the best of all those sons of bitches

Sam’s Truth

Summary: After your dad says some nasty things, Sam comforts you.

Italics are the other end of a phone convo.

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W.C. 1417

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Notes: lots of parental angst lately for me so I wanted to get some of it out with some fluffy Sam stuff. Feedback appreciated! Find it on AO3 here. Might write a second part, morning after smut, if I get enough feedback!

Having Sam Winchester by your side when the rest of your family was telling you to go to hell was the best thing that could have happened to you.

Sam Winchester was the world’s kindest, most burdened soul, and he took on the pain of everyone that he came into contact with, hoping to ease some of their suffering.

When you first met Sam, you’d been taking down a rugaru and he and his brother burst in just as you were firing off the flame shots. Dean and you had teamed up before. When you were both younger, and you’d heard stories of the infamous Sammy, but meeting the man was an entirely different story. Dean had said Sam was tall, but tall was an understatement. Standing 5’4”, you weren’t exactly tall yourself, but Sam towered over you by at least a foot, and you felt like a dwarf. Of course, he tried hiding it, tried making himself seem smaller than he was, and your heart squeezed a bit for this thoughtful man.

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favorite supernatural quotes (ruby, lucifer rising)

You don’t even know how hard this was! All the demons out for my head. No one knew. I was the best of those sons of bitches! The most loyal! Not even Alistair knew! Only Lilith. Yeah, I’m sure you’re a little angry right now, but, I mean, come on, Sam! Even you have to admit I’m - I’m awesome!

Hey Winchester - Hey Mama Parody
The Winchesters
Hey Winchester - Hey Mama Parody

So I thought my last post on this blog would be another Supernatural Parody. My voice is horribly shot because of T, but here it is. A parody of David Guetta and Nicki Minaj featuring your favorite boys. Lyrics under cut. Thanks for the good run, guys! 

Deal with a demon, I'mma
Sell my soul
Deal with a demon, I’mma
Sell my soul


Back in Lawrence Kansas
I was just a baby
Azazel fucked me up so when I grew up I’d be ready
Bred to be a leader, his blood was inside me
Gave me psychic powers, you down with that baby?

Best believe that, when I need that
Guilty conscience, I will always have it
Brother is my family so
He cannot die, I will not allow it

Send them to Hell, Exorcizamus te
Ganking those sons of bitches all day
Now all of Heaven and Hell knows my name
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)
Sooner or later one of us dies
And so the other must sacrifice
Salt it and burn it and don’t think twice like
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)

Deal with a demon, I'mma
Sell my soul
Deal with a demon, I’mma
Sell my soul


40 years of bleeding
40 years of screaming
Getting resurrected just to take another beating
Fucking with the angels, fucking with the demons
Apocalypse can’t keep me from these worthless feelings

Best believe that when I need that
Self-hatred I will always have it
Sammy can’t leave, so please take me
Without him I’m nothing so this life, you can have it

Send them to Hell, Exorcizamus te
Ganking those sons of bitches all day
Now all of Heaven and Hell knows my name
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)
Heavy Dad issues, dependency
Fighting monsters since before puberty
Dying, dealing, put it on repeat
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)

Deal with a demon, I'mma
Sell my soul
Deal with a demon, I’mma
Sell my soul


You ask me? I’m fine
Just watching porn online
Made some bad mistakes
So I deserve to do time
And without me, Sam’s fine
He always keeps in line
Let me finish this bottle and then it’s murdering time
Don’t want to tell you how I feel
I don’t even think I’m real (Am I real?)
Leave me alone cause I know how to deal
I don’t deserve to be saved, so I don’t care
Take my share, I’ll go down while I’m swinging


So I make a deal with a demon I trust
So I give in to my darkness and lust
So I do anything just to see him again
Carry on carry on, it goes on, it goes on my son

Send them to Hell, Exorcizamus te
Ganking those sons of bitches all day
Now all of Heaven and Hell knows my name
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)
Sooner or later one of us dies
And so the other must self-sacrifice
Angels and demons and everything nice  like
Like hey Winchester hey Winchester (Hey)

Deal with a demon, I'mma
Sell my soul
Deal with a demon, I’mma
Sell my soul

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The whole group plss LILY ❤

*sings* OH MY GOD THANKS!!!!!!

