the best movie in the whole entire world

Imagine ... Your Best Friend Paul Imprints On You But Doesn't Tell You Because You already Have A Boyfriend

Danny, how do I even begin to describe him …

he’s independent and willful; he does what he wants when he wants; he doesn’t follow trends, they follow him; he often looks scruffy, but hip; he’s not looking for trouble, but there’s a sense of danger about him.

Then there’s my best friend in the whole entire world, Paul …

He’s the person who makes you smile, laugh and be yourself around the most, he treats me like family and is really proud of me no matter what I do, he texts me in the morning and at night just to check I’m alright . We watch movies together whilst eating loads of junk food, then we talk about everything and anything for hours on end, I could trust him with anything.

There was never anything romantic between me and Paul, that is until a few weeks ago. I felt really bad doing this to Danny but then yesterday I found him making out with Lindy Martin behind the bike shed, Paul didn’t know about this yet but all I wanted to do was tell him. For the past few weeks all I have been thinking about is Paul but then I realised, there’s a risk in falling for your best friend.

He’s always there for me, always reliable. We tell each other everything from our relationships to family problems to stress from school. We are always seen together. I mean that’s what best friends are for right? I’m comfortable with him, trust him, love him. maybe even die for him.

Once you fall for your best friend, there’s no telling what could happen. What if he feels the same? Then, there’s always the danger of breaking up and ruining the friendship. What if he doesn’t feel the same? There’s the danger of having the awkwardness between us. I’d lose my best friend either way … That’s why I’m scared of getting attached to him.

Obviously I hadn’t told Danny about this, in fact I haven’t told anyone about this. I’d usually tell Paul but that was out of the question. Paul had been acting strangely lately, he hadn’t been at school for the past week and whenever I tried to go round and see him he would always be out. I was worried, worried I might be losing my best friend. I needed to talk to someone, find out what was going on. I’d have to go and talk to Jacob he was the only one who knew Paul like I did, I’d go tomorrow.




Today was the day, I was going to talk to Jacob about Paul. Luckily - unlike Paul - Jacob was at home today and he welcomed me in to his homely little house with open arms. Billy was at Charlie’s today, probably watching a game, this made it much easier to talk to Jacob

“Y/N, I haven’t seen you in ages! What’s up? Is everything okay? Talked to Paul lately?” although Jake was always over enthusiastic whenever he talked to anyone, today he seemed different his jolliness had a nervous edge to it, like he was trying to hide something. Also, why did he bring up Paul? It was as if he knew Paul was the reason I’d come and seen him.

“Actually that’s why I’m here. I haven’t talked to or seen Paul lately, it’s really worrying me, you haven’t heard from him have you?”

“Ugh … No … I haven’t seen or talked to him … maybe you should go check his house again,” Jake was lying, I knew that even before he’d started speaking. Whenever Jake lied he rubbed the back of his neck nervously with his right hand, also he’d made a very obvious mistake which I think he just figured out he had made.

“What do you mean ‘check his house again’? I never told you I was going to see if he was home everyday” I was beginning to get angry, why was Jake keeping Paul from me and worst of all why was he lying about where Paul was?

“I never said that, what … what are you talking about?” That was the last straw not only was Jake lying to me but he was trying to make out like I was hearing things as well.

“JAKE! I need to know where Paul is, okay! There is something really important I need to tell him and I swear if you try and get in my way I will personally rip your head off…” Jake was sniggering at me and smiling, why was he smiling? Did he think this was funny? Maybe he thought the idea of me ripping his head off was a joke, but believe me it was no joke. Tears were welling up in my eyes and after about 5 seconds they were rolling carelessly down my cheeks. Jake suddenly stopped laughing and was staring at me, a sorry look in his eyes, he was about to speak but I had something to say to him first.

“You know what … Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored, you could tell them things and they won’t judge you. This person is your soul mate, your best friend, that person is Paul and I will never let him go, Never!” I was bumbling like a baby by now and I could imagine how puffy my eyes must look but I didn’t care. Out of nowhere Jake had scooped me up in his arms and was holding me close, then he whispered in my ear something that made my day,

“He loves you too” I couldn’t believe my ears he actually loved me. The rest of that night Jake told me about the pack and about how members of the pack could imprint on someone, he told me that they couldn’t live without each other and that we were destined to be together. Jake also told me that Paul was coming round his in the morning and that I could stay with him until Paul turned up, I was so excited and had so many questions that I stayed up all night talking to Jake about the pack, I couldn’t wait till morning, I’d get to tell Paul I feel the same way and that I love him, I really do love him …

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I thought Claire’s role in Jurassic World was great. She stood her ground the whole movie, SAVED the fucking hero, got the hero kiss and basically almost sacrificed herself to a T. rex to save everybody else. I loved her character. She was the hero of the movie imo. Not Chris Pratt’s character. It pissed me off that the entire movie kept pushing that I should hate or dislike her but she was just a woman doing her job and trying her best. She was bad ass.


There was an amusement park dedicated to fandoms? Like there would be a prize machine filled with merch, books, and movies. There would be temporary tattoo/drawing stands and gift shops filled with clothes so that you could be your favorite characters. Better yet, there would be an indoor roller coaster where they would play scenes/songs from the movie. There could even be multiple fandoms in ONE amusement park. There would be TMR, THG, PJO, HP, Divergent etc. in different sections. There would be specific games, slang, and sayings for that particular fandom. So if you walked around the entire amusement park, you would be transported into a whole different world. But best of all, the actors, actresses, directors, and writers would stop by every now and then. There would be no need to escape reality because the fictional worlds would already be IN reality.