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Last night i watched the last movie of director So Yong Kim, Lovesong (2016),  with Jena Malone and Riley Keough. 

By the end of the movie i was so touched in the most heartbreaking, but also, the most beautiful way. I had butterflys feeling how real the movie felt. The young love. The soulmate love. That ‘I will love you forever’ love. 

This is a story of falling for your best friend, but more, is a story of two people that love each other so much and should be together, but for some reason the time never felts right. 

Sara and Mindy prove the whole history that even not having the time in their favor, their amazing and unique connection ang their genuine romantic intimacy would only grow more and more, same as that kind of electricity that you only have with one person in the entire world and nobody else. 

It could have pass 100 years, their feelings would still be there, and it would feel like they never left each other in the first place.

Why this movie felt so real you ask? Because we all have that unfinished love story. A love that it wasn’t fully lived and at the same time, will always be in our lives, not matter what.

It’s is painful and heartbraking, but you know what ? It’s also one of the most romantic things you could ask for. It’s a love of a lifetime.

The fact that they declare their love for each other in the end but still did what they thought was the right thing at that time is so real, that it hurts. Also, it reminds me of something: “If you love someone tell them right then and there. Otherwise the time will pass on and time is a powerful force that can heal, but also can close doors”. 

But you know what?

In this case tho, if there was one thing that we could’ve been sure of is that Sara and Mindy ‘s doors will be always open for each other.

Things I love about the lego batman movie(beware spoilers)

“What’s the password” IRON MAN SUUUUCKS
The rick roll omg
The whole iPhone/Siri thing was absolute genius I love it
and I swear the entire time they were joking about batman/joker
The fourth wall is dead several billion times over I love it.
Batman didn’t actually end up with Barbara and I appreciate that
Sauron lmao

But the best, most understated thing that I absolutely did not expect? Robin said, several times, that he had two dads. And loved it. And no one cared. you go, Lego, you go.

Goodbye Kisses pt 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 3.5 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 (final)

Jin x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You thought that nothing could ever make you doubt him again…you were wrong

Word Count: 1884

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An awkward silence befell the room as Jin and Yoo Bin stared at each other,

“Bin-ah? You work here?” A smile grew on his face as well as on Yoo Bin’s. She approached you so that she could take your blood pressure,

“Yeah, I do. Remember, I told you I was a nurse.”

“Wah, I didn’t know you meant at this hospital, though.” Jin seemed to be happily surprised.

“Are you two friends?” She sat on the bed and took one of your arms, and placed the cuff around it,

“Ah, this is Y/N, my girlfriend. She’s the one who decided to jaywalk in the middle of the street, aish my jagi is silly isn’t she?” Jin patted your head,

“Oh…really?” Yoo Bin was still smiling, but you could see a bit of disappointment in her expression, “Wow, such a small world…who knew I’d be the one caring for your girlfriend?”

“Uh…do you two know each other?” You were perplexed,

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Under the Sea

Summary: The Avengers take a trip to the zoo. Bucky teaches the reader Russian words for the animals.

Follow-up to “Kiss the Girl.”
Catch up here.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2088

A/N: here’s hoping this makes up for all the damage done by Lost and Found ;)

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“Don’t say it.”

“Hey, Wilson…”

“Barnes, I swear to God.”

You giggled, hiding behind the palm of your hand while the two men bickered. Sam’s eyes narrowed into a mistrustful glare, knowing full well what Bucky’s teasing was leading to. You tugged your hand out of Bucky’s, yanking the sleeves of your sweater over your hands as you near the edge of the wooden bridge, looking over the side into the water. The cool autumn sun made the surface shine, drawing the attention of the hundred or so birds flying around you. Bucky didn’t react to your withdrawal, shoving his hands deep in his pockets while he continued walking the length of the bridge with Sam.

“I didn’t know you were having a family reunion,” Bucky snickered. You didn’t have to look at them to know Sam had flipped him off and shot him the side-eye.

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A whole new world.


So yes, this is a Yousana fic based on the Disney movie Aladdin. This fic was asked by @mrspaaadfoots whose gifsets comparing Yousana with Jasmine and Aladdin are the best thing ever!!

This fic is entirely based on the movie so there are some things that I wanted to tell you about it.