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→ ruby in 4.22 lucifer rising

you don’t even know how hard this was! all the demons out for my head. no one knew. i was the best of those sons of bitches! the most loyal! not even alastair knew! only lilith! yeah, i’m sure you’re a little angry right now, but, i mean, come on, sam! even you have to admit — i’m — i’m awesome!

Find the Light - Part 1

Words: 3177
Dean x Reader
Warnings: descriptions of mildly graphic imagery, some language
A/N: This is the first part of a series! Sam and Dean discover Y/N as a victim of a Djinn.

Your name: submit What is this?

The light streaming through the window fractured and reflected into a million glittering pieces as it encountered the frost flowers spread delicately over the glass. You could feel the cold draft coming in from around the old wood window frame, and you shrugged inside your sweater, rubbing your hands to warm them. Despite the cold draft you smiled to yourself. You had finally done it.

Your eyes followed the rustic brick walls up to the vaulted ceilings, cozy with exposed wood beams. The hanging lights shed warm hues on the paintings and half-finished drawings adorning the walls. Swatches of inspiration littered the large wooden table and workbench. Others littered the floor. This gallery was yours. It was a place you could call entirely your own, away from the intrusions of daily life so you could escape and pull the stubborn images in your head down through your arm and out your fingertips. You transferred them in whatever medium took your fancy at any given time; ink, charcoal, oil paints, or watercolor. The possibilities seemed endless.

You tied your splattered apron tighter behind your back and moved to sit at the pottery wheel, considering the unshaped lump of clay that was waiting for you there. You squinted your eyes and examined it. What are you meant to be? Dipping your hands in the warm water nearby and mixing more water into the clay to soften it, you began.

Time passed both slowly, surreally, and very quickly in this place. It was always a complete contradiction. You seemed to see in slow motion and feel everything intensely. Each detail of your work burned into your mind, staying in your head for days as you decided whether or not it belonged the way it was or if it was meant to be something else. At the same time the days rushed by. You would be shocked when you glanced at the clock that it read 6:30 pm, often not even feeling hunger as you worked. Hadn’t it just been nine in the morning?

Heaving a contented sigh and smiling to yourself, you would cover the clay, rinse the brushes, and wash the smudges from your skin. You’d ponder the day, making plans in your mind for the next, as you walked the short distance back to your apartment. The neighborhood was charming and you felt safe. Occasionally you’d pick up something for dinner at the deli as you passed it on your way home. The elderly owners knew you by name and always asked the same question; “What beauty have you brought into the world today?”

You would smile and thank them, always feeling as if you didn’t deserve such kind works, and you would assure them that you would make sure they got invitations to your next gallery event free of charge. “You feed my stomach and my soul with these sandwiches,” you’d say with a smile. As cheesy as it was, they loved it every time.

Every breath you took in flowed freely and easily in and out of your lungs. Your sleep was peaceful. Your body was calm and strong. There was nothing nagging you. Commissions came and you delivered results beyond what the clients had imagined. There was almost nothing you would change about your life. It was perfect.

Until the moment when you were ripped from it all.

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Any headcanons involving Poe?

