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“My ungodly book speaks to you. On All Hallow’s Eve, when the moon is round, a virgin will summon us from under the ground. Oh oh! We shall be back, and the lives of all the children of Salem will be mine!”

[ hocus pocus remake ]based on the original concept by gingerjab

taraji p. henson as winifred “winnie” sanderson | octavia spencer as mary sanderson | janelle monae as sarah sanderson

jaheem toombs as max dennison | leah sava jeffries as dani dennison | skai jackson as allison

aramis knight as thackery binx

jay hernandez as billy butcherson | deon cole as dave dennison | niecy nash as jenny dennison 

said God, Love covers a multitudes of sins

Summary: Louis is sixteen years old when he realizes that his father is still alive.

this is like. the most self-indulgent bittersweet fluff i have ever written in my whole life but there was no two ways about it, i had to. anyways, note that i have played so utterly fast and loose with historical accuracy that it’s not even funny, but also note that these characters deserve to be happy and to raise a good son because they are actually made by god to be parents this is like, canon, okay, anyways i hope anne and aramis live happily ever after into the sun and aramis gets to tell as many dad jokes as he wants. love u bye. much love to @hansolosbutt, @emilybrontay and @elsaclack (who hasnt even watched this show but proofread for me anyway because shes the real mvp).

When Louis is five, he quickly realizes that Aramis is not, in fact, going to be his new servant. Aramis is in the palace a lot more than he was before – before, when everything was a little different and Papa was still around. But he wears pretty blue clothes and Mama says he is the First Minister of France, and that that is an important position, and that his job is to help her rule Louis’s people until Louis is old enough and wise enough to do so himself.

Louis wonders if he will ever be wise. He is not wholly sure what the word means, only that it is something that makes you a person people like, and that Madame d’Chevreaux, who has been hired as his new governess, says it is a word that describes Mama well. Wise despite her youth, is what Madame d’Chevreaux had said, helping to button him into his tunic in the morning, three weeks after Papa stopped coming to wake him in the mornings and he had his adventure with Madame d’Artagnan in the streets of Paris. You would do well to learn from her, your Majesty.

Madame d’Chevreaux likes Mama very much, which is why Louis supposes she is his new governess. His old governess, Mademoiselle Dufraimont, always went tight in the lips when Mama was in the room. Papa liked her, but Louis thought her smiles were too pinched.

Louis likes it when people have nice smiles, and Aramis has the best of smiles. He is not always smiling, Louis knows. He has seen him talking to the council, standing taller than everyone with a snap to his voice and a clench in his jaw. He has seen him speaking extra quietly with Mama, sometimes, their heads bent over important state papers. He has seen the crease between his brows when he carried him the first time, through the streets of Paris with Mama on his other side. But he is always smiling at Louis, it seems, with a twinkle in his eyes that Louis likes very much. And when Aramis is smiling, Mama is also smiling, so Louis supposes that even if Aramis isn’t his new servant, he would very much like him to stay a long while, just so that Mama smiles more. She didn’t used to smile nearly as much, before when Papa still woke him up in the mornings, unless she was smiling at Louis. Mama always smiled when she looked at Louis, just as Aramis always smiles at him now.

But now Mama smiles when she looks at others as well. Louis likes Mama dearly when she smiles. It lights up her whole face; it’s such a nice smile.

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The Musketeers’ guys and their flaws

Louis XIII

  • Selfish
  • Inmature
  • Not trustable
  • Easily manipulable
  • A Bourbon, that’s bad enough, believe me


  • Is raving mad
  • Like really really mad
  • Dangerously mad
  • And is dead


  • Workaholic
  • Dangerous
  • Couldn’t be more dead


  • Reckless
  • Selfish
  • Compulsive seducer
  • Incapable of understand his lovers’ feelings
  • Incapable of understand the consequences of his actions
  • Always pursues the unattainable and dismises the rest


  • Selfish
  • Violent
  • Emotionally abuser


  • Prone to run away when faced to emotional pain
  • Alcohol issues
  • Incapable of understand his own feelings
  • Obsesive
  • Impulsive
  • Sometimes criminally impulsive


  • …cheats on cards?


  • …is older than the others?
The Musketeers Preference: Jealousy...

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Makes comments, gets involved, is very active in that jealousy. It’s not always the best but that’s the way he is. 

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Aramis pretends he’s not jealous. Aramis is a man that is unused to that sort of feeling and rather smiles and jokes and acts as if he’s not simply because he doesn’t like it at all. 

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Gets broody, angry, boils away in silence, tries to reason that he’s being ridiculous. But Athos has always been a very emotive character.

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I don’t actually feel like Porthos is prone to jealousy, protectiveness, yes, but jealousy I feel like is a foreign thing to him and in that scenario he would simply tell himself off and keep it to himself as much as possible. 

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Athos smiled and opened the window.
“Aramis!” he cried.
A gentleman turned around. Athos fancied he had seen him among the crowd. It was Aramis. He bowed with great friendship to the count.
“Aramis,” cried Athos, “I am arrested.”
“Good,” replied Aramis, calmly.

