the best of aramis

The Musketeers’ guys and their flaws

Louis XIII

  • Selfish
  • Inmature
  • Not trustable
  • Easily manipulable
  • A Bourbon, that’s bad enough, believe me


  • Is raving mad
  • Like really really mad
  • Dangerously mad
  • And is dead


  • Workaholic
  • Dangerous
  • Couldn’t be more dead


  • Reckless
  • Selfish
  • Compulsive seducer
  • Incapable of understand his lovers’ feelings
  • Incapable of understand the consequences of his actions
  • Always pursues the unattainable and dismises the rest


  • Selfish
  • Violent
  • Emotionally abuser


  • Prone to run away when faced to emotional pain
  • Alcohol issues
  • Incapable of understand his own feelings
  • Obsesive
  • Impulsive
  • Sometimes criminally impulsive


  • …cheats on cards?


  • …is older than the others?
The Musketeers: Aramis [ESTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Aramis best sums up his personality in the woods, when at first he’s entertained by the birds and scenery but after four days is going insane with boredom. He loves to be in the thick of action, and is often good at causing trouble, getting himself and his friends out of it, improvising using whatever he has on hand, and acting in the moment. Unfortunately, that often includes doing things because he feels like it that could get him killed or executed for high treason – such as sleeping with the queen on a whim.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): He glances a situation over, reaches an inner conclusion about it, and then acts on what he feels is the most logical solution, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. He leaves the planning to his friends, preferring instead to improvise as he goes. Aramis is detached, with a good sense of comedic timing, sometimes framed of sarcasm. He doesn’t seem too bothered by death, or the things he’s forced to do as a musketeer.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Yet, mass injustice bothers him. The plight of the people calls to him. He becomes easily engaged by women’s emotions and cares about them, offering them emotional support, encouragement, and flirting with them given half an opportunity. Aramis is generally well liked and tries to joke around to diffuse the tension; he’s a cheerful, extroverted musketeer, who occasionally thinks in terms of morals, but prefers to share his feelings instead.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): He has occasional poignant flashes of insight, where he “knows” who did something or for what reason, but these moments are few and far between, buried under his desire to act. Aramis gives no thought to the future consequences of his affair with Anne, what it means to the throne, what might happen to himself and his friends down the line, or what a bastard child from another bloodline might do to the monarchy, in terms of threatening France’s stability.


The Musketeers Fest 2016 | Day Four: One scene (the scene, that you always think about/love/rewatch a thousand times) 

  • Porthos and Aramis’ interrogation scenes

anonymous asked:

ok ok but on the subject of louis' paternity being So Obvious can you just imagine anne having to tactfully take her son aside during puberty and say darling,, i know you really want to grow that mustache out to see what it looks like but perhaps the week before the dinner you are hosting with first minister aramis is not the best time? you will be sitting next to each other for most of the evening... and sweetheart make sure to wash your hair so it doesn't get too curly


like remember when she made the babyTM wear that awful wig and u were like dude…. why??? and then the second u saw the baby without the wig u were like “oh my God thats why”

anyways this continues and its eternally funny. everyone is in on the “play off the similarities between the king and the first minister as PURELY COINCIDENCE” train. and it gets increasingly difficult bc louis idolizes aramis so ofc like, if aramis puts his hair in a ponytail, louis wants to do the same thing! if aramis has a mustache, louis wants one too! he picks up little things like the way he swings his arms when he walks or the twitch of his eyes when he’s thinking abt something intensely and anne is in a constant state of “extremely endeared but constantly stressed”. which is fine bc nothing bad ever happens bc happy endings are more important than realism BUT ANYWAYS, the point is, the older louis gets the more anne is like “we need a plan of action” and aramis is like i dunno i could shave? and anne is like no no dont do that then it would be even more obvious and they are STUMPED. 

“my grandfather was SO VERY TALL!” says anne, when louis hits fourteen and has three growth spurts in succession

“isn’t it nice that he has the late kings curls,” says constance, laughing exaggeratedly and slapping some courtier on the back

“i remember marie de medici’s second cousin twice removed tanned really easily in the sun,” says athos gravely, and the members of the council mutter and nod in agreement

like i really think any time anyone finds out The Truth their immediate thought is like … wo w … i need my eyes checked,,,, how did i miss that …

i love them all sdkfhsld


Requested by anon

“See, I told you you could do this.” You were riding around a small patch of field outside of Paris, the horse beneath you responding well to you and you going slower than perhaps anyone else would have, but you hadn’t fallen off or upset the horse. You were doing your best and Aramis was right, with more practice you’d be able to do this properly.


Constance d’Artagnan in The Queen’s Diamonds (3x04)

”You’re in no danger so long as you behave.”

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