  • He eats a lot and heavy, he likes spicy things and meat like there is no tomorrow. He is more picky with drinks than with anything else in life.
  • Talking about drinks, beer guy right here. But he also loves colorful drinks and things that look dangerous like that one drink you have to take on literal fire.
  • Also, he does a lot of dangerous stuff since he was a kid. Kes used to say it was because as a kid he didn’t knew how to difference adventure from danger, now that he is older, Kes says he is just out of his kriffing mind and that he took that from Shara.
  • Shara’s dead make him realize the danger of the sky and what they were doing, but he never talked about it to anyone but Ben Solo. When his somehow friend disappeared, it made him understood why is important to fight the darkness. He has never talked about it to anyone.
  • That’s also the reason why he isn’t scared of Kylo Ren, even not seeing his face, he will always be little Ben Solo, the scared shit child he met at Leia’s so many years ago. And even thought he thinks he may never be able to talk to him again, he hopes Leia can have her son back one day.
  • He know insults in all the languages you can imagine, his favorites are those in space spanish and it made Leia laugh the times she has heard him.
  • They talk in space spanish when they want to keep things more private or to bitch about people.
  • He is expert in bitching, ask him about something bitter and/or a gossip, and he knows everything. Him and Jessika are the best at it, what they say is 99.9% true, that’s the worst.
  • Best friend has been Jessika for the longest time, they have some kind of telepathy at this point, the other’s thinks it’s creepy. It is.
  • There is a lot of people that actually dislikes him because he is so happy, full of energy, people is bitter about him being truly like that. Like… he doesn’t fake it, he is just sunshine in one person. The worst is that he doesn’t mind, he actually goes and says ‘hi’ to the ones he knows hates him.
  • He was the one who came with the idea of the X-Wing salute, bye.
  • One time, he and Jess had this bet: who can pick up more people during weekends, it lasted for six months and the winner was just going to pay the others drinks the night the bet was off, but the point was they have a great time doing stupid things and bad pickup lines at bars, parties, the base and so.

He looks at the demon, shadows falling across his face. His jaw was locked and his eyes were staring at the demon that was tied up in front of him. After weeks of searching he had found him. He had found the demon that had tortured her. He found the demon that took her smile and made it disappear. He found the demon that changed her into something that he couldn’t fix.

He flipped the knife in his hand before he pressed it into the demon’s body.

“Aw Dean-o, you trying to get payback for what happened to your girl,” the demon smiled at Dean like what he was doing wasn’t hurting him.

Dean didn’t answer. The shadows on his face grew darker. He walked over to the table that held all his tools and picked up the bag of salt. He slowly stalked back to the demon that took her and held her captive for weeks.

He grabbed the jaw of the demon and forced his mouth open. Then slowly he dumped the contents of the bag down his throat. The demon gagged and choked on the salt, screams coming from his mouth.

“Come on, Dean, salt. Really?” The demon said after Dean stopped.

Dean said nothing. There was nothing to say. All he wanted to do was spill this demon’s blood.

“You should have heard her scream,” the demon taunted. “It brought me goosebumps. And at night…she would scream for you. Those first few nights she would tell me that you would save her. You would kill me. There was still hope in her eyes. Now, she just looks dead.”

“Keep talking you son of a bitch,” Dean growled as he shoved more salt down his throat.

“Oh!” The demon smiled as he remembered everything he did to her. “I think my best kind of torture though was twisting her mind into thinking that it was you who was dragging that blade across her skin. You know, the mind is such a delicate thing. It’s so easy to manipulate. So tell me, Dean, does she look at you with fear in her eyes? Does she look at you like you are going to hurt her?”

Another growl came from Dean. This time it came from deep in his throat. He knew what this demon was talking about. There wasn’t a moment that went by that she didn’t cower in fear from Dean. Every time he would touch her, on the shoulder or a graze on the back of the hand, she would flinch. And it killed him a little bit on the inside every time she did.

Dean gave the demon tied up in front of him a sadistic smile and reclaimed his knife. “Keep talking bubby because the fun has only just begun.”

Series Coming!

Want an Imagine? Request One Here!

Submitted by: @chaos-and-the-calm67

“It ain’t happening, Winchester.” You said blowing Dean off, even though he hadn’t said a word to you. He talked to you with your eyes. You saw the way he looked at you. He was cocky. Maybe a little too cocky. But you didn’t say you didn’t like it. 

You were going to let Dean figure out on his own if you liked him or not. That was up for him to decide. If a man wanted you that badly he was going to have to fight for it. You were going to fall head over boots for this man just because he told you had pretty eyes. 

Now just maybe you had butterflies in your stomach when he told you that but that doesn’t matter. You were Bobby Singer’s niece. He practically raised you, and taught you the logistics of life. He would normally tell you to stray away from men like Dean but unfortunately Dean was like a son to Bobby. 

Bobby couldn’t change Dean. Bobby tried talking some sense into him but Dean never listened. Unless it was super important but otherwise Dean would let it go one ear and out the other. “You see that, Sam.” Dean leaned his head and whispered quietly. 