Twenty Years After

Aramis being 259% done with Athos and his diplomatic skills… he doesn’t even have the strength to get angry any more and Athos is totally aware of that XD

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ok ok but on the subject of louis' paternity being So Obvious can you just imagine anne having to tactfully take her son aside during puberty and say darling,, i know you really want to grow that mustache out to see what it looks like but perhaps the week before the dinner you are hosting with first minister aramis is not the best time? you will be sitting next to each other for most of the evening... and sweetheart make sure to wash your hair so it doesn't get too curly


like remember when she made the babyTM wear that awful wig and u were like dude…. why??? and then the second u saw the baby without the wig u were like “oh my God thats why”

anyways this continues and its eternally funny. everyone is in on the “play off the similarities between the king and the first minister as PURELY COINCIDENCE” train. and it gets increasingly difficult bc louis idolizes aramis so ofc like, if aramis puts his hair in a ponytail, louis wants to do the same thing! if aramis has a mustache, louis wants one too! he picks up little things like the way he swings his arms when he walks or the twitch of his eyes when he’s thinking abt something intensely and anne is in a constant state of “extremely endeared but constantly stressed”. which is fine bc nothing bad ever happens bc happy endings are more important than realism BUT ANYWAYS, the point is, the older louis gets the more anne is like “we need a plan of action” and aramis is like i dunno i could shave? and anne is like no no dont do that then it would be even more obvious and they are STUMPED. 

“my grandfather was SO VERY TALL!” says anne, when louis hits fourteen and has three growth spurts in succession

“isn’t it nice that he has the late kings curls,” says constance, laughing exaggeratedly and slapping some courtier on the back

“i remember marie de medici’s second cousin twice removed tanned really easily in the sun,” says athos gravely, and the members of the council mutter and nod in agreement

like i really think any time anyone finds out The Truth their immediate thought is like … wo w … i need my eyes checked,,,, how did i miss that …

i love them all sdkfhsld


The Musketeers Fest 2016

Day 3 : favorite relationship

Anne and Aramis

That’s plain and simple : as soon as I have seen their first scene together I was hooked. I have never been in a ship so strongly before Annamis …

Their chemistry, their profound attraction, physical as much as emotional moved me deeply. And I am so so happy that they got their happy ending <3

This scene is just perfect in any way ….

Always Annamis  !

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The Musketeers Fest 2016 | Day Four: One scene (the scene, that you always think about/love/rewatch a thousand times) 

  • Porthos and Aramis’ interrogation scenes

so assuming that porthos and aramis only became best friends after Savoy™ (who’s assuming this? me. why am i assuming it I really could not tell you as my canon memory is deserting me BUT) anyways so like …. the point is I can really get behind the concept that the inseparables became the inseparables because porthos decided to adopt aramis, who was a little traumatized and in desperate need of a friend

like??? newly commissioned porthos who is big and tough looking but actually loves taking care of people is like “this kid needs a Friend. kid, I am your friend now, no arguments” and aramis is like [trying not to cry bc things are shit] “we’re the same age” but accepts the blanket porthos drapes on him

and then the two of them together adopt athos, who is sad and lonely and emo (his wife just “died” remember) and bc aramis and porthos are that kind of person (as a collective, they are now close enough to collectively be a certain kind of person) they sit down with him at mess one day like “so did u hear madame bouchard kicked her husband out last night” and athos is like “what the hell” but aramis just keeps talking without stopping and porthos gives athos half of his bread (A WHOLE HALF, says aramis, well athos that must mean he REALLY likes you) until athos actually engages in the conversation

and ofc u all know how they adopt d'artagnan



Ohmygod. that fic was so so beautiful, I can’t stop smiling! I was wondering if you’d take another prompt? How do you think Aramis would be with a little sister? Like your Sherlock x sister fics? Maybe Aramis could be teaching his sister how to shoot one morning with Athos and the others close by, and she just isn’t concentrating, so Aramis tickles her until she agrees to concentrate. then the others join in and it’s all fluffy and tickly and they all treat her like their sister<3~musketeer!anon

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Imagine being Aramis’ little sister and him teaching you how to shoot.

“One thing that’s really important about handling a musket is that you have to be effective. The better you shoot the more useful is the weapon for you. It takes quite a few movements to get it ready for another shot. So don’t take too long for that. Why don’t you try and-” 

“It’s very pretty.” You said happily and looked at Aramis’ musket from different angles. 

Your brother pulled his eyebrows up in surprise, before smiling a bit confused and nodding. “It’s a very elegant weapon. But it’s useless if you can’t prepare it fast enough. Why don’t you try that first of all?” 

“Try what?” Apparently you were too busy marveling at the heavy weapon in your hand to concentrate on Aramis’ instructions. 

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Constance d’Artagnan in The Queen’s Diamonds (3x04)

”You’re in no danger so long as you behave.”