-There are lots of references to the movie, scenes and quotes taken right from the movie (like “do you trust me?” “ain’t never had a friend like me” “….sounds strange don’t you think?” and basically the whole last scene) If you don’t understand something, like for example the first parragraph, maybe you should rewatch/watch the movie, believe me, I didn’t remember half of the things hahah

-The fic is based on the movie so some characters may seem a little bit out of character, especially Sana’s father. I know that he would never act like he does in the beginning but in the movie, Jasmine’s father pressures her to marry a prince and only a prince. So the closest thing I could find for this fic was Sana’s father wanting her to be with a muslim guy. I really hope that no one feels annoyed or upset about this, again, I’m just following the movie.

-I’m sorry if the ending is rushed up and messy, but honestly, the ending of the movie is kind of like that.

-I’ve erased Jafar’s character from the fic because I didn’t want to make the fic too long and I didn’t think he was necessary. Also just in case it isn’t clear, Elias is the Genie hahah

Well I think that’s it, again I really hope no one gets upset by this, I’m just following the movie. I’ve rewatched it and taken notes to be as fair to the movie as possible. 

ALSO I put a “keep reading” since the fic is so long. I hope it works, especially on phones, in case it doesn’t you can also find it here

I really hope you like it!!


Welcome to Oslo, a city in the south of Norway. It’s actually its main city. Here a lot of families leave and … wait wait wait, don’t go, I have interesting stories to tell. Like that one about that cute blonde girl that met a cute blond boy and…okay, fine, that’s not the story you want to hear right? You’re here for the good stuff. Fine, I’ll give it to you. This story begins with a family, the Bakkoush family, or more specifically, with a girl…Sana.

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Gtop fic rec list!

Here’s the link to my fic rec page but just in case you can’t wait that long~

(I’m still working on updating it so check back in!)


I’ve Felt and I’ve Been by Autotunedd

Summary: Seunghyun disappears and Jiyong finds himself in a hard place when he returns.

Seasonal Tetrology by TheNightshadeDeluxe

Summary: Four seasons, four different ways with GTOP.

It’s No Good by HaloHalo

Summary: 2014. Jiyong and Seunghyun break up. This is what happens next.

Inspired by the lyrics from If You.

The Shadows And The Bright Spaces by I_Feel_Electric

Summary: Seunghyun and Jiyong have never been easy, but they have always made sense. Even when they fall apart and have to pick up the pieces again.

In Seongdong by Mina

Summary: A collection of GTOP moments from Seunghyun’s perspective. Set in a slightly alternate universe in which Seunghyun drives and Jiyong lives alone.

July 1 by Mina

Summary: Basically just the next phone conversation Jiyong and Seunghyun have after the one during the starcast countdown .

Hands by Mina

Summary: Seunghyun has a scar. Jiyong has a tattoo. Debut era to 2013, canon-ish.

Cigarette Burns by Ruinwyn

Summary: Jiyong grows up and falls in love and gets his heart broken along the way.

Acquiescence by OonaKwon

Summary: ACQUIESCE [verb]to assent tacitly; submit or comply silently or without protest; agree; consent. Etymology: from Latin acquiescere, from ad-, “to, at” + quiescere, “to rest”. Sometimes, there’s no point it reeling against your fate, of fighting it. Sometime, you have to acquiesce, you have to accept it. Without protest. You have to consent to it, or you’ll be swept away. You’ll drown in the undertow of life. Sometimes, you just have to breathe in, breathe out, and be. future!canon fic set in the years after the MADE tour ends.

Snippits by bigbxng

Summary: Collection of short stories of Gtop’s lives

The Rise and Fall by Ruiwyn

Summary: Seunghyun is able to see into the future, to see the outcome of the path he travels.  That path may or may not lead to Jiyong.  Canon.

Turn All Your Winters Into Spring by Ruiwyn

Summary: In another life, I would’ve loved you.  I would’ve loved you with everything I had. Too bad that was how Jiyong felt about Seunghyun in this life. All the little moments, spanning from then until now, connecting to bring us here.

Slow Burn by GDonTOP

Summary: Jiyong has always found Seunghyun attractive. It’s never been a problem… until now. A year in the lives of G-Dragon & TOP, beginning in October 2010.