“See what?” Sam raised an eyebrow, clearly not seeing what his older brother was seeing. “Y/N, that is a woman worth fighting over.” Dean said staring not at her eyes but the other end. Sam rolled his eyes. “Dean did you ever figure that she’s not into you?” Sam was slowly losing his patience over the fact at how Dean believes that every woman he meets wants to sleep with him. 

“What if it’s the opposite? I know she wants me.” Dean smirked, winking at you. You moaned and rolled your eyes. Sam looked at his brother to explain your reaction. “That wasn’t exactly blowing a kiss back, Shakespeare.” Sam snickered, as Dean looked a little annoyed. “I’ll get her one day, Sam. You watch.” Dean said determined as ever. 

Two Years Later…

Dean and You were taking a walk in the midst of Bobby’s junkyard of cars. Sam was back , and Dean was explaining to you why he thought selling his soul was the best option. You knew how those deals worked and all you asked Dean was how long did the son of a bitch give you. 

“A year.” Dean mumbled. “Dammit, Dean!” You said slapping him across the shoulder. You turned away from him as tears were coming on. You didn’t want Dean seeing you crying over him. You were supposed to be this tough girl. Tough girls like you don’t cry. 

“Are you crying?” Dean asked, and when you didn’t answer him he turned you around and forced you to look at him. “You know Dean I am crying because I care about you and I don’t want to see you die and now you only have one year !?!” The tears were stung your cheeks and you only continued to cry harder.

“I know it sounds messed up but things will be okay. I promise.” Dean said in a soft voice. “Things won’t be okay, Dean. They will never be okay when you’re gone.” You said staring down at you feet. “So what are you saying?” Dean asked, licking his lips. 

“Dean, I like you okay. And I knew you liked me as a friend but for these past couple of months I noticed there was something different about you and I realized you did truly care about underneath all of the flirting.” You swallowed your courage and continued talking. 

“And now that I know I only have a year left with you there just isn’t enough time to do this.” You walked closer to him and brought his head down and kissed him right smack there. You pulled away and you both opened your eyes and stared at each other. “You don’t know how long I have waited for you to do that, Y/N.” Dean said sniffling a little. 

 And Sam watched the both of you from the upper story window, with the perfect view. He really got her. He thought to himself. 

It was really happening now.

The End!  

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You don’t even know how hard this was. All the demons out for my head. No one knew. I was the best of those sons of bitches! The most loyal! Not even Alastair knew! Only Lilith! Yeah, I’m sure you’re a little angry right now, but come on, Sam! Even you have to admit - I’m - I’m awesome..!

So, I wrote something about two nights ago and it revolved around the Mafia!AU verse because I love that AU verse just so much. I wanted to share it with you lovelies and it may just turn into a full-on fic. Who knows? I’ve already posted it on Ao3 but I wanted to post it here as well. 

Please do enjoy!

“I’m not going to ask you again.”

“I wasn’t counting on it.”

Steve managed to repress the growl of annoyance as Hammer gave him that smile that made him sick to his stomach, all teeth with those sleazy eyes. He had no right to be smiling, no right to be feeling any emotion that gave him any sort of pleasure. He was a sick man and sick men deserved to be in pain, in suffering, to feel like they’re nothing but dirt.

Even ‘dirt’ was too generous.

Hammer was nothing.

It took Steve all his strength not to strangle him right there and then but this…this thing was toying with him. He wasn’t giving him the answers that he wanted and if he was going to continue this stupid charade, Steve was going to do something he wasn’t going to regret. But for now, he had to seem calm and in control. If Hammer know that this affected him more than it showed, he would use that to his advantage.

Steve couldn’t afford to give him leverage.

“Where is he?” Steve asked once again, his voice low but strangely soft as he walked around the room with a slow gaunt. The sound of his shoes were loud as the heels clinked against the cemented floor and it was the only sound for a few moments aside from Hammer’s heavy breathing. Steve gave him time to answer as he made his way around the perimeter, calmness radiating off of him. His body wasn’t tense and all his muscles were relaxed, his hands tucked comfortably into his pocket.

