from fear–fear of lost control. Fear of losing the things he holds dear.

Yoda says it in Episode I. “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate. Hate…leads to suffering." 

Also noteworthy in this episode: Qui-Gon Jinn appears voiced by LIAM NEESONS, whom I love. Qui-Gonn is one of the best parts of the prequels and I am inordinately happy to see him again.

In many ways, Clone Wars has so far legitimized the prequels existence for me, and this set of episodes has legitimized this series in a very concrete way. It reveals so much of who Anakin Skywalker is and truly informs what we know is his destiny. It frames the journey towards Darth Vader as the Grecian tragedy I believe it was always intended to be perceived, but fell short of in the movies. Kudos to the writers who delivered not just a great story, but nuanced dialogue and subtle thematic tension.

This second half of season 3 has been so far above the rest of the series to this point. The animation is actually visually exciting, the new face models must have more points of animation because they emote so much better, the character acting is more subtle and visually interesting. The cinematography, lighting, staging, and directing have all improved by leaps and bounds. Visually, the show just continues to look better and better. Even the music has gotten an increased gravitas and plays a much more compelling role in the show. I imagine this trio of episodes mark a creative high that is unlikely to be matched by what follows, but whatever the case may be, this set of episode stand as a must-watch for Star Wars fans.

I haven’t seen beyond these episodes yet, so I don’t know how much they inform what is to come…but I have to hope we begin to see Anakin unraveling a bit more. And I hope that they inform Obi Wan…he has seen what Anakin could be. Perhaps there is an increased apprehension on his part. I am also interested to see how Ahsoka grows from this. The vision of her older self should carry some repercussions. Will she begin to question Anakin’s peculiarities? Or will she continue to go along with his unorthodox view of the galaxy?

Whatever happens, I am really excited about this series and what it might explore. It’s finally delivered on what I’ve wanted from this show from the beginning.

Real Madrid in the first half of the 2014/15 La Liga season | 19.01.2015

- Real Madrid finished the first half of the La Liga season as leaders. (45 points); won 15 games, lost 3 games and scored 62 goals. (A one-point advantage over second-placed FC Barcelona, and with a game in hand that was post-poned to February 4th vs. Sevilla )
- 22 consecutive wins. (the best ever run of consecutive wins achieved by a Spanish team)
- 28 La Liga goals for Cristiano Ronaldo in 18 games. 
- Ronaldo broke La Liga’s most hattricks record with his 23rd hattrick on December 6th. (and scored his 200th La Liga goal in 178 appearance)


City are back up to second after a scintillating display against Southampton which saw the nine-man Blues triumph 3-0.

Three second-half goals from Yaya Toure, Frank Lampard and a first-ever goal for Gael Clichy completed City’s best performance of the season, It was the Blues at their very best and the biggest statement yet that the champions won’t give up their crown without a fight.

Aguero received the ball in the box and cut inside a couple of challenges before teeing up Yaya Toure from the edge of the box and the Ivorian cracked home a low deflected drive that gave Forster no chance.

James Milner broke forward, biding his time before playing the ball to Frank Lampard who drilled home a beauty past Forster from the edge of the box, as he has done so many times during his magnificent career, to seal the points.

The best was saved till last, as a sweeping move saw Demichelis play the ball to Aguero whose exquisite pass found Clichy who bagged his first ever City goal.

tdi: best because of nostalgia mainly, but also because it had a unique simplicity to it no other season will ever have again

tda: really good. the episodes from courtneys return up until owen returns are consistently some of the highest the series has been at. but the first half drags on and feels like a different season.

tdwt: really really really good and really fun to rewatch because 1) songs  2) creative challenges and 3) tyler

tdri: bad compared to the first three, but a godsend compared to tdas. it had meh-ish episodes scattered around a generally boring season.

tdas: well, the production crew have acknowledged how awful this season was, and have began reaching out to the fans for what we’d like to see and how to improve the future of the show. so that definitely says something about this abomination, doesn’t it?

tdpi: seemed spectacular after all-stars, but rewatching it made me realize it’s really nothing special. it’s good and had great episodes for the most part!, but it was definitely overhyped in the fandom. which was expected.


Some more Ninjago doodles from work! At the top is my first successful attempt to draw a half-decent Lloyd! (The one on the left is best. The side view is a little wonky.) Of course I was drawing on post it notes at the time… *headdesk*

Kai, wanting to try on the ridiculous fake mustaches of season six, and another post it note doodle.

Then the garbage at the bottom. I can’t for the life of me remember how that came about, but the expressions still make me giggle, so here. :3

Save WOY 5: My 3 favourite episodes!. (Season 2 - Part 3)

NUMBER 1:  My Fair Hatey (In this special half-hour musical episode, Lord Hater enlists Wander’s help to finally ask Dominator on a date).

THIS was my first episode of WOY and I talk about it in Save WOY 3. I think it was one of the best episodes of  this season. It is a musical, and I love it!, I enjoy every single song!. Peepers and Sylvia worked well together, I think they could be good friends. Hater stop loving Lord Dominator when she laught at his feelings and tried to kill him. It was funny when he loved her, but I wanted it ended soon, fortunately that happend. The skeleton was still angry and hurt, but I prefer him hating her than loving her. Anything else?, yes, Wander stopped seeing them as a potencial couple.

“I’m the bad guy” became a very popular song!. A lot of covers, parodies were made by fans. Even in other language sounds good!. 

Please, sing this petition to save this show:


Thank you!.

been a while since i've done one of these

tagged by the amazing @jean-valjean-moreau

countries i’ve lived in: the “great” US of A (ohio born, michigan raised)

languages i speak: english and limited spanish (arabic is my next goal bc i’m half lebanese, i should be able to speak it)

favorite film of 2015: demolition (everyone should watch it tbh)

last article you read: probably something eyewitness related (GO WATCH)

shuffle your music and put the first 3 songs: come as you are (1992/live at reading)-nirvana, every little thing she does is magic-sleeping at last, walking backwards-leagues

last thing you bought online: eyewitness season pass on amazon

phobias/fears: the ocean, dying alone, being in some sort of mass shooting

how my friends would describe me: memelord, unstable, trying her best 

how my enemies would describe me: extra™, rude, know it all

who i would take a bullet for: literally anyone, i’m suffering

first thing i would buy with spare money: probably food tbh

i tag: @ailurophilester @mellarkboxers @floriantheflamingo @mardyart @angeninojolie

driftinggrifter  asked:

You should, it's honestly the best show I've ever watched, just keep in mind the quality is a little iffy at times. Part 1 (first half of season 1) is just okay, part 2 (second half of season 1) is tons of fun, part 3 (seasons 2 and 3) is good, and great in season 3, but kind of drags on in the middle, but part 4 (season 4) is absolutely perfect in every way. Jojo fans might crucify me for this, but I'd suggest starting at part 4, it explains enough and you could go back if you like it.

Will keep it in mind should the subject ever come up, thanks!