The Way You Lie by Autotunedd

Summary: Jiyong and Seunghyun come together, slowly & with drama.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 1 by  GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: Ji’s been dancing around his feelings for his hyung for a while now. So of course, text messages are the best way to let him know.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 2 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: The boys have been together for a few months now, but Hyunnie’s filming has kept them apart. They find creative ways to stay ‘connected’.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 3 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: Just a brief conversation between two overworked boys in love.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 4 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary: The boys are in Japan, finally back together after a long separation, but there’s still something keeping them apart: a hotel wall.

Hyunnie & Jiyongie: Vol 5 by GDonTOP and I_Feel_Electric

Summary:  The boys are back in town. Ji’s a little jealous of a certain director; Seunghyun wants to remind him why he shouldn’t be.

China by Ontheskyidance

Summary: Jiyong loves going to China, and that’s not only because the country is nice. He thinks his relations with Seunghyun are even nicer when they’re there.

Third Wheels by Ruiwyn

Summary: Jiyong and Seunghyun, seen through various eyes.


Memories by LadyinTime

Summary: “T.O.P. A name they called him, a name he had no connection to. When he had first learned that it was what he went by he didn’t believe them. He didn’t understand why he would use a stage name instead of his own, a name his mother gave him. T.O.P was the name of their friend, their companion. Seunghyun wasn’t that friend anymore.”

Your Hand In Mine by Whetstone

Summary: Seunghyun loses his memory.

Tabula Rasa by Ruiwyn

Summary: Seunghyun wakes up after a car accident thinking it’s 2011, that he and Jiyong are still together and happy and in love.  And Jiyong, burnt and jaded, has no idea what he’s supposed to do with that.


A New Beginning by Kataras

Summary: Short drabble about life after marriage, immediate paternal instincts and Jiyong having to look at Seunghyun not just as a boyfriend, but husband, father to their child and patriarch of the family they’ve built together.

Ninety Eight and Three Quarters Percent Guaranteed by Crankypanda

Summary: he story of how GD, T.O.P, and their daughter become the newest family on Superman is Back.

Minor Adjustments by Crankypanda

Summary: Brief glimpses into the lives of GD, T.O.P, and their daughter over the years.

The Best Special Ramyun Ever In The Whole Wide World by Crankypanda

Summary: The continuing adventures of GD, T.O.P, and their daughter. (Or, aging is a bitch.)

Snippits by bigbxng

Summary: Collection of short stories of Gtop’s lives

Just Stay With Me by Jibelle

Summary: GTOP drabbles


Unconventional Ways to Fall in Love by NaddieSuu

Summary: This is an interpretation of the movie Pretty Woman.

Anomie by OonaKwon

Summary: It was just suppose to be a dare. Not a big deal. Call the number, talk to the guy, laugh. What Seunghyun didn’t expect was for one conversation with a phone-sex operator to change his entire life.


Nothing New Is Sweeter Than You by Fivespice

Summary: Canon with alpha/omega bits. Seunghyun honestly can’t believe it’s possible to love another human being as much as he loves Kwon Jiyong. Every damn thing Jiyong does turns him on, from the caulculated pout on his lips to that harsh whimper he makes when Seunghyun fingers him. So when Jiyong, who’s been suppressing his omega nature his entire life, asks Seunghyun to spend his first-ever heat with him, Seunghyun agrees. Sure, neither one of them know what the hell they’re doing…but it’s them, it’s Seunghyun and Jiyong, and they’ve never been anything but brilliant together, so in the end, it turns out beautiful anyway. Established relationship, slice of life, truly satanic amounts of coziness/fluff, and lots and LOTS of smut. Emphatically not mpreg, keepin’ it as realistic as omega!fic gets.

Re:Make by Queen-Jionce

Summary: When rationalism, feelings and instincts mix up, sorting them out migh be very difficult.


Won’t Want to Get Off by Absoltutebrightness

Summary: Jiyong is someone who knows how to ride. shameless PWP, slight d/s dymanic but nothing major

You Love When I Fall Apart by Absoltutebrightness

Summary: Jiyong just wants to come, and Seunghyun just has to go and make everything difficult (and possibly much, much better).

The Choker by Kwon-jyong (Jiyongoppar)

Summary: Jiyong decides to make use of suggestive accessories in order to get Seunghyun’s attention. It works much better than he ever anticipated.

Surrender by Ruinwyn

Summary: “I wish my boyfriend was as dirty as your policies.” Seunghyun attempts to fulfill that wish.