He was calm but he was calculating and he could feel the uneasiness roll off of Hammer in big waves. The guy was anxious because he had no idea what was going to happen next. His breathing had increased slightly and his hands were curled into fists from where they were tied behind his back. He was nervous and worried for his own safety. Right now, he was considering if keeping Tony’s location was really worth the cost of his life.

He was…scared and he had every fucking right to be.

After a few more moments passed, Steve sighed as he stopped in front of the table before shaking his head in obvious disappointment. He then removed his hands from his pockets and tried to hold back the smirk that threatened to curl at his lips when he heard Hammer’s breath hitch. Steve casted his gaze towards Hammer’s face and allowed his icy blue eyes to connect with the weasel’s own.

“You’re scared…aren’t you.” Steve said lightly, the sentence not even a question as he was stating the honest truth. The response was a delayed by a second but still noticeable as Hammer scoffed before rolling his eyes. “And why should I be?” The man questioned and Steve gave a seemingly innocent shrug before going, “Oh I don’t know.” He then placed both of his hands on the table in front of him and leaned his body forward, taking note of how Hammer leaned back instantly.

“It’s just the fact that I could kill you with my very bare hands.” Steve began. “Or that I could torture you until you’re on the brink of them before leaving you here to slowly and painfully bleed to death.” He then leaned forward even more, taking pleasure in how Hammer’s skin paled with every threat. “I could call my best people here and they would break every single bone of your body with pain crippling strength before bashing your head in.” Steve’s voice was still soft and calm but there was an underline of anger and aggression laced in with those words. “So you should be scared, Hammer. Because whatever torture you’re putting MY Tony through,” The word ‘my’ stressed out so roughly that Steve almost snarled. “You’re going to receive ten times more, you sick son of a bitch.” The calm had gone and now all that was left Steve Rogers, one of the most dangerous and respected mob bosses in the whole of New York, if not the most.

It was clear that Hammer had now gotten the message because by the look on Steve’s face, those blue eyes piercing him through, he had broken. He began babbling and stumbling over his words, his face contorted with fright and anxiousness. Steve listened to him carefully, nodding along as Hammer spilled out the locations and what was going to happen next. He learned that it was Tiberius Stone who had planned the whole ordeal after learning that Tony was Steve’s. They had always had a deep hatred for each other and there was a never-ending battle between their two sides.

Tiberius definitely had sights for Tony and always made sure to state that fact whenever they met at public gatherings like galas. His gaze going over Tony’s smaller yet lithe frame as the brunet wandered around, oblivious to Stone’s wants. This then happened and all Tony was doing was walking home from work…then he was gone.

This was a way of getting underneath Steve’s skin as well as claiming what he had wanted.

Steve felt the nails biting into his palm as he exited the interrogation room, giving clear instructions that Hammer must never leave this room unsupervised before storming back to his office.

He needed to clear his head and formulate a plan.

He needed to…

He needed…

He needed Tony.

“So, what exactly do you do?” Tony asked him, big brown eyes filled with curiosity as he curled up against Steve on the couch, his head resting on his shoulder. Steve could almost fill his heart bursting with so much affection that he had to control himself from pressing too many kisses onto that face. The blond hummed in faux-thought before smiling playfully at Tony. “If I told you…I’d have to kill you.” He teased, eyes softening as Tony laughed before rolling his eyes and hitting his chest lightly.

“I’m serious!” Tony exclaimed before scrambling around a bit so he ended up on Steve’s lap, arms wrapped around his neck. “I’m not joking!” Steve protested but chuckled as he wrapped strong arms around Tony’s waist, taking in Tony’s pout in amusement. “What are you then? Some kind of spy?” Tony asked, his tone light but his eyes questioning. “I wouldn’t say a spy. More like an assassin.” Steve replied and Tony’s eyes widened before asked, “Really?” in disbelief.

“No, you idiot.” Steve answered, tapping Tony’s forehead slightly with his index finger and Tony let out a small ‘ow’ before sighing as he leaned forward. Steve accommodated him immediately, holding Tony close to him as the brunet rested his head against the crook of Steve’s neck. The silence was comfortable and so peaceful that it almost seemed surreal. Steve was relaxed and he listened to the gentle breathing of his love, feeling his chest move up and down at a slow pace.

