the best moment in my life

happy birthday to the light of my life! the boy who filled my heart with happiness and hope! who changed my world the moment he entered it exactly a year ago today! who gives me a reason to be joyful and to live! the boy who’s smile is contagious, who’s personality is addicting, who’s bravery is inspiring! the boy with the kindest heart and the best intentions!! the one with a good plan, the one who is there for his friends! the boy from cuba, the ambitious boy, the boy who works so hard, the boy who can find humor in anything, the sharpshooter, the boy who is a hero! the blue paladin! Happy Birthday To Lance!!

I always say this but… I am the happiest girl in the world at the moment.

I have the most beautiful friends in the world who deserve nothing but the absolute best in life. Not to mention I have a wonderful boo thang who treats me with respect and has a bright future ahead of him. I’m excited to start classes too and I hope to work hard this upcoming school year as a Freshman in college! I feel as though things are going amazing and I couldn’t be happier. If my loved ones are happy then I’m happy. That’s really all that matters.


Nanbaka Week, Day 2: Favorite Pairing
Seitarou Tanabata x Hajime Sugoroku

I can’t even decide on one way to caption this, so I won’t even try. I might make this a moment in my Nanbaka AU fanfic, though. ;)

This is literally the best thing I’ve ever drawn in my life. Like/reblog if you want me to draw more Seijime fan art.

complicite  asked:

clouds & white sheets ♡

clouds: list your top 5 songs at the moment and how they make you feel.

oh thank you for choosing this one c: here they are:

streets of philadelphia by bruce springsteen - it forces me to turn back the time and go back to my childhood town, and think about how much i’ve changed through the years.

can’t help falling in love by elvis presley - it makes me want to find, you know, the one (although i probably won’t lmao). but it also reminds me of my otp jULES ST CLAIR AND GEM from @simstellation‘s LEGACY 

to all of you by syd matters - oh god, this is probably my favourite. it reminds me of the happiest moments in my life; playing on the playground with my childhood friends, going to the cinema and to the library with my best nerdy friend (who left me a while ago so that’s sad), buying ice cream at my uncle’s shop, texting my internet friends, staying up all night…

ashitaka and san from princess mononoke - this one is so melancholic and smooth and calm and if you know the story of mononoke you just cry your eyes out.

undercover martyn by two door cinema club - this is pure nostalgia. i remember that a few years ago i recorded a dance video to this song with my old friends. it was hilarious, but, you know, i’m kinda ashamed right now :’)

white sheets: where’s somewhere you would love to travel to? why?

i’d love to go on a road trip around the us someday. or maybe just visit a few states, but still - it to be a proper road trip. i know i could die a happy girl if i did this. with a small group of friends, of course!

thank you so, so much for this ask, @complicite. i had such a great time!

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Dear Taylor:

As time goes on I will always think back to that special moment where you found little 19 year old me at the iheart awards. She was still finding her place in the world and you made her SO HAPPY. And you continue to be a huge part of who I am. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for the ways you have changed my life. But I’ll continue to thank you anyways. The best way I can think of thanking you, is trying to be the kind of person and friend you are to everyone.

If you’re lurking to find people to meet this next era…I have a few lovely people I know you would adore. These people are the kind of people that make life a little more brighter and better.
@befearlessandstaybeautiful -Dana 
@longlivethesecuriousminds -Maleigha
@a-place-in-this-swiftie-world -meghan
@letsgetout-ofthistown -Erika
@clearblue–water - Ashley
@heypay -Paige

These are just some of the people I’ve seen grow over these past few years and I love watching their lives blossom. They all are unique in their own way and helping to make life a more beautiful place. 🌼🌼

Xoxo stay beautiful,
Colleen 🌞

do you guys remember that blood moon a few years back?

i was out looking at the sky when it happened, there were two cats in my yard that would NOT come near me and for some reason this old dude in a suit was walking his tiny dog even though it was fucking 12 am and i said hi and he told me to go fuck myself and it was the most surreal moment of my life and i think its why im like this today


folkin’ around // panic! at the disco

my honest-to-god favorite thing about killing time is that kirk was going on and on and on about this wonderful lady, who was beautiful and dressed in silver and whom he compared to the moon, a lady who he had seen in his dreams, and i was like ‘oh geez i’m gonna have to sit though a het love before i get to the gay’ and then it turns out the the ‘she’ was. the fucking enterprise

The Signs and Memory

The Signs and Memory: My opinion on what I’ve noticed from each sign and my ranking. Check Sun, Moon and Mercury.