Caged by Ruinwyn

Summary: Sometimes the closet feels more like a cage. (part 2 of the Surrender series)

This Is Definitely Fine by Autotunedd

Summary: Jiyong badgers Seunghyun into letting him top again. It doesn’t go as planned.

Cinderella by Ruinwyn

Summary: Jiyong loves high heels, molly, and Seunghyun.  But mostly just Seunghyun.

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I have seen (read) a lot of your tomco fics that it's Tom in a depressed state but what about Marco. I have seen a few that you have done when Marco is stressed and Tom is helping him. But after the season two finale when Star goes home. We know Marco and Star had the Summer planed. So what happens if Marco think its him. Star never told Marco Toffee is back so what if he thinks Star left because of him and it's Tom that has to show Marco there is nothing wrong with him. Love your work btw.

Of course I can write that!!!! and thanks so much for the compliment it made my day! I hope you enjoy the story! This is sort of different than what happened in the show, because in this fic Tom and Marco are dating. I hope you enjoy! I had a really fun time writing it!

Sorry if I got sort of philosophical, I’ve been feeling a ot of things lately. Not all bad! Just a lot of thoughts and stuff.

“Star…” Marco looked at the now empty room and slid down to the floor. She was gone. His best friend in the whole world was gone. The girl he played video games with. The girl he made nachos with. The girl he watched movies with. Half of his entire world was gone. Marco felt tears well up in his eyes. “This is all my fault…” He whispered. He turned and ran out of the room, past the kids at the party and out the front door. He heard his friends calling him but he ignored them as he darted off down the street.

Finally Marco made it to the brick wall by the back of the school and slid down to the floor once again. “Star… why did you have to go?” Marco whispered. “I… you’re my family, Star. I love you and you didn’t even tell me why you left.” He began to cry again. “I’m why she left… it’s all my fault…” He repeated.

“I thought I might find you here.” A voice broke through Marco;s crying and he looked up to see Tom standing over him.

“How did you know I was here?” Marco asked, wiping away more tears. Tom smirked a bit and had a light blush on his face.

“You always come here. I should know.” Tom began. “We had our first kiss here, remember?” Tom asked. “It was similar to this, you were crying about a kid being mean to you at school, and I came to try and get Star.” He recalled the story. “Then I saw you and thought I’d make fun of you because I;m a jerk… but I felt bad for you and then you kissed me.” Tom grinned. This got a rise out of Marco.

“No! YOU kissed ME!” He corrected. Tom snickered.

“Bottom line is, we kissed.” Tom explained. He then diverted his attention to Marco’s tears. “You were crying just like now.” Tom’s smile faded. He had his head tilted and was trying to make sense of Marco’s face. “I can see you’re sad but… I don’t understand the guilt.” Tom spoke.

“It’s my fault Star left.” Marco mumbled into his sleeve, more tears pooling down. “My best friend in the whole wide world left because of me!” He began sobbing. Marco felt two arms wrap around him and Tom pulled him into a hug.

“What makes you think that?” He asked gently.

“It’s obvious!” Marco cried, pulling himself from Tom’s embrace. Marco got up and paced back and forth, still crying. “I totally ignored her feelings!” Marco kicked the brick wall.

“Yeah… I sort of missed that part.” Tom admitted, rubbing the back of his head. “What happened exactly?” He asked. Marco sighed and sat down across from his demon.

“She said she had to go back to Mewni and left… that was pretty much it.” He started. “But before she left she told Janna she had a crush on her.” Marco looked up. Tom nodded, trying to make sense of all this.

“So how is it your fault for ignoring her feelings?” Tom asked.

“Because! Star has always been a great friend!” Marco cried. “She always helped me with my crush on Jackie, and then with my crush on you! She was always there to make sure I got the romance I wanted… cause I’m the type of person who really wants that!” Marco continued. “But I wasn’t there for her. I didn’t help her get her girl, I didn’t listen to her when she was sad thinking Janna didn’t like her back… I didn’t even notice.” Marco sighed.

“Well of course you didn’t… she kept it hidden.” Tom added. “Janna didn’t even know.” He reminded. Marco wiped away a tear.

“It’s not all Janna!” He fell back. “When she had her crush on Oskar… I did the same thing. I ignored it and rolled my eyes at her.” Marco recalled. “I should have helped her flirt with him! And-and… do all the things she did for me.” He sighed. Now Tom was cutting in.