Just when he thought Tony was about to sleep, he whispered softly, “I’m a business man.” Tony hummed as a response before asking, “A good business man or a bad one?” Steve knew exactly what Tony meant by that and he felt his heart pound against his chest as he took a deep breath. “A bad one.” He confessed and he waited for the moment where Tony would push out of his embrace, fear highlighting his features before he would collect his stuff and leave quickly.

But that never happened.

“Well, try not to get killed, okay?” He asked softly and Steve’s breath hitched at the reply but he nodded quickly as he wrapped his arms tighter around Tony, holding him tightly to his chest. Tony relaxed into him with all his trust and that made Steve’s heart swell up in his chest.

He couldn’t love this man any more or else his heart would be burst.

Tony trusted him and loved him, no matter what he was or what he did.

Tony trusted him.

And he couldn’t even protect him.

That was when Steve came to a realization.

Tony wouldn’t have been in this mess if he had never met Steve.

Steve was a threat to the only man he truly loved.

For everyone who asked me to keep them up to date because I watch the 100: The Clarke/Lexa kiss on the CW show the 100 was the real deal. It was not a dream/hallucination scene. Lexa kissed Clarke, Clarke kissed Lexa back. 

When Clarke eventually pulled out of the kiss, she told Lexa that she was sorry, but that she wasn’t ready to be with anyone right now. (If you don’t watch the show, Clarke was in a relationship, but the guy has recently died, which is why she isn’t emotionally ready at all to be in a relationship with anyone at the moment.) 

But long story short: Clarke, female, and badass lead character on a CW show (previously known to date a guy), kissed a girl and liked it, and is 99% sure bisexual. Which means that this shit is allowed on the CW. And the world is still turning. No one got hurt.

SPN writers take notes. It’s not that scary, even on the CW. It seems it’s all in the hands of the writers. 

Jason Rothenberg I salute you. No matter what happens to your show from here on, you were the best of those sons of bitches. 

(And to make it official, tweet from Jason during the show)

Life it seems will fade away

So, I was hanging out on @tophatlass ‘s blog and saw some fun discussion about what would happen if Jack got infected by the nanobots that made Gabe into Reaper. Well I think it’s nanobots at least. And that’s what a lot of other people seem to think as well. Anywho, feeling the potential pain, I whipped up this nice little one shot. 

Title comes from the song Fade to Black by Metallica. The song kinda fits the fic actually. Didn’t intend for that but okay.

Warnings for some blood and a bit of gore, body horror and a decent amount of swearing. Gabe also kinda has an emotional break down.

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Bb Happy early thanksgiving! Umm TBS Ciel surprising TBS Sebastian with Thanksgiving dinner made by him and lil baby Angel Alois? HEHEH

I thought about this but all that came to mind was Ciel and Sebastian hosting Thanksgiving at their place (having loads of food ordered from different restaurants) and Alois is super late and Sebastian is kind of pacing around looking at the clock concerned and Ciel is stuffing his face at the table like a cow and goes ‘no dude don’t worry he texted me an hour ago he probably just stopped to get some booze’ and then all of a sudden this crack of thunder explodes from above and this enormous storm starts gushing rain like crazy and sebastian only gets more worried and he starts to stress and grow nervous when they suddenly hear a weak knock at the door - and in enters our little soaked angel the one and only Alois Trancy:

“S-sebastian…” Quivering and red were the lips of a freezing-cold Alois as he stood at the entrance to the home, pale blue eyes rolling all the way up the fine form of the man who greeted him.

“What the fuck come here!” Sebastian grabbed the tiny waist with a single swipe of his arm, yanking the blond forward out of the rain and into his arms instead.

The door slammed shut and frozen cheeks blushed right up, that enormous hand smothering his lower back as he was sternly spoken to.

“Ciel and I have been worried sick about you what the hell happened to you?! Here. Fuck you’re soaked.” Sebastian released his grip on the waist and removed the fine coat he wore, immediately draping it over those tiny shoulders and wrapping it tight around his frame.

