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It doesn’t feel that long ago that we were reaching 1, 2, 3, and 4 thousand followers. Thank you everyone for the amazing support over the years. We couldn’t have asked for a better family.
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Posting hate and threats in a religious tag is a hate crime in your state and federally. Your isp has been reported to both tumblr, as well as your provider and local authorities. You are free to your religion but you are federally prohibited from bullying other religions by posting your hate directly at them. Please refrain in the future. You will be watched and reported.

Hi friend,

I’ve never posted hate or threats on this blog, and would never, so I’m extremely curious as to what post you’re referring to? I’m assuming it’s the ask I answered recently about witchcraft, in which case I suggested to someone to steer clear of it and posted a quote from Scripture.

One of my best friends is pagan. I would never ever say anything hateful or threatening towards her, let alone anyone else.

All my love,


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I can't wait for the proposal. I'm not even going to be able to watch it through without crying. Caleb could tell her anything, and I would still be a mess. Where do you think the proposal will be?

I cant wait either! I base how I will react to a scene by the fact I about died every time Haleb made eye contact in 6B. So its fair to say I will be a mess as well. Like you said Caleb could say ANYTHING and I would think it was the best proposal ever. Ive saw people saying that the proposal is going to be the tent 2.0 scene but who knows. Where ever it is its going to be AMAZING!

today I found out that in russian junkrat is called крысавчек which is literally just the russian words for rat and handsome boy fused together (крыса + красавчик) and its the best translation for anything that ive ever heard i never wanna call him junkrat again theres only handsome rat boy now

Victor and Yuri arrive at the church

world: saved

homophobia: ended forever

engagement rings: out

My heart literally just broke and I don’t even know this woman. What I do know is that she raised 7 wonderful children and they’re going to grow into amazing people. My heart goes out to her entire family and they are in my thoughts and prayers.


It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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Andy: [My proposal] was perfect and magical, I’ll say that. She didn’t know it was gonna happen, we were in a beautiful place that was very special to both of us. I was by a fire pit with, like, a glowing amber light. I got down on one knee. Like the stuff I said was perfect. I can’t tell you how great it went.

Akiva: I believe it because I was at your wedding and your wedding was also –

Jorma: Truly the most magical vows I’ve ever heard.

Andy: I really gotta bring it. My wife is a poet, so if I’m half-assing it then it’s gonna be pretty clear.