“Okay, you didn’t support her crush on Oskar because Oskar is a high school dropout going nowhere.” Tom explained. “Don’t get me wrong, I think school is dumb and there are a million valid reasons to drop out. Mental illness, family issues, pursuing your real passion and stuff.” Tom listed reasons. “But he was being dumb, living in his car to write music. If you do that you need to have a plan and be ready for junk. You taught me that.” Tom smiled. “You knew Star could do better, so you let your overprotective, mama bear side show. You want the best for her. Because you’re a good friend.” Tom assured.

“I don’t feel like a good friend.” Marco sniffed. “I should have supported Star’s crush, not tried to control her… I was so terrible.” He sighed. Tom shrugged.

“You weren’t SO terrible… just enough to show you care.” Tom assured. “That’s what you do when you care… you act terrible.” He blabbered.

“You’re making no sense.” Marco sighed. Tom bit his lip.

“Okay… I love you. I care about you. So the day after I saw you cry because that kid was mean to you… I followed him home and beat him up. I broke his leg.” Tom admitted. Marco’s head shot up and he gasped.

“Tom! That’s terrible!” Marco yelled at him. Tom smirked.

“Yeah it is. Because that’s how much I care.” He spoke. Marco was about to continue yelling at the demon but he stopped to think. “You can be judgy sometimes, but that’s because you know we can do better. And sometimes you aren’t so supportive of choices, because you know we can be smarter. And sometimes you aren’t there to lean on, because you know we can be stronger.” Tom went on. “And even if those things can be frustrating… if you didn’t do them… your love wouldn’t be so evident.” Tom explained.

Marco held still for a long time. “But… I want to be your support! I want to be there for you to lean on!” Marco cried.

“And you are!” Tom assured. “For things we actually need you for! But if you were there for every little thing… then we can’t grow as individuals. People are more than a relationship with another person. You need to flourish on your own before you can flourish with another person… at least if you want that relationship to be healthy and all.” Tom explained. He then got up and dusted himself off. He reached his hand down. “Now come on, we got a lot of work to do.” He told Marco.

“Where are we going?” Marco asked.

“To go find our friend.”

Too Far

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This is for @whispersandwhiskerburn​ ‘We’ve Got A Fic For That-Angel’s 750 Follower Celebration Challenge’. I got the prompt ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’-Harry Potter.

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, Cas, OC MJ

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Angst, dumb ass Dean, insecure reader, fluff with child, broken relationships?? 

Word Count: 1671

Summary: Dean knows he’s messed up. He took things too far this time. Can he fix it?

A/N: Second fic for this challenge. Thank u for letting me join this. I appreciate it. The MJ stands for Michael John, cos u know, Michael and John are my hotties. Hope u like it!!

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Words Hurt Masterlist

It was late. 

They’d all just got back from a hunt.

Y/n had a few scratches here and there, Dean had a cut, and Sam had a large gash across his chest.

It wasn’t anything to serious. 

Nothing Cas couldn’t heal. But y/n knew Dean was pissed.

The werewolf was aiming right for Dean and y/n jumped in the way.

Of course, it wasn’t too deep and he got up right away, shooting the thing between the eyes, but he knew Dean was going to overreact.

So he just walked away, not wanting to hear Dean’s shit right now and instead looking forward to spending some time with his son.

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Imagine ... Your Best Friend Paul Imprints On You But Doesn't Tell You Because You already Have A Boyfriend

Danny, how do I even begin to describe him …

he’s independent and willful; he does what he wants when he wants; he doesn’t follow trends, they follow him; he often looks scruffy, but hip; he’s not looking for trouble, but there’s a sense of danger about him.

Then there’s my best friend in the whole entire world, Paul …

He’s the person who makes you smile, laugh and be yourself around the most, he treats me like family and is really proud of me no matter what I do, he texts me in the morning and at night just to check I’m alright . We watch movies together whilst eating loads of junk food, then we talk about everything and anything for hours on end, I could trust him with anything.

There was never anything romantic between me and Paul, that is until a few weeks ago. I felt really bad doing this to Danny but then yesterday I found him making out with Lindy Martin behind the bike shed, Paul didn’t know about this yet but all I wanted to do was tell him. For the past few weeks all I have been thinking about is Paul but then I realised, there’s a risk in falling for your best friend.