Alois licked his fresh lips and released a soft breath, eyes magnetizing towards the man who was now only dressed in a fitted black dress shirt and looking like quite the prince charming.

“Th-thank you…”

“Come on, let’s dry your hair.” Sebastian grabbed the blond’s dainty hand and gave it a squeeze when he felt the ice-cold digits, pulling the male with a soft tug as they walked towards the kitchen.

Ciel had a fistful of fried chicken in one hand and a bucket of mashed potatoes in the other, jerking his head up and watching the two as he chewed his savory chunks of food.

They looked good together.

With a hard swallow Ciel stared, his only eye locked on to his man and his baby lamb standing nice and close, too close, too comfortable, the blond’s slinky body way too tiny to be standing next to the brute who towered over him.

‘Son of a bitch’ Ciel whispered under his breath and put his food down the show was just that good, lifting his chin when Sebastian started to gently caress those golden locks with a towel before turning to look right at him.

“Well? Aren’t you going to say anything?! Your best friend just came in shivering and drenched and you’re just going to sit there and eat?!”

Ciel stared at the pink of Alois’ cheeks and knew all too well how he was crushing on his man at that very second, the blond quickly averting his gaze in shame when he realized he had been discovered.

“You missed a spot, baby.” Ciel smiled and motioned for Sebastian to continue with the flick of his wrist, leaning back and crossing his legs like a son of a bitch. “Make sure you get every last drop on that puppy.”

Sebastian glared and looked down to an embarrassed Alois, softening his expression in apology.

“He’s upset because I made him wait to eat, ignore it. Are you okay? Do you want to borrow a shirt?”

“N-no I’m okay, um, I’m sorry about this.” That voice was soft and fragile and sickly-sweet, and it only riled up the one audience member who kept diligent watch over the two.

“He said he’s SORRY. Sorry, pft. Sorry for what - undressing my man with those baby-blue eyes maybe!”

“What, no!” Alois jerked his head towards Ciel and cried out his lie. “I would never!”

“Liar! You’re practically grinding on his dick you’re standing so close!”


“Ohhh so now all of a sudden suddenly I need to be your fucking little slave I don’t THINK so! I waited a whole ten minutes before eating for you and you were late because of what the ‘worst storm of the century’ oooo! BIG DEAL. I HAVE WORSE PROBLEMS!”

“Like WHAT fitting your fat ass into your jeans?!”

“OH HELL NO!” Ciel nearly scaled that dining table, jumping over it like a psychopath and screaming, arms flailing in the air as he ran straight towards Alois.

Sebastian got in front of the blond and Ciel ran into the brick wall that was his boyfriend, the man grabbing him by the waist and not letting him get anywhere near the other.

“Can you calm the fuck down-”


Alois rolled his pretty eyes and crossed his arms under the borrowed coat, knocking a svelte hip to the side as he stood with sudden attitude.

“Perfectly ill-fitting-”


“Ciel, stop!” Sebastian jerked his head to the side as hands started to flail all over the place, Ciel an uncontrollable little punk as his boots squeaked all over the floor in shock and awe.


Alois snarled in disgust and walked up towards Sebastian, placing a soft hand between the man’s broad shoulders knowing he’d be safe.

“Too bad your boyfriend is protecting me, so good luck laying a hand anywhere near my ass you fucking…you…you…”


“Alois don’t do it.” Sebastian sighed.

“You. Unfashionable. Pig.”



“Great. Thanks.” Sebastian said that to himself as the two males sandwiched the man and started slap-fighting and insulting and screaming at one another, the tall hunk of meat between the two being jerked forward and back by their actions.

“Just like last year. And the year before that. Five years, has it been five years you two have fought like this every Thanksgiving? I think it’s been five…” Sebastian looked off into the distance to try and tune the two out as he didn’t know which to protect anymore, and in a way he felt right at home. Especially when Ciel accidentally slapped him right in the face.

“Six…six years of this…”


Happy Thanksgiving kids!



they’re angels. i’m a demon. they’re not gonna care if I’m being helpful. they smite first, and then they ask questions later. i’ve never met one, and i don’t really want to. all i know is that they scare the holy hell out of me. watch yourself, sam.