Scorpio: This sign has the best memory in the zodiac, it’s also one of the main reasons not to piss them off. Scorpios can use their abilities to recall events from decades back. Water signs are highly visual and Scorpios project this when they give you a very detailed description about any moment in their life. It does not matter how trivial the event may have been, it could have been the first time they encountered a favorite book or the time someone looked at them the wrong way. Trust them to paint you a very clear picture with their words, pulling the listener back to the moment that they felt something, whether it be a painful memory or a happy one.

Taurus: Scorpio’s sister sign is in second place. Very much like the Scorpio, you do not want to get on a Taurus’ bad side because they will not forget. These are natural artists and they will draw you a landscape of their memory. You will be lost in their visual process and expression. It may even come across through song or actions, but there will be a dramatic flare in the way they recant their tale. The bull is not afraid to hold on to what ails them and they will have no problem reminding people how they have been hurt.

Cancer: The loving crab might put on the happy persona for those that do not know them, but this is only to keep themselves guarded from being hurt. The shell protects them and it’s in their nature to be highly vigilant and observant because they know that deep inside they are sensitive and they are willing to do anything to preserve their hearts from aches and pain. They will keep a burn book in mind with the times people have let them down or have betrayed them. These people have strong memories, because they will forever be marked if hurt.

Virgo: The master organizer, critical and diligent. Trust this sign to remember every detailed moment in their lives. Their mind works like a library, they are able to pinpoint the exact book they are searching for on an obscure shelf. These are natural librarians and the memories are collectibles, guarded in the realm of their beautiful minds.

Capricorn: Defined by their admirable work ethic, this sign is also blessed with a strong memory. You have to know to be at your “A” game and Capricorn understands this. There memories are like flashcards, they are able to color coordinate and shuffle them in their mind. It is hard for them to miss any details because they are always on watch. Their successes are measured by how much time, how much energy and who has done what to help them thrive. If you’ve been there when they needed you, they will never forget.

Aquarius: The cool Aquarius will give off a blasé vibe about everything but they are always in the know. This is the sign to absorb the energy in every room they’ve been in, the people they meet and the vibe of the times. They won’t ever inform you that they know or remember but they are always aware. The Aquarius mind will travel back in time with pieces of the past, especially when they want to prove a point. Their mind works like a treasure box, filled with guarded heirlooms waiting to be revealed all in time.

Aries: Hot headed and their memories are like blocks of ice. Depending on the intensity, the ice melts to water and evaporates or it will stay frozen in time. Their memories melt away because the Aries normally never takes things to heart unless they have felt wronged. They react to extremely negative and positive things, never an in between. The Aries can become frigid and cold when they have been hurt; she can transform into the ice queen. Their memories will remain in a cold stasis until someone warms their heart up. They will recall a first kiss but will get lost with mundane memories. Those aren’t worth their time, only then extravagant and dramatic can occupy a space in their mind.

Sagittarius: Represented by freedom and being carefree, Sagittarius folks are always in motion. They can recall memories through their current experience. Traveling and hiking down a path from years before can trigger events. They will remember conflicts, but will easily move on from them if they were able to work things through. Not ones to hold grudges, they will easily float about and build on new meaningful memories with the people they love. As long as they are at peace with themselves, they can always go back and indulge in the past.

Leo: The mighty King of the jungle does not have time to focus on minor events in the past. Eternally consumed more with their own well being, it often becomes hard to become interested in things that do not involve them. Unless they had a key moment where they were sorely affected, you won’t get much out of their memory. A clash with a powerful adversary or a victory will remain in their thoughts. They will gladly tell you their hardships and how they have managed to thrive and survive. Much like Aries, the dramatic Leo will need a grandiose event for it to remain imprinted in their mind.