He’s always there for me, always reliable. We tell each other everything from our relationships to family problems to stress from school. We are always seen together. I mean that’s what best friends are for right? I’m comfortable with him, trust him, love him. maybe even die for him.

Once you fall for your best friend, there’s no telling what could happen. What if he feels the same? Then, there’s always the danger of breaking up and ruining the friendship. What if he doesn’t feel the same? There’s the danger of having the awkwardness between us. I’d lose my best friend either way … That’s why I’m scared of getting attached to him.

Obviously I hadn’t told Danny about this, in fact I haven’t told anyone about this. I’d usually tell Paul but that was out of the question. Paul had been acting strangely lately, he hadn’t been at school for the past week and whenever I tried to go round and see him he would always be out. I was worried, worried I might be losing my best friend. I needed to talk to someone, find out what was going on. I’d have to go and talk to Jacob he was the only one who knew Paul like I did, I’d go tomorrow.




Today was the day, I was going to talk to Jacob about Paul. Luckily - unlike Paul - Jacob was at home today and he welcomed me in to his homely little house with open arms. Billy was at Charlie’s today, probably watching a game, this made it much easier to talk to Jacob

“Y/N, I haven’t seen you in ages! What’s up? Is everything okay? Talked to Paul lately?” although Jake was always over enthusiastic whenever he talked to anyone, today he seemed different his jolliness had a nervous edge to it, like he was trying to hide something. Also, why did he bring up Paul? It was as if he knew Paul was the reason I’d come and seen him.

“Actually that’s why I’m here. I haven’t talked to or seen Paul lately, it’s really worrying me, you haven’t heard from him have you?”

“Ugh … No … I haven’t seen or talked to him … maybe you should go check his house again,” Jake was lying, I knew that even before he’d started speaking. Whenever Jake lied he rubbed the back of his neck nervously with his right hand, also he’d made a very obvious mistake which I think he just figured out he had made.

“What do you mean ‘check his house again’? I never told you I was going to see if he was home everyday” I was beginning to get angry, why was Jake keeping Paul from me and worst of all why was he lying about where Paul was?

“I never said that, what … what are you talking about?” That was the last straw not only was Jake lying to me but he was trying to make out like I was hearing things as well.

“JAKE! I need to know where Paul is, okay! There is something really important I need to tell him and I swear if you try and get in my way I will personally rip your head off…” Jake was sniggering at me and smiling, why was he smiling? Did he think this was funny? Maybe he thought the idea of me ripping his head off was a joke, but believe me it was no joke. Tears were welling up in my eyes and after about 5 seconds they were rolling carelessly down my cheeks. Jake suddenly stopped laughing and was staring at me, a sorry look in his eyes, he was about to speak but I had something to say to him first.

“You know what … Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other. You could talk to this person for hours and never get bored, you could tell them things and they won’t judge you. This person is your soul mate, your best friend, that person is Paul and I will never let him go, Never!” I was bumbling like a baby by now and I could imagine how puffy my eyes must look but I didn’t care. Out of nowhere Jake had scooped me up in his arms and was holding me close, then he whispered in my ear something that made my day,

“He loves you too” I couldn’t believe my ears he actually loved me. The rest of that night Jake told me about the pack and about how members of the pack could imprint on someone, he told me that they couldn’t live without each other and that we were destined to be together. Jake also told me that Paul was coming round his in the morning and that I could stay with him until Paul turned up, I was so excited and had so many questions that I stayed up all night talking to Jake about the pack, I couldn’t wait till morning, I’d get to tell Paul I feel the same way and that I love him, I really do love him …

Part Two Coming Soon Guys, Hope You Enjoy This And Don’t Forget To Send In Any Imagines You Have, It Will Be A Privilege To Write Them xx

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Virgo girl teasing scorpio guy until they end up making out???

*laying on the couch*
Virgo: Well that was a good movie, I guess…
Scorpio: It was, but the best thing about this, is that we’re together… *leans forward really flirty*
Virgo: Woah, woah, woah *grins* What you doing there?
Scorpio: Is there a problem?
Virgo: No, there isn’t it’s just…do you love me?
Scorpio: What? *confused*
Virgo: Do you love me?
Scorpio: o-of course I do
Virgo: And, well…do you think I’m the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world?
Scorpio: I do…
Virgo: *secretly enjoying this* and do you think that one d-
Scorpio: *silents her with a kiss*

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1. I am the mother of two of the best cats in the whole world (I’m obsessed with them…).

2. I can knit a mean pair of socks.

3. I have the ability to make an entire bag of gummy bears magically disappear (into my stomach).

4. My fashion sense is on par with Wednesday Addams’ in terms of color palette.

5. I can quote most of Adam Sandler’s early movies with my sister (from another mister)….I will quote the whole courtroom scene from Big Daddy, you just wait.

Lol, I kind of derailed on the the point of this….

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Unspoken Love | Jimin

Word Count: 3.602

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Summary: You fall in love with your best friend who you’ve known for as long as you can remember. As you finally found the courage to tell him, he introduces you to his girlfriend. Will you still tell him?


You were desperately waiting for Jimin to finally arrive. It was settled. You’ve been holding it in for too long. Today was the day you were going to tell him.

You and Jimin had been friends since you were little toddlers running around in his backyard. Your mothers were best friends which probably rubbed off to you. So you were glued together almost every day until you went to High School. From this point on you saw each other less, met new people, had to study more, met your first big love. But you still remained best friends, you only got busier.

However, now that you both got a job, an own apartment and more free time which meant more time for each other. The friendship grew stronger and stronger. At this point Jimin and you were the closest you had ever been. The last three years were spent with having breakfast every Sunday in the small café in the middle of town, family meetings which always included your best friend, going on Holiday together, picking each other up from work and the famous Movie Monday at Jimin’s place with popcorn, ice cream and lots of movies.

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Friends don’t love me like you...

Fic based off of this cover of the song Friends by Ed Sheeran. Rilaya af.

Riley Matthews wandered the nearly empty halls of her high school, trying to find her best friend Maya. It was lunch time, and Farkle would be waiting for them. Heaving a frustrated sigh, she headed toward the art room. She was about to poke her head through the doorway when she heard music coming from further down the hall.

“We just try to keep those secrets in a lie,
And if they find out, will it all go wrong?
And Heaven knows, no one wants it to…”

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anonymous asked:

Your whole tirade on the gta stuff is stupid, like women aren't being babbies by wanting "special treatment" or whatever, it's about how women have a history of violence and oppression against the other half of the population up to today still and so promoting that message is extra harmful and extra fked up

It’s Grand Theft Auto

GTA is parody, controversy, over the top, stereotypes, cheap jokes, extremes, basically turning everything into caricatures, turning what’s popular or happening into blunt satire or playing it for laughs. And GTA is very very blunt. This is what’s to be expected of the GTA experience. Nitpicking what you can and can’t do because it’s not politically correct in a game like that is extremely pointless. 

Just because women have a history of violence doesn’t mean that a game that’s centered around violence towards the whole world, over the top madness and criminal activity, and gunning down hundreds of men to progress a plot should do it’s best not to involve women in any way possible and treat one gender as if they’re a utopia simulator while keeping up the theme for everything else.

It’s stupid to say that in a fictional criminal world like this one gender isn’t on the same level as the other to protect us from a connection to reality with optional behavior. GTA isn’t promoting realism. It’s something else entirely if you go for a movie or story that’s supposed to reflect the real world and influence critical thinking in the player. But in this case where everything and everyone is thrown under the bus in a obviously satirical and over the top world that already has a very solid reputation, in my opinion, it just makes no sense to censor.

I thought Claire’s role in Jurassic World was great. She stood her ground the whole movie, SAVED the fucking hero, got the hero kiss and basically almost sacrificed herself to a T. rex to save everybody else. I loved her character. She was the hero of the movie imo. Not Chris Pratt’s character. It pissed me off that the entire movie kept pushing that I should hate or dislike her but she was just a woman doing her job and trying her best. She was bad ass.

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This

For those of you who don’t know, this article’s title is alluding to a catchy song by 3OH!3 which perfectly aligns with the topic I am writing about and most importantly, what happened to me yesterday. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I did experience my first kiss last night as a fifteen year old girl. It was fun, romantic, and with my best guy friend in the whole entire world. After thinking all night and day about it though, I have discovered for myself-and now am sharing with all of you-a few things I have learned about society’s preconceived notions about your first kiss. 

Number one: 99% of the times it will not be like the movies or the often times more improbable scenes fabricated by your mind. It won’t be picture perfect, there will not be someone there to take a cute polaroid of you two (that would be creepy). The kiss will not necessarily be spectacular. Mine, I will admit, was a clash of lips, teeth, and tongue. It may be sloppy or without rhythm. But just remember, you will have many more chances (and maybe with the same boy!) to try again, again, and again. 