Libra: Life is a party and Libras are prepared. They will generally manipulate memories to favor theirs. Their memories can be considered shallow, lacking any depth. They will not delve deep into what has transpired into the past, just keep hold of the vague idea of an incident. Libras prefer to be stuck in their own lavish fantasy where they are the stars of the show. Injecting dramatic tidbits to make things more exciting.

Pisces: Dreaming is a full time job for Pisces. These people will give you the artistic visions of the Scorpio but with embellished areas. The memory will transform into a tale where the Pisces reigned victorious in a battle even if the memory was a pleasant one without any hardships. Trust them to be animated in their storytelling because they truly believe what they are sharing. The Pisces does not intend to divert from facts, but it’s just more interesting and entertaining to tell a story everyone might enjoy.

Gemini: Highly intelligent but their mind runs a marathon. It is hard for Gemini to recall events but they can tell you historical facts since they are masters of knowing a little bit of everything. When your mind is racing at 100 miles per hour, clouded with many thoughts, it’s hard for them to stay focused. There is an ongoing parade of powerful thoughts their mind on a daily basis. They will however, remember powerful moments in their lives and they will keep them close to their hearts, but ask them about the day to day and those thoughts are burned away. The Gemini is like the roadrunner, off to create and experience life with great speed.

important taz moments: ep67
  • LUP 
  • ITS LUP!!!
  • LUP!!!!!
  • angus is a wonderful boy and i would die for him
  • HEY !!!!!! ITS LUP!!!!!!!
  • kravitz was mentioned Three (3) Whole Times and they were the best three individual seconds of my life except for all of the seconds in which LUP!!

I lost my best friend today. I haven’t stopped crying. I collapsed to the floor at work when I heard the news. There’s so much I want to say but I’m currently very, very broken and distraught. Breathing is hard. Tears are streaming down my face that I can’t control. I got sent home from work early and passed out when I got home. I hoped that when I would wake up that it would all have been a nightmare, but here we are. I was supposed to be fulfilling my #1 item on my bucket list in ten days: meet linkin park. The first time I saw them was August 27th 2007 and it changed my life, actually. I was finally going to be able to tell them how I would not be here today if it weren’t for them. And that’s no exaggeration. They were/they are my everything. My favorite band since I was 8 years old. Chester has been my hero since I was 8 goddamn years old. My first tattoo was dedicated to them, lyrics that are from a song Chester wrote to his kids. I took guitar lessons as a kid for only a week or two, just so I could learn the chords to “Faint” and feel cool for a minute of my shy, dorky life. LP was one of the only music I was even allowed to listen to during a very critical and traumatizing time of my life. I spent roughly a thousand dollars to go see them twice and meet them within the coming weeks, and tbh, no amount of money coming back to me now will ever makeup for it. It’s not just a band, it’s not just music, they’ve been my lifeline. And Chester was the brother I never had, my mentor, he was my best friend. I can’t explain how deeply this is affecting me and I can’t imagine how it’s affecting his family and loved ones. The one thing I am happy about in this moment is that the very last time I saw Chester in person, it was August 16th, 2014. During the last song he came down and shook fans hands, took photos with everyone in the front row, etc. when he got to me I was sobbing and he gave me the biggest hug, and I didn’t know what to do, so I right in his ear I said “thank you for everything.” He put his hand on the back of my head into his shoulder and said “no, thank you.” He smiled at me, and walked off. (Picture above is moments before that happened) I may not have officially met him, and can’t believe that I never will in this life, but deep in my heart I’ll have comfort telling myself that he knows. How important he was/is to me and everyone who listened to LP, his family, friends, everyone. I don’t know how to handle this tbh and thank you to everyone who has reached out and thought of me, that means a lot. I don’t even know if any of this makes sense. All I know is, I miss you Chester. And I’ll be thinking of you every single day until I see you on the other side.

“When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind.”