Number two: you will not become another person, and oftentimes will not feel different. I didn’t feel more accomplished, which means there is no need, whatsoever, to restrict yourself to a timeline. Sure your friends may have had their first kiss in middle school, but that doesn’t matter. In the October chapter of Rookie Yearbook One, there is an article by and about a 23-year-old talking about her kissing virginity; look where being without a first kiss got her! The fact that I did not feel different also made me happy, confident, and more independent. It showed me that I really didn’t need a boy to “complete” myself or “fill my other half”. I feel completely in control of my own happiness.

Number three: when it happens just be natural. Let’s be honest, how many of you have practiced making out with the back of your hand or watched youtube videos on “How to Kiss”? It’s something everyone wants to do and plan out perfectly. The truth is, no one can tell you how to kiss because they don’t know what conditions you will be in. They don’t know that your boy/girl is 6 feet tall and you’re only 5 feet tall or that he/she has ADHD or breathes with the help of an oxygen tank (you all know who I’m talking about ;). They don’t know if you’re lying down, sitting up, standing, or riding a roller coaster. Only you will be able to control yourself, but trust me you will be so caught up in the moment all those kissing-tips you read in your magazines will not even run across your mind as he leans in…

Number four: “But Carmel, what about the awkward moment before you kiss what do I do or what do I say?!?!” Well, my best advice is my conclusion Number three: act natural. If you are a naturally awkward person, it will be awkward. If you are a naturally smooth person, it will still be awkward! But those are the moments you will remember the most. The moment you both knew you were about to kiss each other, the awkward silence masking your shared anticipation. Take that awkwardness and embrace it.

That’s about all I can think of. I am, by no means, a master of kissing or anything, I just felt that my first-kiss experience helped me to come to good conclusions I couldn’t resist sharing. If you need any advice you can always contact our advice extension of eddiemag at My advice set aside, I hope you all get/had an amazing, headspinning first kiss (that is, if that’s what you’re searching for). 

- carmel


It’s been a while since I came out of a movie so peacefully floored. To me, that’s the best feeling, to have your entire psyche so shifted by an entertainment experience that the world suddenly seems foreign and distant.

Apparently some with more logic-facing brains did nothing but find issues along the way, but for an INFP dreamer like me it was heaven on celluloid. It felt like a true film’s film. A pure cinema experience, the kind you’d have helping define the word “cinematic.” I mean that both in its presentation and its emotional presence. The whole thing was just beautiful in every sense of the word.

I couldn’t recommend it enough. I guess just watch out if you’re overly critical of logical fallacies..?

I don’t care how many people hate the prequels, they were the movies that really got me into Star Wars. Now, of course I love the originals and think they’re fantastic movies but the prequels showed me the world of Star Wars. The backstory of these characters, their government, how the world became so fucked for the originals, and most importantly, the wonder of imagination. These movies are what showed me that anything is possible. Padme especially showed me how to be brave but kind and gentle. Padme showed me how to be myself. These movies always make me feel better. They show the terrors of war and how it breaks people, while showing strong people trying their best. Star Wars is what made me want to have film production as my major in college. Star Wars helps me when I feel depressed. Star Wars has shaped my entire life. The prequels especially helped and as a kid showed me wonder and were the center of my world. When people bash them to such extremes sometimes I feel like they’re attacking me as a person. The prequels don’t deserve as much hate as they get. Now, are they the best movies ever, no, but they made a whole new generation of kids become Star Wars fans much like the sequels are gonna do now and that in itself is enough to show the prequels aren’t as bad as people say.


There was an amusement park dedicated to fandoms? Like there would be a prize machine filled with merch, books, and movies. There would be temporary tattoo/drawing stands and gift shops filled with clothes so that you could be your favorite characters. Better yet, there would be an indoor roller coaster where they would play scenes/songs from the movie. There could even be multiple fandoms in ONE amusement park. There would be TMR, THG, PJO, HP, Divergent etc. in different sections. There would be specific games, slang, and sayings for that particular fandom. So if you walked around the entire amusement park, you would be transported into a whole different world. But best of all, the actors, actresses, directors, and writers would stop by every now and then. There would be no need to escape reality because the fictional worlds would already be IN reality.